Open Discussion – June 22, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 22, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 22, 2012

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  1. This has been making me laugh. “Hitler hates Nolan, Batman and Inception”

    • That was absolutely hilarious!
      Funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

    • Thanks for sharing, IR! That was very funny.
      The line at 4:59 is my favorite.

    • That´s only funny for people who don´t speak german…

  2. Got my tickets for TDKR booked. Going on the Saturday so I can take my younger brothers. Hopefully it will be a really good experience for them as they don’t get to go that often, and certainly not to something like that.
    It also highlighted for me the disgusting price difference between London and other parts of the country.

    To see The Phantom Menace in London (albeit in 3d) for 1 adult cost me £21.50

    To see TDKR in Weymouth (a lovely seaside town) for 1 Adult and 3 children cost me £20.60

    • There’s a family owned theater on the corner from where I work that still charges $5 for digital screened movies. For $3-$4 you can add on a snack and a drink. I’ll go there 90% of the time rather than paying twice as much (or more) at a chain theater for the same movie.

      Hope you and your brothers enjoy the experience, Sam.

    • £20?! I can go watch 3 movies with that money! – AND take a friend along to each of them…
      You’re getting ripped off man.

      • i have no idea how much money any of that is, but by your tone and and everything it seems like a lot. a regular ticket at my local carmike only costs $7.50 and if i go at the super bargain hour (4:00-5:30) i can get a ticket for $5.50. Im glad I live where i live. there may be no jobs, but the ticket prices are low!

        • It cost me the equivalent of $30 to see the phantom menace, $25 to see Prometheus.

  3. Suddenly my “level of hype” for The Hobbit has just gone up ten fold… and every time I watch the trailer I get chills.

    I’m calling it now: The Hobbit (Part 1) will be the highest grossing film of the year and will be a critical phenomenon.
    Who’s with me?

    • Since it comes out in December, is it going to win 2012 or 2013? :)

      • Well, since it’s being released in 2012, I’d say 2012 😉
        It’ll probably take until mid-January to make most of its money, but TECHNICALLY, it would still be the highest grossing movie released in 2012 – at least, that’s how I see it…

        • I could see it being the highest grossing movie of 2013. It’ll be very tough to beat The Avengers. Should be interesting and fun to watch.

          • I’m just glad it will be on the horizon, after Avengers/TDKR it may be my only salvation from blockbuster anticipation withdrawal.

            • It continues to be my most anticipated film of the year…actually the last few years. Glad it is coming out in December, as I am planning to make the experience of the new 48 fps 3D a Christmas present for some family members and friends. The closer it gets, the more I can’t wait. And yes, by the way, I think it has the potential to beat all the box office receipts this year, including The Avengers, although that will be tough.

    • I agree with you the hobbit is gonna make a huge box office haul. It’s gonna be a great addition to the LOTR trilogy.

    • While I’m equally excited for The Hobbit I’m not sure that financially it will do as well as The Avengers juggernaut. It may give it a good run though.
      Critically I believe it will be among the noms for Best Picture in almost every awards show there is that’s not designated for Indy films.

  4. Marvel questions that are burning my insides: Who will the villians be in phase 2?
    Thor 2- Really want Enchantress. I think Alice Eve has the look but I’m not sure of the acting skills.
    Cap 2- Baron Zemo maybe? I do not want Red Skull again, someone new. Winter Soldier should be introduced for Cap 3.
    Black Panther- I’m not familiar with BP too much so I’m not sure of his villians

    • IM3: [apparently every IM villain that ever existed ;)]
      Thor 2: Surtur maybe? – We will be seeing Loki again and it’s been alluded to that the Enchantress will be in it as well, but I doubt they’ll be the big guns.
      Cap 2: REALLY, REALLY hoping for Zemo Sr. in the flashbacks and Zemo Jr. in the present.
      Black Panther (that is, if he ever gets his deserved movie): Man Ape and maybe Klaw as well.
      Ant-Man: … I’ve just realized, Ant-man doesn’t really have any actual super villains… 😮
      Avengers 2: I think it’ll be cool to do Ultron first – before doing the whole Thanos arc (they should take a break from the alien invaders thing you know? Keep things fresh and moving forward…)

      • I’m not sure who the original masters of evil are but based on EMH, if they do Enchantress and Zemo, it could set up an Avengers vs. Masters of Evil in Avengers 2.

