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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 26, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 26, 2013

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  1. I like Screen Rant.

    • I like Screen Rant.

      • I’m with you!

    • So how much is Vic paying you? :-D

    • LOL, thanks, Scott! :-D

  2. Am I the only person who enjoyed After Earth? I thought it was perfectly entertaining, and far more effective at telling a coherent story than Obilvion was.

    • You may not be the only person who enjoyed it, but very few people actually saw it. I for one have not seen it.

    • I enjoyed After Earth. It’s a pretty solid movie with a simple story. It definitely doesn’t deserve the amount of hate it’s gotten. I really loved Oblivion too though!

    • Havn’t seen it ’cause bad word of mouth. How is it though?

      • Haven’t seen it because I barely have time to sleep let alone see a movie. Want to really badly though.

        • I haven’t seen it because Jaden Smith is not the Karate Kid! And the twist guy is involved…not Chubby Checker, the other one.

          • LOL!

      • It starts with some pretty heavy exposition and clunky dialogue, but then becomes a fairly sweet father-son sci-fi fable. I enjoyed its simplicity. Too much vitriol is fired at M Night these days, I still think he has lots to offer as a storyteller despite his faults. I easily would rate it 3.5 stars.

    • I will let you know in 3 months when I rent it from Redbox :)

      • me too :)

    • The story didn’t have enough urgency for me.

      This was one movie that needed an M. Night twist.

    • I liked it, but it played out beat for beat as I expected. Not a single surpise. I didn’t expect a Shyamalan twist ending but a little less predictability would have been appreciated.

    • No you’re not. I saw it and wondered what all the hate was about myself. Sure, Jaden isn’t the best young actor out there but he did a decent job. I wasn’t bored at all during the entire film.

  3. Good thing for the open discussion. I’ve been sitting at work for over 30 minutes debating if I’d have to do anything productive. Completely forgot about open discussion.

    What up peeps.

  4. Regarding Superman the movie. Everyone assumes (and makes fun of) the scene where Superman made time go backward by reversing the spin of the world. After thinking about this for a bit, it is not as ridiculous a scene as I thought if you think about it in a different way. Maybe it is not that time reversed because the world spun in a different direction …but the world was spinning in a different direction because time was being reversed.

    It would then make perfect sense and the scene seem accurate because from the perspective of the time traveler (Superman) the world should go in reverse as he is moving backward in time.

    The one problem that I see with this theory is that he then stops and flies in the opposite direction. I think if he had just stopped altogether and the world resumed its normal spin on its own…the scene could be argued as having ACCURATELY depicted time travel and maybe not be as criticized or labeled absurd.

    Just some thoughts!

    • That depends on who they were asking

    • Either way, time travel by spinning the Earth the opposite way, or just flying around the earth in the opposite direction to travel through time, they are both ridiculous. Probably why you don’t see any other movie or book ever follow the same plot.

      And if Superman can fly so fast as to time travel, he would travel FORWARD through time, not backward. Traveling at or near the speed of light, people on earth would age, but Superman would not. Makes no sense no matter how you work it. Superman plot FAIL. It will and should go down as one of the worst scenes from any super hero movie ever IMO.

        • Wrong. Time would slow for Superman ONLY, and everyone else would age. Time moves more slowly for objects moving rapidly.

          “If you flew on a rocket traveling 90 percent of light-speed, the passage of time for you would be halved. Your watch would advance only 10 minutes, while more than 20 minutes would pass for an Earthbound observer.”

          It is scientifically impossible as the traveler would have almost infinite mass at that speed and have to expend almost infinite energy to get up to and past that speed.

          “n a nutshell, Einstein found that as an object approached the speed of light, c, the mass of the object increased. The object goes faster, but it also gets heavier. If it were actually able to move at c, the object’s mass and energy would both be infinite. A heavier object is harder to speed up, so it’s impossible to ever actually get the particle up to a speed of c.”

          Sorry, but that’s impossible… even for Superman.

          PS – I had links to those quotes, but for some reason my original post is waiting moderation. :/

          • The reason you are wrong is because you are thinking of Superman traveling AT the speed of light. If he BREAKS the speed of light barrier you could theoretically experience time running backward. As you approach light speed, you might see time goes slower in the outside world than it does for you. When you hit light speed, the outside world goes so slow in relation to you that it stops (again, in relation to you; people in the outside world feel as if time is the same as always). So if you could push past that speed limit, the outside world would be so slow as to be moving backward in relation to you.

            While it is true that it is impossible, scientists as recently as 2011 thought they had discovered neutrinos (subatomic particles that could travel faster than the speed of light. It seems to have been debunked but to outright say its impossible is to suggest we know everything that is possible or impossible in the universe…and that is impossible.

            • Time would seem to pass normally to the person traveling close to the speed of light (Superman) but to an Earthbound observer, Superman would appear to travel slower.

              Say if Superman traveled 99% the speed of light for just a few months and then came back, years and years would pass on Earth and almost everyone he knew would be old and or dead.

              Also, IF Superman could travel faster than the speed of light, that means he could generate infinite energy to propel his infinite mass past the speed of light. If so, that means he is by far the most powerful THING in the universe. As powerful or more so than a black hole or possibly even the Big Bang.

              So, if that’s the case, why does he have so much trouble stopping a train or a falling plane or just battling a bad guy? The fact that he can reach and pass the speed of light means he’s powerful enough to defeat and conquer anyone or anything. Just another gaping plot hole that was opened by that ridiculous scene.

              • I would like to avoid a physics discussion as I am in no way a physicist nor do I know enough about it to carry on a lengthy discussion about it without having to conduct research.

