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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 23, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 23, 2014

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  1. First?

    Anyways, just saw The Green Lantern finally and actually enjoyed it. It definitely doesn’t deserve any Oscars but I was expecting another RIPD which it definitely wasn’t. That movie was awful. I liked Ryan Reynolds as Hal and think if they kept him in a movie with a better script it would be fine.

    That’s all.

    • Alright, Ryan! Right with you on that, buddy! I liked Green lantern also (although they needed to dump the cornball humor and have a bit better script). For a first effort, and seeing how it is the only live-action GL we have, I thought it was an honest attempt. I went out and bought the DVD. They should do GL #2, I think. They have it set up: Green lantern (Hal Jordan) against Sinestro. And if they want to up the ante, make it a team-up, by giving GL The Flash (Barry Allen) on his side, and Reverse-Flash (Professor Zoom) on Sinestro’s side. A great potential slobber-knocker, introduces more JLA characters, saves money on seperate movies, and face it: who would not want to see that!? Two on two, evenly matched….and if you want to make it a challenge, give the baddies Time Commander in their corner, and now you have an uphill battle for the heroes, so they have got to be good! Cannot lose with this proposition, DC/Warner…trust me, go for it!

  2. Finally watched American Hustle.

    I didn’t like Silver Linings Playbook and I’m generally not a DOR fan (enjoyed the Fighter), so I didn’t want to pay full price to see it. Watching it, I was glad I waited. Maybe it’s because I happened to re-watch Goodfellas before AH, but I thought American Hustle was horrible. It looked like the actors were encouraged to dress up in the most outrageous 70’s costumes and then told to ACT or they wouldn’t get fed. The characters seemed so contrived, particularly Jeremy Renner’s, who is pretty much established again and again as a saint. And J-Lo has been miscast in both DOR movies. She does okay, but she’s not believable. It was like a really sloppy Martin Scorsese wannabe.

    Mediocre movie at best. Critics were hustled.

    • I agree.

      American Hustle was just meh to me.

      Didn’t see the Oscar appeal in the acting or the story.

      • I didn’t see much of a story. It was pretty obvious what was going to happen. the characters were heavy handed, with no ambiguity about their feelings or motivations. You wouldn’t have a conversation like, “I know the Jeremy Renner character was a corrupt politician, but I think underneath it he had some good intentions. I even felt a little sorry for him. I think Bale’s character really liked him deep down.” Or, “I kind of had the feeling that Bradley Cooper’s character may have been letting ambition get the best of him.” I could go on with every character in the movie.

        And acting. It felt like some out-of-control actor’s workshop. I think everyone had at least one chance to erupt in a scream for virtually no reason.

      • IMO, the best part of American Hustle was Chrtistan Bale’s hair.

        • Christian Bale can not only train his body to have body range from built to thin to fat, but also his hair from full head of hair to thinning balding hair. Such control of his body and such devotion to his art.

    • In general I think DOR is overrated.
      Especially considering all the praise his recent work has been getting.
      I thought The Fighter was OK and Silver Linings Playbook was a complete bore IMO.

      But (there’s always a but) I actually really enjoyed American Hustle.
      I thought it was funny and well paced. It also helps that I have a serious Amy Adams celebrity crush.
      Jennifer Lawrence was a miscast though. I couldn’t get past the fact that she looked 20yrs old and was married to and running around with people in their 40’s.

      • I have to agree about Amy Adams. DOR seems to have a way with her. She looks her best in his movies.

        Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress, but she’s simply too young and too pretty for the parts DOR is giving her. Her acting is good but I don’t believe she can really understand the characters.

    • J-Lo was in American Hustle? I must have missed her cameo

  3. Has there been any word if Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role for the new DC movies coming out?

    • The only word is NO. And i think its the right decision (altought i liked Ryan as Hal)
      Man of steel started a whole new universe, maybe there is no green lantern yet in it? Because if Ryan Reynolds was in it, everybody would ask, where was he when Kal El was saving the entire planet

      • Off world fighting the Sinestro Corps perhaps?

        • Yes that is the (ch)easiest way. In Man of steel, General ZOD and his crew were the first beings from a nother world (You are not alone message), so this is the big problem. Because the events of the green lantern movie were before that, and if you saw that movie, Hal was battleing a giant cloud monster thingy (it was funny and ridicoulus)that was threatening the whole world and everybody saw that.
          So if you are assuming Hal Jordan (Ryan reynolds) is in that universe, the would say something like, this is not the first time aliens came to Earth

    • @ Ryan

      I hope not. It’s time to cut that movie loose and bring in a new Green Lantern, IMO. WB/DC seems to be starting fresh so to bring back Ryan Reynolds would only take us back to what was. I’d rather look forward to a new GL in this new DCCU.

      It’s ironic that you mention that movie, I saw it for sale twice this weekend; once at Walmart for $5 and then at a dollar store for $2.

      • Ryan Reynolds should just be cast as Deadpool and FOX should greenlight that and get it DONE!

  4. Finally checked out Hunger Games: Catching Fire and I was pleasantly surprised. Much better than I expected, a pretty good film all around.
    Anyway after watching DoFP again I ask, who was the villain of that movie? Peter Dinklage was extremely under utilized.

