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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 20, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 20, 2012

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  1. Re-watched The 13th Warrior again the other night. I still enjoy it. Was it me or was this very unrated?

    Anyway, any other Ranters who have a film they like that seemed to go unappreciated?

    • Very underrated, especially the cast. I look forward to someday having the option to see the BluRay edition of the movie.

    • Loved it, saw it in cinemas, seen many times since. Very underrated!

    • Captain…

      I too enjoyed “The 13th Warrior”. I found it to be quite entertaining and disturbingly (in a good way) intense. I think you meant “underrated” BTW, right? I hate when I finish typing, post, and only THEN notice I have flubbed something…c’est la vie. ­čśë

      For me, another underrated film was “Mission to Mars”. It starred Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, and Don Cheadle as astronauts who make it to Mars after some hiccups. I found it to be an excellent film but one, I think, that a LOT of people never saw in theaters…definitely THEIR loss. I love this film, still, for its wonderful acting, thought-provoking story, beautiful visuals, realistic set-up and progression, slow-burn build-up of tension, and excellent ending.

      • I did indeed mean underrated!

      • I remember seeing it in theaters too, the same year as Val Kilmer’s Red Planet. Two very different films. I can’t recall if it came out before or after Ghosts of Mars. All three were worth seeing.

        • Red Planet is good, I really liked that film.

          I thought Mission to Mars (the one with Tim Robbin?) was great also, around that same time.

          • Mission to Mars was more cerebral, I thought. It reminded me a bit of Michael Crichton’s Sphere.

            • Indeed, yet another film that was underrated imo. I liked Sphere. Even the film Supernova was enjoyable from a few years back aswell.

              • The James Spader movie? I enjoyed that one too. It had a great cast and decent effects.

                • Yep that one (probably more than just a few years back though come to think of it).

                  • Brotherhood Of The Wolf, Stir Of Echoes, Cypher

      • @Archaeon – In college, my astronomy professor went on a class-length rant about how Mission to Mars was one of the worst films ever made. His opinion had to do with the science surrounding the film…not the acting. But when I read this, that was the first thing I thought of…the one day of class that was really interesting to me :) Science, I don’t get, but I do know movies.

        • B-List Pornstar Extra…

          Oh, I realize that the film has quite a bit of “cinema science”, but that is, indeed, one of the overall less important aspects of the film. The funny thing, though, is that I remember reading a number of articles at the time the film was released that celebrated the more realistic science in this film (relatively speaking) when compared to other Mars-trip movies, past and present.


    • IMO Speed Racer. It gets a lot of hate but i think the Wachowski(sp) did a great job keeping the spirit of the show.

      • YES! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that. All those people who were complaining seemed (to ME, at least) to have forgotten what “Speed Racer” the show was really like. The film captured it perfectly (well,okay, except for that ludicrous staccato. way. of. talking. that. theshow feat.ured…I’m glad THAT component was missing).

        I found it a fun, entertaining cotton candy movie. ­čśÇ

        • i know man lol the Family Fight against the henchmen was my favorite part. Right out of a cartoon. loved it. lo.

          • 13th Warrior, Mission to Mars, and Speed Racer were all underrated films that were great.

            • Add to that list Frailty. :)

              • Frailty. Hell yeah. Great movie.

                • Frailty is excellent, Mathew McConaughey needs to go back to that kind of acting, the romcom hell he’s stuck in is just awful.

                  • That guy totally wasted his talent, imo. I really like him in serious roles. And possibly even EDTV, lol.

      • I love Speed Racer!

  2. Seems I am the one to start…
    Well few days ago I read the article about “how a justice league Movie should be made” on SR. I liked the approach about it being dark and character oriented. I think that Chris Nolan has made batman a larger than life character. It wouldnt be wise to make more batman movies. DC should explore on other characters and their origin story with bruce wayne making cameos there (like Nick Fury). Batman should be the one to helm the Justice League and make it a darker story with more character development. DC has much more serious content to offer. For the fact I dont wanna see another alien invasion.

    • Oh Darker!! Haven’t heard that one before.

      Kidding. :)

      I agree it needs to have the same tone as the Batman movies just to keep it consistent. You start one, you have to have them all similar otherwise it will clash.