                Clearly he does not have infinite power if he gets it from the sun which itself does not have infinite power. But that does not necessarily invalidate what Superman can do adhering to the comic book aspect of it. I suppose if Superman could somehow transform into a being of pure energy (see All Star Superman) then it would eliminate that issue of having to require infinite energy to propel infinite mass. As far as “…why does he have so much trouble stopping a train or a falling plane or just battling a bad guy?” an argument could be made that he doesn’t have trouble using those things. But in both cases he uses restraint so that people (including bad guys) are not harmed by his use of power. For example I liked the fact that in the movie Superman Returns he seems to try to slow the falling airplane as opposed to just bringing it to a sudden stop which could conceivably kill everyone inside.

                • Best interpretation I’ve ever read. Same goes with Thor. They both hold back and only exert as much force as necessary to complete the task.

                • Okay, I like your theory as to why he seems to have problems with heavy/falling objects and baddies. That would be the only thing that makes sense.

                  I still don’t like the time travel aspect of the character and am glad they haven’t revisited that in movie or comics. It’s just too fantastical to explain though science, and after all, we all know about how “realistic” WB/DC wants their movies to be! ;)

                  • I actually have trouble with the time traveling aspect too. I thought it was a bit of a cop out but I was trying to watch the movie from the Director’s point of view…to kind of see if there could be another way to look at that scene. While not perfect for reason we have discussed, it is a bit more palpable than just believing that he was spinning the world backwards.

                  • The whole time travel thing was entertaining and ultra cool on a certain level as long as you didn’t question it too deeply (because it then falls apart)

                    I mean, not even the Flash is capable of that level of time travel and he IS the Speed Force (He has done it but at great risk and personal cost). So basically that scene made Superman better than the Flash at his own game.

                    • Dude, no. I’ve been a Supes fan since I could walk and I’m giving credit where it’s due. The Flash merged 3 different universes together. Supes: The Movie’s time travel got nothing on the Flash, especially Barry and Wally (if the latter still existed that is).

          • I love how all you foolios debate whether or not Superman can travel or reverse time in Superman The Movie, yet you have no problem with a man coming from Krypton, being invincible, and defying gravity.


            • And proud of it!

              But that’s the problem with that character versus some others, he’s just too damn powerful and defies all, if not most, known laws of physics. Might as well name him Super-Jesus… oh wait. ;)

              • haha…nicely done.

            • @ Stupidheads

              A nerd I am, and proud to say it!

              I have made a very good living being a nerd……… ;)

            • Thank you! You have added nothing to this discussion and you have wasted your time and mine. But you did manage to spell “fools” wrong. How ironic!

              • Foolios are fools who center their life around the teachings of the prophet Coolio. I did not realize everyone discussing Superman time travel theories on here were fellow foolios. I hope to see you all at the picnic on Friday!

                • That had me laughing!

            • Without imagination to help overcome our limitations we’d still be in the stone age…

      • @filth pig, i agree it’s ludicrous. also, if he could fly around the earth several times a second, why does it take him 2 minutes to catch up to the rockets he was chasing?

    • Technically, accurately depicting Time Travel would be for it not to work, since it is impossible. It’s called Science Fiction for a reason…

      • I am sure that if I lived 2000 years ago and someone told me that in the future people could talk to another person on the other side of the world as if they were right next to me, they would have told me that is science fiction. Obviously the cell phone made what was once science fiction, science fact!

        But even still I am talking about a comic book character in their world where it is possible.

        • The best known instance of Superman going so fast as to time travel was in that movie. They tried it in the comics, but then he got too powerful and it was difficult to come up with appropriate challenges for him.

          Now modern comic book writers know and respect science fact well enough not to make the same mistake again, as it opens a whole can of theoretical and philosophical worms that basically paint the character into a corner, being that it would make an already too-powerful character even more powerful… and what fun is that?

        • Not really the same thing. Nice try though.

    • @ Patrick

      Regarding MOS, I find it baffling that most people on here who didn’t mind Superman breaking Zod’s neck, but nitpick Batman killing the Joker in Batman “89″.

      • I find it baffling that you think anyone is complaining about Batman ’89, regarding any talk of killing. That film has only been criticized recently (at least on these forums) when compared to The Dark Knight.

        WHY are you trying to start an argument based on a non-existent point?

        • Cripes…forgot to close the italics command. That should have been just for the film titles.

          • Sigh…

            I was so excited about finally learning how to do italics that I applied it to films…I’ll just stick to quotation marks for those from now on…

            • Okay… How the hell DO you close the italics command???

              • Testing…


                • Bold then Italics then normal?

              • @Archaeon:

                It’s basic HTML, use / inside to close.

      • So are you saying they should have minded or they should not?

        Actually batman 89 killed a LOT of people. There is a scene where he drives his bat-mobile into a plant. The Joker’s henchmen are shooting at his car which is covered in a retractable armor. He then drops a small globe which blows up the plant with the people – apparently- still inside.

        Later when he is flying the bat-wing at the Joker and is shooting at him near the end of the film he first – appears – to gun down some of the Joker’s henchman on the float.

        As a bonus in Superman Returns, after Superman falls off the newly formed kryptonite contaminated island after losing his fight with Lex Luthor and his henchman, he is then rescued by Lois Lane, flies up into the sunlight to recharge and flies under the island lifting it out of the water and heads for space. The fact that he knew that Lex Luthor and his henchman were on the island suggests he was knowingly going to kill them by taking them to space since he made no attempt to get them off first.

