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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 10, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 10, 2013

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  1. First…….

    • Want a cookie?

      • Actually, yes if you have, I’m rather hungry.

        Cookie or steak, your choice.

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  2. Isn’t Colm Feore (King Laufey in the movie Thor) violating the unwritten rule of one actor for one character in the Marvel Universe if he plays the Vulture in Spiderman?

    • Spider-Man doesn’t take place in the same “universe” as Marvel Studios’ movies though, so it’s all good.
      For comparison’s sake: Chris Evans played the Human Torch in Fox’s Fantastic Four movies, but those two had absolutely no relation to the movie universe Marvel created.

      • Even if they did happen to crossover or merge the two universes (a long shot), Feore was pretty much unrecognizable in Thor. So, I’m sure almost nobody would even notice.

    • Chris Evans play Captain America (Avengers) and Human Torch (Fantastic 4)
      Jon Favreau played Happy Hogan (Iron Man) and Foggy Nelson (Daredevil)
      Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool (Wolverine) and Hannibal King (Blade)
      Sam Elliot played Gen Ross (The Hulk) and The Caretaker (Ghost Rider)

      Then there are the actors who have appeared in multiple DC comic movies and independent comic movies

  3. G’day ranters!

    Just wanted to say that I finally saw STID over the weekend and it was EPIC. All aspects of the movie delivered and even though I’m really not a big Cumberbatch fan, he was amazing in the movie.

    It’s kind of surprising how it’s under-performing at the box office though. I mean, it still made over $300mill worldwide, but I was sure this one would get up to $800mill mark (maybe even cross a billion).

    • I had never seen Cumberbatch in anything before, so this was the fist thing I’d watched him in. To say he gave an impressive performance would be an understatement.

    • I just saw it recently too. It was good. Solid. I always wanted a fight between Spock and the villain, so that was cool.

      I kind of wondered if the movie asks a little too much of the casual fan. The villain is in the background for way too long, except for a few brief shifty eyed appearances. And then I know of some hard-core fans that really hated it for a host of digressions.

      I liked it fine, but ultimately Star Trek to me is a TV show that quietly explores large and small philosophical questions. It’s not a big budget action movie series. But, since that’s what they’re trying to do, it was good.

      • Just a general question. I know Spock is stronger than a human, but is he supposed to be stronger than a genetically engineered Kahn too?

        Just wondered.

        • No, I don’t think so, which is why he nearly got his a$$ handed to him.

        • Yes. He is. Vulcan Gravity is stronger than Earths.

          Even Khan, though augmented is still born on Earth.

          Now in the new version, Spock is about the same. And remember, Spock is half human, so he might be a little weaker, but he still has more than 3 times the strength of a human.

        • Got to remember.

          Spock in TOS was able to Smash a Monitor with his fist.

          In Star Trek III an evolving Spock was able to throw a Klingon up against a tree and snap another one’s neck with relative ease.

          Kirk took Khan down in Space Seed with a pipe.

          And I aint telling you how strong a Vulcan is when going through Ponn Farr.

          Spock in TWOK was able to withstand the Reactor Control room long enough to get the Warp Engines back online..and still managed to straighten out his Uniform.

        • I thought of them fighting when I first saw the original series. In this one Khan was way more “super,” but Spock gave him a better fight than Kirk.

          Now will Spock mind-melding with that superior brain lead to Khan and crew being released later? Could there have been some subtle manipulation implanted in Spock that he fails to notice?

      • “I kind of wondered if the movie asks a little too much of the casual fan.”
        Well, if anything, I’m definitely a “casual fan”. I could never really get into the show when there were repeat showings/marathons on tv; and I only kinda-sorta liked the older movies (in fairness though, it’s been years since I saw any of ‘em) but with all that said, I loved both of the new movies. I understood what was happening throughout and I even correctly predicted certain plot points and who the villain really was before I saw the movie (with my very limited knowledge of the canon).

        I don’t know enough about Star Trek to be able to say if die-hard fans would love it, but to me it seemed as if there were a lot of references to things from the series …I wouldn’t know what those things are ;), but the way certain moments/scenes came across in the movie, it made made me think it had some greater significance…

        If anything, these new movies have encouraged me to give old Star Trek another shot, which works out perfectly because I see they started showing the original Trek series again now on South Africa’s Fox network!

        So, the way I see it is that this movie wasn’t made for die-hard Trek fans (could be wrong about that?), it was made for casual movie goers and people like me who are interested in getting to know the world of Star Trek a little better in the future…

        • I was never in to the original when I was a kid but was surrounded by people who were. Much later in life I watched all (or most) of the originals in the original order (as broadcasted on TV). The first few episodes were a struggle to stay awake, but then I started getting into the characters and really enjoyed it. Next Generation is good too. I never really liked the movies that much. They always looked as if each actors agent had insisted on so much screen time for their clients, so everyone had to be involved. A TV show could focus on 1 or two characters if it wanted.

