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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 15, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 15, 2012

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  1. Looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man coming soon – much more than the next Batman movie. When I watched the trailer in the cinema recently – there was nothing in it that really grabbed me – and Cat-Woman just looked naff !
    2012 belongs to Marvel.

    • Why can’t 2012 belong to both DC and Marvel? Why does it have to be a competition? They’re both winners to me.

      • There can be only one hahaha

        I consider Marvels Studios & Marvel Properties (ASM) seperate. Its a three way battle for the crown lol

        • Amazing Spiderman

  2. Sorry for this non-movie/tv post, but I have a question to all the comic-book-collecting ranters who would care to help me out:
    A sibling of mine will be in the US next week and I want to ask her to pick up some comic-book supplies for me (can’t get them here in SA and import costs are a b!***)
    Now, I’ve visited a few sites to get some estimates on the prices, but since they vary A LOT, I just wanted to know if any of you guys would have an idea on how much it would cost to get a pack of resealable comics book bags (100 bags/sleeves per pack) and maybe a cardboard storage box?
    Also, I’ve heard that most collectors use “back boards”? Are these necessary (what exactly do they do besides offering extra support) and if so, how much do they generally cost?

    Again, sorry for the unrelated movie/tv post, but my comic book collection is getting a little beat-up being out in the open and since you ranters know your stuff, I thought it would be best to ask you guys instead of relying solely on the rest of the ~unknown and misleading interweb~ ;)

    • 100 bags, 100 boards should be no more than $8 a piece.
      It’s been a while, but the boxes should be no more than $6-7

      And definitely get the backing boards. The help protect the comic from getting folded, mangled, etc.

      • FYI, a comic “long box” holds between 200-225 comics, bagged and boarded.

        • Thanks a lot man, that was really helpful :)

      • Agreed all my comics are bagged and boarded and stored in a large plastic container. I’ve had them stored for as long as I can remember and still look as good as the day of purchase.

        • Ditto.

        • 100 of each should be between $7-$12 per product, depending on where you buy them. The boxes are about $6-$10. I don’t have a lot of collectible comics, and the ones I do have are mostly displayed on the walls of my man cave, but I would definitely recommend a backboard for anything you plan on storing.

          • @Vader & @YetiSlammer: thanks a lot guys! (And again, thanks INK).
            Really appreciate the help…

            • @ Avenger,
              Your welcome.

    • Get the boards.

      This is incredibly nit-picky but someone showed me a little tip one time and it is a good one. If you put the tape on at about a 45 degree angle instead of 90 degrees (vertically), it’s easier to open them up and take them out, and then tape them closed again. It pulls open easier (kind of from the side). Otherwise, it doesn’t open as easy and the plastic gets pinched and stretched where the tape is.

  3. Ol so I bought JC last night and I actually thought it was good. Was disappointed when it was over to know that Disney will not be making another.

    Where did this movie go wrong at the theaters? Wa it bad marketing? Or was it just the wrong time for a release?

    • Bad marketing seems to be the main cause. The film was great, there is always the possibility that great Blu ray/DVD sales will push a sequel… But it is a long shot.

      The interesting thing is that, everyone I know who has seen it, loved it.

      • Ditto. All my friends and family members who’ve seen it also really liked the movie – the only recurring complaint (one I agree with) is that it was too long.

      • I agree Dr. Sam. I loved JC and I also agree the marketing for the film was horrid. Reminded me a little bit of the marketing for Incredible Hulk.

      • I, and apparently many others, disagree that “bad marketing” was the reason for the flop. I found the dialogue to be both atrocious and boring, the main character was not charasmatic enough, the screenplay left much to be desired, and with all of that, the movie felt too long. I shouldn’t get political, but to say it was “bad marketing” is like saying Obama is failing just because he isn’t getting his message out…

        • Politics aside, I DO blame the marketing. The trailers showed nothing of what the story was about. It showed action and that was all. People want to know A LITTLE about what the movie is actually about.

          And actually, just like John Carter, Obama is failing BECAUSE of his message/marketing.