        I think that with MOS the killing of Zod depends on where they go with it. There is a powerful way I think that they could use it that could elevate the future man of steel movies. But if it is not addressed then it was a bad turn for Superman.

        • Point was I was makin Batman known to kill in the comics before so it before his (No Killing Code) came along. Superman was known not kill anyone. People forget how many people Bale’s Batman killed despite his preaching of no killing & causing cop cars to flip over not to mention how many cars the Batpod blew up. Camera only showed a few people in cars but doesn’t make since if the rest were empty,lol.

      • @ Wally West

        I’m glad you brought up ’89 Batman. The way that film was received was very similar to MoS.

        I came to another revelation on why you can’t trust a majority of these reviews:

        You have a better chance at more hits on your web-page if you give a slanted review. Setting the seeds for a flame war in your article is actually good business when you think about it. Good reason why a lot of these reviews that slew around the extreme statements are websites you have never heard of…

        …and boy are there A LOT.

  5. I just read an article that said the studio is predicting Pacific Rim to bomb in the box office. Because they are unable to get people interested in the film. Apparently their studies have found that more people are interested in Grown Ups 2, which is also opening that week.
    I have noticed that of all the movies I have gone to see this summer (about 5) I think only two of them contained a P Rim trailer. And both were the original trailer, which is the weakest of the lot.
    It is still one of my most anticipated films of the summer, I just hope it does well.

    • I think it’s gonna do big international business but be quite soft domestically. I’ve seen a good few trailers here in the uk :) hope it’s a big word of mouth hit (if it’s good of course!)

      • Yeah, a general audience will migrate towards something familiar before trying out something new, it seems.

        Perhaps we’ve all been spoiled by years upon years of CGI epics that the idea of giant this vs. giant that with all kinds of destruction is starting to get bland.

        I’m still pretty stoked for it though.

        • Giant robots v giant monsters. What more could you possibly want?

          Hmmm, maybe the public only likes transforming robots.

          • LOL I know right? XD

            To me, it looks like an updated version of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.

            ^^^^ SOOOOOO much WIN!

            • Agreed!

          • This. I will be seeing it on the big screen just to see the spectacle. (and it not being lame Transformers!)

    • @ General McFLuffernutter

      I read the same thing. PR isn’t doing well with test audiences. I find that hard to believe because it seems so cool, but it just may not be everybody’s thing I guess. Personally, I hope it does very well, as it seems to be very cool and quite entertaining. Either way, I cannot wait to go see it!

    • I think this movie is suffering from the “Dredd 3D” effect… that being poor promotion of the movie itself. I think it’ll be a really good movie (at least I hope it will) but without promoting the hell out of it, it’s likely that not many will go see it.

    • I’m comparing it to Prometheus. There’s a lot of interest in the movie on websites like this but the general public doesn’t care about it. I don’t plan on seeing it. I might catch it on FX once it’s over there. It just doesn’t spark my interest much and it’s not worth $30 to see it in theaters.

      • Go to a matinee dude… very few movies are worth $30 or $40 to go see IMO.

        • Well size of family then pop corn and drink, most outings turn into that.

          • ^^ Seriously.

            Not sure how prices are with all you folks, but round these parts 2 large sodas and a large popcorn is $20.

            $20. Soda and popcorn.

            I always think of the scene from Pulp Fiction when I’m ordering movie snacks:

            “Did you just order a $5 shake? You don’t put any bourbon in it? It’s just milk and ice cream? And that’s $5?”

          • True, and that’s why I try to always eat ahead of time and stop as the gas station for snacks & drinks. I’ve got it down to a science (or I’m just cheap)! I just hate spending all of that cash on the movie theater.

            • Cargo shorts or pants at the theater is a must for me!


              • Or a wife and/or daughters over-sized purse/bag works even better!

                • my girlfriend usually takes card of all the snacks ahead of time.

                  $5.00 for a little slrupee and another $10.00 a medium popcorn is a bit much. We get all the snacks at Walmart, and stuff them into her enormous purse.

                  Man, that purse is big.

                  • Today is a sad day because I learned that Tony Stark shops at Walmart

                    • Not only that but he watches movies….at a movie theater, and not his private theater. Say it ain’t so, Tony?! :-D

                    • @ Professor P.

                      After getting my house blown up and blowing up all of my armor, I have to start pinching pennies!!

            • I do the same, snacks are way too expensive at the theaters. The only thing i may buy would be the slushy lol.

          • I refuse to pay outrageous concession prices.

            Luckily the Cinaplex I go to is so large they can’t enforce bringing your own stuff (since they sell virtually EVERYTHING inside). So I take my old popcorn tub I bought months ago and fill it up at the gas station for about 1/4 the price :)

            Candy in the pocket and soda refill from said station and I’m set!

            • I dont pay for popcorn, since i work at a theater i get it free. Otherwise at my theater we offer a 15 dollar bucket that gets 2.50 refills all year

              • @ Trey

                You’re lucky. My nephew now works at a theater; they give him free passes for the movies, but only discount the popcorn and snacks at 25% off.

                Go figure.

            • “I refuse to pay outrageous concession prices.”

              Me too, that’s why I give the concession stands a wide berth for a good 20 years now. I’m going to the theater to watch a movie and not to stuff my face with overpriced junk. If I wanted to get f***ed like that I’d order a callboy… :D

              • As I understand it, the reason concession prices are so high (beyond the whole captive audience thing) is because of the studio/theater revenue split. It is VERY skewed towards studios on opening weekend, and then starts to tilt more towards the theater owner over the ensuing weeks.

