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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 11, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 11, 2014

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  1. There is an opinion piece on CNN today about cinema lovers being addicted to “destruction porn” as they called it.

    I just read the headline and skimmed a bit. I do have to admit I am a special effects junkie and I’ll be going to see Transformers AoE in IMAX simply for the special effects.

    • I agree, I do think the plot is more important but I will also see Transformers 4 purely for the Special effects spectacle.

    • I hear the term “disaster porn”. Either one works. And I am addicted to it. Even though I’ve seen some small destruction up close and personal, nothing compares to movies created by Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay. Long live disaster porn!

    • I could care less if stuff is being blown up. I just like visual art. I’m addicted to 3-D and IMAX myself, but it’s for visuals, not purely destruction.

  2. I’m not sure what’s going on with the mobile site but it keeps kicking me out and bringing me to buy an app! So annoying :(

    Anyway, I’m excited to catch up on some movies this week and next. Excited to see Edge of Tom Cruise (possibly tomorrow) and 22 Channing St.! Plus, how could you not love the new GOTG posters that are creeping out. All of them so far look awesome.

  3. Since Netflix is looking for ideas of new series or shows to produce themselves (kind of like how they in conjunction with Marvel are doing the Defenders stuff) for exclusive broadcasting, and have had success with “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”, I started contemplating what some things might be that I would like to see them do or collaborate in. I came up with a Doc Savage series, a Dr. Fate series, a new dark Shadows series, a new Green Hornet series, a T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents series, a new X-Files series, a second season of “The Event”, and a second season of Ashley Judd’s old series, “Missing”. If they were to investigate these properties and possibilities, I bet there are at least a few winners in there (if of course they are done right, well-acted, produced, written, directed, and respectful of canon and the original source material!!). I will be calling Netflix today at their comment line with my ideas. Any thoughts or comments on any of these ideas, or “dream lists” of your own? Comment here, please!

    • Doc Savage would be cool. Set it back in the day or update it?

      • I would most def set it back in the day like in the 30s or something, make it a period piece.

    • Live action rated R Dragonball Z series.

    • Tried binge watching the first season of Bates but gave it up after maybe 5 episodes. Same with Hannibal, but I plan on catching up with.
      For me, GoT has the been the only current series to hold my attention. I watched The Red Road on Sundance which was interesting. Gang Related was interesting but I doubt I’ll continue. Excited for Leftovers on HBO.
      I’ve been binging comedies lately: Modern Family, Portlandia, Veep. All great series. I need to catch up on Penny Dreadful. And Orphan Black’s pretty good. Though it’s animated I highly recommend Attack on Titan. Amazing series.

    • As for series I’d like to see… I think a John Carter mini-series would be cool, I agree with a Doc Savage series as well. An adult themed animated Hellboy would be awesome. And an American Death Note series needs to happen.

    • Id like to see something of a live action Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ronin Warriors

      • +100

    • i hear ya on s2 of the event. my daughter and i bummed hard when we heard it got cancelled. it just kept getting better. i guess the ratings were crappy.
      i may have to watch it again.

      • The Event did get a bit better as the season went on. In fact, I bought the entire season on DVD. Government conspiracies, techno-thriller action, alien invasions…who doesn’t love that kind of stuff? They had the potential to be an X-Files -in-training, but the split season and a bit of a rocky start, plus overly-critical critics kind of killed it’s chances. Unfortunately, alot of people called three strikes on it before it really got up to bat. Not me, though, I have always remained faithful to it.

    • I thought it would have been nice if they picked up the Julius Caesar spin off series from Spartacus. I would have loved to see DeKnight’s take on his story

  4. My sister introduced me to “Orange Is the New Black” yesterday. And by introduced, I mean she had me binge watch the 1st season with her. Not a bad show, I really like it.

    What’s everyone’s favorite series that’s still going? Mine is “Bates Motel”.

    • For me it’s a toss up between Game of Thrones and Hannibal.

      OITNB is great and I’ve already watched 10 episodes of season two even though I swore I’d take my time.

      • You know, I could never get into GOT. Or Breaking Bad. I guess all the hype for one show ruins the moment for me. Bates Motel has a good fanbase, but it’s not the talk of everyone. And I love Psycho so it’s right up my alley.

        • I’m a huge Hitchcock fan and I’ve seen Psycho more times than I can count so I like Bates Motel, I would even say I like it a lot but there are times when I can zone out a bit when they go too deep into the workings of the town.

          Vera Farminga is absolutely brilliant though.
          She plays the multiple sides of Norma amazingly. One minute she’s the loving mother, the next a manic over the top psycho (no pun).

