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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 14, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 14, 2013

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  1. Does the MOS review contain spoilers? I don’t want to read it until I know lol.

    • Kofi provides a very brief summary of the film at the beginning of the article.

      If you don’t want to know anything about the film AT ALL, then I suggest you avoid it.

      • I read the end of the article and that was safe. Usually the synopsis’s are always spoiler free. But I am interested in the rest, just don’t want to catch myself off guard.

    • I didn’t think it had any spoilers. There is another article posted that specifically says MOS spoilers, so you should be fine reading the review.

    • Yeah; his planet explodes and his parents die. Sorry. :-D

      • Honestly… I was hoping that part was altered or changed… So thanks Kahless!

      • His planet explodes.

        His Parents escape.

        But they uses the iPhone Maps and now they are just Lost in Space.

          • …………….

            I just pissed my pants.

            • Uuuuuuggggghhhhh Raacchhheeellll

  2. So David Goyer says Justice League is definitely in the cards, and that Man Of Steel is in fact the start of DC’s own movie universe.
    He also said that this new universe will indeed feature a NEW Batman.

    ……. told ya so ;)

    • “It would be disingenuous to say Warner Bros doesn’t hope that this would be the starting point for a shared universe. And Zack has said that Bruce Wayne exists in this universe. It would be a different Bruce Wayne from Chris’ [Nolan] Dark Knight trilogy, and it would be disingenuous to say that Zack and I haven’t had various conversations on set, around ‘what if’ and ‘moving forward’.

      That having been said, it’s all going to depend on the next few weeks. Warner Bros has hopes that there will be more Man Of Steel films, and that this will be the beginning of a shared universe. We could meet Batman, or Wonder Woman, or the Justice League in these movies. But they all hinge on box office reception.

      If that happens, I would be happy, and nervous, to dive in.”

      I want a reinvented Batman. Whether it was Bale’s Batman growing up and becoming wiser or a new BW to be created. Either way, I am okay with it. Just as long as we don’t have the dumb brute that was in TDK trilogy.

      • With all due respect, Bruce Wayne wasn’t a dumb brute in TDK trilogy. He was fairly smart (smarter than most people I’d say), just not the world’s greatest detective from the comics that we’re used to. He wasn’t “scientist”-smart, he was “normal person”-smart, if that makes any sense…

        • He wasn’t as dumb as the people you hear about on the news but he isn’t the same guy that I would trust either. Bad choices with females, arguing with Alfred over pride, not knowing when to rest, and thinking that Batman is just a symbol LOL. That last part was a joke. I know that was the moral of Nolan’s story but still.

          • You do realize everything you said comes from the comics. smh lol. Youbare complaing how he is less oike Batman wgen those are examples of him being like Batman

            *Bruce always makes poor choicescwhen it comes to women. Jezebel Jet, Talia and Catwoman
            *He often argues with Alfred. In Knightall Alfred leaves Bruce b/c he wouldn’t let himself heal.
            *Bruce always pushes his body to the physical limits and it is Alfred who constantly has to make sure he eats and sleeps. It’s pratically in every Batman incarnation.
            *Batman No Man’s Land, Batman, Incoporated and TDKReturns are all about Bruce realizing that Batman IS a symbiol.

            • Okay let me add this then. He left out almost all the good attributes that Batman is known for. SMH lol. <~~~ I can be cool too.

            • And at what point did I say that any of those weren’t in the comics? Way to be an elitist a hole.

              • Sorry I just had to respond, he’s not an elitist @hole, he just countered you argument with valid points of who Bruce Wayne is in the world comics. It’s sad, it seems that if we like the recent Batman movies were are “Nolanites” and if love our comics and use the knowledge in a discussion we are “elitist”. Sorry I’m stating the obvious. Back to the corner I go…

                • No he is one. He used it with intentions on making me look like an idiot which in turn made himself look like an a hole. Especially since I never brought up the comics. I brought up poor qualities in general.

                  • I like the idea of Bale’s character getting wiser, with all of his experiences and age he could be less of a fighter and more of a strategist or detective.

                    • For continuity, it’s a smart route to go down. 10 yrs under his belt and some down time to rethink things. Come back smarter and stronger than ever?!

            • this aint about the comics though, this is about the films…smh

      • I’m in agreement with Cheerio’s assessment of Nolan’s/Bale’s Wayne.

        He didn’t come off as charismatic, intelligent or even brooding. Wayne’s public persona is that of a playboy billionaire, his private persona is the world’s greatest detective with a firm belief in justice… in the Nolanverse… he was neither.

