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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 3, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 3, 2013

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  1. 1.2 billion for IM3!
    Fifth highest grossing movie ever?!?

    • Sweet, Marvels phase 2 is off to a great start :D

    • I liked IM3 a lot, but it wasn’t that great. I saw it once and I’m sure I’ll see it on DVD.

      But why the BO? Is it Avengers fever? I’m inclined to think that all the Marvel movies are getting a boost, before and after Avengers. I think that’s why they can go ahead with movies like GotG and Ant-man, and to a lesser extent Thor and CA (first movies).

      • Impressive, even tho its domestic box office wasnt anything special, couldnt reach 400 mil

      • I’m just glad that they’re actually featuring these more obscure characters in movies instead of releasing Iron Man 10 and running that into the ground. As long as Marvel makes a profit, expanding the universe should be the goal from here on out.

        • If Marvel had Spider-man, FF, X-men all this time, we’d probably have seen constant movies and reboots of those. Instead they had to dig deeper.

          • Thank goodness for that, but we truly don’t know it for a fact. I think it could’ve worked out in theory, it just would’ve taken much longer.

            • I feel like had Marvel obtained Silver Surfer and Galactus from Fox, we would be seeing a SS movie instead of GoTG.

            • @ FILTHpig

              It’s not a fact, but I look at DC and that’s what I see. They shelved Batman and then rebooted him. They tried to reboot Superman, shelved him, and tried again. And what were they doing for the twenty years prior? Same thing. They could afford to take their time and be cautious, so they did.

              The contracts Marvel gave out had strings attached. Things have to be in active production, use-them-or-lose-them. If Marvel had had them, they could afford to take their time and move cautiously, and probably would have, with an attempt here and there, a run of FF movies, shelfed, then talk of a reboot.

              As it is, Marvel’s success has got both of them motivated.

              • I guess everything happens for a reason. I agree that Marvel’s success makes everyone have to step up the quality a notch or two. Even Marvel needed to improve some things for their Phase 2, which I still think is off to a good start. It should really hit high gear by the time CA2 and GOTG come out.

  2. Oh, and…First!

  3. I have a question about the format of ScreenRant.

    When I scroll down the first page of stories and click “More News”, I have to scroll through all of the same articles before I get to more news. Is this for a reason? Why not just have it go to the next oldest page of stories?

    Not a complaint, just a question. Love the sight overall, this is my first stop for movie and tv news and discussion, I love it here.

    • I just added that to our to-do list. :)

      • Haha, that’s great. Thanks!

    • @ SuperEdje101


    • Aw, dang. Thought it was going to be a video of you attempting to open a child proof cap!


      • Burn. :P

    • Hugh Jackman?? Eh, I thought you were Henry Cavill.

      What gives???

      • Okey here is the thing… Everybody assumes I am superman… not true! I am in fact, the most powerful superhero in any situation. I morph to be whatever the situation calls for. In this picture of me,
        (taken yesterday) I was feeling a little upset because I had just been in the theater and someone answered their phone… I held it in check until I got to the theater lobby and then morphed. The picture was taken by the theater manager…

        P.S. (It was a retro theater)

        • So, you are Plastic Man?

          • Score:

            Jeff W~ 2


        • Sounds like Ben Ten.

          • ? ;) ?

  4. I’m really looking forward to the Dr. Strange film, but would definitely like to have a tv series. I miss Harry Dresden/John Constantine supernatural detectives/problem solvers.

    • Found Dresden Files on Netflix a few months back and really enjoyed that show. I agree with you that the super natural detective shows are pretty entertaining.

    • I love the Dresden files. I really think they should try to do that show again. The hardest part would be explaining the rules of the wizard world without bogging things down.

  5. I don’t know if anyone has seen the Batman: Arkham Origins trailer, if you have I think that you would agree that the animation is amazing. Is it ever likely that we could see a Batman feature film with animation of that sort? I was also wondering if anyone would have any idea of a budget for a film animated like that?

