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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   July 30, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 30, 2014

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  1. Bringing this over from another article. I think I finally made peace with Nolan’s Batman:

    TDK revolutionized how to tackle a big media icon of any kind. Not superhero movies. It gets praised for being a superhero movie, but it doesn’t try to be one. Superhero movies should not aspire to BE TDK; superhero movies should aspire to change the game of their own genre.

    TDK is quite a brilliant film, but it relies only on what Nolan has established in his universe. Nothing else. He’s not flipping through comic books going, “This has to be in there”. And I think that’s where many, including myself, find it frustrating at times to enjoy an original take on Batman that’s respectable in it’s own way when it doesn’t reflect the Batman of our childhood. It’s jarring and hard to enjoy when you’re watching it going “That’s…not the Batman I know”.

    That’s the thing: we don’t know this Batman. Nolan is telling us his story and so we need to just go with it. We can’t criticize it with something outside of his universe because it doesn’t try to be those things. This isn’t the Batman of DC Comics; it’s the Batman of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. You either like it or you don’t, that’s how movies work.

    I don’t believe Nolan changed Batman forever (well, maybe he did in the eyes of others in a different sense ;) ), but he did change how directors should approach their films. Do it your own way and let the criticism apply to your vision.

    • Similar to how I didn’t like Burton’s dark weird version of Batman, I don’t like Nolan’s overly emotional portrayal of him.

      Maybe Batfleck will strike the balance between the campy Schumacher Bats and Bale’s Emo Batman.

      • As a Batfan, I’m already satisfied with what I’ve gotten in the past. I love the Adam West Batman show, “Batman ’89″, “Batman Returns”, “Batman Forever”, the DCAU Batman, “Batman Begins”, and Scott Snyder’s New 52 Batman. I’m almost 19 and I’ve already had a great variety of Batman to really, as some would put it, “do the character justice”.

        That being said, I REALLY like the way Affleck’s Batman is shaping up to be.

        • @ ACW 007

          Im a big fan of Batman. I read the normal comics people usually read,novels aswell. I plan to add the Adam West Batman show to my DVD collection, Batman 89′, Batman Returns, Batman Forever & maybe on a dull day or marathon, Batman & Robin, The DCAU Batman, Batman Begins, TDK.

          I hope Affleck delivers as much as this DC universe is intended to. Like Bignerd mentioned,id didn’t like Nolan’s overly emotional portrayal of Batman or films themselves. I thought Batman Begins was the best in the trilogy as Ledger’s performance only saved TDK.

    • “TDK is quite a brilliant film, but it relies only on what Nolan has established in his universe. Nothing else. He’s not flipping through comic books going, “This has to be in there”.”

      I think that may be why I didn’t like TDKR as much. He put in the iconic breaking the Bat scene which (IMO) was way more impressive in the comics. Bane was intelligent and wore down the Bat before he physically broke him. It didn’t have nearly the same impact in the film.

      With the Joker, he was the iconic clown prince of crime but didn’t follow any particular story line from the comics. Bane didn’t get the same treatment. Nolan should have made that character his own and not lifted so much from the page.

      But to your point of your comment, well said. I’d rather see a filmmaker’s vision of a comic book character than the vision of an iconic comic book adapted to the screen. That’s why I’m not a fan of Sin City.

      • Exactly, I’d prefer direct adaptations to be saved for TV shows, direct-to-DVD films, video games, etc. Because some of the most empowering moments for Batman can be shown full front without hesitation.

        In Arkham Origins, there’s a moment where the music builds up and Batman is looking at all of this destruction on the monitors of the Bat Computer, regaining hope through Alfred’s words of wisdom. And there’s just a simple, but beautiful line from Alfred:

        “They need you.”

        Just the way they built up this one moment was sensational.

        • I do enjoy the Nolan version of introducing villains. They are just there. A bit a mystery. No nerdy guy getting dropped into a vat of electric eels. I TASM2 (which I enjoyed) cut out the Max Dillon scenes with Spider-Man on the street and Gwen in the elevator. The character would have been more interesting. Have a scene with Gwen at Oscorp and then pan over to Max Dillon and BJ Novak…don’t make it his birthday, just show a nerdy technician getting bullied by his boss and then has an accident. He’s evil. Why? Who knows? Because he finally had power? Maybe. Let the viewer decide why he is evil. Make it a mystery…just like Nolan did with the Joker…Scarecrow…Bane. Webb could have done this with Electro and then gave the “mission” story to the Goblin like Nolan did with Ras, Two-Face, and Talia.