        • I think my problems with the film were because i wasnt a fan. The klingons were thrown in, they had no develpment and i still have no idea what they are and do. They are suppose to respect honor but their reaction to zoe saldana makes me believe otherwise

    • I was expecting $600. Well, it’s still showing and there’s still cash flowing. I just hope it makes enough to get us another sequel.

      • *$600 Million, of course

    • If you guys are new to Cumberbatch, i highly recommend you watch “Sherlock”. Its a modern retelling of the Sherlock Holmes stories will Cumberbatch in the title role. I know it sounds like “Elementary” but it really is so much better. Its 6 episodes where each one is 90 min. Such a very good show.

      He was also in “War Horse” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, as well as be in this years “August: Osage County” and “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” (as Smaug).

      He’s like this years Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s always been around but just finally getting the recognition.

      • I think most of us here know about ‘Sherlock’.
        I’m not at all a fan of the show (and I promised myself I wouldn’t go on another rant about it for at least another month ;)), but Cumberbatch performance in the show is – as it’s always been in – superb.

        … I just don’t have a man-crush on the guy, as many other people seem to have.

  4. Sofia Stewart, an African-American writer whose story “The Third Eye” inspired THE MATRIX and THE TERMINATOR (and their respective sequels) has won her copyright enfringement lawsuit and will receive the biggest payoff in the history of Hollywood. Gross receipts from both franchises total $2.5 Billion.

    Why isn’t this a leading Screen Rant news item?

    • because it didn’t happen.

    • Sofia Stewart has tried for a very long time to litigate the fact that “The Matrix” and also “The Terminator” were HER ideas.

      In the past, there have been false stories about her winning her lawsuit(s).

      It’s become an “urban legend.”

      As if this writing, I see absolutely NO NEWS of her winning any lawsuit.

      Unless you are furthering her false legal win, could you link a legitimate article proving what you claim to be true?

      If you can’t, you’ve been duped as well.

      • Sofia Stewart has tried for a very long time to litigate the CLAIM…

        NOT fact.

    • Poor misguided Freddy…

      • The source for the story on Sophia Stewart is dated February 2013 as reported on and written by Marcia L. McNair
        in which this abstract appears:

        “Some fans, are unaware of the case or they question its legitimacy, due to the fact that it has received little to no media coverage. Though the case was not made public until October of 2003, Stewart has her own explanation, as quoted at

        ‘The reason you have not seen any of this in the media is because Warner Brothers parent company is AOL-Time Warner…. this GIANT owns 95 percent of the media… let me give you a clue as to what they own in the media business… New York Times papers/magazines, LA Times papers/magazines, People Magazine, CNN news, Extra, Celebrity Justice, Entertainment Tonight, HBO, New Line Cinema, DreamWorks, Newsweek, Village Roadshow and many, many more! They are not going to report on themselves. They have been suppressing my case for years.’”

        I’m reminded of the Connecticut legislature having witten a bill saying aviator Gustave Whitehead had the first powered flight in 1901 — two years before the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, N.C. The bill passed recently, although Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has not committed to signing it.

        Is the media slow to report the inexactitude of history…or is it not true until the media says it’s true?

        NETWORK, the 1976 film, dramatically darkens the merger of corporate and media cosmology, describing both inter-related as ardent participants in the economy, and offering the illusory nature of any distinctions.

        At this point, need I point out how the media reports on the news, if only to debunk it as tabloid fodder or sensationalism, which it does with considerable frequency. Why not in the case of Sophia Stewart — unless all reference to her is being suppressed.

        Maybe, maybe not, but do I believe the news story that Stewart won her lawsuit — well, just as I believe the Wright Brothers were first in flight — until ostensibly the media says otherwise.

        This is not complicated…but it is complex.

        • Funny you should mention Network; click my name for some choice Howard Beale clips and atrocious music…

    • Self-proclaimed “Mother of The Matrix” Sofia Stewart is an opportunist charlatan whose “novel” (all thirty pages of it) has been soundly discounted as being anything of the kind, Frederick. Harlan Ellison forced a payment and acknowledgement out of Cameron for The Terminator having plagiarised his 1964 Outer Limits episodes “Soldier” and “Demon With A Glass Hand”, and the movie also shares some similarities with Philip K Dick’s 1953 short story “Second Variety”. The Matrix definitely owes a massive thematic debt to PKD’s “reality vs illusion” works of the ’50s and ’60s. All of which predate Stewart’s 1979 effort by more than a decade. Add to that the sheer impossibility of keeping a lawsuit victory and payoff of that magnitude a secret on a global scale.

      This guy debunks the whole thing fairly concisely:

      • I should have spelled her name “Sophia” as well.

        • Oh, and if she had won that kind of a payout, would she really still be hawking her tome from her extremely amateurish website at $24.99 a pop? Seriously?

