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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 19, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 19, 2013

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  1. So here I am right now sitting in the parking lot with my female lab outside the clinic where she is about to become less of a female lol. I am officially out of the breeding business… For now. Now its time to think of a new breed.

    Based on films, what is your favorite breed of dog?

    • Marley and Me made me very found of labs. But that was the book, I already had my black lab by the time the movie came out.

      I grew up with 5 golden retrievers and currently have a black lab (Vader) and boxer (Yoda).

      • I think the tv dog of dogs is Petey! The stattfordshire terrier, ahem… pit bull, from OUR GANG, a.k.a. The Little Rascals.

        But who doesn’t love the Great Dane, Marmaduke too?

        It’s a toss-up.

      • I grew up with labs and shepards. Fond of both. Terrible in their puppy years though but after 2 or 3, they become the best dogs IMO.

        • I agree. My lab is the most high maintenance a-hole though. Very good well behaved dog, but still an a-hole. :)

        • Our lab is 1.5, a very good dog… but can’t wait until year 2 or 3.

          Before that, had a SharPei, temperamental but very loyal.

      • That ugly, cute mofo pug from
        Men In Black II

        • Pugs I can handle in small doses. Now a french bulldog… That’s a winner.

      • Get a husky!! White fang is bad@$$

        • I agree. But I feel bad for all huskies that live in climates like AZ.

    • Eddie from Frasier comes to mind and the Bull Terrier from “Its a Dogs Life”.

    • Based on films?

      Rimshot from Ernest.

      It’s some type of terrier I’m pretty sure.

      • Rimshot!

    • German shepherd is a good breed, I have 2 and they are great dogs.

      • @Vader, me too! Two of them. A boy and girl. Cousins in fact.
        They’re an awesome breed: great guard dogs, loyal, smart (they’d have to be if they’re the main breed used by the police), charismatic & funny, but most importantly… they are sooo fluffy!

        • @Avenger
          I couldn’t agree more with everything you said.

        • Queue Despicable Me, “IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!!!”

    • @leathercheerio

      I don’t know about films, but my favorite breed of dog is the Rott or Shepherd. I REALLY dislike small dogs, or any animal that cannot take care of themselves… I like normal sized dogs like the breeds I mentioned, and cats because they also can take care of themselves.

  2. Anybody heard from or seen Jeff W?
    He seems MIA.

    • With a new kid around he probably has better things to do than hanging out with us geeks. :D

      • I was thinking it was the new baby as well that was keeping him away.

        Or the US Open security! :)

    • Ha! I was thinking the exact same thing! Maybe Bruce Waine took off the Selena?

      • With Selena* Stupid phone lol

    • I heard he sparred with some dude and is still in recovery

    • @Stark
      Maybe Jeff W went darkside, he’s probably vadering right about now!! haha jk :D

  3. I wonder if the movie critics had seen MoS twice instead of just once, if their opinion of the movie would have changed?

    I know you shouldn’t have to see a movie more than once to see everything, or to really appreciate it and that that is bad, I get that.

    But to be honest I had to watch The Avengers a few times to catch all the greatness, and little nuances that made it special. The same holds true for Iron Man. I absolutely loved them the first time I saw it, but every time I watch Avengers or Iron Man now, I enjoy them even more. I’m thinking the same might hold true for MoS.

    • I completely agree. I think I need to see MOS again to enjoy it.

      Now I’m a little biased because I love the Marvel movies. But I loved Avengers first time I saw it. Iron Man 3, I had to see it a second time to enjoy it.

      But I agree with your initial statement, critics shouldn’t have to see a movie twice to enjoy it. It should be good on it’s own first time through.

      • @ Kyle

        Right. I’m going back as well, (this time alone so I can concentrate!), and this time I know better what to expect. It’s pace is so fast, it’s hard to take it all in in one viewing completely. I have a feeling my appreciation for it will increase after another viewing.

        • Put your phone away this time too so your not commenting on Screenrant during the movie!


      • I couldn’t disagree more. If I can enjoy the movie on any viewing, it found a way to entertain me and that’s it’s job

        • My argument is not for our viewing it is for critics. A critic shouldn’t have to see a movie multiple times in order to “review” a movie.

  4. Stupid question, but I will ask it anyway…
    In 2015, Star Wars Episode VII & The Avengers 2 will be released….
    You can only see one or the other, which one and why?

    • Avengers 2! first, ‘cuz i could care less about star wars and two, ‘cuz of Loki even though he’s not in it. :P so simply put, because hiddles!

    • Tough call, I might have to go with Star Wars Ep. 7 seeing how I’ve basically been waiting for that movie for over 20 years now.

    • I’d watch star wars first, the avengers is awesome but I’ve been a star wars fan forever.

    • @ Negroplitan

      That’s tough.

      I would have to go with Avengers 2 because at this point I’m more invested in that or those story lines than I am Star Wars.

