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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 12, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 12, 2013

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  1. I hate Golf.

    • +1

    • There’s nothing wrong with golf, but to live across the street from the 18th hole of the U. S. Open could be a blessing and a curse.

      • Good real estate value.

      • Well, I am on the 16-18TH Holes, as my house front and back yards have them.

        • Good point Leathercheerio, that is true.

          Why not just run over there and enjoy watching them play Jeff?

          • Oh, So Stark. You want me to run across the street…sneak into a sold out event.


            Is that your master plan?

            Leather Cheerio saying..”NOW YOU KNOW HOW COWS FEEL!”

            I think not.

            • Actually, that’s a great plan. I would enjoy that. :)

              I was thinkIng you could stand in your front yard and watch. I’m not encouraging you to break the law, well maybe a little. Go over there on Sunday and hold up a big sign on the 18th green that says “I’m Bruce” so we can all see you.

              • Just let the cows loose on the green. It would be glorious!

                • Much better, I like it!

                  • I loathe you guys!

  2. Watching it sucks playing it is ok

    • Such is the truth with all sports. I will never understand people gathering in front of TVs and in stadiums to watch grown men carry/shoot a ball from left to right and back again. If I were a cat I could probably relate, but alas, I’m an advanced primate.

    • It’s the original reality television. Every shot, every move, nobody knows what will happen next!

    • On the up side you must live in some beautiful countryside.
      It is not happenstance that golf course is located there.
      But of course, you have to put p with this sometimes.

  3. Who else is tired of seeing, “… and Doctor Strange sometime after that” ?

    Hey Marvel, give us a release date! And while you’re at it, bite the bullet and give a Black Panther one too!

    • Yep!!

  4. This is more of an aesthetics question regarding Guardians of the Galaxy team,

    Does anyone know if it will be based on the 2008 launch with most of the associated look and feel? Helmets, weapons, costumes etc…

    Or is it going to be the Marvel Now re-launch? For the most part the same characters but some of them dress and fight differently.

    • I’m not sure. But the concept art has star lord looking more like teh 2008 version

  5. So, MOS reviews are in. And they are so so. I’m hoping it will still be great. But I wish one of the movies this year that I was looking forward to would blow my socks off. Iron Man III: Did not enjoy it. I know it wasnt that bad, but I had such high hopes. And they absolutely ruined the Extremis story.
    Star Trek int Darkness: Good film, but it was more of a action movie with no big twists and turns that I would have wanted. It was not what I expected, it was a lot of chase scenes and s*** blowing up, I would have liked a better story
    There has not been a movie this year that I have wanted to watch for a second time in theaters. Usually I have one or two films that I will see more than once.

    • @ General

      Are you looking forward to Pacific Rim?

      I believe we will all be sockless after that one!

      • Yes. Pacific Rim has been one of my most anticipated films. I have very high hopes

      • I just saw the latest trailer for PR and it looks great!!!

    • IF you are referring to the RT score, it isn’t complete.

      As far as the movie itself, so far what I’ve read is that the movie is specifically for comic book movie fans.

      The negatives that I’ve read is that there isn’t enough love story, it’s too serious, and there is too much action.

      So… it’s a serious Superman movie that doesn’t focus on a love story that is pack to the brim with so much action the amount of action is a complaint?

      Yeah… sounds awful. I can’t wait ’til tomorrow.

      • The RT score is probably going to continue to go down. And I have read plenty of mixed reviews that didnt even mention the love aspect of the film. But I still look forward to being entertained

          • i find it ironic that Rex Reed, who had a cameo as himself in Superman:the movie, gave this one a bad review.

            “Superbad: Man of Steel Is Redundant, Unnecessary and a Colossal Waste of Talent and Money”


            • Rex’s review of The Dark Knight Rises was even worse.
              He actually called it pretentious trash. Rex is entertaining
              but somewhere along the way he lost his objectivity
              and he particularly seems to hate all movies made
              by or connected to Christopher Nolan & Co.

              • “Rex’s review of The Dark Knight Rises was even worse.
                He actually called it pretentious trash.”

                i have to say he is not too far off the mark with that. i didn’t care for TDKR either, but, i am allowed to not like something. i had not read a single review of TDKR when i saw it, and it just didn’t seem to fit with the other 2 films. oh well. i will still see MOS and make up my own mind.

                • Of course you are not allowed to like something.
                  I only was pointing out his TDKR review was worse.

        • “isn’t enough love story, it’s too serious, and there is too much action”
          Not much time and place for romance in an origin story anyway.
          I agree Doctor. Those cited negatives are positives for me.

      • RT only has 49 reviews at the moment.
        Around 250 or so is where this will end up.
        The overall score is somewhat suspect now.