          • I’m fairly certain a “payout” will not come so quickly, just as I am uncertain of Sophia Stewart’s IQ for business, financial planning or money-management.

            What I am certain of is two camps (maybe three): Those willing to believe Stewart’s story as real and true, and those willing to condemn her as a charlatan — perhaps the former because she is a female African-American viewed as an “underdog” having been whipped by Hollywood’s world of money, power and prestige with shifting allegiances; and the latter given a implacable sense of loyalty for those who made their bones and achieve bona fides by way of their respective films.

            A third camp are people more than willing to admit they don’t know the truth — not yet — so presently have no honestly opinion.

            Worldwide suppression of the truth, while seemingly impossible, is credible. Only someone divorced from reality would continue to believe the world knew (for instance) of excessive secrecy that resulted in the systemic invasion of privacy by the NSA. With so many “off-the-shelf” non-govermental contractors, how could the rest of the planet not know, except for those at the most secret point?

            However, it’s true.

            The truth will always draw scrutiny from some…and outrage from others. As mentioned before, a falsehood will perforce be debunk as tabloid fodder or sensationalism. Neither has occurred in the case of Sophia Stewart. Why?

            If hers has been an effort to swindle Warner Bros. and the others, then by necessity the media (which Time-Warner owns a substantial share) would have dealt with the matter right away, as procrastination would not have been an option.

            • Sitting on the fence is all well and good, but invariably leads to a certain numbness. I think you’re missing the point here: both The Terminator and The Matrix are demonstrably based on very specific ideas from other writers which predate The Third Eye, sometimes by many years. Stewart never had a leg to stand on, and the judge who threw out her case in 2005 was unequivocal in ordering her to pay the defendants’ attorneys’ fees to the tune of $350 000. As was the judge who ended her appeal in 2007 to continue a malpractice suit against her own lawyers, and the judge who denied her 2010 request to issue an order for a citizen’s arrest on James Cameron and various executives from the Halcyon Holding Group, LLC production company.

              Time Warner may be the world’s largest media conglomerate, but to suggest that not one of the dozens of other non-affiliated international news agencies on this planet wouldn’t have picked this story up and run the distance with it – if they thought there was an ounce of substance in there – is to take a way too naive and parochial viewpoint.

              The 25 customer reviews and their follow-up comments for “The Third Eye” on Amazon make for interesting reading:

              The “antis” seem to be quite stark in their dismissal of the book as having precious little to do with either The Terminator or The Matrix, while the “pros” come across as suspiciously over-the-top and occasionally downright creepy (“This monumental piece of work from the spiritual guide and prolific writer Sophia Stewart” etc etc).


              This is the most damning thing of all in my view. Artists create. Musicians play. Writers write. It’s a compulsion; it’s second nature. You’re a writer, you know this! What has Sophia Stewart written since 1981 (not 1979 – my mistake)?


              Not a word. In thirty-two years. If she put half as much energy into her supposed craft as she has playing the victim, she’d have considerably more credibility than she does at the moment.

              • Whoa…take a breath.

                And let’s take a moment here to recall my original premise.

                I am not defending or promoting Sophia Stewart but merely inquiring why the media had made no mention of the February 2013 court decision that ruled in Stewart’s favor.

                Notwithstanding the pre-February 2013 criticisms of this woman, whether or not she had been plagiarized, has the IQ of a flea, or loony as The Joker…none of this has any baring on my statement: that a judicial authority in February 2013 ruled in favor of the plantiff, Sophia Stewart regarding a copyright infringement lawsuit…

                …a court ruling as reported on the media website; a claim, I grant you, that begs scrutiny and further investigated (by you?) to justify your conclusion that it didn’t happen — and that if anyone had been duped, it was the African Global news media.

                Otherwise, the argument becomes an inference that this news organization has colluded with Sophia Stewart to promulgate a falsehood. If that is your post-February 2013 claim, then say it.

                But to dial up the pre-February 2013 vitriol, diatribes and witticisms absolutely serves no useful purpose in either justifying or denying the post-February 2013 report.

                Our debating the issue has been pushed into a redoubtable cul-de-sac. If we’ve reached an impasse, undoubtedly I will start repeating myself. And having no interest in ennui, I choose to abstain at this point…but you go right ahead.

                • Pardon the grammatical and semantical errors; that’s the ennui kicking in.

                  • That African Globe piece illustrates exactly how this story has kept going for this long. It’s like a process of Chinese whispers: one article repeats another, making nebulous, unsubstantiated claims masquerading as indisputable facts, and the whole sorry saga continues. The quote attributed to Stewart comes from a Ghetto Tymz interview conducted with her in, I believe, 2004, and recycled ad nauseum ever since. Even the line “She will soon receive one of the biggest payoffs in the history of Hollywood, as the gross receipts of both films and their sequels total over 2.5 billion dollars” is one I’ve seen absolutely verbatim in other articles dating back several years, and used word-for-word by individual commenters. Which is why alarm bells rang for me when you used it in your original post above.

