Open Discussion – July 4, 2012

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july 4 open discussion Open Discussion   July 4, 2012

To our U.S. readers – Happy Independence Day! Don’t forget to take a moment to think about the reason for the July 4th holiday while you’re at the beach or cooking something up on the¬†barbecue.

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 4, 2012

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  1. Happy Independence Day ScreenRant and fellow “Ranters”!

    On this we celebrate our countries freedoms and our resolve as a nation. Please remind family and friends of this today as we sit and grill, eat, drink, swim, party, hang-out, or whatever you choose to do. :)

  2. For those of you who can’t get enough TDKR, their official website recently updated with a 49 page long production notes. I skimmed through it, but it seemed like it had minor spoilers, and this close to the movie’s release I want to try to stay surprised. So readers beware, there is a possible SPOILER ALERT:

  3. Marvel question: Do you think all Captain America sequels should be released on or around July 4th? Or does Spiderman own that time slot?

    • I’ve never equated Spiderman, or his movies, with July 4th, so no, the character does not own it. Might be a good marketing gimmick for Captain America, though, as you suggest.

  4. Hey guys happy fourth!!!

    So please no judgement. Idk anything about guardians of the galaxy can someone explain to me their significance in the MCU. I did some reading up but can who has read their stories explain to me please?

  5. Approximtely 5 months away until The Hobbit! Giggity! Can’t wait for a return to Middle Earth!!

    • I agree its gonna be awesome to return to the world of middle earth. I’m definately watching the hobbit at the midnight premier!!!!

    • Same here. While there’s other movies I want to see after TDKR nothing comes close to The Hobbit.
      Middle Earth in 3D is going to be something special…

    • After The Avengers, this is my most anticipated movie of 2012. I normally don’t do midnight screenings, but I just might for this!

  6. I watched Safe House over the weekend (really wanted to see it in the cinema, but never got round to it).
    It was fun, but the story was predictable yet action packed. Acting was solid (especially Reynolds) and it was well shot IMO.
    Ryan Reynolds trying to speak my home language (Afrikaans) was hilarious though. I laughed so hard…
    I’d give it a 3 out of 5 – nice rental.

    I also re-watched Green Lantern (the first time I’ve seen it since the cinema) and it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it… but still pretty terrible ;)
    Still think Reynolds did a good job as Hal Jordan, but the rest of the cast seemed bland and unenthusiastic.
    2.5 out of 5.

    • Just watched Safe House as well and I agree, when he’s not playing a d-bag, he really is a good actor. I don’t get why people come down on him so hard.

    • “Acting was solid (especially Reynolds)”


      I would have said Washington over Reynolds by a country mile, lol.

      I think Reynolds only does well in movies where he plays the wannabe funny douche bag… Kind of makes me think he might be that way in real life, lol.

    • The only part I didnt like in Green Lantern was when he saved that guy with a race car

    • I enjoyed the movie too, but I found the other agents more interesting. Brendan Gleeson and Joel Kinnaman could have had twice the screen time as far as I’m concerned. After the movie ended, I thought it would have been interesting to see the roles of the two agents reversed, with Kinnaman being the lead and Reynolds getting the unexpected cameo. Sam Shepard playing the jaded/corrupt government employee is becoming stale though.

  7. I wonder if the british hate july 4th?

    • Haha. Perhaps we should end the celebration, then, lest it be deemed “offensive” to someone? I think not.

      • Nah. We have a great exchange program with them: We send them awesome movies and they send us amazing TV shows. 8)


        • Very true! One of my favorite is Sherlock. We have an accord, then!

        • Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Torchwood are 3 of my favorite shows!!!

        • “Nah. We have a great exchange program with them: We send them awesome movies and they send us amazing TV shows.”….that we then steal and make American versions of. :D

          Too bad no one ever made and American version of Red Dwarf :/ (maybe it’s time Britain revives that show like they did Dr. Who?)

          • There actually was a Red Dwarf USA pilot shot in the early ’90s, mongoose. Thankfully it was never picked up…

            Better news is that six new episodes have been filmed and will be airing over here in September.

            • Wow, that was just….horrible. They even got the same actor from the original show to play the robot again.

        • They do have some great television. Luther, Whitechapel and Sherlock were excellent, to name a few. Also saw an interesting series from Jason Isaacs called The State Within.