  3. OK. So I watched MOS last night. I am not going to spoil anything specific (like major plot points), but I will discuss my thoughts on a few minor details so you may not want to read if you have not seen it. And sorry for posting this on the Open Discussion (as well as the spoiler discussion) but I feel like the feedback here is much better.

    Overall I thought the movie was good, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I had a few gripes that others and I mentioned on another discussion. I would like to get yalls opinion.
    I feel like the story was a little jumpy and rushed (this did not bother me that much). But my main concern was the lack of build up to Kal-El becoming Superman. He literally just finds the suit and puts it on. And my other gripe is the lack of a memorable Superman reveal to the public. He literally just shows up in front of the Army, and what is the human races first response to superman (the most bad ass superhero, with near infinite powers)? A sarcastic “OK we’re impressed”, Supermans first appearance is met with Sarcasm (really bothered me for some reason). As bad as it sounds, I wanted your typical Superhero reveal. Supes shows up in grand fashion to save some civilians, and people lose their s***.

    But other than that I really liked the movie. The female villain was one of the best parts of the film, she had great presence on screen. She was creepy and her fight scenes were great.
    Not a perfect film, but to quote another Snyder film, it is “a good start”.

    • Hmmm, I’m not certain that you should discuss the details of the movie here. That’s getting into spoiler territory, and others may not have seen the movie yet.

      What does everyone else think?

      • I skipped over. Atleast he used a spoiler warning. But I don’t want to see it.

      • My personal opinion: discuss the merits/faults of the film in the MOS spoiler section.

        • It is mainly just my opinion (no real spoilers), but I understand that is why I gave a spoiler warning. There are just people who post on the OD whose opinions I enjoy reading and I was hoping a few of them may have seen the movie already, or will respond later today or tomorrow after seeing it.
          I did not make the post with any intention of spoiling anything for anyone.

    • well, ya did spoil some plot points. way to be man, i really appreciate it.

  4. I posted this question in the review post but I imagine it will get lost and go unnoticed so I will ask it here again if thats cool?

    For anyone that has seen MOS, is there a mid credit or post credit scene?

    • I do not think so

      • At least there was not one at the midnight showing.

        • Nope none

          • Cheers guys

  5. Im very interested to see the numbers come sunday

    • What’s your guess? I’m thinking 110.

    • I want 200 LOL. But in reality… I am thinking 100 easily. Maybe 120?

      • Idk ill go 105. But there is a chance it will be bigger depends on how the midnight did

        • Looks like 9 million midnight and an additional 12 million for 7 pm shows. Half as much as Dark Knight Rises.

          1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – $43.5 million
          2. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – $30.3 million
          3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – $30.1 million
          4. The Twilight Saga: New Moon – $26.3 million
          5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – $24 million
          6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $22.2 million
          7. The Hunger Games – $19.7 million
          8. The Avengers – $18.7 million
          9. The Dark Knight – $18.5 million
          10. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith – $16.5 million

          • The 12 million for walmart showings counts i believe towards the opening night gross. Therefore its 21 mil the highest of non sequals

  6. I get the feeling that we’re gonna see MOS 2 around 2015 ,the same year as Avengers 2.WB will do whatever they can to slow down the Marvel momentum and if they can deliver a worthy sequel to steal a little thunder from Avengers 2 ,then this is going to be a fun feud to witness between the two studios for the next couple of years.

  7. I mentioned this on the MOS review thread, but I’m always a bit confused as to the Marvel vs. DC war. I’d be willing to bet Marvel execs want DC movies to do well and vice versa. If MOS performs well and gets positive reviews that just further reinforces that comic book moves can be “real” movies. It gets the general public even more interested. The success of the recent Marvel movies, and the Batman trilogy, well immensely help MOS. Finally, the general public largely doesn’t even know, or care, about Marvel or DC. They just want good movies.

    • You’re spot on. The Marvel vs DC war is depressing and senseless.
      Even more than that, the fanboy extremists who feel the need to pick a side and bash anything other than their favorite, give well-mannered and reasonable comic-book fans a bad name. There’s a stigma where people think comic book fans are all crazy nut jobs who live in their parents’ basements and spend their entire day trolling on the internet, when in reality, that’s simply not the case with many of us.

      • True. I have never been in the comic shop and seen a Superman book that intrigues me and said “No thanks, it’s a DC title”

        • Ive been to a CB shop maybe 10 times in my life? They are around. Just not my thing. I prefer shopping on Amazon.

        • Neither have I. But those kind of people do exist… it’s like loyalty to a sports team.

