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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 20, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 20, 2014

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      • I can’t think of one specific discussion now on top of my head, but it is true that in articles people get carried away more often.

        In any case it is good to know that you are on top and I’ll let you know if something needs to be reported.

      • @ Paul Young

        Thank you so much for doing that. I imagine that hunting for trolls is prbly one of the less glamorous aspects of your job but we all really appreciate that you do it.

        Stupid trolls…

        • Yep, I was going to thank Paul as well. I’m not sure if Sandy or Paul did it, but thank you Screenrant for removing the anti-Casey Kasem comments on the Scooby Doo thread. How do some of these trolls sleep at night? Those comments were uncalled for.

          And way to go ACW007 for standing up for him!

          • If there was ever an actor I would fight to the end for in defense, Casey Kasem is definitely one of them. One of my idols without a doubt, along with Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Rod Serling, and Jim Carrey.

            Kasem was the guy who really inspired me to try voice acting. Shaggy Rogers was one of the first impressions I ever did. The man was talented in every sense of the word.

    • Yeah I really dig this site. It’s cool.

      I become more enamored with American Hustle the more I learn about it. I was reading earlier this week actually about how much of the film was improvisation. A LOT of it was purely improvisational including the scene with that great argument between Lawrence and Bale with her “Power of Intuition” speech. Pure improv. The rest of the cast did a lot of improv too, David O Russell and clan would make alterations to the movie based on some of the improv. Bale recalls a conversation when David said to him “Christian, I hate plots. I am all about character, that’s it.” If some directors said that it would sound like lip service, but with David O Russell, his films prove that statement to be true. I think that’s so cool.

      Sry.. That was a little long. I just had to write that down haha.

      Regarding your GoT comment, without getting into spoilers what did you think of the finale last Sunday?

      • American Hustle has a very strong cast and Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely amazing: the Picasso of passive aggressive karate hahaha

        I have mixed feelings on the finale of GoT. It had some very satisfying parts, but also some were a bit deflating. All in all, it could have ended in a higher note, but it is still high enough to have me committed and coming back for more.

        • Personally I thought it was really good, but everything is a disaster now. Without getting too specific (read: spoiler-y) the structure and system of how things are being done in westeros and to an extent easteros is starting to crumble (moreso in westeros). Kings Landing is prbly going to be run quite differently now and same goes for… whatever that city is called where Dany is. She was loving being a leader for a while but I feel like all the political unrest and the stuff in the finale really took the wind out of her sails. I’m really excited to see where the show goes from here.

      • You’re cool!

    • @ Nightcrawler

      I have said many times, I’ve stopped venturing into the comments sections anymore, especially of WB/DC articles, because of the hate and stupidity that they generate. Screen Rant does do a nice job of controlling it the best they can, but nobody can catch all the trolls. For whatever reason the OD seems more civilized, where good debates and conversations can occur. I’m grateful for the OD! :)

      Oh, and welcome! :)

    • And now with Gravatar!

    • No Wolf of Wall Street? It was released at the end of December 2013 in the US but in 2014 for many other countries.

      Also, I think the Lego Movie deserves a top spot.

      • I saw WOWS last year so I didn’t count it, I forgot about Lego Movie I enjoyed it alot but liked those movies better.k

      • I really dug WoWs but I thought it was a little long. I would’ve liked it better if it was like 2 hours or 2.5 hours. I got a little bored around the 120 minute mark, but there were a lot of individual scenes that I absolutely loved.

        • The WoWS is an incredibly good dark comedy. Master piece for me.

      • Because I ended up getting pretty burnt out on “animated” movies when my daughter was young I don’t watch as many as I used to but I rented The Lego Movie last night and it was hilarious.

        It was like an animated version of Arrested Development or 30 Rock.
        There are the jokes and moments you see the first time but I know if I go back and watch it again I’ll find a whole lot more.

    • Oooooff… I’ve seen a lot of good movies this year so this will be hard but:

      1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
      2. The Lego Movie
      3. X-Men DOFP
      4. Edge of Tomorrow
      5. The Raid 2 or possibly Cap 2, they’re both awesome action flicks.

