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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 8, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 8, 2013

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  1. Comic-Con is right around the corner. I love this time of year. What do you think will be the major announcements this year? I think Doc Strange will get announced for Marvel. I bet DC doesn’t have any big announcements.

    • @ Kyle

      I would agree, although I think something regarding Black Panther might be announced as well.

      • Part of me thinks they may only announce one film. They may save phase three for next year.

    • You going? Marvel always announces something; I’m hoping DC will surprise us this year, but I also doubt it. They’ll probably announce MOS2 (which would be predictable).

      • Negative. I’ve never gone. The wife encourages me to go but I can never justify it with having a baby and having “priorities”. :)

        • Ah priorities. I hear ya (got to go to work soon).

          Assuming you can justify it, it’s fun to go (at least once), just to see what it’s all about.

  2. Soon be Christmas, so, what movie releases this year would you like to find in your stocking?

    • @Pedrosaurus.

      Not for this year. I want to see a decent teaser for Godzilla.

    • @pedro — Since I pre order all the movies I want on Amazon, I wont have to wait til Christmas. I’m inpatient. But I’m looking forward for the releases of IM3, ST:ID, Oblivion, MoS, After Earth, and a few more.

  3. About what DC is going to do with batman
    i know that goyer said that it will be a new batman and blae said no one contacted him yet
    but has any one seen the screenshot of wayne enterprises logo in man of steel?
    there have been many designs of this logo over the years , but snyder included the same design from nolan’s triology
    here is a link of the logo

    • I think it’s a friendly nod but I don’t think it’s indicating anything of “future plans”.

    • Bale isn’t coming back.

      • I said i know bale is not coming back
        i asked for a discussion about it

        • A Bale/Batman discussion? Get ready for 100+ comments. :)

          • 3 hours and no more comments!? Wow! That ended quick. (^-^)

    • The logo itself signified that Bruce Wayne definitely exists in the MOS world (DCCU as I shall now call it ;)). Goyer said they’ll be reinventing Batman for this new “world”.

      The design for the logo, however, (and this is only based on what I read somewhere) was merely a nod/thank you to Nolan for his involvement in the project and helping to get it off the ground.

    • I want a continuation of the trilogy without Bale. But I’ll take what I can get.

  4. In a summer of very mediocre to disappointing alleged “blockbuster” movies so far, (MoS, White House Down, The Lone Ranger), the one I saw over the weekend really makes up for a lot of them.

    World War Z was fantastic, and easily the best movie of the summer thus far. It was a great story with great acting, something every movie this summer has failed to combine successfully. I am not a Brad Pitt fan by any stretch, but he was excellent in this movie. I’m so glad the ending was re-written the way it was, it was done very well. Kudos to WWZ for a job well done and for restoring my faith in this summer’s “blockbusters”. Easily a four star movie.

    Incidentally, I did see The Lone Ranger over the weekend as well. All I can say was, it was awful. I’m a Lone Ranger fan, I really like the character, but this movie was embarrassing. I’m so glad I didn’t have to pay to see this waste. Armie Hammer did the best he could with what he had to work with, which easnt much. The only bright spot in it was the score by Hans Zimmerman, which was some of his best work, and was considerable better than his efforts in MoS.

    Now, bring on Pacific Rim!!!

    • I’ve been reading on The Twitter that WWZ is amazing. Lots of positive talk on that one.

      More importantly in discussion of your topic, is that it has been a very disappointing summer. Some would argue IM3 is up there for disappointment. Getting past the whole twist, I still enjoyed the movie. But there hasn’t been a lot of movies that have knocked it out of the park.

    • I guess because as a kid I liked Lone Ranger so I was pleasantly surprised by it.

      Haven’t seen WWZ yet but I’m sure I’ll like it since it’s a Z movie.

      I actually think LR is one of the better movies I’ve seen this summer… I must be an anomaly.

    • Zimmer’s MOS score was really good. I have no interest in watching Depp’s Ranger, but I’ll see about listening to the soundtrack, and see if it has merit.

    • Not sure I would call WWZ fantastic but it was pretty darn good. I put it on par with MoS and the best 2 movies I have seen thus far this summer.

      And sorry you got what you did being a Lone Ranger fan :( (I felt the same way about “The Wild Wild West” remake with Will Smith….totally destroyed that great TV series is one fell swoop)

    • @Stark.

      WWZ. With all of its production problems, overruns, it had disaster written all over it. It was nothing like the book, but all in all for a PG-13 Zombie Flick, it was one step below first season of The Walking Dead, which in my opinion is one of the better zombie series.

      There were somethings about WWZ That made me scratch my head, but in the end, it is DVD Collection worthy.

    • @Stark:

      I was trying to read through the LR Review and Spoilers posts to see what was so bad about LR and I only got:

      1. It was too long
      2. Depp was horribly miscast as Tonto (I thought he was okay even though he was basically doing Jack Sparrow)
      3. Dislike of the old Tonto storytelling mechanism
      4. Dislike of Helen Bonham Carter’s role

      And other generalities, but what was really so awful?

      For me, I liked:

      1. They somewhat kept to the the LR origin (ambushed by Cavendish)
      2. Added a new layer to the Tonto/LR relationship (with Tonto being the smarter one which was good to me)
      3. Great action sequences (as unbelievable as they are)
      4. Superhero horse Silver

      My only qualms were LR being so wimpy and that whole love triangle thing.

      • @ Big Nerd

        The biggest thing for me was how they made the Lone Ranger so dopey, goofy and silly. The Lone Ranger was a no nonsense guy, in this he’s just kind of a clown.

