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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 24, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 24, 2013

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  1. I’m curious: How many people are excited for GotG? Also, Who do you think will be on the short-list to play Rocket Racoon? I honestly don’t have a clue, but if he’s going to be the heart of the film, then it’s gotta be someone whose gonna show some weight in the acting department, i mean, voice department.

    If those transcripts are true about what’s going to happen in the movie (him in a mental institue with Wal-Rus, both security guards) then I can see it shaping up to be something really cool.

    I don’t know MUCH about Guardians, except what I’ve come to read online, browsing different websites here and there.

    Also, Who is ready for Phase II? I know I am.

    • I’m excited for it. It’s just…different, which makes it cool in my book.

    • I said this last week. I’m excited because I know nothing about the comics so I’ll be going in without expectations. I watched “Super” over the weekend, so I’m curious to see how James Gunn does with a Disney property.

      And I’m very excited for Phase Ii, especially Thor. Can’t wait to see some other realms!

    • @ Nick

      Personally, I can’t wait. After Avengers changed the CBM landscape forever, GotG is poised to change that landscape again in a big way. This is the most ambitious project to date in the CBM genre and it should be amazing.

      As for voicing Rocket Racoon, I want Jason Stathan, for the voice, but not for the acting ability. Whomever Marvel chooses, it will work. I have 100% faith in their decision makers and braintrust to make the right call.

    • More like curios.

      • *Curious. typo

        • The film could become a curios.

    • Since I never even heard of Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie news cropped up, and because there are too many unknown variables that could turn it into a royal crapfest of Star Wars prequel proportions, I’m not excited at all. I’ll wait and see.

    • GOTG is my most anticipated movie… everyone should read the 2008 comics and the new Marvel NOW stuff if you’re on the fence.

      • I think a better question is how many peole even know GOTG is on its way. Unless you follow news ud have no clue. Marvel should have teased it in IM3

    • I was firmly against GotG when it was first rumored to be part of Marvel’s plans (about a year and a half ago I believe?), but since then I re-read the entire 2008 GotG reboot, and lately I’ve been catching up with all the other cosmic stories (Annihilation, Annihilation Conquest, War of Kings, etc.) and I can totally see how it fits.

      Point is, I’m super excited for the movie. Not only because it’ll be a great companion to Marvel’s other movies, but also in that it’s so different from most sci-fi franchises out there. If they do it right, this could really be the new Star Wars (which is kinda bad timing seeing as Star Wars is back… but I digress ;))

      I have no idea who’s on their shortlist for RR, but alls i can say is they’d be wise in going with Jason Statham, Ray Winston or David Tennant (Tennant is the more probable choice though)

      As for Phase 2 as a whole, I have to say, I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. IM3, while still being a good movie imo, was a little underwhelming and Thor:TDW’s trailer wasn’t all that epic either in retrospect. I think the hype will probably start building after comic con: after an announcement or two and some footage (of Cap:TWS maybe), things will look differently…. for me anyways.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing MOS yet again this week. Also, since I finally found a theater showing “Much Ado About Nothing”, I’ll likely see that too. Otherwise, I’ll eventually catch “Monsters University” and can’t wait for “Pacific Rim”, my second most anticipated film (after MOS). Others? We shall see…

    • How many times you watch MOS?

      Seen it twice already: once on a Real 3D screen, and another on a large screen with regular film projector.

      Gonna watch it a 3rd time in IMAX 3D. Don’t know if it’ll make much of a difference, but we shall see.

      • I have seen it 4 times so far…This week (barring any friends popping up who want to see it later) will be my fifth and final time. Otherwise, self-committal becomes a serious consideration ;)

        I have truly enjoyed the film…to the point that I remain until the lights come on simply to appreciate every lovely note of the masterful soundtrack, each time I see the film.

        • OMG I love the MOS soundtrack! Don’t know if you have it yet, but if you do, what are your favorite tracks?

          Mine so far (in no particular order):

          Track 17: What are you going to do
          Track 16: Flight
          Track 1: Look to the Stars
          Track 5: Goodbye my Son (reminds me of a Doctor Who song)
          Track 14: This is Clark Kent

          I honestly think it rivals John William’s brilliant 78 version!

