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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 31, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 31, 2013

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  1. I’M # 1

    • I’m Captain Picard!

  2. What is the BEST ever remake of a movie?

    • Brian De Palma’s Scarface

      • Interesting though that Scarface (1932) has a higher Rotten Tomatoes score.

    • The Italian Job.

      • I have never seen either version so I am just going to take your word for it. Thanks!

        • I enjoyed both version of that. you should check them out

    • My favorite would be The Thing (1982).

      Other favorites:
      Heaven Can Wait (1978)
      The Magnificent Seven (1960)

      • I have a weak knowledge base when it comes to older movies (pre-1970)so these are two movies (and their original) versions that I am going to have to check out.

      • Yes.

    • The Fly.

      • When put in context, I sort of disagree. That is one movie and remake that I am unsure which one I liked best. The 1986 movie obviously benefits from better special effects but the 1958 version is just pure classic sci-fi well acted and original. It is also one of those films that has a (slightly 94% vs 91%) higher Rotten Tomatoes critics score but audiences (76% vd 65%) seemed to like the remake better.

    • White House Down was a better remake of Olympus Has Fallen.

      • Not according to the box office!

    • The Amazing Spiderman.


      • Evil Dead

        • Better?

          call it nostalgia but the original was just as creepy as the remake. The only thing the remake has is an ramped up gore factor. Both good movies but the original is still my preference.

          • Agree. The remake was very lacking in the swagger that Bruce Campbell brought to the original. The male lead was quite the pansy in the remake. The best thing about the remake was the great use non CGI special effects and makeup.

      • This is certainly debatable (the stuff flame wars are made of)…But while I think there are a few things that Amazing Spiderman did do better such as the chemistry and romance between Peter and his love interest and addressing the back story of Peter’s real parents – which were all welcome additions, on balance there is not much separating the two movies. But what does it for me are the supporting cast from 2002 Spiderman from the deranged Norman Osbourne (as played by William Defoe, despite the power ranger outfit) as well as spot on interpretations of Aunt May by Rosemary Harris and almost surreal depiction of J. Jonah Jameson by J.K. Simmons. The original does a better job of transporting the viewer into a comic book.

    • True Grit (2010)
      2nd Place:
      3:10 to Yuma (2007)

      • I guess I need to the the True Grit films, just bought the 3:10 to Yuma. Will definitely check that out.

        • If you like 3:10 to Yuma, Patrick, you will like True Grit.
          Probably the only good westerns in recent memory too.

          • It’s a bit older, but not old-old… Unforgiven.

            • Yes. Ann a masterpiece. Clint’s Magnum Opus.
              I was alluding to very recent where westerns
              have all but disappeared unfortunately too.

              Hard to believe Unforgiven was 21 years ago.
              But you are right, not old old but getting older.

              • Is Lone Ranger a Western? :)

                I also yearn for Western films but I think most are now mini-series or cable shows.

                I like Justified as a “modern” Western.

                • I wish the Coen brothers who did True Grit
                  were the ones handling The Lone Ranger.
                  Then we would have had a true western
                  and not the current whatever mess it is.

                  Love Justified too. My favorite show.

    • @ Patrick

      I know I can’t answer that one because I always enjoyed the original more.

    • John Carpenter’s The Thing. Hands down.

      • I will give you that one but isn’t that a bit of a soft remake in that the original film the Thing From Another World (1951) was loosely inspired by the book – Who Goes There? whereas The Thing (1982) is more in line with the source materials.

    • I’m a fan of Oceans 11. Thought it was better than the old one with a different name that I can’t remember.

      • I think the original film had the same name (…although perhaps you are joking). Put in context it is a hard one to say which is better but I would lean toward the 2001 version.

        • sh** you’re right… I was actually being serious haha

    • The Producers. I really enjoyed the stage version of it compared to the original movie. I actually enjoyed the film version of the stage version more than the original.

      • hard to compare stage and screen …but OK!

        • I wrote a lengthy paper on the Producers in college.

          From Hollywood to Broadway and back again: Mel Brook’s The Producers

          One of my favorite papers to write…the research was hilarious!

    • Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: ITD?


      • Actually…that is a good one! I think despite some nerd-picking about Star Trek lore, i would give it to 2009 Star Trek…BUT NOT Into Darkness. Wrath of Khan all the way.

    • Dredd

      • Good one!…If only it was a box office success story!