        I could have done without the cannibalism. Tonto’s roll was way over emphasised, and the flashback structure with the kid was just silly to me. The spirit horse was also just silly. Tha action was decent, but a little over the top (the balancing ladder for example).

        There were a couple of times where I thought it was going to take off, but it just fizzled. Believe it or not, I think if they made a sequel, a lot could be corrected.

        IMO there were two ways they could have gone with this character; the “True Grit” way (a genuine western tale) or the silly/campy way. They went silly/campy, and it didn’t work.

        • @Stark:

          I agree about the characterization of John Reid/The Lone Ranger. I would have made him braver/heroic and less “wimpy” (as I mentioned earlier). Since they cast Depp as the comedic half, they should have let LR be straighter.

          The spirit horse (and rabbits) were a bit weird but didn’t really kill the movie for me. I actually liked the over the top action because it was in the spirit of Pirates (and Sparrow) and at least it wasn’t the “jump the sharkbridge” ridiculousness of Fast 6.

          As with Pirates, I think they were trying to go the lighter/humorous route vs True Grit style. I understand that as they are trying to capture a wider audience with families rather than just the western purists.

          In my viewing, it was well received, lots of laughter and applause at the end so I do think it is good popcorn entertainment. A blockbuster, no — but as a good mix of action, comedy and family-friendly (13+), entertainment — it delivered.

          This is probably blasphemy, but I would have liked to see a dystopian future version… set in a Dredd or Priest world, with motorcycles instead of horses, but that’s the scifi nerd in me.

          • @ Big Nerd

            That does sound like an interesting concept and cool. Motorcycles instead of horses, hmmmm.

            Aren’t we all Sci-fi nerds at heart?? :)

    • World War Z surprised me as well. It entertained me more and was so much better than it had any right to after all those problems during production and the extreme deviation from the book it’s supposed to be based on. The only complain I have about this movie is the lack of blood. There is a certain amputation scene that is so sterile that it’s almost comical. Other than that: great blockbuster entertainment. I will buy it right away when it comes out pn Blu-ray.

    • *throws rocks @ stark*

      Does everything from you have to be a subtle MoS jab?

      Am I the only one that reads right through these posts, where you want to make it seem like you are talking about WWZ, but you start and finish the post with a MoS jab, hence the entire point of the post?

      I told you Tony, death rays from here on out… right up until you knock it off.

      And let’s break this down too: disappointing summer blockbuster? Fans sure as hell don’t seem to think so, and WB sure as hell isn’t disappointed about the numbers MoS is putting up. Right now the movie is projected to finish in the 600-700 million range, and so far every projection to this point has been SURPASSED. This movie has serious legs, which is why you find page after page after page of discussion on the movie on any thread that has anything to do with it.

      If you want to talk MoS, let’s talk MoS.

      If you want to talk WWZ, let’s talk WWZ.

      Stop making seem like you want to talk about one thing when the whole point of your post was to take jabs at another thing.

      *lowers spectacle slightly*


      • +1

        Antonio just got called out!

        • LOL, pretty much!

          I’m sure Stark will respond, but he may have simply been disappointed in the movie. I vaguely remember him saying that the movie was OK; now it’s just disappointment. Whatever. At least he saw the movie, and made up his own mind (better than the CBM folks who passed on the movie because RT gave it a 56% rating).

      • ive notice those jabs also Mos gets more jabs than Im3s so called twist

        • Well, IM 3 gets plenty of jabs as well. I’ve gone on at great length as to why I was disappointed in that one, mostly because I am so passionate about Marvel and all other comic book stuff. Geek stuff in general.

          I saw this bit on the net so I won’t take credit for it but I liked it so I will repeat it, regarding IM 3 vs MoS:

          ‘IM 3 is by far the better family-oriented comedey. If you like multiple pop references such as “Dora the Explorer”, then this is your movie.

          MoS is the better film.’

          … it then goes on from there but I think you get the gist.

      • @ Detective Mindbender

        Still drunk from the holiday I see Detective?

        Do you want to see my ticket stub from WWZ? How about the one from The Lone Ranger?


        What is it today Detective? Which conspiracy theory are you going with?

        Let me guess, Disney didn’t buy off the right movie critics off this time for The Lone Ranger? Maybe they should have bought the same ones that they bought to trash MoS? Still going with that theory Detective? LOL!

        Maybe you’re reading into comments what you want them to say? Yeah, probably.

        Look, everybody knows that you think you’re the smartest guy in the room, but everybody also knows you’re not the smartest guy in the room, except you, unfortunately. Not even close. Oops!

        Do you know comicbooks? Yes, you do. Are you smart? Not so much.

        Nobody trashed MoS. If you were sharp, again, if, you would see that many, many times, I’ve called MoS so/so, that yes, I was disappointed in it, but accepted it as not my Superman, but this generations Superman, and how I was all good with that. In addition I have praised many parts of it, including some of the score, and was critical of other parts. (I’ve done the same regarding the stupid parts of IM3 as well, before you go off on your “you’re just a Marvel guy” stupidity) I gave suggestions on what I’d like to see in a sequel, and what I think should change, etc. Anybody that has read my posts knows exactly where I stand on MoS. Anybody that reads my posts also knows, I’m not subtle. never have been.

        Was I disappointed in MoS? Yes, a bit. Is WB disappointed in MoS? Who knows?

        I know you read every comment I write, (you just can’t help yourself can you? I know, it’s okay.), so try reading a little closer, pay a little more attention. It would go better for you, and you would stop wasting everybody’s time and looking so foolish.

