Open Discussion – July 9, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 9, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 9, 2012

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  1. whats that? you want a viral page for the new robocop movie? well, if you insist.

    • The “RC2000″. Interesting.

    • Is that real?

    • lol, and here I thought they were steering the reboot AWAY from the campiness (that was played up in the original on purpose I might add ;) )

  2. Just watched “Immortals” on Netflix over the weekend, and I am glad I did not spend money on it at the movie theater. It impressed as attempting to be like “300″, but it was far from pulling it off. I thought the acting was lacking, and the special effects, at times, were below par. The lead actor, however, was adequate, and it will be interesting to see how he fares as Superman.

    • Yes it looked good but I thought it was quite a weak film and I was dissapointed.

      Speaking of weak, the ahem…’Gods’ just seemed far too light weight for my liking. Their look, their abilities etc..

      • That was, for sure, part of the problem with the film…teenaged or twenty-something “gods” who could be killed. Poor casting and writing.

  3. EH….OPEN DISCUSSION…… OK….”TRUE BLOOD”: “LET´S BOOT AND RALLY”…..That Russell Edgington ending….Wow, you really have to be a badass to say from your bed….and to your executioners….”Give it your BEST SHOT”…..

    • @ elliot10x

      I agree & from the looks of the next episode, getting outta your bed is showin how pumped up you’re are,lol. I like Tara more than ever on the show. I hope Jessica doesn’t die in the next episode. I loved the beginning when Sookie was beginning to go down on Alcide,lol Priceless!!!

      Eric: Alcide, you sure do know how to treat a lady. Lmao.

  4. Michael Fassbender cast for leading role in Assassins Creed! Great news!

    • Saw that… I guess I also saw that Ubisoft is financing the project on their own. That scares me a bit.

      • Why would they want to take on the responsibility of having to finance a movie on their own and I wonder if they would even do an Animus in an Assassins Creed movie, with no Desmond does that mean it would only focus on Altair or Ezio, if they could make Desmond/Animus fit into the story i think it would make for a more compelling movie…

        • You know, everyone was questioning who Fassbender would play. Makes perfect sense to play Desmond!

          • I think having him play Desmond would make the most sense since Fassbender is marketable star and Desmond would be in every movie if they used the animus & if they used the Animus right this could be like the Matrix and with Assassins element to it the story would be compelling if done right with help on financing the movie…

  5. 5 days until we hear about Marvel’s next slate of movies! Hopefully the rumor of Avengers 2 being in 2015 isn’t true. I’d rather have another year of build up movies. Avengers was 5 years in the making. The build up is what made it so incredible (among other things).

    • I agree I would prefer it if we had some solo movies with Doctor Strange and Black Panther before another Avengers id even prefer it if they did Guardians of Galaxy in 2015…

      • I really want a BP movie bad. Saw EMH yesterday and they showed Wakanda and the skrulls trying to invade that. I turned to my 8 yr old and said, “How cool would a BP movie be if it was like this?” Guardians might be great, but I think I’d enjoy BP more.

        • Black Panther movie wasn’t really looking forward to it but after i heard the news I was kind of stoked for it, just the suit and possible battle elements made me excited…

    • @ kyle

      I agree. I rather have phase 2 yet again build up to Avengers 2 instead of them rushing the film. Rushing films always leads to disaster. The build up was worth the wait indeed & id be happy to wait just as long for Avvengers 2 if they can make it better or slightly better live up to the previous film.

    • They already released the logo for Avengers 2…

    • I wouldn’t mind if Avengers 2 was released in 2015, but all I want is for them to introduce a few new characters first (translated: dammit Marvel!! Do a Black Panther movie already!!!! ;)) before they get into the Avengers sequel.

      • Well said! :)

  6. Watched the Bourne triology on TNT last night. I have to say, I’m more stoked for Bourne Legacy that Bat-Man. My wife is too and I turned her into a comic geek.