      • “isn’t enough love story, it’s too serious, and there is too much action”
        Not much time and place for romance in an origin story anyway.
        I agree Doctor. Those cited negatives are positives for me.

        (properly placing misplaced reply)

      • The more I read these “negative” reviews the more excited I get about this movie. Some of the reasoning for not liking it just seems a bit immature or not understanding you were going to see a action packed superman movie.. One reviewer said something to the effect of “Zod and his stupid goatee” that kinda lets me in to where your mind is if that’s what iterates you about this flick. I can’t wait to see it. Plus Faora keeps coming up as someone that steals the show. Friday!

        • A lot of negative reviews point to a lack of charm and whimsicalness (dont think that is a word) its being compares to a film that its doinf everything it can to be
          Diffrent from. And critics dont care to point ir out

          • They seem to be looking for a fairy tale. Less action.. More character drama.. Lois and Clark to fall in love immediately. Basically all they want is superman returns. I’d be curious to see most of these folks reviews on SR.

            • One of the negative reviews referred to Superman Returns as a reboot, and in the comment section was promptly ripped to shreds for obviously having no clue what they were talking about if they thought SR was a reboot.

              “If you were completely misinformed about that Superman, why should we listen to what you have to say about this one?”- was pretty much the consensus in that comment section.

  6. I’m going to be that guy… I recall on Monday when I stated that MOS would be in the 60s on rotten tomatoes that I was saying it “out of spite” and that I “was crazy”. People need to lower their expectations on these comic book movies (myself included).

    I also find it very funny when fanboys (Marvel and DC) are all pro rotten tomatoes until their film starts falling then they dismiss it… :)

    • @ Kyle

      I agree with you, as I did then. Great point on the RT/fanboy comment, I agree with that as well. Currently MoS stands at 69%.

      Don’t worry Kyle, Dr. Mindbender will be here soon to correct us, and tell us what we should be thinking.
      LOL!! :)

      I’m still going to see it in a few weeks, primarily because my nephew got a summer job at my local theater and it won’t cost me anything to see it.

      • You did agree with me!! CHEERS! :)

      • Guys, if one week from now MoS is still at 69 percent you have my word that I will praise you for being 100% right, and myself being 100% wrong.

        Until then, you both are patting yourselves on the backs pre-maturely.

        • @ Dr. M

          I’m not looking to be right Dr., in fact if you read my post from days ago you’d see I was hoping to not be right.

          I think your analysis is correct, it’s made for cb fans, not a general audience, which is great for us, but not good for overall sucess. Kind of like Dredd.

    • Rotten Tomatoes IS a bad system, and I’ve been saying it for a while. Just look at the MOS reviews. Many of them, by RT’s own standard, should be considered positive. That’s not even the worst part, but it happens too often to allow RT to be considered reliable.

      • You can say that about any film. That the rotten reviews could be positive. As many as there are, it balances itself out.

      • I like Metacritic reviews

      • It has become even more fashionable of late for some
        reviewers to knock a film opening with high expectations.

        Plus, there is not insubstantial minority that
        have little time for anything from Snyder.

        • Yup. Haters are gonna hate.

    • @ kyle i have already accepted that i was incorect on the last post lol

  7. It saddens me deeply upon realizing today that Hodor will never be able to do Haiku on his own.

    So depressed.

    • Hodor!

      • Can he only say part of his name if he wants? If he can say the whole thing he should be able to say it in fragments?

        Hodor Ho-Hodor
        Hodor Hodor Ho-Hodor
        Ho-Hodor Hodor.

  8. Man of Steel tomorrow in IMAX wooohooo(in homer simpsons voice) 😀

  9. For Supermanwhat would better, IMAX or UltraAVX?

    • UltraAVX, that’s a Canadian opportunity only, I believe.
      Sort of an ultra 2D presentation from what I gather.
      Since this film was shot in 2D I’d chose that.

  10. Alright, so MoS debuts tomorrow at midnight (for me at least anyways)

    So I have a serious question and want a serious answer, please. What if it flops? I don’t want it to and it doesn’t seem like it will, but what if the unlikely happens and it does?

    • Failure is not an option. The sequel has been greenlit.
      The film has already earned 170 million on product placement.
      Which means no matter what it will turn a profit in a week or two.

      • @ Robert Palmer

        A greenlit sequel means absolutely nothing. WB greenlit a Green Lantern sequel. How did that turn out?

        Announcing a sequel before a movie is even out is just a free way for the studio (WB), to pump up the hype even more and take attention away from anything negative, like reviews. They all do it.

        • I agree totally on announcing of sequels
          to in effect promote the current release.

          My main point in this case is Man Of Steel
          it is guaranteed to make money and this not flop
          which was a reply to what if it flops. It will make money.

