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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 18, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 18, 2012

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  1. Okay who here watched That’s My Boy this weekend? I thought it had a few funny parts and some downright disturbing parts. So I guess my question is does anyone else think that Adam Sandler’s career is heading into a tailspin?

    • It’s his own fault…
      The guy can be funny, but he’s only making movies for the money. When I’m watching an Adam Sandler movie I can just see that he doesn’t give a damn about what he’s putting out.

      • I agree.
        I liked Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore when I was younger and still do to an extent but the man child thing is getting tired. I usually will watch anything at some point but I just refuse to watch Jack & Jill or That’s My Boy.
        I’m not going to say there’s not a place or an audience for that type of comedy but it’s just not for me anymore.

        • I hope his new film directed by Genndy Tartakovsky will be good.

    • I thought the tail had already spun…

    • I chose Madagascar 3 over Adam Sandler. Feells like the twilight zone.

      • ha, too true

    • “heading into a tailspin?”

      That implies that it was ever anything else. He is a blight on film.

      • Not always. Seems now that he is just selling out to the machine. his movies come out likeclockwork.

        • I find every single one of his films to be derogatory, low brow nonsense. Each time he tries to do a semi serious film, it is even worse.

          • sometimes i wonder if you ever laugh

            • I do frequently. But not at tripe like an Adam Sandler film.

              • lol

          • I found “Spanglish” to be a wonderful film.

            • Spanglish was (Paz Vega) cool. Sandler’s sandwhich (Paz Vega) creations gave me new inspiration (Paz Vega) in the kitchen. And Sandler’s kids (Paz Vega) humored me.

              And lets not forget Paz Vega and sll her beauty. Good time.

              • So… you like Paz Vega a tad bit in the film?

                I thoroughly agree…beautiful, talented woman. :D

                • Hahaha i was (am) slighltly obssesed with her when that film came out. Sofia Vegara is trying hard to take her place lol

    • I really like “Punch Drunk Love.” Otherwise I’ve never been an Adam Sandler fan.

  2. I was thinking about the “potential” Marvel films and can’t help but feel that a Guardians of the Galaxy feature would end up being a lot like a Watchmen film to the general public, with the characters being even more obscure and unknown as the most unfamiliar Avengers members (but with an anthropomorphic raccoon on top of it).

    As much as a fan as I am for Starlord (moreso the original character though) and especially Adam Warlock, if the storyline is part of an over-arching one stemming from the Avengers movie, I am wondering if such a planned feature should just be part of one of the Avengers sequels with the characters simply supporting characters.

    From a moneymaking perspective, I can’t see why certain full length features would be made for characters that are, for lack of a better word, “chancey.”

    • I think if Marvel are heading that way then they will steer us there gradually through their intervening line-up of flicks. Marvel have also shown an adept hand at bringing their properties to the audience, and creating buzz and awareness leading up to their film releases.

      After the Avengers, I think Marvel has a right to feel confident in themselves now, but they need to stick to the approach that got them this far, and not reach too far too quickly, so i would agree that these ‘chancey’ characters need to be approached very carefully.

      To that end though, if Marvel/Disney is successful, they could increase the worth of their properties, including the more obscure ones, a hundred fold.

    • I completely agree with your statement. I think IF they do the movie, the best route would be a December/January release and make it a more low budget movie. Might be tougher with CGI needed but I don’t think it’ll roll in the benjamins…

    • I’m only familar with GoTG from some Avengers stories. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think there’s a big enough fan-base to put up objections to any changes they might make, like the talking squirred people bring up.

  3. I watched ‘Unknown’ last night. It was a little all over the place at times (the plot twists weren’t really “smoothly” integrated into the movie), but overall it was a good action/thriller flick – as expected from Liam Neeson.

    • Having January Jones in it, ruined it for me, seeing her attempts to act made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

      • @DrSam
        Same here. She’s just terrible. There’s really no way around it.
        Even in Mad Men. My favorite episodes are when she’s absent from start to finish.

        • Yeah. I loved X-Men:FC but she damn near ruined every scene she was in.

            • A bad actor, always takes me out of a movie, it destroys the illusion of what you are watching.

  4. Who gets the chop on a 5-hero-line up for a Justice League movie? (if it comes to that) -

    1. Superman
    2. Batman
    3. Wonder Woman
    4. The Flash
    5. Green Lantern
    6. Aquaman
    7. Martian Manhunter

    Who doesn’t make the cut?

    • Aquaman
      Martian Manhunter

      • There should be seven anyways.

        • Seven would be good. Without lead in films though, do you think it
          will be possible? I was thinking…

          The Flash (give him a solo film leading to and inro in JL2)
          Green Lantern (add later once tone of DCMU is better established)

          If they can use the JL film to setup Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter coming out of the woodwork and confronting Superman after events of MOS, then we can just cut to Batman changing his underwear, and we are good to go!