        In addition, the reason threads concerning MoS, or any DC character for that matter, fill up with hundreds of posts, is because that’s all we have as DC fans in the years between movies. All we have are speculations and rumors to go on, so of course the threads are huge. Other than Arrow, which is amazing, there’s not much to do but talk. MoS was a success, yes, and I’m glad and hope it encourages the clowns at WB to continue.

        As far as “throwing stones” or “calling me out”, or whatever you call it, you’re going to have to get over this man-crush/obsession that you have with me.

        If you don’t like what I write or aren’t smart enough to read it correctly, then don’t read it or comment on it. Savvy?

        It’s nothing personal Detective, and I’m not mad at you, not at all, I’m just calling them as I see them, and laughing at you from a distance. Ever time you see my name, remember I’m just laughing at you. How could I not, really?

        For the rest of you wondering, I call “Detective” Mindbender, because several weeks ago, probably in a stupor, he insisted that I didn’t see MoS, AFTER, I gave my detailed opinion of it because, now get this, he checked the times of my posts and he couldn’t figure out how I could post if I wasn’t at a computer at a certain time. Poor fellow kept going on and on about wanting proof or some stupid thing. So after that, and many more of his ridiculous conspiracy theories, posted all over this site, I now affectionately call him Detective Mindbender.

        Say and think what you like Detective, it’s all good.

        • @ Stark

          Please get over yourself sir.

          My crush is on ScreenRant.

          I read ScreenRant.

          I comment on ScreenRant.

          I read the comments on ScreenRant.

          Yeesh with the emotion… again Tony.

          Didn’t Howard teach you to just ignore people who throw rocks at you?

          • ^ it’s all in good fun….

            … for the record, it was you who started with the name-calling.

        • *phew*

          Okay, I’m going to admit that my first response was the result of skimming where I picked up on a few keywords.

          Too long, didn’t read.

          The second time I read the whole thing.

          You really are that brilliant to bring this up aren’t you -

          “For the rest of you wondering, I call this fool “Detective” Mindbender, because several weeks ago, probably in a stupor, he insisted that I didn’t see MoS, AFTER, I gave my detailed opinion of it because, now get this, he checked the times of my posts and he couldn’t figure out how I could post if I wasn’t at a computer at a certain time. Poor fellow kept going on and on about wanting proof or some stupid thing. So after that, and many more of his ridiculous conspiracy theories, posted all over this site, I now affectionately call him Detective Mindbender.”

          *maniacal grin*

          Well, since you want to play “for the rest of you wondering”…

          *40s fast-talking detective voice*

          The one who posts as Stark on an open discussion 2 weeks ago posts that he would see WWZ before seeing MoS. 3 hours go by during which time Stark makes more posts on the open discussion page, followed by his usual “+1″ to negative nancies on the Justice League pages that were being posted later that same day.

          When suddenly… Tony Stark has just got back from MoS, according to a comment 3 hours from the comment on how he wasn’t going to see it. Keep in mind in between these comments, he had been commenting on ScreenRant.

          His MoS “review” was nothing but linear points with exclamation marks…

          I just want Tony Stark to admit that the first time he saw MoS, he was slouched down in his chair with his nose in his iPhone commenting on web pages instead of paying attention to the movie, because frankly… that’s exactly what Tony Stark would do if he went to see MoS.

          • @ Everybody

            See what I mean?

            I don’t think anybody cares Detective, and you’re starting to sound like a chick.

            No offense to chicks! :)

            • Get a room you two! ;)

              • Nice avatar, JT.

                • Thanks. I found the bird image and added my own personal #hashtag to it.

            • You can cry all you want Tony.

              I’m here, I’m not going anywhere and your just going to have to deal with “the smartest guy in the room” calling you on your BS.

              “I don’t think anybody cares detective”

              Oh, so now nobody cares? Because in your last post it was YOU who decided to type this :

              “For those of you wondering…”

              You can’t have it both ways Stark.

              • @ Detective Mindbender

                If I have to explain every point I make to you, it ceases to amuse me, as do you. I’ve made you look bad enough.

                Neither one of us are going anywhere Detective, so either we learn to get along, or ignore each other all together. It’s your call, I don’t care either way, I do know that life’s to short and my time is to valuable to keep dealing with the likes of you in this way any longer.

                Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten under somebody’s skin this bad……’s nice to know I still got it!!

                LoL!! :)

                • Yes… judging by the way you re-acted about me calling you out with your subtle MoS jabs, yeah… it’s you that have gotten under my skin, not the other way around.

                  But yes, you have succeeded at grinding my gears. Your little stunt back on the MoS POD Cast discussion has accomplished that, and just like I promised you then:

                  You will get death rays when you deserve death rays.

                  For you to not pay any attention to a movie because your commenting on web pages the entire time, and then to chastise the reviewers here at ScreenRant for giving MoS a 4/5, and THEN to go own to state that the resident Marvel guy (Keyes) be the one to review the DC movies…

                  … I’m stepping in and calling BS. It’s what I do.

                  See you around. ;)

        • @ Stark

          Very good post bud.

          • @Dr. Mindbender…

            Excellent post, sir.


        • @Stark – Calm down please. Just because you don’t agree with Dr. Mindbender doesn’t mean I’m going to let you berate him.

          Let’s keep it cordial around here.

          Paul Young – Moderator

          • @ Paul Young

            If I may, I believe Dr.Mindbender started their dispute with his post starting with

            *Throws rocks @ Stark* It takes two is all I have to say. No disrespect.

            • @Wally – Yes, I saw that but tossing virtual rocks at someone isn’t quite the same as calling them a drunken fool or berating them personally. I removed those particular sections of Stark’s comments.

              I know these guys go back and forth a lot and I’m usually ok with some discourse but no reason to get personal with them, imo.