        • Yeah… But money isn’t everything. That’s what our fellow Ranter debate about every time a Marvel vs DC thread is unleashed. Dredd may not be the best out of the movies mentioned but it’s by far the most improved.

          • Agreed.

          • I can’t argue that one bit!

      • Dredd’s not a remake – I’d say it has more in common with Batman Begins in simply being a better distillation of the source material than the ’95 version.

    • The Departed?

      • I still have to see both films. Another to add to my list! Thanks

      • I was going to say that one too, but I’ve never seen the original version. It’s hard to make a true comparison.

    • It’s funny that you asked this remake question.

      I’ve posted on a couple articles and even this week’s podcast page that I’m a fan of reboots. I started writing a blog about that the other day (week?) and then I forgot about it. So, I finished the blog entry today. Thanks for the reminder Patrick!

    • Ocean’s Eleven

    • John Carpenter’s The Thing
      Philip Kaufman’s Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
      Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris
      David Cronenberg’s The Fly
      Jonathan Demme’s The Manchurian Candidate

  3. Good morning fellow Ranters!

    I’m am as excited as anybody about the new Batman vs Superman coming up, especially about the new Batman being cast.

    As I was thinking about it though, I wondered, is this the right move right now for the DCCU over all? Should they bring back Batman, or would this be a prime time to bring in another superhero? 

    How about bringing in Wonder Woman to fight Superman instead of Batman?

    Superman vs Wonder Woman?

    I was not a huge fan of MoS, but it was ok. Others I know just loved it, so why not build off of the MoS success by introducing a “new” character to the DCCU? 

    Nobody has done a female superhero movie yet, (Catwoman doesn’t count in my book), so why not capitalize on that. Then you could save Batman’s introduction for later, perhaps bring him in with a “weaker” character like Aquaman or Martian Manhunter. Batman is a guaranteed sell, so why put him with your other guaranteed sell, why not split them up to help introduce other characters?

    Just wanted your thoughts….

    • If I were an exec at WB, it’s a no-brainer.

      WB’s most successful superhero franchise has been Batman. That’s the only choice to team up with Superman.

      It would probably be better to do Justice League, but not if you want to release a movie by 2015.

      Wonder Woman would be an interesting choice too, but Bats is the guaranteed box office ATM.

      • Batman & Superman is, as BigNerd said, a no brainer imo. There’s a reason DC has had a Batman/Superman title out for so long (which they recently relaunched in the New52) and there’s a reason they made those animated movies and continue to group these two heroes together.
        Those two characters have an AWESOME dynamic that people want to see. There’s a contrast between them that make for great viewing.

        Furthermore, the whole movie won’t just be one fight scene (and it will most likely not be called Batman “VS” Superman). There will be conflict, for sure, but it should be pretty clear that they’ll team up against the big baddie for the most part.

        There are so many ways this movie can go at this point… they could do the classic thing (two heroes meet, they fight, they team up) or, for all we know, there will be two separate storylines (Batman & Superman’s) that only merge together in the final act, meaning they don’t even meet till very later on in the movie. Those are just two basic outlines they could go with. They might not do either of those.

        There’s great potential for this, and I think (if they’re not gonna do a JL movie right now), this is the best move forwards.

    • And to your notion about teaming up a strong character with a weaker one, while it makes sense, it’s really about dollars.

      Batman/Aquaman or Batman/Martian Manhunter or Superman/Wonder Woman will not cash out as much as Batman/Superman.

      Spending hundreds of millions on a movie, it’s risky to experiment (couch Green Lantern cough) and since the past has shown that big names are the ones that will give you the most return… stick with them.

      For anyone who thinks it’s too soon to reboot Batman, if it were your hundreds of millions of dollars, would you rather make a movie with Aquaman?

    • I agree that female CBM characters are really being underrepresented. I watched an Famke Janssen interview promoting the Wolverine and she touches on this subject with some genuine concern. I’m not trying to turn this into a social issue (I could care less about feminism or what have you LOL), but one has got to wonder why? These characters deserve there time in the lime light regardless of gender, race, or creed. Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Zatana, Vixen, and that’s only DC off the top off my head.

      Catwoman was like 10 years ago. Time to move on.

      • What is interesting is that while female comic book characters are not popular, strong female action characters get some love:

        Tomb Raider (and any movie Angelina Jolie is an action star ie Salt, Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
        Resident Evil
        Haywire (well, I just like Gina Carano)

        • Tons of cooing over Faora in MoS.