                The problem is that with the way things work these days, the majority of people go see a movie within the first week or two, not leaving much revenue for theaters over the course of the remaining weeks as their percentage increases but the overall ticket sales drop.

                • That makes sense. I used to go to a cheap theater, that played movies that were a couple months old, in the town I used to live in, and the concession prices were so much more cheaper.

                  • Yup, I would guess maybe that’s why dollar theaters can sell concessions way cheaper.

                • Actually no, it doesn’t make sense.

                  You would think the people who are actually showing those films and raking in the money for the studios would get a bit more respect (and a bigger share of those profits)

                  • @mongoose – It makes sense from the point of view that I could go to the cheap theater and get admission, a popcorn, and a soda for only $5. While if I went to a new release, I would get only a soda for that amount.

                    But you are correct about the lack of respect/profits. Perhaps this is what George Lucas was alluding too in his recent spiel about studios and the theater experience.

    • To be honest, after Into Darkness last month Pacific Rim has been at the top of my list. I really want it to do well and pray that it does. Guillermo Del Toro is the man he hasn’t let me down yet, I totally love all his movies.

      That being said I do worry about whether it will do as well as WB hopes. The premise is totally bada** but alot of people think it looks corny. Personally I’ll be seeing it opening night.

    • While I’m a big SciFi nut, Pacific Rim isn’t very compelling to me. I don’t know why exactly… and I like giant robots too (Johnny Sokko anyone?).

      The trailers in the theaters don’t seem to wow me very much… maybe because there is no flying, lasers or heavy firepower… it’s more hand to hand brawling.

    • I’m pretty confident in saying that its not going to do as well as expected. It seems more ridiculous then a Bay film… which sometimes isn’t a good thing.

  6. Im hoping if they make an Aquaman movie that it has Avatar-like visuals.

    • I hoping they make a Namor movie with Aquaman-like visuals.

    • @ Laxus

      An Aquaman movie with Avatar visuals would be very cool. Expensive, but cool. The story is what I’m more concerned about. A great story can make up for mediocre visuals, IMO.

    • If DC ever gets their movie universe off the ground, Aquaman will be the next cool movie. I think it might be a race though on who does it first. Marvel with Namor or DC with Aquaman.

    • “Throne of Atlantis” would be an ideal story arc to intersect DC heroes into a JL movie.
      General audiences can take only so many alien invasions.
      I’d like for WB to get on an Aquaman solo movie asap though.
      As some one else said, “the ultimate character redemption”.

    • Aquaman would do well. Only problem is budgeting to make sure that it is more profitable. It shouldn’t exceed more than 150 million in budget. But I bet it will do 300 million domestically in its entire run.

  7. Did anyone else enjoy the “Primeval” series on BBC? And does anyone else hate the new Syfy spin-off?

    • I haven’t watched either. But, my wife recently started watching one of them on Hulu Plus. My guess is it is the Syfy one since it has the guy from Eureka in it.

  8. Has anybody watched Iron Man: Rise of Technovore?

    It’s hard to believe, but it’s actually a decent animated Marvel movie. Marvel’s animation is usually terrible, and no where near the quality of DC’s.

    DC’s animation, IMO, is second to none, just top notch stuff, but this new Iron Man movie is decent, and seems to be a step in the right direction for Marvel’s animation movies. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.

    • I rented it, and I’m glad I made it a rental. It’s okay. I just don’t see the excuse for not doing better, they have the advantage, compared to Disney or Pixar, of rich source material built for half of a century. Embrace the legacy and stop going for below average and average movies.

      • @ Ultimate ACW…

        I rented it as well. It’s no where near as good as a DC animation movie, but it’s ok.

    • I could’ve sworn I pre ordered it on Amazon. It never came in LOL. I like the japanese animated series. All 4 of them actually. So I bet Ill like this.

  9. Bought “Deadpool” yesterday, have no regrets. Worth every penny.

    And I’ve decided “The Wolverine” will be my last superhero movie for this year, not gonna bother with Thor. Probably avoiding Kick-Ass as well.

    Celebrated my dad’s birthday by buying him all 9 seasons of “Seinfeld”, his favorite TV show of all time. Needless to say, he loved it :)

    • Are you talking about the Deadpool game? From what I’ve seen, it looks pretty entertaining and true to the character.

      You didn’t like the first Kick-Ass? I’d much rather go see that than The Wolverine despite it having a different director.

      I personally can’t wait for Thor, mostly because the first movie was such a dud that this new one has to be good… I mean, it HAS to right?? ;)

      • Love the logic on Thor. :)

    • Tell me more about Deadpool. I don’t think it’s going to sell well due to lack of advertising so I think the price will drop in a couple of months which is when I plan on buying it. Also I have a new born so I have no time to play it.

      I’m also curious on why you’d pick Wolverine as your last superhero movie over Thor. Too each their own but I’m curious on why one over the other.

      • Deadpool isn’t for…hardcore gamers, I should say. It’s mainly for Deadpool fans and peope who want to have a good time. It’s hilarious, the humor never lacks. Combat is a bit repetitive, but satisfying enough to keep playing. The comedy is the prime factor that makes the game shine, it makes the experience far from stale. The dialogue and small opportunities = priceless. I’m glad it didn’t start out as a $60 game because I do believe it isn’t worth that much. $50 seems fair.

        As for Wolverine over Thor:

        1.) I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, I think he’s perfect for the part. A movie about his Wolverine is enough for me to buy into.

        2.) It looks more promising than Origins.

        3.) I hate Marvel’s Thor.