                    Regarding the root of all this, the manuscript Stewart allegedly submitted in reply to an ad placed by the Wachowskis, she has never been able to so much as even name the publication the ad appeared in, much less produce a copy of it.

                    If Marcia L McNair had bothered checking the Ghetto Tymz archives, she’d have found this impassioned piece by M’Bwebe Ishangi from 2008, detailing the reasons for GT ending its support for Sophia Stewart – powerful and damning stuff:

                    So yes, African Globe has indeed been duped, and is doing its readers a huge disservice by perpetuating baseless rumours and sloppy journalism.

                    As to why no one’s counter-sued her, to be honest I did wonder that myself. Thing is, there must be dozens, if not hundreds of people who try suing some element of Hollywood every year for copyright infringement. Many with legitimate claims, others with nothing. Stewart’s just had more coverage than some, which is not necessarily a reason to turn the tables on her. There’s the “oxygen of publicity” argument I suppose, that even if she were dragged through the courts tomorrow and her claims utterly destroyed, she really would be global news, and there are those who’d simply see it as further evidence of “how deep the rabbit hole goes” and all that kind of thing. Not sure on that one.

                    • Advancing a viewpoint to rise above agrument, I quote you: “As to why no one’s counter-sued her, to be honest I did wonder that myself.”

                      And with this, you have the last word. Now moving on….

  5. this week… this has to be the best week in entertainment this year and in a LONG time. E3 begins today, the last of us comes out at the end of the week and man of steel comes out. i cant wait to see that movie. its looks fantastic.

  6. So, Katee’s water breaks around 8pm on Saturday…12 Hours of Labor, refused to dilate to 10cm

    Finally at 940 am Yesterday, Grace McKenzie Williams-Waine comes into the world.

    6lbs, 13 oz…Full head of hair…..Both are doing well, and will be out around 1 pm.

    Katee had some bleeding due to Grace having a slightly strong grip, refusing to come out properly..but she is doing fine.

    So…Yeah, birth looks like an alien coming out the wrong way….But hey.

    • Congrats Jeff :)

      • Thanks Vader.

        Now, I have to bring home a new born, and trust me..I will be driving below the speed limit.

        With my Career in the Coast Guard, this is the first time since my oldest Amanda was born, that I actually driven any other of my children home from the hospital.

        So, I am looking forward to that….Just got to deal with the US OPEN!

    • Congratulations!

      • Thanks The Avenger.

    • Congrats! That screams Barbecue! You’re mooing… I mean buying!

      • Thanks The Lost Winchester

        Some of you guys, I loathe really, but not enough to dislike some of you…grr


    • Congratulations Jeff & Katee!!

      • Thank’s Stark.

    • Congratulations Bruce and family!

      • Thanks Leathercheerio.

        I got to go pick them up now, I think I got the car seat in…BIG I THINK!

    • Congratulations, Jeff!

      A little girl for the big guy.
      Now that’s a fine bit of news.
      In fact, as fine as fine can be.

      By the great Gordon Lightfoot,
      for his little girl once upon a time.

      And for your little angel, for
      your thoughts are all with her.

      You’re as soft as the rose
      You’re as sweet as the honey
      You’re as warm as the bright morning sun
      You’re as cool as the breeze on the last days of April
      You’re as fine as fine can be

      You’re like time is to space
      You’re like faith is to trusting
      You’re like blue is to feeling unkind

      You’re like joy is to love,
      You’re like dreams are for chasing
      You’re as fine as fine can be

      And when I am gone my thoughts are all with you
      You’re my little angel you see
      You’re as bright as the moon
      You’re as light as a feather
      You’re as fine as fine can be

      Like the rain is for the crops
      You’re like food for my thoughts
      You’re like true is for knowing what’s not
      You’re like leaves are for trees
      You’re like bees are for buzzing
      You’re as fine as fine can be

      You’re as bright as the moon
      You’re as light as a feather
      You’re as fine as fine can be

      • Thanks Robert Palmer.

        I have no words for that.

        That was truly beautiful.

    • Make sure she goes through an Ascension Chamber after the age of inclusion!! I’ll bring my favorite pain sticks!! :-D


      • She has me for a father?

        How much more pain is she going to be able to handle?

    • Congratulations, Jeff! I’m sure with the new addition to the family, Father’s Day will be even more special this Sunday.

      When can we expect Grace’s first post on SR?

      • Proably soon as I can get her away from everyone..Probably by Wednesday

    • Good on ya, Jeff! Glad to hear all went well.