    • If they went about it in such a way that he was gathering info (as in weaknesses, etc.) it might work, but it could seem very similar to the cameo RDJ gave at the end of The Incredible Hulk. Given the success of Avengers, anything less than a Batman/Superman team-up would be a step backwards for WB/DC. Use Green Lantern (preferably John Stewart) in a light supporting role and perhaps use that movie to introduce a new character not yet seen in film.

    • Lynn Collins for wonder woman ­čśÇ

      • Ten years ago, I’d have shouted “Jennifer Connelly!” but I can’t see a studio going with her–despite her aging remarkably well. At the rate DC has been going, I can’t really see a Wonder Woman franchise, so, I’d hope they choose an actress who can embody the character and live up to Lynda Carter’s mantle. Lynn Collins having the same initials as Lynda Carter might not hurt her chances. ­čśë Gemma Atherton might do well, too, with some training.

      • Lynn Collins for everything…HaHa

    • I actually dont want a Nick Fury esque character to tie them together. I want it to flow a little more natural. I have said before ut i think LotR would be the perfect template to tell a Justce League story. You need one massive arc to give it the grandoise scale it needs IMO

    • I don’t see why everything should be darker and grittier.
      Green Lantern isn’t a “dark” character, Flash isn’t really a “dark” character either, and neither is Superman (it’s one of the worries I have for MoS).
      IMO, Nolan’s Batman movies shouldn’t be the template for all things superhero, because while that tone (darker, more realistic, real world, etc.) works for that specific character, it doesn’t necessarily work for the others… just pick up a JL comic book or watch the animated series to see what I mean.

      As for the casting of Wonder Woman, I agree with Vader, Lynn Collins all the way ­čśÇ

      • That’s what I keep saying, TDK style won’t work for most characters.

        I do think Lynn Collins would be a good WW, she’s got the right look and she’s played badass characters before, I think she could pull it off well.

        • And the fact she’s gorgeous just doesn’t come into it at all does it!


      • The Avenger and il princerino…

        Nobody knows for certain of course, but I have to hope that if Nolan acts as the DCU Godfather (or at least its inspiration, quality-wise), the DCU will not necessarily follow Nolan’s “norm” stylistically. If the quality IS present (the high standards) but the grim darkness only appears for appropriate characters/situations (while other styles/moods/modes/etc. come forth for their respective “proper fits”, maybe Nolan CAN help bring the DCU roaring into the live-action cinematic realm.

        At the moment, my hopefulness keeps telling me NOT to assume that MOS, for example, will be “grim and gritty”, because Nolan, et al, will sensibly reflect the RIGHT feel for Superman, as opposed to Batman.

        Again, no one knows for certain, but here’s hoping…

  3. So I read that a big inspiration for TDKR is A Tale Of Two Cities.

    I remember watching the film in 7th grade, which is now 18 years ago, so it is a little blurry. But of what I recall it consisted of the lower class in France rising up against the aristocracy (‘Bastille Day’?), and the central characters winding up in prison and facing the guillotine! But like I said, very blurry? Anyone seen it, or read the book perhaps?

    • Read it in high school. I love morally grey books. Good read. Even better to hear Nolan used it as Inspiration.

      • Do I recall the main protagonist ends up with his head in a basket?

      • Inspiration… ah, i see what you did there.

        • what did i do? am i subconciously clever? lol

          • Capital I in Inspiration -> Inception? No? Just a typo perhaps?

    • A Tale Of Two Cities is one of my favorite novels and the film is an
      all time favorite as well due to the great Ronald Colman’s complex
      deeply heartbreaking performance with his Sydney Carton’s act
      of self-sacrifice one of the most moving scenes in film history.

      “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done;
      it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.”

      • That’s quite a review. I’ll have to add it to my Netflix que. I read the book more years ago than I care to admit, so a refresher might not hurt.

        • You will not be disappointed, Jason.

          Colman paints a haunting self-portrait of a man
          who sees a life that might have been in the mirror.

          • By the time I finish reading it, I should be far enough through my que to watch the movie.