          • I agree with Jeff on both points. 8)


          • Ink, no disrespect intended, but just because you may like something does not mean that those who don’t like it aren’t “getting it” because of “bad marketing”. The notion smacks of arrogance, as if the rest of us just aren’t smart enough to realize what is good. Because of the marketing, in fact, I and many other people saw the movie. We simply did not like it. Now, I will say, however, that I thought more of the movie than I do of Obama’s presidency… :)

            • Jeff – I meant no disrespect to anyone in my post, just giving my opinion. And those who didn’t like it apparently saw it. My point was the marketing wasn’t reflective of the the overall story so a LOT of people didn’t see it. Thus, the poor numbers.

              • Understood, Ink. Perhaps at some point in the future, they’ll attempt a reboot, and that might be more successful.

        • Not sure where to reply to this but…….I actually believe that both sides are right to a certain extent. The marketing dept. DID do a poor job because Disney allowed Stanton complete control over how it was shown to the public. Then they renamed it to a generic name that could have made the uninformed think it was some biographical piece. JC of Mars would have at least piqued a few more people’s interest.

          The movie itself suffered from a lot of Jeff’s points and it also completely butchered the source material. They mixed book plots together, turned White Apes into mindless (and stupidly sightless) beasts, changed political motivations, made the Therens into supposedly all powerful and immortal beings that drain a planets resources and then planet hop to the next viable target and more but I think you get the idea. Stanton claimed he was a huge fan of the books but the changes he made (many for no good reason I might add) proved otherwise.

          Ultimately it was Disney’s fault for giving Stanton total and complete control of everything and then trusting it would make a ton of money.

          • I was really looking forward to another Pixar guy succeeding in live action. But I heard Stanton didn’t have a handle on live action and sought help from Pixar friends instead of those with live action experience. This led to expensive re-shoots and wasted time. Animation can be re-edited and tweaked more easily.

            I never read JC, and I’m by no means a purist when it comes to translating one medium to another. So I’m not against changes, but the story they came up with was rather convoluted. I followed it but I imagine many didn’t bother.

            Like GL, it seemed like a desperate attempt to create a new series. And like GL it tried to introduce too many elements in the first movie. I think successful series tend to have more patience (and confidence) and start out with simple stories in the first movies.

        • I didn’t like it either. Like Green lantern it started with a rushed voice over synopsis that’s supposed to bring the audience up to speed. That was a bad sign for me. I thought the choice to have two warring cities that both looked the same (human) was a decision that probably created more confusion. It was introducing a new world with new technology and boundaries, while at the same time there was supposed to be some even newer (to this already new world) technology. The ships had too much wood without a tree in sight. Overall it was mostly interested in telling us about what is in the books instead of telling a story for the movie. Things could have been rearranged and changed from the source.

          I think the bad marketing sprang from overall uncertainty about the product. A few weeks before they were really trying to hammer home that JC was the inspiration for SW, Avatar, and Superman. It’s like they were saying “It’s not that good, but we owe it a cultural debt.”

          • I noticed that about the commercials, but I really think they were just trying to capture the fans of those respective franchises. I fail to see what they could have done differently and/or more with the commercials to entice more people to see the film. The commercials borrowed from the movie, and the movie is what needed improvement.

  4. Anyone else wondering why there is a lack of Paramount or 20th Century Fox presence at Comic Con this year?

    • Yeah, there’s no reason that Paramount shouldn’t be showing something from Star Trek 2.

      • Agreed, that was actually the main reason for my confusion. That and Fox’s A Good Die to Die Hard. Delayed releases perhaps?

        • *Day. Bah.

  5. Just watched Alien and Aliens for the 1st time (I Know I’m late but they were before my time) Should I go ahead and watch Alien 3 or just end it where I’m at?

    • I thought it was alright :/

    • I’m also a newcomer to the Alien franchise and I finished my marathon last week (Week 1: ‘Alien’, Week 2: ‘Aliens’, Week 3: ‘Alien3′, Week 4: ‘Prometheus’ & ‘Alien: Resurrection’)

      Alien and Aliens were amazing movies, while Alien3 and Resurrection sucked big time IMO.
      As for Prometheus… didn’t really love that one either to be honest, but it was definitely better than Alien3 and Resurrection.