    • Ha Ha! We don’t really care either way. It’s very much American history.

      Enjoy your celebrations.

    • i hated the shaky cam in Safe House

    • Lol – no, I’m over it all now! Hope you’re all having a good day.

  8. Happy 4th to screenrant and all ranters hope everyone has a great and safe holiday. I watched amazing spiderman on opening night and really enjoyed it. For anyone skeptical about watching spidey go watch it you won’t be disappointed.

  9. As a Brit, no….we don’t hate you guys or the 4th of July at all :)

    Enjoy your holiday!

    • Like your screen name, Mal. Oh, how I wish Firefly would return, or there would be a sequel to Serenity. Probably next to the original (classic) Star Trek, Firefly was my favorite science fiction show.

  10. Happy 4th of July to my fellow Ranters here in the US.
    And Happy Wednesday to everyone else. ;)
    I’m watching a replay of HBO’s John Adams to honor our founding fathers and then off to see TASM.
    It’s a good day. :)

  11. Hey Vic just wondering why screenrant didn’t do a top 10 films to watch on the 4th. I think imo it would of been a good thread for today.

    • Well – I floated the idea over a week ago to my crew but no one stepped up to actually write it. Granted, we’re more slammed around here than a Taco Bell on buy one get two free day. :-P


      • Oh I see, it was just something that came to mind and thought I’d ask.

      • WHAT??? When is buy one get two free day at Taco Bell??? :-D

      • Perhaps next year Screenrant users can pick up the slack and provide our list of best 4th of July films? Maybe a forum similar to this devoted strictly to the one topic?

    • We can make our own, open discussion and all, that’s a good idea. Although it is more likely to end up a list of war movies, I can start it off.

      The Patriot ( of course)
      Born on the 4th of July…

      • I guess “Independence Day” would be a bit too predictable!?

      • Here are some of my picks….

        Captain America The First Avenger
        Saving Private Ryan
        Full Metal Jacket
        Act Of Valor
        Punisher Warzone
        First Blood

        ..these are just a few.

        • @Vader

          Full Metal Jacket didn’t exactly have a very pro-American message in it though, lol.

          I agree with most of the rest of them though. Especially Act of Valor and Captain America. I would also say Battleship, Battle LA, Black Hawk Down, Live Free or Die Hard, and Red Dawn. :-)

    • The top three that immediately come to mind are:

      1. The Patriot
      2. Saving Private Ryan
      3. Captain America

      No…I would not include the campy Independence Day on the list.

  12. Saw Amazing Spider-Man the other night. Loved it.

    Here’s a conspiracy theory i have about how it can/will/would be kind cool if it paralleled the Nolan Batman-verse.

    The First movies are a retelling of the origins and feature an off-beat villain that most people know but we have never seen in film.
    Amazing Spider-man: Origin story, he fights the Lizard
    Batman Begins: Origin story, he fights the Scarecrow

    Second movie includes their iconic villains played and loved by fans in prior films.
    Amazing spiderman 2: Green Goblin (PLAYED By MICHAEL C. HALL, what do you think about that?)
    Dark Knight: Joker obvi

    Third movie, things are looking bleak for our hero until he is aided by a former enemy.

    Amazing spiderman 3: First half of the movie Spidey vs. Venom. Middle of the movie is the birth of Carnage who proves just a little TOO crazy for Venom to be comfortable with. The last act of the movie Venom and Spidey team up to take on Carnage.

    TDKR from what we can obvi deduce by now is that Catwoman and Bane are working together against batman initially until Catwoman is like “Bane you =crazy i don’t wanna be pals anymore” and she helps bats.

    I think this would be cool..unoriginal..but it would work.

    ORRRRR another thing i thought would be cool is that If the guy at the end of ASM 1 WAS Osborn, in the second movie he becomes determined to hunt down/kill/destory spider-man (He’s ill/wants to know how to become super strong/agile, etc).so he hires Kraven to go after Spider-man. Meanwhile at Oscorp, a young scientist is determined to prove himself to Norman Osborn and show him his prototype for a new military weapon that shoots electric waves at enemies. Seeing, that he won’t get Osborn’s attention on his own he decides to try to impress Osborn by killing Spider-man with his weapons..and becoming Shocker. Kind of like The Gauntlet.

