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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 6, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 6, 2012

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  1. I saw ted last night it was really funny….if you like any of seth mcfarlenes shows def check out that movie either in theaters or when it comes to dvd 4/5 stars.

    • I saw it last night too. It doesn’t match The Hangover as a comedy classic but if you are a fan of family guy, you’ll love the comedy in this movie.

  2. Just finished season 1 of Sons Of Anarchy. Show rocks!

    But I have a question – what is SAMCRO? Is it an acronym, a town, a mineral, a vegetable?

    • seriously?

      • ah, Redwood Original Charter, I was thinking maybe Registered Organization but that didn’t make much sense.

        Also thanks for being a toolbag Rockwell. Damn toolbags.

        • LOL…

          Sambo, don’t insult tools OR the bags that carry them…


          • Ha, thing is, the bugger nearly had me there for a second, considering the show’s content and all, lol.

            • Well, I was more thinking, who would bother to take the effort if it isn’t true ==> and then I scrolled down…

    • Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original

      • Thanks Jack

        • Also can anyone fill me in (being an Aussie) on the geographical location of Charming. Is it a suburb of Redwood, or vice versa, and what State is it in?

          • i think google and wikipedia are your best bets there as I’m an Aussie as well

          • It’s a fictional location set in California.

            • Yeah, just realised California is etched at the bottom of the Chapel table, thanks for that.

              I expect Redwood is the County (what we here in Queensland call a Shire), and Charming the town…

              • That sounds correct…
                But on a side note, I love that county’s where you’re from a called a Shire.
                The Lord of the Rings geek that lives inside me is jealous.
                That’s also a bit of trivia that can be usefull at times. :)

                • Ha, yeah I grew up in Broadsound Shire, as it was known before it was rezoned. Always wish they had of just gone with THE Shire, definitely has a ring to it.

  3. So, what’s the word on The Amazing Spiderman? Opinions on the good and bad in it?

    • I liked it. Probably will buy it on blu-ray. The action was great and I loved Spider-Man in this more than the originals. The movie is not without it’s faults though. It isn’t a master piece by any means.

    • Seriously, seek help.

    • The trolling is strong in this one.
      My guess is he won’t be around long to enjoy the fruits of his labors.
      RE: “As usual โ€“ talk about whatever you like as long as itโ€™s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself โ€“ just remember to play nice.”

    • Saw i last night.
      I liked it but I’m not sure how much. I think my opinion of the franchise not needing a reboot may be clouding my enjoyment of the film somewhat.
      As of now I’m giving it a 7/10.

      • I think that’s my problem too. If they would’ve taken 10 minutes to go over the origin, I may have been happier but they used half the film to show us something we just saw 10 years ago.

    • Its worth it because it is Spiderman. Is it the Spiderman you might be looking for?

      Hard to say. I will see it again and I will buy it on BR.

      I still feel it is below the first Spiderman and Ironman and does not even come close to The Avengers.

    • It’s bad. Marvel has got to be having a hard time containing their excitement (as they stand to re-obtain the movie rights from Sony). I predict a huge box office drop-off well before TDKR.

      I think it will make enough money to make it difficult for Sony to decide how to proceed, like Superman Returns. Only Sony can’t “sit” on the property. There probably will be one sequel. Marvel will have the rights back in less than ten years. Maybe five.

      Regardless, I thought it was terrible.

    • I thought it was really good (4 out of 5). I’ll probably go see it again, and it’s definitely another addition to my Blu-Ray/DVD collection.

  4. I read a comment earlier this morning about a special critics’ preview of The Dark Knight Rises today. Can anybody verify this?

    • I saw a comment in an earlier thread on that as well. Haven’t seen it anywhere else. Could’ve been someone pulling our chain.

      • It was in the NOLAN SAYS TDKR HAS A DEFINITE CONCLUSION thread from earlier this morning. It does sound incredible, but unlike a number of other similar posts from months ago, this one actually seems to be put in a more rational, non-provocative light.

  5. Is The Amazing Spider-Man as good as Raimi’s first two films were?

    • First 2 films, lol, I concur with your omission there Mr.West.

    • No simple answer. In some ways better, in some ways not as good. Definitely not better then SM2.

