Open Discussion – June 25, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 25, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 25, 2012

BTW, at the top of the page, note the return of our snappy slogan!

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  1. Love the slogan Vic, but wouldn’t it look better in the gold “tint” instead of white?

    • I’m not sure – I think it would compete with the nav links if it was the same color.


      • After posting my comment I thought the same thing, but an italic font would do the trick IMO…

  2. Also, everybody’s predictions for TASM’s opening-weekend gross in the US?
    I’m betting on close to $120mil

    • I’m predicting $200 mil worldwide for its first 6 day run due to it releasing just before the 4th. Domestically I’m gonna say around $125 mil.

  3. @ The Avenger

    Is Spider-Man that scrawny in the ultimate Spider-Man comics?

    • spidey is scrawny AND short (5’5”) in the ultimate comics.

    • He’s a 15 old kid when he gets bitten and he looks like one. I highly recommend you start to read Ultimate Spider-Man, those are great stories, especially Peter’s death and the funeral issue. Very good writing and pretty emotional.

      • I totally agree. Bendis’ writing on US-M is fantastic!

  4. @TheAvenger It’s tough for an opening weekend since it’s opening on a Tuesday with 4th of July being on a Wednesday. The mad rush will come on the Tuesday-Thursday time frame. I think an 60-80 opening weekend is optimistic given the time it’s opening.

      • Are you guessing world wide or domestic? Because $220 would be 3rd all time for Domesitic 6 day openings (per box office mojo). Worldwide, I could see $220.

        • Yeah, I meant $220mil worldwide for the first 6 days – sorry for the confusion.
          “Domestically” (US gross) I’m gonna go with $140 for the first 6 days.

          • And for the actual weekend (now knowing about the holiday), I’d agree with your previous statement of +- $60mil (considering most people will go see the movie on Tuesday-Thursday)

            • I think for Tuesday-Sunday it will bring in about $135 million in the U.S. and an additional $100 million worldwide.
              Total = $235 million

  5. duckman best cartoon show ever

    • Was Ryan Gosling in that?

      • ROFLMAO!

    • Sadly no. George Costanza was

  6. I’ve never been to comic con, but it’s a couple of weeks away. Do you think we’ll hear any big announcements from Warner Brothers or Marvel?

    I hope Marvel does something like when they announced the slate of IM2, Thor, Captain America and Avengers. Gives there whole plan to look forward too.

    I don’t think WB will have any big announcements except for showing footable from MOS.

    • Footage… not Footable. :)

  7. So with Nolan’s batman coming to a end which I’m looking forward to. When do u guys think is a good time to come out with another one?

    Personally I don’t think we need another origins story I think it should be awhile maybe after the justice league movie if it ever gets made but have a Wayne cast in the role in case he needs to make appearances elsewhere. I also think it should some what of the same tone but not try to copy it.

    • @ The mighty avenger

      Id like to see the film-makers explore more of the Bat-Family. Robin,Batgirl,Nightwing, Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Id also like to see Renee Montoya & Harvey Bullock by Gordon’s side as one supports Batman while the other does not.

  8. I went to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter yesterday and I have to say IMO it was pretty terrible.
    I won’t post spoilers but I’ll say as the release drew closer I feared it was going to be pretty bad so I went in with low expectations and in all honesty it was worse than I expected. I was as close to walking out on a film as I’ve been in years.
    I was a fan of the book. It was interesting how it wove vampires into real events and it was a pretty easy read.
    The film changes about 85% of it.
    1.5 stars
    3 out of 10

    • What did you like about the book that wasnt in the film? I heard the tone was different. Lincoln fights with the vampires were “grittier” and less Resident Evil.

      • I try to explain without spoilers…
        The tone was completely different. I know from the title alone it sounds ridiculous but the book does a great job of handling vampires and slavery as a major problem for the US and a source of heart ache and pain for Lincoln. While he battles the Vamps he doesn’t have superhero like abilities.
        It’s hard to explain without sounding ridiculous but IMO if they had to make this a PG-13 film I understand the changes. But because it was always going to be and is rated R you could have kept the story pretty much the same. The Resident Evil comparison is perfect because that’s what the movie is. You could substitute Lincoln with any other Joe-Blow from the 1800′s and it wouldn’t feel any different.