          • The score is EPIC. Flight, Arcade and an Ideal of Hope for me. Ideal of Hope is not on the official soundtrack but it’s the music from trailer 3.

            • I think Ideal of Hope is the same thing as Track 17 on the MOS CD. It sounds a LOT like the music from trailer 3…

              • Yea, Ideal of Hope seems to be an edited version of ‘What are you going to do’

            • An Ideal Of Hope is indeed not part of the OST.
              And is an edited version of What Are You Going To Do…

              It works as a complete them nonetheless.
              I extracted the audio track from the HD version
              on YouTube located here and added it to my collection:

              • How is the 3D, anyone? I have seen it 3 times, all in 2D, and plan on seeing it this weekend again, but I am curious about the 3D.

                I love this movie, one of my all time favorites. It evokes so much emotion and heart I want to watch it again immediately once the credits begin to roll.

                • I passed on the 3D myself. It was shot in 2D.
                  The 2D digital transfer is a top flight 4K.

                  Also, with a lot of handheld shots,
                  sometimes the 3D conversion can get
                  a little muddled because of that and with
                  so much going on in scenes I say stick to 2D.

                • i liked the 3d. it wasn’t constant in-your-face fx. i thought it was worth the price. have only seen the avengers, st:id, and mos in 3d, and i thought they were all good.

          • Sorry for the delayed response…

            Anywho, my favorite track is “What are you going to do…?”

            I also love “Arcade” and agree that “Flight” is wonderful, especially with the superb visuals of Clark first experiencing his ability to break the bonds of Earth’s gravity. “Goodbye, my son” and “Look to the stars” are two of the greatest “going to meet my destiny” type songs ever, IMO.

            I loved the entire soundtrack and, yes, do own it… I even put two of the songs on my tablets just to have them even more easily available (“What are you going to do…” and “Arcade”).

            I LOVE the John Williams soundtrack, but (and I expect assassination attempts after this) I love Zimmer’s even MORE.


            • “What are you going to do…?” = best track for sure. Love it!

    • @ Archaeon- I plan on seeing it again tomorrow aswell. I went into it just being excited & wanting to be entertained but now after that’s out the way I can properly analyze it like others.I know i’ll still love it regardless but this time I can try to figure out why others had a problem with it.When I first see a movie I don’t look for flaws I just try to enjoy it so if I don’t like it first viewing it must be pretty bad.Only after I see a movie the second & third time do I realize how good or how bad a movie really is.Hey I thought G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra was great when I first saw it so that sums it up lol.

    • Lolz, I’m looking forward to seeing MOS for the first time this week (Friday) :D

      Been listening to the score on a daily basis and it is amazing.
      Favorite tracks would be:
      1. “What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving the World?”
      2. “Flight”
      3. “Arcade”
      4. “Look To The Stars”
      5. “Sent Here For A Reason”
      Hans Zimmer’s Sketchbook, while being very long, is pretty great to listen to as well.

      I was really surprised at the range of the OST. Usually, with Zimmer’s music, everything starts to blend together after a while, but with this (almost) everything felt very fresh and original.

  3. My goodness. I got e-mail notifications this weekend from Disqus about articles from many many years ago on Screenrant. Back when I was known as Spawnacus and one of the articles was about LOST!

    • I got those too; when I posted as John “Kahless” Taylor. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one going crazy. :-D

      • :) Good to know it wasn’t just me. Spawnacus has been retired for years now. I’ve been Y2Jesse, B-List Pornstar Extra, and the Professor since that screen name.

        • and the Disqus commenting system…that’s what I refer to as “the dark times”

          • I don’t know what Disqus was like back then but I’d prefer if screenrant used it now.

            You can easily see what the newest comments are and if someone liked or replied to your post, without having to refresh as well.

            • I hated it back then. I do not use Disqus very often nowadays, so I honestly cannot make any comparison.

          • What is wrong with the Disqus system? I prefer being able to edit/track comments.

            So many times I’ve had a typo here and usually I have no idea if someone is responding to a comment I made unless someone uses “@myname”.

            • It was flawed back then, but I cannot say how well it would work now. In it’s trial run years ago, I know a lot of regulars complained.

        • @ Professor P.

          “B-list Pornstar Extra” ?!?!?