    • 1. RAID 2
      2. Tie between Godzilla & CA:TWS
      4. 22 jump street
      5. X-men: DoFP, but I feel this can easily be knocked off

    • Awesome. Here’s mine.

      1. Cap 2
      2. Cap 2
      3. Cap 2
      4. Cap 2
      5. Cap 2

      Honorable mentions- TASM 2, Lego movie, godzilla and Cap 2

    • 1. X Men DOFP
      2. Cap 2
      3. Chef
      4. Godzilla
      5. Lone Survivor

      If Edge of Tomorrow is as good as I hear, it may creep in to the top 5.

  1. @Nightcrawler – I agree. Most people prematurely diss on anything. I shake my head most of the times reading a comment.

    I saw How To Train Your Dragon, Edge of Tomorrow, Bad Neighbors and The Fault in Our Stars. Loved all of them.
    -Bad Neighbors was hilarious; the dildo scene was epic! And they say Zac Effron can’t act. Hah!

    -Tom Cruise movies are generally enjoyable for me. Some at even epic. I loved this one, maybe even more than Oblivion? (not sure yet — have to rewatch both).

    - The Fault In Our Stars; I read the book when it came out, so I had to see the movie. And I wasn’t disappointed. I agree with Ben’s review.

    -Dragon was really amazing. I want to see the next movie.

    ALSO I finally finished Fargo, and I have to say, I loved it. Definitely on my top 10 list.


    top 5 movies:
    1. Cap 2
    2. X-Men: DOFP
    3. Godzilla
    4. The Fault In Our Stars
    5. Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Even if everyone hates it).

    • Great list, have yet too see Fault In Our Stars but all reviews I have seen are positive, I enjoyed ASM 2 quite a bit but it has its flaws.

    • Aha!!! Another Fargo fan!! They do exist!

      Yeah man I saw the finale on Wednesday and wow did it deliver. I really dug how they wrapped up the story for all the characters, Lester, Malvo, Molly. That show did very well at creating some solid three-dimensional characters. I LOVED Lester’s arc throughout the season, what a turn. And Freeman NAILED the minnesotan accent.

      Question, is it a miniseries? Cuz my brother (we watch the show together) says its over now, which would make sense given how the season ended. I was hoping it would go for a few seasons or something.

      • Throw me in the group that was a fan of Fargo.

        As always with TV shows based on a movie I was a bit worried at first and I wasn’t sure if the series would be able to capture the tone and humor of the movie but week to week I enjoyed it more and more and I thought the finale was pretty outstanding.

        As of now the series is over. It was conceived and planned as a one season affair with a beginning and end.
        I wouldn’t be surprised though if at some point FX tries to figure out a way to continue.
        I don’t know how they would do it. It would have to be with a new cast and characters but if they wanted to do an anthology series like True Detective or American Horror Story I would be all for it.

        • Add me to that list.

          Fargo was amazing, what a great show. I wish Lester would have gone to jail & that Malvo survived, but all in all just a great show. It helped me get over missing Arrow. I’d love for the remaining characters come back for season two, but I read that they may not.

          • “Aces!”

            Yeah I looked that up after I made the comment actually. Seems like they might do the True Detective/American Horror Story approach and do Season 2 of Fargo with COMPLETELY different characters and everything. They don’t even think Molly would be a part of it cuz that would take away from the realism of the show becoming a “The Adventures of Molly and Gus” type of deal and they don’t want that.

            If it stays as 1 season I’ll be fine. I am very satisfied with that season.

      • Yeah right? I hated Lester sooooo much (more than Malvo even). Especially in episode 4. And that just goes to show how good Martin Freeman really is.
        But I think that Billy Bob Thornton doesn’t get enough credit. One of the coolest scenes and dialogues could just be the conversation he had with Grundge about the bear that chews through it’s own leg to break free. We (kinda) see this happening to him in the finale — fittingly I might add.

        But yes. I loved the series. If I had to give it a spot on my top 10 list, it certainly would be on #6.