        You already have Abomination and add in like 30 of the IM3 villians… :)

      • Thor 2: Loki a side villain again with Enchantress & Skurge probably trying to break him out of jail/Isle of Silence, Thor 2 needs to be an adventure story across 9 realms or hopefully there will be a massive battle or some kind of siege on Asgard in this one or Thor 3 but id think an adventure…
        Cap 2: Since Iron Man 3 introduces them they should have something to do with AIM Baron Zemo or Baron Struker but Winter soldier & Sharon Carter could should at least be introduced/alluded…
        Black Panther: Klaw i suppose is best bet as a War Lord trying to steal the Vibranium killing T’Chaka in the process…
        Doctor Strange: Id pick Strange over Ant-Man make it a supernatural thriller with Dormammu or Umar…
        Ant-Man: Should be introduce as an agent give him some Hulk moments like Avengers then spin him off, that would be best plan or give him a smaller scale(no pun intended) spy triller…

        • I’m sure Cap 2 will be Winter Soldier and possibly Zemo.

          • I hope they save Winter Soldier for Cap 3.

          • Zemo wouldn´t make sense, because he didn´t appear in the first movie. My bet is on the Winter Soldier, since the sequel is set in the present.

            • But with flashbacks to WW2, they’ve already said that, so they could have Zemo.

  5. I’m seeing a day show too stay away from the flocks but i’m real interested in seeing how Nolan ends his trilogy will he go for it & really kill batman & if he does how will people feel about…

    I would be interested in seeing a reboot/James Bond treatment but not too soon(doubtful that they will take time) & i would really like to see a Arkham City type story, making the movie more about Batman as Bruce Wayne is more of a facade….

    • I would actually be fine with Batman being killed in TDKR, as long as it is a fitting final sacrifice. Not to mention it would put a rest to the ‘continuation/reboot’ speculation.

    • maybe darren ornaphsky will get his chance to direct batman like he wanted?

  6. Watched Avengers again, gotta say, Mark Ruffalo just did a great job with the Banner role, and Hulk was done so well.

    After Shutter Island and Brothers Bloom I was already impressed, anyone know any other decent flicks he has been in?

    • Zodiac, You Can Count on Me and–especially–The Last Castle come to mind, to name a few.

      • That’s right, I have seen Zodiac. Will be sure to look up the others, cheers.

    • Sambo, I really enjoyed him in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

      • He played a cop in collateral.. Wasn’t bad.

  7. My little Rant this week is i want better female characters and development in films. for instance more superpowered females in comicbook movies,Female Predators,Female Lycans in Underworld, and Expendables 3 should add 2 female characters hopeing one might be Kate Beckinsale.

    • Didn’t you say almost that exact same sentence on the previous OD?

    • Maybe they’re all busy baking and cleaning their home.

    • Its not that there isnt some good female actresses out there. But females dont carry movies very often. Im not saying they can’t but it just doesnt happen. Underworld isnt a very good series so im out on kate beckansale. Its much easier to me to find a good acting male then a hoof acting female…. i can only name a a couple handefuls that impress me.

  8. Any bets on how long it will take Adam Sandler to show up on a TV series now that it looks like the movie career is over?

  9. I had the chance to watch Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story again the other night and I gotta say god damn that’s a funny flick :)
    If your not a fan of the Will Ferrell type of comedy you probably won’t care for it but if you are it’s a laugh a minute. In fact even though I have no proof of it I fully believe the part was written for Ferrell. You can picture him in every scene. I’m not saying John C. Reilly was right for the role, I think he was hilarious. Just an observation.

  10. Watched Warrior again and Tom Hardy is such a beast. The Bat will have his hands full. 😀

    • Indeed he will …..warrior is a great movie I think hardy will do an excellent job in his portrayal of bane.

      • And then we get to see him in Lawless. The book was great. I hope the movie will be as well.

  11. Luke Cage will be added to the next Avengers movie. How do I know? Just a weird feeling. Just saw an AT&T commercial and the son ask’s his dad how Luke Cage got his powers. So they went onto Marvel’s site to look the info up.

    I thought “ why would they single Luke out?” (well, besides the family being African American).

  12. just saw Prometheus last night. I was a little disappointed but otherwise it was a good movie, 3.5/5.

    *Partial spoiler alert for those who still havent seen it*

    I hope they make a sequel and I would like them to include more xenomorphs. I like how it ended with the one bursting out of the engineers chest.

  13. Anyone watching the Avengers cartoon? Season 2 is pretty good so far. Shame on Jeph Loeb for cancelling it and replacing with a new Avengers cartoon. I hope we don´t get another ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ crap show.

    • I still don’t understand why they couldn’t continue the saga with the new animation. Everyone who has seen the cartoon love the stories but feel the animation needs work.

  14. Just rewatched a mob movie that puts all others to shame. I know many love Godfather 1 & 2, and Scarface, but Goodfellas is my favorite mob movie. Joe Pesci deserved that Oscar, and my favorite actor, Robert DeNiro, seldom disappoints.

    • I agree those other movies you mentioned are great movies but Goodfellas is awesome. I wonder if its available on Blu-ray it would be a great addition to my ever growing collection.

      • Amazon has it for $12.22.

        • Awesome thanks Kahless.