          How long do you think the show should run?
          There was an article maybe last week that said the producers are thinking it won’t run overlong. My ideal runtime would be 5 seasons.

          • The way things are headed, I’d say 4 or 5 seasons.

            I get what you mean about zoning out. I watch the show mainly for Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates, since the show revolves around his journey towards becoming a complete psychopath. When the subplots come in, it can be a tad boring. But it all ties back together and that’s what matters.

    • Arrow is the main one we watch. On the side, I watch Chicago PD. Can’t forget the classics like Family Guy and American Dad.

      • Love Family Guy. I don’t hate American Dad, but I guess I grew more on Family Guy first. Ironically, I really like Futurama so much more than The Simpsons.

        • I love Futurama, but go back and watch the first 5 or 6 seasons of The Simpsons and you’ll see how great that show really was. It is now a shell of its former greatness, but it still has some decent episodes.

          • Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Simpsons was without a doubt one of the better shows airing a while ago, and it’s still not bad. Futurama doesn’t have that legacy because it wasn’t going as long as it’s predecessor, and I know they’re ending it for good this time.

      • I like Arrow and Chicago PD as well (hmmm, I even lived in the Chicago suburbs for a number of years!).

    • ACW,

      Hey, how was graduation?

      I’ve heard good things about OITNB and BM. Now that summer’s approaching, I should have some free time to see them.

      I’m enjoying the third season of Longmire on A&E. Here’s a good summary from IMDB: “Walt Longmire is the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Widowed only a year, he is a man in psychic repair but buries his pain behind his brave face, unassuming grin, and dry wit.”

      • Graduation was alright. The ceremony was well-organized, nothing went wrong. It was nice, but not memorable. I don’t have an emotional connection to my high school, but I did put my foot down and made a change to a lot of things. Surprisingly. I spoke out and improved the theatre department immensely. So leaving it all behind is more of a proud departure, knowing I did more for others than I did for myself. And at the same time, I achieved :)

        • Good job, always good to see someone leave his mark; thumbs up! For me, my “notables” were I was Captain of a pretty good school Chess Team, distinguished myself in high school band (drummer, percussion, electronic keyboards), plus I was the class clown and probably one of the rowdiest bookworms ever (yes, there is such a thing)!

          • Believe me, I know exactly what you mean. Simply because that’s what people see me as: a highly intelligent comedian. If I tried harder in earlier years, I would’ve seen my potential sooner. But a lot of those years were me trying to satisfy my hunger for an audience. If I had a microphone and an audience every day for the rest of my life, I’d never complain. That’s part of my life goal: to make most of this world laugh and smile :)

            • Good man! never lose that sense of humor, never stop learning about everything from history to the world around you to yourself! As long as the heart is ticking, keep that brain a-clicking!

      • I have a question about Longmire…

        Is it more of a procedural or is it serialized?

        I’ve never been a fan of case of the week cop shows but I’ve heard some good things about Longmire and have been thinking of checking it out on Netflix, I just don’t know that much about it.

        • longmire is a bit of both, but the procedural parts are pretty interesting. it’s got several long arcs going at once and katee sackoff is always nice to look at. i like that show and thats one i’m trying to watch live since i’m caught up on it.
          fyi, robert taylor was in the matrix. one of the other agents.

          • Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

    • Person of Interest – Jim should be Batman.

      • I have thought that many times while watching POI!

    • My favorite show is Community but its over.

      My favorite show that is currently on the air is….. difficult to decide haha..

      Here are a few shows that I’m thoroughly enjoying right now…

      I really enjoy Rick and Morty, its a cartoon on Adult Swim. Season 1 of that show ended earlier this year they’re working on season 2 right now and I’m really excited to see what more the show has to offer.

      I’m loving Fargo on FX. The season finale airs next Tuesday. The first 9 episodes haven’t been perfect but they’ve been a great ride. It has the dark crime drama of breaking bad and the tone of a Coen Bros film which is great for me cuz I loved the original film Fargo (1996) and most of their other films.

      I am a GoT fan but I won’t harp on that cuz it sounds like you’ve already tried that show.

      Honorable mentions go to Adventure Time (that show can be freakishly hilarious from time to time), and TWD.

      • I don’t mind GOT discussion. It’s just a show I personally never got into, I won’t knock it or anything like that. You’re talking to a guy who likes The Hobbit, thus far, more than LOTR. That genre in general isn’t in my fancy, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try it. The hype for GOT pushes me away, honestly. I don’t like watching something that could build up to be something less. I’m sketchy, but I might legitimately try GOT one day.

        • I get that. Too much hype.