      • @Ink – I have to respectfully disagree. I loved Spider-Man 2…but after watching it the other day. It does have its fair share of cheese.

        SPOILER ALERT? (Seriously, who hasn’t seen Spider-Man 2?)

        Cheesiness like the bank scene….what bank has bags full of gold coins piled up in their vault like that? That’s like a scene out of a Looney Toons cartoon. Also, Spidey loses the ability to use his ORGANIC web shooters and crashes down like Wiley Coyote. Another cheese filled scene is when Peter quits being Spidey and puts his glasses back on and has a montage of him not being Spider-Man (which is eerily similar to the emo Peter Parker montage is #3).
        Lastly, I have a question about a certain villainous plan in #2…Harry hires Doc Ock to capture Spider-Man. He tells him to go through Parker to find Spidey. So Doc Ock throws a car through the window of the cafe at Peter with his back turned. If it wasn’t for Peter’s Spidey-sense, he’d be dead. Doc Ock didn’t know that he was Spider-Man at that point…so I believe Doc Ock made a poor decision by throwing that car through the window because if Parker was a “normal” human being, he’d be dead and Doc Ock would have no way to find Spider-Man and get his precious tritium from Harry. For being a brilliant scientist villain, his plan seemed pretty flawed.


        I loved Spider-Man 2, but this reboot had to happen. Because watching the Raimi movies now after Nolan’s Batman series, X-Men First Class, and Marvel’s plethora of movies is a lot like watching Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies…they are both full of campy cheesiness. And before I get angry comments for comparing those two…Batman & Robin ranks right there with Spiderman 3 for worst adaptation of a beloved character.

        • Love the Raimi movies even more now. I just ordered Spider-man III because I was watching the first two with nieces and nephews and they want to know what happens. And I can say I enjoyed that movie a lot more than this one. Their “classic” status will soar.

          I don’t know why you post Spoiler alerts for an eight year old movie. That’s above and beyond. But if anyone hasn’t seen any Spider-man movie, don’t read on.

          The whole hyper-reality, or cartoonish aspect of Raimi’s movies is part of what makes it work. The crooks wear black and practically carry bags with money symbols on them. That allows one to disregard all the silly things, like Peter shooting webs, flipping, and punching Flash across a hall, miraculously avoiding anyone making the connection that he is Spider-man. I’m able to relax with those movies and submerge myself in the melodrama. Spidey burst through newspaper headlines. Peter rushes into a burning building and rescues a kid. Lines like, “with great power…” sound in place. Crime is up 75% when spidey is gone. It doesn’t need logic, and makes that clear. Those movies know what they are.

          The ASM’s gritty realism, on the other hand, invites scrutiny. Every implausibility sticks out. How many people saw his face, or reasonably, could describe his build and distinctive hair? Yet the police don’t compile a description? Nobody connected his high school antics with Spider-man? Was that phone message by Uncle Ben supposed to be less corny than the original line about “responsibility?” It might have been realistic if he sounded drunk.

          You could say similar things about Nolan’s Batman, and that’s legitimate. The difference is that Nolan’s movies are dense and economical, and don’t give you much time to consider these things. ASM meanders and lollyigags and short changes many plot points and scenes.

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t foresee an impressive life for this movie. Call the first ones cartoony, but if it weren’t for DVD technology, there would be a landfill of worn out VHS tapes for Raimi’s movies. Kids won’t like ASM that way. I don’t think adults will either. It’s days are numbered. Mark my words.

          I love Spider-man. I don’t need to see a movie ever. But a good movie gives a little validation, but mostly allows Spider-man to be shared with a wider audience. The Raimi movies got details wrong but brought Spider-man, Peter Parker, and the “web” of characters to the rest of the world, and made them loved in the way only comic readers did before. ASM is riding the brand.

          • I loved the Raimi movies for what they were and still love them. It’s like any comic book though…dated. I read all the versions of Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, and the Amazing Spider-Man) throughout the eighties as a kid and then Todd MacFarlane came along and gave Spidey a black suit and turned things upside-down. Now, this reboot isn’t as drastically different as what MacFarlane did, but it’s a different look at my favorite superhero. If ASM is riding the brand, isn’t that what Batman Begins did? Compare the 2… a different perspective on the origin story of a known superhero taking on a new villain. Now, only time will tell if Sony can get this franchise to take off like Nolan’s Batman.

