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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 17, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 17, 2013

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  1. Happy Monday Ranters. Saw MOS this weekend as most people did. I really wanted to like this movie. And half way through, I remember telling myself, “This is so awesome”. Sequel needs to dial down the action and work on a little bit more development but overall enjoyable.

    • The amount of destruction is my only beef. It was a lot of destruction. The city needs time and lots of help to repair those damages.

    • didn’t have a real issue with the action. i think snyder was trying to give hardcore superman fans what they’ve been wanting which is all out brawl with an enemy that can match superman physically but at the same time they were rebooting a franchise so there was a lot of grown that needed to be covered. now that they established key characters and people have had their “fill” of destruction and have now seen superman sort of let loose for a chance, this makes way for a better sequel.

      • MOS spoiler..

        I liked the bit when Superman demolished a mountain while learning to fly.

        It’s not a big deal, but I’d have prefered the huge battle to take place in a national park, nevada desert etc… Just so it would look a little different than !Transformers” and “The Avengers”. Also, it’d be easier than having to deal with all the destruction/aftermath and deaths (Or ignoring it after the fact).

        • Good point. You’d think that Mr Supes would be aware of all of the people around him and if Zod wanted to kill him, he could lure him away from the city.

          • i’m sure he was aware. but we have to remember he was JUST starting out as superman he literally had NO experience with the whole saving the world thing. plus zod and his minions were the ones that sort of took the battle to metropolis so it’s hard for me to blame him for fighting there. wouldn’t have made any since for zod to attack the desert or a deserted region of the planet

          • Yeah or maybe trying to carry his Mother to a safer place instead of dragging off ONE of a dozen bad-guy super-powered beings, and leaving her surrounded by the rest. Smart.

  2. I had a few questions after watching Man of Steel that maybe someone could clear up.


    In the movie, the ship that Superman destroys with his heat vision…was that the ship that was already on earth before he got there?

    The fact that the ship was 18,000 year old, does that mean that Super Girl is that old?

    I don’t recall any mention of S.T.A.R Labs even though Zack Snyder stated that it was in the movie. Did anyone catch it?

    • Yes. Yes. And I didn’t catch it either.

    • The fact that she’s 18,000 years old puts a new spin on a Wonder Women origin, doesn’t it?

      Why not combine Kara and Diana since they were essentially created for the same purpose?

    • ****** SPOILER ALERT ******
      If the open pod did contain Kara (which I believe it did), then she may have been awakened when the ship detected Zod’s ship, making her still young (if the pod was some type of stasis pod).

      • My only issue is that if she were awakened earlier then it does not make sense that she did not make her presence on earth known for all of that time. It could develop into a plot hole if they don’t handle it correctly.

  3. Saw MOS this past weekend. Not perfect, but still enjoyable. I would love to see lex luthor in the sequel and luthor turn public opinion against supes, to the point that we get introduced to another DC character for the sequel. No not Batman, but what if luthor brings in shazam to battle dupes?That would be sick to see captain Marvel vs Superman on the big screen. Likely won’t happen, but that would be really interesting for the sequel IMO.

    • I meant supes. Hate this stupid mobile phone.

    • Doesn’t Captain Marvel worship Superman? Given that he is a child. I definitely agree that they should go the Public Enemies approach for a sequel. That would be awesome.

    • The thought of Luthor bringing Black Adam to fight Supes makes giddy.

      • You got to it before me. :-D

  4. Man of Steel is the Superman movie I have always wanted to see! That’s all there is to say.

    • I concur.

  5. I wonder how WB/DC plans on bring characters like the Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman into the “dark” universe they created? I wonder if they’ve even thought of that yet? The “dark” formula doesn’t work for all of the Justice League members.

    • There wasn’t one “dark” moment in MOS that I witnessed.

      • The whole tone was dark and serious. There was barely any moments where you could even chuckle at something funny.

        • Serious, yes. Dark, no. I laughed quite a few times. But it’s an alien invasion movie where the world almost gets destroyed. What’s so light hearted about that situation?

          • Ask the Avengers… :)

            • +1

            • Or Independence Day.

            • I didn’t want the tone to be an “Avengers” clone.

              I’ glad it wasn’t

      • @ L. Cheerio

        Really? That’s interesting.
        What would you give it on a scale of 1-10?

        I haven’t seen it yet. This weekend will be WWZ, so maybe the following weekend.

