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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 21, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 21, 2013

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  1. Does anyone else want spinoffs based off of the public access and Spanish news teams from Anchorman?

    • I would want it but I don’t see it being.successful. Maybe low budget straight to dvd?

    • A web series/viral marketing campaign about them would be a good idea to hype up Anchorman 2.

    • como` esta, beetches!

  2. Finally watched Pitch Black, and it is a lot of fun! The effects aren’t great, but the creatures are cool and the characters interesting. I can’t wait to check out The Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick later this year!

    • There is also an in between animated feature you can check out as well.

      • I’ll have to find that!

    • Pitch Black was the start of it all, and completely bad arse.

      I personally enjoyed Chronicles (can you say Necromongers!), but it’s not as well regarded by the fans. They upped the “epic” quotient in that one.

      Riddick appears to be a smaller film, and may be a return to form (ala Pitch Black). At least Twohy is involved with all 3 movies, which is a good thing.

  3. I don’t know if its just me, but all of the summer blockbusters I have seen so far average. Like I don’t know if I liked them or not. Starting with Iron Man 3, then Star Trek, then FF6, MoS and now WWZ…..
    My hopes are high on Pacific Rim, Lone Ranger & Despicable Me 2….. But I am actually dredding The Wolverine….

    • I’m hopeful for Pacific Rim.

      And, for some reason, Wolverine looks interesting to me (maybe because they’re downplaying the “superhero” aspect of it; it almost looks like an indie flick based on the trailers).

      • Indie flick? How many Indie films have you seen? ;)

    • I thought Star Trek was amazing, but IM3 and MoS were not quite as good as they could have been. Still really good IMO, just not a 5/5. I can’t wait for Pacific Rim! Lone Ranger, Despicable Me 2 and The Wolverine are all ones I’m excited about!

    • Despicable Me 2, the first one was surprisingly good and the best movie for me in 2010 even againts Inception and Iron Man 2.

    • I still haven’t seen IM3. ST:ID although good, it wasn’t epic. MoS was everything I wanted. The Wolverine looks really cool. Pacific Rim I don’t understand. It looks so huge and I honestly think it’s going to suck. And I don’t watch children movies.

      I think our perception of summer blockbusters have entered a new level. With The Avengers last summer, it’s hard to top that kind of excitement.

      • +1

      • you obviously haven’t been paying attention and don’t know anything about Pacific Rim if you think its a huge children’s movie. You probably shouldn’t try to talk about things that you know nothing about it makes you sound stupid and uneducated.

        • Um…I’m pretty sure he was referring to Despicable Me. Read the entire thread. And while you’re at it, read the rules at the top because you weren’t playing very nice.

          • shut up

            • touchĂ©

          • Thanks Prof and Tony. Silly people these days.

        • @Bill,

          I’m pretty sure he was referencing MU & Dispicable Me2 what he was talking about children’s movies. He was not referring to Pacific Rim.

          Pacific Rim is going to be amazing!!!

        • “You probably shouldn’t try to talk about things that you know nothing about it makes you sound stupid and uneducated.”

          Maybe you should take your own advice, William. I was referring to the childrens movies that are coming out this year.

  4. One of the most interesting stories I read at Screen Rant recently was the one where Lucas and Spielberg discuss the possible “implosion” of blockbuster films and a changing movie landscape. Lucas predicted that when a ‘perfect storm’ of 200 million dollar movies fail the motion picture landscape will change with movies costing a lot more for us to attend and that big expensive titles would become fewer and stay at the cinema for a lot longer, maybe up to a year. Does anyone agree with this prediction? I thought it was doubtful that in an ‘instant world’ and considering the enormous options we have regards entertainment that there would be a demand for movies theatrically a year later?

    • I kind of see what they are trying to say, but the idea behind most summer blockbusters is that it will also be a holiday blockbuster with the DVD sales. I don’t see why the formula would change so drastically, and if it does… not anytime soon.