          • Thanks. I kept wondering what the title of the guy who accidentally wanders through the background of amateur porn video would be. That’s what I came up with.

            I probably won’t be changing screen names again, because this one fits me well. I wrote a column in college called the procrastinator’s point, and I’ve continued that in blog form. I’ve even changed my Twitter name to compliment my SR persona and blog.

  4. Im curious of what GOTG will be like since I don’t know much about them but still curious. Especially seeing Thanos within the film. Im always ready for what Marvel’s universe will release in the future. Phase 1 built up the excitement of one of the best CBM ever.

    I thought about seeing MOS for a 2nd time this week & waiting for Pacific Rim. Movie seems like people in Ironman suits controlling Power Ranger Megazords VS. Godzilla’s rogues gallery.

  5. Anyone watched True Blood Sunday? Season is off to a good start so far. Awesome what Bill did to a human woman,lol. So far, his powers make Russell a amateur bad vampire. Speaking of Russell, between him & Maryann, he won best True Blood baddie from past seasons.

  6. I’m just wondering why SR didn’t review Burn Notice at all this season. I know you guys used to review at least the season premier. What happened?

  7. Still now sign of Jeff W? I’m starting to get worried.

    • *no

    • I ate him…

      • You were suppose to eat his cows! Typical! :-)

        • Maybe there was a stampede?!

        • I ate them too. MWUHAHAHAaaa!!

    • I dropped off here for a few weeks after my boy was born. If he doesn’t pop up this week, someone should send out the bovine rescue squad.

    • @ The Lost Winchester

      I hear you. It could be do to the new baby, or perhaps a little burnout from arguing with some of the idiots on this site over MoS. He was in to it pretty heavy a couple weeks back with some real jerks. All he did was give his opinion and they just pounced on him like he was speaking blasphemy.

      He’s a good guy, I’m sure he’ll be back.

  8. Anybody else shocked at the 65% drop for MoS?

    I saw it again over the weekend, and the theater had two couples in it beside me, and that was it. I couldnt believe it. One of the couples left after the oil rig scene.

    I don’t think this movie was as well received as WB would have hoped. I hope this doesn’t derail any future plans for DC movies.

    • Not really.

      MOS is really a serious film, and while I enjoyed it immensely, I can see where it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

      So, I’m not surprised in anyway that MU took the number one spot, while WWZ took the number 2. With that being said, it’s a marathon, not a race; as long as the film keeps bringing in money, it doesn’t have to be in first place all the time.

      I think the film is successful already, although reaching the billion dollar mark seems unlikely to me.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by “serious,” but I think it’s more like a movie dressed up to look serious, with washed out colors and Terrance Malik-like photography. Then it also wants the audience to overlook the essential silliness of the concept.

        People keep framing this as if it had to be THIS MOS movie or a campy Rom-Com version like the 1978 version. There is a vast middle ground they ignore. DC, IMO, is making a huge mistake in trying to use the DK style for it’s line of movies. Everyone knows this movie is Superman. They wouldn’t be lining up to see Flash or WW done in this Pseudo-Nolan style.

        • The way they portrayed Clark in this film is more of a repressed individual. He’s been told by his human father not to use his powers lest people be afraid of him. He was bullied and laughed at while growing up. In my mind, the kid grew up angry and alone. The film plays off this throughout it’s entirety; eventually, he finds his purpose, and decides not to hide anymore.

          Pretty serious stuff, I would say. Which is why I can see some people (ie. critics, casual fans) having a hard time with this film. Some critics have called it joyless or humorless as a result.

          While I enjoyed this intrepretation of the character, is it the best one? I’ll say that they could’ve made it less serious, and actually celebrated Clark’s differences (essentially, the middle ground you were referring to).

      • It definitely successful; already has made its money back. They should be working on MoS2 now.

        • It made 1/3 of its budget back through marketing. The Gillette deal, plus all the product placement throughout the film. The Nikon camera works perfectly in subarctic temperatures.

          • Marketing tie-ins brought in 170 million before release.

            • It was that much! I saw a segment on the Today show that talked about all the advertising surrounding the film. I did enjoy the shaving theories because I always wondered that.

    • @ Stark

      How many times you seen it?