  5. Enough Said- Tony Soprano and Elaine Benes…man I miss James Gandolfini.

  6. My Godzilla vs Hedorah DVD has arrived today.

    All hail 70’s ‘Zilla cheese

  7. I finally got to see “How to Train Your Dragon 2″, and I must say the wait was definitely worth it. Before yesterday, I had previously considered “Aladdin” my favorite animated film. When the first HtTYD released, although it didn’t overtake “Aladdin”, it DID tie it for favorite. Now that I’ve happily experienced HtTYD2, that issue is moot. This sequel, for me was superior in practically every way to those other two. ” Dragon 2″ is easily not only the best animated film I’ve seen in recent years; it’s now my favorite animated film I’ve seen, period.

    The film was visually stunning, especially in 3d. The story was interesting and entertaining and progressed smoothly. I loved the various characters, voices and all, and thought they played their parts in the narrative perfectly. I don’t see why some people thought the minor characters did not get as much time as they deserved…with ONE exception (Tuffnut…or Ruffnut…whichever one is the male of the teenaged twins…I constantly confuse their names). This story IS about Hiccup and Toothless, yet the other (minor/supporting) characters had their moments…even if those moments occurred as part of the ensemble scenes.

    I gladly give this film 4.5/5…minimum.

  8. I dont know if this has ever been a topic, but does anyone else think that technology has kind of hurt movies about supes? For example the events of MoS…that would get around pretty fast as per cell phones and the 24 hr news cycle, but back in the day something could go down in metropolis without reaching gotham for some time. I know there are ways to explain this stuff away..but like how can you ignore the fact that there was zero involvement from anyone in IM 3 when it was obviously something that could have used hulk per say. I know they have the after credits tie in..but I just think that with data being so readily available between places on the globe to think that any of these stories to one character is silly. At least CA:TWS had some tie in to others.

    • That’s the thing I feel like everybody forgets after watching the Avengers. The movie didn’t end with Cap, Hulk, IM, Thor and everybody going “Hey so do you wanna go golfing this weekend?” They pretty much disbanded after that with no hope of reuniting again. They didn’t really end up as a tight knit group. We know they’ll reunite in A:AOU and Joss hopefully will have cooked up a good reason and motivation for all of them to come together again, but they all split after New York.

      I do get the “where the heck is shield?” questions raised after IM3 but after watching Cap2 the reason for that seems pretty clear.

      There may be some continuity issues in a film universe like the MCU, but I think they’ve done a stellar job avoiding such issues thus far.

      • As far as the DCU goes, we’ll just have to see how well they explain where everybody fits as time goes on and their subsequent films are released.

  9. Mcu has not done a good job of explaining phase 2 timelines, feige said that cap 2 would explain
    where shield was at and yet in iron man 3 is clearly set in winter while cap 2 is clearly set in spring
    Or summer so both events can’t being happening at same time. Someone explained that cap
    2 takes place two years after avengers and im3 six months after avengers which still makes
    shield active during im3. The writers need to be more astute and not lazy like the transformers
    writers and at least reference they are off another adventure.

  10. These are good times good times,for American fans of Japanese science-fiction and anime. Pacific Rim is still getting tons of love from fanboys and is still selling lots of Blu-rays,plus a sequel is possible,according to Guillermo Del Toro,and with Godzilla (2014) on its way to $200m domestic,$500m worldwide and two sequels on the way,its seems that Hollywood is finally in the giant-kaiju movie making game for good this time,and I for one could not be happier.

  11. @SR, can you please find out if TF4 will be filling in the full real imax screen?

    I am seeing conflicting information whether it will fill the entire screen for real imax or not(some (including said it will only be 26% more than normal screen). But some articles with Michael Bay claiming that it should fill the entire Imax screen for about 60% of the film. Which is iT??

  12. How about a Metamorpho movie or series (Netflix, CW Network, somebody!)? Michael Chikilis would be good as the actor to play him…he kind of looks like him facially with a slight stretch of the imagination!

  13. There are a few good actors and actresses who often do not get their due, since they mostly get supporting roles, and their potential does not get recognized, that have come to mind as of late. Although I do not have a particular movie vehicle or story in mind, I am kind of imagining they would be good in a series or movie with an espionage background (OK, Hollywood, I am playing one-paragraph talent agent for free here). Some of the names that come to mind are:

    Zeljko Ivanek (played Blake Sterling in The Event)
    Arnold Vosloo (played Imhotep in The Mummy; also had a part in series Crisis)
    Amanda Mealing (played Col. Grant in Strike Back)
    Cliff Curtis (had a part in the series Missing)
    Adriano Giannini (also had a part in the series Missing)
    Gabrielle Union (had a part in the Nightstalker series reboot)

    These are just a few underrated actors and actresses who have impressed me; perhaps you are familiar with some of them? Sure would be nice to see them in some kind of political spy-thriller. bet they could impress the audience with the right show or movie vehicle placing them in primary roles (yeah, I know, welcome to Goldilocks’ fantasy film world…)!

  14. Great news for fans of the late thriller-writer Vince Flynn, who succumed to cancer a year or so ago: the novel The Survivor, which he and Kyle Mills were writing at the time of Flynn’s death, is going to be completed by Mills and published tentatively in Fall of 2015! It will be followed by two more Mitch rapp series novels if successful after that. Does this mean we may eventually get the American assassin movie that had been being discussed in the last year of Flynn’s life? Incidently, I had emailed with Flynn, and he was not just a great and exciting writer, but a true gentleman, caring family man, patriotic and loyal American, and just an all-around nice guy. Really miss him and his work!

    • Agreed Goldi. Novels are entertaining and consistent, similar to Lee Childs and Reacher. If they could cast it well American Assasin could lend itself to the big screen, but hollywood would probably ruin it by casting someone like stalone…