    • Lucas and Spielberg may have been referring to 2015, when the “perfect storm” of mega-budget blockbusters collide. When you look at the POTENTIAL box office gross of the 2015 lineup, perhaps they are making a valid point:

      1. Avatar 2 (Fox) $650m+
      2. The Avengers 2 (Disney) $600m+
      3. Star Wars Ep VII (Disney) $450m
      4. Man of Steel 2 $400m or Justice League (WB) $450m
      5. Hunger Games Mockinjay Part 2 (Lionsgate) $400m
      6. Pixar’s Finding Dory (Disney) $400m
      7. Independence Day 2 (Fox) $300m
      8. Pixar’s Inside Out (Disney) $250m
      9. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Disney) $200m
      10. Marvel’s Antman (Disney) $170m
      11. Jurassic Park IV (Universal) $160m
      12. Terminator 5 (Paramount) $160m
      13. The Fantastic Four (Fox) $150m
      14. Kung Fu Panda 3 (Fox/Dreamworks) $150m
      15. Warcraft (Legendary/WB?) $140m
      16. Assasin’s Creed (Fox) $100m

      I haven’t included films in less notable franchises (The Smurfs 3, Alvin and Chipmunks 4) and major films that are not sequels or part of any franchise. There are also animations from Dreamworks and Universal.

      Also, unconfirmed:
      James Bond
      Bad Boys 3 (Sony)
      Mission Impossible V (Paramount)
      Peter Jackson’s The Adventures of Tintin 2 (Dec 2015 tentative)
      Other DC films (Wonder Woman etc)

      • The world is going to explode that year

        • But in a good way!

    • I see what they were getting at with their theory about the supply outstripping the demand for all of these 200+ million budget films. Unless I have missed something the economy has not improved for everyone and just because the studios have millions of dollars to spend on making movies does not mean the average family has the money to shell out for a dozen movies shown in 3-D, IMAX, or whatever other gimmicks they want to tack on the raise the price of a ticket.

  5. Anyone else enjoying the last of us? I beat it a couple days ago and absolutely loved it! Game of this console generatin for me. I only have to 2 real gripes with it though. One is not being able to loot every human you kill and two is not being abletk fully customize your mulitplayer character. It’s One of the things I loved about uncharted 3 online was the customizable options. And this one you can’t even choose your gender or race. I do like that they brought back te unlockable bonus content for single player. Fantastic game. Anyone else check it out?

    • I just saw a commercial for it. It looks coo. If I had the time to play games, I’d pick out up.

  6. Okay, I’m sorry but I have to say this.
    Okay, you can go back to what you’re doing now

    • Which is a very good thing for all of us. Quality control kind of thing. If one side makes a kick ass movie, the other side can’t expect to just fart in a box and sell it to us.

      • My line of thinking exactly. While I lean slightly towards DC as long as there is competition from Marvel (which is why I’m overly critical sometimes) it will keep DC on their A game and vise-versa. Steel sharpens Steel (pun intended).

    • Hahaha…while I don’t exactly agree with you, I love the tone DC is taking Superman and I hope this is how they take the Justice League movies.

      • Agreed. The tone of the movies 1) distinguish it from Marvel, 2) is a better format to delve into the deeper issues that heroes face, and 3)feels somehow more plausible in a fantastic world.

        I just pray they find a way to incorporate the Dark Knight films (…YES I know they stated otherwise!) If they do that, it would be the most EPIC crossover of films ever.

        • I wasn’t gonna say anything lol, but I agree with your points. Especially number three. The entire time watching the film I felt it could’ve happened the moment I walked out the theater aha. But as for TDKR and MoS fitting in the same movieverse, after that discussion I’ve come to terms that it could work. May be a bit forced, and I don’t totally agree with it but it could definitely work

          • I totally remember that discussion and really enjoyed the back and forth with you and others. Like you I was initially dead set against merging the Dark Knight and Man of Steel/Justice League. But after reading other people’s opinions and realizing a new Bats interpretation is risky and could go either way (better or worse) and historically people have not always embraced restarts (Spiderman) as readily after rebooting a fairly popular character. Logic would seem to dictate they should combine the franchises. But you are right, it could come across as forced and in a sense it would be. I just think people would more readily get past that.

            Thanks for the comments and the discussion!

            • As long as he is smarter/wiser and more of a technical Bats, then please continue with Bale. I want the Batman from the JL cartoons lol.

              • I never understand why people say the Bale Batman was NOT a detective. In the trilogy:

                1) He pieced together where the Joker would try to kill the Mayor (using a rather fantastic notion of reconstructing a bullet);

                2) He lightly irradiated the money the Joker was trying to steal to help track down where it ended up;

                3) He figured out that the guy riding in the car with Jim Gordon who had a relative in the hospital was a threat to the man who wanted to out his identity;

                4) He figured out that Selena Kyle was attempting to get his prints off of his safe and also got past her fake fingerprint ruse to determine who she really was; and

                5) One MIGHT also say that he figured out how to beat Bane targeting his weakness (need for pain medication).

                I suppose it is fair to say he was bamboozled a few times by Joker and Talia, but all in all I thought he came across as a competent if not brilliant version of Batman.