      • @the avenger,
        “There’s a stigma where people think comic book fans are all crazy nut jobs who live in their parents’ basements and spend their entire day trolling on the internet, when in reality, that’s simply not the case with many of us.”
        you are correct young sir, i live in my own basement. :)

        • @ jeffro

          the avenger is only half right, my parents are divorced,lol. I go to comic book stores, not every day is all. I buy more than comics,books, I buy collectables. Im still workin all getting all of my JLU collection completed. I can’t troll all day neither as I have job & if I don’t have one, id be helping my dad on the farm because I wouldn’t be sitting around the house everyday.

  8. Watched Man of Steel last night in IMAX and imo it was EPIC!!! Saw a few hidden gems of which I will not mention here, keep your eyes open when you watch the film. I will be returning for a 2nd viewing in IMAX. Man of Steel is a great addition to the DC cinematic universe. I’m definitely picking up the Blu-ray when it releases. As much as I want a JL I’d prefer WB and DC films complete a trilogy before moving on to the justice league.

    • Happy Birthday for the 14th.

  9. I’ll be seeing MOS in about 6 hours. I only ask one thing:

    Is it going to make me a lot happier than IM3 did?

    • Did you read Kofi’s review? The last paragraph gave me hope.

      • @Leather Cheerio

        It was a good film. Not great, not epic. It had its flaws. I liked it better than 3 of the Previous Superman Movies.

        Some people got on me for a post earlier. Then other people make worse comments about it.

        But I have to ask this.

        WTF is up with people and the internet. Why do people get Internet Muscles? Makes no sense. So you do not like a persons opinion. Do not go around attacking or insulting them. Makes no damn sense.

        • I read that. My second most hated reason about crowds in a movie is cheering/clapping during or after a movie. It’s not a Broadway show. GTFO!

          And yeah… Read comments above against me in regards to my opinions of Bruce Wayne.

          Part of my job is to deal with people on the phone. Now in my dept I get the worse. I call them telephone tough guys. Death threats all day long. Same as the emails that I read. I will never understand the keyboard and its magical ways of giving people strength and determination.

          • You have opinions about me?

            Sorry..Could not resist.


            • While typing that on my phone, I almost backed up and put it in parenthesis as (read: Waine) but if I do that, the text input box goes beserk and doesn’t let the cursor return to the place I want it. But… Yeah… Lol. Lemmings… Got a glass of scotch for us, old timer? I need one.

          • Well, you know how they are.

            All Talk.

            Like my comments about Lemming, I DOUBT everyone stood up and applauded.

            But hey, if I can turn the other cheek face to face, I can damn sure do it on the internet.

        • @ Jeff

          No matter how much I liked or disliked a film, I always try to put “IMO” to justify my opinions on certain things within the film. I don’t intend to get personal with anyone till I feel they get personal on my opinions. Door swings both ways if people lets it.

          • SR is a site for opinions to be shared. I (we) shouldn’t have to always type IMO to make sure that someone understands that. Its 9/10 times a given that we are speaking in opinions.

    • The answer you seek is yes!! Enjoy Man of Steel.

    • Can’t really answer that, since I don’t know why you didn’t like IM3.

      I will say this: IM3 is humorous, and MOS is dead serious. Very few commonalities, and mostly at opposite ends of the spectrum.

  10. Hey! I finally see the floating menu bar!

    • Its all in your head.

    • What floating menu bar? I think you’re seeing things again. Time to put down the funny cigarette. :-P

      • or pass it.

      • No wacky tabacky for this leathercheerio!

        • its for my glaucoma..yeah..glaucoma…

          • What about guacamole?

            • whackamole?

            • You smoke guacamole?? :-D

              • I’ll try anything once

  11. I expect triple digits for MoS, but does anyone think WWZ next week will do triple too?

    • I’m thinking maybe 40m for WWZ. Not sure if Brad Pitt has the box office pull that he use to have.

    • I’d be VERY surprised if WWZ pulled in triple digits. MOS will still be going strong which will take away some of its box office. It had huge production problems so the verdict is still out on whether it’ll be very good. And a zombie apocalypse flick isn’t exactly the most accessible film for the mainstream audience. I think it’ll do fine. 40m sounds about right.

      • @Tyler & Kyle,

        I agree that Pitt does not have the pull he use to. However all the ladies in my office are very excited to see WWZ because of Pitt. I’m talking 50-60 year old ladies, people I assume would have no interest in a zombie apocalypse film. I still think it is highly unlikely it will cross triple digits.

    • If it does, they will BARELY cross triple. Depending on how good the actual movie is and how many people will go home recommending it.