              Paul Young – Moderator

              • @ Paul Young

                Can you help me with my gravatar? I get on the page where it asks for my URL in a blank box.

                • @Walter — Sorry for the late reply. You are on the wrong screen. You need to be on the screen before that. Do not click on the “an image from the internet”. Click on “my computers hard drive”. Browse the photo, and click next. Then choose an email address to associate it with.

              • @ Paul Young

                Thanks, but you didn’t need to do that. I’m a big boy, I can take it.

                The most hate filled and berating bits are usually the most indicating, I almost wish you had left them alone…

                Either way, Cheers!

            • Wally…

              You KNOW the good doctor was not actually thinking about throwing rocks at Stark. He very clearly was simply expressing a light-hearted poke at Stark’s attitude about MOS.

              …or do you REALLY believe that all of the various people who have commented about eating Jeff W.’s cows (hasn’t Stark been one of those people, in fact?) are going to be lurking in the shadows of his farm, ready to clean him out of livestock???

              You cannot pick and chose who is being provocative just because you have a bias in the subject being bandied about…

              • @ Archaeon

                The comments in the post looked personal to me. This is Screenrant is it not? Doesn’t everyone have their own opinion about tv shows or films? Especially MOS? Everyone here has needs not to get personal over one’s opinions about films or tv shows no matter how much they’re liked or disliked.

                • Yes, that is PRECISELY my point.

                • @ Wally West

                  There is absolutely nothing personal in my first post calling out Tony.

                  There is a big difference between calling someone out and attacking them.

                  I called out Tony. He responded by attacking me (which says quite a bit, especially regarding how old he REALLY is: he thinks he made me look bad, not at all realizing how it makes him look)

                  Want to know what else is pretty funny? In his response rage post he goes on to ask if I want proof that he saw WWZ and Lone Ranger. Look at the post he responded to and ask yourself exactly where the context for that bit came from? It didn’t come from me, nowhere in my post did I say anything to even suggest that he didn’t see those movies. Yet in his rage he decides to blurt out something that has no context. Anybody here who has taken psychology 101 should know right away what that indicates.

                  • I get what you’re two feuding about now. I had people bash me & thinkin I didn’t know anything about Batman because of things I pointed out I didn’t like in both Nolan’s films & previous Burton/Shumacher films. Same with Superman films. Imo I think theres been no perfect Solo CBM. The Avengers is one the best CBM made but it’s not a solo film because it’s obviously a universe where solo films lead up to it to tell the character’s origins’etc.

                  • @ Paul Youn and Screen Rant

                    I apologize to Screen Rant.

                    I mean no disrespect to Screen Rant, at all, however I do consider being called ineffect, a liar, multiple times, through several posts, by Mindbender a personal attack. For whatever reason, he dislikes me, and I have had enough of the “calling BS on you” or whatever he calls it. Enough is enough. Go and check out the previous personal attacks this fellow has made on me in posts in the past and you’ll understand my reaction.

                    Also if you’ll notice, through all the posts, on all the threads, I only responded to Mindbender, I NEVER initiate with him. My initial comment in this thread in fact wasn’t even addressed to him. If I’m personally attacked, I respond. Do I always respond correctly? Probably not, but I’m human.

                    • Than perhaps it’s time to step forward and admit something:

                      1) Either you lied about seeing MoS


                      2) You were commenting on your phone during the movie.

                      It’s time to step forward and say which one it is, because it can’t be both. During the time you say you saw the movie you were commenting on ScreenRant. That’s a documented FACT.

                      So what’s it going to be Stark?

                    • I like Pie:)

                    • @ Mindbender

                      Once again, neither. Check your times pal, we were eating after the show when I commented on MoS.

                      Give it a rest……I’m trying to be nice.

                    • Again, complete BS.

                      I did check my times.

                      Your “review” on the Justice League page coincided immediately with the post of the MoS POD cast.

                      Before your “review,” you posted a total of 11 times from the post where you declared you would see WWZ before seeing MoS. 3 hours went by between when you said you wouldn’t see it to where you said you did see it, and within that time you made a total of 11 comments, on the Open Discussion page and on the Justice League page.

                      It’s not hard to check. It’s a matter of pointing and clicking.

                      That’s what kills me about this: You never considered that there is also someone out there who on that particular day had nothing better to do than sit around and re-load comment pages for 6 hours. Sue me. I can only calibrate my anti-matter fusion ray so many times. I get bored. I follow comments, especially from the regulars. I followed yours that day.

                      I called you out, and you responded in the same rage fueled way that you did here.

                      You speak volumes Tony.


                    • @ Stark

                      Just let it go bud. The issue between you & Dr.Mindbender, nothing for the two of you to drag it out amongst each other.

                    • @ Wally West

                      Good advice Wally, I think I see what’s happening here. I’m starting to feel like I’m being stalked. LOL! :)

                      Again, my apologies to Paul Young and Screen Rant for interacting with this guy, won’t happen again. :)

                    • Scranters – Who has seen the movie Big Trouble? Mindbender and Stark’s argument reminds me of the Gator fan and the radio host.

                      Don’t make me shut off my radio. I like this website. Stop being petty.

                    • I like this site too, professor.

                      That doesn’t mean I should sit back and watch someone spread biasm about something when they-

                      A) either didn’t see the movie at all
                      B) was commenting on web pages during the movie, meaning they weren’t giving the movie 100% attention

                      For that person to then show up to the MoS POD cast page and declare ” Nooooooooo way is this movie a 4/5″ I’m going to take issue with that, and give that person hell every chance that I get.

                      Keep in mind, it was his brilliant decision to bring all of this up… and he tried to spin it in a way that belittled me.