          • And Antje Traue is the reason for that.
            She would make a great Wonder Woman.

          • Yeah for sure, but Faora was a supporting character in a Superman movie. The love is there, but I’m talking feature films. Back when the MCU was in it’s infancy I was expecting a Black Widow solo or team up with Hawkeye. Why aren’t female CBM characters bankable? You’d think that they’d do better that dark horses by appealing to that certain demographic (girlfriends, wives, mothers ect).

        • @BigNerd.

          Allow me to take your list…and add four women who when they were in their respective movies…Proved more bad a** than any male. You combine these three characters into one movie. They will make most male action movies seem…sedate

          1 Ellen Ripley…The Mother of all Female Action Heroes.

          2 Gloria Swenson. If you ever seen the Original Gloria, then you know that Ms Swenson was not to be trifled with.

          3 Nikita from La Femme Nikita played by Anne Parillaud. Not Point of No Return, and not Nikita from the CW Show.

          4 Now picture a room full of Bad men and River Tam. Who wins that battle?

          • One other we all forgot, which featured a ton of strong females:

            Kill Bill

            • River Tam would have ended it in less time.

              Since it was Tarrentino, I did not include it because, well yeah it entails extreme violence.

    • Echoing what I have said elsewhere
      I see Superman vs Batman as the two
      being adversaries and not combatants who
      later team up by the end to fight a common foe.

    • Good Plan.

      Do not know however if a Man Fighting a Woman will fly with the Extemist Women Groups.

      Let’s face it guys…THOSE WOMEN ARE NUTS!

    • @ Stark

      Good morning Stark. At first I was excited about a Batman vs. Superman film could be but I think I changed my mind as it’s good to watch in animation but not in live-action as I think would be dull. Just knowing what keeps the two apart would be good for 5 minutes or so. To be honest I wouldn’t put Superman against any hero. Id have have the League so irritated by each other down the road that they would wanna split in a time of parrel. Kinda like in the two-part episode Secret Society in Justice League when Grodd was kinda controlling their minds but the League themselves been holding back their feelings about each other about what makes them tick.

      I agree MOS was ok & WB/DC should build more off that with a MOS solo sequel or another hero should shine like The Flash or WonderWoman. If goin for another MOS sequel, Id love to see one of the famous Superman/Flash races. Id save Batman for a cameo Martian Manhunter film, or have Bruce Wayne show up & JONZZ telepathically tell him he knows who he is and what he does for good. But needs to rely on others aswell. Id pair WonderWoman with Aquaman somehow.

      • Some of the criticism for Batman/Superman is that is isn’t a proper sequel for MoS.

        To me, I prefer to see Batman/Superman as “sidequel”. Although it does continue on from MoS, it’s not really a sequel. Does anyone consider Avengers a sequel to Iron Man, Captain America or Thor?

        They can still give MoS a proper MoS 2. If/when WB releases Batman Rebegins (heh), will that be considered the 3rd part of a trilogy?

        Hmm… I guess you could call it the World’s Finest Trilogy:

        1. Superman
        2. Batman/Superman
        3. Batman

        I’m drooling but I would rather think of them as separate movies, not really “sequels”.

        • @ Big Nerd

          Great post!

    • I think what it comes down to is that there is a large fan base out there that is going to be very angry that Christian Bale is not returning. So instead of introducing the new actor in his own film they are going to use the success of MOS to sort of force the Bale fans to go see the movie because they liked MOS (if they liked MOS).

      • …and that will backfire big time. While I enjoyed MOS a lot it was not strong enough to support a new Batman. People (like Grant Morrison) think there still needs to be more Superman story telling. I think not only will there be a backlash because there is no Christian Bale but for those that do see it there will be confusion as to whether or not it is the same Batman from the Dark Knight movies. If they are going for a “realistic” tone which Cavill just stated they were doing, then it will be a retread of the Dark Knight movies. I can see some people in audiences saying/wondering…I thought he was broke and gave away all his money…why is his suit/emblem different?…what happened to John Blake? Introducing a new Batman this way is wrought with problems and will alienate some people.

    • Darkman, The Crow, and The Shadow.

      • I obviously failed!

