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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 25, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 25, 2014

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    • AYE!

      • Eye, Nightcrawler. Er, I mean, aye. One eye…thinking of my favorite X-man again (sorry, it’s not Nightcrawler), and here it comes: “WHERE’S CYCLOPS!?”

        • At least Cyclops got a cameo in X:DoFP… hopefully Nightcrawler will be back for the next instalment :)

    • Nightcrawler,

      Not a bad idea, but I think it’s a bit late for us to score tickets, hotel and airfare.

      • I thought so, but perhaps something to keep in mind for next year? Pleeeeeease

        • Sure, just have to remember. :)

          • No worries, I’ll start with the reminders around Xmas 😉

  1. 2014 movies

    What I’ve seen so far at the theatres: The Lego Movie, Cap2, ASM2, X:DoFP.

    What I should theoretically catch up with on DVD: Noah, 300: Rise of an Empire, Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Fault in Our Starts.

    What I should actively avoid (i.e. stinkers): Robocop, Transcendence, I Frankestein, Divergent, Pompeii.

    What I am looking forward to and will surely watch at the theatres when they are released: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

    What I am not really that excited about…: Transformers: Age of Extinction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sin City: A Dame to Die For.

    Question: would you move anything from the catch up DVD list to the stinkers list?

    • i saw 3oo, Godzilla, Noah, all in theatres, and was highyl impressed with 300. Godzilla was good but it took awhile for the story to get going and it was mostly destruction for the action set pieces, there was one big fight at the end of Godzilla that compared to a Pacific Rim fight…Noah didnt impress me and i saw jack ryan on blu ray and it was a good movie, although there wasnt much action in it but you do get carried away in the story i was just hoping for more action…in a nutshell, buy 300… Godzilla, Jack Ryan and Edge of Tomorrow are worth one watch

      • Well that wasn’t far off then. Thanks

        In the meantime I thought of more for the watch on DVD list (22 Jump Street and Bad Neighbours) and another one for the stinkers list (Malificent)

        • also im not sure if your into foreign films but the raid 2 is really good, me and my wife went to see it in theatres and she loved it and she doesnt like movies like that…it comes out jul8 8th on dvd/blu ray i highly recommend you check it out whether you rent it or buy it…they have english langauge if you dont like to read subtitles but the action is on a different level than most american films and the story, ating and screenplay is actually well done…the whole movie was just amzing and i have the blu ray already reserved at my local movie stop

          • I haven’t seen Raid 2, but I saw the first film. I like action but it wasn’t my typical kind of action film. It was impressive. So I’ll catch Raid 2 on VOD. Sight unseen, I’d recommend it.

    • Noah should be on the stinkers list, in my opinion.

      • Even if someone were to give you a Noah DVD for free, you should not watch it.

        You should watch Edge Of Tomorrow in a theater. I felt that way after watching Pacific Rim on HBO.

        • Ok, after three votes against it, thumbs down for Noah.

          I might go to see Edge of Tomorrow then. At the end of the day watching Emily Blunt cannot hurt :)

          • @ Nightcrawler,

            I agree with BigNerd. Go see EoT ASAP. A fun film.

            • Dont delay man. EoT ROCKS!!! And Emily Blunt is very attractive so that’s a plus.

          • I’m going to add to the consensus. Go see EoT in the theater. It’s a great movie to see in the theater!

            Avoid Noah. What a disappointment that movie was.

    • Godzilla and Edge of Tomorrow were fantastic in IMAX 3D. Well worth it IMO. The rest are Netflix rentals. Your remaining choices seem about right.

    • This is second hand information as I have no interest in seeing it myself, but I have heard from others Godzilla is terrible. I would stinker it.

      Love the avatar, btw.

      • Thanks!

        I actually got the avatar yesterday. I have been writing as Nightcrawler for a while so it was about time to put a pic to the nick

    • @ Nightcrawler

      Noah, IMO goes straight to the stinkers list. It only goes to the stinkers list because there isn’t a worse list to put it on.