      • @ Wally West

        The first time I really didn’t care for it, plus I was somewhat distracted by my little nephew and niece that went with me.

        Then I kept reading how you need to see it multiple times to really enjoy it and appreciate it, so I saw it again. I didn’t have to pay either time, as my oldest nephew just recently got a job at our local theater, so it was no big deal.

        I had the same result the second time. It was ok, not great, not horrible, just ok. It certainly isn’t as good as some here say it is, buyt it isn’t as bad as others say it is either. It’s just so-so.

        IMO, WB/DC still has a ways to go to develop a CBM philosophy that works well with general audiences. The Avengers to me, is still the greatest CBM ever made, so that’s my bar.

        MoS, I felt, wasn’t even as good as any of the Batman trilogy movies, but I have a feeling MoS2 might be better, if they learn from this one.

        • While I liked MOS, I have to agree with most of what you said, I didn’t love it. It just wasn’t on par with movies like TDK, The Avengers or even IM1 to me.

          Also, it’s beyond irrational to me how some people are reacting to the critisism… it’s nowhere near the greatest movie ever, so obviously DC needs to work out the kinks. Accept it and move on. I mean, at least it was better than GL and every X-Men movie. ;)

          • @ FILTHpig

            I agree 100%. MoS is better than Green Lantern, and some of the X-Men movies, but still, it’s just so-so.

            You are correct, it’s not the greatest movie ever, or even the best one this year or summer, but it’s a decent first effort. I really think if they learn from this one, the next one will be better.

            One concern for me would be Goyer writing the sequel or sequels going forward. He’s just not that good.

            My other concern is that if it doesn’t make enough money to satisfy the suits at WB, that they halt the sequel. A “greenlit” sequel is not a guarantee of a sequel. That would be disastrous to WB/DC.

            • I think they earned enough money.

              More than GL, Superman Returns, and even Batman Begins.
              Its better than most Marvel films and may end up similar to Iron 1 and 2.

              That should be a good enough run.
              The film is as good as most films in Marvel Studios, not great but good.

              • Good meaning decent/so-so in context.

        • @ Stark

          I only watched it once so far. Been waiting for it to die down mostly. Idiots behind me & my friends distracted us from enjoying it alittle I admit that. I liked the scenes of Krypton except for how Kryptonians were born to be like except Kal-El. I liked the coming of age of Clark Kent though the flashback scenes get to be annoying except for the last ones involving Jonathan Kent.

          Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, & what’s her name who played Fiona were greatly casted. Amy Adams & Lawrence Fishbourne didn’t impress me much in their roles.

          I agree WB/DC has a ways to go to develop a CBM universe that works well w/ general audiences because I know people not familiar with the core member’s origins except for Batman/Superman’s as they’re no-brainers. The Avengers imo, is the CBM to me aswell & hope it’s sequels will deliver more.

          As for MOS compared to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, that’s a hard one because im in the minority who thought Batman Begins was the best while the latter two films were a sequel to Heat with Batman included. And it seems WB/DC wanna give every DC hero the Nolan treatment which imo is a bad idea in the long run of things.

          • Wow! I agree with everything you just said. What’s wrong with me?! :-D

          • @ Wally West

            I agree with everything you said, you are right on target. I’m not a fan on the Batman trilogy really, primarily because I thought Bale was an awful Batman.

            I agree with you, the Nolan treatment cannot be applied to every DC hero, it just doesn’t fit, it can’t fit. I do think it’s a mistake by WB/DC to continue down that dark path because I feel that they are painting themselves into a corner with most of the DC characters.

            I agree also that most did well in MoS with the exception of Fishburne and Adams. Adan’s to me, just is not Lois Lane. The rest did well, but I think they all suffered from poor writing by Goyer.

            If you want to see it again, mows the time, the crowds were very thin for it this weekend. As for me, I’m done with it, I’m waiting to see what they do next. Thor is the next superhero movie I’m looking forward to.

