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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 16, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 16, 2014

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  1. For Father’s Day I wanted to watch Godzilla, ended up watching Malificent because I got outvoted.

    How does Father’s Day work again?

    • Father gets to pay the bill.

      • Did that too… at a BBQ restaurant that I didn’t vote for, but the other 2 fathers and celebrants did. Bah.

        Malificent was actually an interesting twist on Sleeping Beauty and I can see how Disney is trying to create stories where women are the central hero roles and not so reliant on men to “save” them.

        I assume their retelling of Cinderella will have her turning the prince down and opening up her own chain of glass shoe stores.

        • Hmmm, would Dorothy shop there looking for a pair of Ruby Slippers, do you think?

      • What a mother of a set-up that is!

    • At my house it went like this…

      “Happy Fathers Day. I’m going to take the kids out with me for a few hours so you could have some time to yourself. But while we’re gone can you weed wack and clean out the coolers so we can use them on the 4th?”


      • @Kevin7

      • Sounds like my house! Did my wife write this?

        • Haha!!!

          If your wife is like mine are you constantly baffled how she’s always 3 steps ahead???

          Any man who doesn’t believe the old adage that women are smarter than men has never been married.

          • 3 steps ahead and each one on my toes!
            After they say “I do” they don’t!

    • I went to the lake with the wife and kid. Then we went out to lunch/dinner, went to the gym, then came home and had a few beers.

      Seemed like any other weekend to me LOL.

    • Hahaha BigNerd, at least you got to see a movie! Father’s Day for me is basically Mother’s Day part 2: This Time It’s Personal.

      • +1

        haha that’s awesome.

      • @Prof:

        Well… that’s how I felt watching that movie. I would have ducked into a 22 Jump Street if I could find it.

        The funny thing is her bday falls around Father’s Day and my bday falls around Mother’s Day… so there is that consideration also… they basically nullify each other.

    • @ Bignerd

      One of my nephews got little sensitive & told me it wasn’t fair for me that I couldn’t enjoy Father’s Day. I told him maybe one day i’ll get married & have kids.

  2. Which Superhero Movie you think Got the Best Music Scores,specially for Main Theme?

    For me it’s Man Of Steel and Captain America:TWS got Best music Main theme.

    • The entire score for Batman ’89 is iconic IMO. So that gets my vote.

      • Although I will say, the X2/DOFP theme is working it’s way to be a contender for best theme. There’s something about it that just gets you excited, much like the Elfman Batman theme and the Williams Superman theme. You hear it and go, “Now THAT is X-Men, no question.”

      • @ ACW 007

        +1 on Batman ’89 score being iconic. Spawned a animated series with great music aswell to it.

    • The Rocketeer and Superman (no, not Man of Steel, not by a long mile).

    • Superman (1978), Batman (1989) and Spider-Man (Raimi Trilogy) have the best Superhero themes and they’re all classics! From the recent Marvel movies Iron Man 3 probably has the best theme!

      • The Winter Soldier’s theme was really good and very fitting.
        I always loved Raimi’s Spiderman’s theme. But Dark Knight or the Rises chant, are probably my favorite. MIB’s awesome. Cowboy Bebop Knocking on Heaven’s Door, the music is really good in that too.

    • Jumping way back, it’s a TV show: the old Green Hornet TV show of the 60s! Loved that Al Hirt trumpet tune! Now if only someone would do a movie or TV show respectful of and just like that, I bet it would do well (get lost, Seth Rogan!). Netflix, where are you???!!!!

    • Watchmen. Even though its primarily a soundtrack. I can fall asleep to that movie every night.

      Otherwise Batman 89

    • My faves are both by Danny Elfman: his theme for Spider-Man and his theme for Tim Burton’s Batman films. That’s some amazing music right there.

      Honorable mention: music for the X-films, Batman Begins theme.

      The best super-person theme maybe would be John Williams theme for Superman, but its not my favorite, its just the most recognizable/iconic/whatever.

    • The Superman theme song rules in my opinion (Chris Reeves Superman, that is).

      • DRAT! Now I’m gonna be hearing that tune the rest of the day! :-)

        • @ Kahless

          John William’s Superman will always be the Superman theme to me.

  3. All three Marvel movies currently at theaters are hovering at $700 million or more in total box office. How awesome is that!

    • According to Box Office Mojo, the world wide grosses are now at:

      Cap2: $710.3
      ASM2: $700.3
      X:DoFP: $661.7

      The only question left is whether X:DoFP will surpass Cap2. I don’t think Guardians of the Galaxy will be that high at the level of those three.

  4. Anyone watch the first season of the 100? I enjoyed it immensely and the finale was great. Season two should be really good.

    • Yep… I watched it. I’m a sucker for CW SciFi (I also watched The Tomorrow People and Star Crossed).