          • It doesnt need lead in films. Just do a Justice League movie like The Lord of the Rings trilogy. 3 films over 3 years telling one giant story with one serious villian. That way you can pace your story, flesh out your characters, have mini-team ups with-in the group, and the sequels wont feel forced because its one giant 3-part story.

            • As a format that might actually work but there is no way WB/DC could ever get their fingers out long enough to do anything on that kind of scale.

              • If Marvel can doit, im sure WB/DC can. They just need a Kevin Feige head figure type because they feel disjointed and never seem to have a clear plan.

                After MoS or MoS 2, I would like for them to do 3 JL films in 3 years like LofR did.

                • “disjointed and never seem to have a clear plan”

                  Exactly. But it has been that way for decades. Marvel have done so well because they took control of their own destiny so to speak.

                  • But if Nolan becomes “The Godfather” of not just the Batman reboot but DC in general, it would quickly get them on track. They just need a front man to take a single direction.

                    Its funny, had BB/TDK not been such a game changer, DC would have a
                    ready released a JL movie.

                    • But Nolan isn’t going to be doing that, not really. He’ll be directing his own projects far away from comic books and DC/WB.

                    • @ Ignur Rant

                      I prefer Bruce Timm be “The Godfather” of the DCMU. I think WB is part of the problem. Besides BB/TDK, What’s WB/DC gave to offer really that really delivered? The Losers, Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, Superman Returns? DC should be it’s own studio aswell. I mean WB let the last Batman franchise go down to____ & other DC hero films before & after have suffered. Imo, Bruce Timm knows the characters well, to bringing a unified universe aswell telling great stories with the people he works with. Id I bet all my Batman:TAS-JLU figures on it.

                    • DSB

                      Nolan is producing the Batman Reboot. Fact. He cld possibly do the whole DC universe.


                      DC and Marvel are pretty much on par when it comes to successful and unsuccesful movies.

                      Years ago I would be happy with Bruce Timm but not so much anymore, but his Green Lantern show is wack and so is the upcoming Beware of Batman. I rather have Greg Weisman who not inly produces but also writes. He was the creator/writer/producers of the two recent greatest comicbook animated shows — Young Justice and Spectacular Spiderman.

          • Though I think the seven should be in it, I agree that GL and Flash could come in later…if necessary.

          • @ Sambo

            I think 7 heroes would work if no lead-in films before Justice League film. I mean after Justice League WonderWoman would be outcast & could be with Martian Manhunter in the Watchtower? Perhaps or whatever the league could use for their get together.

            WonderWoman’s origin’s/joining the league,etc. can be doin in her solo film afterwards. Same goes for the rest of others. The only exception id go for to start things up would be a Batman/Superman crossover film based off the “World’s Finest” Comics. I prefer MOS being it’s own thing really as intended.

        • I agree… 6 is the minimum, and 7 (maybe 8 depending on the 8th member) the maximum amount of heroes in the League.

          Batman, Supes, Green Lantern (preferably Hal, but Stewart is awesome as well), Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and the Martian Man Hunter would be my pick.

        • I wouldn’t be shocked if they played the black card and removed Martian Manhunter and put in Cyborg instead.

          To be honest, Cyborg would make for a more dynamic character on the silver screen anyway, kind of in the same vein as Iron Man.

          • Martian Manhunter uses a black alias in recent incarnations.. so..

      • Why not Aquaman? The only good thing to come out of DC’s atrocious reboot was to make him a cool character, for quite possibly the first time.

        • I agree, they should address the character strongly and forthright, ensure some real credence to Aquaman from the get go.

        • Because to the general, non-comic reading public Aquaman is a joke that talks to fish.

          • @ il princerino

            Yea, people i know say Aquaman is only useful if the league are needed to save the oceans etc, or if the story revolved Atlantis somehow.

    • Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. The rest could figure into a nice Earth-bound movie.

      Good order on the list BTW.

  5. The wife and I watched Sherlock Homes:GOS last night. Loved it. What a great series. Wouldn’t mind seeing the third movie tone down the grandiosity a bit. Not because I didn’t like it, but just to keep the series fresh.

    • Yeah, I enjoyed it, hope the next one ceases the globe trotting and gets back to London though, I think that’s why I still favor the first one. From the Gothic tone intro, to the London graveyards, and back alley shenanigans, and ‘just another case’ feel to it, as opposed to, ‘the case’ – Moriarty.

      Maybe to Baskerville next? With a more serious, horror tone?

      • That is what I am hoping as well.

      • That’s spooky. I said exactly the same thing. Make part 3 Hound Of The Baskervilles, obviously work in a bigger plot around it, but throw in some real fear and horror, keep the jokes, less explosions and slow motions, it would be a great way to cap off the trilogy.