            • @ Stark

              Thank you. It’s good to know others agree & see the larger picture as people I’ve talked to in person also agreed. I wasn’t greatly thrilled with Nolan’s trilogy as most were but understood why he made the trilogy like he intended. I wasn’t big fan of Bale’s Batman aswell. I thought he was great In Batman Begins but lost his spark in the latter two films. I primary blame WB till this day for the Burton/Schumacher failed Batman franchise because of their idea to go more & more (Family-Friendly) with the latter two films of that series. Batman:TAS, imo is still the best adaption of Batman from the comics ive seen till this day. That whole series is worth all the time of all the live-action films combined imo.

              Exactly. Not every is gonna fit this tone & before they know it, WB/DC will learn they painted themselves into a corner because of the dark path they chose. It’s not just the heroes, but villains could become a problem in that same universe aswell.

              I agree with you about MOS. Especially Goyer. It baffles me how he can write better performing DC CBM but couldn’t write nothing great for Marvel regarding Blade sequel & Ghost Rider’s.

              I’ll be seeing MOS again, not sure how many times as theres only two showings daily & I don’t wanna see it in 3D. Thor:TDW is my next CBM aswell. Still other movies I wanna see. Little time to get around to see them like I used to,lol. 2015 is gonna be packed with films that im not sure I can see each one multiple times,lol.

          • Man of Steel is doing just as fine as most Marvel films so far, maybe landing near Iron man 1/2 range.

            It is doing as fine as fine as Batman Begins. Better actually.

            While the film is not given much slack as most Marvel films, the film is doing fine. Even with mixed reviews. The film is different. Most people want it to be similar to other films but Man of Steel is doing just fine and a good start for DC films.

            It is not without flaws but it would surely work out once WB/DC know what worked and did not and refine their crude concept.

            I say it is doing fine. Not great, not bad, Just a fine in terms of Cinematic DC ventures

            • @ The Archer

              I don’t think Marvel really has anything to be concerned about at the moment from WB/DC. Marvel’s the best, and they know it.

              I was hoping that MoS would be awesome, to build a little competition between the two, and to build momentum for WB/DC, and thier universe, but that doesn’t appear to be happening. I think that’s one of the things that disappoints me the most. I don’t know that it’s good for one CBM company to be so dominant, as Marvel is. Competition is health and woulld drive both. All CBM fans would win.

              The next MoS should be better (hopefuly) and maybe have some cameos from other DC characters to build up their universe a bit more.

          • @wally,

            liked the Heat reference. that’s a pretty good analogy. but i agree with you that bb was the better film of the 3. i know it’s blasphemous to criticize TDK/R, i liked 2 also (somewhat a bit heavy handed in spots, but HL nailed it as joker!)but i detest 3.
            i liked MOS, thought it was a pretty good start to the DCCU, and time will tell if they keep making good films/movies/flicks.

            • @ jeffro

              Thank You. I know how it to criticize TDK & TDKR but everyone has their opinions. I look back & remember how Nolan intended to end it as a trilogy only but in my mind I would of gave TDKR a slightly different ending. Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker was great for a darker version. But I found Jack Nicolson’s Joker closer & more enjoyable as the comic book version over the years since his creation. Even though it’s animation, Mark Hamill’s voice & laughter was a great combination of both actors that id like to see on film.

              I liked MOS & thought it was good for starts. There were just things id like to see done differently. I’m everyone has the same feelings about any film as I do.

    • I thought it would at least beat out WWZ. I think it’ll still bring in good numbers through this week and have a decent 3rd week considering I don’t think we have major blockbusters coming out this Friday.

    • Well it lost all the kids and moms to monsters university and the teens and young adults to wwz, so it had a hard weekend to contend with.
      Will be interesting to see what happens this week.

      • I know some adults who were kids when they first watch Monsters Inc, they would surely also go to watch that movie lol.

    • “Anybody else shocked at the 65% drop for MoS?”

      Not really… it’s getting lots of bad word of mouth. Most people who’d seen it that talked to didn’t like it very much.

      Mike, Jay and Rich from Half in the Bag ripped it a new one as well.

      • Graham and Chris and their guest ripped it apart on Comedy Film Nerds too.

        It’s too bad. I enjoyed it, but I can see where others find their complaints.

      • meh I dont like half in the bag anymore, theyve become too nitpicky.

      • @ The Lost Winchester

        I agree, the word of mouth is quite bad. Most people won’t even give it a chance, they’re waiting for the DVD to rent it. I say see it, and decide for yourself.