      Funny out of those 3, The 100 got a 2nd season, and it has tons of “What the?” in it. But I think these post-Apoc type shows gets enough attention to warrant continuing on (surprised Revolution lasted this long).

      My biggest problem with it was how the Grounders spoke perfect English and had better clothes than the 100 (at least Lincoln’s jeans).

  5. Anyone else surprised with the sudden change of mood in the podcasts just because of the Edgar Wright drop???

    I mean, we all know that this movie was personally pushed by him for many years, so yes, it is very sad and disappointing, but I don’t see the need to panic or doubt the whole MCU universe…

    Marvel has now entered the formula of releasing something established and something new every year, so we are getting Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, Ant-Man in 2015 and I bet we get Doctor Strange in 2016 and The Inhumans in 2017. Just the fact that these more obscure properties are being produced is creative in itself (new character, new story).

    People say that the studio is killing the creativity of the directors, but who else would have the balls to do something like Ant-Man??? The fact that it is happening, with or without Edgar Wright, is already a gamble and good news! Besides, I do like the cohesive, rich, organic and solid shared universe they have going on, so it is just normal that directors are overseen so it fits in. Sometimes it works (Joss Whedon, Russo brothers, James Gunn) and sometimes it doesn’t (Jon Favreau, Alan Taylor, Edgar Wright).

    Example: I love X:DoFP, but I think that many of the annoying continuity erros would have been easily avoided if Fox would have given more guidance to the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (or even better not doing that movie altogether…).

    Anyway, as I have said all along on this, let’s just wait and see Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man first before we call the time of death for creativity at Marvel.

    • “many of the annoying continuity erros would have been easily avoided if Fox would have given more guidance to the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (or even better not doing that movie altogether…).”

      No. You can’t blame everything on the Wolverine movie. Most of the continuity errors are inconsistencies between what happened in the DoFP/First Class timeline and what happened in the original trilogy. If Fox really wanted to prevent continuity problems they would have prevented First Class, and by extension Days of Future Past, from ever being made.

    • “I think that many of the annoying continuity erros would have been easily avoided if Fox would have given more guidance to the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (or even better not doing that movie altogether…)”

      Not really. Most of the continuity errors were caused by inconsistencies between the original trilogy and the First Class/DoFP timeline. If Fox had been policing the continuity more strictly we would never have gotten First Class, and by extension, never have gotten Days of Future Past.

      • I respectfully disagree. The original trilogy plus The Wolverine are all a solid linear chain of events… in an alternate timeline.

        First Class is a different timeline (not preceeding the original trilogy for many reasons) and the new canon going forward after the events in X:DoFP. In X:DoFP they clearly reset the line so now they have total freedom to do whatever they want in the next one.

        • “First Class is a different timeline (not preceeding the original trilogy for many reasons)”

          The conceit of DoFP is clearly that First Class represents the events preceding the original X-Men film. That’s why characters from the Original Trilogy are able to travel back in time and interact with the characters from First Class.

          • That they have points in common doesn’t mean it is the same. The characters of First Class and X:DoFP are not gonna live through the events of the original trilogy as they were told, hence different timeline.

            • Yes, but First Class is set 10 years before the time reset in DOFP so technically, (in fictional time travel physics) it is the same timeline as the other films’ timelines. The “Doc Brown” alternate timeline split happens at the end of DOFP, so every film we see in the future is in the brand new timeline. Everything else…same timeline (except one scene).

              And ***FUTURE FILM SPOILER*** Everyone in DOFP at the end in the future scene will had to have survived the events of the upcoming Apocalypse film, right?

              • Yeah right, it is the same timeline because clearly Peter Dinklage was meant to grow up to be Bill Duke as Bolivar Trask… or the past relantionship between Xavier and Mystique is very present in the original trilogy… or Toad just get surgery to look completely different, or etc, etc

                I sleep better at night thinking they are two separate timelines :), and of course ignoring Origins, where things get even more inexplicable (best example Sabretooth but there are more).

                Embrace this!

                • Oh, yes there are plenty of continuity errors still present. I think this latest film was just a “reset” so they could have the freedom to do what they please in the future films…like make Deadpool the Merc WITH a mouth.

                  I get what you are saying. And by all means, do whatever you have to do to sleep at night.

  6. Nightcrawler, I think the problem most people are having with this,…better yet, the problem I’m having with this is simply that the direction makes all the difference between movies and film.
    Wright would have been Marvel’s best asset, next to RDJr and Whedon. And they pushed him away. I mean the fact that Wright wanted to work with Marvel Studios at all is a bit of a miracle, Marvel got too cocky and somehow pissed him off. A dumb move. He was the best director in their camp and a solid filmmaker. Marvel replaced him with a nobody and think we won’t kno the difference.

