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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 13, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 13, 2014

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  1. it may be the same dead horse we have been beating for 5 years…but I want a F***ing Deadpool movie!!!

    that is all.

    • Calm down Wade. It’s on the docket after Ghostbusters 3 and Spawn 2…

  2. Whatever happened to Marvel movie tie-in games?

    • I also noticed they don’t really do those anymore. Lack of interest perhaps? Most of the movie tie-in games aren’t all that great anyway.

    • There’s a DoFP game in the mobile game app store.

      • That’s another reason. A lot of movies just make apps or mobile games to promote their films now. I’m sure the mobile games are much cheaper to produce.

        I had the Robocop game on my phone for a few months (mostly cuz it was free) and I thought the TDKR mobile game looked pretty cool.

  3. Any one have experience with their young children and opening night?

    We have taken our young kids (3, 2.5) to cheap theaters for older films and as long as we have a large popcorn they do surprisingly well.

    The wife and I are thinking of doing “How To Train Your Dragon 2″ tonight but I’m worried about taking them to an opening night showing.

    • funny you ask as i went to see How To Train …1 with kids the same age and we were nervous at first because they couldn’t shut up during the previews but as soon as the lights dimmed and the film started they were completely engrossed. the 3d aspect probably drew them in more. helps if they sit in your lap too

    • My son just turned 2. I still don’t think he is ready. Ill wait til he is 3 yrs old maybe. Maybe even longer.

      I personally don’t go see kids movies in theaters. This draws back to an old OD discussion about which movies are even worth seeing in theaters ala disaster film/big budget blockbusters. Cartoons, romance, depressing movies IMO can wait til DVD release.

      • I might’ve mentioned this before, but a couple brought their baby to the opening day of “Man of Steel”. I cannot recall how many times they brought him in and out, but I was surprised that they didn’t leave. Poor kid, his ears weren’t ready for that.

        • Totally agree! And there is nothing worse than a crying/yelling child in the theater. I yell at the parents every time it happens. So irresponsible and selfish. If you couldn’t get a sitter, then don’t go out. Don’t destroy the experience for everyone else.

        • A baby at a movie theater is just ridiculous.

          This is exactly why we went to the discount theaters to test the water. So if they were not having it, us walking out would not be such a hit to the wallet.

          • Movie theaters don’t really enforce age restrictions, despite some good effort. PG-13 should at least have some restrictions for ages 1-5.

        • haha that reminds me of when I saw Django. A couple brought their baby with them. I thought it was an interesting choice to bring a baby to a Tarantino film.

          I still haven’t been able to make sense of that.

          • I saw an entire row of 10 year olds in the front row for “Ted”. I think I laughed more at their faces than I did the movie itself. I mean, I introduced myself to Family Guy when I was 8. They acted like they had never experienced Seth MacFarlane.

            It. Was. Priceless.

            • hahaha dude that would’ve been hilarious!!! all their innocence washing away in an instant.

            • “Mommy, why is it that squirting hand lotion on your face would be considered too far?”

            • Now I feel really old. I was older than 8 when the Simpsons started.

              • me to…i was 20

    • My advice would be to try and avoid opening night or a time when you think there will be a big crowd.

      I forget the exact age she was when we started taking my daughter to movies but after a couple experiences with big crowds we started taking her to movies earlier in the day or on weekdays if possible.

      All it takes is one kid to throw a fit or start crying then next you know a chain reaction has started and it seems half the kids are doing the same.

    • I just got bak from taking my boys (4,3) to see rhat in 3D although its was an opening day 1st viewing it was moderately filled theater. Honestly the movie was so incredible and if u had a chance to show your young ones the 1st film they will really enjoy this. Its such a beautifully crafted film it blows the 1st outta the water..

    • @Aaron – I have a 5 year old and a toddler. The toddler hasn’t gone. My oldest went the first time when she turned 3. We’ve gone to a few shows over the years. We went to one at an evening show for opening weekend. It wasn’t worth it.

      #1: you pay more for your ticket
      B) at the end of the day the child is much more tired
      III- teenagers are in the theater.

      I find that going to the earliest show on a Saturday morning is the best time for my kid and for me because its just parents and their youngsters. I’m not a fan of teens with their attitudes and their texting and their faces. The only time that the evening show is worthwhile is when we go to the drive-in theater (once a summer). And to be honest, we did take my youngest to that show last year…but he fell asleep before it started (he wasn’t even a year old at that time).

      But, only you know how your kids will react. Good luck! And have fun at the movie. And Happy Father’s Day.

      • Thank you Professor, happy fathers day to you as well.

      • “I’m not a fan of teens with their attitudes and their texting and their faces.” Hahaha… “And their faces”…I can’t stop laughing at this, I thought I was the only one who hated teen faces.

        • i’m with you there ezee-t…i’m still laughing at that

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Cool story bro.

  4. How about that DC line-up?

    @Goldilocks – Yes sir, you got your wish.

    • I might be the only one, but if we really are getting a Shazam movie, I am beyond excited.

      • Shazam would be dope! I’m not against The Rock playing a super hero but I don’t want it to be him. Mainly because I can’t stand it when he acts like a child. I really hope he is GL John Stewart like he teased on twitter.

        • I’m not sure who would be a good Shazam, but you’re right. The Rock is better suited as John Stewart or even Black Adam. Whoever they get to play Shazam basically has to be a very playful Superman, in a sense.

