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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 27, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 27, 2012

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  1. So do we really need a highlander reboot when the original movie introduced us to the world of immortals and seemed to end it all in one go. Whereas the sequels only served to complicate matters? Oh and why not actually hire a Scottish actor to play the role of McLeod?

    • Well Adrian Paul is from London and Christopher Lambert is American but they weren’t Scots but they were good character actors for the role, my thing is why Ryan Reynolds i know he’s a pretty boy like Adrian Paul but he has the same shtick in every movie for the most part and this role requires flashbacks in Scottish accent why not someone like James McAvoy who happens to be a good actor and he’s a Scot which would only be a plus…

      • @cash

        I think James McAvoy looks too much like a pansy. Not supporting Reynolds for the role, I don’t think he has a chance in hell in matching or topping Christopher Lambert, just saying…

        Maybe if they can find a Scottish actor with more screen presence? And I’m not talking about looks, but size. Remember that McLeod was a warrior, not a poet…

      • @cash

        Gerard Butler is Scottish, he can definitely pull off the role…

      • @cash (last one I swear, lol)

        No wait, forget McAvoy, forget Gerard Butler, I got who I personally want to see get the role (even though now it’s obviously impossible). Kevin McKidd!!! He’s Scottish, and he’s Lucius Freakin’ Vorenus!!!

        • @Ken J
          I wasn’t really petitioning for McAvoy, I was more or less saying if they wanted to get a good actor that happened to be a Scot then he would be a good jumping point not that Reynolds is all that bad but he just has the same character in everyone of his role regardless of Drama or Comedy, Butler would’nt be bad for Connor but Kevin McKidd would be great for Connor MacLeod…

      • Christopher Lambert is NOT American…he is, I believe, Corsican (?).

        • I believe he’s a Frenchman who happened to be born in the States. His father was an ambassador or something along those lines.

    • I have no huge issue with a Highlander re-boot as the premise is kind of cool.

      BUT there can be only one.

      (I can only apologise for that remark)

    • @Brandon

      Because requiring the Scottish character to be played by a Scottish actor would be racist just like every time I said I wanted an American actor to play Captain America…

      I wonder how many people who made that argument are fighting for a Scottish actor to play this role…

      Just out of curiosity Brandon, where did you stand on that issue? Were you on the side that wanted an American to play Captain America?? I’m not being sarcastic, really just wondering what your opinion was on that.

      • Hire the most capable actor for the job. If you are good enough you can fake a nationality, race is more difficult.

        As far as Evans, he was excellently cast as a sickly Steve Rogers but has been an uninspiring Cap. He never for second looked like a battle hardened war hero of WW2.

        • Exactly. CA:TFA was a decent film with Chris Evans well cast as Steve Rogers though his portayal of Captain America didnt strike me as charismatic or a leader of battle-ready men.

          Also agree in regards to casting the most capable actor though I imagine the studio execs expect a personality rehash of Hal Jordan from GL.

  2. I watched 21 Jump Street last night and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I heard it was pretty good from people here but I was still kind of skeptical.
    I highly recommend it. It’s a fun movie.
    I started watching season 1 of The Sheild. It was another show that I always heard good things about but it slipped through the cracks.
    So far, so good IMO…
    Has anyone else seen it?
    If so what did ya think?
    Without spoilers of course ;)

    • @Kevin

      I’m dying to see 21 Jump Street again. That movie was a freakin’ blast. I think even the Channing Tatum haters out there would love his character in that movie. Jonah Hill was still an annoying d-bag in my opinion, but not enough to ruin the movie…

    • @Kevin

      Also, I don’t know about The Shield, but the tv series that I tell everyone are MUST SEE’s are Rome (my favorite tv series), the first season of The Unit (the second is worse, then it just fell apart after that), House (8 seasons and never stopped being smart and funny), Dexter (we need a real Dexter in this country…), Game of Thrones, Stargate SG-1 (seasons 1-6 were absolutely brilliant, 7-8 were ok, then 9-10 were ‘eh’), Justified (Timothy Olyphant is the freakin’ man…), Firefly (although be ready to get smoking mad at how it just ends in the middle of everything, but then watch the movie Serenity for a little bit of peace), and the old original Batman: The Animated series (seasons 1-3 were smart, dark, and mature, the 4th season was when it started being dumbed down for the new generation stupid kids we have now…).