    • I agree with you on the animation, incredible work by the developers of arkham origins. A film done in that style of animation would be epic no doubt. The price tag for it though would be pretty high I’m assuming.

  6. If you could make your favorite game series into films which would it be?

    And it would be done right. Also who would you choose for your lead role?

    • Arkham Asylum and City.

      • +1

      • The arkham games would be awesome! Transitioned into film.

        For me personally. I wouldn love a mass effect movie. I recently just started playing them (halfway through 2 right nlw). Could a be really cool Star Wars Star Trek type film to it. Plus the story so far is amazing!!
        I would also like to see it focus the femshep though. I think Hollywood needs more female scifi leading roles. Cobie smulders?

      • go arkham.
        Also pokemon

      • Pong!! And I would have a weakling tribble for the ball and 2 bat’leths for the paddles!!

        Hey Kahless, catch!


        Kahless, where ya’ goin’?!



        • @ Kahless

          Welcome back Kahless!!

        • Kahless

          Fierce Warrior!

          Tribble runner!

          I for one, Glad he is feeling somewhat better!

    • Wouldn’t mind seeing a movie made based off of the Ninja Gaiden game. I’ve always enjoyed those game series, which is one of the hardest games out there to play. Quite frankly I’m surprised they haven’t made a ninja gaiden movie yet. I’m not too familiar with any well known Asian actors, but obviously you would need to get a young Asian actor who can excel in the martial arts and who can also act pretty good in order to bring Ryu Hayabusa to life on the big screen.


      Not sure who the leads for should be for either, but I would $h!t a brick if they actually pulled it off.

      • I always thought that Max Payne would make an awesome movie and look how that turned out!

        Games into movies = crapola!!

        • I agree, but that’s also what they used to say about comic book movies.

          We just need one good one to hopefully start a trend…

    • I always thought Star Flight would make a great movie, or even a franchise.

    • Fallout.

      I would work it so that 2 people emerge from separate vaults to show the good and evil side of the story. They would both be working toward the same goal but would not be working together.

    • Grand Theft Auto

      Directed by Martin Scorsese.

  7. Does it have to be a console game or computer game? For a computer game, I would love to see movies based on the “Space Quest” series. They were funny, campy games that parodied the sci-fi genre, and still managed to be original. Casting Roger Wilco would be hard.

    • No any game on any console or play device. Could even be a iOS game if you wanted it to.

  8. Set personal record today.

    1 Ate 20 Pancakes, 20 Scrambled Egg Whites and 4 lbs of bacon.

    • @Jeff W

      Woah 0.0, now I feel like heading to IHOP :)

        • Personal best bench press, which is…………?

          • 620 BP was the old one

            640 is the new one…

            • 640 lbs. bp?!

              Is that a typo?

              • Nope, 640 lbs…5 reps.

                Im good.

                I am a powerlifter by workout. Plus, it is not like the record of 1,074 lbs.

                I am normally 6’5 260, to keep myself at a weight for the coast guard, but this morning, at my checkup,I gained 20 lbs. With 5% body fat, so…I gotten bigger over the past 2 months.

                • So let me get this right.

                  You’re 6”5″ 260 with 5% body fat and you have a 640 lb. bp??

                  Do I have that right?!?

                  Your cows have new found respect from me.

                  That is impressive.

                  I have to diet and train HARD to keep my bf at 10%, and my bp is barely over 300 lbs.

                  Nice job, keep it up!

                  • you missed that part about the extra 20 lbs, I am up to 280 no and maybe a wee bit more body fat, I know not over 10!

                    I hope.

        • @jeff w…

          you CANNOT get bacon from a turkey. they don’t have a stomach, or jowls like a pig. sorry. you just have turkey meat that someone has tried (and failed, imo) to taste like bacon. horrible stuff

    • @ Jeff

      I can’t believe you’re still alive!

      4lbs of bacon!!!!

