Open Discussion – June 13, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 13, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 13, 2012

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  1. Time to play “Name That Tagline”

    1. You Don’t Give Them Orders. You Just Turn Them Loose.
    2. Brutal, Sexy, Built to thrill
    3. Once you know the password you can go anywhere.
    4. A story of sex, thugs and rock ‘n roll.
    5. It’s not how you play the game. It’s how the game plays you.
    6. Anyone is an enemy for a price.
    7. Suspense, Excitement, Adventure, On every level!
    8. When all that’s left is one last chance, pray that he’s still out there …
    9. The future is worth fighting for.
    10.You can’t step on these ones.

    Enjoy. :D

    • Wow. I failed miserably at this challenge. The sad truth is that I’ve seen all the movies, but I only knew one tagline (Diehard).

      • Well no one else seems to want to play so here are the answers for you:

        1. The Losers
        2. Wanted
        3. Swordfish
        4. RockNRolla
        5. Spy Game
        6. Ronin
        7. Die Hard
        8. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
        9. Serenity
        10.Starship Troopers

        • I thought the tagline for Die Hard was “40 Stories Of Sheer Adventure!”?

          • Got that of IMDb so assume it’s correct.

            • @ Pedro

              It’s what it said on my dvd anyways.

  2. What just one comment in 5 hours ?

  3. Where is everybody? Was there a Screenrant Caribbean cruise I missed? :-)

    I saw Drive last night. I knew nothing about it and really enjoyed it. Gosling and Cranston did a great job. It was also good to see Perlman and Brooks as mobsters.

    Anyone watching the show Longmire? I taped the first two but haven’t had the chance to watch them. I thought the previews looked good.

    • Dude it was a blast! You should have been there!

      • ^ I’m the guy on the right ;)

      • What are you guys doing in that pic, the Teen Wolf dance? :D

    • The Avengers created so much buzz and comments that everyone is spent.


      • @ Pitt Man

        I know i set a new record of seeing a movie number of times. Seen The Avengers 5 times,lol.

  4. Helllllloooooooooooooo?????
    Is it Dec already?
    Did Jesus come back?
    Did Obama win again?
    Did the snowball ACTUALLY have a chance?
    Is there peace in the middle east?
    I need answers! … Anyone?

    • This is the life model decoy of Kahless

      Yes to all your answers. If you are actually reading this, you are among the damned and are living in hell on earth. Have a nice day.


      • Sweet. Unlimited Blizzards! DQ here I come! :)

    • @INK
      Helllllloooooooooooooo????? – HI!

      Bueller?????? – Save Ferris!

      Is it Dec already? – I hope not.

      Did Jesus come back? – Yep, he was just taking a siesta.

      Did Obama win again? – I’m unsure, but it probably wasn’t Gary Johnson.

      Did the snowball ACTUALLY have a chance? – Not with global warming.

      Is there peace in the middle east? – Can we ship the hippies there? They can bring the peace to the middle east.

      I need answers! … Anyone? – I hope I helped.

  5. so Vick, i was wondering why you don’t write as many articles as you used to…..I miss them lol

    • LOL, thanks, Matt. I’m too busy running the business. :)


      • Fair enough lol

      • You’re too busy ruining the business? Oh, you said running; sorry. :-D

  6. So the Mars manned mission (supposedly to be on Mars by 2023)is planning on funding the whole thing by turning the endeavour into a reality show.

    I’d watch it. But they’d need at least 5 to 10 seasons guaranteed. Can you imagine if they cancelled the show the year before they arrived, ha! It’d be like Millenium all over again. They cancelled the show before the actual millenium. That’s was not cool, Lance Henrikson deserved better.

    • I saw that on The Colbert Report (or The Daily Show… I can never remember) a while back but I thought it was just a joke!
      You mean to say it’s actually a REAL possibility?! :o

      If so, then that might just be a reality show that I would watch (and I hate “reality” shows)

      • I admit here and now… reality shows? my guilty pleasure.

        And yeah, they send up a rover style robot but bigger, like a little tractor with a ISS canadarm and then it finds a location, and waits for the series of habitation modules to arrives every couple of years. The Mars buggy builds a little town for the 4 humans, who have already agreed to have a 1 way ticket, that is… give their lives to mars, to live in and prep for another 2 to 4 humans at a time until they have the infrastructure for a return mission.

        far out man.

        • That’s an insane mission. I think I’d go nuts being cut off from everything and everyone and left to hang out with 3 people. Imagine if you couldn’t stand your co-workers…that would be an awkward trip.

          • Apparently they had to turn people away. All sorts of people, not just crazies but scientists, lined up to die on Mars. The mission sounds feasible… but it’s basically an International Space Station on Mars, except they’d have Robbie the Mars Roverbot, with the eyes of mission control helping out.

            That sounds like great TV, in 2023 it might be one of many orbital/space reality shows. I can envision a show about a guy living on the ISS, or a backyard inventor building a rocket, or a trip to the moon. Why not a team of 4 struggling to reach Mars?

    • Being that the nation is trillions of dollars in debt, and NASA is all but dead under the Obama administration, I don’t doubt that a manned mission to Mars will have to be funded by a reality show. What have we come to?

  7. Speaking of reality TV, I’ve seen the ads on Screenrant, but I wondered if anyone else watches the web series Burning Love? It’s hilarious.

    • Burning Love?

      Sounds like an infection!


    • Burning Love? Coming from a B-List Pornstar Extra?! :-P

      • D’oh!!

        I missed that.


  8. Screen Rant and Ben Kendrick mentioned on the Guardian Website? I never thought I would see the day lol

    • ScreenRant FTW! :D

      • Indeed :) Awesome stuff. Prometheus certainly has a lot of people talking.

    • Ha ha, well, we’ve been mentioned/sourced in a few online publications like that. :)


    • You go, boys!! ;-)

  9. SCREENRANTERS – If you are REALLY bored, join the fantasy movie league I’ve created for us. It’s like Fantasy football…but you only set your line-up once until the end of the summer. You pick out movies that you will think will top the box office from now until Sept.

    • @B-List – Cool. I’ll check it out. :)

      Paul Young

      • @Paul – If you’d like to compete against a bigger group, the “How Did This Get Made” podcast created a league with 700 or so members. That’s how I heard about it.

  10. Does anyone know what has to be in a comment to generate the message “Sorry, but your comment seems to be Spam and has been blocked”?

    I keep getting it for a post (on a different screenrant story) and theres no fol language, exclimation marks, excessive use of caps or links in the post.

    • @Blue – There are hundreds of factors that could make our software think you are spam. Usually if there are more than two links in your comment it will be marked as spam for me to look at.

      Paul Young

    • @Blue – I don’t see any of your comments sitting in my Spam Queue. May be that the software hasn’t checked your comment yet and was sitting in it’s own internal queue. That’s happened to me before.

      Paul Young