      My personal opinion would just to stop where you are now…

      • Yea Prometheus was good but It was missing something. But I’ll take your advice and stop where I am. Its a shame though seeing as David Fincher directed Alien 3. He’s one of my faves.

        • I agree that you should stop at Aliens.
          I’m a big Fincher fan myself so that’s why I watched 3 a couple years back and in all honesty it doesn’t come off as a Fincher film at all.
          And if you want to know why take the time to read about the production of the film. It was a disaster from script to release. That’s why Fincher won’t even acknowledge it.

          • Indeed, it was just a mess of a production. And that’s why Fincher is so awesome, he turned straight around and showed everyone what he could do once he had full creative control.

      • @ The Avenger

        Should i go see Prometheus in theaters or wait for DVD? Haven’t seen it yet.

        • I dunno, it’s best to see it in the cinema because of the amazing special effects, great sound and the extra scare factor, but since I didn’t really like the movie, I can’t full-heartily say to go spend x-amount of money on a ticket for a movie that you might end up disliking just as much as I did…

          It’s up to you… if you have the extra money to go watch it, then watch it, but if you’re on a budget and would rather save your money for some other blockbusters this year, I’d say give this one a skip.

          • @ The Avenger

            Thanks! Theres other movies i wanna see more. As i meentioned before on here im only fan of the first two Alien films of the franchise alone & thought to a lesser extent AVP was good for a spin-off. Again thanks as i’ll wait for the dvd.

            • @ The Avenger

              Btw i dunno if you saw the first Piranha film, but you might wanna skip seeing the 2nd film unless you’re really curious enough. I rented it by Dish On Demand & it’s bad.

  6. I have a question: Can I change my name on this site?

    • Yea, your name is kinda lame if you ask me… Lol. But on another note I believe you can, just keep your email the same.

    • Uh I believe you can just type a new name next time you post. I’ll try it.

      • Did it work?

        • It worked.

        • That was horrible ><

          • It was…

          • Yet you still commented. :)

            • I thought it was against the rules or something :’D

              • Don’t call me Prince!

                • Wat.

  7. Any word on the pre-order ticket sales for The Dark Knight Rises? Just curious how it has done. I have looked online, but haven’t found any numbers.

    • If you’re just talking comic book movies, I think MoS will start getting a lot of buzz after TDKR.

  8. I’m a little worried that all the good parts from spiderman were shown in the trailer, I’m more concerned for the person who said up top that they are more excited for The amazing spiderman than The dark Knight rises when I saw this cheese joke on TASM trailer when a guy pulls out a knife and spiderman makes some stupid comment about him finding his weakness and gets down on his knees… If that was suppose to be funny, then they executed that way wrong and completely through me off for it…

    • I always try to avoid watching the 2nd and 3rd trailers and articles to avoid spoilers especially when its close to releasing. Just like the avengers I avoided anything related till after watching the film. With release day for both TASM and TDKR approaching I’m once again avoiding anything related till then.

      • I’m with you, Vader. I avoided all things Avengers before I saw the film, and the payoff was grand. I’m doing the same with TASM and TDKR. Bring on the films!

    • That “cheesy” joke is one of Spider-Man´s trademark in the comic books. He makes fun of his enemies to confuse them. And obviously it works.

    • would be good :D

  9. I watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows yesterday and while moments were enjoyable I really didn’t care for it all that much.
    I’d score it 5/10 or 2 1/2 of 5 stars.
    I won’t go as far as to say it was terrible but it was just stale IMO. The jokes fell flat, the plot was all over the place. The only reason I gave it 2 1/2 stars would be the set pieces were cool and I haven’t tired yet of Guy Richie’s style.
    Bring on RocknRolla 2 :)

    • Kevin7

      You should try Sherlock BBC if get a chance. Overall, its just a better take on the Sherlock mythos. You can find season 1&2 on Netflix and online.

      • I agree, Ignur Rant. I believe the BBC series “Sherlock” is currently the best rendition of the character. Very well done.

        • Im looking forward to ‘Elementary’ the CBS version of Sherlock Holmes. I liked the trailer so hopefully a tv station will pick it up over here.