        • Thats a shame. from have heard and what you have said, I would have loved a version more in tone with the book. I loathe the Resident Evil fims over-the-top fighting scenes lol

        • Kevin7,

          Thanks for informing me about the movie in comparison to the book. I haven’t seen the film but read the book, and like you, I hoped the movie had captured the tone of the book. I was worried that Hollywood would add in buckets of gore, which as you know, is not what the book is at all. I wonder why they felt it necessary to change it for the film? The film could have been just as great as the book if they had kept it similar in style. I’ve read some moviegoers’ opinions online about the film, and some have said the film was trash, so the book must be as well. Sigh…

          Along the same vein, I watched The Woman in Black with my wife yesterday. She had read the book and was furious over the film, saying that about ninety percent of the film was different from the book. If the book is such a success, why wouldn’t the movie shadow the book?

  9. New Viral. Lucius Fox writes a letter to Bruce.

    I hope this letter finds you well. Although I would have liked to have had this conversation with you personally, Alfred tells you I am better off writing as you are not having any visitors at the moment. That being the case, I’ll detail what I feel is becoming a situation within the company.

    It’s a given that in the current economic environment our investors have become increasingly concerned about how their money is being spent. As such, profitability is being judged and analyzed, particularly by the board itself, in the past we haven’t given them any reason to worry as both our earnings and spending have been consistent. This allowed me the autonomy to dedicate resources to the Wayne Foundation philanthropic programs as well as R+D endeavors. But over the past five quarters our earnings have been on a downtrend. Meanwhile, our R+D spending has been on an astronomical uptrend. And the black grows fainter around the entire company, I am being put into a position where I have to answer some questions, particularly about your energy project.

    No one is going to dispute the fact that innovation is key to our growth and success, it’s a mainstay of our business, which is the main reason why the board have begun to scrutinize our R+D budget, and set their sights on your machine. Since they don’t know exactly what you are up to, all they understand is a vast amount of capital.

    The last time we spoke, you expressed your reluctance to move the project forward and initiate the next phase of trials. I understood your argument as to why. But if you want the company to continue to fund your efforts, I think it is time we give the board more than just the overview you have, enlightening them on what their project will mean to Gotham if you are successful. On a personal note, I would also like to let them know that with age, Bruce Wayne has decided to fill his father’s shoes, using Wayne Enterprises and all its resources to readily and reliably support our city.

    Nothing bad can come from this, Bruce. But if you decide not to address this issue at hand, I am not sure how long I can hold the board at bay. Making matters more difficult in your absence, I am assuming you have your reasons for it and not my job to question those, but I fear that if you are going to drop off the radar for an extended period of time, we may risk another Bill Earle situation. I can see a couple board members already maneuvering to build influence around the table, most notably John Daggett, who I feel is the last person we want to engage in a power struggle.

    When I argued the table on their role I know full well what the job and our arrangement entailed. I am also well aware of your preferred way of handling all matters relating to Wayne Enterprises, however I must tell you we are quickly approaching a set of circumstances that will unfortunately call for a change if we do not address the board. Change in most instances is not a bad thing, but in this regard I am worried.

    I’m sure you consider my pessimism to be just another part of my charisma. That may be the case, but let’s remember: you didn’t hire me for my charm. I look forward to hearing from you. With luck it will be in person.


    Lucius Fox

      • Thanks for sharing that Ignur it was very cool reading that.

  10. Best Buy is listing the avengers 3-D Blu-ray collectors set at $149.99. Until I know a little more on the product(S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier) I’m getting the 4 disc 3-D Blu-ray combo pack.

    • The combo pack is all of the movies. IM, IM2, IH, Thor, Cap, Avengers.

      • The limited edition Blu-ray 10 disc collectors edition is the one that contains all the movies. The 4 disc 3-D Blu-ray combo pack includes the following ….

        1 3-D Blu-ray
        1 2-D Blu-ray
        1 Dvd
        1 Digital copy

        I’ve already got all the movies on Blu-ray including the limited edition green case with the 3-D cover of incredible hulk. If the Helicarrier is offered in the limited edition 10 disc collectors set then I’ll be purchasing it for sure. Just like the Avenger mentioned. I’ll have an extra set of each movie. But that’s what happens when you support marvel studios from day one.

        • It won’t be a Hellicarier (that was just a fan made prototype), the teaser image for the 10 disc collection shows Nick Fury’s briefcase (check out the pic in the link below), so that’ll most likely be the packaging it comes in (along with a replica cosmic cube).

    • The combo pack is all of the movies. IM, IM2, IH, Thor, Cap, Avengers.

      • Thanks for the link Avenger.