                • Yet Selina Kyle tricked him into getting ambushed by Bane and he had no escape plan.

                  I’ll say it again, Bale was a horrible Batman and an even worse Bruce Wayne (in my opinion).

                  • So in the comics, Batman is NEVER tricked?

                    • Sure, but he usually has contingencies, esp in dealing with someone he just met.

                      We just have to accept that Nolan-Bats is not comic Bats, just like some other character in another movie is not the same as the comic character (SPOILER!).

                • He never seemed to be ahead of the game. I will admit, after watching the trilogy for the millionth time again, he does exhibit detective skills. But I’d expect Batman to be more like Sherlock Holmes. Always a few steps ahead. Is it too much to ask? In a fantastical world, he can’t rely on prosthetics, armor, and brawn. He needs to be so much smarter.

              • Batman to me was always a highly intelligent guy (similar to a Tony Stark), that built his own gadgets, he didn’t have somebody do it for him, or barrow them from Wayne Enterprises.

                Bale just didn’t carry that for me in his portrayal of Bruce Wayne. Bale is a major factor as to why I wasn’t thrilled by the whole trilogy.

                • I think your complaint is towards the interpreration not bale. He is an oscar winning actor, who played that batman perfectly imo

    • DC has only begun their shared universe. Marvel’s universe is way ahead of them. Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy doesn’t even count not that it matters since The Avengers toppled both the last two films in that trilogy.

  7. Anybody going to see WWZ this weekend? The reviews seem positive.

    • It was OK. Good matinee flick.

    • Coming from a fan of zombies, this movie looks terrible. And I’m not being biased with the book either. I think it’s the visuals that turn me away.

    • Its not bad stark, not wonderful but enjoyable

  8. Here’s some geek candy for those who are interested:

    Thanos vs. Superman

    Who wins and why?

    • I will bite.


      Based on Thanos being able to match (and probably exceeding) Supes in the Strength factor he also has a better understanding of combat and battlesmarts.

      Not to mention he is regarded as a high level scientist, and his Eternals heritage that is amplified with his experience with Death and magic.

      Superman… well we know what he can do and while impressive it is not on the level of Thanos.

      To defeat Thanos you would need knowledge/experience in a lot more fields then just physical. Not that Superman is tied to just physical its just he is not at the Thanos level in the other fields.

      • Also, Thanos would have no problem killing Superman. Whereas the other way around, you know how hesitant he’d be and most likely wouldn’t (ignoring Superman II and MoS)

    • Superman mixed with red kryptonite.

      • I would take Thanos in pretty mcuh any 1 v 1 situation.

        Thanos is smart enough to figure out Superman’s connection to a yellow sun.

        The strength thing is a wash: Both can increase there strength exponentially.

        I can see several scenarios where Superman could win, like Thanos doing something that causes him to snap… but I would say Thanos wins 7 out of 10 times.

        Thanos rules.

  9. Hard to predict box office this weekend but I’m thinking:

    1. MOS
    2. WWZ
    3. MU

    But any of those can switch.

    • My take: MOS will do well internationally.

      Domestically, I think MU will top everyone else (with WWZ a close second).

      • You are probably right, the force is strong in Pixar.

        • If man of steel is number 1 again WB will be dancing in their seats. It would be extremely impressive tho unlikely

    • Finally saw MOS tonight. Still getting crowded, had tickets for the 5:30 showing, got there at 5:30, full despite the box office saying it was only 50% sold (must be jumpers).

      Traded them for the 7:15 showing, got seats at 6:45, was full by about 7:05.

      Still not sure what will be #1 but saw tons of people going into the WWZ showings, I think Monsters University may have waited too long to come out with a prequel.

      • Is expect MU to get its crowd on the weekend mornings and early afternoons. Given the work schedule of parents. I wish WWZ good luck. But MoS I want to hit 300 million domestic. Its already up to 170 before this weekend.

  10. Was listening to movie themes on my ipod last night. Reguardless if you like the movies or not, do you like Burton Batman or Nolan Batman theme? Donner Superman or Snyder Superman theme?

    • I like Nolan’s Batman theme better than Burton’s, but I thought Man of Steel didn’t have a big theme to it, so I will have to go with Donner’s there.

    • Hi there, in New Zealand Man of Steel is released on the 27th June so I have been listening to the Hans Zimmer soundtrack to tide me over. I have listened to it maybe 15 – 20 times and can say the ‘Man of Steel – Hans Zimmer’s Sketchbook track is amazing. This track contains the main Man of Steel theme along with awesome build ups to it and other pleasing interludes. Zod’s theme is also touched on. These two main tunes compare favourably to John’s Williams Superman score score and are just as distinctive once they have had a chance to sink in.

