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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   July 9, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 9, 2014

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  1. I was poking around the site and just discovered that Sandy is a guy. LOL.

    • After some poking around, I’ve just discovered that a Tachyon isn’t really confirmed to exist. Your’e just a theory bub! (^-^)

      • I was wondering why people seem to always be looking right though me…:o

  2. I am shamelessly gonna re-use this post from the last OD because for some reason it got held for moderation (?) and published really late…

    So last week turned out to be “catch up” week and I watched Edge of Tomorrow and 22 Jump Street at the cinema and I also watched Magic Mike and Paranoia at home.

    I must say that the one that surprised me the most was actually Paranoia. Perhaps it was because I entered that movie with no expectations or previous knowledge, unlike the other ones, but it really surprised me this movie got zero publicity last year. The movie is not “otherworldly”, but it is entertaining, well made, with a good pace and full of familiar faces: Liam Hemsworth in the lead, Josh Holloway and Lucas Till in supporting roles, Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman giving credibility to the whole thing… I also don’t know why Amber Heard is not more popular. She has everything to be a star.

    I have checked if SR did a review of this movie and I couldn’t find it… why was this movie so ignored by the general public? I don’t want to raise anyone’s expectations, because if you watch it with expectations I am sure you will start to nitpick stuff, but I think it is worth watching and it seems clearly overlooked.

    Away from that little discovery, I liked the other three very different movies too.

    I like seeing and respect what Matthew McConaughey has done with his career (i.e. stop the romantic comedies and start taking weirder roles like in Magic Mike, Buyers Dallas Club and True Detective). Magic Mike is worth watching just because of him.

    I also found Channing Tattum more likeable after these movies. I wasn’t a big fan of him, but I am warming to the guy and it was pretty funny seeing him forcing a Spanish accent at the beginning of 22 Jump Street. I still don’t see him being Gambit though.

    Regarding Edge of Tomorrow and not to over extend the analysis, let’s say I quite agree with Kofi’s review. I thought it was pretty good, but I also felt it had potential for more. More on Emily Blunt’s character would have helped.

  3. kofi needs to do a “If I were a hollywood producer…” feature. He can come up with his dream plot for different marvel/dc superhero movies. his idea about planet hulk was crazy

    • Well, that one wasn’t precisely the most original one because it is straight from the comics

  4. I was also poking around and I picked up two ideas for crossovers:

    From Professor Procrastination: we should definitely have Beetlejuice in Ghostbusters 3. Michael Keaton and Bill Murray having a go at each other? Please bring it on!

    From Ben Kendrick: Aliens popping out of dinosaurs? Yes! Let’s have the Predators passing by Jurassic Park IV and dropping some Alien eggs in the park. It can also be rainning and have Gizmo show up :) Crocodile Dundee and Robocop can be the park security.

    What? The 80’s fever is at an all time high and if The Expendables are already at sequel number 3… everything is possible. They should go crazy with stuff like this haha who doesn’t want to see Gremmlins pissing off Predators with pranks?

    • Gizmo shouldn’t be in the rain. We’ll end up with evil Mogwai and they’ll turn into Gremlins! Dinosaurs, Aliens, and Gremlins vs. Robocop and Crocodile Dundee and Jeff Goldblum sounds like box office gold.

      And of course anything with Ghostbusters will break the box office.

  5. Has anyone seen the 17 mins screening of Guardians of the Galaxy? Was it good?

    • Spoiler free – Pretty much just an extended look at the first trailer with them getting processed through prison and making their escape. After that they showed the newly released trailer. The humor wasn’t bad and the action pretty good. I haven’t been super excited about this movie, mostly due to being unfamiliar with it, but the screening got me more excited about it.

      • Well, that’s promising then, because that was precisely the point of the screening: to get people unfamiliar with it excited about it.

        They are gonna need all the help they can get to market this movie and generate anticipation. Word of mouth being the best tool for sure.

    • Pros:

      1. Humor (some of it worked).
      2. The soundtrack (reminds me of how well music played an overall part in the Watchmen movie).
      3. The action.


      1. Humor (some of it was forced and contrived).

      Regardless, I was going to see the movie anyway (17 minutes is not enough to judge it properly).