    • Here’s how my list would be

      Loved ’em: Budapest Hotel, Cap2, The Raid 2, Edge of Tomorrow, DOFP, Lego Movie, 22 Jump Street, HTTYD 2

      Enjoyed ’em: TASM2, Godzilla, Her

      They were ok (but they don’t need to be seen): CWACOM2, Rio2, Divergent, Jack Ryan

      Hated ’em: Robocop

      I guess just Robocop haha..

      Horrible movie but fun to watch and make fun of: The Legend of Hercules

      I still want to see Chef and I’m DYING to see Boyhood next month. That movie looks incredible. I could go either way with TF4 this friday.

    • Well, just a few of the movies on my things I need to watch list that are also on yours include for me:
      300: Rise of an Empire
      Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
      I, Frankenstein
      Planet of the Apes
      Guardians of the Galaxy

      My list would be alot bigger if I added all the things I want to see, but this is just where your title list and mine intersect in one category or another.

    • I hear you.

      So to recap, Noah is a stinker and I am gonna watch Edge Of Tomorrow for sure, and may be also Godzilla, in a theater.


    • I would move ‘Edge of tomorrow’ to “going to see it at theater as soon as I can” List.
      Much Better then most Summer films in the last few years! (Yes, even better from the CBMs)

      all those movies are OK+ But If you have to drop one name of that list I would say ‘Jack Ryan’. It’s not a bad movie but kind of generic.

  2. Guys, the pilot ep of The Flash just leaked on the internet and I have to say, I was pretty happy with it and look forward to seeing where it goes as the season progresses.

    • where?

      • I searched for it and found it within five minutes. If I can find it, I know anyone can.

  3. i watched the flash pilot. this is an easter egg. they had a cage smashed open with grodds name on it… i think i would flip if it was really a gorilla and it really seems like it lol.

    i just hope they dont make it like the hulk where he transforms from human to gorilla.

    that flash pilot was amazing and i cant wait to see more. its none of this bs crap where they wanna put their own spin on it or dumb it down… it really does seem like they are going all out in it with the costumes and powers. this could be the best comic tv show. and it makes me not care for gotham even more…

    • Where did you see it!?

    • I would not mind seeing Mirror master and Captain Cold, but the big bad I really want to see is Professor Zoom (The Reverse Flash) and Barry/Flash duke it out at super speed!!

  4. Should they make Gears of War as a movie trilogy, or as a HBO series? a la Game of Thrones?

    • How bout not at all?

    • Three movies, just three balls to the walls movies.

  5. Top 5 Box Office 2014YTD:

    #1. Cap2: $710.7mm
    #2. ASM2: $703.1mm
    #3. X:DoFP: $694.0mm
    #4. Maleficent: $523.2mm
    #5. Godzilla: $477.6mm

    At the beginning of the year I would not have bet on Cap2 being at the top. In my mind the reasons are:

    – Cap2 was an excellent movie that surpassed expectations
    – ASM2 was not an excellent movie imo. Spiderman is naturally the alpha dog and could have been much higher but this movie disappointed
    – For some mysterious reason the X-men have always had to overcome more difficulties at the box office. I think the characters are amazing and I found this movie particularly good, but perhaps Fox was not very good at the marketing pre-release. They didn’t build up anticipation properly

    • I think FOX has alienated a lot of the X-Men fans and some mediocre films (X3 and Origins) may have turned off the X-men movie fans. DoFP is a fantastic movie, though, so people who are avoiding it are missing out.

      Cap 2 had a broader appeal I think, because it was really several movies in one. It was a comic book movie, and action movie and a spy movie. One of the best Marvel’s done, IMO.

  6. has anyone seen an early screening of Snowpiercer? ive read soem good reviews about it and i love foreign action films and this si the directors first english language film

    • I have seen it online. The concept is good, the acting is good, overall I like it. I just didn’t like the ending. I won’t spoil it though.