    • thats what i thought during the births of my 3 kids, but the worst part was the last one …

      ********WARNING******* if you have a weak stomach i advise you to look away now and NOT continue reading…i have informed you thusly…

      after jared was born, the dr was delivering/extracting the placenta, and the nurse dropped the big metal bowl, all while i was on the phone telling my dad about the birth of his 4th grandchild (my brother has 1 son) and i was splattered, quite liberally, on one side of my face…i thought i was gonna hurl right there. i just told dad rather abruptly i have to go and hung up. the nurse was very apologetic as she handed me some towels…that has to be the most disgusting thing to happen to me in 45 years…so far.

      • Wow…

        Our doctors were respectful of my weak stomach towards body organs so when that part came they told me to look away and I sure as heck did! I threw up during the video in the prep class we took.

      • @Jeffro

        The worse I had to deal with, and incredibly powerful vise like grip on my hand!

        I think Katee might have fractured a few fingers.

        But, yeah…YOU WIN. HANDS DOWN!

    • Congrats to you both.

  7. Oh, and can someone please tell me.

    When did Instructions for Car Seats go from easy, to MIT Graduate Level complexity?

    And I am not even going to start on the four stage conversion stroller.

    • 0.0 sounds pretty complicated Jeff, soon it’ll be hovering strollers and safety child seats at the push of a button :D

      • Got this strange vision.


        Out of control and me looking like George Jetson holding on to Astro chasing a cat.


    • I bought the Eddie Bauer combo stroller/car seat when my son was born. Its really simple since it has the base that never really needs to be removed. And the latch system is so much more convenient then the seat belt knot system.

      • Well, I just bought both the ladies Home.

        Normaly 15 minute drive..took 60 minutes..Who knew 5mph would tick people off.

        And then dealing with security because of the US Open..

        Sigh, but they are home, and being fawned over…I got me some alone time…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. What are RT predictions for MOS?

    I’m going to say high seventies to mid eighties. Picking one number I’ll say 81%. I know a lot of people are going to say 105% and such, but based on past experience, the hype seldom delivers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s lower. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s higher.

    • It will be higher.

      The embargo on MOS ends tomorrow, June 11th.

      I’m sure we’ll see floods of reviews once the clock strikes midnight, tonight.

      The North American World Premier is tonight in NYC.

      Then it has it’s World Premier in London on Wednesday.

      It’s on track to …..

      • Wait wait wait, do industry folks actually refer to it as “World Premier” more than once? Cause, um…

        • Yeah yeah…

      • I heard the embargo ended tonight at 7

    • I’m thinking 90% fresh or higher on RT for man of steel.

      • Vader, you’re on the right “path.”

        It’s laughable that there are actually people who think it will score in the 60′s. LOL

        • those would be the same people who expected a good showing from green lantern and got burned, so they are a bit jaded

      • I’d agree with that assessment.

    • I am expecting 60s.

      • I agree, 60′s.

        • *that Willie Wonka meme*

          • *ahem, “willy wonka” meme*

            @ Kyle and Stark


            • Frankly, I don’t what to expect except a lot of action. 60′s is not out of spite, as I have no dog in this fight, it’s just a guess.

              As I’ve said a thousand times before, I want it to do great, as I do all CBM’s, I just don’t know that it will, we’ll see. I do have free tickets, since my nephew got a summer job at my local theater, so at least I won’t have to pay for it if it is bad.

          • Ha. Funny. I just think everyone’s expectations are way too high for this movie. I think box office won’t be more than 120 (which is good, but not great).

            • @ Kyle

              I 2nd that. Im surprised how high people’s expectations are. I had them for Superman Returns & was disappointed. And everything I read or seen looked like it’s been done on film & television already. The origin looks great in MOS & hopfully after this film they won’t need to go over his origins for good awhile. Still don’t care for their choice on Perry White & not having Jimmy Olson.

        • Come on guys… for a movie to have a 60% freshness rating on RT, reactions will have to be mixed at best. Even if the movie does under-perform, I think it’ll still have positive reviews (which of course is all the “freshness” really measures: how positive/negative the reactions are)

          The real “test” of seeing if a movie is accepted by the masses, is by looking at the overall rating out of 5 or 10 from critics and audience members… or by reading a lot of trusted reviews.

          Not that any of that really matters. It’s about whether you, as an individual, likes it or not. I’m just psyched to finally go see it when it comes out!

          • I completely agree with you… But you look at IM3, which was generally liked by the “general public” (salutes, “General Public”), and that was in the 70s. I think with Synder’s history, there’s a chance this could not be a huge success. 60s isn’t crazy talk.

            • Saying 60′s is an out of spite prediction. Superman returns had a 76%. Ill go 85%

              • It’s not out of spite at all. Did you know that Zack Snyder’s highest rated movie ever is 75%?

                So tell me why, when someone doesn’t have complete faith in the director that saying a movie falling in the 60s range is out of spite?

                • because everyone knows the buzz it has, and the praise it is already getting. expecting it to drop blow a 70% which held Superman Returns doesn’t seem very possible to me. Superman Returns left a lot of bad taste in peoples mouths, a completely reboot with a cast of beloved actors and a lot of heart and action should do better than returns.

