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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 5, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 5, 2013

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  1. How was everybody’s 4th of July? Any limbs lost or fires started?

    • Seeing how I plan to spend most of today recovering, I’d say I had a pretty good time.

      • I’m still at work. Fighting to stay awake. That’s the problem with having a day off in the middle of the week. (I had the 4th off, but it was the morning of the 4th). Ive been up for a little over 24 hours. I need some beauty rest LOL.

    • Mine was great spent it with family and friends no limbs lost :) , how was yours ?

      • Went to my brother/sister in laws house and grilled. I made chicken kabobs. Famous Dave’s devil spit sauce on some and Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce on the others. They grilled salmon. All tasty treats.

    • BURP!

      It was good, how was yours?

      • Definitely nice to spend time with the family.

    • @ Leather

      Can’t really celebrate 4th Of July to the fullest shooting off fireworks in my state so I helped my self to some drinks w/friends at local bar.

      • As long as you had fun, that’s all that matters!

    • Well

      My Cousin Tony “Pegged Legged-One Eye-Lefty” Waine limped over for a visit.

      All was good, grillin and chillin.

    • @ Leathercheerio

      Mine was good, thanks. I ate a lot of hamburgers

  2. Okay, so I noticed something the other day.

    Man of Steel is supposed to be a First Contact story, the first time humans interact with aliens and yadda yadda. But we already had Green Lantern. Yes I know it’s not part of the same movieverse but alot of people have been thinking they should GL to help with the upcoming(?) Justice League film without rebooting it.

    Problem is, since MoS is a first contact story GL doesn’t fit in because you already have aliens attacking Earth and being studied by the govt and what-not.

    So I guess what I’m trying to say here is, if you want to include Green Lantern (the character) as part of Justice League or the shared movieverse you have to ignore the previous film and reboot it because it doesn’t fit in.

    • You are 100% correct. Reynolds version of Hal Jordan does not exist. Which I am okay with. I liked the movie. But it was DC’s Fantastic Four. It needs a reboot.

      • If and when they reboot, I say use John Stewart instead. I like him way better tha Hal Jordan and this way people won’t try and make connections to the previous GL film

        • It makes sense. Or they can even introduce the GL Corps without there being an earth guardian yet. There are many ways to go about it.

          • Get me Flash. GL can be Green with envy all he can at this demand by the people

            • Green lantern needs to be rebooted and re-imagined!

      • If you reboot with that same version of that villain you will get pretty much those same results except for the tying to hard to be funny

  3. this is my stranger bonding time…

  4. Today we are cancelling the apocalypse.

    The best motivational line in a while. Probably the credit goes on Senor Elba for that magic. It’s that portion of the trailer that I await with abated breath.


    • I thought it was a little lame. At least in the trailer, maybe in the movie it will be better. Nearly every action / us-against-them type of movie has ‘the big speech’, which is ok tho I think they missed the mark in this movie.

  5. In Boston for vacation… the main fireworks show was redic. Even more incredible, there were still aerial fireworks until past 2am (could see and hear them from my hotel room).

    • That’s awesome!

  6. So d-o-w-n goes TONTO and the Lone Ranger, and with it, some of Johnny Depp’s clout. Had they made a real Lone Ranger movie, focusing on the main character instead of his sidekick, and without the campy humor and oversize stunts, I think it would have faired better at the box office.

    • I really don’t know why Disney greenlit the damn thing or why Gore Verbinski keeps getting director work. From early on when I realized that he was arguing with the studio over needing a 200+ million dollar budget … for a Western … I knew the film was doomed.

      Poor Armie. Hopefully Marvels snags him for Ant-Man or Daredevil.

      • I think they have snagged Armie.

        He had some very pro-Marvel things to say when confronted about the possibility of playing Batman.

        • Source/link?