  5. I see we got a new ScreenRant logo along with SR avatars :)

    • Yup, although I preferred my “empty” avatar, instead of a default one.

      • @ Chetc I have problems getting my avatar on here.

        • Whats happening now, Flash?

          • @ leather

            Could you tell me what you said in other Open discussion. I was on the page where it ask for my URL in the blank space box.

    • i like it, it looks cool. Nice job Vic!

    • I noticed that too. I come back from vacation and this place is all fancy now.

      • Hahaha! You and me both Professor!

  6. Okay, I was just told that the Wachowskis are WB/DC’s #1 choice to helm the justice league film. Is this true?

    • News to me.

    • THAT was a rumor a long time back.

      If you have recent proof, link it.

      • Well I just ‘heard’. It’s news to me as well.

    • Please no…. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  7. So Grown Ups 2 looks like it will be awful enough to cause headaches, any bets on if it’ll beat Pacific Rim at the box office?

    • It will probably beat Pacific Rim, but I could care less.

      Pacific Rim is the film I want to see!

    • Say what you want to about Adam Sandler, but there’s a huge generation that grew up with his stupid comedies that they’ll go and see Grown Ups 2. In all honesty, if I’m going to a movie with a group of friends, we’d see that before seeing Pacific Rim.

      • Yeah the trailers look hilarious. I like the part where a deer pees on him.

    • I can’t see Grown Ups2 beating Pacific Rim, but crazier things have happen, either way, it’s PR for me, I can’t wait.

    • It will beat PR. Sandler, although the world record holder for razzies, sells seats.

  8. P Rim reviews are in. I can’t explain how excited I am for this movie. I have had a countdown on my phone and have been sending daily updates to friends that are less than enthused about this film (needless to say that after 127 days, they are quite annoyed with me)
    Oh yeah
    3 days 13 hours 53 minutes 30 seconds

  9. Everyone have A good weekend?

    • Yes. Et tu?

      • Had a good weekend. Sunday was the most eventful. Took the aunt in law and her kids/grandkids to the butterfly museum. It sounds lame but the kids love it. And we BBQed all weekend. No beef as usual so Jeff’s cows have no need to worry. In regards to tge weather… It was over 110 all weekend. Thus is AZ.

        • I did community service hours once at a museum and had to help with the butterfly display.

          The butterflies aren’t lame, having to put the exact amount of glucose on those tiny cotton swabs is pretty lame.

          • In this place, they have a gigantic room that holds hundreds of thousands of butterflies all flying around. They land on you and its really neat to see the kids interact with them. Also have stingrays to pet.

            • Yeah, same deal at the one I worked at.

              Stingrays to pet are cool, unless your like me and live in Florida and can wade out on most beaches and do the same thing.

              Just watch out for the damn infant thresher sharks… not their bite… their tails will cut your ankle and legs open like butter.

              • Tell that to the Crocodile Hunter dude. :(

        • Had to look up the Butterfly museum. That’s in Scottsdale, no?

          Anyway, it was around 70 to 80 degrees in the Bay Area. I would wilt at 110 degrees (although it’s just dry heat). I did enjoy my visit to Arizona as a youth (ah the college days).

          • Correct. Its about 35 minute drive from my house. I live in East Mesa. This weekend it was humid. Not bay area humid but above 50%. We had some rain.

    • Yup… it was warm, but not too warm. I had BBQ (including cow meat, sorry Jeff) and I made a good 40 miles on my bicycle.

      • 40 miles is.nuts. Ive done that in a gym but not out in the street LOL. Good for you. I started to train again this last week. Lets hope I can keep it up. My hands are bruised and bloody. Love it lol.

      • Ya know.

        There is a difference between Dairy Cows and Beef Cows?

        You all do know that? Right? Right?

        I eat Meat, just not in front of my cows!

        Give them this strange look.

        • There’s three types of dairy cows right?

          Regular, Chocolate, and Strawberry?

          • @Dr.Mindbender

            Yes, and you forgot Whole, 2%, 1%, Skim and Butter.

            • which ones give soymilk?

              • The beancow. Just like the nuttycow makes almond milk (my favorite).

            • Do they all taste the same?
              The cows that is.
              I mean cow meat is cow meat, right?

              • :::sigh:::

                Dairy Cows are fed differently. They eat 3% of their body weight a day.

                Beef Cattle eat 2-2.5% of their weight.

                Now, if I got into great detail of what goes into Beef Cattle intake, which goes into the meat, which you buy, which you cook and which you consume.

                You will barf…..FYI…Free Range Beef is always better.

              • Depends.

                Want more fat or more beef in your steak?

    • @ l. Cheerio

      It was fun, short, but fun. I enjoyed the Ike off that’s for sure!

    • I had a great weekend cheerio! All weekends should last 4 days. We found a lake, set up camp, and fought mosquitoes. My daughter and I rented a canoe and drowned a few worms.

      Then, we got home and the boy decided it was time to start crawling. F***! He’s mobile now.

      • Oh, and the daughter and I watched Galaxy Quest again. $5 buy on Amazon for a digital copy…so glad that we bought that.

        • + 999 golden internets for Galaxy Quest! Tim Allen and Sigs!

          Rainn Wilson had small part in that too.



          • Congrats on the wee one crawling. I’m still trying to get my boy to walk. He’s so dang tall that I think he grows too fast even for himself.

          • Yep, Mr. Wilson is in there. Also, the grocery store owner from Raising Hope (who was also on My Name is Earl) plays an extra as one of the fans at the convention. Within 90 seconds, I was like…that’s Justin Long…oh its that guy from Raising Hope…is that Dwight?

            But Tony Shalhoub is by far my favorite character in that movie. Him and Sam Rockwell.