            • I agree that “time will tell.” I’m not strictly opposed to anyone but Raimi, or a reboot. I really went in with an open mind. I just didn’t like it at all. I don’t think it’s going to go over with general audiences and time won’t help it (unlike BB, which snowballed in popularity). I could be wrong. I think Webb really did a bad job, but the series could survive if they get someone else, or he improves. I’m not optimistic about it.

    • @WallyWest – I really enjoyed the Amazing Spider-Man. I watched Raimi’s first two films hours before going to the theater. I thought the new film didn’t seem nearly as cheesy as Raimi’s version (and I don’t mean how Raimi’s villains reminded me of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). The original films had Norman Osbourne stating that Peter was a science wiz because he read one of his papers. They never really showed that Peter was smart as the new film does with his inventions, helping out with a plumbing problem, and creating the web shooters. Also, the story of how Peter dealt with Uncle Ben’s killer was dealt with a lot better in The Amazing Spider-Man. In Raimi’s version, he leaves his dead uncle on the sidewalk to pursue the guy. I also felt like the bonds with his aunt and uncle were more believable in the reboot.
      I’m a fan of Spiderman comics and loved Raimi’s first two films. But I felt reboot was needed. I loved the new version and can’t wait to see where this new franchise goes.

    • This is not hyperbole. I think Spider-man III alone was a lot better than ASM. It doesn’t deserve to be compared to the first two. Scratch that. It does. A lot of fans complain that people are comparing it to Raimi’s movie because it’s a new origin story. Completely appropriate. And it doesn’t compare well.

    • Way better than Raimi’s Spidey movies IMO.
      Then again, I guess I am a bit biased seeing as I never liked those movies to begin with…

  6. hey mods, can you Banhammer Rockwell already? This troll wont keep his ugly mouth shut. *see above comments*

    • He certainly has a pench.ant f.or swea.ring, lol.

    • The mighty BANHAMMER has been activated.


      • HOORAH!

      • Thank you, Vic…and thanks for deleting that message I put right under his comment. Obviously, I was not trying to be offensive and am glad I do not have to look at it anymore. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Am I the only one picturing Vic wearing Thor’s helmet when he swings the banhammer?

        • I probably should give the banhammer a name…



          • I vote The HoltreBane

          • “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Victhor.”

          • Throw a hat on you Vic and you could easily pass for one of Tolkien’s Istari. I would call it “Narya” (which was the ring of power bestowed to Gandalf from Cirdan). I think this would be fitting considering the impending Hobbit movies.

          • Bird? Plane?


        • Definitely not the only one. In Vic we trust.

  7. Who thinks its time for a new Spawn movie?
    I really believe with today’s technology that Spawn could be an incredible movie. This is definately due for a reboot.
    Idris Elba for Spawn . .
    Christopher Lee voicing Malebolgia . .
    Keep it dark, and leave out the cheese (I’m looking at you John Leguizamo)

    • hmmm . .
      The banhammer must of came down so hard that has scambled the comments section . .

    • I’d go for that. If Christopher Lee were unavailable, I’d offer Frank Langella as a replacement. Great voice on that guy, plus the Masters of the Universe connection would be fun.

  8. Has anyone else watched the show Reaper?
    I’ve been watching it on Netflix and I really enjoy it. It’s a perfect blend of cheesey comedy but not to over the top and dumbed down. I’m on episode 23 of 31 and I’ll be sad once I finish. It’s a perfect show to watch at the end of the night right before you go to bed.

    • Is that the series featuring Ray Wise as the devil?

      This week I Netflix’d the short-lived A&E series Breakout Kings. I enjoyed the episodes I’ve seen as well as the mostly unknown (to me) cast. Serinda Swan (Smallville’s Zatanna) reminds me of Lindsay Lohan–and not meaning that in a derogatory way. I’m only half-way through season one so I’m not sure if the reasons for its cancellation will soon be revealed.

    • Reaper is one my favorites. I watched it when it aired and then I re-watched it on Netflix.

  9. Vic and company, is it possible that rude comments (like from Rockwell) can be removed without actually removing the space they were in? Like just having their name with the words “Comment removed” or something. I just bring this up because whenever a comment is deleted totally, it screws up the entire thread. I suppose if you ban someone, that automatically removes totally their comments.