    • To each his own. Myself and others have been most looking forward to The Hobbit. Different strokes for different folks.

      • Yup Hobbit for me too with regards to my most anticipated movie of 2012

        • I keep forgetting about the Hobbit.

          • Me too. I think I’ll get more stoked once I see additional footage but I thought the first trailer was blah.

          • It’s not winter yet! As soon as the media campaign hits in say early November we be inundated with Hobbit everything.

    • Bourne Legacy looks ok but is such a pointless film.

      • I just really enjoy this franchise. Plus Renner is a great actor. Add in Norton, should be good performances through out.

  7. Breaking Bad premier this Sunday!

    • Yes Sir!!!
      I can’t wait.

  8. Did anyone watch talking dead the season 3 preview of the walking dead last night. The clip they showed just before the show ended was awesome. Looks like season 3 will be pretty intense with Michonne and the Governor added to the cast.

    • I wanted to watch it but it conflicted with Falling Skies and I passed out before they repeated it. :P

      I’m going to have to search for the rerun. Hopefully AMC has it on their site.

  9. With less than 2 weeks to go it’s time to avoid any TDKR comment threads. Some people have seen the film early and it seems they want to brag and spoil it for those who haven’t.
    I have no problem with someone saying if they liked it or not but revealing anything new that’s plot related isn’t cool at all…

    • I’m also avoiding any and all TDKR related articles till after watching the film.

      • Usually I’d also avoid any articles except for here at Screen Rant because even if it’s a detail we’ve known for a while there’s a warning and because WB has been pretty smart with TDKR where even though there’s been a lot of stuff released lately nothing has been really spoiler filled. A prime example is the post today of the 13 minute behind the scenes footage. I just watched it and there’s really not anything new.
        But I understand where you’re coming from. If I really wanted to go in fresh I’d avoid everything. I just don’t have the will power. ;)
        11 Days!!!

    • I agree.
      Some guy (right here on SR) talked about all the encounters Batman and Bane has in the movie (without a spoiler warning), which needless to say, contained quite a few spoilers.
      Then again, you can’t believe everything that people say on the internet, but I think it’s safer to stay away from the DKR threads from now on… until the movie’s been released.

      (I’m still so mad that I have to wait till the 27th before I get to see it :()

  10. Is anyone else shocked at the box office performance of Taylor Kitsch? I mean I can’t remember an actor surving three bombs in the same year before!

    • Yeah, he’s had a rough year.
      I think Savages would have had a better showing at the box office if the studio waited until the fall or early next year to release it. I want to see it but with everything else that’s come out or is about to release there just isn’t enough $ or time to see it.

  11. I have two Letterboxd beta code invites if anyone is interested. I will need your e-mail address.

    • It’s a great site.
      I don’t review much but I love adding to my diary…
      It’s become part of my movie watching routine. Watch, add to diary, comment and talk about it here…

      • @Kevin7 – Same here…I’m really digging the diary and the lists. It’s like those lists we generate on these open discussions. And now, I’ve even started writing mini-reviews when I re-watch old movies on Netflix…like Weird Science last weekend. If you want to add me on there, the screen name is B_LIST.

  12. So now that the Assassin’s Creed movie looks like it’s getting some traction, what other gaming franchises do you think would make for a great movie franchise?
    I vote Uncharted. It would be the Indiana Jones of the 21st century.

    • Definately uncharted, I think if done right it would make an awesome movie.

    • WoW? I thought they had a movie in the works years ago and can certainly afford to drop say 200 mil and not blink so……

      Diablo would be a good if not maybe too simple a theme for today’s audience.

    • Grand Theft Auto could be a modern day Godfather maybe…?

    • I heard that Shadow of the Colossus was getting the film treatment, that would be decent.

  13. DKR early reactions are really good.

    • Arent all early reactions? lol

  14. Joss Whedon fixes movies. Check this out. It’s pretty funny.