            • Rockwell FTW.

              Have you seen 7 Psychopaths?

              • Not yet. It’s on my watchlist…but with two kids, I can barely watch an episode of SOA after they go to bed without falling asleep myself.

            • Rainn Wilson is quite possibly the worst actor in the history of Hollywood. He is the reason why I didn’t watch The Office. Him. The worst. I liked the BBC version. Hated Rainn Wilson.

              • FALSE

              • He was pretty decent in Super. And My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Anything with “super” in the title.

        • Never give up! Never surrender!

  10. So, they are rebooting Batman. I loved the grounded touch and dark tone of Nolan’s trilogy (start of fanboy war over my honest opinions, begin.) and I hope they keep a grounded tone for the reboot as well. I hated superheros because I thought they were so unrealistic until TDK, I realized Batman was just a dude. That opened me up to Iron Man, and now I don’t care how ridiculous they are. I would like to see Batman stay grounded, however. These are again, my opinions. I can’t think of anyone to take over for Bale, though. I can wait, I have the Arkham games to hold me over.
    I loved MoS, I never thought I would like Superman, ever! A lot of people are bashing it for its ending. I realize Superman isn’t supposed to kill, but why? He has no reason, UNTIL he kills Zod and has his emotional breakdown. That is why he won’t kill in later movies, that was the point of the ending. As for the rest of the movie, I don’t see what’s not to like. (OPINION!) I just hope they never use kryptonite, biggest cop-out ever.
    I know Iron Man 3 is old news, but I didn’t think it was TERRIBLE, just not as good as other Marvel flicks, and Marvel can be directly blamed for that. They shoehorned Avengers references and messed with the script of Iron Man 2 because they saw a marketing opportunity and a public awareness campaign, not a good film. They needed a scapegoat, and they chose Jon Favreau because THEY made a mistake, and replaced him with a different director, and Iron Man 3 just felt off as a result. I hope Thor 2 and Captain America 2 are better.
    I know I’m ranting, but I like intelligent discussion, that’s the point. Anyway, was Lone Ranger really that bad? I need an opinion from someone who saw the movie, because I will be bored this week, and I wanna know if I should just make up an excuse to see MoS again. Again, all of this rant was opinions, not fact, do not be ignorant and angry about them, please.

    • Welcome to the OD. The majority of us here are not judging people and we tend to be very respectful. So no worries.

      I want to continue to adapt all DC characters into the same feel that MoS was done. If the big blue boy scout can do it, the rest of them can. It works, it sells, and it is different from Marvel. Stay different and even if they don’t sell more then Marvel, I don’t care.

      • Agreed.

      • An adult tone will always be out-sold by a more kid-friendly tone.

        One isn’t better than the other, IMO… and I prefer the variety as well.

        • @ Dr. Minderbender

          Marvel’s films aren’t as kid-friendly as the Nolan fanbase hypes it up to be. Only 24% of children went to with their parents to see The Avengers when the film opened. Most of the audience were people 13+up single, along with couples, married people. I forget the percentage. I know each time I went to The Avengers, there was more adults than kids.

          DC would do better if they follow by example of Marvel’s success in the long run of things knowing the universe they have. Donnor’s Superman films worked at the time, Burton’s Batman films worked at the time & people still enjoy them. Green Lantern failed because of it being rushed, poor script, plot, dialoge,etc. Imo I think people were miscasted in the film.

          Not to mention how MOS divided fans over how WB/DC took the character to. WB/DC are more interested in pleasing this generation of adults than everyone. It’s no wonder why it’s them forever to get anything off the ground.

          • Because it is this generation of adults that will give them money now. Anyway, Marvel, DC, neither one is better. I think what Dr. Mindbender was trying to say is that Marvel films have a much lighter tone than DC’s. I think that is what sells tickets. I remember chuckling during the Avengers, more than once, actually. I never smiled during Nolan’s Batman films. (except when Maggie however-you-spell-her-name died, that woman is UGLY!) I love both, I don’t know why MoS was so divided, he killed Zod so he has a reason not to kill in later movies. Green Lantern might be one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, worst film superhero-wise, not counting Elektra, MoS might not be in my top-ten of all time, but it is #5 on Top 10 Superhero movies, imo. Off-topic, sorry. What I’m trying to say is that it is a matter of preference, ticket sales do not matter, both companies will turn profit either way, Marvel will make a little more money, but who cares? I don’t, fans of MoS don’t, and DC doesn’t seem to care, why should they?

            • Most of DC’s popular heroes except for Batman are seen as Gods from pages to film unlike Marvel who has the likes of Spider-Man & Captain America. One of my friends personally prefers Marvel over DC because in his words= ” Marvel has better stories that are earth-bound & relatable to people than DC’s Heroes”.

              I know a lot of heroes & villains in DC’s universe that wouldn’t match up with the realistic dark & gritty tone of Nolan/Snyder’s like films such as MOS with a big universe that they have.

              DC probly doesn’t care because WB doesn’t really care except how much will each film get upon their opening release. Theres been examples of CBM failed because of WB.

          • “DC would do better if they follow by example of Marvel’s success in the long run”

            Where is the fun in that? I seriously would not enjoy seeing the same thing over and over again. Kind of like how Hangover II was just the first movie but set in a different country. I’m thinking we are all going to be surprised with this Phase II of Marvel. Thor 2 and Captain America is supposed to take us to a different place and feel and then lead into Avengers 2 which is meant to be a polar opposite of the first film.

            If anything, I think Marvel might be taking pointers from DC.

      • Bingo, LC. I appreciate the diversity; heck, I even enjoyed Fox’s Xmen First Class!