        • +1

    • Blasphemy!!! ;)
      I actually really enjoyed it. The story wasn’t as good as the first one (even though this one was the only one based on a story from the book), but the action, acting and humor were all great IMO.

      However, I do hope they go a bit darker with the third one… a bit more of a thought-provoking thriller than a buddy-action-comedy
      SH3 should still have the humor and the action though (you can’t NOT have humor when RDJ is involved ;)), but having a more serious tone would be a great way to keep things fresh I think

      • @ Ingur & The Avenger
        I should have mentioned that I have seen Sherlock and love it. The only episode I’m not to high on is episode 2 of season 2.
        I think that’s why I didn’t enjoy the movie so much. Even though it played out differently I knew what was coming based off of the season 2 finale so I couldn’t get to invested in it. I know I shouldn’t compare the 2 because their different mediums told differently but it’s hard not to.
        I’ll still watch a 3rd if it happens though. I’m a big fan of Downey Jr. and most of Richie’s work. And like you said Avenger I’d like to see it played a bit more serious. I’m not against comedy and a little camp but not so much…

        • For anyone who hasn’t read the literature, I was wondering, are the smaller references in BBC’s series lost on you, such as the orange pips, and the like?

          I like the way the TV series reinvents Conan Doyle’s character in a modern context, and plays on the original elements of cases from the books, reinterpreting them in surprisingly unexpected ways.

          Ritchie on the other hand delivers a more literal though embellished take on the character, imo, weaving a new tapestry with old threads from the stories, but I agree, in moving forward he should reign in the slapstick.

  10. Ive seen The Hangover 2 couple days ago. Didn’t enjoy it much. The first film was great but not this one. Did anyone watch season 5 premiere of True Blood?

    • Yeah Hangover 2 was pretty average, I tend to agree. Not sure where it went wrong. I think in taking the story away from Vegas it kinda lost some of its appeal, dunno.

    • I disagree.

      ******* SPOILERS AHEAD *******
      When your in Limbo and all the above dream states are gone – as they rode them up to get to reality, you go strait to reality. Its what happened with Cobb and his wife early in the film.

      Plus if I remember correctly every time he is in reality he has no wedding ring on, but when he is in the dream state he does at the end he isnt wearing one. Also the top was moving too erratically to be in a dream.

      So I put my money on he is in reality.

      ******* END SPOILER ********

      Inception is nearly tied for his best film for me, The Prestige be the best. TDK is his worse in my opinion (and then a thousand CON attack me with fire and pitchforks for saying that lol).

      • I’m gonna miss that Inception thread. I think it was closer to 8000 comments before it got closed. I can’t believe how long SR kept it up for, so thanks again guys. What a movie!

  11. Anyone planning on tuning in to the 2hr season premier of FALLING SKIES. I watched the first season and thought it pretty good.

    On another note Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter is nearing release in theaters. I definately wanna check it out. Also I watched Prometheus and really liked it the visuals were amazing. They could’ve done some minor tweaks to the plot to tie it in a little better to Alien but overall it was good.

    • I caught an episode of it at my friends house and it was good, I’m not much of a TV person but if I can I will try and catch it. Will get it on DVD.

  12. I’m about to watch Ghost Rider: SOV, I don’t care what they say, I liked the Crank movies and I didn’t hate the first rider movie. I actually thought cage was a good blaze. However, because of all the bad things I’ve heard, my expectations are very low.

    I’ve always thought the Rider would be a better TV show. A lengthy back story, lots of villains, one of which is the devil itself. Even Ghost Rider’s existence begs for a “highway to heaven”/”sons of anarchy”/”supernatural” style HBO show with cursing and bloody R-rated CG.

    But I’m watching the movie now, fingers croosed but it’ll probably suck.

    • “crossed” croosed?

      • I just watched it myself, while the Johnny Blaze character was closer to his comic counterpart, I just didn’t like the movie as much as the first. It wasn’t horrible, but it never got past OK either. Very meh.

  13. Took my Dad to see “Moonrise Kingdom” (and had the impression I wasn’t the only one). We both really liked it. Very sweet and charming.

    • Is there any other kind of Wes Anderson flick! Love his work, and will be sure to check this out. Interested to see what Anderson does with Norton.