            • Iron Man is riding the Avengers wave, I think. I liked it but is it really a great movie? Ehh.

              MOS doesn’t need to do IM3 numbers, but I think it needs to be a better movie. I think it needs to spark interest with the public at least as good as the first Iron Man. I don’t expect it to be as strong as BB, which didn’t have great BO at first, but it really got people buzzing.

              That said, a whole lot can go wrong with a SH movie.

              • Contrary.

                Man of Steel has to do Ironman III Numbers. Anything less would be disaster for WB.

                They need Man of Steel to top 1.5 Billion. For a movie to be truly successful.

                No less than 3 times its production cost.

                • 1.5 Billion????? Sorry, but that is setting the bar a wee bit high. Plenty of SH movies have made under 500 million and are alive and well.

                  I think they want good numbers and good word of mouth, but say 750 million (more than 3 times production, and this movie has a ton of tie-ins already) will be good enough for them to proceed. However, I realize it can make a lot of money and still fizzle. It needs “legs” and it needs to create excitement beyond itself (as in more superman movies at least).

                  1.5 Billion for IM3 wasn’t expected. People are still buzzing from Avengers. If MOS is really good I could see it getting there. If it’s Okay, then 750. It has a lot of anticipation so it will have a fast start.

                  • 750 million dollars

                    Would make it 375 Million dollars.

                    750 Million dollars
                    After Budget and Marketing totaling 375 million dollars is taken away.

                    That is not numbers, WB Wants to see.

              • @ Nostelg-O

                In my mind, who cares what kind of numbers MoS pulls, just so long as it’s good. It doesnt have to beat IM3 or Batman numbers, and I wouldn’t expect it to. At this point all I want is a good overall Superman movie, the rest will take care of itself.

                Many view this movie through their “MoS colored glasses” instead of looking at it objectively. The hype is ultra high. When was the last time a movie actually met the hype when it was this high?

                Maybe my expectations are lower because I don’t want to be disappointed again. Maybe it’s because my faith in WB/DC is incredible low. I really hope I’m pleasantly surprised. I really want this to be DC’s Iron Man, and start a DC movie universe.

                I went into IM 1 not expecting much, and was just blown away by it. I want the same thing to happen with MoS.

                • Yeah, I’ll take a good movie too, but I think the folks handing over the money would like to see a return (and I don’t mean “Superman Returns”). And yes if it’s good, things will take care of themselves.

                  If it has a lot of people of all ages going to see it multiple times, it will succeed. If people decide they can wait until it comes out on video to see it again, that won’t be so good.

                  We should have a better idea starting tonight, and a better idea in the coming weeks. Nothing less than the future of the entire DCU is at stake. This is the biggest challenge our heroes have ever faced. But hey! Have fun.

                • @ Stark

                  Im the same as you. I mean between Batman Returns & Batman Begins, WB didn’t release good cbm. Heck even before Burton’s first Batman film & during Nolan’s Batman trilogy WB was having no luck other than television shows. In the long run Marvel’s characters kept on coming outta the works till finally Marvel Studios made their shared universe which is goin well still. WB/DC still on the ropes because imo, they don’t care about the characters. They’re more interested what profits their cbm will bring in.

          • Superman Returns did ok BO wise. BB wasn’t spectacular but it had what they call “legs.” I think “legs” are most important. I think good BO is all but assured.

            I don’t decide by RT alone, but I think the averages of all reviews can give a pretty telling number.

            • Superman Returns was not successful by any stretch of the imagination.

              Take away the fact it was not in 32

              209 Million dollar Budget
              200 Million Domestic Gross
              191 Million dollar World Wide Gross not including the United States.

              391 Million Dollars-Minus the 209 Million dollar budget and the 100 Million dollar marketing campaign

              81 Million dollars Net.

              • Not in 3D…

            • Imo, I thought BB was best of the TDK trilogy.

          • @ The Avenger

            True. I know people sure weren’t buying ticket’s from Walmart. I last I heard only 31 sold at the store I go to.

    • I could care less about the critics rating. Transformers wasn’t critically accepted and performed amazingly at the BO. And that’s all I want.

      • Man of Steel 225 Million dollar budget….150 Million Dollar Marketing Campaign.

        375 Million Dollar.

        Based on the Formula of 30.

        1.125 Billion dollars is the minimum Man of Steel would need to make to be warranted “Successful”

        220 Million Dollar Budget

        207 Million Dollars..Opening Day. So when you come up 13 Million dollars shy of your overall Budget on the first day. Yeah, you accomplished something.

        So, there you have the template for Man of Steel.

        • Dang it.

          220 Million dollars was for The Avengers.

          Followed by what the Avengers did on opening day.

  9. E3 live coverage today on spike tv, can’t wait!!

    • Not like I can watch it, but what time, I can record it.

      • E3 coverage starts at 11am here jeff.