        • While I’m not a fan at what first class did to canon, I enjoyed the breath of fresh air seeing new actors play certain roles and a fresh spin on the property.

          … and BTW, I think it sucks that Banshee won’t be in DoFP as he was easily one of the best parts of the film.

          • Yup, it felt “fresh” to me as well, which is the right word to describe it!

        • First Class, to me, was worse then The Last Stand. The continuity issues is a big deal to me. And I only liked Xavier and Magneto. The other characters were so dumb to me. The best part was Wolverines cameo.

          • i’m with you there leatherO. i’m curious as to how they plan to “course correct” the xmen with the whole time travel bit.

            • I just hope its a good film. It looks crowded. We will see shortly though.

          • I dunno LeatherO.

            I’m with you on how bad Last Stand was. Little tweaks in source material that work for the movie is one thing… but c’mon with Phoenix being the result of “psychic blocks” or WTF and mutants that were made up just for the film when there are soooooooo many…
            at least first class didn’t do that…

            … yeah, not quite the look of Sebastian Stan, but it’s hard to complain about Kevin Bacon. I thought he was cool just like how somehow Havok is older than his older brother and Mystique is supposed to age really slow but goes from kid to adult at a normal rate and instead of Angel the dude with angel wings we get Angel the Mosquito with stripper wings… wait i mean …


            • I was 14 when the first X-Men came out. Other than the cartoons on Saturday mornings, that was my introduction into X-Men. There wasn’t much CB reading from me until I was across the world. I was an active kid. Was never at home. Either out causing trouble, playing sports, or girl hunting. Changes in source material for a film doesn’t drive me crazy. I’m a huge believer of watching a movie first, then reading the book second. But what does upset me is continuity of films. They had no reason to make a “prequel” and then make it have barely any connection to the other 3 films.

    • “Welcome to the party pal” J. McClane
      I agree. i like the grounded real world feel of MOS, and hope they keep the new batman similar to nolans, but also different (no recently-gargled-broken-glass-voice please).

      i am of the opinion that WB/DC could do a JL film next. if MOS is the starting point, then all the other members can be found/originated as a direct result of the world engine. this is just a rough idea, but what about this:

      Themyscira, and Atlantean city of Poseidonis are discovered due to the disruption in the tides/weather patterns from the havoc caused by the world engine

      A large earthquake is triggered near central city, (from the world engine) just as barry allen/wally west (whomever) is doing an experiment, causing the lab to collapse on him, creating the flash.

      a lantern corps officer is drawn to our solar system due to the anomalies caused by the world engine, finds john stewart (yes, forget about RR) & he is the newest GL

      Bruce Wayne makes a trip to metropolis to see what his can do to help, sees some crime, does the batman thing, he and kal-el meet. he is initially distrustful of supes at first (maybe always) they are the only ones to meet, but bruce is keeping up with the reports of the fast guy, waterdude, the tall chick kicking everyone’s @$$, etc.

      it would have to be a 2.5 hr movie, you could spend 25 minutes on each story, maybe jump back and forth (“meanwhile, in central city…”) also set up some of each heroes rogues gallery. i think it could be done, but they need to get a good director and screen writer. i like what snyder/goyer did with mos. just throwin it out there.

      • The Problem.

        Guardians of Oa have been around a long, long , long time. The World Engine has been used before by Krypton. So, they would already know what it is.

        Plus for John Stewart to become Green Lantern, something would have to have happen to BOTH Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, as Guy Gardner was the replacement for Hal Jordan. As it was Guy Gardner’s ring that searched out John Stewart.

      • Seems kinda rushed… I think they should do a Batman/Superman team up with their actions having a ripple effect across the galaxy, thus introducing the Green Lantern Corps and Wonder Woman. I’ve never actually read a comic book, so I don’t have a lot of reference outside movies, the Arkham games, Injustice, and Google. I think Flash should be introduced as a LexCorp guinea pig who volunteers to be injected with DNA from Superman, (retrieved during the incident by Lex) and that gives him his powers. Am I butchering the source material too much, because I have no idea?

      • I want JL to be a LOTR trilogy. Just huge. Almost 9 hours of madness. And then after the first rilogy, a couple films for each character. And then another JL trilogy. It will slate the next decade. And it will be awesome.

  11. Bought “Oz, The Great and Powerful” on Blu-Ray Friday. Can’t find the words to say how beautiful it looks, the black and white to color shift is just as breath-taking as it was in the theaters.

    Also picked up 2 genius simplistic films: “12 Angry Men” and “Phone Booth”.

    I’m strangely growing eager to see that “Popeye” film that’s in the works.

    And I have decided “The Wolverine” will be my final superhero movie for me this year.

    • In Oz, I was taken back at just how gorgeous Michelle Williams was in her role as Glinda.

      Mila Kunis was no surprise, Michelle Williams kinda was… since the only REAL image I had for her was as Leo’s looney tunes wife in Shutter Island.

    • …hang on…

      Final super-hero movie?

      What’s your beef with THOR 2?

      • Simple: I dont Iike Thor

        • Me too.

        • Ah… fair enough.

    • AW, you have to see Thor. Or else ravens will poop.on you.

    • I don’t think I’m going to watch The Wolverine or Thor 2 in the theaters.

      While I used to be a big comic nerd, I guess I’ll only pay to see certain spandex on the big screen. I can wait for most of them to come out on DVD/Netflix.

      I guess I’m too old, I don’t even watch the ones I do catch in the theater on opening day. The last midnight movie I watched was Batman Begins.

  12. The comment thread on the latest Snowpiercer trailer here on SR got me a little concerned. I had to check my browser address bar because I thought I may have still been on reddit r/politics.