      Holy Cow, ah…errr, I mean pig.

      • Starts off as 4 lbs, goes down to 3 lbs after frying. It is leaner, I need to fuel up, going to hit the gym for a couple of hours.

        • @Jeff w
          What? No hash browns or no biscuits? And no nice sweet cinnamon bun to finish a breakfast like that off?

          • No Hashbrowns..

            Did not want to make a pig of myself. The Ihop is 2 miles from home, I walked there, and then walked to the Gym which is 2 miles from the Ihope, so 1/4 is going to be burned off, and the rest over the next 3 hours.

            Taking a break now.

    • Oh sure, tell me now when I’m trying to lose 50 tons! I don’t see any steak on that list! :-P

      4 lbs of bacon?! I think I hear your heart screaming. :-D

      • No, 3 lbs after frying.

        Turkey Bacon.

        Leaner, and not much to consume.

        My breakfast before 4 hours of working out.

        Working on a farm, I use to throw hay bales, chop wood, carry milk cans, feed bag, clean the stalls and pens…That is how I got to be so darn big, been working on this body since I was 9.

        So,get in shape work on a farm… :)

        Become strong…like bull.

    • Ok, I have to know. How many ant-acids?

    • Sounds like a darned good appetizer…what did you eat for the main meal?

  9. What films are you all looking forward to this month other than man of steel ?

    • Come on , 501…

      “Man Of Steel” is the only flick that matters in June. In 2013, for that matter.. heheh heh eh…

      • +1 (Other than Wolverine that is…) :)

      • I have to agree, although I plan on renting This is the End, Monsters University and The Heat in a few months. Eventually I’ll catch World War Z and The Internship at some point.

      • @ Kryptonic

        That was my point :D, man of steel multiple viewings!!

          • A big visual spectacle like Man Of Steel
            is the only type of film I would see more than
            once and this will be the first in quite a while too.

            Yes, I’ll get the Blu-ray but something like this
            movie is optimal on the big screen and worth
            going back just for the visual extravaganza.

          • I agree. Avengers was the only time I ever broke that rule. I saw it first on a Saturday morning (terrible screening – was too dark) and then a month later when I was on vacation visiting a friend. We had nothing else to do, so I dragged him to see it hoping for a clearer and sharper projection. Thankfully I got it, and this time I could see what was going on in the space scenes!

            As for the first showing – it was the Saturday morning showing right after it opened. Theater was full. I had an annoying lady behind me who had to react to everything on screen by saying “oh sh–” or “oh damn”. I’m not offended by profanity but the volume and frequency at which she was projecting. Plus, SHE WAS RIGHT BEHIND ME!

            I don’t know how I get these people in the theater. Last month I went and saw … what was it… um… some remake of… Star Trek – Into Forgetness! I had the old guy a few rows behind me who had to say something about EVERYTHING. Then he spent the last 30 minutes of the movie trying to spit something out of his mouth but could never get it out. Now, I’m one of these people who is always clearing his throat, but damn! I buy a water and sneak a few cough drops in with me so as not to disturb others. I can recall so many bad movie going experiences for about every movie I have seen in the last decade! I’m either an idiot magnet or live in movie-going hell. Needless to say, I could go on and on… I’ll stop here.


          • I haven’t done multiple viewings of a film in the theater since the first Iron Man. And the only reason I went to that 3 times opening weekend is because people kept buying my ticket because they wanted someone to go with them. I think before that my record was 2 viewings of Burton’s Batman when I was a kid.

          • Have not done a multiple theater viewing since Batman and Robin. Don’t ask, I’ll tell you. I was baby sitting a kid and he wanted to go see it. I hated it both time and have never done a multiple viewing since.

          • I saw Dead Poets Society ten times in the theater. I was in college working on my English education degree and was excited about John Keating’s unorthodox teaching methods in the film. Our professor also took our class to see it, and we discussed it in detail in our class.