          I really enjoy it. Too be honest I think its less like LOTR or Hobbit and more like a Shakespearean drama. The show isn’t about the action at all. The show is about individual characters, their back-stories, and their motivations as they all scheme how to get more control over the 7 kingdoms. The show is GREAT at introducing these complex characters that maybe you can’t identify with right off the bat, but you do later on, and they’re fun to watch all the while. Except for characters like Cersei or Joffrey. They’re just straight up d0uche bags.

          But yeah also Fargo and Rick and Morty. They’re great, and completely different than GoT haha.

        • I get that. Too much hype.

          I really enjoy it. Too be honest I think its less like LOTR or Hobbit and more like a Shakespearean drama. The show isn’t about the action at all. The show is about individual characters, their back-stories, and their motivations as they all scheme how to get more control over the 7 kingdoms. The show is GREAT at introducing these complex characters that maybe you can’t identify with right off the bat, but you do later on, and they’re fun to watch all the while.

        • For what’s worth, I didn’t jump on the Game of Thrones bandwagon until after season 2.
          One of the reasons why was the hype.
          Too many times you hear how amazing a show or movie is, how funny a comedy is or how scary a horror movie is and then you watch it and are left wondering what you’re missing?
          Game of Thrones is the exception IMO.
          It takes a while to get going. You’re saddled with a lot of info in the first few episodes and it’s hard to make out what the hell is happening but once it clicks there’s no looking back.

          I had almost the same experience with Breaking Bad. After the first 3 seasons I heard all the hype and was even given those seasons as a gift but they sat unopened for a few months.
          I gave in one night when I was recovering from a bout of Kidney Stones and ended up flying through those seasons in a little over a week.

    • Gosh, I am watching so many right now…but I would have to put Agents of Shield, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, and Reign somewhere near the current top. Looks like there could be some good ones coming later this year or early next year as well! Glad if i miss an episode due to my work schedule of any show I happen to be following, I can always go watch it later on the station website, or else put it on my Netflix list.

      • I really liked Sleepy Hollow, but it took some strange roads. The original tale is one of my favorite stories of all time so it’s interesting to see the modern spin with Biblical ties. That being said, I hope the Headless Horseman appears more often in Season 2. Nothing against the other demons, I just really love the classic confrontation between Ichabod Crane and the Horseman.

        • Me too. Since that plays very loosely off the original tale’s mythology by Washington Irving, I think they should keep the Headless Horseman as a reaccuring character as well.

    • I guess for me right now it would be a toss up between Arrow, Hannibal, GOT, and Vikings. I like GOT but right now if I had to choose one out of all those I would choose Vikings. Everything about that show has been spot on. I also love the balance between the storytelling, character development, and action with the show. Again, I love GOT and Hannibal but these 2 series are just ones that I would watch only once whereas Vikings and Arrow, like Spartacus, I can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of them.

    • Favorite show that is still going…

      It’s a toss up. Doctor Who is amazing, but I just got into that show a year ago. Arrow and Agents of Shield have my attention because I like all things nerd related. Supernatural has held my attention for 9 seasons…almost 200 episodes. It used to be something that I’d watch instantly, but now I may let 2 or 3 episodes build up on my queue. Community is honestly the only show that I watched religiously, and it is no longer with us. I’ve binged watched lots of shows on Netflix…Son of Anarchy and Archer are both ones still on the air. I got it! Comedy Bang Bang! I actually love that show and I listen to the podcast version as well. But, that’s more of a variety show. @Midnight then! But, that’s a fake game show of funny people making humor. I’ll go with Parks and Rec because of that season finale cameo by Jon Hamm.

  5. Anyone else tired of these horrible adds popping up all of a sudden on this site? Videos, some monster high add. Freaking annoying.

    How (or will) the events of Days of Future Past tie into the fantastic four reboot?

    • Maybe the events are the impetus, directly or indirectly, of the creation of the Fantastic Four? (i.e. Set the events in motion that lead to them gaining their abilities.)

      I’m working under the assumption this FF reboot will have a contemporary setting? In which case the above might help explain why they’re not around in the original X-Men series timeline. If we’re even concerned about that continuity anymore.

      Perhaps Apocalypse’s wankery in the ’80s (what, with his appreciation for evolution and alien technology) will lead to their fateful transformations later on.

  6. Anyone else feel like Marvel is slapping us in the face with their rehashing of story ideas, specifically for the Avengers 2? Good guy gets turned to bad guy for a time to be used against good guys, eventually becomes good guy again and helps defeat bad guy. Pretty sure we saw that happen in Avengers 1, and it looks as though the same thing will happen in Avengers 2.