    • Obviously the best outcome would have been that they would have been able to co-exist and co-work in harmony, but since that was not possible, they are both better off parting ways. I think the best description for this break up was given by James Gunn.

      I previously mentioned some examples of occasions when studio and director worked alright together and occasions when there was friction. I think you can tell the difference in the final product for one and the other. Jon Favreau and Alan Taylor had issues during Iron Man II and Thor 2 and you can see those are not Marvel’s best. On the other hand Joss Whedon and the Russo Brothers both renewed with the studio and The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier happen to be the best they have. Again, sometimes there is chemistry and sometimes there is not.

      What I am trying to say is that it is better for everybody to have an Ant-Man movie without a disgruntled Edgar Wright rather than forcing it. Edgar doesn’t get in his CV something he is not totally comfortable with, and the studio doesn’t end up extending a quarrel around how to portray one of its properties. The movie is not doomed, it might be a turd, it might not. Will see.

    • Right. I’m sure the suits running the Marvel blockbuster machine are kicking themselves right now because they lost the guy who made that Scott Pilgrim bomb.

    • “better yet, the problem I’m having with this”

      At least you clarified your original comment. Wright being the 3rd best asset is hilaious, IMO.

      Wright is a fine director, but he is also a niche guy with a cult following. I liked the first 2 of his trilogy and hated the last. SPvsTW was awful, and ironically Chris Evns was the only part I enjoyed. That movie was a “bomb.”

      You could say some of the same for Gunn and yet he’s still here and I haven’t heard any rumblings of him not getting his way. Maybe as nightcrawler said, there wasn’t chemistry? None of us truly know every detail and to say Wright was “pushed” away is a little presumptuous. I get it, Marvel handles their multi-billion dollar business the way they see fit and they have earned that right. It’s not like directors are coming into this blindly – the Russos came in and knocked it out of the ballpark working within the confines of the “marvel way.”

      I’m hoping for the best, but with Wright gone, nothing has changed from my point of view. It’s risky no matter who is behind the camera.

  7. Anyone see trailers for Steven Soderbergh and Clive Owen’s new show on Cinemax, I think it’s called Knick. It’s looking gorgeous.

  8. I saw Edge of Tomorrow and 22 Jump Street this weekend. What an awesome pair of completely different movies. I recommend both but you should prbly all see Edge of Tomorrow cuz it needs the money. 22 is killing at the box office.

    After I take my midterm tomorrow I get to watch the season finales of GoT and Fargo. I’m pumped :D I’m less pumped about taking a midterm in June though. I’m not sure I’m liking summer school.

  9. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the tour de force that is the actress Eva Green. I’m currently on episode 3 of ‘Penny Dreadful’ and believe me when I say that Eva Green, for me, has been the best actress on TV for a long long time. Do yourselves a favor and watch her in ‘Penny Dreadful’ and ’300: Rise of An Empire’.

    I’m gonna call it now, she’ll surely get a nomination at some award show for her Penny Dreadful performance.

    • Does anyone give her credit for “Casino Royale”? That’s where I first encountered her, and she was REALLY good in that movie, as was everyone else.

      • Agreed. She basically redefined the Bond girl role. I read a quote somewhere that said “she broke and made James Bond” making her the greatest Bond girl ever.

        • Well, her character in literary Bond canon was the first to do that.

          In film? No, that was Tracy in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

      • Watch “Kingdom of Heaven” if you haven’t all ready. That’s where I first saw her…then she really stuck with me after Casino Royale. One of my favorite actresses.

  10. Anyone see those stupid Tina Fey American Express commercials? Why does she swipe the wrong side of the card??? Who thought that would be a good idea? The card is transparent, you can clearly see where the magnetic strip is. I don’t think they thought it through too well while making those commercials…

  11. Spielberg directing the BFG? idk if it will actually happen but I like the idea of Spielberg doing a Roald Dahl adaptation. That’d be a good mix, especially for that specific story.

    • Spielberg is doing a movie called Bug F*#%*ng Gun???


    • Big**

      My phone loves to embarrass me.

  12. Only one movie in the top seven has made double its budget or more in north america ( the lego movie) without having to rely on overseas to do it. Very impressive. And transformers 4 represents last chance for a movie to gross 30 million
    Domestically for a summer movie, we have had one such beast for the last twelve summers. Guardians of galaxy and
    Dawn of apes is too much of a longshot.

  13. What are good villains to have in movies about Panther, Strange and Ant-Man? I’m not too knowledgeable about their gallery and I’m curious which foes would look good on screen. I think I read that Doom was an important battle for Panther (I know, Fox owns the rights to use Doom)

    • Dormammu for Strange. Not too keen on the other two.