        • 8. There were a few things that bugged me. The same thing that bugged me in Superman 2. But the overall tone and feel was amazing. There were times when I felt emotionally captured. Maybe it’s the relatable experiences that I shared. It’s goods though. Like I said l last night. Best origin film for a CBM. Hands down.

          • @ L. Cheerio

            Ok, thanks. Best origin film for a CBM?
            That’s quite a statement.
            I’ll check it out.

        • For someone who claims they love all comic book movies and wants them all to do well, you really are showing your true colors sir.

      • @ leathercheerio

        They made Superman darker & grittier to the tone of Nolan’s Batman films of being in a real world.

        • Dark CBM’s would be like The Phantom, The Shadow, The Crow or Sin City. This movie is serious. It relates to our world that we live in and acts appropriately to the events that unfold.

    • In these movies, the universe is not dark it is the circumstances they are confronted with that are dark. In the Dark Knight trilogy, the relationship between Bruce Wayne and his father, Bruce Wayne and Alfred and Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox and bruse Wayne and Catwoman are all varied from endearing to humorous to flirtatious. The movies are NOT all dark. The same with Man of Steel the relationships that Clark develops are all filled with hope and in some cases humor.

      I think DC’s approach is much more mature than Marvel’s in that Marvel never examines the heroes internal conflict about being a hero which is what people seem to think makes them “dark”. Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are just simply heroic – like they were born that way. They don’t struggle with the conflicts created by the knowledge of who they are. FOR EXAMPLE: The Nolan Batman hides his identity to PROTECT the people around him. Iron Man does not. He openly tells people who he is and does not seem to care that it can have an effect on what Iron Man’s enemies may do to the people around him. DC is better at exploring the consequences of being a hero than Marvel.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Spider-Man.

        • I was thinking the same thing. I think ASM2 will explore those consequences even further than the first one did, especially once Gwen dies.

        • That is a good point! Spiderman is an exception and actually why I think he is so popular. In that sense Marvel/Sony got it right!

      • @ Patrick

        Besides Lois, with all the chaos Zod & co-horts were causing in Metropolis into crumble, You hardly didn’t see Superman save anyone from anyone or anything. I noticed more people were saved when he’s Clark Kent in flashback scenes. I was surprised hardly anyone was around near that destruction when a whole building comes crashing down to the ground.

        I bet the ending could of been changed to where Superman didn’t have to kill Zod. Superman could up took both of them up and land and fight to he knocks Zod out & maybe the ship found in the arctic would have a phantom zone projector send Zod into. With Superman returning to say the threat has been removed.


          @ Wally West

          You are not considering scale. When Superman takes out the World Engine…he effectively saves Perry White and the two people with him and averts what would have been more destruction. He saves his mother, the officer who was about to get smoked by Faora and a guy who was falling out of an airplane during the fight in Smallville. He also saves the people who were going to be burned to a crisp by Zod.

          So I disagree.

          The ship found in the arctic was destroyed and the device used to create the Phantom zone projector that was on Zod’s ship and on Superman’s ship he used to come to earth was sucked into the singularity (black hole). So there was no way to hold him if Zod escaped. When Superman tells Zod to stop, Zod replies “never.” The movie effectively shows why it was not possible for Superman to do anything else but kill Zod otherwise he would have let loose an unstoppable menace who had vowed to kill everyone.

          • ^^ and because of the pacing and scope of the movie, you do need to see it twice before you can form a complete opinion.

            The first time I saw i would give it an 8-8.5.

            Now that I have seen it again, nothing less than a 9.

            There will be a third time, so that fact alone for me means it has entered TDK and Avengers territory for how many times I want to see it in the theater.

          • I didn’t think he destroyed the ship. Only the birthing aparatus. I’ll have to watch it agin to be sure (there was a hell of a lot going on).

    • @ Stark

      I don’t even wanna think about WB/DC plans because beyond those heroes, minor & lessor known heroes in their shared universe won’t work in their planned “dark” universe.

      • @ Wally West

        I was thinking the same thing. I hope they aren’t painting themselves into a corner by chasing the dollars with their “dark” path. A little pro-active thinking would be good now, rather than later.

    • Dark? Just because RDJ isn’t improvising witty one liners everyother line doesn’t mean it’s dark. It’s a CBM with concepts geared towards adults. Unlike the butchery that Marvel committed to the “Demon in a Bottle” and “Extremis” storylines all in the name of “inclu$ion”.

  6. Heres an idea for the MOS sequel(note is’s borrowed from the Batman anamated series). Superman flies to Gotham to accept A check from their sister city to pay for the rebuild. And has A run in with Batman with Lois asking “Can I get A picture of you two shaking hands”.