          I do think too the new contract with Goyer for two
          films just now indicates this greenlighting is real.

          • Let us not get too carried away with, “it will make money”.

            The budget is 225 mil

            And considering how often I have seen the MoS trailer all over my TV for the past month, they probably spent at least the budget just in advertizing alone. I know this might sound outrageous but I assure you it’s completely in line with many other blockbuster movies.

            That means it now has to make about 450 mil JUST to break even which is not out of the question but considering RT and general lukewarm reviews thus far, it might be like the last Harry Potter and have a big opener but then completely die off the next week.

            • No way they spent anywhere
              near the budget on advertising.
              No film spends over 200 million.

              • I know one place where MOS Is going to suffer.

                Putting a movie out when school is out for the summer. While School is in session, Weekends for the most part is when kids go to the movies.

                School is out, they can go see the Matinees cheaper, and see another movie afterwards up to 4pm.

                6 Bucks as opposed to 9 bucks,that 3 dollar difference is going to hurt overall revenue.

                Oh and yeah, Most families are going or are on vacation right now.

                Just saying.

                • Excellent point, Jeff. This is where moving back
                  the release date may come back and bite them.

    • @Amazing Fantasy

      I’ll be watching Man of Steel tomorrow at midnight as well, I can’t wait!!! As for your question I don’t think it’ll flop imo. I think it’ll be the beginning of a great trilogy.

      • But what if it does? I don’t want it to but I want to be prepared for the worst. If MoS fails what’s DC/WB’s plan then?

    • If it flops, and who knows what that is with today’s standards, I think the future of WB/DC movies is pretty much over.

      But again, what is a flop? Dredd wasn’t a flop, it was awesome, but in the eyes of studio suits and non-cb fans, it was. so who knows.

      It depends I think on what WB/DC is expecting to make on it.

      Is it supposed to do 1B, or only 750M? Only the WB people know what they expect.

      • Traditionally a film that flops is a film that loses money. That was the rule.
        Relatively speaking, anyone can call anything a flop if it underperforms.

        • true, but “under performs” is so relitive these days. What is that?

          • Right. What is absolute is profit or loss.
            Either it makes money or it does not.
            No one can argue with the numbers.

            Underperformed is relative only to the
            whatever standard employed by the
            person using it and it may not be
            a standard you might agree with.

            So, relatively speaking, all relative
            opinions are equally correct even
            when they are totally different.

            • +1

        • @Robert Palmar

          It’s the new calculus for determining a flop — “underperforming”. Yet that’s based on industry estimates and American consumption.

          Overseas, said “flop” is a hit, returns the studio’s investment with (often a substantial) profit…but, still, it’s a flop.

          The studio counts the money, however the film’s success (over there) doesn’t count.

      • @ Stark

        Im not sure if MOS will flop but meeting WB’s expectations would be my guess. Whether they decide to just do a MOS trilogy instead like TDK trilogy & hold off the planned DC universe is a option they might do. WB/DC made films that made money to warrant a sequel but WB would decide otherwise because of how well the film was seen. Examples were Batman & Robin & Superman Returns which made money to green light sequels but weren’t well-received.

        Like you said, it depends on what WB/DC expect from the film.

    • I gotta say this: after seeing a few full scenes on different late night shows I definitely have lowered my expectations a bit. It didn’t look nearly as good as the trailers made it appear. The CGI looked really shoddy in places and some of the character scenes didn’t really work either. At least out of context they didn’t. I’d love to get pleasantly surprised but right now I have to say that I expect disappointment. I hope I’m wrong.

        • This is actually the problem with the Justice League
          concept from the beginning and why Superman’s powers
          were even lessened in some Justice League comics just to
          make room for other heroes and to justify their need to be there.

          If Superman is portrayed as he is and like he apparently
          is here I do agree why have any other superheros
          since that is how I always felt about the JL.

          I never liked the Justice League because I
          felt it diminished Superman’s uniqueness
          and I can live without it in the movies
          as I do in comics never buying them.

          I do think Batman could be incorporated
          in a Superman world and if there is any
          union of heroes in the future that is
          the only one I would like to see.

          World’s Finest: Yes
          Justice League: No

            • My reply was specific to Jeff’s points.
              I don’t like the JL for reasons I stated.

            • Evidently

              From Reports

              Man of Steel goes somewhere where no Superman has gone before.

              Now think about this. Superman to me, can always send a message.

              Rip one Super Villain limb from limb and leave his carcass for all other Villains to see.

              Message Sent.

              • Just from the clips it is evident Man Of Steel is
                Superman unleashed like in no other movie before.

                I read one review that said the last hour was like all
                3 Transformers in one with more impressive cleaner
                visuals and also with better choreography.

