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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 27, 2014

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  1. With the upcoming release of “The Interview,” I’m a little worried that North Korea is going to do something dramatic, maybe even a little crazy, to illustrate its point of not making fun of its leaders. I don’t think Seth Rogen or James Franco should be so cavalier about this situation. Wars have started over less. North Korea is not playing.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it. For all their sabre rattling, they can’t really do much against the US. Their missiles don’t have the range to reach US soil and their military force isn’t that large. To have any real threat would require assistance from China and China’s not going to back them over a movie.

      • They don’t scare me. Their main missle is called the Taepodong Missle 2. If they are gonna threaten to attack us and South Korea, and bring out their “Taepodong Missle 2″ (which is highly inaccurate, by the way), well I ask you, would you be threatened and quake in your boots if all they threaten you with was harsh words and a “type of dong, too”?

      • I wouldn’t worry either, but they can definitely hit all of Alaska and have a missile that may be able to hit a good portion of western and northwestern continental US, but that missile has never been tested (as of 2013- I haven’t heard anything lately)

    • I don’t mean to belittle you, but part of the reason dictators are able to grasp control/power from people is because of attitudes likes yours. Let’s not do anything to offend them…even make a comedic/critical movie. Please.

  2. Can we talk about the Hobbit 3: Battle of the Five Armies?

    • Sure! What aspect of the film do you want to discuss specifically?

    • I remember you. I didn’t know there was a 3rd Hobbit movie coming out. I love the book but I didn’t see any of the movies. Are they any good?

      • Hi Evan! I honestly never gave the LOTR nor the Hobbit movies the time of day…but when my friend finally got me to sit down and watch them, I became obsessed. They are Visually breathtaking movies and the story just pulls you in. The characters are wonderful as well.

        I would love to talk about what direction we think Peter is going to take the movie in comparison to the book. We already know a few characters that have been added to the story, so what do you think their part will be in the Battle of Five Armies?

        Sorry this was so long!

        • Tauriel will prbly play a big part in the last battle, same goes for Legolas, Bolg, Azog, the dwarves, Beorn, and everybody else. Bolg leads the orc army in the book if I’m not mistaken, I imagine Legolas will kill him. Thorin will kill Azog. I’d be really surprised if he didn’t kill Azog, they’ve been setting it up since the first film. Then again… Spoilers spoilers Thorin in the battle of the five armies spoilers spoilers… I don’t know how much to say cuz I doubt everyone on here has read the book haha.. I don’t want to be “that guy” that spoils it for everybody.

          But yeah I’m excited to see Tauriel in the last battle. There’s Tauriel and Azog. Who else in the battle is a new character created for the film series?

        • Will somebody chime in here, and answer Kara’s question. I read the books a long time ago. There is an animated version of the Hobbit I remember seeing in the 70′s that was pretty good, but I guess it can’t compare to Peter’s version. But hey Kara, the new movie’s not coming out till Christmas, and you got a long wait.

          • I know Evan, it is a very long wait and I am not happy about it. Especially because it was originally going to come out in July until some Tolkin family drama slowed it down.

            Some if this MAY be spoilers…not sure lol

            Thanks movieDude. I know Beorn and Bard of course are new and in the battle as well. Bard’s son, Bain should also be involved. I have a feeling for some reason that they are going to give a significant part to Bard’s son. And Beorn is rumored to enter in the climax of the battle, along with the eagles. If I am not mistaken, they appear in the book…?

            • Since I can’t intelligently converse on the Hobbit, how do the movies compare to the book. Do you get more out of the movies with all its lush detail, or does all that spoil the story for you. For me, like with the Hunger Games, the books paint such a vivid picture, that the movies (as good as they are) kinda spoil it for me. I prefer the images to reside deep in my subconscious mind.

              • I am a HUGE fan of the Hunger Games/Divergent books and I am not going to lie to you, but I was a little disappointed with our first look at Panem in the first movie. But, with the new director in Catching Fire, I was much happier with the world and the characters. Casting Finnick was a huge risk, and I thought they nailed it. I am nervous for Mockingjay. That book is going to be hard to bring to life with a PG-13 rating.