            *** Dead Poets Society Spoilers Ahead! ***

            One big issue that divided the class specifically was Keating’s style. If he hadn’t encouraged the boys to become free thinkers, would Neil still be alive? Was Keating the catalyst for Neil’s downward spiral? Yet instilling in the boys to “carpe diem” and suck out the marrow of life had its benefits (i.e. Knox winning over Chris, Todd coming out of his reclusive shell). Some in class blamed Keating for Neil’s death. Others, like me, debated that Keating inspired Neil to find his passion, and Neil’s suicide wasn’t Keating’s fault. It was Neil himself who, due to an oppressive father, feared him and lacked the courage/strength to open his heart to his dad. Instead, Neil relents, gives up on his dream of acting, and sees that suicide is the only escape. Sadly, this act, in turn, affects and changes everyone.

            I was frustrated to find that some education majors in the class liked Keating’s ideas but would rather “stick to the program” and teach the material through (Boring?) methods. I remember one person saying that by doing this, they would still have a job, unlike Keating. (So educating our youth is all about job security?!)

            Sorry for the novella!

            • Thanks for the trip down memory lane for this film.
              It has been so long since I have seen it and it
              was nice to recall key parts of the movie.

              I’ll just have to see it again sometime soon.
              And it does seen many teachers play it
              safe with job security their main job.

      • Pacific Rim, that’s what really matters Kryptonic!! At least this summer.
        At least in 2013, until Thor 2, in November!!

        • @Stark

          Thor 2 is gonna be awesome I’m definitely looking forward to it in November.

    • Monster University, World War Z, Strictly has a Zombie movies, not based on the book.

    • After Earth, Man of Steel, World War Z, Olympus Has Fallen (late release in Germany), The Purge.

      • I really enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen. I don’t think White House Down will be as good, but I hope it is.

  10. Sorry if this has been brought up already but I’ll ask anyways…
    Has anyone else watched Orphan Black?
    The 1st season just ended on BBC America and I have to say it was fantastic. As a regular here I can easily say that a lot of my fellow Ranters would also love it.
    It’s the rare case of a Sci-Fi TV show that’s well produced and best of all not corny and cheesy and the lead actress is utterly brilliant and trust me, I’m not exaggerating.

    • How could I forget to mention her name?
      Tatiana Maslany.
      Remember it. I have a feeling she’s on the verge of becoming a star.

    • Thanks for the heads-up on this one, Kevin.
      I’ll be sure to track this down and watch it.
      Summer is the time to find shows like this.

      • @ Robert
        Based off of our conversations here I think you’ll like it.
        I’m not going to oversell it but Orphan Black was surprisingly good and worth a watch.

        • Yes, if you like it my odds of liking it too are high.
          It’s on Amazon and the disc is available for season 1.

          I like the premise and based on the trailer Tatiana Maslany,
          whom I was unfamiliar, seems perfectly suited and intriguing.

  11. I think MOS is going to be the last superhero movie for me this year, Wolverine might change my mind. But IM3 did something to me deep down that made me go “I don’t want to even see anything Avengers related anymore, even if RDJ is involved”.

    • It did leave the feeling that things have run their course.
      There are many that feel otherwise but I’m about done too.

      • Ill see anythint gets over an 80% usually but marvel is lost my excitment, not like it matters they have a million more. I just feel they are in neutral and have yet to really bring something fresh or groundbreaking in a while aka ironman

  12. Will we ever have an edit option?

    • Auggie should love that and you too.

      I wanted to see it in NY but it
      seemed to come and go fast
      and I missed my chance.

      • @Robert Palmer

        It was a very interesting exhibit. To say the least, I think Auggie wants to be a spy.

        • I imagine that would set his imagination going.
          Which is probably a good thing and nice benefit.

          Some of that old gear is fascinating and in many
          ways they did more with less back in the day.

  13. I am sharing this with my favorite people on ScreenRant because Id rather discuss it with you guys then the trolls of the site LOL.