  4. Has anyone heard of the Spirit Blade Underground Podcast? On it they review almost every Sci/fi movie that comes out. I don’t make that podcast or anything so I’m not just plugging my own work.

    • I haven’t heard that podcast. But I’ll look for it.

  5. ryan gosling is such a great actor. already with the brando’s, de niro’s, newman’s and etc.

    • Trillia,

      It would seem you insist on blabbing on and on about how wondeful Gosling is as an actor every chance you get. If this is something that’s a must for you, even out of context,i will make it my mission to call you a drooling fanboy.

      that is all.

      • He’s dreamy, lol

        • One of the best working today imo. He was good holding his own with Hopkins in Fracture (great movie), and his turn in drive was flawless.

    • I can vaguely see the Newman comparisons, though they said the same thing about Matthew McConaughey in that regards. DeNiro hasn’t done much ‘acting’ in the past decade, despite all the movies he’s been in. I think Brando could be a closer fit. Gosling has done some brave roles that pushed him into a category far different from the Tatums and Worthingtons. He reminds me a bit of Gary Oldman, who for years could be remarkably different from role to role.

    • I guess Gosling has been around for awhile.He was in the Sandra Bullock film Murder By Numbers around 10 years ago and i was just watching it for the first time last night.It seemed ok but i still have to finish it.

      • He was Young Hercules too.

    • Gosling just an amazing actor though.

  6. Does anyone else wish Van Helsing had of been good!

    • I actually enjoyed it as a brainless summer movie. I didn’t really expect much more than that though.

    • It would’ve been better if combined with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

      • I wish someone would put the Horror back into some of the big Horror icons, and give us fresh takes on these characters.

        Period, gothic, violent (as the the subject content should demand!), and ultra-realistic. Think Van Helsing by way of Hostel, with a pinch of Frankenstein (’94), and a dash of Interview With A Vampire perhaps?

        • I agree with everything EXCEPT the inclusion of “Hostel” as an element. I need no gore/torture-porn elements in my horror.

          Actually, the recent “The Woman in Black” theatrical release reminded me of what I love about the horror subgenre. It wasn’t even scary, BUT it WAS very creepy and “wrong” (in the right way, of course :) ). I thought it was a wonderful ghost story.

          • The inclusion of Hostel was to kinda represent the whole sewing together of dead body parts, and how gory the Frankenstein premise truly is. That kind of level of gore should be included to highlight how messed up this stuff really is, but should not be reveled in, I would agree.

            • Oh, okay…fair enough…and true, in terms of the rebuilding/reanimation of the corpse in FRANKENSTEIN.

            • Kenneth Branagh’s Frankenstein, as mentioned, succeeded in that sort of monstrous gore with the mismatched skin tones and limbs.

              • Van Helsing and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman were good films, underrated I think.

                • If I recall correctly, TLoEG wasn’t faithful to the graphic novel? If the filmmakers replaced Tom Sawyer with Van Helsing and added the vampire element it could have been a fun departure (far removed from the literary characters). Also, both films featured the same actor as the villain.

                  • I dont think it was faithful but I didn’t read the comics enough to know for sure. But it wouldnt work with Mena being a Vampire and having Van Helsing on the same team. Sawyer was a good fit.

                    • They would have known one another, according to the way the Van Helsing screenplay evolved. It would’ve introduced a new dynamic since he failed to protect her.

                • TLOEG isn’t that bad but Van Helsing is one of the worst films of all time.

                  • What’s the last good movie you saw Kate Beckinsale in, Sam?

                    • Probably the first Underworld.

                • I consider both of them to be a blight upon cinema lol. The League forced Sean Connery into retirement. They shld all be burned Farenheit 451 style.

                  • lol, blight, indeed.

  7. Movie night tomorrow for my brother and I.
    What’s on the docket?


    MIB 3

    Snow White and the Huntsman

    Abraham Lincoln VH – (midnight showing)

    Giggity. I hope. :)

    • I usually like a comedy or two to break these up … hopefully MIB can fill in on this list.

      • “Prometheus” has some cool bits but will very likely irritate you by the closing credits.

    • I wouldn’t pay for SWATH if I were you.