    • BTW, what did the jack…, I mean, the poster say?

      • Nothing significant, but the guy seemed to be hemorrhaging swear words like a random profanity generator.

        • Sambo summed it up nicely.

    • Kahless,

      That’s a good point. It’s just a lot easier/faster to delete the moronic comments than it is to go in and edit them.


  10. Any news on whether or not AMC will cancel The Killing? I’ve only recently watched the series and it was fantastic! Easily one of the strongest ensembles of actors I’ve seen in some time–especially on American television. Since the marketing revolved around ‘Who killed Rosie Larsen?’ and we now know….I’m curious to see if/how they’ll approach season three. I liked the approach they took in stretching the mystery across two seasons also.

    • No news yet but the ratings for season 2 went from low to really really low.
      The producers have a plan in place to continue but we may not get the chance to see it unfold.

      • Well that’s a shame. It was clearly not a show for people with short attention spans, especially given the time between seasons.

  11. What’s the latest news on Captain America 2? Does anyone know what the plot involves?

    • There’s likely an Antman cameo, and falcon. Probably Zola or Zemo with Bucky, winter Soldier.

      But the only reliable bits of solid info seem to be the inclusion of black Widow, Fury and falcon, and that it picks up right after Avengers with Cap continuing his work for s.h.i.e.l.d.

    • That was really cool. I enjoy it when celebrities use their status for good reasons.

      • Indeed, bravo Mr. Perlman

  12. Looks like it time for the Vic-hammer to strike again. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • @Kahless – Am I missing the comment that needs attention?


      • Paul,

        I was online earlier and did a bunch of comment clean up and moderation. I IM’d you about it.


      • Vic probably already informed you but it was some jerk talking about watching porn or something.

  13. Just finished reading A Game of Thrones, I wanted to read it before I watched season 1. But now that I’ve read the thing I don’t really have any desire to watch it. Oh well.

    Reading Clash of Kings now and I wondered about the Cyrstal Shard, Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Salvatore novels, and whether Hollywood had any plans for a Drizzt Do’Urden movie or tv show. That would be quite awesome, I always thought menzoberannzan would look great on film.

    Does anyone know if the Dizzt/Crystal Shard rights have been optioned? By which studio? just a thought.

  14. Was bored last nite and watched friedns with Benefits. Just made me realise how super hot Mila Kunis is. Natalie Portman is a more sweet and beautiful woman but Kunis is far more sexier.

  15. I honestly think The Avengers has been just so good & as perfect as a comic book movie can be – That Spider-Man & Batman will suffer.

    I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man – I didn’t love-it – He looks lost outside of the rest of the Marvel Movie Universe we all now love & want more of. You can see Sony trying to copy the end credit scene idea in Spider-Man….it’s good – but I am really hoping that Marvel show us a real link between Sony & Disney’s Marvel films in the next Spidey.
    Avengers proved that you can make these big stories happen if the will is there.

    As for the dark & slow moving world of Batman – There’s nothing that inspires me to go see the next movie. It’ll be on DVD for me.

    Avengers was loved by kids as well as adults – it’s brought fun back into the genre – which is non-existent in the Batman movies.

  16. Enjoyed Avengers; Earth’s Mightiest Heroes this week. Wasp punches the Skrull Ant-Man and says, “That felt kinda good.” Too bad this show will be canceled. Don’t fix it if it aint broke.

    • @ Capnadolny


    • I’ve finished watching the entire series (all 26 episodes from season 2).
      The Skrull invasion arc was terrific (Cap kicked some serious @$$), the two Kree invasion episodes were great, and all the smaller episodes in the middle weren’t that bad either, but that final episode against the… galactic villain (hint, hint ;)) was terrible IMO.
      It felt rushed, and the ending was tacked on. I don’t know how to explain it, but it just came across as “fake” to me.
      I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth from a great, great show :(

      • How did you already see all of these?? Were they released on the internet? Probably something I don’t know about. Nothing new here.

        I’m sure the final episode was rushed b/c they canceled the *&$%^ thing. If they were given time I’m sure they would have done great.

  17. Would anyone object to a remake of Waxwork? I know it’s a classic but with today’s young stars and no sequel intended to follow afterwards.

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