        • I agree. Many people are just not into seeing it if many are saying it is not good.

          The film is not perfect, but I don’t think it is a disaster of a film.
          Most negative reviews place the film just average (2/4, 2.5-3/5) and most most positive reviews place it really good as opposed to great (3/4, 3.4-4/5). I say that is a decent range for most movie goers.

      • I have been waiting for Half in The Bag. I do not always agree, but it is interesting to see.

        Personally the film is doing quite well given the uphill battle against competition and word-of-mouth/critic reviews.

        Man of Steel is doing better than the following films already domestically:

        Green Lantern
        Superman Returns
        Batman Begins
        Captain America: The First Avenger
        The Incredible Hulk

        Given international, Man of Steel is doing better most than the above and is catching up to the rest.

        Man of Steel by the end of run can catch up to Iron Man 1 and 2.

        All of this going against mixed review and tough competition.
        Man of Steel is doing fine.

    • Not really. I didn’t think it was a very good movie (FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m not being paid by Disney to say that).

      I won’t go see it in theaters again, and I won’t buy a copy of it. I’ll rent it or borrow it from the library at some point just to see how it “plays” on DVD.

      Otherwise, most of these SH movies will get my initial ticket purchase.

      • It was a very good movie but it wasnt “fun” like the marvel ones are or kid friendly being serious and artful, and I dont want it to be as I like the way it was.
        Still made a lot of money though.

        • I’m not trying to convince anyone not to like it. I simply did not, but great for everyone who did.

          SH movies can be fun, kid friendly, and “serious and artful.” It’s too bad this movie wasn’t any (again, IMO). This movie had me watching Spider-man 2 again simply because the action is so clearly choreographed and shot (and relevant to the plot to the greatest degree). But there are plenty of examples of “serious” crowd pleasers. The Incredibles, ET is an Alien movie with massive appeal.

          MOS, to me, really didn’t succeed at even what it was trying to achieve in it’s own context.

          I’m interested to see how much money it makes, but it doesn’t have me excited about future DC movies.

          • ………………………………………………………………………………….your saying…you thought…..the action…… spiderman 2…2..2!…was better then man of steels’…

            • I’m absolutely saying that. MOS was really muddy to me. What baffles me is why Synder didn’t use any slo-mo. I’m not saying full on, but this movie could have used more clarity and he really has a perfect established style for that.

              Raimi is great. I think he’d be a great candidate for Dr. Strange.

              • Wrong….you are just so wrong….

          • @ Nostelg-O

            From your descriptions here and above, what your saying is MoS didn’t have the same look and feel that a Marvel movie has and that’s why you don’t like it.

            That’s perfectly fine, respectable even.

            IMHO, MoS is one of those movies that when given time, more and more people will come around to enjoy it.

            I caught the quip about working for Disney. Look, the idea that studios make a product and then just put it out there to let it “speak for itself” and not use one cent of their superior resources to help sway public opinion this way or that way is a naive thought, and I’m sticking to that.

            • ^ superior resources? I meant to say “vast”

              Sheesh. I had way too much to drink last night…

              … I should probably stay off of SR in such situations.

            • I love the DK trilogy (last one was very adequate, not great), and those are the template for a non-Marvel approach. I was looking forward to MOS, but I simply think it failed in what it was trying to do, for me.

              I don’t think this is going to be a movie that is still enjoyed years from now. I feel the same about ASM. That’s my opinion. I’m interested to see how this all pans out.

      • @ Nostelg-O

        “FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m not being paid by Disney to say that.”



        • The Great Mouse need not pay his willing slaves to serve unto him.

    • Some countries still haven’t released it. Fourth of July coming up. Ridiculous amounts of competition. Mixed reviews on top of an uphill battle. TDKR dropped almost 70% on it’s second week. And it’s the highest opening weekend for an origin movie ever and grossing only $400 Million in 10 days? MoS is clearly a financial disaster…

    • It might come down to what happened with the second Hulk movie and the Amazing Spider-Man, people may not be interested in seeing a reboot of a character that had a film done relatively recently to the newer version. In the case where the same studio is making the movie the notion that the new film is somehow greatly superior to the last one could be seen as an admission that the last film some people paid for was sub-standard, and keep them from patronizing another similar film.