        1. Breaking Bad
        2. Game of Thrones
        3. True Detectives
        4. House of Cards
        5. Hannibal
        6. Fargo

        The past couple of years I’ve really seen an increase in beautiful and high quality series on television. I’m just happy I’m living in this generation so I can enjoy them.

        About the mini series thing: I really don’t know. The format’s similar, but I think we’ll know bettrr if/when FX announces something (season 2 or something). But it wouldn’t be incorrect I think.

        • So I looked it up and Season 2 might happen. Kevin7 and Stark weighed in up above your comment here.

          The article I read sounded like they were totally gonna do it, but that they weren’t sure at the same time haha.. Didn’t make a lot of sense.

          Looking at your list I’ve heard Hannibal is great. A friend of mine is on season 3 and she raves about it.

          Yeah Lester sucks haha.. He’s the biggest dirtbag. I loved his character, then hated him, then oddly started to respect him towards the end. His plan in the finale with the concealed trap was ingenious. He became quite intelligent as a character, but remained incredibly shortsighted regarding his interactions with the police.

          And yes I agree Billy Bob is amazing. He was my favorite character in the show. I loved all of his scenes. Especially his intro in episode 9. “Aces!”

    • 1. Cap 2
      2. Godzilla
      3. Tasm 2
      4. X-Men DOFP/Lego Movie
      5. HTTYD 2

      So many hard choices….

  2. Didn’t mean too add the k on the end, need an edit button haha.

  3. Wife an I are under contract for our fist house!

    As it’s a starter house, I’m going to watch “The Money Pit” over the weekend. Strangely enough the house form that movie just hit the market recently.

    • Haha!!!

      I haven’t watched it again in years but when I was younger I had a VHS copy of The Money Pit and The Burbs that I would watch over and over.
      Just thinking about those movies brings a smile. :)

    • Congrats Aaron…after this past week, I wish I was still a renter. Last Friday, I’m up on the roof fixing my gutters (my gutter-helmet shifted and caused all the rain to pour off the roof and onto the ground…which then soaked through the foundation and into my basement). So, I’m on the roof on a Friday night with a storm rolling in and the pizza guy looks up at me and says “you got a little project going…” He got a rant about being a homeowner…call it my own tip. Be a renter. (I’m kidding, I love being a homeowner…where else can you rant at pizza guys from a rooftop)

      And then my freezer went out and the water from that is everywhere…but the Money Pit, that’s a great one. I wonder if it still holds up…maybe I should watch it to make my situation seem better ;)

      • It does hold up. The bathtub scene is still one of the most hilarious of all time. :D

        • Agreed.
          “Ah, home, crap home.”

    • Congrats, Aaron! I was recently just under the house patching insulation. I was reluctant in getting started, and it took some time completing it, but when I finished, that sense of accomplishing a job on my home was (and always is) wonderful.

      • Thank you. I’m very exited to get my hands dirty. I have always wanted to take on improving things around my living space. But then logic would kick in “it’s rental, why bother”. I know there will be quite the learning curve. I’m no idiot ( but not what you would really call handy). My father in-law still works a day job but he’s pretty much a homesteader, so he’ll be quite the resource.

  4. Hello everyone!

    I have a few things regarding the Avengers 2. **Spoiler Alert** we saw the rumors surrounding ultron yesterday. It will be like the destroyer in Thor 1, with light emanating from the inside. So, does anyone wonder if it’s actually an infinity stone? Joss said that ultron will ‘break’ the avengers,so this seems like a powerful origin story for a robot. We know that Thanos is making an appearance in AoU,and GOTG is introducing the cosmos. So is ultron actually from space? Just my ideas.

    • Ultron is going to break them?

      “The technology betrays you because it belongs to me!”

      “No one cared who I was till I put on the suit of armor.”

      • Lol. But seriously,Joss had ultron in his mind even for the 1st avengers movie, so if he IS going to pose a threat to the avengers, he’d have to be powerful. So if an infinity stone is inside him, it would be the perfect way to introduce Thanos, expand the MCU and a powerful villan all at once.