                Back to Hobbit, unlike the Hunger Games, the world of Middle Earth is breathtaking. Part of it being because Peter Jackson uses real back drops (just like in the LOTR) found in New Zealand. If you have not been to New Zealand, it is a place to add to your last! I have not read all the LOTR books through, just bits and pieces. But the hobbit book, besides the addition of Legolas, and Tauriel (who I was pleasantly surprised with) and a few other additional characters, they stuck pretty true to the real story. Again, that is just my opinion! Some people might think differently :)

                • Corrections: The Hobbit movie, besides the additon of Legolas, Tauriel and a few others, they stuck pretty true to the real story*

                  Typing to fast!

                  • Ok so you have read the book. Yeah I feel like Jackson takes too many liberties with these Hobbit films. Mostly because it should…. y’know… prbly just be one movie and not three. They’re fun tho. They’ve done a lot of scenes very well. Riddles in the Dark was perfect in Hobbit1 and I loved the scene with the spiders in the forest in Hobbit2. Smaug was INCREDIBLE from a visual standpoint.

              • You can keep the 2 worlds separate in your head. The film version and the book version. It’s difficult but you can do it. I did it with HP!

                I loved the LOTR trilogy, but as far as Hobbit goes I prefer the book. Jackson added too much fluff for me. I’m down for turning barrels out of bond into an over-the-top action sequence (for example), but the romance with Fili (or was is Kili?) and Tauriel (which was fabricated exclusively for the films) was extremely tedious for me, also I wasn’t a big fan of the dwarves playing peek-a-boo with Smaug at the end. In the book Bilbo gets in and out completely unseen. I don’t even think he takes the ring off until he’s out.

                Wait so Kara you haven’t read the book either? Cuz Beorn and Bard aren’t “new” per se. They were characters in the book. Characters like Tauriel and Azog however are completely new. Legolas wasn’t in the book either. His dad was though so it makes sense that he would be there.

                • I read the book a really longgg time ago, so I am going off of what I remember! I was in elementary school. I do agree with you, I do not care for the Kili/Tauriel/Legolas love triangle. Not only because Legolas is mine, but because it is not necessary. Arwen and Aragon is the only love story I need.

                  I think it was smart they brought Legolas in. A lot of people love him from the LOTR movies and like you said, it made sense since Thranduil is apart of it.

                  I also agree with what you said about keeping the two worlds seperate. I did it with HP, it was just very heard. It still kills me that they left out so many things. But still, amazing movies.

            • Pretty sure all of PJ’s Middle-Earth films have been always planned to be December releases, as every film prior to TBoFA has been a December release…

              • I very much agree with HP and LOTR being number 3 and 2 :p

                Thank you for discussing The Hobbit with me! I just wish it was coming out sooner!

                • Glad to know you are a lover of The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings. There has been some criticism that The Hobbit was made into three movies, when it is a shorter story, but obviously, the masses don’t seem to mind, since each of the first two movies made around a billion dollars each, and any true fan of Middle Earth enjoys all of the time that they can get there.

                  My prediction for the final chapter of The Hobbit…Tauriel will die in battle, since her character is not in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I believe her death will also be shown to greatly affect/influence Legolas, who later played a major part in The Lord of the Rings. We’ll see!

  3. With the continued success of X-Men: Days of Future Past, what do you all think is gonna happen after Apocalypse? I think that there will be one more film with the original cast and Sinister will be the villain. And eventually the new Fantastic Four will crossover and Dr. Doom will be the villain in that film. Maybe I’m delusional but I am so excited about this franchise again.

    • @mikeee with the direction they are going i would bet that they are keeping the younger cast. They have Fassbender, Mcavoy, Lawrence all great younger actors. Each movie is a period piece moving them only a decade or so each time. Using the original cast would take a huge time leap and skip the opportunity to tell those other stories. The new cast also does not require Hugh jackman.

      • Also what would sinister’s role be against the Xmen?

        • After Apocalypse, the only decade left is the 1990′s. The 2000′s start the original trilogy, and at some point you can’t have James Mcavoy as the same character when Patrick Stewart is Professor X then. So eventually something would have to give whether that’s the younger cast having one more film after Apocalypse or the older cast having one last film or rebooting the entire franchise. One or all of those 3 will have to happen in the next 4 years in order to keep the franchise going. As for Sinister, he can try and do what he’s good at; kidnap Jean and Cyc in order to create the master mutant.