    • Giggity? Is that what they are calling it these days?
      And with your brother!? Well I never…

      Just kidding INK. Nice line up. I’m hoping ALVH is gonna be good.

      • “Giggity? Is that what they are calling it these days?”

        I have a feeling, sadly enough, that I am older than you. :)

        • Ha, indeed good sir. Never too old to call it ‘Giggity’ though, is what I always say. (well i’ve never actually said that… but I will!)

          Enjoy the films. I’ve yet to see any of them but i’m looking forward to seeing Prometheus.

    • I have mixed feeling about Abraham Lincoln: VH. The first time I watched the trailer it looked pretty good, but the more I keep thinking about it, and the more I re-watch the trailer, the lamer it becomes…
      I guess I’ll wait for the reviews, but I doubt it’s a movie that I’ll see on opening night.

      Still, enjoy it and good luck! (I wouldn’t be able to watch that many movies back to back ;))

    • Ok INK Ive been gone awhile but have come back apparently to let you in on this piece of information that will hopefully save you some money.


      I have always said the Bozos that were credited for “Lost” should never be allowed to “write” and once again Lindelof has proven me right.

      Or better yet let them write but NEVER let them write the ending. Let someone else pen their endings. Heck let my cat write the ending.

  8. I watched Chronicle again last night for the 3rd time already.
    I’m really a big fan of this movie.
    Such a great Hero & Villain Orgin Story.
    I know some people wrote it off because of the found footage aspect but IMO because the story was so great it never bothered me…

    • It really was. Andy(i think) path to villiany was really well structured. I wished the trailers had not revealed he was to become a villian, would have made the reveal that much better.

      Still sad the black guy died!! lol. We almost made it out alive.

      • I saw it for the first time last week,it was good ok but it’ll be some time before i see it again.I didn’t know if Andy killed the black kid “forgot his name” or the storm did it untill later on.But Andy’s father was a real a-hole who deserved a good thump’n too his body.

  9. Marvels The Avengers
    #3 All Time Donestic
    #3 All Time International
    #29 Adjusted For Inflation
    Now, some people say the inflation rank is what counts and that is shows that it wasn’t as big as people like to say it is.
    My response is fine. But that still frickin amazing. The oldest film ahead of it (SWATSD) was released in 1937 so as I look at it between 1937-2012 only 28 films have made more than The Avengers and when you consider the thousands of films released in that time it’s still an out of this world achievement.
    We are in the hey-day of CBM my fellow Ranters. Marvel, DC and so on…
    Instead of arguing which brand is better we should be joined together laughing and smiling because Hollywood and the masses now realize it’s our culture that they need to make the big bucks and to stay relevant.

    • Well said sir… Well said.

    • I remember something that a guy recently said on SR: the adjusted box office can’t really be taken as the best measure of box office “success” either seeing as how large piracy has gotten… back in the olden days, you either watched a movie in the theater, or you didn’t watch it at all, but now there are millions of people who just download “cam” versions of the movie for free – now, if piracy wasn’t an issue, just imagine how further up movies like TDK and Avengers could have been on BoxOfficeMojo’s “adjusted box office” list…
      (Granted, the guy who bought up this point got banned from the site for being a $&#@ later on, but his point still stands ;))

      Now, I’m not trying to be a sore loser or anything (’cause well… I didn’t lose anything), and I don’t really care how far down Avengers and TDK is on the list, but it’s still something to consider when looking at these seemingly accurate BO results…

  10. Did anyone see the ‘Life of Pi’ preview that played before ‘Prometheus’? The 3D was astounding. I was blown away by the smoothness of the CGI. It was so good it should have had it’s own ScreenRant article. -Yet, nobody said a thing about it.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  11. Site Suggestion: Vic don’t shoot me when I suggest this but…

    An animation board I read is using “The New Disqus” which hasn’t had any loading problems. I know Screenrant tried it before and it wasn’t your favorite but if you are considering changing the comment system, maybe you can give Disqus another look. On the surface it looks very smooth, loads fine, and “is always there”. I don’t know what goes on “under the hood” in terms of site integration but it looks like it has improved from when you tried it on here. When was that, 2-3 years ago?

    • I hate Disqus.

      • I concur Avenger.