                That is like no Superman seen before on film.

                • That’s my kind of movie!!!

        • I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree.

          If all the future movies are going to be about meatbags vs. Superman, then, yeah, Superman kicks their butts. There’s a reason why Lex is Superman’s greatest foe. He is not a meatbag. He can attack Superman in ways that Supes cannot fight, Lex goes beyond attacking Superman’s physical prowess. Most of Superman’s stories aren’t about a beatdown.

          I think I can see how the sequel is going to play. It’s all going to be about the fallout: how the governments of the world are going to deal with such superpowered beings and alien technology. I think it’d be the perfect time to introduce Cadmus. They could get their hands on some of the debris and leftover technology. This would also be a perfect time to introduce Lex, his entrepreneur side and essentially positioning himself to exploiting all the introduced technology. They can also bring in Brainiac somehow, perhaps Brainiac is assisting Cadmus and Lex in developing technologies while Brainiac slowly is accumulating data and organizing his ‘forces’ so to speak.

          This would also be a great opportunity to also bring in Batman. Batman could be investigating into the fallout and the technological aspects in government agencies and bring them to light to Superman. There’s a reason why Justice League works as a team. They all bring in different skillsets essential to a team. Supes has the muscles, sure. Bats brings the detective skills, tech, and some funding. All the other members also bring in some other aspects they can explore.

          If you’ve ever watched Young Justice, you get a sense of what I mean. The show wasn’t simply about beatdowns. It was something more. The villains were extremely competent and adaptive in that they evolved their strategies in a manner that compensated for their lack in the physical prowess department. I think you have a really good chance to go in a very cerebral direction in the future with the Justice League or even just a Superman/Batman team-up.

          • +1

  11. Say goodbye to any DC movies except Batman.

    • 50 million per movie plus his usual 5% of BO? That is ridiculous.

      • It’s called the Daily Star. This is the same newspaper that will tell you Lady Gaga is reptilian.

        • I thought Lady Gaga is reptilian 😀

          Point taken though, however he probably
          will get close to 100 million with BO% included.

          RDJ got 50 mill+ from The Avengers that way
          and I think he is insisting on the same terms.
          And since Marvel did before they will again.
          If anything, RDJ has more leverage now.

      • I would not even see it if he was not in it.
        RDJ brings in more dollars than he costs.

        Marvel, who hates to pay, acknowledges
        this by agreeing to such contract terms.

  12. So MOS is at 68% on RT. I’m utterly disappointed that it’s not even out here and it has a low rating. This reminds me of last year when the Hobbit was coming out and reviews had already at 65% without it being released here, yet. I don’t think it’ll go up much. Shame.

    • Its RT score isn’t that well, however it does have a 7/10 from the critics. If you look at some other films especially ones this year that is actually pretty good, meaning the bad reviews aren’t that low and the some of the good reviews are fantastic. Metacritic has also yet to see a negative review just a 8 positives and 10 mixes.

      • Some of these reviews read as almost personal attacks against anything Nolan…and Rex Reed should be ashamed of himself for the terrible review he gave Man of Steel. This guy is CLEARLY biased since he had a cameo in Superman (1978) and his review waxed nostalgic about the previous Superman calling the newest version “Redundant, Unnecessary and a Colossal Waste of Talent and Money” Yeah cause he is not in it!

  13. I am minutes away from watching Man Of Steel. Luckily my boss is allowing me to QC the copy we just received at our theater to make sure it works. The only advantage of working at a theater as a manager. Ill let you guys know what I thought in a couple hours, spoiler free of course.

    • I’ll be interested to hear what you think, Trey.
      Today is a day to be happy with your job 😀

    • Cool. Keep us posted!

    • Please do Trey, I’m very interested in your opinion.

    • So envious man! Enjoy it!

  14. @Trey
    Let us know!! Cheers.

  15. Ok guys, here are my thoughts on man of steel.

    I believe the film itself is a very good movie, id go 4/5 in a heartbeat. The action is insane unlike anything I have ever seen, though it may get repetitive for some I was so into it that it didn’t bother me. When the film is emotional its emotional, and when its thrilling its thrilling. I just feel it never found a cohesive way to mix the two. It was like big action scene, little bit of emotion, bigger action scene, little bit of emotion biggest action scene, little more emotion. That was the formula of the 2nd and 3rd act of the film. Actually it lacked a 2nd act honestly because of the flashback like structure (which I really did enjoy) it just may have worked better in a simple chronological order. The beginning of the film is freaking fantastic (even with some choppy editing) I loved krypton its put me in awe and Russel Crowe absolutely kills it. So yeah I felt it could of improved in character development and the overall flow of the film. But I feel Snyder assumed we knew the character enough. This isn’t Christopher Reeve’s Superman don’t go in expecting the charm and playfulness he brought. It’s serious very serious and only shows hints of Cavill’s personality as Clark. I feel in the sequel we will get the other side of Cavill that this film didn’t show and others hoped for. Out of everything I left the theater with hope in Superman, its future films and DC comic films in general. If anyone has any questions ask away but I wont be spoiling anything.