        • I wish Ultron was the 1st villain. Because Loki + Generic aliens was a very bland combination. If Loki is going to be the main villain, have him bring something from the Asgardian realm and not from the set of “Independence Day”.

        • I don’t think we need Thanos on Avengers 2, not yet. Remember we live in a world with Hydra (hail!), so that plus Ultron (very likely coming from Stark) will be more than enough for this film.

          The infinity stones can be developed in depth in other movies. We have already seen two of them (the cosmic cube in Avengers and the aether in Thor 2), we are getting the third one in GotG, and you will still have before Avengers 3 another 5 movies (Ant-Man, Cap 3, Doctor Strange, Thor 3 and the Inhumans). No need to rush it. There are plenty of places to introduce infinity stones. At the end of the day there are only six and you will have seen 3 already by the time Avengers 2 is released.

    • I THINK that the Mind Stone from Loki’s staff might have something to do with Ultron going from standard AI to full blown SkyNet.

      The stone was used to give Wanda and Pietro their powers, mind control Hawkeye, and for Loki to communicate with Thanos. Add to that, Josh Brolin is set to appear as Thanos in some capacity in AoU.

      A lot of people have said “if it’s the mind stone why would Thanos give it to Loki?” maybe Thanos had a plan all along? Loki fails, use the mind stone to create a new threat?

    • I would not rule that out.

      Anyone else wonder if the “algorithm” from Cap 2 is some sort of infancy of Ultron?

  5. Yesterday I checked out Legend of Hercules. I knew the movies was going to be bad but not this bad. The visuals though were decent. Also Liam Mcintyre looks soo different with that mop, LOL. It’s a shame that his character looked rather weak. Also, what are everyones thoughts about Deknight’s take on the visual aspect for DD?

    • Yeah that movie wasn’t just bad, it was REEEEALLY (Ace Ventura voice) bad. I don’t understand how studios spend millions of dollars on these films that are absolute garbage. Somebody would have to stop mid-production and say “Wait a minute.. I think we need to do some rewrites cuz this dialogue is s***.” I don’t understand how NOBODY says anything to fix these horribly awful movies. Or maybe they do but they’re silenced by someone else… Idk.. but it baffles me.

      That being said I actually went to see Hercules in a discount theater back in… February? I don’t remember the date but I went with some friends and we basically just laughed at it for the entire run time. It was pretty fun actually :) but yeah the movie is garbage.

  6. Saw “Edge of Tomorrow” the other day. My faith in Tom Cruise has been restored. I mean, I really liked “Rock of Ages” for what it was (even though the lack of Jack Black is absolutely wack), but Tom Cruise didn’t do much for me. Good singer though!

    Read over lines for “12 Angry Men” yesterday with a couple of cast members. The guy playing Juror #8 sounds like Bruce Campbell xD

  7. So Cap2 won’t have a one shot. I was thinking today, and I really hope GoTG gets a one shot dedicated to Hawkeye. He’s never gonna get a solo film (Renner is mad busy), but a 20 minute short would be perfect to explain where he was during Cap2/His recruitment to come back to the Avengers after the fall of SHIELD. It could cost practically nothing and it would be EPIC!

    • I was thinking that the One-Shot could be saved to play alongside GOTG in theaters – help boost its appeal but I don’t think that’s happening.

      You’ll learn what Hawkeye was up to in Age of Ultron though.

      Hawkeye 4 life!

  8. You are a strong man JaredDac! I cringe everytime I think about the movie.

    Anyone see The Double? The Jesse Eisenberg movie? I liked it, and I loved his acting. Mia Wasikowska is also amazing, and might I add, Beautiful! There are a few twists in it.

    Also, I have been watching a lot of Anime the last couple of weeks. Could you guys suggest some.

    I’ve already seen:
    -Grave of Fireflies
    -Plague Dogs
    -The Girl Who Leaped Through Time
    -The Phantom Blade Master (or something like this)
    -The Rebirth of Buddha (was suggested by a girl I know, and I HATE it.)
    -Children of Wolves

    A couple of others too. And I’m a huge Naruto fan, so you don’t have to suggest that (I already own every movie — original japenese version).