  10. Will there be a Falling Skies Season Premiere recap/review?

    Interesting how they deal with the passage of time from the previous season. Is it going to become the ER Reunions Show? Maybe Wyle can get Clooney to do a cameo.

  11. Friday can’t get here soon enough. Haven’t been this anxious for a DC film since Dark Knight. MOS really looks and feels like it’s gonna be Hot! Finally the “real” beginning of the DC universe on screen.

  12. Okay, so I have a question of sorts

    In The Purge crime is legal for twelve hours, regardless of what it is. But what if it’s something really big? Say someone works in Air Force and is able to get their hands on a fighter jet and attacks the White House? Or say someone manages to blow up a whole neighborhood or a whole town? 

    What I’m trying to ask here or say here is (because I’m not even 100% sure) what about the aftermath of ‘the purge’? What if you do something huge like that? Do you still get away with it? And what about damages and all those things? 

    • I suspect there’s no answer to your question because The Purge is based on a ridiculous idea to begin with.

      To add on to your questions, what if an organized group of people somehow managed to assassinate the President and overthrow the government? Would everyone just wake up the next day with new leaders?

      This movies premise suggests it’s nothing more than a fun ride (maybe), but it would never be able to carry weight in a real world setting.

      • The Purge is a ridiculous premise, but not with a little basis in fact.

        Sharia Law for one. Not as grandiose as The Purge. But, Stoning people till they are dead, where Rapes of Women go unreported, or even worse ignored.

        There are countries where not even the Law is enough to keep up with the crime and in the most severe cases, the Military is called in, but only if it is deemed a High Threat.

        Crime Legal for 12 hours no, not now at least. But as people get older, and live longer and Earth becomes more over crowded and then crime gets out of hand. Who knows.

        • the thing about a purge is, just because the law says there are no consequences for your actions for 12 hrs, doesn’t mean there aren’t any consequences at all.

          That’s the trick, in my mind.

          The consequences of my actions don’t stop after 12 hrs, just my actions. Therefore, long after the purge is over, I can still be paying for it. It’s not a “free time”, there will always be the next morning to answer to, even if the law says I don’t have to.

    • I posted this on another thread, but you’ve put your finger on exactly why the movie’s premise is ludicrous and unworkable. No legal system could continue to operate in the wake of such a temporary (and arbitrary) legalisation of all crime, and the psychological fallout alone would transform any society into something fractured, brooding, paranoid and deeply sinister. Looks like it doesn’t have the courage of its own convictions to move outside the standard “home invasion” setup and examine the real implications anyway.

      • Lol, and just as before, my comment’s up for moderation. Maybe I should have been Cindy R. Jones or Karen Saunders or Brenda, expressing spam-laden shock that my divorced (from reality) cousin brings in $50k a week by selling fish scales and damp matchboxes, and gifting everyone with opportunities unheard-of by mortal men at…

  13. Watched premium rush yesterday and enjoyed it. Also picked up the last 1:6 scale statue of man of steel at my comic shop. Also picked up superman earth one and batman death of the family along with my usual comic titles.

  14. resident evil 5 mild spoiler ahead
    I just saw the latest Res Evil Redemption, and it was a decent action film. I like how they tied in the characters of the past films… however, I sort of expected them to wrap up this storyline with Alice so we’d get a proper reboot thats actually scary. instead the movie end sets up for another Alice-centric movie.

  15. @Stark:

    I would think they would be on par but it seems not in JJTrekVerse.

    The result of the Vulcan Nerve Pinch indicates who is stronger.

    • In the original series, and in Star Trek II, I wanted Spock to fight Kahn to see who was stronger. Kirk was manhandled by both at various takes, so I was curious. I always though Spock was stronger.

      • I think the Augments are suppose to be stronger. In Trek Enterprise, the lead Augment was hit by a Klingon and didn’t budge. Klingons are stronger than humans….

        Of course we are, petaQ!!

        Shut up, Kahless! But when a Klingon hits a Vulcan, they feel the pain. And the Klingons were so impressed with the Augments, they tried genetically engineering their own race to be like them.


        Own it Kahless; it’s all yours.


        • I have mixed a Tribble with a Horta.

          Come here Kahless!

          I got a surprise for ya!

          • Wow, I never knew a Bird of Prey could do warp 50. :-)

  16. Evidently the TSA do not know who played Chewbacca.

    • I wonder what would happen if I tried going through with a bat’leth? :-D

  17. @Nostelg-O:

    I wondered about that too, if JJ is going to use Wrath of Khan cues, that could lead to a Bones-esque channeling with Spock doing a Cumberbach impersonation.

    I don’t understand why Spock was mind melding in the first place, I don’t recall him using that in a fight before.

    • That’s what made me think of it too, because of the Spock-Bones thing and the way this movie was striking so many similar notes.

    • They’d have to be respectful of Spock though, so it would need to be something really subtle that he could deal with, if only he was aware of it.