      Although the Star Wars story/plot and characters involved would play a big part in my decision.

    • After Episode 1-3, I’d have to put more faith into the MCU. I know it’s a new director and all but I have more confidence in Avengers 2.

      I also hope for Star Wars that they come up with an original story where we don’t know the ending. They are talking about using the story line of Luke and Leia’s kids, but if you read the book, you know the outcome. I feel that hurt episode 1-3 already knowing that Anakin would become Vader.

    • Ugh… Ill end up seeing them both. But I’m scared for the SW movies. Hopeful but scared. If I had to choose just one, it would be SW. I still haven’t seen IM3 and I’m not the least bit upset.

    • I think “Popeye” was pushed back to 2015.

      I’m highly interested to see how that is done

      • But out of those 2, I say Episode VII. it has my curiosity

    • Star Wars!

      After 7 Marvel movies and 3 more in the pipeline (+ Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Wolverine from other studios) I should be pretty much marveled out by 2015. But will definitely ready for a new Star Wars movie, especially without Lucas at the helm.

      • *I will be ready

    • @ Avengers 2

      More excitement built up to see it. Not a die hard Star Wars fan,only enjoy all 6 films.

    • Star Wars, we more or less know what to expect in Avengers 2 but have no idea what JJ Abrams has cooked up for Star Wars other than:

      1. Strong woman protagonist
      2. Romance
      3. Flashbacks
      4. Maybe time travel :)

    • Star Wars.

      …luckily we’ll be able to see both though… unless something horrible happens and the economy goes so bad that no one will be able to afford watching more than one movie a year.

    • Avengers. Star Wars movies have a way of finding themselves back in the theaters years after release.

  5. Feeling a bit nostalgic right now just remembering watching TDKR last summer. ;) good times! remember how ppl criticized the ending with the twist? & now ppl are on fire about MOS! LOL, haven’t even seen the movie yet but i think it’s ridiculous how ppl completely ignore the fact that superman apparently has killed before (and, no, i did not know that. yes, i know, shocking! not really a superman fan…) – but anyway! what i’m MOST upset about is that I have to wait 5 freakin’ months to watch thor 2 AND that Loki’s not gonna be in Avengers 2! :( ‘NOOOO!’ was my initial reaction, but I understand why they gotta do that. BUT still! Loki’s army will riot! (via Twitter :P)

  6. Picked up Jack The Giant Slayer on Blu-ray and was pleasantly surprised after watching it. Also watched this is the end at the cinema and it was hilarious.

    I’ve got a question for all you ranters….
    How would you handle superman and batman’s first meeting in the DC shared universe ?

    I’ll post mine a little later.

    • Superman hears a woman screaming during the middle of the night.

      He flies to the source only to find himself just outside an alleyway Gotham City, a lone light hanging shining the image of a man harassing a woman. Supes is about to take one step forward when the light suddenly flickers and the man disappears with sudden screams of begging for someone not to kill him, a hand stretched a little bit into the light on the ground but quickly jerked back into the darkness. The woman sprints past Superman into the street brightly lit by the moonlight, shouting for someone to call the police.

      The light flickers again. In it, Batman is alone with his back turned towards Superman. He cocks his head slightly…then turns to reveal himself. Something about his face isn’t human, and Supes is tense. With a sudden movement of his cape, Batman lets the light shine on a man cowering in fear, snot running down his nose at a rapid pace, his eyes bulging with watery red fear. Glaring at Superman, Batman just stands there. The light flickers…and Batman is gone, leaving the criminal alone for Supes or the police to arrest him.

      • That is awesome.

    • As Clark Kent, Lois decides that it’s time to investigate the mysterious “Batman of Gotham.”

      Or have Lex Luthor approach Bruce Wayne about the “Superman problem.”

      I want to see Batman kick his ass in the first meeting, so Wayne would have to meet with Luthor first in order to get some kryptonite.

      • There is no way that batman can beat this version of superman, without kryptonite or something

        • Yes. That Batman which doesn’t exist yet can’t beat a Superman who does now…

      • I’d like Superman and Batman to act as a team
        with the best of each skill sets brought to the fore.

        • Thing is, with Superman, there is really little to no need for Batman.

          • Yeah, tell me about it, Jeff.
            That’s why I don’t care for the JL.

            But if they do it, Batman as great detective
            is really the only way to work the story.
            Bats could play a pivotal role there.

    • I would love for Superman to initially see Batman as a threat and tries to take Batman to jail, but Batman is ready to fight Supes already.

      • Really woulnd’t be much of a fight, unless Batman has kryptonite.

    • Post aftermath from Metropolis and Gotham, Senator Lex Luthor who is running for Presidential office, uses his influential power to make all heroes/vigilantes public enemy #1. He wins office and issues a war against them. Batman and Superman team up to prove that Lex has a deeper plan against humanity.