      • Well, ASM made over $750M worldwide, so someone was interested in watching a rebooted origin. Can’t wait for the next one too.

        • It had a drop-off domestically from Spider-Man 3, and the foreign gate went down slightly as well. The overseas markets are saving a lot of these big budget movies, probably because much of this type of fare is new to many markets.

          • I think ASM2 will do better numbers in the states this next time around, but only if they don’t screw up the Green Goblin!

    • I was not shocked by the drop for MOS, Stark.
      The Dark Knight Rises dropped over 60%
      even up against weaker competition.

      TDKR did well in the end and
      I think MOS will in its run.

      • Man of Steel is doing better than the following films already domestically:

        Green Lantern
        Superman Returns
        Batman Begins
        Captain America: The First Avenger
        The Incredible Hulk

        Given international, Man of Steel is doing better most than the above and is catching up to the rest.

        Man of Steel by the end of run can catch up to Iron Man 1 and 2.

        All of this going against mixed review and tough competition.
        Man of Steel is doing fine.

        • Your list gets one’s attention, Archer. MOS is doing quite well.
          All things considered, I would say the best it could be doing.

    • The 65% drop needs some context.

      The only other $100m+ films this year, Iron Man 3 and Fast 6, dropped 58% and 64% in their second week and were not up against big films their second week (they both came in at #1 two weeks in a row).

      I think MoS is doing fine considering the competition it’s up against.

      But, I do think it’s not as “light” as other CBMs. My kids said “Too much destruction” and “It wasn’t very funny” and as unscientific as that is, that’s why movies like Monsters University can do so well. But I still think MoS was a better reboot than Batman Begins was (blasphemy!).

      July 2 will be interesting with the Lone Ranger vs. Despicable Me 2, I would side with the animated movie but Johnny Depp has some pull and Disney is trying to tie it to the success of Pirates.

      • In context, Man of Steel is doing fine on its own.
        Two films competing.
        Mixed response from critics and audience.
        Reboot/Origin film that is not following a successful predecessor.

        It is doing as well if not better than most Marvel Studio films. That universe is going great overall, so DC should be encouraged to continue.

    • I went to a monday imax showing at noon and it was sold out. WB isnt at all upset with the performance. 400 mil in 10 days

      • Yeah, $400 million; how can they stand the pain? :-D

        The movie is a success. They need to go ahead and start working on MoS2.

    • I think they’ll keep making DCU movies, hopefully we’ll get that justice league movie eventually. The drop was bound to happen dude, MU and WWZ were highly anticipated movies.

    • MOS opened in China to some pretty big numbers.
      I think the movie will have longer legs than the current competition though. It might not make mad money over the next week or two, but my guess is it’ll make good money over a long-ish period of time.

      • Yes. MOS will have longer legs than the current competition.

      • See my reply below.
        The film is doing better than most Marvel films (mainly those that do not include RDJ) while catching up to others (IM 1 and 2) and Batman Begins. Not to mention Green Lantern and Superman Returns.

        The film has a great start and well do well on standing its own.

        • I think too, like Batman Begin’s pattern,
          the sequel to MOS will do bigger numbers.
          Plus “reviewers” who embarrassed themselves
          this time ’round might be positive the next time.

    • The Archer 13 minutes ago

      The film is doing better than Superman Returns did in its entire theatrical run. I think DC will look at that as very much a success.

      Domestically: Man of Steel is at an estimated $210M. This is higher than Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Incredible Hulk. By the end of the run it may even catch up to the first 2 Iron Man films, maybe not pass but be up there- and those films have become very popular. Plus, Man of Steel earned more than Batman Begins which led to the successful Batman Series.

      International: Man of Steel is an estimated $188.3M. This is close to passing CA:TFA, and already passed TIH. Passed Batman Begins.

      WB/DC financially should be well encouraged by now. It is bigger than the flops of Superman Returns and Green Lantern, and the good film Batman Begins. It is bigger than most Marvel films that do not include RDJ yet close to the first two IM films- I say it will be around there in the end if not bigger. Which is not bad at all.

      Man of Steel is no way nearing 1 Billion dollars but it an origin-reboot that is not following up a big film and has mixed reviews from critics, film should warrant a sequel and encourage DC/WB to play the game and make more film.

