Open Discussion – June 1, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 1, 2012

It’s already June, can you believe it!? Next thing you know it’ll be Christmas – yeesh!

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 1, 2012

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  1. Good morning ranters. I just finished watching Nikita on Netflix and I loved it. I was wondering if anybody has any other tv suggestions I could check out, and when the third season of Nikita is supposed to begin

    • I’m hooked on Eureka on Netflix and almost wrapped that up…so I need some suggestions too.

      Besides Eureka, I’d recommend Supernatural and Jericho. I like comedy so some of my favorite shows are Psych and Reaper because they’re different and very funny. And if you like sitcoms, Better Off Ted is hilarious.

      • Hell on Wheels – First Season was just released so it may be a month before Netflix.
        It’s Always SUnny in Philadelphia
        The League
        La Femme Nikita

    • I recently finished Dollhouse. It’s only 26 episodes but they wrap the story up so you’re not left wondering what would happen because it was canceled.
      The 1st 4-5 episodes are the weakest of the lot but if you stick with it it gets pretty interesting.

    • Nip/tuck. good show but,

      they should really call it nip/****

      • i just started watching 2 shows today, watched 2 episodes of each. one being luther and the other being sherlock. and wow they are both incredible shows. I love walking dead, and breaking bad but man BBC has the advantage with these 2 shows. Idris Elba in Luther is a must watch.

  2. So what is the verdict on Snow White and The Huntsman?

    • Definitely want to see it, as it looks very much like a Lord of the Rings interpretation of the story, at least cinematographically.

      • The movie is on screen here since yesterday, wont be able to make it before Monday due to some personal commitments. Definitely looking forward to it more than all other movies of June.

        • It looks sharp visually in the trailers, but I sense it’s going to cater more to Twilight fans than to anyone else. But if there’s any time to have a stunning visual display with little going on underneath, it’s summer.

    • It looks good to me.
      I was gonna go see it today, but stuff got in the way. I’ll try to catch it over the weekend and if all else fails, next week along with Prometheus.

    • Well that sounds interesting and I would like to see that not as a movie but maybe like a dark horse comic other universe, because the splicing and DNA mutation you are speaking of would be an obomination to the predators. Think of the predator clans as similar to pure blooded vampires in a sense that changing their genetics would be dishonorable and would make themselves out to look weaker if they couldn’t become the ultimate hunter on their own. Like Victor stated in underworld rise of the lycans a merger of two species is a discrace that is why you don’t see PredAliens more often but more on the mutated predator side of the gene pool than the aliens,because for that thing to even exist dishonors the clan, which is why in the PC games if there is a predalien on the loose it is a main objective to mutilate that creature and restore clan honor.

  3. So, in light of today’s news, I guess it looks even less like there will be a sequel to Green Lantern…

    • Forgive my ignorance, but what news are you talking about?

      • They just announced that he is going to be homosexual now.

        • Huh… well good for DC for having the balls to do that (I expect a lot of GL fans are gathering into a mob at this point ;))

          Still, I don’t see how this would really affect things that much. This change is only in the ‘Earth 2′ DC universe. Plus, the most popular GL is still Hal Jordan I think (he’s also the character they used in the movie) and Hal Jordan is still very much heterosexual in the ‘New 52′ GL comic book and if they do a movie sequel, I’m pretty sure they’ll either use Jordan again, or go for John Stewart…

          But yeah, at this point I don’t think DC/WB are really interested in taking another shot at Green Lantern though… and that’s a pity IMO because he (Hal Jordan) really is such a unique character and the GL world is really great.

          I’m sure a semi reboot (or full on reboot) for the character will happen in the next few years, but I’ll bet that it’ll be for a JL movie, not a solo movie.

        • They are talking about Alan Scott of Earth 2 (which, in this incarnation of the DC Universe, also features a black Superman who is President of the United States), NOT Hal Jordan in the JLA and GL Corps.

          While the original Alan Scott was not gay, his son was, so this is not a drastic alteration to me. I have no problem with this as long as the story never tries to shove his sexuality down the readers’ throats. The article says that Scott will already be out and admired as a hero by the time he premieres, so that should not be a problem.

          • “I have no problem with this as long as the story never tries to shove his sexuality down the readers’ throats.”
            Completely agree (you really hit the nail on it IMO)
            That’s my main quip with the way homosexual superheroes and their stories are written in comic books these days… with titles like ‘Avengers Academy’ and ‘Teen Titans’ for example, they really are (as you said) shoving all this “sexual diversity” stuff down our throats… especially in the case of Avengers Academy: I even stopped reading that title because these days it’s ALL the book is about.

            • this is something that doesnt really affect me. regarding a green lantern sequal id much prefer them just do a john stewart GL movie.