      With Batman and everything Nolan and Zimmer did with that I prefer Zimmer’s score immeasurably. Burton’s take on most things, while creative, do not tap into our ‘inner gladiator’ and quite frankly lack testosterone for me – the score was the same.

  11. I saw MOS yesterday, and as the credits rolled, a guy sitting near me said he enjoyed how I was “totally immersed in the film.” He added that he saw me clinching my fists, gasping, smiling, gritting my teeth, etc. He said he did it as well but not as much as I did. Leaving the theater, I realized that I have almost always done these things when watching a film. Is that wrong? Would sitting near someone like that bother or annoy you?

    Do you do the same thing? Do you writhe in your seat, punch your open palm, cover your eyes, or laugh, cry, or cheer with the characters? Do you show any emotion?

    BTW, my father got me out of school in ’78 to see Superman, so in return, I took him to see MOS. It meant a lot to me. I also really enjoyed the film, and I’m very happy to be alive while all these great comic book films are being made. I cheer for Marvel, DC, and all other comic book publishing houses and their films to be successful!

    • All I know is that my wife said when the Krypton scenes were happening, she’s never seen such a big smile on my face.

      I do watch movies with a lot of emotion. Comedies are more fun to watch with me. My sister said that she laughed more at me than an actual movie once. I’m the guy who will jump out of his seat during a horror movie…although my wife won’t go to those nowadays. And it’s always good to cheer when the hero succeeds…especially if the movie draws you in emotionally.

    • I think comedies, tear-jerking dramas and horror/thrillers are the only type of movies that illicit strong emotions out of me.

      I don’t remember the last action movie that made me do anything overtly emotional.

      • Expendables 2 for me. When all those old action heroes team up for the final scene, I couldn’t help to hoot and holler.

        • It was The Avengers for me.

          When the camera pans around all of them standing in the middle of the street during the battle of New York, I was going crazy and about to jump out of my seat. I have never experienced that from a movie before or since. It was just so cool.

          • I was pretty psyched during that movie too.

          • @ Stark


          • @ Stark,

            That is definitely an excellent scene in an excellent film. Thanks for reminding me.

        • @ Professor Procrastination,

          I did the same thing in E2! I’m looking forward to the next installment.

      • @ BigNerd,

        I remember one of the first action movies that got me emotional – Rocky II. The entire theater (which was packed) was cheering and screaming for Rocky during the fight. An usher came in to try to quiet us all down, but everyone ignored him and went on screaming. When Rocky won, the whole place chanted, “Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!” You’d think we were all sitting ringside and Rocky could hear us. It was great.

    • mos spoilers***

      i will let out some audibles during violent scenes. i’m sure i went “oof!” when Kal snapped Zods neck.

    • Awesome story! I haven’t noticed myself getting too involved in a movie. Its mainly to do with my injuries :-\
      I can’t get comfortable anywhere unless I’m sprawled out in bed or laying on a couch. I’m constantly changing positions wherever I sit.

  12. So, Guardians of the Galaxy starts filming on Monday across the pond in England. I cannot wait to see some set photos from this movie. I really can’t wait for a trailer!

    • Guardians is the one I’m most excited about. Reason? I know nothing about the comics. So, I’m going in with no expectations other than it being a Marvel movie. Of the properties I know, Thor is the one I’m most excited about.

      • i’m with ya there prof pro!

      • @Prof — That’s how I feel as well. But I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to think about it. It seems to have great characters. But if given the Disney/Marvel treatment, will it warrant their true emotion? We shall see!

  13. Did anybody else think that Superman’s chest hair sticking out from his suit was kinda weird?

    • did not see or notice that.

    • Ha! I totally noticed it! I didn’t think it was weird but it made sense. When would he have had the time MANscape?

      • It’s superman dude! He could have shaved at super speed!! Haha, not that it took anything away from the movie, it was just one of those things I couldn’t un-see lol

  14. When they use Lex Luthor again, I think it’s more interesting to use other types of Kryptonite. Perhaps Blue K that surpress Superman’s powers & make him like mere mortal. At the end. the Green K is found & is given to Lex.

    • If they go the public enemy route, I think it would be cool for Lex to introduce Kryptonite and to see Batman’s reaction to finally seeing a weakness to his friend. A small clip at the end of Bruce harvesting some of the rock for himself.