  9. The prometheus music is playing in this “under the dome” promo I just saw.

  10. Here’s my ideas for a DC line up:

    -MoS2 (give it like a subtitle or a completely different name; have maybe a Bruce Wayne cameo or post credit scene)

    -Wonder Woman (Have that prequel Amazon tv series that would lead up to the opening scene of the movie, like the original Clone Wars series or Yugi-Oh!)

    -Flash (incorporate Green Arrow from the Arrow tv series, give little hints/Easter Eggs at other characters)

    -Batman reboot (make it as it was in the Arkham/Asylum City games, that way we can still use the more ‘fantastical’ characters (i.e. poison Ivy, Mr Freeze)

    -World’s Finest (Easter Eggs, hints, name drops, post credit scenes and/or cameos (maybe) of other DCU characters)

    -Justice League (how Marvel teased Thanos at the end of Avengers, do something similar except tease the threat and/or villain of what’s going to happen throughout the previous films all culminating into JL)

    -Have Martian Manhunter just appear in the film similar to how he did in Bruce Timm’s Justice League cartoon along with and Green Lantern, don’t care for a reboot/sequel for GL. And as for Aquaman, I’m sorry but I don’t think him having a solo film would do well, both critically and financially. Just have him show up because whoever is the villain (haven’t thought of who they should use) also poses as a threat to Atlantis so he only joins with them to save his country(?) and by the end of the film he decides to become an honorary or temporary member

  11. Prometheus premiered on cable at my neck of the woods and I thoroughly enjoyed it more this time round than I did went it was released last year.
    Really, really excited for the sequel…. I hope they get on it soon…..
    What ya think should happen in it?

    • Me too! Go to the Engineer’s homeworld, hug a Xenomorph, hilarity ensues.

  12. Did anyone watch world war z this weekend ? And if so how was it ?

    As for man of steel I’ve seen it 3 times love this film more and more with each viewing. I picked up the limited edition soundtrack just before mos released. I can’t wait for the Blu-ray release, hopefully they’ll have a collectors edition.

    • Good matinee flick. Not worth a full price ticket.

      I’ve watched a lot of zombie flicks, and it really doesn’t add anything new to the genre. Good tension throughout, but the zombies are underutilized (I say underutilized, because with a title like World War Z, I was expecting MASS hordes of them).

      And no, I haven’t read the book.

      • This is pretty accurate. I was also surprised that a zombie movie could still be reasonably entertaining without all the blood and gore.

    • Its worth seeing man, I dont think the movie wraps up as well as it starts off. I was thoroughly engrossed from the offset, the beginning is tense and effective. The ending is not as effective imo. Still worth seeing tho. Also, they should’ve made it R, all the blood and guts were cut out :(

      • I was thoroughly engrossed from the *first few scenes

        idk what I was typing there haha

  13. Like many, I think MoS has succeeded in laying the foundation for a wider DC universe and I’m eagerly anticipating the next DC film. But I don’t like that that is being used an excuse to make up for the quality of the movie.

    I wanted MoS to be great (which is what I want for all CBMS) not just good enough to warrant a sequel. I think my expectations were probably too high but I couldn’t help it.

    I have only seen it the one time though so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it more the next time I watch knowing all the flaws already. After all, I hated batman begins at first but now it’s one of my favourites.

  14. Anyone watched True Blood Sunday night?

  15. MoS was maddening due to sloppy execution in parts vs outstanding successes in others. Krypton? Hauntingly beautiful. The climactic moment between Supes and Zod was executed horribly! Um…he cant look sideways? Why? Supes is using a WWE move filmed at that angle? Why? They are using a move Faora ALREADY used on a soldier? Why?? They can’t have 2 lines of dialogue from the science officer to Zod explaining why he adapted as a child in 20 seconds, but gengineered Kryptonian adults cant??????

  16. So, what puts Pacific Rim over the top? I know GDT seems to be painstakingly creating yet another fairy tale universe, which is promising, but what separates it from MoS, Wolverine, etc? I hope they haven’t revealed all the Jaegers and Kaiju!!! Bad Juju if they did!!!! :-)

    • A ship to the face, that’s what! :D