              • John Stewart is mt favorite Lantern but Hal is the funnier one with better stories.

                GL2 should just get a quick reboot like The Incredible Hulk. Set the entire thing away from Earth, pair up a couple lanterns and explorethe universe.

  4. Also a prequel to Anaconda could work and work really well the main star could be a young Sarone angies jolies father played him in the first film, but this would be before he was actually a bad guy, and start to show his greed and his first attack as the snake bit his face.

  5. Well, Alan Scott is although considered the first lantern, he is not the lantern I grew up with nor care for in the first place. The best and greatest lantern to me will always be Hal Jordan. I see no reason why they wouldn’t still make a sequel or reboot with Hal still being the star. I was never a fan really of him even in the justice society, but this change I don’t really mind. I think this was a safer move by DC than to change another lantern’s storyline like Kyle or Stwert if I’m spelling that right…

    Does anyone know or have kept up with the justice league New 52 and have knowledge about which lantern is actually a member? From the cover it looks like Hal but I can’t be sure???

    • It’s Hal.

  6. I think it was Monday that people here were listing their favorite performances by an actor but for some reason my connection was messed up so I couldn’t post on that thread. So I thought I’d throw in my thoughts.
    1. Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood
    2. Sean Penn – Mystic River
    3. Brad Pitt – 12 Monkeys
    4. Daniel Day-Lewis – Gangs of New York
    5. Tom Hanks – Philadelphia
    I know I have Day-Lewis twice but IMO he’s that good and most actors would be lucky to have 1 performance that great. Also I know Pitt is only in about 10 minutes of the film but again IMO he was that good and it also was the role that got people to thinking that he wasn’t just a pretty face and that he could actually act.

    • Off the top of my head, these actors come to mind…

      F. Murray Abraham – Amadeus
      Daniel Day Lewis – Gangs of New York
      Robert DeNiro – Raging Bull
      Robert Powell – Jesus of Nazareth
      Anthony Hopkins – Pick a film
      Clint Eastwood – just because he’s so cool

  7. lol, I wonder how people are going to react when they see the cover to the Astonishing X-men # 51 xD

    • I’m so glad I stopped collecting comic books years ago. First it was several Trek novels shoving homosexuality in our faces, now it’s the comic books. I really don’t have a problem if someone is gay, but I don’t like having it shoved in my face as some sort of PC move. Not even sure WHY they have to make an issue of it in the comics since it’s NOT A REAL WORLD.

      • Yeah, it feels like a publicity stunt IMHO. I actually started buying comic books again, namely Fantastic Four and Future Foundation which I find to be fantastic.

      • Its actually nothing of the sort. It wasnt even going to be a big deal or any sort of announcement until the story got unearthed and blown up in the media.

        Alan Scotts sexual preference change was because his son was writtern out when Alan age was retconned. His sexuality change is addressed in an off hand remark, its not even the focal point of the story.

        • We were talking about Astonishing X-Men # 51 not Green Lantern >.>

          • Whoops. My bad. Now that is all about an agenda lol.

      • I agree that it shouldn’t be shoved in our faces, but I do think these types of issues should be addressed (even in a comic book).

        The world is changing and comic book characters should change with it IMO.
        A prime example is heroes like Black Panther and Luke Cage: just ask yourself, if comic book companies like Marvel and DC didn’t have the balls to step forward and say “hey! why can’t black people be superheroes too?” we would never have had those characters…

        In the end, I think it’s all about money though… can you imagine how many copies Marvel will sell with all this press surrounding Astonishing X-Men # 51?

  8. Just finished watching episode one of Continuum. I know it’s just the first episode, but it looked very good.

  9. I want a Flash movie so bad but i dont want them to ruin it like GL. Flash is my favorite DC hero. od also like to see a Aquaman film, but i want the long hair bearded aquaman. Oh well we will probably see Namor on the big screen so thats close enough i guess.

    • i would also love a flash movie if patrick wilson was casted lol as for aquaman id also want a longhaired person much like hemsworth as thor.

      • Thats what i was thinking, just like thor but a little more lean and a little more beard

  10. I finally watched How to train your Dragon yesterday. It was a great movie. Highly recomened.

  11. How about a Underworld Legacy film were marucs,william and Alexander are in a battle with humans and william falls for Victors wife and she is the only thing keeping william from releaseing the beast inside as marcus temptse him threw the film finally revealing to victor that william and she are together. then william would release his true form and crush victors warrior and show marcus makeing an arrangement to turn the first human to a vampire.

    • Except Alexander Corvinus was on the side of the humans, William didnt turn into a hybrid until the second film, and they are dead and that never happened……… so no.

  12. Why have we had almost zero news about THE MAN OF STEEL even though it should already but done filming by now or a third of the portion done… Didn’t they start filming months ago??? I need a teaser trailer soon