    • There is more problems i didnt care to share, its by no means a perfect film. I believe into darkness is a similar film because they are both peddle to the metal pacing wise. I just felt into darkness had a more cohesive story and the character interaction was better

    • @Trey.

      Hence the Reason, No one has yet captured Superman since Superman II.

      I do not need an freaking EMO Superman. This is not Twilight meets Superman.

      There is no need for realism in the Superhero Movies (I officially sound like a broken record)

      CBM Should not be Realistic serious. They need to be Entertainingly Serious.

      Rule of Film Making.
      1 Do not put to much seriousness into a movie with a potential to turn people off.

      2 Do not put an actor with the caliber of Crowe up against an actor the caliber of Cavill. When you get compared to a supporting character, and supporting character has better reviews than you do. You failed.

      3 Never assume what the audience knows or does not know. Just do not think they will throw everything out the window of what they know to appease you.

      • I agree with your 3 but thats about it. The only reason it seems to serious is cause superman the movie was the opposite. Crowe helped elevate cavill it gave cavill less pressure. Was he perfect? No but he was really good.
        The film had a huge emphasis on how his fathers shaped him as a person and both fathers performances were great and helped shape cavill. He wasnt emo he was lost

        • I prefer my heroes to treat an invasion of earth seriously and cavill did that

          • See, that is where you and others differ from me.

            I do not need no realistic Superman.

            I need a Kick Ass Superman.

            Not someone out searching for who he is.

            • Mindless action and no insight?

              Sounds like a Bay movie. Count me in!

          • The Avengers treated an invasion just find with the right mix of seriousness and humor.

            Just saying.

            So did Independence Day.

            • I still think the Avengers plot is crap. I’m hoping that MoS changes the pace of Super hero films. Makes them less mindless and actually mean something.

              Dont get me wrong, Emmerich and Bay are my 2 favorite directors. But what if we were given a little bit more?

              • So you think The Avengers plot was crap.

                But, it is ok that one being can defeat a team of beings just like him, all by himself?

                COME ON MAN!

                • Well… Yeah. Thor couldve destroyed everyone there if he had wanted to. Him, Sif, and The Warriors 3 is all earth wouldve needed.

                  Superman is the ultimate in DC as Thor is the ultimate in Marvel. I do expect them to single handedly beat everyone by themselves. But they both have their weaknesses and sometimes need some extra help. Understandable.

                  • @ leathercherrio

                    Lol. Lady Sif & The Warriors 3 had trouble w/ The Destroyer. Not to mention things were beginning to look bad for Thor,Loki,Lady Sif & Warriors 3 on the Frost Giant’s home planet before Odin showed up.

                    • CBM Thor is a pusscake compared to CB Thor. Asgardians are considered Gods for a reason. Remember, Thor has taken down The Hulk twice… and can destroy a planet by punching it. He could’ve saved Earth without the rest of the Avengers. But I get it. What’s the point in him being that strong? Where would his struggle be? It wouldn’t make for a good movie. For me it would. But not for the average joe. That’s what my point was. Superman can take on most of his villains mano a mano. Magic and kryptonite aside.

                  • @ leathercheerio

                    Like CBM Thor, Superman is a wuss on film unlike he is in the comics where he move planets outta their orbits,etc. If Superman had his full powers, on a tv show, each episode would be over within 5 minutes, movies, 10 mins tops. Of-course there would be no good story for one so strong right. Samething with He-Man.

                    • I know. I get it. People would be less interested. But I was responding to Jeff’s comment about Sups taking on a bunch of baddies by himself. Which yeah, he can.

            • There was absolutely nothing serious about the avengers. Cracking jokes while fighting and pretending like everything is a joke is not serious. Independence day did it very well. However comedy isn’t needed in every film. You may want that and it makes a lot of sense because humor does a lot but it isn’t a necessity. In my opinion.

            • @ Jeff

              That is exactly right. Seriousness, yes, but humor needs to be mixed in. I think that’s a big part of why Marvel’s movies are so sucessful, they appeal to all audiences, not just CBM fan, with their pure entertainment value.

        • All Superman Movies.

          I never left thinking a man could fly.

          Lift a fault line.

          Flash Freeze a truck.

          Straighten out the tower of Pisa

          Take all Nuclear Weapons and hurled them into the sun.