        • Exactly…

  6. Post to remove the “monvenger” so I don’t forget again. :)

  7. Hey, you guys should check out the SR Pick video we posted yesterday – it’s directed and edited by the fellow who used to do our awesome trailer mash-ups, and it’s really very good.


  8. Is anyone gonna buy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season One, Volume One DVD set or the MMPR-PRLG DVD boxset when they’re released? Anyone a fan of the show besides me back then?lol.

    • I’m very tempted. Just to watch the whole Green Ranger arc all over again, because that was damn fine television.

      • That guy is a bad-ass in real life. Jason David Frank, the green ranger, is a MMA fighter now.

    • I watch it all the time of Netflix.

  9. @ Vic

    Do you think Kelly Overton looks like a good candidate for the role of Wonder Woman?

  10. Hey guys so I watched the animated batman year one and under the red hood yesterday and really enjoyed them. Much more then I thought I would

    Any recommendations for animated superhero films? Don’t limit dc or marvel just want to watch a good animated film.

    • Wonder Woman
      Dr Strange
      Superman vs The Elite
      Justice League: New Frontier
      Ultimate Avengers
      Hulk vs
      Justice League Doom
      Green Lantern: First Flight
      Green Lantern: Emerald zknights
      Justice Leauge: Crisis on two Earths

    • @ Tgw mighty avenger

      Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm
      Batman: Subzero

      • Batman Mask of the Phantasm is awesome.

    • Just to name a few…

      Justice league crisis on two earths
      Hulk VS
      Superman Batman apocalypse
      Planet Hulk
      Justice league Doomsday
      Ultimate Avengers
      Green Lantern first flight
      Ultimate Avengers 2
      Superman Batman Public Enemies
      The Invincible Iron Man
      Dr. Strange

      • Thanks guys I’ll check those out. I’ve seen hulk vs and enjoyed that one too. Gonna be a good animated week.

    • I really liked Under the Red Hood, but Year One wasn’t for me…

      My recommendation:
      Justice league – Doom
      Justice League – Crises on Two Earths
      Batman – Mask of The Phantasm
      Batman – Subzero
      Batman Beyond – Return of the Joker
      Green Lantern – First Flight (if you like that one, watch Emerald Knights)
      Dr Strange
      Hulk Vs
      Ultimate Avengers 1 (forget the sequel)
      And maybe the two Superman/Batman team-up movies (I thought they were only okay-sh, but most people loved those two)

  11. I forgot Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

  12. @WallyWest agree Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker was good. I especially liked the part where Terry played mind games on Joker.

    • @ Jaxon

      Which version of Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker did you see? I bought the Unrated version. Little more was added, not much but it’s a better version imo. If you Haven’t seen it, you should check it out. I liked how Terry played with Joker’s head aswell. One the best parts was when Barbara flashbacks to when Joker kidnaps Tim Drake & how it angers Batman heartly. If you wanna know what i mean, i recommand the Unrated version as i don’t wanna give away details.

  13. The first trailer for ‘[Judge] Dredd’ will hit this Thursday.
    … for anyone’s who’s interested… ;)

    • saw the news on twitter i cant wait to see it.

    • Should be interesting. Hopefully this is better than the Stallone travesty.

  14. MASK OF THE PHANTASM is the all time best super hero animated film if you needed recommendations…. That has BATMAN REBOOT written all over it if these freaking suits would figure that out someday…

    • Not just animated. It is easily my favourite Batman film.

  15. Harvel fanfare has created such a buzz with bringing titles such as X-Men, Iron Man, Spiderman and Incredible Hulk etc. to the big screen.

    What about DC Comics. In 1992 Superman titles gained international exposure, reaching to the top of the comics sales charts and selling out overnight.

    The storyline was adapted into a 2007 animated film – Superman: Doomsday. Now that the technology is there, I would love to see The Death of Superman as a live action movie.

    We all know that The Avengers took the box office by storm, opening the door to sequels and spin offs. Imagine what DC Comics could do with a little bit of investment…. just saying.

    • @ Jody

      What DC needs for the DCMU is Bruce Timm & Co. WB/DC passed up Joss Whedon’s scripts for a WonderWoman film & the guy just delivered the best CBM to date.

      • “Best cbm to date” thats debatable. The action-comedy and tounge-in-cheek tone may have worked well for the Avengers but a Wonder Woman movie would need a strong plot, something Wheadon is not known for. Dialouge is his thing. For all we know the script(s) he gave WB/DC could of have been garbage.

        • Yeah but WB/DC did settle with Green Lantern. I like Martin Campbell, The Mask Of Zorro was great but his Green Lantern film sadly wasn’t. Maybe Whedon’s scripts maybe of been garbage, but then again maybe(not). We’ll never know. Let’s not forget other movies like The Losers or Johah Hex that WB/DC greenlited. Good he didn’t touch those.