      • My Dad, my brother, and I all knew this film was doomed, and of course my mom is the one that’s like “It has Johnny Depp, it’s gonna be awesome!!!!” We all gave her dumbfounded looks, made it clear none of us would see that movie, and moved on. I had actually never heard the name Armie Hammer until I saw a trailer for The Lone Ranger, but from the sound of it, he’s a good actor who picked the wrong movie, so hopefully he gets back on track, he looks like he’d be a good Batman, but he needs to get his name on a good blockbuster or two before that happens. So, Lone Ranger was really as bad as it looks, huh?

        • I haven’t seen it, nor do I have an interest in seeing it, but I believe it only garnered a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is underperforming at the box office, to the point of John Carter underperforming. People are getting a little tired of Depp, I think, especially when he headlines a movie in which his character is supposed to be the sidekick.

          • Not entirely true. We’re tired of seeing Depp play Jack Sparrow, and Tonto looks and acts like the tribal Jack from Pirates 2.

            I’m one of the few who enjoyed “Dark Shadows”. Depp is good when he’s not Jack Sparrow 24-7

            • Yes, there is that, too, as this does look like Pirates in a Western format. Personally, I just don’t like Depp, period, as his general formula…playing an “odd” character, often in makeup…is getting old.

              • He was great once upon a time “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. but then he got mainstream popular with “Pirates” and it was all a downward spiral from there.

                • gonna have to agree with aaron on this one.

                  *Jor-El voice*

                  “I will honor you for the man that you once were Depp (Fear and Loathing, BLOW) not this monster that you have become.”

          • Disney is trying to go “epic” with to many projects these days. As far as John Carter is concerned, they had no business making a movie of that book in the first place. The amount of nudity, dismemberment and disembowelment that book contained should have made Disney stay far away, but for some reason they didn’t. As well the writes did everything possible to not stick to canon, which from what I hear is the same they did with LR.

            • Depp may have a good performance next year with trancendense. Atleast he isnt a silly character

              • My two favorite Depp films are Dead Man and Ed Wood.

          • How can you criticize a movie without watching it? How do you know if the “critics” are impartial? When Man of Steel was released, I remember reading many people complaining the veracity of the critics, but many people ignored the “critics” and saw the movie, right? So can you please tell me why the critics were wrong before but why according to your comments they are correct now? Why you believe the critics in regards to the Lone Ranger, and not with Man of Steel?
            Why you assume that the Lone Ranger is a bad movie if you have not seen it. I have seen all the “major movies” of the summer (Iron Man 3, Star Trek, Fast & Furious 6, Man of Steel etc), and so far my favorite movie is the Lone Ranger. Yes, is my personal favorite. You can have another one, but the point is that I have seen each movie and I can comment about the movies because I have watched, but what about the people who assume or believe the “critics” and judge a movie without even watching it.

            Next time, you criticize a movie, make sure you watch it so you can have the real information, and no the information that the critics give. The majority of the critics have not done their work with objectivity and integrity; most of them have a secret agenda.
            If you really want to enjoy a movie and have a good time, go and watch the Lone Ranger, is a great movie. I do not like western movies, but this has all action, and humor. Johnny Depp has done a splendid performance.

            • You sound like a Depp loyalist. Look, I have no interest in the film, partly because Depp is in it and partly because the commercials make it look campy.

              As concerns the critics having a “secret agenda”…don’t know about that, but I also pounced on them about their Man of Steel reviews, until I saw the movie and actually agreed with them. It was a mediocre movie, not well crafted or edited, in my opinion.

                • The film only gets 23% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. So, then, are you claiming that 77% of the critics have a “secret agenda”? And are you also saying, as have I, that you agreed with the critics of Man of Steel? Your argument breaks down on so many levels.

                  Just admit it, you liked a movie that most people don’t. It’s as simple as that…a matter of personal preference.

                  • @ water

                    I have no interest in going to a movie in the year 2013 and witnessing Disney doing all they can to keep racism alive and well.

                    • …and out of left field comes Dr. Mindbender and an allegation of racism.

                      Although I have no interest in seeing this film, what, pray tell, do you believe is racist about it?

                      No, never mind. I forgot…people always tend to find what they are looking for.

                    • “A-C-T-I-N-G!”…

                      John Lovitz


    • The trailer didn’t do anything for me. I have no desire to see it.