          Catch a Plane in mid-air.

        • @ Trey

          Superman:The Movie back then was treated the same manner as Snyder’s film would be today. Marlon Brando’s Jor-El advised Kal-El not to be expected to help everyone as he can’t be on call 24/7 & handle problems that even humans can solve themselves. He must keep who he a secret as if his enemies knew who he really was & not Clark Kent, they’d use those close to him to get to him,etc.

      • @ Jeff W

        Thank you. I agree with no need of the Realistic seriousnous in CBM. Filmakers should balance reality with fantasy like Marvel does to please all fans. In a universe like DC’s alot of characters do not sow up well realisticly on film as Nolan’s Batman or Snyder’s Superman do as some people like to think. The more WB/DC decide to expand their universe, the more complex they & everyone else will find out. Outside the core Justice League characters, whoelse & how many do people think WB/DC can adapt to Nolan’s or Snyder’s realistic tone?

        • I don’t think consideration was given to how a serious tone would be played out across the whole of all DC characters when TDK trilogy was being done. I think it only applies to Batman. The serious dark tone cannot be made to fit all the Justice League members, it’s not who they are. I seems like short sighted one movie, one hero at a time thinking to me.

          USA Today, which has good movie reviews, just killed MoS in their review.
          RT has it at 60%, and dropping.

          • @ Stark

            I can see why. A lot of hardcore Superman fans never liked the approach Nolan,Goyer & Snyder were taken Superman because they & WB/DC think it could bank it off exactly like Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. I read from one magazine you can easily tell it’s Nolan’s realistic tone but only Snyder’s action packed film.

    • Great synopsis of your impressions, Trey.
      It fits with what I have been sensing not
      having seen it and some of this is expected.

      So much was at stake to just right Superman’s
      ship with this film there is not way all everyone’s
      hopes for perfection could ever be really fulfilled.

      What is important is a successful film despite
      any flaws and I think we will get that here.
      Some overreach, like too much action
      was inevitable after SR’s lack of it.

      • When i do get it in my blu ray collection, it will be the perfrect complaiment to nolans batman. Ill watch nolans batmantget my drama fix then man of steel for the action. Haha

        • 😀 I can see myself doing the same.

    • Sounds good. My expectations went up a bit again. 😉

  16. Why is Man of Steel Still Dropping on RT?

  17. Not that is matters.

    But, Man of Steel at 64% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    World War Z is at 80%



    • Must be snyder, even the movies of his i like get terrible reviews. Would be a complete shocker 2 weeks ago to hear man of steel got worse reviews than world war z tho lol

      • Thank you so much Trey!!!!!!
        In TREY we trust. Lol. You should have your own blog dude, great way to review the film.

        • I do have a blog with my girlfriend but my man steel review wont be on till tomorrow night when she sees it lol

          • Really? Is there anyway I could get a link so I could follow you?

      • Should the mixed-positive reviews (so far) have MAN OF STEEL show significant slippage in its box office before next weekend, the (unexpected?) positive reviews of WORLD WAR Z might be the beneficiary.

        As to a previous point in your review of MOS: The average moviegoer (one suspects) is not going into the theater with knowledge that a sequel will follow and, like television, the “next episode” will fully inform Clark Kent’s personality…two years from now.

  18. Thanks Trey. I appreciate your review. Still gives me hope. I now hope the general public is in a WANT to see this.

  19. Really? Is there anyway I could get a link so I could follow you?

        • @ Trey

          Thanks for your review, great job! Your review falls right in line with those that I have been reading elsewhere. The movie doesn’t sound like what I was hoping for, but is what I thought it would be. I’ll wait a few weeks and probably check it out.

          Again, thanks, and great job!!

          • ill admit as well its not what i was hoping for either, but after the first scene i was like oh its this kind of film and i sat back and enjoyed it

        • @Trey
          Thank you man. I will be following your every Article :)

          • Thanks for the support ant!

        • Go ahead a put the link to your site
          in the reply header for website, Trey.

      • @Trey.

        Yeah I read your review.

        Your passion is evident.

        I have but one word.


        Yes, that is a word. I have my own language.

        • 😀 Shakespeare made up words. And we all use them.

        • Thats a prettt sweet word lol

      • Trey, I’m guessing you previewed MOS in 2D?
        How was that digital transfer, was it 4K like The
        Dark Knight Rises or inferior 2K like The Avengers?

        The Avengers 2D was disappointing but
        TDKR was and excellent projection.

        • It was beautiful, one of the most crisp movies i have ever seen

          • Thanks very much, Trey. I can see Snyder (and even Nolan)
            insisting on a top shelf digital transfer after so much
            work went into creating these grand images.