    • I will check out the movie “double”…

      I recommend checking out “Gunslinger girl” and “Mermaid’s saga.. which includes Mermaid’s forest/scar and others).

      Pet shop of horrors is quite good too.

      I am also gonna check out Girl who leaped through time.. thanks!

    • Anomander Rake,
      I recommend ANYTHING by Hayao Miyazaki. Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away etc. His films are amazing. Summer Wars is a beautiful film, check that out. Series wise, check out Attack on Titan. And if you like Naruto, watch HunterxHunter. It’s a really good series. And you can’t go wrong with classics. Cowboy Bebop is my all time favorite.

    • Which ones did you enjoy, and which ones didn’t you enjoy?

      Legend of the Galactic Heroes – sci-fi show with various sociopolitical themes and philosophical ponderings; it’s surprisingly really good and deep for an anime despite the age. Would love to see a live-action updated version of it.

      Attack on Titan – an ok show, fantasy-ish show.

      One Piece – pretty fun show. Focuses on adventure and fantasy elements, you’d probably like it since you like Naruto. Good comedy bits. It gets a bit repetitive though.

      Fairy Tail – pretty much similar format to One Piece but just slightly different magic/powers system.

      Fate/Zero – very cool show, bit more serious than most animes. Focuses on various characters and some cool characters from history’s conquerors.

      Cowboy Bebop – if you enjoyed Firefly, you’ll likely enjoy this.

      Nadame Cantabile – focuses on orchestraic music composition. Even if you’re not into classical music, this is a pretty cool show that gives you a better appreciation for orchestra and classical music.

      Trigun – fun show with a somewhat similar style to Cowboy Bebop.

      Darker Than Black – weird phenomena and characters with weird powers, bit of a comic book vibe to it but slightly darker.

      Death Note – people praise it for its depth, I didn’t much care for it and didn’t think it was that deep. You could check it out though. More of a psychological-esque anime.

      Neon Genesis Evangelion – similar to what I said above, didn’t much care for it. Don’t really enjoy mech anime, didn’t like its random ‘trying too hard to be deep despite not being deep’ ending.

      Monster – bit of a messed up psychological anime. One thing that sets this apart from most other anime is that it doesn’t have that stereotypical “Japanese culture” vibe to it or some “high school” theme to it. It was alright. Think HBO may or may not be doing a live action adaptation.

  9. Do you find yourself *having* watching a series because it’s a water cooler topic or something that everyone is referencing?

    I tried Game of Thrones a year or so ago and I just couldn’t get into it. But now my wife has to watch it because her coworkers are and everyone on Facebook (a place I will never venture to) says something about it.

    This is how I felt about Breaking Bad (which turned out ok), The Shield (eh) and Sopranos (I haven’t even got past Season 1).

    Another one that comes up is Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

    I prefer to squalor in my CW sci-fi.

    Anyone catch Defiance and/or Dominion last night?

    • “Do you find yourself *having* watching a series because it’s a water cooler topic or something that everyone is referencing?”

      Nope. I only ever watch what interests me. My time is too precious to waste it on stuff I don’t care for, just for the sake of small talk.

      • Yep, don’t really get the whole “being so socially conscious so as to let social media and friends affect whether I watch/don’t watch something or whether I will enjoy/not enjoy something.”

    • @BigNerd – I’ve never watched anything for conversation reasons, but I have watched things because I kept hearing about them. Doctor Who was all over my friend’s statuses on Facebook, then I saw it on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and Screenrant kept covering it…this was all leading up to the 50th anniversary. I gave it a shot. I was hooked. I didn’t get to participate in the discussions because I didn’t catch up to the 50th anniversary special until a few months ago.

      Breaking Bad was another that I kept hearing about. So when it was available on Netflix, I burned through it. I had to wait for the final season to be released…twice. What’s with that two parter BS…just call it two separate seasons.

      I’ve recently burned out on watching Dexter a few episodes into the 4th season. It was very interesting, but I can only stand so many shots of John Lithgow’s buttocks.

      And the Wire is now available on Amazon Prime. That and Justified are the two shows that I need to make time for…according to rumors I’ve heard from the internet.