  7. Any thoughts on Sony presenting TASM 2 at CC? I think that’s going to be the biggest superhero reveal that will get everyone pumped. Sure, we’ll probably get Black Panther and Dr. Strange, but people love their Spider-Man. I feel it’s really going to be 10 times better than TASM because, as I have stated countless times, I felt everything up until we finally see Peter as Spider-Man was a sloppy mess.

    • It’s definitely going to be interesting, with all the rumors that’ve been flying around about Black Cat and Green Goblin and Gwen dying, etc etc. Not to mention all the teasing Webb has done, I think this is definitely going to be up there on the superhero reveals (at least on my list)

    • I agree ASM2 will be great! They got the origin out of the way so now we can have a full on battle ready Spider-Man outing.

  8. I think I might have come up with a pseudo-realistic explanation for why Superman can fly by connecting two concepts. The first thing that would have to be established is that Superman’s mind has evolved to the point that he can control his body at the cellular level. This is actually not that unrealistic because in nature the way an octopus and certain other animals changes color and even create changing color patterns is by controlling the size of their cells.

    The second thing is to consider that if Superman absorbs energy from the Sun, then a (completely fictional) byproduct of that process could be the production of gravitons. In physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle with no mass that mediates the force of gravitation. So by making Superman able to negotiate how much gravitons he is producing…he would defy gravity!

    • I have a third explanation:

      Because they wrote him that way

      • That one is not good enough!

        • Pen and ink created Superman. I’m giving logic involving pen and ink.

        • He consumes large quantities of leafy green vegetables and downs 100 cans of pork n beans.

          Super flatulence allows him to fly.

      • +1

    • I’m with ULTIMATE ACW on this one. You can’t use real science to explain a comicbook character’s powers. Supes can fly because that’s the way they wrote him; he can use heat vision and has the mass of a star for the same reason. If we tried to use real science, Supes would have fallen into the earth a long time ago because of his mass.

    • Here is one. Since he can vibrate at a higher frequency, why not just have him create a electromagnetic field and repel himself against Earths mass and against its gravitational pull?

      Some way a mag lift works.

  9. hey what you guys think, how much will Pacific Rim make in its 1st 3 day domestic weekend…?
    55-60 million looks fine, considering its 180 million budget.

    • 40 million. Ill go 45 mil for grown ups 2

    • I hope it does well. I won’t be seeing it though. I think it will do around 50 to 60 million.

  10. Yo dudes….
    Does anyone agree with me that the summer blockbuster movies have been released so have been pretty average. With only Pacific Rim and The Wolverine remaining, it has to be said its been a pretty weak summer…

    From the horrible: After Earth, The Lone Ranger
    To the disappointing: Iron Man 3, Star Trek
    To the over hyped: Man of Steel
    To cheese fest: Fast & Furious 6
    To the I know it’s gonna suck: The Wolverine

    • Star Trek was disappointing?

      Don’t think I agree with that at all. I noticed Pacific Rim isn’t in those listings. You’re trying to say, that after all of these movies we’ve had so far, Power Rangers is going to be the only good thing worth seeing?

      I think regardless of the letdowns, all of them are worth one viewing, some mor than others.

      • For me Star Trek and Man of Steel have been the best of the bunch…

        … and ScreenRant seems to share that opinion which is why this is my favorite site. 😉

      • power rangers? i was thinking it looks more like transformers meets the monsters from Gatchaman (battle of the planets)

      • Star Trek has been the best movie for me this summer… maybe because it’s new and old.

    • I actually agree with all of your descriptors.

      My hope for a really good movie this year is in The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug.

      • Power Rangers?

        • Yeah, they form like Vultron and all that to take on giant monsters.

          It does have a power ranger vibe.

          • Ohhhhh, now I see the analogy. Gotcha 😉

    • I’d say Star Trek underpreformed at the box office but so far has been my favorite of the summer.

    • IM3 and FF6 actually exceeded expectations (financially). MoS also performed well, but WB/DC probably thought it should have done better.