  20. I gotta ask everyone a question since i’ll be seeing MOS tomarrow night.

    What do ya’ll think people’s reaction would be if I played a few seconds of John William’s Superman Theme while seated before trailers start to roll before the movie? Lol.

    • poop in pants.. out of sheer awesomeness

    • that would be hilarious! let us know what happens.

      • @ jeffro

        Well, went to MOS. It was what I expected,except for what happened near the ending which I didn’t see coming. Atleast not in this reboot. I’ll save my opinions rant for MOS review. But I will say it wasn’t epic imo.

        Btw, I played John Williams Superman Theme before the trailers came one,lol. No-one said anything that I could hear except for my friends saying to me they couldn’t believe I played that,lol.

    • @ Wally West

      It might be the best part of their movie going experience that night.

  21. @ jeffro

    indeed I will,lol.

  22. I have my tickets for 9am on the 14th.

    So, me and the boy will have breakfast and a movie.

    I could have sworn there is a new born somewhere in this house, but I have more people in and out of this house than the US Open almost.

    • Ha! Check under the cow?

      I think I’m going same time but on the 15th. I prefer Sundays but APPARENTLY there is something planned for me then. All I wanted to do is see MoS lol.

      • Har Har Har.

        You are funnier than a pay toilet in a diarrhea ward.

        But, you know I got major coolness factor with you. :)

        • And you sir, are slicker than greased owl $h1t!

          LOL. I got some old school in me. Not as old as you, but ya know!

          • Got to admit…Never heard that one.

    • I just found out that since walmart premere ticket sales have been so low, all walmart associates in my area can get them for a $1 donation to a childrens hospital! MOS TONITE BABY!

      • Last time I checked, the walmart I go to only sold 80 outta 300 tickets.

        • Something simmilar here. they have at least 100 to get rid of.

        • Just checking around, none of my local theaters are sold out for any showing tonight, tomorrow or this weekend.
          That’s not a good sign.

          • Here in Metro Phoenix, AZ, which is a gigantic area, bigger than most metro areas in the US, there is never a showing that is sold out. Maybe it’s the colossal number of theaters we have? Ive been able to buy tickets for any movie opening weekend 30 minutes before the show. Every time. Never fails. Its actually kind of nice LOL.

    • Movies do not even start that early in NYC.
      I suppose that says something about New
      Yorkers who can walk to a theater too.

  23. Was thinking of another item that Prometheus didn’t answer (there were so many).

    So, going back to original Alien, the chamber (the giant chamber I should add) beneath the dead ‘Space Jockey’ (now dead engineer in a biomech space suit, still don’t like that idea) filled with eggs.

    In relation to the space ship itself, and we’ve seen them flying so we know they don’t have a huge chamber underneath them, although they do have large cargo holds, we saw David and the others walk through them on their way to the control room, but that large chamber doesn’t make any sense unless it’s not actually part of the ship.

    The assumption was that the derelict ship crashed there, what if it didn’t and the chamber is just a small part of another engineer base.

    After the events of Prometheus the engineers could have come back to investigate what happened, they find the life-form which burst from the last engineer, modify it, breed it, they set up another base on LV426, and as one human scientist liked to say, it’s chaos theory, life finds a way.

    The Alien gets out of control (again) before they can ship the eggs to Earth and the engineers finally have the good sense to issue a warning, and perhaps decide to leave well enough alone, and us too.

    • Well it was assumed, there are more than one ship.

      • Sorry if I’m being a bit dense but I don’t understand your reply.

        What was assumed?

        I think its always safe to assume there’s more than one ship, even we don’t build one of something. When I first saw Alien I think I was like most people, I just assumed the ship had crashed there because of the dying pilot, or he deliberately ditched his ship there. The warning was his final selfless act.

        So you have me a bit confused as to what you meant. 😐

        • Prometheus alluded to the fact that their were a fleet of ships all over the universe.

          The one they found, was one of many. So the logic is, they flew off to find other planets and warn Earth of their existence

          It was in the “Star Chart” it showed planets that they had already visited or was in the phases of going to.

          • Actually, wasn’t there more than one alien shop on the planet? If I recall, there were several.

            • Yeah, if I remember there were five domed structures on the surface, each (I imagine) serviced by at least one ship underground. After the first crashes, Shaw and David fly off in another.

              Talking of which, I always pictured those things flying “arms first”. It just looked plain wrong to me going the other way…

    • …but then, the Predators have been to Earth (if you count AvP) and the Aliens have been on Earth for millenia since they were brought there by the Predators. This, of course, predates Prometheus.

      So if the Aliens we all know and love (from a safe distance mind you) have already existed for all that time then what was that new beastie?

      • All Earth Knowledge was either destroyed or anyone with knowledge was eliminated.