    • I’m curious about that movie too. I LOVED The Host. If its like The Host at all I’ll love it.

  7. Movie lists for the year huh, OK I’ll bite. Top 5:
    1) CAP 2
    2) 300:Rise
    3) Godzilla
    4) XMEN: DoFP
    5) Damn, Spidey I guess.

    300 really turned out to be a surprise for me. It was really good. Godzilla was good but their was kinda only one character throughout. Xmen was alright and Spidey was disappointing. The rest of this year has been kinda me for me, alot of phoned in movies (Jack Ryan, Hercules, Pompeii, iFrankenstein) and over hyped stuff.
    Films I missed that I really need to check out though, Grand Budapest and Wind Rises. I’ll probably wait for Edge of Tomorrow at Redbox.

    • 1. Cap 2 TWS
      2. Edge of Tomorrow
      3. Godzilla
      4. X-Men DOFP
      5. Amazing Spider-Man 2

    • My list was on box office figures. I actually haven’t seen enough movies yet to make a top 5.

      My top 3 would be: Cap2, X:DoFP and The Lego Movie

      I still need to see 300: Rise of an Empire, Godzilla and Edge of Tomorrow to assess where to rank them.

    • My top five, so far, for the year:

      1. “Edge of Tomorrow”
      2. “How to Train Your Dragon 2″
      3. “X-Men: Days of Future Past”
      4. “Godzilla”
      5. “The Lego Movie”

      “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” WAS in my top five until I saw HtTYD2. “Noah” is also in my top ten.

    • For me….

      1. Cap 2
      2. Godzilla
      3. Spidey
      4. X-men
      5. n/a

    • You really should see EoT in the theater. It’s a better film than Godzilla and is worth watching on the big screen.

    • 1. The Winter Soldier
      2. Days of Future Past
      3. Edge of Tomorrow
      4. How To Train Your Dragon 2
      5. Muppets Most Wanted

      Honorable mention: Monuments Men

    • I am not surprised with the consensus around Cap2 being #1 (ScottySummerS, calypso, Stark, Andy S and myself), but I am surprised with seeing ASM2 in the top 5… you’ll have to excuse but I found it awful… and I do feel for the character because I love Spiderman and I also love Andrew Garfield as Peter Paker (I was never able to buy Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker). I wanted to like it, but there was just too much wrong to turn a blind eye on it…

    • I was wondering when he would react to that haha…

  8. Has anyone seen Kirby’s family is in a renewed fight for rights to his creations while working at Marvel?
    All i can say is he signed the contract he signed at the time and got paid what he was contracted for. For his family to be suing for money after his death is pretty sad and that it may change who owns the right to what is also potentially epically wrong.
    The fact that SAG has also signed on to fight for their rights is also wrong for old movies gone by. What was signed and done in the past is over. If you want new rights for new creations than that is different.

  9. Horror movie suggestions?

    I don’t really watch horror movies, but I want/need to catch up on some of the new modern ones. Just to have a working knowledge of the important ones. Can you guys list some you think should be “mandatory viewing”?

    Here’s a few on my list so far:

    Insidious 1 & 2
    Conjuring 1 & 2
    The Host

    (Oh, and no torture-p*rn like Saw please. And not looking to start any arguments over which one should or should not be on the list, just want as many opinions/suggestions as possible.)


    • To be honest the movies you have listed are what quickly jump to my mind.

      I loved both Insidious movies because they play like one continuous story and The Conjuring was pretty great also.

      I’d add Kill List to your list also. It’s really quite the mind f***. Also, even though it’s not new The Ring is worth checking out.

      And bravo for not wanting to watch Saw or any torture porn. That carp isn’t horror.

      If just think of anymore I’ll add them later. For some reason now that I’m typing I’m forgetting a lot.

      • Thanks!