      • the new Disqus is actually really cool with added features of notifications, likes and you can see all your comments on any thread and those who respond to you. The inly downside is you need a log in.

        look at comment section.

  12. Why is ASM coming out July 3 falling on a Tuesday when it could come out the next day on the fourth?

    • I am guessing the study figured July 3rd is like a Friday for many people in the US. They work all day, and have the next day off, so why not enjoy a night out at the movies? A lot of people have to go back to work on the 5th.

  13. Why is Christian Bale such a good actor??

    Let the rage begin..

    • Why rage?

      I think Bale thoroughly immerses himself in his characters and plays each one with heart and understanding. He doesn’t play EVERY one perfectly (NO actor does, of course), but he always seems fully invested and has given quite a few brilliant portrayals.

    • Empire Of The Sun, American Psycho, The Machinist, Rescue Dawn, Harsh Times, The Prestige.

      • Couldn’t agree more there. All great performances, The Prestige and The Machninist are my favourites of his.
        But I couldn’t count Batman amongst his best.

        • The Fighter…

          • I didn’t love the film but I thought Bale was excellent in it, his best performance for some time.

            • It hinted at a rare comedic side to the intense actor.

        • The Prestige remains not just one of my favorite films but Nolan’s best work, to my way of thinking. Not only did it show how thoughtful a movie could be, it also proved how woefully Hollywood has misused Hugh Jackman.

          • It is easily Nolan’s best movie, and a career best for Hugh Jackman.

        • His batman is debatable buthis Bruce Wayne easily the best. He actually portrays him as someone who witnessed their parents death and is deeply haunted by that.. Most incarnations always seem to forget that crucial fact.

  14. OK what i was wondering is why are women not used as much as men in films? for instance lack of super heroines in comicbook films,Underworld no Lycan females,Expendables no action females,Predators no Female versions, and so on and so forth?

    • Because most films are written by men, and men don’t always know how to write female characters.

      • ^ Excellent point.

      • Very true, Sam! Writing the part for a man but casting a woman was the sort of trend that gave Geena Davis, Sharon Stone and Demi Moore their somewhat jarring action/diva filmographies.

        • They did that for ALIEN as well, originally the crew were all written as male’s, they just decided to leave them as they were and make 2 of them female, and there we have Ripley.

  15. Best films from a book source, it’s very rare for the written material to be handled brilliantly, but it does happen.

    Here a few I can think of:

    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Blade Runner
    Forbidden Planet (Based on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”)
    The Time Machine (George Pal version)
    When Worlds Collide (Has a corny love triangle thing going but otherwise…)
    Logan’s Run
    Soylent Green
    The War of The Worlds (George Pal again, 1953)

    I’m sure there are lots more, what are your favourite’s?

    • I’d add One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Lord Of The Rings, the 1968 Planet Of The Apes, Godfather’s I & II, The Silence Of The Lambs, the 1975 Rollerball (based on a short story), both versions of Solaris, Catch-22 (a brave attempt!), Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, The Terminal Man and The Andromeda Strain (both from Michael Crichton novels), David Cronenberg’s Crash, and Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and The Shining – although he made significant changes to the source material.

      Oh, the novelisation of 2001 was written side-by-side with the movie, and actually came out after it.

      • The easy ones:┬áEvery Tom Clancy/Robert Grisham adaptation,┬áHarry Potter,┬áLord of the Rings

        Friday Night Lights,┬áColor of Money,┬áThe Notebook (dont judge me),┬áApollo 13, Full metal jacket,┬áBabe (That’ll do Pig, that’ll do),┬áforest Gump,┬áPsycho,┬ácasino,┬áthe fly, Munich, the┬ágreen mile, the color purple,┬áfast times at Ridgemont High,┬áRambo: First Blood,┬áLord of the Flies,┬áplanet of the Apes,┬áChildren of Men,┬áStand By Me,┬áLast of the Mohicans,┬áCasino Royale,┬áThe Untouchables,┬áMisery, and┬áGoodfellas

  16. Just watched eight legged freaks and I had completely forgotten Scarlett Johansson was in it. I hadn’t seen the movie in a long time and decided to pop the dvd into my Blu-ray player. She was really young in that film.