  7. Does Sony own the rights to Scarlet Spider, SpiderGirl, and Spider-Woman? Because it seems like if they start spinning some of these characters out of ASM into their own movies they could have a money-making, cross-pollinating film franchise on their hands.

    • As much as I love Ben Reilly, a Scarlet Spider would last as a side character who wouldn’t live past one film. Would be awesome if that suit turns out to be an on the spot improvisational suit like Bombastic Bag Man though :)

  8. Casting call for Lex Luthor…….
    Who do you want?
    Bradley Cooper? Matt Damon?

    • I don’t get the love for Bradley Cooper. Don’t think he’s that great of an actor

    • Doubt it would happen, but Daniel Day-Lewis would be really cool! Shave his head and he looks like Lex. Very unlikely though! Other candidates that I wouldn’t mind include Brad Pitt and I like your Matt Damon suggestion.

      • I could see Bradley cooper but is rather him play flash in this universe.

        I do like that Matt Damon suggestion. We’ve never really seen him play. Villian might be a perfect casting choice.

        Also who do we want to play aquaman? I think that could a potential huge franchise. I’m saying
        Liam hemsworth.

    • @ Pubes

      Billy Zane for Lex Luthor.

    • Jason Statham… he’s already bald.

      • Jason works that thinning hair look better than anyone.
        He actually makes his loss of hair work with the beard.

    • Liev Schreiber for Lex. Think about it.

      Do not think we’ll be seeing a shaved head Lex BTW.
      Just not that unusual to see anymore and not really
      distinguishing for the character as it was originally.


      That is all.

    • I wish Kevin Spacey didn’t already have his chance. Damn Superman Returns. George Clooney would be good. Call me crazy. But think about it… He plays a genius very well. Shave the mans head and you got it.

      • He’s too vain to shave his head…

  9. Id like to see Kelly Overton as Wonder Woman. She has the attitude.

    • Man Of Steel’s Faora-Ul, Antje Traue, could
      play the exotic wonder that is Wonder Woman.

      • But she’s already Faora

        • Faora is dead. And the way she was made up in MOS
          vs Wonder Woman would mean no one would remember.

    • Lynn Collins still has my vote for wonder woman.

      • Lynn Collins would be great. So would Olivia Wilde. And lyndsy fonseca. Those are my top three.

        • Olivia Wilde has my vote.

  10. Question,

    If you could ask Kevin Feige one question, what would it be?

    Mine ( I know I would get a vague answer ), How far down the rabbit hole will the cinematic universe go?

    • I would ask him what’s the real plan with RDJ and continuing the Iron Msn franchise.

    • I would ask him to give Thor his own universe away from The Avengers.

  11. Id ask Kevin Feige if Marvel/Disney would keep trying buying Spider-Man,X-Men, and F4 franchises back from their studios so they have their whole universe one day.

  12. My question would be, aside from Batman,Superman & the rest of the core Justice League members. What heroes that everyone would like to see on the big screen from WB/DC’s shared universe? Im asking minor heroes & lessor known heroes. Heroes might of been seen on Justice League Unlimited for example.

    • Captain Atom, Captain Marvel/Shazam, Booster Gold, Hawkman/Hawkgirl, Death Stroke. Am I still naming off key characters?

      • @ leathercheerio

        Think deeper. Dr. Fate, S.T.I.P.E & Stargirl, Elastic Man, Legion Of Superheros, Green Arrow, Black Canary. Robin,Nightwing & Batgirl in the new Batman reboot?

        Villains such Gorilla Grodd, Giganta, Killer Frost, Shadow Thief,Solomon Grundy, Ultra Humanite, Copperhead,Cheeta.

        Could all of these fit the tone Snyder,Nolan & Goyer set? Or just some as there’s much more to expect from DC’s universe.

    • Not that I don’t agree (my best friend is gay) but why say non supporters can’t comment? That’s pretty backwards, bro. If you don’t want backlash or personal opinions, then don’t post this.

    • Yup, beautiful message, but kinda cheapened by the fact that it’s being exploited as a commercial for a traveling agency. Ah, well…

  13. Does anybody think spiderman would work better as a tv show?

    • I will say no. Its a “fantastical” series which would require a large budget. Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Blade (2nd try), Black Panther?, and maybe Hawkeye.

    • Spider-Man was a TV series in the 90s that ran for five seasons.

  14. So I am performing my friends wedding for them this year. I am always nervous when doing this because its always different. I’m writing the vows myself. I had most of them written. Then the groom asks me to start out the wedding, instead of saying “dearly beloved” or “families and loved ones”, to say “Captains log, star date xx/xx/xxxx (wedding date) and well you know the rest.

    I come back with a counter offer. Only way I’m doing it is if I’m allowed to shave my head and wear Picards outfit.

    There will be pictures.

    • Very nice!

      I’m set to sing at my sister’s wedding later this year :)

    • Picard did not have a shaved head, remember.
      He was bald complete with grey hair
      on the sides and back.