        • Would you classify Evil Dead as torture porn? It’s just really gory. I really liked that one too.

          Also, this is neither here nor there, but did you know that James Wan made the first Saw film, the Insidious films, and the Conjuring? Weird right?

          • Actually it blows my mind that the James Wan who started with Saw and the God awful Dead Silence and Death Sentence went on to making great movies like Insidious and Conjuring.

            Maybe it’s just better scripts but you actually notice improvement from a directorial standpoint.
            Shot construction, tone and camera movement improved drastically.

      • Saw is a psychological thriller. Calling it “torture porn” doesn’t change that fact that it’s more sophisticated than all these haunted house movies.

    • From your list I’ve only seen Insidious and The Host and I loved them both. Conjuring 2? Is that a thing?

      I would add Let the Right one in (not “Let Me In” that’s the american remake), Drag me to Hell, 28 days later if you haven’t seen it, Snyder’s remake of Dawn of the Dead, and The Cabin in the Woods.

      Are you into horror comedies? If you are Attack the Block and Tucker and Dale Vs Evil are both really good too.

      • Good call on Cabin in the Woods.
        I love that movie. If felt like a treat for years of obsessing over slasher movies and horror in general.

      • My bad, there is no Conjuring 2 (yet — 2015). Shows how out of touch I am with the genre.

        I LOVE Let the Right One In. One of my favorites. Haven’t seen the remake, although supposedly that’s decent too. I’ve also seen 28 Days Later & Cabin in the Woods. Never saw the Evil Dead 1 or 2 (Sam Raimi) but they’re on the list. Yeah, wouldn’t call them torture porn from what I know about them (seems more silly than brutal?). And will check out Attack the Block and Tucker/Dale. Not a big Snyder fan, but will give Dawn of the Dead a chance too.


    • 1. 30 Days of Night – was pretty good and fairly intense.
      2. The Mist – you’ll either love or hate or laugh at the ending. I laughed, movie started off so well. You’ll see plenty of Walking Dead alum in there.
      3. Gin Gwai (The Eye) – foreign flick, bit more psychological than straight horror but very well done.
      4. [Rec] – Spanish horror series, I’m not fond of found footage, shaky camera stuff at all; you can judge for yourself if you’re into stuff like Conjuring.
      5. Identity (2003) – again bit more psychological than anything and sort of a bottled setting.
      6. The Fog – I only watched the 1980 one, was pretty decent, I liked the atmosphere.

      Overall not fond of horror genre so you can take those movies with a grain of salt, more entertained by friends’ reactions than anything. But just offering a bit more variety than your typical recent Hollywood affairs. I’ll second Let the Right One In and Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead.

      Completely off-topic, does anyone watch Rectify? It’s pretty good, and I’m surprised screenrant doesn’t review it.

      • Thanks. I’ll look into those as well. The Eye and 30 Days are definitely on the list. I generally loathe shaky cam and found footage, but sometimes I can get past it (watched Cloverfield recently and while I hated the first 20 minutes or so, once they got rolling I was converted).

  10. Anyone know who has the rights to the old Green Hornet TV show? I would love to see that series on DVD! I know there are bootleg copies out there available on-line, although some of them are a bit sloppy. How about the rights to do a reboot movie or series on Netflix, the movie theater, or a television show? BUT–A BIG BUT!!!!-it must be respectful of the 60s TV show, which was really good and had all the right actors and actresses in the right places (not the farcical krapola Seth Rogan put out!). Done right as a period piece, this one would be a sure winner!!

    • The Green Hornet movie done in 2011 was backed by Sony, so I would expect the rights are at Sony.

  11. I would love to see the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents done as either a Netflix original series, a theater movie, or a television series. I think this one would be a sure winner if done right. Anybody with me?

  12. Saw 300: Rise of an Empire last night, and wow was it bad. The only thing good about it was Eva Green’s boobs, in 3D.