      • @Prof:

        Yeah, that’s what I meant too. It’s not really so I could talk about it but just so I could relate to what everyone else is talking about. Dr. Who is also a show I do not watch but everyone else seems to have seen, there was a Dr. Who reference in Agents of SHIELD and I missed the meaning.

        Breaking Bad I resisted because the storyline didn’t seem interesting but got hooked after only a few eps. Dexter was rec’d to me by a friend because he said it was like Batman. It really wasn’t, but I ended up watching the entire run (and also ended up watching Person of Interest because that was actually more like Batman).

        I gave The Wire a try, just too slow for me. Justified is awesome and I highly recommend that show.

        If not for ScreenRant, I would have never watched Banshee, and glad I did.

        I just think it’s interesting that my wife wants to watch GoT so badly so I guess this gives me an impetus to try it again.

        • @BigNerd – Well, it could be worse. My wife would want me to watch Hart of Dixie or the Good Wife or Parenthood or Downton Abbey…which I am sure are all fine shows but they aren’t my genre.

          Firefly was another that should have been on my list. I knew it had a cult following, so I watched it on Netflix a few years ago.

          Our true “water cooler” moments are usually spent talking about the Twins losing or the Vikings losing or the Timberwolves not winning….

      • “John Lithgow’s buttocks”
        Now there’s a phrase I don’t hear every day…

        • hahaha, really? It’s common dinner-time talk at my house. My Little Pony, Sesame Street, John Lithgow’s Buttocks…we cover it all!

          • :D
            That was great!

    • @ BigNerd

      I try out a lot of shows because of good word of mouth. But I’ve learned that I can only keep watching the ones I actually enjoy. I’ve learned this time and time again.

      I remember in high school there was this girl that I reeeally liked (like “like” liked) and we bonded over Heroes. As some of you may remember the show began to decline in quality after the writers strike.. well… pretty much everything after season 1. I kept watching it so I’d have something to talk about with her, but eventually I had to accept that I didn’t like the show anymore, and would have to come up with something else to talk with her about haha..

      I can’t do Dr Who. I can do individual episodes, especially if its a social thing, but if I try to watch it by myself I burn out fast. I’ve tried! I got through season 1, and half of season 2 and I haven’t felt the need to return to it. I did watch the 50th just because and it was pretty cool. I’ve seen a ton of individual episodes from that show that I’ve really enjoyed with friends and family that watch the show religiously.

      There are other examples but those are the 2 that come to mind.

      So to answer your question I will watch stuff sometimes, to fit in, at my friend’s behest, watercooler conversation, etc. But I can’t keep watching it unless I really like it. So I guess we’re the same that way.

  10. Another round for Edge of tomorrow. Awesome movie.
    DofP was great as well. (I have to admit that Angelina Jolie’s movie was quite entertaining.. Yup.. she’s a movie star).

    Waiting on TF4 (but not on true imax anymore)…

    After that, it’s Nolan time..

    Still soccer time!

  11. I finally saw AM2, and I enjoyed it, but up against other superhero movies, I liked Cap2 and DoFP better. Still, it was definitely a fun movie.

    I watched Safety Not Guaranteed last night and thought it was a really great movie. Funny, quirky, and charming characters within a very good story. I plan on watching it again ASAP with the wife.

    • I liked Safety Not Guaranteed a lot. Jake Johnson is great in it.

      I liked ASM2. And you don’t have to put it up against anything…you can enjoy each of them for different reasons! Did you see it in 3D? Electro scenes in 3D were excellent.

      • I never heard of Jake Johnson until SNG. I need to get out more.

        You’re right about enjoying them all. I liked it and should leave it at that. And I didn’t see it in 3D. With my limited monthly comics fund, I have to make my limited monthly movie fund last for as many movies as I can. (Cue audience of Full House saying, “AWWWWW.”)