    • Captain Planet.
      The Green Power Ranger.(The Green Ranger was not in the Movie)
      Jack Tenrec (Caddilacs and Dinosaurs)

    • Steve Austin: The $6mil Man
      Nikita (just because every team needs some female influence)

    • Freakazoid
      Mighty Mouse
      Duck Dodgers

      • AHHHHHHH humans


        Big Head/The Mask
        Captain Smiley

        • AHHHHHHHHHHH no video games

          Big Head/The Mask
          Time Runner (HA HAAAAAAA, I cheated my own way in)

          • Freakazoid and Darkwing Duck were two that came to me immediately.

          • You can use Video games.

            • Okay, Captain Smiley it is!

    • Race Bannon
      Princess Ariel

    • Sgt. Slaughter


      Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs

      • ^Dang, Slaughter was in the Joe movie…

        okay, I’ll take Bizarro.

        • Isn’t Bizarro DC?

          • Whoops. Yeah. Ummm…

            I’ll take Archer then.

        • I am going

          Atom Ant
          Space Ghost
          Frankenstein Jr.

          • Finn The Human (Adventure Time)

            Elliot Stabler (Law & Order SVU)


          • Too fun, could go all day with this…

            My next three I’ll take:

            b**** Pudding from Robot Chicken,

            Francine from American Dad,

            and Lana from Archer.

            Don’t mess with these gals.

            • @Dr Mindbender.

              Like to put a little fun into the OD without causing bickering, fighting or trolls.

          • Scratch that, replace Garfiled with Holden Caulfield ;)

    • If movies could be included, I’d like to see these three:

      Detective Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) from Bladerunner (1982)
      Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) from Dirty Harry (1971)
      Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) from The French Connection (1971)

      • Egon, Ray, and Winston ;)

        • You need therapy!


          • hahahaha, yes I probably do ;)

            • Are you a god?

              • yes. (I learned the correct answer by watching the movie)

                • “I…I tried to think.”


                  (sailor hat and eyes glide from the right side of the screen)

                  “…it’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.”

    • The Tick
      Arthur (the dude in the moth suit)

    • Fek’lhr

      You may all now cower in fear!!


      • Did somebody say COWer…is that a jab at Jeff?

        • I despise both of you.

      • Why should we fear.

        The Three Stooges of Klingons

        • What is this word “stooge”?!

          Oh, that means someone of great honor and integrity.

          Then yes, they are the greatest stooges in the galaxy!!

          That’s what I thought.


  4. Walter Mitty looks good

  5. I would like to take the time to remind folks that are having difficulty moving on that it was Bob Kane that created Batman; not Chris Nolan. It was TDK was a great series, but there are other film makers and actors out there that can give the fans a worthy interpretation of the character.

    • And Bill Finger, not just Bob Kane.

      If you do some digging, you’ll see why I had to say that. Finger was robbed, even though he’s really the reason we were going to get the Batman we see today. Kane’s Batman was…not Batman.

      • +1 for the props to Bill Finger.

        He also helped create Green Lantern.

      • Bob Kane’s Batman used guns and killed people.


        Kinda like Burton’s Batman.

        • Haha, I just meant design wise and all that jazz. The original “Batman” concept looked like a cross between Flash and Robin.

          But yes, the VERY first Batman published wore purple gloves and used guns.

          • @ ACW

            Yup, killed at random, not all the time.

          • @ Ultimate ACW

            Btw, hows the progress on the dvd covers?

            • It’s sort of frustrating, I’m trying my best. I’m so used to only doing the face of DVD covers/movie posters so it’s good practice to attempt the entire “skin” every now and then, but it requires patience from me. Because if it doesn’t look right in my eyes, I have to fix it, even if it’s a small detail.

              • @ Ultimate ACW

                No problem. I appreciate what you’re doin for me.

        • And imo, Bob Kane’s Batman was more bada$$.

  6. Who thinks the Fantastic Four reboot will bomb if they don’t cast the right actor to play Mr. Fantastic? :)

    • Who do you think should play him?

      • Well since everyone thinks he should play everyone else:

        Michael Fassbender

        Am I the only one who thinks he could be related to Viggo Mortensen?

        • Fassbender wouldn’t be a bad choice. I’d probably go with Jon Hamm but I think they’re gonna go a lot younger for this reboot. I expect someone in their late 20′s maybe.

      • I’m thinking Bob Sagat.

        • seconded.

    • @ B. Nerd

      I agree with that. I haven’t even heard who they are considering. Fastbender might be ok.