        4.) I will no longer fund Marvel Stiudios thanks to Avengers and IM3

      • The game is very true to the character, and really funny but the gameplay is extremely repedetive imo

    • Hey speaking of Kick Ass 2… you guys hear about Jim Carrey deciding he’s suddenly against it… because of Sandy Hook?

      Weird. He goes on to say that he filmed the movie before the Sandy Hook shooting… and now he can’t get on board with the violence.


      Jim Carrey isn’t stupid. He is well aware that violence existed in the world before Sandy Hook, and will continue to exist afterwords whether or not Kick Ass 2 exists.

      Very strange. What do you think his play is?

      • It isn’t a play. These types of events affect people in different ways. I believe he has kids and after all of this happened, it’s hard not to look at violence as a whole and what if it was your kids.

        I respect him for standing up for what he believes in.

        • I’ll respect him if he takes his check and royalties for the movie and gives them all back.

          I just find it odd that he acts like that violent act is suddenly the first violent act in history.

          Pretty sure Columbine happened well before Sandy Hook.

          His logic is questionable, methinks.

          • I think he should donate his paycheck to Sandy Hook victims.

            I don’t think his logic is questionable, I think it makes sense if you think about it. Violence in this country has been escalating for years. People grew up with the media coverage of the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. They glorified that terrorist and now the violence is an epidemic. It doesn’t matter what event, someone always tries to blame the entertainment industry. They said that the Matrix and Marilyn Manson were the cause of Columbine…that’s BS…Michael Moore told us it was bowling. The truth is that people are mentally disturbed (if you don’t believe me go read the comments on the “if the Purge was real” thread), but most of us curb our insanity. Now, I expect that Carrey believes that the Kick Ass franchise will receive a lot of blow back when the next event occurs. I think Carrey is covering his @ss for when that happens.

            But most importantly, this is all free publicity for a controversial film.

            • “…Micheal Moore told us it was bowling.”

              *spits coffee*



              *coffee dripping out of nose*

              Damn it! Good post!

              The part of his logic that is questionable is this: he says the Sandy Hook violence happened AFTER he signed on to Kick Ass 2 and that’s why he is denouncing it. Perhaps Columbine is too far back an event to reference, so what about the VT shooting? What about Aurora, IL? Very recent events, very similar to Sandy Hook and with a higher body count at that.

              To me, it seems to be agenda based for him to ignore those things, and focus on the one involving children, for someone who is very pro-gun control.

              • Yep. That’s why I think it’s all publicity stunt for the movie while letting Jim have a way out for the blow back when the next tragedy happens.

                Think about it. The Today Show and multiple other news organizations covered Kick Ass 2 because of Jim Carrey will not be promoting this movie. His non-promotion is the best way to get the word out on this film…for free.

                  • It will be read by me tonight at work.

            • +infinity JT

      • Look up “Cold Dead Hand” by Jim Carrey on YouTube. That’s why.

        He’s always been big on spirituality and staying in peace. I guess the large amount of recent shootings made him snap. Hates anyone that carries a weapon. While I’ll never carry a weapon, I understand why certain people need that sense of protection. I don’t like killing, but some people feel it’s the only way to fix something.

        That song was released during the filming sessions. He couldn’t suddenly pull our to express his disgust

      • Yeah, and I think that’s bullcr@p. His character in the movie specifically doesn’t use a gun, just a bat I believe.

        Also, he accepted the role and the check well after the Sandy Hook tragedy. AND what about Columbine or any of the other mass shooting that happened previously, before Sandy Hook? That didn’t stop him from taking the role.

        At this point, he just sounds like a huge hypocrite.

      • As a gun owner, and former gun toting hooligan ;-), wish that any and all weapons would disappear off the face of this planet. Non lethal weapons can still exist. The problem is, that no matter what we try to do, we will never be successful in removing a deadly weapon out of an evil do-ers hand. They will obtain one and do bad things. Until then, I will never give up my right to own my guns.

        • “The strongest defense against tyranny is a well armed militia.”

          - Thomas Jefferson

          • “When the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually.”. . . I ask, who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers.” —

            Virginia’s U.S. Constitution ratification convention, 1788

            George Mason, of Virginia

        • @ L. Cheerio


        • Your statement is not unlike one
          that influenced Thomas Jefferson:

          “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

          — Cesare Beccaria

          • TJ was a smart man. Although I don’t agree with a lot of his life choices and morals, politically, he was correct during his time.

            • A man who was right about so many fundamental things
              had to be a good man — I tend to discount what was
              written about his personal life since much of it is
              a contradiction based on legend and rumor.

              • Mr. Palmer gets it:

                Be wary of the government who wants to disarm it’s citizens as opposed to arming them.

  10. Okay who here thinks what supes does at the end of man of steel makes him realistic and an exciting change for the the characters tale and who here thinks its an affront to his character and the ideal superman would never ever ever do such a thing even if forced to.

    • He did what he had to do, and i believe that scene will makes him avoid it for now on

    • Man of Steel is about the journey of Superman. The idea of what would happen if someone like this ended up on our world: would he stand above us, or beside us?

      The idea of what would have happened had the Kent’s not found him, and he was raised by people who used him to further themselves?

      The idea that even though he has alien DNA, everything about him is human, so at this juncture he has to make mistakes in order to better himself, just like we do.

      It really is a thought provoking movie. Those that seem just intent on hating it or intent on saying “meh” to it can miss out if they like, I guess.

      • While I don’t hate it, Man of Steel is a bit meh to me. I was quite looking forward to it but simply felt underwhelmed by it. My disappointment has nothing to do with its dissimilarities from the Donner films or by what he does to Zod at the end, though. It just fell flat and underdeveloped to me in many places. If I compare origin retellings, I think Batman Begins did it much better.