      • I have a sneaky feeling Kahn will be back in the future. BC was fantastic as the character. The overall movie was great I thought. I’m surprised a bit by the numbers it has done.

  18. Saw After Earth yesterday. I don’t think the movie is as bad as people have been claiming. Sure, it could have been better but it wasn’t horrible. I thought it was a solid 3/5.

  19. So…Godzilla…2014.

    City of Choice to be destroyed?

    San Francisco!

    • Hong Kong, because of that Snowden guy.

      Revise that: Just find Snowden and rip him apart, leave the city alone.

    • How about Chunky, Mississippi?
      I know it’s a town, but I was stopped there once by an officer who was the spitting image of Sheriff Buford T. Justice, and I want revenge! :)

      • “There’s no way you could have come from these genes! When I get home, I’m gonna punch yo’ momma right in her mouth!”

        Loved that movie!

    • Vancouver, BC.

    • No, I mean.

      Godzilla romps through San Francisco.

  20. Can’t wait for season 6 of True Blood to start.

  21. Paul, my comment about The Purge was up for moderation and has now been removed entirely. The same thing happened when I posted it on the trailer thread a couple of months ago, although it appeared eventually. There was nothing in it that might have offended anyone (except possibly James DeMonaco!), and I can’t imagine what individual words may have been flagged either. Any idea what the problem could be?

  22. Speaking of actors making multiple appearances in either TV series, or a series of movies based on a TV series, eg, Star Trek.

    David Warner, Star Trek V as Ambassador St. John Talbot (human) on Nimbus III, then he was in Star Trek VI as Chancellor Gorkon (Klingon), and then he was on a 2 part episode of TNG (Cardassian).

    Suzie Plakson has played the mother of Worf’s son, a female Q in ST:Voyager and an Andorian in Enterprise (she may have been more characters, can’t recall).

    Anyone else who has done multiple characters on any TV or movie(s)?

    • Majel Barrett was the first

      She was Number one in the Star Trek Pilot
      Then she was Nurse Chapel
      Then she was the Enteprise Computer voice.
      She was Laxwanna Troi.

      • Yes, she was even Laxwanna Troi in both TNG and DS9.

        Then again Colm Meaney went from TNG to DS9, as did Worf, with Worf they still found a way to include him in the TNG movies even after he was no longer an Enterprise crew member.

        They’re good at recycling I’ll give them that.

      • And I forgot, Michael Dorn was even in ST6.

    • Mark Lenard played a Romulan commander and, of course, Spock’s father Sarek.

      Suzie Plakson also played a Vulcan doctor in TNG.

      The actor who played Tom Paris in Voyager also played the Red Squad leader who tried the Covart Star Burst in TNG.

      The actor who played Tuvok in Voyager also played a human thief in TNG.

      The actor who played Gowron in TNG also played a holographic thug in TNG.

      the actor who played Weyoun in DS9 also played a Ferengi and an Andorian in Enterprise.

      Those are just off the top of my head. :-D

      • Tim Russ also turned up as a Vulcan officer on the bridge of the Enterprise-B in Generations. Being released before Voyager, he was unnamed, but continuity-wise he could have been a younger Tuvok.

        • Also the actor who played the Vulcan ambassador in Enterprise played an Occompan in Voyager.

    • Colin Baker was in Doctor Who a year before becoming the sixth Doctor himself.

      Patrick McGoohan was in three separate episodes of Columbo.

      How about the characters Oscar Goldman and Dr Rudy Wells appearing in both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman?

  23. I have to admit.

    I watched some of the most inept water rescues from First Responders I ever seen.

    Woman and her child evidently did not see how high the flood waters were, and got trapped. in the middle of the road in 4 feet of water…Fire department comes..and their truck goes to fast in and the water floods the engine…So they are trapped..Police officer decides he want to slowly go in with his car and rescue the people…He becomes trapped.

    So Woman and her Daughter trapped.
    3 Firemen trapped.
    1 Police Officer trapped.
    3 Cars water logged.

  24. Wondering.

    Why is “This is the End” Rated at 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.
    When Man of Steel is at 71%?


    • Yeah, I just saw that. It’s still early; maybe Supes can turn this around.

      • Lets Hope! the walmarts in my county have sold a total of 24 MOS early viewing tickets… not boding well…

        • Walmart in my area has sold 48 of them.

          Some reviews seem to be split so far. Especially on Rotten Tomatoes and Variety pretty much trashed it.

      • A Friend of mine saw it in NYC Lastnight.

        He summed it up this way.

        It is Superman meets Michael Bay.

      • World War Z is at 80%
        Monster University is at 75%.
        Hijacking is at 100%


  25. @BigDentist:

    Such an examination of the implications of The Purge, esp the legal ramifications, would take longer than a Peter Jackson trilogy.

    • This is true! Probably wouldn’t make for riveting viewing either.