      There might be more, but those are the ones that pop into my mind…

      • I tried on more than 1 occasion to watch Game of Thrones but I just can’t get into it. People are always surprised because of all the TV and movies I watch but I just can’t do it. I think I’ve watched the first 6 episodes but I can’t seem to stay awake.
        So now I’ve just resigned to the fact that I don’t like it.

        • That’s interesting. I just started watching it. I’ve read the first 3.5 books (I’m stalled in book 4). I’m finding the show to be a great synopsis of the book, but I do wonder if people who haven’t read it can follow it. Some things are a lot clearer than the books, but a lot of details can get lost. Like one character is called “the Hound” and then the Sean Bean character is “The Hand.” Pronunciation isn’t always clear. It jumps around geographically rather abruptly too.

          It’s clear from the books that things don’t follow clear and expected paths. People have motives and intentions but they get sidetracked by other situations and things get forgotten. People aren’t clearly all good or bad, etc. I could see people becoming impatient with that.

          A TV show or movie should be able to stand on it’s own, but I know the DVDs have some extras that explain the families and characters. Or you could read the book. The first one is good. It can meander too much for my taste, but the TV show has got me interested in picking it up again someday.

  3. Just booked my special-screening tickets for TASM (so luckily I’ll be able to watch it next week along with the rest of the world ;))
    Now if only there’ll be a similar special screening for TDKR… because at this point it’s still being released on the 27th over here :(

    -Hunter Killer (I know, i’ve been asking for a while but i need to see a movie with this ridic title)
    -MANHUNT (Just a neat premise)
    -Invertigo (Not coming out until 2014 so i don’t really expect..anything)
    -Exit Strategy (was filmed in 2011 and never released?)

    Yeah. Ride the lightening, dawgs.

    • Hunter Killer…HA! Pretty sure I heard someone make that title up during one of Doug Benson’s games on his podcast.

  5. Heading out to get up close and personal with the tumbler(batmobile) and the bat-pod. The tumbler tour from TDKR is in town and no way was I gonna pass up a chance to check out these in person.

    On another note a highlander reboot is not needed imo the original was fine as it is.

    • My sister works for the company that made the tumbler. She got to go on set and help out with the filming of the movie. She knew secrets and what not for the movie but her contract doesn’t let her share that stuff.

    • Take a picture of the cockpit man. Upload’em here if u can. Talk to Vic

      • @ Ignur
        I’ll try and get some good pics, who knows maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll let me take it for a test drive :D

    • I saw them. Really worth it. There wasn’t any crowd really. Seeing them up close they really look like functioning machines. You’ll see all kinds of details you didn’t notice or even think to.

  6. I have something to say: it’s better to burn out than to fade away!

  7. All the reviews of The Amazing Spiderman points out that it is more the OK Spiderman. Its a good film, not a great one.

    • reviews aren’t always right on track with eventual public reaction.

      • I have read a lot. They range from good to meh. No one is calling it horrible nor Amazing (except in title lol). I think most people will enjoy it and hopefully it gets a sequel.

  8. Hi everybody. B-List Pornstar Extra here (I’m using my blogging alter-ego now). A while ago, I asked you guys for Netflix suggestions and the consensus came up with watching Eureka (which I loved). Now, since the group is 1 for 1, I have to ask again what to watch.

    Some of my favorite shows on Netflix that I’ve seen every episode of are Reaper, Supernatural, Burn Notice, Firefly, Arrested Development, Better Off Ted, The League, Blue Mountain State, Psych, Louie, the Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights, Weeds, Parks and Recreation, 30rock, and How I Met Your Mother…along with animated shows like Futurama, Archer, Ugly American, Bob’s Burgers, South Park, and American Dad. Some of those were found on Netflix while others I’ve watched when they aired…then there are shows like 24, Scrubs, Earl, and LOST that I liked quite a few seasons of…but not all of them.

    Currently, I’m debating between starting Warehouse 13, Dollhouse, Buffy/Angel, Life on Mars, White Collar, Breaking Bad, Torchwood, Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy, Nikita, Medium, Lilyhammer, Battlestar Galactica, the Guild, the Ghost Whisperer (mainly because of Jennifer Love Huge-boobs), Mad men, Terriers, Farscape, and Roswell.