  6. Does anybody think Terminator 5 is going to bomb at the box office? First the movie has a terminator that looks like a old man. Now how is that suppose to make sense, I thought terminators skin was to look young forever. Anyway what do you guys think?

    • Resistance is futile.


    • I believe Terminators were always living tissue over machines. Explains how the Arnold model usually bleeds.

    • You know what happens when you ASSUME. In a leak from the studio last year, they’ve already explained that potential problem away by stating that the Terminator’s skin ages because it is of course living tissue. It works for me.

      Why the negativity Sir BlackKnight? Terminator is one of the greatest scifi franchise’s out there. We should rejoice not denounce!

      • I’m only negative about Terminator 5 because they should rebooted the series. After Salvation being just as bad if not worse than Rise of the Machines, a reboot would been a fresh start. Also I only ever enjoyed Terminator 1 & 2 both which are classics.

        • Well, you can probably assume this new Terminator will “reboot” the franchise the same way Star Trek 2009 “rebooted” the series as well as what “Days of Future Past” did with the X-men films. Just a theory. I’m not all that interested because I’m one of those people who will shout the franchise should have ended with T2.

    • @ Blackknight16

      I think there’s chance it wont do any better than T3 or Salvation. It seems to me they make up things as they go along. I read Terminators eat too to keep their flesh/skin from wearing off but in previous films we never seen a terminator eat anything.

    • Don’t think it will bomb, but it won’t do blockbuster business here in the states.

      Might do well internationally.

  7. CBM that made over $200mm at the box office worldwide:

    Rank Title Studio Worldwide Year^
    1 Marvel’s The Avengers BV $1,518.6 2012
    2 Iron Man 3 BV $1,215.4 2013
    3 The Dark Knight Rises WB $1,084.4 2012
    4 The Dark Knight WB $1,004.6 2008^
    5 Spider-Man 3 Sony $890.9 2007
    6 Spider-Man Sony $821.7 2002
    7 Spider-Man 2 Sony $783.8 2004
    8 The Amazing Spider-Man Sony $757.9 2012
    9 X-Men: Days of Future Past Fox $725.0 2014
    10 Captain America: The Winter Soldier BV $711.8 2014
    11 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sony $705.0 2014
    12 Man of Steel WB $668.0 2013
    13 Thor: The Dark World BV $644.8 2013
    14 Iron Man 2 Par. $623.9 2010
    15 Iron Man Par. $585.2 2008
    16 X-Men: The Last Stand Fox $459.4 2006
    17 Thor Par. $449.3 2011
    18 The Wolverine Fox $414.8 2013
    19 Batman WB $411.3 1989
    20 X2: X-Men United Fox $407.7 2003
    21 Superman Returns WB $391.1 2006
    22 Batman Begins WB $374.2 2005^
    23 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Fox $373.1 2009
    24 Captain America: The First Avenger Par. $370.6 2011
    25 X-Men: First Class Fox $353.6 2011
    26 Batman Forever WB $336.5 1995
    27 Fantastic Four Fox $330.6 2005
    28 Superman WB $300.2 1978
    29 X-Men Fox $296.3 2000
    30 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fox $289.0 2007
    31 Batman Returns WB $266.8 1992
    32 The Incredible Hulk Uni. $263.4 2008
    33 Hulk Uni. $245.4 2003
    34 Batman and Robin WB $238.2 1997
    35 Constantine WB $230.9 2005
    36 Ghost Rider Sony $228.7 2007
    37 Green Lantern WB $219.9 2011

    I am surprised to see: Ghostrider

    I am surprised not to see: Blade, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Hellboy 1 & 2

    I am not surprised not see: Dredd, Punisher, Daredevil, Elektra, Catwoman, etc

    PS – After seeing that Spiderman got 5 in the top 11, I am not so sure people at Sony are in panic

    • @Nightcrawler:

      Nice list.

      I’m surprised to see IM3 making almost double over IM and IM2… must be post-Avengers carryover.

      The other surprise is Thor 2 (TDW) making almost as much as MoS. What?!?

      Spidey is a beast… kids love him and he is Marvel’s Batman… so not surprised he dominates the list.