  12. I don’t get what the big deal is with people coming down on others because they didn’t think MoS was the greatest film of all time. I haven’t seen it yet (plan on going this weekend) but people have their likes and dislikes, and many times they differ from ours. I say listen to both sides and make up your own mind.

    • +1 buddy

    • I think they do not want anyone going against their Precious Man of Steel.

      Good Chance, I have been a fan of Superman before half of them were born.

      • I like the Open Discussion. It’s like a safe haven for expressing opinions. Most of the time LOL.

        • I think you guys are being very hypocritical especially with the internet “tough guy” complants. From what I have read on these discussion boards you guys come off as, leathercheerio described it earlier, a bunch of “elitist a holes” you two and your “click” of posters with Stark, some 007 guy, well I’m sure every one knows the group of posters, the group who never respond outside of their circle. Leathercheerio you really seem like a mean spirited person, complaining about clapping at the end of movie, wow some people just like to have fun. You’re complaining about internet tough guys, but you always seem to be a smart as s with people who have a different opinion. And Jeff with your statements it seems like you believe the world is entitled to you, I mean I just read your comment from above, “I have been a fan of Superman before half of them were born.”, so it sounds like we who are younger than whatever age you are have no right to express ourselves or are wrong in our beliefs. Going along with the “internet muscles” I seem to recall you going off about your about training, your black belt, and your size. So I guess I should be afraid of you. So be it. Whatever, this is the reason I don’t post on this site anymore.

          • Whats a Click?

            • Clique, maybe?

              • Ohhhhhhhhhhh

                Thought we were in The Matrix.

                • Only if we start answering all questions with more questions.

          • Yeah, I am 6’5 now gladly getting back down to 260…but still..Not a violent person…

            Nor have I ever threaten to beat up someone, or intimidate someone…

            Now it seems everything you said about us, makes you what exactly?

          • Actually, we were talking about an entire theater giving a standing ovation.

            Guess you missed that point?

          • Not responding to “trolls” and picking my opinion battles doesn’t mean I’m an elitist. An elitist uses their knowledge of a subject to demean someone else. It means that I have self control and know when to “walk away” or “turn the other cheek”. And I’m really sorry that if it is “our clique” that steers you away from posting on this site. Did we not respond to one of your questions? Usually they are ignored for good reason.

            Now calling me “mean spirited” is just silly. I’m a huge believer in dudeism. I’m also baptized in it as well. I’ve performed weddings given that I am ordained. But I am an extremely opinionated person. Whether I keep that
            Opinion to myself or decide to share it might make me come off as a “leathercheerio” and I am okay with that. Because opinions are like “leathercheerios”. Everyone has one and they all stink.

            • @Leather Cheerio.

              What if I lived in a house under a bridge?

              Would that not make me a troll????

              • No but you’d be an idiot for living in a flood zone! Might as well live in OK.

                Oooohhh… Too soon?

                That was bad lol

    • Sometimes it’s how you say things that causes the most problems.

      Condescension or attitude will never get you anywhere. People have a high annoyance meter on the internet, and will respond in kind.

      Well thought out comments, good and bad, usually get a pass.

  13. “The Superman reboot racked up $21 million in Thursday night shows. Of that figure, $9 million came from midnight shows, while a series of 7 p.m. corporate group sale screenings brought in an additional $12 million.Those results compare favorably to the summer’s other superhero blockbuster, “Iron Man 3,” which generated $15.6 million in midnight screenings last month. That comic book movie sequel went on to gross nearly $175 million in its opening weekend.”

    From; Does that mean it did better then IM3? I’m not asking rhetorically, but in all honestly, I don’t know if they count that 12 million towards midnight.

  14. Did all the movie critics get together and decide to describe Lois Lane as “plucky”. Every review I have read has used this word. What’s wrong with brave, or is that to plain?

    • Haha wtf is plucky? Is that like spunky?

      • pluck·y
        Having or showing determined courage in the face of difficulties.
        brave – courageous – bold – gallant – valiant – game

        I guess it’s to sound smarter.

        • That’s beyond me LOL.

  15. Now it seems everything you said about us, makes you what exactly?

  16. Just came from seeing MoS. My kids were not happy with the movie, and I thought it could have been much better. For me, I’d give it 3/5, maybe 3.5.

    • That’s still a decent rating LOL. We’re going in 15 hours. I’ll definitely post a review. Something I haven’t done in years.

    • @ Kahless

      Just curious & don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. what was it that your kids didn’t like about MOS? I know one of nephews didn’t like Cavill’s Superman costume. He like Christopher Reeve’s better. I give it 3 stars atleast so your rating sounds around id rate it.