    I appreciate any input….but if you mention Glee or 90210, I have to ask that you hit yourself in the balls.

    • You’ve got to check out,
      Breaking Bad
      Sons of Anarchy
      I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s seen BB and doesn’t think it’s AMAZING.
      SoA is also great…

      • Seconded. Breaking Bad seasons 1 and 2 are so sweet but havent yet checked out the later seasons due to lack of cash. Season 3 only got released here in the UK a few wks ago so i should catch up. Mad Men seasons 1-3 are really swell too. Add both those shows to your watchlist.

        • holy shizz dude, season 3 is great too but season 4 is the most BADASS season of any show i’ve ever seen.

          • seconded

            • Also Dexter has some killer seasons (pun intended).

              • Dexter isn’t streaming on Netflix anymore. I waited too long :(

    • okay you gotta try breaking bad…that show is one of my favorites of all time…i see that you like american dad/ family guy i honestly recommend cleveland show…its not funny the first season, but just start at the second season its really really funny and worthwhile if you enjoy seth mcfarlene’s other two shows…..I dont know if you watched dave chappelle show when it was on but the whole series is on netflixs one of my alltime favorite shows…and if you want your mind blown TED talks and NOVA presents are both awesome. So recap i highly recommend in this order…

      1. Breaking Bad
      2. Chappelle Show
      3. Cleveland Show
      4. TED talks & NOVA

    • @Kevin7, goshjuju, and renji – Breaking Bad it is. I’ve been interested in Sons of Anarchy, but just haven’t ever started watching it. I’ll probably start that one too. I just noticed Mad Men on Netflix lately, and I’ve heard a lot my friends like it. So, that’ll be another to start sooner or later.

      @Kyak – I’ve watched all of McFarlane’s shows. I used to really enjoy Family Guy, but anymore the episodes all kind of blend together like the Simpsons. And Cleveland is an alright show to watch, but I still have half of the last season on my Hulu queue. I really do enjoy Nova…and I’ll check out TED talks (those shows hijacked my top 10 feed a while ago).

      Thanks for the input everyone!

    • Of the ones you are debating I’d go with Buffy/Angel. If you’ve never seen them you’ll really enjoy them. Angel never figured out what it wanted to be, but it did some entertaining things. Buffy is great. Really manages to switch between comedy and melodrama without skipping a beat.

      I’ve also seen Mad Men, Battlestar Galactica, and Dollhouse. I’d recommend them too, but not as emphatically. BG was fantastic for a few seasons but got repetitive and more and more nonsensical. Mad Men is good, but mostly it’s good to look at. Dollhouse is really good, but you should watch Buffy first IMO. Start season one. You’ll either be hooked or you won’t. Angel starts with Buffy’s season four. Probably best not to start watching it too soon.

      If you haven’t seen Sopranos, that’s the best TV show. Every episode is a mini-movie. Deadwood is good, Dexter.

      • Breaking Bad is good too.

      • @Nostelg-O – I watched the first episode of Buffy a while ago. It was alright, but you can really tell it is 15 years old. I’m betting I would have enjoyed that show more when it originally aired instead of now (when I’ve watched shows like Supernatural or Being Human). I’ll probably eventually watch more of that show some day.

  9. Just watched ‘The Newsroom’s first episode. I don’t understand why all the critics are giving it harsh talk but most of the audience who watched it enjoyed it. I myself personally thought it was pretty good, albeit not perfect but good.

  10. @ Ken J
    I know that a good actor should be able to portray any character regardless of nationality, but I think it would be nice if someone as the same nationality as the character would be allowed to play said character.

    I also agree Kevin McKidd would make an awesome McLeod.

    • @Brandon

      I agree with that, was just being a little sarcastic (not at you). I’m willing to bet some of the people who talked crap when I said I would prefer that an American actor play Captain America would be the same people who would rather a Scot play McLeod than an actor from another country especially America…

  11. The Tumbler Tour for TDKR was awesome, seeing the tumbler and the bat-pod in person is something I’ll never forget. I got some decent pics as it was really tough to do with everyone hovering around these two iconic vehicles.

    Vic if its alright I’d like to share just a few of them with screenrant, is it alright if I e-mail them to you.