      • You are most certainly not the only one ACW 07 a Shazam movie would be awesome, and I myself is very excited to see the big man himself scream SHAZAM on the big screen. It will probably be a great experience. I’ma huge fan of Dwayne ‘ The Rock ‘ Johnson.
        as you or somebody else said I can definitely see him playing John Stewart GL or Black Adam. I was also recently reading an article about Dwayne Johnson teasing the fact that he might have an upcoming Super Hero role and the picture that was next to him was Lobo. Alot of people don’t know who Lobo is which is a shame considering if you or anyone has ever read a Lobo comic knows that he his a BAD MOTHA***** now that is something I would like to see.

        – Skinnie718

    • yo yo your from queens bully?

  5. Welp, I went to the audition…

    No one gets the role of Gaston like Gaston. :)

    • Good job dude!

      • Thank you! I’ll try to record the final product and put it on YouTube for you guys to watch :)

    • Well now you HAVE to eat 5 dozen eggs each day.

      Y’know.. So you can be roughly the size of a BAAAAAAaaaarrge!!

      • I’m actually in that state of mind due to successful and failed production attempts of The Killing Joke, in which I play both Joker and Batman to symbolize their similarities as humans. Right now, I’m halfway between the two physically so it shouldn’t be too difficult to bulk up. The funny thing is, despite how much I train, I have to wear this cartoonish muscle suit regardless.

        • Nice! The being in shape part I mean. You should wear the muscle suit all the time. Maeby it would help you get chicks…

          Sry if you didn’t catch that reference haha..

          • Hahaha, you’re all good, I caught it.

  6. I’ve already seen it and would advise against taking younger audiences to see it.

  7. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the latest SR Underground podcast with Composer Christophe Beck, I highly recommend it. Really insightful and legitimizes my belief that scores make all the difference for a film.

  8. I watched how to train your dragon 2 and 22 jump street. 22 jump street is my movie of the summer so far and a must see, one of the funniest movies Iver ever seen. How to train your dragon was a bit underwhelming, just felt like more.

    This is odd because I didnt care much for 21 jump street but thought the first how to train your dragon was great.

  9. As I understand wanting to give your children an unforgettable movie experience, there is just no guarantee that the kiddies will be quiet. It would ruin the movie not only for other movie goers but also for you and your wife if you would have to leave the theater in case screaming/crying commences. But with that being said, its a free country and if you wanna bring your kids to the movies then bring them to the movies.

    • Speaking of that, during watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 the was a brother sister pair and the little girl wanted to go home halfway through and wouldnt shut up and the parent wouldnt take her out or tell her to be quiet.

  10. I had a dream [black] Nick Fury & Professor X were overlooking the city from a SHIELD helicarrier. What does this mean????

    • 1.) “It means the Wolverine”.
      2.) “…rise.”
      3.) “It means Argo f**k yourself.”

      I’m sorry, those 3 rolled off the top of my head.

    • Theyre are bald best buddies.

  11. Having seen the “Deliver Us From Evil” trailer. It struck a cord with me that I’m personally getting tired of the “Religious Horror” theme. (I am in no way, shape, or form trying to bait, and will not participate in a general discussion of religion.)

    I know that all movie’s in general follow a typical formula (beginning, conflict, resolution.) But the resolution is always find the guy that knows the right scripture to exercise the demon. It is similar to the “kill the mother ship” resolution in sci-fi action movies.

    In a comparison of “The Conjuring” and “Insidious” I liked “The Conjuring” more on every level aside from the resolution plot device.

    So I guess what I’m getting as it that “Deliver Us From Evil” looks to be a horror film I would enjoy but I’m hesitant to go see it for the fact that I know before hand what the resolution will be.

  12. What’s the reading on imax splitting EOT and Dragon 2 day and night?
    Was this scheduled from beginning? or?

    I am not sure if How to train your dragon was suppose to take over all imax but EOT was doing good and they decided this or(some pressure from the studio) or Dragon 2 wasn’t suppose to be imax but EOT was doing poorly? Does anyone know?

    • I am willing to wager that has to do more with the local agreement reached with your theaters, as opposed to a national decision.

  13. Male scranters with children:

    Have a fantastic Father’s day this weekend. I hope that I can escape my home to see Edge of Tomorrow, but knowing my wife, she’ll make me spend time with the kids and probably grill dinner for us. WTH! On Mother’s day, I take the kids so she gets some “me” time and then make dinner for her. And then on Father’s day, I end up doing the same thing! When is my break? Anywho, enjoy the time with your families this weekend, Dads!

  14. Armageddon has a 40% on rotten tomatoes… Is that based on the mainstream snobiness towards Michael bay or so people really not like it? I always thought it was awesome.

  15. I’m a little late to this but if the rumor for the DC Justice League films schedules is true, Batman v Superman really isn’t a Man of Steel sequel (as I’ve said before).

    Just like with Iron Man 2/3 and Avengers, BvS is the next film in the series, the “actual” sequel, Man of Steel 2 is slated for a May 2018 release.

    I’m was hoping another Batman solo movie was on the horizon but I guess BvS, JL and cameos in the other films will do.

  16. I think I’m not alone in saying we’ve all had our fill of Batman. He’s bordering on Wolverine status in terms of annoyance, for me at least.