    • Iron Man 3 + Fast & Furious 6 are my top movies so far.
      Star Trek was better than average but I dont like that they used Khan.
      MoS was just… meh. Maybe Im too used to Marvel funny / action super hero movies… I dunno. As the Joker would say “Why so serious ?” :)

    • Star Trek and MoS are in my top for the summer. FF6 is a movie that I wanted to see and haven’t yet. I know what happens in the movie and its not due to spoilers, its just obvious. So I can wait. IM3 was spoiled and led me to not care to watch it. I missed a few others as well. I guess theatrical release just didn’t have that big of a hype this summer for me. I do want to see Wolverine though.

  11. Like I said last time MoS has made $500 so far how about that.

    • Oops Meant to say $500 million.

      • Yeah, it cleared half a billion dollars in under 20 days, even with the unprecedented smear campaign that it has working against it.

        • What smear campaign ?

  12. Jim Carrey apparently is not going to do promotional support for Kick-Ass 2 because he is now not comfortable with the level of violence after the Newtown shootings. Well like Don King said there is no such thing as bad press…

    • It’s his opinion and choice. That’s all we can say. I respect him for voicing something like that.

      • A bit hypocritical of him to keep the money for it, though. I like the guy, but I am so tired of these actors thinking that we all need or want to know their political opinions. Ultimately, it ruins the escapism of seeing them on the big screen, at least for me.

        • I agree his heart is in the right place I guess but idk he should’ve just kept his opinion to himself

        • yes, how dare he exercise his right to have an opinion.

          • He has his right to exercise his, and I have my right to exercise mine, in commenting that I think he is a bit of a hypocrite, and I get tired of actors feeling that they need to preach and teach others their opinion.

    • I’d like to see him donate his check from that movie to the charities involved in the Newtown shootings. Until then, he is a fake. IMO that is.

      • People have brought up the point about him donating his salary, probably would not hold my breath on that one. It is not the first time someone has not liked or agreed with a project after they were done with it, and the Newtown shooting was the type of event that could alter someone’s view on something like gun violence. Don’t forget there was a huge outcry about movie violence after the Colorado Batman shootings, but like everything else people just forgot about it.

        I just wonder what would have happened if they tried to keep the rape scene in that some fans were so hell bent on seeing. The ratings board and the watchdog groups would have had a field day.

    • @slayer – I think you are on to something. I wrote a blog about KA2 and the Carrey situation. Click my name if you want to read my opinion (it’s the latest entry).

  13. Id like to see WB/DC have lil bit lighter tone with their films in their shared universe concerning their characters. Imo, WB/DC need to drop Nolan/Snyder’s real-world tone of things before their franchise get to the point of no return.

    • Well they did that. Green Lantern was a mess. I think they should continue to stick to their guns because its working. It separates them. They have created a new standard almost for their genre of CBM’s. I couldn’t be more excited to see how they adapt the rest of their characters.

      • WB released films that were badly scripted with bad plots before Green Lantern was rushed out in theaters. Green Lantern failed because WB rushed it. They didn’t take the time making it great as Batman or Superman films. I mean in the film, Reynolds pulled Bale’s Batman voice imitation which was pathetic. I thought it had a poor plot & poorly scripted. I wonder how WB rejected Whedon’s WonderWoman script treatments but approved what became of Green Lantern.

        I know die hard fans of Superman weren’t very impressed with MOS & don’t share a darker tone within the DC shared universe as that tone won’t work with many heroes & villains if WB/DC expands it alot.

    • DC does not have a shared universe outside of what people speculate about. They will do whatever they think will make them money, so if they think “dark and gritty” is what will sell that is what they will put out.

  14. Screen Rant has a sexy new logo! :)

    • I see that. It is quite pretty.

      • Thanks, guys. Didn’t want to make a big announcement or anything – just thought we’d slip it under the radar. :)

  15. I still think they need to do superman and batman movie first w/ Christian Bale in it. that’s just my wish list.
    That would cross billion dollar for sure.. and then go from there.(w/ bit of cameo from wonderwoman or flash).