    • Avengers 2 action and storywise can outdo original, but yeah rehashing a
      Similar plotline would not really fascinate. i think after avengers 2 i will be
      roboted out because this is will be the 5th marvel movie where robots play central
      figures in a marvel movie.h

      • Of course robots are used a lot. Who else are they going to fight in large scale battle scenes. Remember the ‘Putties’ in Power Rangers? Henchman/cannon fodder villains are extremely necessary in action films.
        And Marvel characters, as a rule of thumb, generally always fight their teammates before the big bad.

    • Some people may not have read the rumored spoilers (like 6 people on this site :) )

      To answer the question: I don’t mind. The Hulkbuster armor has to come out sometime, right? And from what it reads like, it will only be in the beginning of the film, so Hulk should regain control of himself after 20-30 minutes.

  7. I would like to see a screenrant article asking who the real architect of the xmen and
    ff is because
    1. mark millar was brought in to keep continuity together and was exicted at prospect
    of both teams coming together.
    2. simon kinberg instead decides they are both still stand alone (sounds to me like
    they are wasting opp to promote next film seeing how ff does)
    3. bryan singer is talking xmen 6 without millars input.

    • Not a comic book guy but how blasphemous is this thought:

      Could the fantastic four be used as the four horsemen?

      • No. just No.

      • If Torch or the Thing became Horsemen that would be kinda cool, but not the whole team.

        • Mr. Ed as one of the Horsemen….?

      • I’m sure there are folks around here who already think the new Fantastic Four is the end of the world. They don’t need to see them as villains because, well, even the mention of it is like a fountain of sin and hell fire. 😉

        • After Scott Summers was missing for 3 films and Bucky Barnes was a grown man… F4 fans can take a hit.

            (There, that felt ggoooooodd!)

        • I’m sorry to say I think this new FF will crash and burn hard, and the writers have no one to blame but themselves, they will reap what they’ve sown. If I had been doing a reboot of FF (which was a great comic back in the 60s and even 70s), I would have stuck VERY CLOSELY to canon and source material (most movies get in trouble when they stray too far away from tradition as a basic framework). I would have brought in Frightful Four (Wizard, Trapster, Medusa, Sandman) as the villains (as long as I did not get into legal trouble since Medusa will probably be in the Inhumans movie and Spiderman already used Sandman…different studios), since they were excellent storylines in the comics, plus Dr. Doom has been done twice already. Don’t want to get stuck in a groove like some other movies do with repeated usage of characters to the exclusion of others. I also would have been age-respectful of just how old the characters were supposed to be as shown in the comics, as well as respectful of relationships and all other aspects that were originally presented by the original writers in the comics. Their past is what made them great enough to be remembered and deserving of a movie in the first place.

          • I’ve never been into F4, I’ve only read Amazing Spider-Man and Batman. However, I always saw the potential for F4 in films after seeing “The Incredibles”. Which is basically the same type of family with the same powers, only taking out Johnny Storm and putting in Dash as a speedster instead of a pyro hero. I think if anything, I’d like Marvel Studios to have the rights to F4 so that we could have Galactus vs. Avengers/F4. That, and they’d do more with them compared to Fox.

      • after fox thought about turning magneto into acpocalypse i believe fox will do anything. fox is totally trashing the xmen and ff universe, glad they could not
        hangon to daredevil and elecktra.

  8. So I have been thinking of where batman v superman will be leading up to a justice league film. I’m stuck on the idea that bvs with the 3 mystery roles are really playing new gods.

    Since darkseid is heavily speculated for justice league, why not make it so that batman, wonder woman, and superman are fighting the forces of apokalipis. How do you link up massive heroes give them immortal gods that when they die they can wipe out a country. Callan mulvey could be Steppenwolf, one of darkseids most powerful generals. Holly hunter who many think are either a batman support role, a new role, or queen amazon..could be wait for it Granny Goodness. Yes make holly hunter a villian total reversal of roles. And for tao okamoto I can see her as lashina feild commander of the female furies. I can see her clash with wonder woman.
    This is all because I picked up infinity man and the forever people #1 today…btw if any one is a fan of jack kirbys fourth world it really throws you back there.

  9. Anybody think Metallo could be the second villian for BvS? They need a villian that can give superman trouble and Metallo could make the most sense. Lex could make him to stop superman after what happen in Man of Steel.

    • Metallo was who I gunned for in the beginning. He’s a villain that provides a challenge to both Superman and Batman, which would push them to team up even more.

    • Wouldn’t they have to introduce kryptonite first?