      • Both my question and cast choice were sarcastic.

        It would be confusing to do a X-Men:FC/Fantastic Four crossover movie.

        Magnetic stretching powers activate! :)

        • @ B. Nerd

          So was my reply! :)

          • @Stark:

            Darn the internet! Foiled by lack of tone again!

        • Magnetic stretching powers! I want to see that movie.

    • You can really cast anyone as Mr. Fantastic…

      …the role isn’t too much of a stretch.

      • Haha.

        But you can’t really case “anyone”.

        List of people you can’t cast as Mr. Fantastic:

        Kevin James
        Ving Rhames
        James Hong

        • *Adam Sandler

      • ::face palm::

    • I think they semi-popular and at least one “name” at this point to erase the old movies from people’s mind. I would go with:

      Mr. Fantastic (Alexander Skarsgard)
      Sue Storm (Rachael Taylor)
      Johnny Storm (Zac Efron)
      The Thing (Kellen Lutz)

      Doctor Doom (Mads Mikkelsen)

      • @Patrick:

        Alexander Skarsgard is a good pick for Mr. F. If they were keeping him older, I would actually go with his counterpart, Stephen Moyer.

        Then they could cast Anna Paquin as Sue Storm. :)

        • Good point about Moyer but wouldn’t that compromise any possible crossover if you have Anna Paquin as Sue Storm and Rogue from X-Men

        • True Fantasic 4 with a side of blood

          • Might as well go full casting:

            - Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is Johnny Storm (see how that brother/sister thing still works with Anna Paquin?)
            - Chris Bauer (Det/Sheriff Andy) is Ben Grimm
            - Since no one likes my #Batmanganiello, he gets cast as Dr. Doom
            - And to follow FF (2005), Rutina Wesley (Tara) can be Alicia
            - Skarsgard can be the Silver Surfer


            • @ Big Nerd

              I actually like Joe Manganiello as a good candidate for Batman. Ryan Kwanten I can see as Johnny Storm With Lynn Collins as Sue Storm. Recast Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm again since he was great & Fox is Keeping Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Skarsgard I wouldn’t mind as Dr. Doom but would like to see more candidates.

              Aaron Eckart maybe as Reed Richards?

        • @ BigNerd

          Stephen Moyer is one choice id choose for Batman. He’d have Bruce Wayne’s personality down & Batman aswell. Not to mention probly a good Batman voice that’s not over the top.

          • @Wally:

            Funny thing, I saw Stephen Moyer in the Chicago musical last weekend and he actually can sing well.

            During one part, he mentioned death, turned a girl’s neck sideways, and pretended like he was going to vampire bite her, the audience laughed because I think they understood the True Blood reference.

            I also think he can play a good Batman (at least the Wayne part) but he’s shorter and older.

            • @ BigNerd

              I never would’ve thought of him as a singer. Lol I would laughed at that moment of the True Blood reference myself. Michael Keaton was short but didn’t stop him from being a great Batman. I dunno how old Moyer is, I thought he looked young enough. The girl who played Queen Sophie Ann on True Blood, looks like she’d be perfect for Poison Ivy, forget her name.

    • Not just him but Jessica Alba was bad as Sue Storm. Chris Evans & Michael Chiklis were great in their roles. But in the reboot you have to find a whole new great cast. Id Prefer if Fantastic Four franchise was handed over to Marvel Studios/Disney since both previous films weren’t all that great amongst audiences.

  7. If you asked me earlier this year what August movie I was most looking forward too, I would have said Kick Ass 2 hands down.

    Ask me today and I would have to say a tie between Elysium and World’s End.

    Nothing against Kick-Ass 2, just Elysium looks like a sleeper hit and World’s End got moved ahead.

    • I’m with you there man.. When are they gonna rate Elysium btw? It seems pretty late in the game for the movie to still not have an MPAA rating.. I’m hoping for an R *fingers crossed* but they might nerf it with a PG-13

  8. Do you think a successful X-Men universe can be created (similar to Avengers/Disney) that will rake in mega Billion Dollar bucks or will it be hampered by average superhero money intake as has been the X-Men movies previous to it?

    • I think B.O. wise X-Men: DoFP will be the most successful FOX Marvel movie to date.

      • I agree, but will it take Fox into the Billion dollar category for a single movie?