        I thought of you when I found out Ernie Hudson is coming to a Virginia comic book convention in September. I could meet a Ghostbuster! And it’ll only cost me fifty bucks! I need to check on that limited comic book convention fund…

  12. Ugh. I’m done posting here. The comment sections are too unstable, too many of my comments don’t show up. I honestly miss Disqus. I know, I am the only person who misses that…

    Also, (i am running an old ios) visiting here on an iPhone is a complete waste of time now. Ads take over and want to run videos. The browser can’t render it and I am stuck with a slice of the page that doesn’t scroll or move so I can’t find the “x” to close them out. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, none of them make a difference…

    Nothing personal guys, it’s all technical. I’ll stick to reading on my pc.

    • Tell me about it. I have to refresh the main page and click x to stop it from loading the video. It FORCES me to watch I for half a minute on THE MAIN PAGE. And another one I hate is the Monster High ad that takes up the full screen. Can’t even close that ad.

  13. Rian Johnson is going to write and direct Episode 8

    Because that thread is about to be loaded with comments I’ll post here that I’m thrilled with the choice.
    I’ll even say since the LucasFilm/Disney deal this is the most promising news yet.

    I have no problem with JJ Abrams or any of the other talent that’s now attached to the franchise but for my own personal tastes this is fantastic.
    I loved Looper and his work on Breaking bad and Brick is a criminally underrated and seen movie.

    Slow golf clap…

  14. I recently went to one of my favorite movie sites, Netflix (ever heard of them?) and called their customer service dept. with some suggestions of things I would be interested in seeing them help produce, or welcome any input towards other film-makers they might have contact with, to urge them into making new shows or sequels to the originals. I found netflix VERY accomadating and willing to take note of people’s “wish-lists”, especially since they are now foraying into producing a few of their own shows, or trying to get companies like Marvel to partner with them to air first-shot shows and exclusive programming. Among some of the shows I said I would like to see sequels to were X-Files, Dark Shadows (the 60s/70s series), the Green Hornet (60s series), Doc Savage (a new movie), and to see them get the “prequel” episodes of Strike Back, as well as maybe produce second seasons for Missing (Ashley Judd’s old series) and The Event (the sci-fi series of a couple years ago). I stressed that I would urge anyone making follow-ups to any of these to be very respectful of the atmosphere and canon of the original source material. That is very important. Netflix took down my comments, and said they would pass them upstairs. If any of these appeal to you, I urge you to go to their site and their contact phone #, and give them a call. They sound willing to listen and explore possibilities!

  15. What do you guys think about the remake of the Scooby-Doo movie being directed by Guillermo Del Toro or James Wan or maybe even Edgar Wright?
    One to possibly direct it? and maybe a PG-13 movie rating as well, because of the action sequence…
    Just wondering what you guys think about this suggestions…

    • Scooby-Doo needs to be fun at the same points of where it needs to be “scary”.

      The best guy to do that would be Sam Raimi.

  16. so I was watching Freddy’s Dead, and I was wondering why Freddy not only killed 3 people in their dreams but also erased them. Was it because they been to Springwood?

  17. Hello fellow Screen Ranters.

    I have kidney failure and have been on dialysis for a long time. I have a high antibody count so it’s tough to find a match for transplant. Well last night at 9 PM I got the call, they have a kidney for me. I’m going down to surgery at 7 AM Pacific time. Right now I’m in my hospital room watching TV trying to catch some ZZs. I just wanted to tell you all about it because it’s a big deal and I love this community.

    Not relying on dialysis, I will be able to eat and drink what I want, I will be able to work full time, I won’t have to get huge needles in my arm anymore.

    Wish me luck.

    • @Ken – Good luck brother! Please keep us informed on how you’re doing.

      Paul Young – Community Manager

    • Best of luck to you, Ken!

    • Hope everything goes well!

    • Ken,

      Good luck, dude! Happy to hear they found a match!

    • I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery! We’re pulling for you!

    • Best of luck Ken.

    • That’s great news. Good luck.

    • Best of luck Ken – thanks for keeping us up to date.

      #ScrewNeedles #KidneyPower!

    • Best of luck, Ken. Get well soon

    • Good luck Ken. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Best of luck Ken.

  19. Bruce Campbell as Doctor Strange!

    • The guy is 56…