  7. I’m curious. Why are so many people so disturbed by the action in MOS? I mean come on! It’s an ACTION movie & the action isn’t just mindless entertainment. I believe it should be excused if the action sequences have something to do with enhancing the storytelling.
    Schindler’s List was pretty depressing but noone complained about it being too dramatic because it’s a DRAMA.

    • I loved the action. What I don’t like is plot hole story telling. Metropolis was in ruins almost. Cities don’t rebuild fast enough. Especially gigantic skyscrapers.

      • That part bothered me as well. I get it, these guys are going to cause some damage but seriously did it need to be complete destruction?

        • Right? I get it, Supes is a rookie. Less than 24 hrs old in the suit.

          • I remember what The Joker said in TDK and MoS proved that. This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. I loved the fact that the amount of destruction was true to the clash of Titans. However what I couldn’t digest was how easily people moved on. Boy, the lives and property damage would take at least 5 years to come at par. However the next scene shows the lovebirds quite happy about their budding office romance. No no…that s*** needs explanation

            • Didn’t that sort of same thing happen in Superman II. The three krypton criminals trashed the building but at the end it was like it was like back to normal.

              • @ Patrick

                In superman 2, they didn’t trash the building to the ground. And the end you saw people starting to make repairs inside as Clark walks in.

              • At the end there were maintenance people all over fixing the offices.

        • @ Kyle

          Hey, where’s Dr. Mindbender with our promised RT percentage apology/acknowledgment?!?


          • No Stark… We were wrong… it wasn’t in the 60s. It was in the 50s. :)

            • @ Kyle

              True. :)

              • lol! What’s funny is; RT critics were the only ones who gave it <80

                • That is incorrect.

              • Logic worked against me in this situation, no doubt.

                You guys were calling a score lower than Superman Returns. I saw that as ridiculous.

                If Superman Returns is a 73, then Man of Steel is a (frick)ing 114.

                • Although I didn’t think MoS was epic or great, I have to agree with Dr. Mindbender on this.

          • I’m here. And boy was I off.

            But seriously, that whole RT thing is quite the thing to talk about. It says quite a bit to just how important Superman is to everyone.

    • @ Sonny

      Some of the action looked like it was done by Michael Bay imo.

      • No surprise, they went to the same film school. Though after a second viewing the carnage and destruction of Metropolis is implied to be a backhand by Zod towards Kal. “These apes mean nothing to me and if eradicating them brings me that much closer to my goal than so be it” was pretty much his line of thinking. Kal really had no choice since Zod picked the theater of war. All he could do is put the threat down as quickly as possible.

    • I didn’t mind the over-the-top action (in fact, I welcomed it); what bothered me was the overly dramatic feel of the movie. It’s the same problem I had with Nolan’s Batman movies; I was just bored at times. I would rather watch the Tim Burton Batman than TDK (even though Ledger nailed his role).

  8. So now that we know MOS is a box office hit at ~$120m but still remains panned critically, will there be a huge dropoff next week?

    WWZ comes out and not sure if word or mouth will hurt or help MOS.

    • World War Z looks terrible IMO. I loved the book. I love zombies. Except The Walking Dead. The characters in that show annoy me. But the movie… Every time I see a trailer, I’m that much more disappointed.

    • I’m predicting a 56% drop. Rather large to most blockbusters. 66 million and still #1. WWZ comes in at 42M.

      • I’m thinking it’ll come in at #3 most likely and #2 if it’s lucky. World War Z is going to take one demographic while Monsters University is going to take the children and family demographic.

        • Good call. Forgot about Monsters University.

        • At least MoS doesn’t have Pirates II to compete with.

      • @ Kyle

        Once again, I believe you are correct. It’s a big drop, but I believe an accurate assessment.

  9. Still haven’t seen Man of Steel yet will definitely see it tomorrow.Can anyone tell me was Lois Lane annoying? I don’t understand how any man let alone Superman can fall in love with her when she is so irritating.I wouldn’t mind seeing her die in a sequel but I know that won’t happen.

    • To me, she was a different Lois to date. So be your own judge. I didn’t mind her.

    • I had a beef with that relationship as well.

      Spoiler Warning

      Just like Star Wars where Anakin and Padme magically fell in love out of no where, Lois and Supes randomly fall for each other. There is very little reason why these two fall for each other outside of her really being the only woman to talk to him in what seems to be 20 years.