          And that’s how I turn a Batman discussion into a Spider Man one ;)

    • whats funny about those nolan movies is that people accept it as the greatest batman thing ever… it nothing like the comics yet they rave about it. but if marvel deviate from the comic like mandarin or ultron they spit fire and it the worse thing ever

      some people refuse to even say IM3 is a good movie just because of a little plot twist.

      • I don’t HATE IM3, but I guess I prefer the feel of Favreau’s vision for Iron Man. There’s just a feel to his take that was lacking in IM3, obviously because he wasn’t in charge.

      • Exactly. I’m a comic fan (2 years and counting) and I don’t mind whether the movies follow comics or not. Iron man 1 is what got me interested in comics in the first place, and since then I have read almost every major story arc in Iron man, the avengers, and x men. I consider both conics and movies different, but equally good for seperate reasons.

        I personally loved iron man 3 and will honestly not give a crap if AoU follows the conics or not.

      • @COREY:


        I didn’t understand the Mandarin uproar. I actually liked what IM3 did with him. The rest of the story… not so much (too much Tony Stark acting like Sherlock Holmes).

  2. Wonder Woman’s tiara might have a more “regal” effect if it were upside down, so that the more pronounced end faces up. Also, what if her boots were just below the knee, and didn’t have as much high heels?

    • I agree about the heels. Those don’t look like a warrior’s footwear.

      • Yeah the heels look silly but in the movie they are not going to show them that much. And as far as filming it’s more likely to get to a more even height of her co-stars.

        My only problem is if there are no pants they should have made her skirt longer. “Parent Alert” I know, I know.

        • Agree. I wanted a strong female character for my daughter to enjoy, but her outfit seems geared towards the other gender. They take liberties with all these costumes in the films. They easily could have put pants on her. Superman has his alien fabric, Bats has a techy armor suit, so why couldn’t Wonder Woman have a suit that looks like a Warrior and not so much as a Miss Universe contestant.

          Don’t get me wrong…personally, I think Gal Gadot looks great. But, I think it is about time for strong female character that isn’t sexualized. And Katniss doesn’t count…because I don’t want to teach my kids to kill other kids. I just want them to combat super villains.

      • She’s wearing heels? I haven’t looked that far down yet.

        • She is…and they’re fabulous! What? I like women’s footwear. Wanna fight about it?

  3. “Cloak and Dagger” “Cloak and Dagger” come on, Netflix!

  4. just found out that the Expendables 3 has leaked online…. this happened to wolverine origins but this is way worse because the movie is 100% complete unlike wolverine that had to be finished.

    this movie is probably gonna bomb now which is a shame because these movies are really fun to watch.

    • Can you provide statistics as to why it would bomb? Most research has found that movies (games etc) released illegally usually still tend to turn a profit regardless of the feedback from those that have watched/played.

      • apparently it has about 1m downloads. why would they go to the cinema to watch it? also promotion in portugal has stopped. all the billboards and bus signs are gone so thats bound to happen in other places.

  5. Going to the movies with some friends on Friday, should i see guardians of the galaxy or Lucy?

    • hate these questions… go see what ever trailer excites you more. but if were going on critics rating then GOTG.

    • Depends on you. If you go to Lucy, you’ll enjoy a nice emptier theater with a movie that hasn’t been reviewed well. If you go to Guardians, you’ll enjoy a better movie (so I’ve heard) but be sitting elbow to elbow with smelly teens and their cellphones.

      Dammit. I’m not a fan of opening weekend, so if it was me, I’d rent Snowpiercer on demand at home OR go to the 21 and over theater that I’ve come to love.

      Good luck with your decision ;)

      • The “dammit” was because I realized that I’m going to be out of town this weekend and wanted to see Guardians and I know that where I am going does not have my special theater…so I’ll be watching it with a bunch of teens or waiting a week. Errrrr…

    • Lucy was bad, Limitless bad. All I will say is the movie should have been over a long time ago due to the abilities she demonstrated (almost all of which involved bad science), but they deliberately ignored that for the sake of conflict, drama, a longer movie, what have you.

      • Limitless bad, i guess that means people that like good movies and not just superhero “films” should go watch it instead. Limitless is fantastic, in so many levels.

        • Guess that means I like bad movies and just superhero “films” lol.