    • From what I’ve seen so far, I’m predicting DOFP will make either 600 or 700 mil, which is excellent compared to the other X-Men films. I think the most the series ever made was around 400 mil or something.

      • Nice choice.

    • Gotta agree with you man, that Watchmen trailer is soooo epic to this day.

  9. So is SR gonna post that short film about Venom today?

    • never mind… its up :)

    • Just went up!

  10. Did anybody else catch the references to The Boondock Saints on the last Dexter episode? Deb saying to Sean Patrick Flanery’s character “You’re a saint!” and later on she talks about being a murdering family (siblings who exact their own justice, just like the Boondock Saints).

  11. Say Scranters, are you getting more
    “comment is awaiting moderation”
    responses to posts recently?

    • Yes, quite frequently to be honest. And I’m not even going against the rules

      • Yes, I know. Keywords can throw the system off I know.
        But I find totally innocuous posts awaiting moderation
        and for some reason the system seems even more
        sensitive of late and moderating very safe posts.

        • I know, I was annoyed when my totally appropriate comment regarding Star Wars VII was flagged for moderation last Open Discussion. I was not offensive in any ways and wanted to get my opinions out there about my worries for the film. The fact they were never published annoys me.

          • I have one currently in moderation here :(

            • Gets you thinking… doesn’t it?

        • I was awaiting moderation for more than 13 hours on the last Open Discussion, after posting two software download links in reply to WallyWest’s DVD cover query. I forgot about that happening if you include more than one link.

          I’ve had it happen several times recently: once on a recent Star Trek thread for what I can only imagine was the word “vio (and I’ll have to break this up, presumably) lating”, as in “v-ing the Prime Directive”. Another on a Purge thread, and to this day I still haven’t the faintest clue what triggered that one.

          As far as catching spam goes, the fake replies from the likes of “Brenda” and “Cynthia” have died down; the really insidious ones that copy a legit comment wholesale and paste it under a shady link name seem to be the spambot’s choice right now. I’m sure a huge amount get stopped that we don’t know about, and I don’t doubt that it’s a real chore for any moderator, but it’s kind of depressing to see them sitting there quite happily on thread after thread without being taken down, while you’re stuck in limbo for no apparent reason.

          • @Robert, Big Dentist – Sorry fellas, I was travelling yesterday and had limited internet access. I’ll try to figure out why you guys always go to moderation so it won’t happen.

            And yes, the Spam bots have gotten slicker over time and occasionally some get thru. I promise you it’s nothing personal :)

            Paul Young – Moderator

            • Cheers, Paul – much appreciated!

            • Say, thanks Paul and I took nothing personally.

              I presumed the spambots, which are getting all the
              more clever these days, and the intrusion of a some
              bad characters recently might have lead to a tightening
              of filters which lead to the recent flagging of safer posts.

              We all appreciate Screen Rant keeping things civil around
              here and it is a main reason this is the only site I post on.
              Software seems to be the culprit here, the same software
              that helps in keeping the civility, and no software is perfect.

        • As if to prove your point, my reply to you is awaiting moderation, Robert!

    • Clearly this is a universal issue.

      I understand the need to tamp down
      trolls and insults, etc, and some threads
      have gotten heated with newcomers coming
      in bringing in their bad habits from other sites.

      However, when innocuous posts are flagged of
      the regulars, the Scanters, the system is too
      sensitive and needs to be tweaked a bit.

      Perhaps Scranters could be whitelisted
      and not be subjected to moderation.

      • *Scranters (on the first use of).

        Oh yeah, an edit button, maybe
        a short time limited one, for just
        such a typo that we all can make.

        • * Jor-El voice *

          …and who gets to choose those who get “white listed”…

          * lowers specatcle *

          … you?

          • Of course. Who else?

            Seriously, management
            should know who is safe.

            • I haven’t been flagged recently, but in the past, I emailed Paul Young directly. Maybe that’s why I’m not being moderated. Maybe I’m special. Maybe I’m a Super Scranter…or perhaps I’ve learned to avoid key words and phrases.

              • Super Scranter. Now there’s a superhero.
                And you are special too, Professor.

                • Super Scranter powers activate! I can type comments without be flagged for moderation. Worst superhero power ever.

                  • :D :D

          • The main point of tweaking the system to be more accurate
            is a good start and all that is needed if the posts that
            should not be moderated are no longer moderated.