    • I understand where you’re coming from, I’ve felt the same about past Superman movies. This versions Lois Lane is very capable and actually add great moments to the movie.

      • Who said they were in love? I feel everyone thinks just cause they kiss and hold hands lois and kal-el are instantly in love. I felt lois was more infatuated with him than anything and the kiss was a spur of the moment thing. Their relationship is just beginning

        • I agree. I didn’t get any feel that they loved each other; more Lois is infatuated by a man who can lift a building, fly, heroic and not get hurt (I guess he looks OK too :-D ).

          • What girl wouldn’t be infatuated by that? :)

    • @ Hi-C

      Amy Adams imo wasn’t as annoying as Margot Kidder’s. Imo Erica Durance is the best Lois Lane to date w/ Teri Hatcher coming 2nd. I believe Dana Delany would of been a great live-action Lois Lane as she voiced the character in Superman:TAS.

    • @ Hi-C

      Q: “Was Lois Lane annoying?”

      A: One of her first lines in the movie is “when you guys are done measuring your dicks…”

      • That’s just being spunky. Being a pulitzer prize winning reporter and not being able to spell is annoying.

        • I wasn’t implying she was annoying, rather enjoyable.

          I probably should have clarified.

  10. Saw After Earth yesterday and liked it. I guess going in with lowered expectations worked to my advantage. Jaden’s acting was also better than expected and previously witnessed, esecially in the scene right before his skyjump.


    • Didn’t see it. But being an M. Night film, was there a big twist ending? :)

      • Nah, everything played out as expected, which is the main reason why the movie doesn’t get a higher rating from me. Predictable from start to finish.

    • I also didn’t think it was a bad movie; not great but definitely not The Happening bad.

  11. Saw Man of Steel yesterday i loved most of it, was disappointed with the ending!

    So we are not alone in the universe, crazy super aliens space craft have landed and started to terrorform our planet, super beings are fighting and knocking seven bells out of each other, it’s basically the end of the world apocalypse stuff, city destroyed, massive carnage, then they all get sucked up in a black hole and its back to work on Monday?

    Really the world would just get back on Facebook and carry on with their mundane lives if something like this happened?

    Plus Clark Kent is able to just get a job as a journalist after having worked on fishing boats all his life? Who interviewed him? Surely his CV is rather questionable?

    Minor gripes but overall it’s epic and I can’t wait to see it again!

    • Ill go a time jump, i dont believe the end is even close to when the destruction happens. But its no diffrent then any other superhero movie, who cleaned up the 200000 alien bodies after the avengers? And wouldnt peoole be goimg crazy after seeing it? Eh its just a CBM

      • Who cleaned up after the Avengers? Good question… I’m guessing several people needed attending too… and the hero’s where eating shwarma. you don’t hear them getting crap for it though because the movie tone wasn’t as serious.

        • @ the good Dr., THANK YOU!!

        • That’s a “Damage Control” problem. My Avatar (Eric O’Grady) worked with them briefly. :)

      • I know what you mean and this is the problem I have with comic book movies that take place in present day or are grounded in reality, they just don’t make sense, if they are set in the not too distant future like X Men or an alternate reality or comic book world like Watchmen then fair enough, but don’t expect people to believe that after all the crap that went down in this movie people just carried on with their lives and were like ‘oh yeah there’s aliens now, cool’ its insulting!

        What also annoyed me was how when Supes and Zod are fighting, up, down, left, right, into space and back down again, they always landed right smack bang in the middle of Metropolis, like they had some invisible elastic cord sucking them back to the exact spot where Louis just happened to be?

        Other than that tho I loved it!

        • @Left Ball — My only response that I can think of in regards to what happens after “first contact” is that our world would HAVE to continue into its norm. In reality, our mortgage payments aren’t going to stop and neither are our day to day jobs. There will obviously be anarchists and other forms of craziness that will take place but the world WILL not stop. I do wish there wouldve been more post afermath scenes where it shows them rebuilding and government reactions. But there is always the sequel.

          • Haha yeah I know, was just venting some minor foibles, I felt the movie could have been longer and explained more, once Zod is dead it just skips to Superman taking down that drone, what happened after Zod?

            It feels sometimes that Hollywood has no faith in the audience, Superman is the most epic of super heroes, he deserves an epic run time!! People will sit through a 3 hour movie!!

            I wanted to see him found by the Kents, more time growing up, Costner was definitely short changed! I wanted to see more of the aftermath, the worlds reaction to these events, what was said officially, you can’t have such an epic story and then just wrap it up quickly in 2 minutes at the end!