      • Mm…Doomsday might be average scale enough that the JL aren’t all jumping on him. I say go with him as a Kyrptonian prisoner who somehow happens upon Earth with the kryptonite crystals. Lex can later use them to weaken Supes.

  10. Marvel Casting-
    Melanie Laurent for Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel.
    Emily Blunt for Jessica Drew/SpiderWoman.
    Eva Green for Madam Hydra.
    Josh Hartnet and Olga Kurylenko for The Hood and Madam Masque.
    Chadwick Boseman for T’challa/Black Panther.
    Pedro Pascal or Kit Harrington for Dr Strange, depending on Strange’s age.
    Tiger Chen for (Wong?)
    Cumberbatch for Dormammu.
    Aldis Hodge for Brother Voodoo (or Luke Cage)
    Sharlto Copley for Baron Mordo.
    Daniel Bruhl for Red Skull.
    Matthew Fox for Baron Zemo.
    Terry O’Quinn for Kang the Conqueror.

  11. Is anybody else underwhelmed by that Dumb and Dumber To trailer?

    • Nope! Then again, being a huge Jim Carrey fan, the first movie just didn’t suit my tastes. My least favorite of his work. I respect the humor though, it’s not bad. And I’ll say that with this one: it doesn’t look bad.

      • I didn’t think it looked awful! I just expected I’d laugh more. I think I’ve been spoiled with the trailers for comedy sequels like 22 Jump Street or Anchorman 2 that basically have me laughing during the whole trailer haha..

        I’m also a huge Carrey fan. I prbly watched The Mask a 1000 times as a kid. For one reason or another it was (and still is one of my) favorite movie(s). I also loved Liar Liar and Dumb and Dumber in my early years. Mom wouldn’t let me watch Ace Ventura. I don’t know how I managed to watch those other films and not Ace Ventura.. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

        He’s also a great dramatic actor. He was phenomenal in Eternal Sunshine.

        • Oh yeah, he’s a great all around actor. Extremely underrated as a whole IMO. “The Mask” was the first movie I ever saw. It made my jaw drop on the first viewing, definitely the key turning point in my career interest. As it sank in over the years, I realized movies were my passion. And I wanted to be a part of that passion. So yeah, Jim and that movie most certainly influenced my future. Hence why I’m an actor: it all links back to “The Mask” :)

      • I used to work with a girl who was like the ultimate Jim Carrey fan. You two would have got along great!

  12. I went to see Edge of Tomorrow last night and I really loved it. I know that Tom Cruise is a nutjob, but he really makes some good movies. EoT is one the best he has ever done, IMO. I never thought I would EVER say this, but EoT was a more entertaining movie than Godzilla. Emily Blunt was awesome and if they EVER completely reboot Terminator, SHE should be Sarah Connor!!! If you have not seen this movie, GO SEE IT! It’s freaking GREAT!

    • I know that Tom Cruise is a nutjob

      Most actors are. If you’d hold that against them you’d have to stop watching movies altogether. 😉

  13. So I finally finished the 2nd season of Revolution….I really hope it gets resurrected as a film or mini-series to wrap up the story. I’m pissed at myself. I didn’t care it was cancelled, but then I watched the 5 or 6 episodes built up on my queue and now I want more. Damn you NBC for this and for Community being cancelled.

    • I have it on my Netflix list. I watched the first couple episodes, and plan to get back to it, but then I just got overwhelmed watching so many shows that I kind of had to temporarily put Revolution on hold, so to speak, but it is still very much on my list of things to watch!

      • It’s one of those shows that is decent but you can find something else that is better, so you push it off. I found myself pushing it off until a break in my other favorite programming (winter hiatus and the end of the season). I’d usually watch 3 or 4 episodes in a couple nights and then watch something else. But, it “Terra Nova’d” me with this ending. (that’s another show that 4 or 5 episodes from the finale, I wouldn’t have cared if it was cancelled but then the story picked up at the end.)

    • Yeah, I started watching some of Season 2 but then went on vacation for a bit, came back and was trying to catch up on soo many other shows that I kind of lost track of what all happened so I will just wait until the 2nd season is available on netflix to check out the rest. I also hope someone can pick up the series. I think it would be a perfect choice for Netflix to pick up but I suspect the budget for the series may be an issue

      • I felt this season was very slow moving episode to episode, but if you watched it in chunks (3 or 4 episodes at a time), the story was much better and interesting. Netflix is perfect for that type of viewing.

        I hope someone picks it up. Netflix would be good. They could even overhaul the story and pick and choose which characters move on. Call it a spin-off and call it Evolution….and just reverse how the graphic at the beginning lights up.