        I’ve seen it three times now and I just can’t get over it. It’s not like my expectations were higher than the expectations of most.

        While watching it a third time I started wondering why Zod and his crew weren’t in their sixties or seventies by the time they got to Earth. Do they age slower? At first I thought it had to do with the Phantom Zone except Zod explains that they were immediately taken out of it after the destruction of Krypton and explored for 33 years.

        • I’m assuming Kryptonians are like Asgardians in relation to their aging process. They live longer in their prime physique than we humans do. And I’m sure yellow sun radiation helps increase that.

          What is silly to me… Is how Zod’s crew, after traveling from galaxy to galaxy, had not once experienced the effects of a yellow sun.

        • Yes, Kryptonians age slower/live longer than humans. This is pre-yellow sun.

          • Post yellow sun, they must live forever.

    • Jim carrey is a baffoon. Another hypocritical Hollywood type. His tirade where he went off on Charlton Heston was despicable. The guy is out if his mind. And its “funny” that sandy hook is the way he justifies it…I mean did he forget Chicago has gun violence daily that makes sandy hook pale in comparison? That’s right, tow the line. Because bringing up Chicago means bringing up the fact they have some of the toughest gun laws.

      Give all your money back or stfu.

      • Attacking the great Charlton Heston was unforgivable.
        One of the lowest class acts ever. Despicable, yes.

  11. Cementers at Screen Rant, especially the more regular,
    are often referred to as Screen Ranters even by the writers.

    I submit for your consideration the term “Scranters” for Screen Ranters.

    What do you think, fellow Scranters, does it work? (Maybe not.)

    • Sounds dangerously close to “Scrantoners” which would imply we all work for Dunder Mifflin. :D

      • :D

    • +1

      • Say, leathercheerio, your endorsement bodes well for its survival.

        • LOL was that a compliment or what?, I’m so lost.

          • Yes, a compliment. If you like it, others might too.
            You are afterall a prominent Scranter, leathercheerio.

            • Thanks Bob. I’m actually, for as long as I can, going to stop commenting outside of the Open Discussion. I really hate arguing the same argument 1000 times over. I am spectating ($2 is that even a word?) However will not participate in respect of my fellow scranters. I’m sure my opinions that have been shared multiple times will not be missed if they aren’t shared once again.

              • Yes, I can understand the feeling of repeating yourself.
                We all need to take a break of sorts from time to time.
                Some threads have gotten heated amongst Scranters.

                By the way, because my middle name is Rocco,
                (Palmar with an AR is Italian), I am a Rock not a Bob :D

              • @ L. Cheetio

                I understand that, and actually been thinking along the same lines. It’s just not worth constantly having to either defend yourself, or fend off accusations. Who’s got time for kind of stupidity? As great as this site is, there are still obnoxious clowns on it.

                @ Robert “Rocco” Palmer

                You’re right, some of the threads in recent weeks have gotten heated, mostly over stupidity, or the old tired Marvel vs. DC thing. Sometimes I think it’s worse than Democrats and Republicans fights. Actually that’s what it reminds me of.

                We’re talking about comicbooks, movies and superheroes here, and people just get so upset, it’s laughable.

                I think I’m going follow Leathercheerio’s lead and just try to laugh at a distance for a while, other than Open Disscussion.

                • @Scranters — Please don’t follow my example unless you truly mean it. I don’t want to discourage anyone from participating in the comments on this site. My reasoning for me is sound. Like Antonio said “laugh at a distance for a while”. Last thing I need is for Vic to yell at me for taking away his clientele LOL!

                  • Crap. I already drank the Kool-Aid

                  • “Suck up… LOL”

                    To quote your joke on me.
                    Had to pay you back for that :D

                  • @ Leathercheerio

                    I understand what your saying. I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while, long before you mentioned it, so it’s all good. :)

              • @ leathercheerio:

                From Merriam-Webster:
                spectate: verb
                to be present as a spectator

                You win! :)

                  • LOL! Every time I see his name, that is exactly what I think of!!! I even say it in my head… two dollars….

                  • Hey, that’s exactly where I got my SR name! One of my favorite films of the eighties.

                    “Now that’s a real shame when folks be throwin’ away a perfectly good white boy like that.”

                    • I assumed so and a clever screen name it is.

                • I only questioned the word “spectating” because my android phone didn’t recognize the word.

                  • Google! Pssh! What do they know, besides everything about me? ;)

    • I couldn’t find scranter in an online dictionary, but here are some definitions for scrant from Urban Dictionary:

      1. A combo of rant (verbal criticism) and screed (written rant).
      2. A close friend or associate. :)
      3. Slang for marijuana.
      4. Something I prefer not to type here.

      I like it. It’s different. (And like #2 above, discussing movies/comics with you all does make you feel like friends to me, Scranters.)

      • If my favorite English teacher approves that settles it for me :D

        • Say, my words seem to carry a lot of weight around here! It’s a shame they don’t do so much with the wife! *sniff*

          • Make this thread for her mandatory reading :D

      • @$2 – Did you submit a definition for Scranter? I did.

        Good call Robert Palmar!

        • Much appreciated, Professor.

        • @ Professor Procrastination:

          I didn’t think to, so thanks for doing it. Did you mention anything about cows? :)

          • Whoops. I forgot the bovine militia. My bad.

    • @ Robert Palmer

      I like it!

      • Whoa! An Iron Clad endorsement :D

    • Scranters sounds like the sound a very, very angry bird would make when provoked…. I like it though.