  12. I was watching Toy Story 2 with my 2.5 year old last night. The montoge of Jessie and Emily always chokes me up.

    • I love Toy Story 2, I think it’s my favorite of the entire trilogy.

    • My 22-year-old cousin still cries when that comes up.

    • First Toy Story film is my favorite, I liked the 2nd & 3rd films the same.

    • I’m a real big fan too.

  13. To Screenrant,
    There was a post about a year or ago about the network “Showtime” adapting a (EUROPEAN?)comic called THE DAMNED into a tv series??? I was very excited about the aspect of this show and what it could bring since there isn’t much to watch on tv these days but since that post there hasn’t been much news??? I was wondering if maybe screenrant can do some digging because I’m getting nowhere with my own research on it…

    • There is a contact us link in the bottom of the page and a subject header called “Submit Scoop.”

      • Thank you for the help.
        It sounded like it had a lot of potential. I imagined it like a more serious Dylan dog mixed with Hellblazer series. I hope its only been quiet because they’ve been working hard on screenplay/script and not just putting it on a shelf while all these other horrible shows get made.

    • Last I heard was that it was put on hold for other projects. Then again that was over a year ago so who knows. I always thought it was a dead project since I didn’t hear anything since 2011. It’s a shame though because I thought it could have been a very good series to check out. On the bright side there is Ray Donovan on Showtime which is great. It seems to be Showtimes version of The Sopranos.

  14. So I saw the Wolverine last night. My brother and I thought it was pretty good, but the friend I went with didn’t like it. It wasn’t anywhere near as good as it could’ve been if it was R, so I might pick up the unrated cut, I hope it has some extended or altered scenes… the few problems I had could be fixed if the scene was changed. Like when Wolverine threw the dude over the side, I was so hoping there was no pool there. Also, the arrow scene was kinda lame, I was hoping he would fight back or at least try to dodge them instead of just running in a straight line. Still pretty good, though.

  15. Anyone think Timothy Olyphant might make a good Bruce Wayne\Batman? When I first heard his name dropped as Batman I was like “Really?” Now he’s growing on me. Justified is one of my favorite shows and I’m starting to think ne might be very intimidating.

    • Luke Evans is still my pick. He’s at the right age that I think WB/DC might be going for which is an age around Cavill’s. Just a tad older, actually.

  16. American Hustle looks like it is a frontrunner for best movie of the year. Extremely promising cast and very intriguing plot, even a little humor.

    • I’ll see your American Hustle and raise you The Wolf of Wall Street, The Butler, and 12 Years A Slave.

  17. Any excitement for Man of Steel 2? Or is it Batman vs. Superman, or the other way around? Any idea whose playing Batman, or any NEW news about it?

    • I kinda want Tom Hardy as either Wayne or Luthor now.

      He could nail either one of those roles.

      • I could see him as Bats, but not as Luthor. I was actually watching Inception today, he is such a good actor, I would love him as Batman or 007, and I am highly anticipating the Mad Max reboot films.

        • It’s interesting how well Bond influences Batman and Batman influences Bond in ways.

          Tom Hardy could become 007, but Daniel Craig could also become Mr. Freeze in my eyes or even The Riddler, as one suggested many moons ago.

          • i could see Riddler but not Freeze, maybe Hush, Craig seems like he’d play an old friend of Wayne’s quite well.

      • Tom is 5′ 9″. Not sure he measures up in height.
        In every other way he could pull it off as Batman.

  18. Do you guys think it would be a good idea if they were to have Bale play Batman in the future, or just Bruce Wayne period, without playing Batman, and have someone else do the Bat role? I mean with future Batman movies, though. Or what if they’re hiding who’s going to play him, like what if Bale is going to do it, do his role as Batman/Wayne like how they did Fast 6, Jason Statham said himself he wasn’t going to be in it, or wasn’t 100% sure about, but showed up in the end anyways. Think about it…
    They don’t show who Batman is until like the middle of the movie, or we don’t find out until we see it in theaters?

    • @ Amber

      I think someone else should take over the cape & cowl. Besides, Bale pretty much made it clear he’s done with the role. Imo there should be change with the Batsuit. I think it shouldn’t be a rubber suit, something for the actor to be more agile & faster in. Something like Evan’s Captain America’s costume from The Avengers.

  19. I hate to change the subject but what about underrated films and the sequels they could have. One(Don’t kill me) is the Green Hornet very underrated and maybe Oblivion?