    Today’s OD gives me hope that SR is not turning into reddit.

    • People just take things way too seriously. Elysium, for example, is based on the director’s experiences in South Africa, (Rich people/poor people barrier, that sort of thing) and people decided “it’s political propaganda!!!!” No, it’s not! And even if it was, who the flip cares??? I am going to go see it, and it is not going to influence me in the slightest in my life. It’s an action movie starring Matt Damon, for God’s sake. Stop bringing politics into places they don’t belong!

      • I think Eylsium looks pretty sweet.

        • Elysium.

          Sleeper Hit.

    • What the frack is a “Snowpiercer”?

      • It’s apparently a train that carries the remnants of humanity after the apocalypse Rich in front, poor in back. Chris Evans leads a revolt to get to the front. Trailers aren’t impressing me, but maybe it’ll be good.

      • @The Avenger:

        Snowpiercer is… “Elysium on a Train”.

      • XXX Rated version of Frosty the Snowman.

        • @Jeff
          … in that case I have some follow up questions, but I think it might be best not to post them on a website kids might visit :|

        • Yes!

  13. Okay, I have to ask:

    Am I the only one who thinks Kiefer Sutherland sounds exactly like Willem Dafoe in “Phone Booth”?

    • Holy smokes….someone else watched Phone Booth?

      I cannot answer your question because it’s been a decade since seeing that film that I barely remember the plot. It must have been quite a memorable film.

      • You couldn’t remember ‘guy in a phone booth terrorized by guy on phone with sniper rifle’? Pretty strait forward.

        • Speed in a phone booth? Why didn’t you just say that?

          Cellular, The Call, Phone Booth, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…how am I supposed to keep all these telephone based plots separate?

      • I, also watched it.

      • The Funny thing.

        They filmed a movie, 15 years after the phone booth of that type went the way of the dodo

        Not to mention, Cell Phones back in 2002 were more prevalent.

    • it may be just you. i can pick keifer’s voice out pretty easily, and i didn’t think he sounded any different in PB than anything else.

    • The first time I heard his voice, I knew it was Keifer. I recently watched Boondock Saints and I don’t hear the same inflections from Willem as Keifer.

  14. Had a strange idea for a Vampire Movie.

    The Lost Boys had enough and went to Pacific Northwest and wiped out the Cullens and Voltari.


    The Lycans were hunting The Black Clan.

    All ended violently and well.

    Then The Lost Boys and Lycans joined forces and went ape crap on the fans of Twilight.

  15. Well, Katee needed a break. She went and saw the Lone Ranger

    She said. It is not a pile of crap.

    It is a Pile of Crap that dropped out of a zombies rear after 6 months of eating people.

    • Have her go see WWZ Jeff, I think she will enjoy that.

      • @Stark, she is going to go see that today.

        I gots baby duty this week.

  16. I need an honest opinion. I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies until recently watching the first four. My daughter, who turned 4 in March, is in love with witches (Oz) and monsters (kid-friendly monsters like Paranorman…she’s not watching Nightmare on Elm Street). So we started doing a family movie night every once in a while for Harry Potter. She’s loved the movies and they give her a little scare, but no nightmares. She just cuddles up with her Daddy.

    The latest one we watched was The Goblet of Fire and the last half hour of it, the plot got pretty dark (for a pre-schooler) with the return of he who shall not be named and the kid from Twilight being offed. She can handle the dragons, mer-people, Lord Voldemort’s look, and other monsters. But I don’t think she should be watching kids in this magic school being killed. What I am asking…avoiding spoilers please…is should we stop watching this series at this point and revisit it when she’s a bit older? Or can we watch the order of the phoenix and the half-blooded prince but avoid the deathly hallows?

    • Professor…

      For a four year-old, I definitely suggest holding off on letting her see the final four HP films. They’re great but go to some VERY dark places. I would wait to let her see 5 and 6 until she’s AT LEAST eight…then, watch them with her (personally, I think ten would actually be better, but children mature differently). For 7A and 7B, don’t put that DVD in until she hits eleven or twelve, minimum.

      Show those last 4 to a four year-old, and prepare for moderately high therapy bills… ;)

      • Thanks for the input. I felt as if I should hold off. I always watch these with her. I’ll grab her and shake like Scooby Doo during the scary parts and she tells me “don’t worry Dad, it’s not real.” But, with the lifeless kid from Twilight on screen, that was different. I felt like a bad parent.

        The worst part is that I’m now hooked…but I’ll wait to watch them with her when she’s older.

        • …but now, you have another wonderful experience with your daughter to look forward to…


    • @Prof:

      I think 4 is bit young for the later HP movies.

      I agree with Archeon about the ages but my 7 year old (at the time) did watch the final two and was a bit freaked out. I think it’s all in how you present it because it’s not like there is a lot of blood and gore but the content about death and such could be disturbing.

      • Yep, the death content is what I was worried about. Thanks. I’ll wait.

  17. So I just watched Spring Breakers. It’s not as bad as Kids or Gummo for that matter. It’s still a pretty messed up film. I had to see it though. Anyone else see it?

    • Comparing it to ‘Kids’ says a lot.

      Is there much beyond the sexual exploitative stuff?

      • I’m comparing the 2 because the director for Gummo and Spring Breakers is the screen writer for Kids. Have you seen Gummo? It’s the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen.

        And yes, there is more to the film then what the title and poster gives us.

  18. Should I be concerned about Comment Stalking here? :)

    • *tips martini glass*



    • @ Big Nerd

      LOL!! :)
      That was funny!

      It’s all good on this end.

  19. Watching The Hobbit right now. Wife hasn’t even seen LOTR.