      Scranters… yeah, I could see that working :)

      • If you see it working, Avenger, it just well might.

      • “Scranters sounds like the sound a very, very angry bird would make when provoked….”

        Well that settles it then, as that is probably the best analogy I have ever heard in regards to commenting.

    • @r palmar
      cementers? lol
      i do like scranters though

      • Yeah, I realized I screwed up commenters.
        Everyone seemed to know so I let it go :D

        If you like Scranters jeffro, that’s
        a significant endorsement too.

  12. Anybody mind instructing me on how to use bold and italics when posting here? When I type a movie’s title, I would like to italicize it, but I admit that I have no idea how to do it. (And every time I type a movie title here without using italics, my English degree cries a little.) Is it HTML code I use? Thanks for any help!

    • Kahless is the only one I noticed doing it.
      He appears to have broken the code.

      Let me try this HTML
      and see if it works:


      • Two out of three, not bad.
        For italics I used
        with no spaces before the word
        after the word to close italics.

        I used b instead of I for bold.

        • that did not work.
          is the opening code
          is the closing code.

          • Sorry $2, the system does not display the code symbols for me to explain.

            • I’ll help.

              Use the Less Than sign from math
              then use the letter B
              then use the greater than sign
              That’s the code to start the bold print.
              then WRITE YOUR WORD

              To end it, do the same thing with a back slash in front of the letter b.
              For italics do the same thing with an i

              • Ah, got it…missed this last part about the backslash.

                • Try this. :-P

                  • WHAT MODERATION??!! Seriously, what on earth did I type to warrant moderation?

                  • Try <this</i?. :D

                    • Kahless…you have out smarted the Professor.

              • bold

                • italics

                  • STRIKE

                    • underline

      • Oh he’s not the only one….I used to do it quite a bit but I guess I’m just too lazy :P

        • Nothing personal, mongoose. Kahless
          was the only one who came to my mind.

          • you would have had to have remembered reading my posts say a year ago to see me using formatting.

            I believe I was the one who showed Kahless and a few others like 1.5+ years ago but he was the only one who kept up. Klingons are notoriously tenacious.

            • Klingons are notoriously tenacious

              And don’t forget that, petaQ!!


        • @ mongoose:

          As I read your post, I feel you’re crooking your fingers at lazy

          • Here’s the period I forgot:

      • Let me give it a try:

        Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

        It’s a Wonderful Life

        • Hey, it worked! :D
          Thanks for the help, Robert Palmar and leathercheerio!

          • Sure thing :D

        • Booyakasha!

          • I had to look that up :D

            • Yay Ali G!

        • Booyakasha!

        • Nice! I typed out my instructions too slow.

          • You gave an excellent written description regardless, time notwithstanding.

            • thanks

            • Anyone ever tried an italic bold font?

              • I’ll be darned, it worked!

                • Don’t do it! It’s like crossing the streams!

                  • Okay.
                    At least now we know what to do when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man invades and starts causing destruction.

                    Don’t kid yourselves… you all know it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time… JUST. A. MATTER. OF. TIME.

                    But now…. now we are prepared! We have a secret weapon!!!!

                  • LOL!!!

                    Nice one Professor!!

                • I kinda like the teletype.bold italic font is cool too

        • Good info, but what all of this really means is that SR needs to update their dammed forum so we can post like the remaining 99% of the internet!

          • Would anyone prefer the disqus comment system on screenrant?

            • Nope. They changed to that on superherohype. They banned me because I quoted someone who was trolling all the time under different names. They banned him and decided I must be him too so now I can’t comment on that site. :(

            • I like Disqus. Or even LiveFyre… being able to edit (with limitations) and know when someone is responding to just your comment is good.

              And who doesn’t like “Likes”?

            • I’m not opposed to disqus. But this is fine. I just want a better notification system. Just notifications to replies to my posts. Not the entire thread.

              • Yes that would be a start.

          • I kind of like Screen Rant because it’s not like the rest of the sites on the Internet. I think it’s fine the way it is.

            • Agreed. While an edit button would be nice at times, if you care that I misspelled a word, then you sir are an ass whole.

              *see what I did there?

              • @ Professor P.

                Yes I do, very clever!

            • My impression is Screen Rant is built on its
              own custom coding, not any off the shelf or
              open source software as is common on forum
              sites and I think too Vic is the tech guru who
              did it all which is an impressive piece of work.

              • Suck up… LOL

                • Hey, Vic paid me :D

                  Actually, I was guessing he
                  wrote the code from his comments
                  from time to time about site suggestions.

                  • Actually, it’s not really that hard. I create a site (click on my name to see it) back in 2005; I was surprised to see it still on the net.

                    • And you can also see what I look like (back in 2005).

                    • Say, great to see your handsome face and lovely wife.
                      I never click Scranter’s links and this proves I should.
                      Great job on your website too — well done, John.

                      (For this one time my name links to
                      my photo from last September.)

                    • @Robert Palmar
                      That photo reminds me of the actor that played Judge Dredd’s brother in the first Dredd film. Nice photo, Robert.

                    • Thanks, Kahless. I kind a like it too
                      though I’ve been told it’s not a good
                      picture of me but to me it looks like me.
                      Plus, it’s the only one of me on the web.

                      That would be Armand Assante you refer too.
                      I can see what you mean there. I just saw him
                      in Dead Man Down. He’s older now but still cool
                      playing another mob character he is so good at.

              • @ Rocco Palmer

                I concur, it is impressive.

                • You know, I was called The Rock growing up
                  before Dwayne Johnston took on that name.