          • Exactly… I don’t know why i exaggerated..
            The master mutant is a direction they definitely have not gone. I was second guessing Sinister’s motive and abilities because it is sort of a step down from Apocalypse.

            • Apocalypse is THE bad guy of the X Men universe and I’m glad they’re doing him next because once everything is rebooted we probably wont see him again until 7 films into that series as well. And after Sinister, who are you gonna have next? Onslaught, The Phalanx maybe The Savage Land? Lilandra and the M’Kraan Crystal are what I am hoping to see eventually but that can’t happen in this universe. This X-universe it too realistic for something like that to happen. Just look at what was done to Dark Phoenix. The only way I’m getting that wish is if the franchise is rebooted, but that’s just me.

              • DoFP is the riskiest movie they have done so far by using time travel as the story telling vehicle. Then showing Apocalypse’s bio and the history of mutants in the next film is a bit out of the box as well. They could possibly find a realistic way to bring aliens or any of the other stories to the screen as well. A Sinister would would put me in a seat. Hell just bring Cyclops back and recast Storm

                • I take it, you’re not a fan of the Halle Berry casting? Thats your opinion and I respect that, but I actually like it. Love it in some aspects. Movie Storm is nothing like comics Storm. As well as movie Wolvie is nothing like comics Wolvie, Cyclops, Jean, Rogue, etc. etc.

    • To have Apocalypse you must have Sinister in the same film…the two come as a package. Doubtful to see Sinister as a standalone villain without Apocalypse being involved. I would suspect that Apocalypse will not be a one-shot villain, and we’ll see him featured in a few films to come.

    • I’d like to see Mr. Sinister and Omega red as villains at some point. I really don’t care much for the younger cast of First Class, etc. I really really want to see Cyclops back as true team leader as he was meant to be literally from Issue #1 in the comics, which is where I started reading the X-men at: Issue #1 steadily onwards through the 60s and 70s. after that the stories and art started getting pretty poor and flaky, and the stories just had nothing to them (which unfortunately is pretty much the way comics have gone ever since then). Those of you who would defend the comics after the 70s to the present day, would probably throw all the post 70s ones away after reading the 60s and 70s, and seeing how much better they were in many aspects (at least in my opinion).

  4. An update on the Reading Rainbow kickstarter story from a few weeks back:
    Seth MacFarlane will match the money raised from now until July 2nd up to 1 million dollars.

    Thought you all would be interested to know after the discussion on this story on the podcast a few weeks back.

  5. Has anyone else seen the “Flash” pilot? I really want to talk about what the end image means for the future of the DC TV universe, because its potentially HUGE!

    • What does the end image mean?

      • Let’s just say it hints at a MAJOR comic book story event.

    • I think that last scene means The Flash TV show may be biting more than it can chew.

      • Haha, I thought the same thing. But, if they somehow make it work it could be really interesting and blow this universe completely open. Also, the other story on the paper (although not as huge) means they’ve officially said the Queens and Wayne’s have a relationship down the road. What does that mean for Arrow?

    • Have not seen the pilot, but even though I have some concerns that the fellow playing the Flash is too young and does not look like the comic book Barry Allen, I am willing to give him a chance. I have heard the show is looking pretty awesome–I saw the trailers and they looked pretty good–and I am hoping to see professor Zoom (the Reverse-Flash) above all as the “Big Bad”. Captain Cold and Mirror master might be OK to see appear as well. Perhaps Time Commander? I would like to see Arrow or Flash introduce Ray Palmer (The Atom) and get him rolling as well. I will definitely watch it. I have a hunch this is a series I will be buying on DVD when available.

      • If you are hoping for Professor Zoom I’ll just say I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Let me also say that if you are a comics fan a dream story line may finally be realized on the small screen.

  6. So who do you guys think is going to be 007 after Craig’s run is over?

    • I would love to see Michael Fassbender as Bond. Those scenes in First Class where he was jet setting looking for Shaw reminded me of Bond.

    • Tom Hardy

  7. Tom Hardy would be interesting.

  8. What is going on with the proposed MTV “Elfstons of Shannara” series, when will it be scheduled

  9. Anyone read The Adept series by Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris? Now that would make a good movie or series franchise!

  10. So, last night me and my friends devised a drinking game with the Netflix´╗┐ ‘ House of Cards’ show, every time Frank is either lying or looks to the camera, take a drink..