            It also makes no sense for Clark to become a journalist, not to mention Louis knowing exactly who he is!! They should have just come up with something else, hell I’d even have taken some amnesia so she didn’t know who Clark really was!!

            Knowing Snyder there will be an awesome Directors Cut that elaborates on these things

  12. Already seen MOS 3 times in theaters! I’ve been hearing mostly positive WOM and I think the fans who were really taken with it will go see it agin and hopefully it won’t get knocked out of the no. 1 spot despite the comp. or at least drop to no. 2.

    • Twice for me and soon to be a third time this weekend. I really do love this movie, I feel very happy and satisfied afterword, like a eating a great slice of pizza.

      • @Thimmy — What theater did you go to?

        • At my local theater, but I believe I will be in the Tempe area in July for business so I plan on visiting the Cine Capri, very excited for the experience.

    • Dramatic movies are a 1 time watch for me. There was tons of action in this film but all the dramatic stuff just turned me off a bit. Don’t get me wrong, some dramatic movies are great, but for me, I just can’t see myself paying to see them more than once.

      • I’m with you on that. This movie will be one of those great movies to watch with commercials. It needs a break from time to time.

  13. So far I only seen it once.

  14. Man of Steel > Any Marvel phase 1
    I love it, wanna go see it again.

    • In your opinion, right? In my opinion, Avengers is still number 1.

      • Currently for me number 1 is a three way tie between TDK, Avengers, and MoS.

        Each movie offers something special that the other 2 don’t.

        • I can see that. TDK had probably the best version of The Joker (Nicholson is a close second), Avengers had the best version of the Hulk to date, and MoS had the best Superman and Superman action for a live-action film.

      • No, im afraid it is now scientific fact, proven by scientists around the world using all sorts of equations, logarithms and measures.

        • Yeah, the same scientists who believe planet X is about to crush our little planet. :-P

          • ….we should all be wary of planet x, I cant believe youd even joke about that.

  15. I enjoyed man of steel and didn’t have a problem with the action. Snyder Goyer and Nolan all did a great job imo. I’ll be returning for a second viewing later this week.

  16. hope all the dads out here in SRland had a happy fathers day. i watched some good movies over the weekend.
    1) hitchcock. very good performances, esp scarjo. hopkins and mirren were just awesome as always
    2) snitch. pretty decent performance from DJ. i though it was a good movie
    3) cloud atlas. made it thru about an hour and was bored with it. it was a loaner from a friend so at least im not out any $
    4) MOS, in 3D, was better than i expected. my only issues were a couple of heavy handed lines/reactions **** spoilers*** namely pa kent and zods deaths and kal’s reactions, other than that, i thought kofi’s review was pretty much spot on. i loved the organic-tech feel of krypton and i thought all the updates to the origin and suit were great. hopefully they will tighten up the story on the next installments
    5) tucker & dale vs evil. frackin hilarious. i have been told to watch that several times and my and the mrs watched it on netflix, i think she liked it more than me. it’s pretty silly, but it works. alan tudyk is great. he should play ant-man.

    • Thanks, Jeffro. Looks like yours was a good one. My family went on an outing to the Goldsmith Gold Mine (Lost Dutchman Mine) here in AZ. Its everything you can imagine. 110 degree weather and a lot of flies. We also watched MoS, Snitch and added in A Good Day To Die Hard. Figured we’d watch 3 movies based around world class fathers LOL.

  17. @Stark — I am posting this here as well because I don’t know if you are going to read through the entire set of posts on the other article. But I wanted you to check it out.

    DC/WB’s style for their CBM’s are wildly accepted critically. Point in proof is their massive amounts in nominations and winnings of Oscars.

    In regards to the movie doing better in its first opening weekend, I don’t agree with your argument. No one saw the movie prior to this weekend. (Disregard Wal Mart and other corporate screenings). There was no word of mouth for this movie to go off of and there wasn’t any sequels or extended universe to piggy back from. Remember, this movie is the highest grossing origin film for a CBM. Therefore it is a massive success.

  18. People are just never satisfied the last reboot was not enough action this reboot to much action and destruction. The movie was awesome hands down and damn even superman can’t save everybody if he did it would have just been cheesy . When sh*t happens people die and zod wasn’t an idiot.sups had no choice but to take him down where he stood

    • Agreed Mr Stevens. People have to complain. Its in our nature. I just laugh at them and hold the “really?!” card to them.