        Predator comes to mind.

        As does Predator 2.

        • I don’t know, both Arnie and Danny Glover survived at the end so they both knew about the Predators at least.

          And at the end of AvP Sanaa Lathan’s character survived, was even given the ‘mark’ of a warrior, and given a Predator weapon to boot. And she had knowledge of the Alien and the Queen.

          AvP:Requiem, although it was not very good we also have quite a few survivors at the end to tell the tale of both the Predators and Aliens which attacked the town. I also remember the Weyland-Yutani rep at the end with the Predator weapon.

          There’s a lot of advanced knowledge that was left behind by the Predator’s, they didn’t clean up after themselves completely.

          • The plasma gun Ms. Yutuni acquired at the end of AVP-R & Spear that whats her name got at the end of AVP would be the only two Predator weapons humans would do research on left behind. Other than detailed info given by Dutch,Harrigan,& those alive that came into contact with the Predators. Not a whole lot would be known about Xenomorphs other than captured video & detailed info from survivors from both AVP films.

      • That new Beastie.

        Was the first encounter with the engineers. There was only one body of an engineer and his head was not attached.

        All other life forms were the first of the “Facehugger” family and were primitive at best.

        The one inside Shaw was the second phase of the “Facehugger”, and not the Alien embryo.

        That is why it attached itself to the Engineer, and that is how it got it somewhat distinctive form.

        Somewhere there is a way to connect them all and make sense out of it.

    • Likewise, I always assumed the egg chamber was an underground installation and not part of the ship, due to its colossal size and the “S” curve it followed off into the distance. It had to be, though, if Kane was lowered into it directly from the “cockpit” next to the Space Jockey, which was at the top of the ship. The cockpit walls were also identical to the egg chamber walls, although that was more due to lack of money causing them to reuse the same set.

      • I wondered about that myself, it’s a bit ambiguous, when they enter the derelict ship they wander down a creepy passage. Kane mentions that the wall looks different and they proceed to climb.

        They don’t actually show you how far they climb though, they start up and then they reach the top in rather quick time.

        If it was a high climb it would have been quite a feat getting Kane’s inert body back down to the bottom again.

        But Aliens, with Newt’s parents walking through a gap in the side of the ship, did they reach the same egg chamber or another one. The mother seemed to get the inert face-huggered father back on her own.

        • Apparently HR Giger’s original idea was to have a gangway spiralling up from the three main entrances directly into the cockpit, and that corridor we actually see in the film was a last-minute adaptation made from part of the underside of the derelict when they ran out of money.

          That’s a good point about Newt’s parents: how DID her father end up with a face hugger on him? Another element of Giger’s design for the egg chamber that ended up being ditched due to costs was a kind of “egg delivery unit”, consisting of a bulge situated halfway up the chamber wall between each segment, each one sprouting two apertures. So the eggs would have been fed down to the chamber from…who knows where? The concept of a queen laying the eggs didn’t come about until Aliens, and in the first movie it was the cocooned victims like Dallas and Brett who would somehow become or produce them. That being the case, the ship must also have been carrying a ready supply of host bodies – species unknown. Either way – queen or cocoon – this still fits in with your theory of an Engineer base, except that the ship itself is the base or “manufacturing plant”, and not just a transportation vessel.

    • to the Wolf Spider*? LOL

  24. @Jeff W

    To quote you: “He (Snyder) and Nolan made Superman virtually with no need to team up with anyone, He has the thinking “I took on Zod and his people, and kick their butts. I do not need Justice League…Justice league needs me.”

    Precisely…the Justice League of America needs Superman.

    But then Superman, due to an alien virus, finds his powers have weakened to the point of effete; and that Darkseid, given his mental prowess, finds that Green Lantern at a psychologically vulnerable moment is capable of being manipulated into “the dark side”, using the god-like powers of his ring to bring “hell on earth”.

    Otherwise, where’s the logic in having a creature like the man of steel in reality? As you said, “What chance does anyone else have.” Al Qaeda? What need would the U.S. have for drones? Fires in the southwest extinguished, tornadoes in the midwest brought to heal, hurricanes in the Gulf and northeast turned away from landfall…and all those problems that plague the world finding a universal remedy in Superman.

    Despite Snyder, Nolan and Goyer’s best efforts in MAN OF STEEL… logically Superman emerges not in the “real” world, because that would make about as much sense as putting Zod into exile as the planet Krypton is being destroyed. Conversely, Supes would be compelled (by his biological father’s edit) to use his powers to do good.

    To paraphrase you: Superman doesn’t need the planet Earth; the planet needs Superman…unless his superpowers are diminished (like Samson after the haircut) then later (but only gradually) restored in allowing the Justice League film its human drama, suspense and payoff.