                  Not sure if he dropped it now or what though.
                  Maybe just using it for wrestling when he does.

  13. Screen Rant keeps e relevant….
    I wish we were talking about a cloak & Dagger movie. I hope MARVEL doesn’t lose sight Of the artistic possibilities of independent message films and “one-Shits. Not everything can be a flagship…., throw a bone to the fans!

  14. Does anyone here watch AMC Movie Talk on YouTube? I must admit it’s become something of an addiction for me over the last few months. I watch it every night after I get home from work.

  15. Still no Jeff W?


    • Hmmm…the new baby smell should have worn off by now.

      • @ L. Cheerio

        I wouldn’t mind just knowing that everything is ok with him and the family.

        Oh, and the cows of course!! :)

        • I think I just did too much digging. Out of respect… I am going to stop.

          • He posted a tweet 12 hours ago. So, I’m guessing he’s fine.

            • I went a bit farther than twitter. The internet is a powerful tool. I stopped at Facebook. Although I could call him…

              • Did you check his bank records too? ;)

                • That I did not… Like I said, I found a lot and out of respect, I stopped where I did.

                  • You’ll never find out my secret identity. Oh wait, I’m maskless on Twitter. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! (as Anakin)

              • I had my identity stolen six years ago.

                I paid to have search engines scrubbed as
                part of preventing that all happening again.

                This is the only site where I began using my
                real name again instead of a handle. I assume
                nothing I post here can be used against me :D

                • Not fun. I wouldn’t ever want my identity stolen…unless they took the wife and kids too. FREEDOM! Just kidding, I love my family.

                  • It’s a nightmare I would wish on no one.

                    The trouble is, by the time you find out there
                    is considerable damage already done and you
                    have to hire lawyers to clean the giant mess.

              • And because of that I’m not on Facebook or Twitter.
                There are lots of Robert PalmER’s and a few PalmAR”s,
                like my spelling, but they are not me — I have no sites
                other than a Google+ which I’ve done nothing with yet.

            • @ Professor P

              What is his twitter?

              • @J_T_Williams

                • Thanks!

    • We do know the big guy can take care of himself.
      And he has a new little one to take care of too.
      Still, I sense he’s had his fill of Screen Rant,
      at least for a while, but he might return.

      • Just like Batman. Hope he doesn’t wait 8 years

        • Right. The Dark Knight Returns :D

    • Very cool trailer…and it really does look like it captures the look and feel of “GatchaMan”. Of course, I cannot speak to the accuracy or appropriateness of the dialogue as I do not speak Japanese.


    • that was awesome! i watched all 105 original gatchaman episodes last year, after someother site had mentioned BOTP and that got me doing research on it. BOTP was my show back in the day, and i was just surprised at how different the original was, especially how old it really is. when you watch that link, there is a related vid that shows 2 versions of part of an episode, and the BOTP dub is some HORRIBLE voice acting.

  16. italics

    • close, so close :)

      • Hey, it did work!

  17. How does ScreenRant choose with TV shows to review?

    I’d like to see a “Defiance” or “Continuum” review.

    • I would like to know that too. You review some shows but a lot of the Syfy stuff seems to be ignored.

      Defiance for me is just meh. I thought it was a good pilot but it has quickly gotten run of the mill with familiar plots and the different races mimicking different earth cultures.

      The best humanoid race is still from the movie/TV show, “Alien nation”.

      Why though do ALL aliens just have to look like us aside from some facial ridges or skin color? /yawn

      Continuum is like terminator mashed together with robo-cop (or in this case cyber-cop). The premise is interesting with the concept of the effects on time traveling to ones own past but the show itself just isn’t grabbing me.

    • Word. It’s something that I’ve wondered about myself.

      • LOL boxers or briefs.

    • I think it’s a simple matter of resources while maintaining Screen Rant standards.
      There are a out of shows out there and inevitably some gems will be missed.
      I have found great shows here I would never have discovered otherwise.

    • I noticed Continuum stars Rachel Nichols.
      Reason enough to check it out, I’d say.

    • I’d love to see a Longmire review!
      The second season has been great so far.

      • Yes! Love that show.
        Still the best kept
        secret on TV.

  18. This is only a test.

    • …of the emergency broadcast system

  19. I think ‘Pacific Rim’ will surprise a lot of people when it drops and I mean surprise in a good way,its something different and movie audiences need something different,I feel PR will be it,even though I have to admit it will probably only be a moderate hit at the box office,it will be a movie that won’t be truly appreciated until a year or two after its left the theaters and it sells millions of dvds and blu-rays.

  20. We need a pokèmon movie with avatar effects. That is all.

    • Well, I’d pay to see that :D

  21. I may get slammed for this, but I watched High Noon the other day and, honestly, I don’t understand what all the hooplah is all about. The movie was just OK to me; I have seen far better westerns like:

    Magnificent Seven
    Gunfight at the OK Corral
    Red River
    Any Clint Eastwood western

    • Critics loved it because it showed the
      general population as weak and timid
      which was most unusual for its time.

      John Wayne did not like it himself.

      May favorite western is Shane.
      Followed by Lonesome Dove.
      Then The Searchers third.

      • Yes, Shane is definitely a classic; I loved that western.

        • I like all those on your list as well.

          I actually saw Shane on the big screen
          the first time I saw it in a special restoration
          revival presentation and was totally blown away.

          It’s a shame it is pretty much a lost art form.
          3:10 to Yuma was good. And True Grit.
          That’s about it for recent westerns.

  22. Is the Elementary/Sherlock post blocked because of all the arguing?

    I can’t post a comment there but I can post on others.