      • That’s part of it – but go look at the foreign total for IM1 vs IM3 – it’s almost $600MM difference in those 2 movies.

      • The post Avengers momentum is massive. It has been a game changer big time.

        All the sequels after Avengers have made far more money than the previous ones. The recent Iron Man III, Cap 2 and Thor 2 are precisely the ones that follow Avengers at the box office for Marvel Studios.

        You can say a lot of things about them, but business wise they are rocking the house. The MCU was the last one to come but if you look at the top 20, 7 movies are Par./BV, 5 are Sony, 4 are Fox and 4 are WB.

    • Btw, they should give a prize to whoever is able to guess how much Guardians of the Galaxy will make at the box office. I find it very difficult to determine…

      @ SR, how about you make a poll?

    • I am surprised there were that many comic book movies already.

      I am also surprised they are not release multiple versions of them…some with different opening logos…some looking all foily…like they do with the comics.

      • They do release different versions of them. Iron Man III had some different footage in China. Cap’s list in Cap 2 was different depending on the country,…

        Those are the two I know of but there could be more.

    • Hmmm, with the exceptions that is Knight & Rises, Keaton is Top Bats. I would of thought Begins would of topped it.

      Go ’89

  8. It would be awesome if Larry David, Chevy Chase, Ed O’Neil and Jerry Stiller played aging mobsters in an HBO comedy series.

  9. I read all the Hunger Games books this weekend. I enjoyed them. Then I watched the first Hunger Games movie, it was pretty good, but I thought it looked really low-budget. I’ve watched the first hour of Catching Fire and think its a huge improvement in terms of the writing (both because its closer to the book and when it isn’t its still better writing than the first), effects, and scale of the film.

    I’m psyched to finish Catching Fire perhaps tonight if I have time. Hopefully the next two films will do the source material justice or even *fingers crossed* surpass the book they’re based on. Sidenote: Mockingjay was my least favorite book of the 3.

    • I can say based on people who went to the early screening last night for Apes, it’s going to be a huge blockbuster. I’ve read that people who already saw it have compared the movie as being just as epic as some major movies out there. One person even said,
      “It may be a bit of an overstatement likening Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to other legendary follow-ups, such as Nolan’s The Dark Knight or Star War’s The Empire Strikes Back, this sequel certainly deserves entry into the conversation of all-time great sequels”

      The word of mouth for this movie is just crazy. I am going to see this tonight so hopefully it lives up to the hype

  10. I just watched frozen again…and caught a joke.

    When on the sled they were talking about love and Christoph points out women care about footsizes. Then anna puts on a disgusted face and says footsize doesn’t matter.

    Shortly after that, she says, ” I like fast,” and puts her kegs up. I once heard if a wonan sits with her legs ip or open she likes s3x fast.

    Anyone else have links or have seen Disney’s dirty jokes?

    • Umm… What?

      • I understand the reaction, it’s true though. The “footsize doesn’t matter” comment is totally a p3n!s joke. I don’t know about the second thing he said though.

        There’s a lot of interesting Disney “easter eggs” (if you can call them that) in their films.

        I heard there’s a nude picture in the window for a split second in one of the rescuers movies, then Abu mumbles profanities in Aladdin, the flowers that fly up when Simba lays down contemplating to leave the world of hakuna matata spell out S-E-X, the priest gets a boner during the wedding at the end of Little Mermaid (that one I have seen on my VHS copy, its totally true, though they prbly cut it out in the subsequent DVD and bluray releases), there’s a ton of rumors. I don’t know if they’re all true, it’s interesting to think about though.

        • That one about the Lion King is wrong. It doesn’t say “sex”, it spells “SFX”. A lot of those “myths” about these films are misinterpreted.

          • That’s what they say but I think it could be either/or. Once again I haven’t personally looked into all of these to see if they’re true, the only one I’ve seen for sure is the Priest in Lil Mermaid. But a lot of people protest that they’re all in there for sure and have conspiracy theories and junk based around it.

            It’s quite entertaining.

        • In regards to The Rescuers, my bro in law who works in the field showed me the scene where there literally is a c ock and b alls drawn in the direction of one of the animals mouths.