    Still don’t understand the concept of “it’s the Marvel way or the highway” mentality. With excuses like “they need their own movie for people to care about them” or “the audience wouldn’t understand what’s going on if they don’t have an origin story”.

    X-Men didn’t have an origin film until First Class was made. It had 3 successful films. Following this is the excuse “they were written as a team unlike JL members who came together for a cause” bleh. If that were true, then why First Class? That showed them come together for a cause. They had a life before X-Men.

    I will agree that to have the success of The Avengers, it is a good idea for characters to have their own startup to draw in specific audiences per character. I don’t like Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, or Nick Fury. Barely like Captain America and Iron Man. I went to see The Avengers to see Thor. It was the closest thing I got to a sequel until here soon. So I understand how BO results can attribute to a specific characters draw.

    But its not the only way. Characters don’t need to be explained in order for people to understand why they are there. Bad things happen and who are you going to call? For WB/DC, it’s the Justice League.

    • Why does it say my comments are spam?

      • Well I got two of my paragraphs posted. The last one says it is spam for some reason. I’ve reworded it 3 or 4 times. Oh well.

    • “who are you going to call?” – Really? You’re going to dangle that line in front of ME!?!?

      • I agree that it shouldn’t be the Marvel way or else. X-Men used the technique that introduces a new character into the already established team (Wolvie and Rogue). So JL could easily mimic that with the Flash. Like Wolverine’s easy to explain powers (a cut healed and then claws came out), Flash could have a simple scene explaining that he runs fast. Then he joins up with already established characters of Bats, Supes, and Green Lantern…and if anyone remember Linda Carter, Wonder Woman.

        • Done. But really that’s just copying an already successful team-up movie. What they want to do is be different. How, you might ask. Well how about this…instead of focusing on the heroes, focus solely on the villains. Because lets be honest, in Nolan’s Batman flicks, was it the hero or the villains that were more interesting? OR they could do a Lord of the Rings type trilogy but each film focused on the perspective of a certain character (à la Arrested Development season 4) and the entire story wouldn’t unfold until you watched all three…but you could watch them out of order. GENIUS. Or they could come with with their own idea and not listen to a 35 year old who is slacking off at work.

            • Interesting…it posted finally. After hours of rewording…or maybe I got busy at work and came back to find my computer on this screen, so I tried again. You’ll never know.

          • All of Batman’s movies always focused more on the villains. In each movie, they got an origin treatment. Even Nicholson was credited before Keaton.

            I would love a Matrix/LOTR Justice League type movie. Where it takes 3, 2.5 hour movies just to get to the big ending at the end. Each movie could open the door for a new character or two. That takes dedication and writing. WB has it… look at Harry Potter?

    • X Men first class was Marvel/Disney way of getting X-Men back from Fox. Think about it. The first three X-Men were before the Marvel/Disney merger.

      So, I can see why there was need for a reboot.

      • Days of Future Past could’ve been made without First Class. I couldve sworn that First Class was made because Magneto was due for his origin film. And that was it.

  14. Today while watching Toy Story with my son, I noticed in the beginning credits a name. Apparently Whedon wrote/co wrote the screenplay to the movie. Kudos to him for that. So I IMDB’d him. Noticed that Atlantis was on the list. Sweet! Then I saw Alien Resurrection. And all those praises went away. I thought for a second I might actually like the guy. Then I lost it again LOL.

    • Yeah, everyone is allowed one clunker in life.

      Aliens Resurrection was not that bad, not good. But better than Aliens III.

      • “everyone is allowed one clunker in life.” – That explains my first marriage. :)

      • IMO, the 2 movies listed are the only well written movies. So… He’s had a lot more clunkers then perceived. He’s like Nic Cage. Around for the blockbusters enough to visible but has a lot more bad then good.

        Wait for it…

        • Wow, I really dislike the mobile site and how it interacts with my Galaxy Tab. Whatever.