    At the end of this movie Osborn finally gets what he wants, snaps and becomes Green Goblin and kills Gwen Stacy setting up the third movie where it will be THE EPIC CONCLUSION between the goblin and Spider-man. Post-Credit clip is an emotional Harry Osborn swearing revenge.

    Rumors online become overwhelming and Marc Webb eventually decides he intended that to be ‘ambiguous’ and that he does not intend to come back for a 4th movie but would serve as producer if someone else were to come aboard as director… i love movies, haha.

  13. If fox and sony didn’t hold the rights to several Marvel characters and Marvel Studios could use any character, what would be the ultimate team of on screen Avengers for a possible sequel?

  14. So, here is a copy and paste of what I posted as my Facebook status update:

    So in July of 1776 our Declaration of Independence was signed and we were officially an independent country. In less than 200 years we became the most powerful country in the world. And this is in comparison to countries that have been around for over 1000 years, some over 2000 years old. So before you try to argue how we need to be more like other countries, try to think about how perhaps it is our differences that make us so great. I am an immigrant into this country and I am PROUD to call myself American. Happy Birthday USA!! And this is by no means a statement of hate, but friendly advice: If you hate the USA, move. My family didn’t like the country they were from, so they left. That’s the smart thing to do. Complaining gets you nothing but stress. :-) Everyone have a great and safe Independence Day. And don’t wait for July 4 to fly your colors, be proud of the Red White and Blue!! And thank the veterans for keeping us free!!

  15. Wondering if there will be a teaser trailer for Superman: Man Of Steel before The Dark Knight Rises starts playing? That would be awesome!

    • I’m not 100% positive but I think I remember reading that a trailer for MOS will be attached to TDKR. I could be wrong but its possible.

  16. HAPPY 4

  17. Best comicbook Movies in my opinion Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, X-men, X-men United,The Amazing Spider-Man,X-men First Class,Incredible Hulk,Ironman,Thor,Punisher(Thomas Jane version)Captain America,Avengers in that Order. Just watched the amazing spiderman and it was really really good.

  18. also pretty sure the dark knight rises is going to the top of the list.

  19. So I spent my 4th in the most American way possible when it’s 103 degrees outside. I watched Spiderman 1 and 2 at home and then went to the 3D version of the Amazing Spiderman…followed by BBQ and fireworks. After watching Raimi’s version of the movie earlier in the day, I felt the reboot was quite the improvement. In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite comic book movies (Spidey is the comic book that I bought the most as a kid). All I can say is WOW…I thought last summer was good for comic book movies with Thor, X-men, and Captain America. This summer has surpassed last year…so Batman is just icing on the cake. The Year of 2012 in movies is the EPITOME OF AWESOMENESS. I said so back in March…

  20. Dear Screenrant,
    Love this site, I visit multiple times a day for movie news/rumors/etc. There is one problem though, I find myself having to look up old articles to find movie release dates, or going to other sites for that info altogether. It’d be nice if had a movie release list or calender of the year’s schedule releases. Just thought I’d suggest it. Thanks, cronotronicdextra

  21. Anyone else feel like this Summer at the Movies has been lite, lacking and to some extent even disappointing so far? It just feels like as if its not Summer time at the box office. Last year had its dog (GREEN LANTERN) just as every Summer sees at least 1 film that fell short of expectations but this Summer seems more disappointing then any I can recall for the last decade.

    I know we still have THE DARK KNIGHT RISES to go however its near the tail end of the Summer movie run. Does anyone else agree that this Summer is not stacking up over all to prior Summers? If it weren’t for the AVENGERS film and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES whcih I am assuming will be a hit, the Summer of 2012 would feel like the biggest nothing of Summer Movie runs in over a decade.

    I haven;t done the numbers yet but I am curious if anyone knows if this Summer actually has a smaller release list of major films then previous Summers? Is it just my imagination or is the Summer of 2012 very much scaled down from previous Summers?

    • Yeah, there will be 3 major blockbusters this summer compared to the plethora of blockbusters last summer, but I think this summer will dwarf last summer fiscally; we already have 1 movie making over a billion dollars and another movie which more than likely will make another billion.