  6. gonna see GOTG tomorrow and cannot wait! i really hope they have avengers footage in there like what happened with cap 1. what ever it is i hope that its a end credit scene that tells the future of the mcu unlike the iron man 3 one or thor 2 (maybe that monster will come in later?)

  7. Good Morning Screen Ranters, Wakandians, and the rest of the World!

    Hears to a good, pleasent,and productive Wednesday. I’m looking forward to seeing GoG in two days and already have my movie tickets. I’m hoping for a surprise name reference in this movie that will open doors to more upcoming cosmic marvel movies (Captain Marvel, Nova, etc.)

    After listening to the Screen Rant Underground Podcast I am even more excited to see Avengers AoU. I really wish i could see the clips they saw at Comicon. Rob Keyes did a great job describing it, I felt like i was there lol.

    I know I’m way behing on this but… I just started to get into the Showtime original series call “Dexter”.. The first 2 seasons were Amazing… the 3rd season was good but started to slack a little for me.. the 4 the season gotten worse and now the 5th season is a little annoying.. For any “Dexter” fans out there what do you think? Is this a fair analysis from myself? If so does the series gets better?

    Off subject but i can’t wait till “Better Caul Saul” comes out. That is probably my most anticipated show for 2015 outside of the “DareDevil” netflix series, “Flash”, and “Constatine”. Does anybody know if “House Of Cards” third season began filiming yet?

    • Quit watching all that stuff and being excited with all that stuff and work on your movie! I’m still waiting on that Black Panther movie.

      • lol.. My lawyers are negotiating the contracts now my friend.

  8. HA! I flew through the first two seasons of Dexter. The third took longer. I’m dragging on the fourth (I’ve mentioned my distain of John Lithgow’s buttocks on here before). I’m about to give up on the series because I started Justified and it is sooooo good.

    • I left the series after season 4. Haven’t looked back, and friends that stuck it out told me I did miss anything.

      • I think I’ll wrap up the 4th season and be done with it.

    • Justified > Dexter (unless you like too see Defiance actresses nude).

      • Wait, Julie Benz gets nude? She’s only teased me so far with some side boob action. But even that won’t take the image of Lithgow’s bare ass out of my mind…it might help with the healing though.

    • The first three seasons of Dexter were fantastic. Unlike most season three is actually my favorite.
      After that it starts to go downhill pretty fast IMO.
      Season four is almost universally loved and rated as the best but I disagree. Take out the finale and I think the rest of the season is pretty bad.

      Justified is terrific. With each season it gets better and better and the characters both big and small are fascinating.
      I love the way the writers mix standalone stories with the more serialized stuff. It’s a perfect balance.

      • Thanks everybody for the responses. Now I know its not just me.

  9. I’m not a stickler for this at all, but does anyone else see that Wonder Woman’s costume gave Gadot a bigger bust than what she actually has? Like I said, I don’t care if they give/don’t give WW a big bust like in the comics/cartoons, just found it curious that in the beginning everyone involved in WW said she doesn’t need a big bust/small bust is no problem with Gadot, and now it seems they’ve gone back on their words and given in and given her a bigger bust than she has. Excited for it either way!

  10. I can’t believe noone is yet talking about the “possible” leaked GOTG post credits scene on this site yet!! I’m even more pumped for GOTG this weekend now than I was before. I won’t spoil it for anyone though. Go google it if you want to know.

  11. Anybody looking forward to BvS in 2016? After comic con releasing new footage I’m can’t wait for this movie.

    • Nah, I’d rather go see a Katherine Heigl flick.

      Seriously, you asked this on this forum? Of course we’re all looking forward to it. I don’t care if you’re a Marvel fanboy or a DC one…everyone is waiting to see how DC/WB retaliates to Marvel/Disney’s universe building.

  12. I saw “randomb5″‘s comment and I must agree.. HOW IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THE GOTG POST CREDIT SCENE? I honestly can’t tell if its serious or not.. but its funny and shocking to say the least..

    • I’ve seen the leaked post credit scene (not sure if there will be another one) and it’s absolutely real. Now I wonder… was it just meant as an Easter Egg, like Harley Quinn in Arrow, or is there going to be an actual movie for that character down the line?

  13. If Guardians makes as much, or more than MoS, whatcha gonna do WB?? Disney/Marvel is runnin’ wild, and all you’ve got is one movie??? I predict that we’ll get some announcement from WB by the end of next week, after Guardians releases.