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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 30, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 30, 2012

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  1. Hi Ranters,

    I caught The Warriors on tv again here the other night. A great film in it’s day.

    I don’t particularly like all the reboots and remakes that have been done over the past few years, but watching it again I actually started thinking that this should be given a remake. Be interesting to see updated gangs.

    Any films you guys think could do with a remake?

    • most people will say its a classic that shouldnt be remade, and i agree, unless the right director was up for it. Night of the Hunter is such a great thriller with perfect performances and cinematography etc. If someone like Scorcese or The Coens gave it a shot, it could be interesting. I’d lean towards the Coens since Marty already remade one Robert Mitchum thriller, Cape Fear. With the Coens directing and Roger Deakins shooting it, they could really produce a worthy update IMO. One of the challenges would be finding someone to play the Preacher. They’d have to pull off the balance of sex icon and sadist who is playing a role while playing a role. I think Leo could do it, judging from what little we’ve seen of him as the villain in Django. He’s definitely got the sex appeal and charm needed for the role.

  2. man it feels so good to be drinking my coffee and eating my cake and reading all these bitter nolan fans and writers creating excuses for the darknight. i said it on friday a 55 to 60 percent drop for rises and it was 60.2, man iam i good. i said a while back rises was going to be like iron man 2, a weak repeat of the last movie. a movies worth is its strong word of mouth which rises is not getting, needless to say the box office numbers are impressive but at a budget of $280 million (estimate) more was expected. the scenes in with batman are always excellent and i had no problem with performances but story looked like it ran out of gas and ideas and played out more like a war and terrorist flick with political statements. i was waiting for the dirty dozen to make an apppearance. LOL

    • Easy. Don’t hurt your shoulder with all that back-patting.

  3. has anyone seen the Sundance flick Compliance? its about this prank caller pretending to be a policeman and ordering fast food employees to detain and harass an employee he accuses of stealing. it looks very interesting im wondering if anyone can give me a quick review other than the ones on RT

  4. Here is a question for everyone. What are everyone’s thoughts on a Batman animated series of the Nolan universe ?

    I think it would be cool to see a series done right in this style and feature some of batman’s rogue villians.

    The Joker(in Heath Ledger style awesome)
    The Riddler
    Mr. Freeze
    The Penguin
    Killer Croc

    Just to name a few, which ones would you like to see ?

    • I don’t see how Mr. Freeze or Killer Croc could work at all in Nolan’s universe. BUt I think a Nolanized Riddler could be more interesting than his (and Heath’s) Joker.

    • Your post is filled with contradictions.
      You want an animated series in Nolan’s style but Mr. Freeze,The Penguin and Killer Croc would never see the light of day in a Nolan batverse. Besides Nolan’s Batman’s “feel”, IMO, came from the 90′s animated series but not executed as well. Not that his vision isn’t great, but I think it was too gritty and lacked ANY “fun factor” that I feel a comic book movie should encompass.
      Flame on!

      • (***Gives standing ovation***)

    • I dunno man.
      Nolan’s realistic universe worked well in live-action cinematic form IMO, but I’m not sure how well it would be received as an animated tv show.

      The villains (like Freeze, Penguin, Croc, etc) alone wouldn’t pass as “realistic” and the feel/tone of the movies wouldn’t be the same in the show either (I’m guessing).

      With animated tv anything is possible. Just look at Batman:TAS – it’s one of the best animated television shows ever created. We need more of that IMO.

      • Maybe an animated series that takes it’s roots from Arkham Asylum/City. They are still very dark and very gritty but allow from great versions of slightly more outlandish characters like Croc and Freeze.

        • @ Dr.SamBeckett

          I think id be for that. I read little of book on those games & saw the characters in costumes, especially Harley Quinn. Not bad imo. Id like to say this time they need to bring back Robin & do the Bat-Family proper, not leave Robin & Batgirl be last known in Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. Id also think it would be interesting to have other supporting characters on film like Dr. Leslie Thompkins since she’s like a mother to Bruce as Alfred is a father. Also have Harvey Bullock & Renee Montoya by Gordon’s side.

          • I’d love for them to just launch into a universe where Nightwing and Robin already exist, throw in Oracle and Huntress, and as you say Bullock and Montaya, maybe chuck in Thomas Elliot for a multiple season arc, using Arkham City’s style… And that is what I would call a real winner.

            • Exactly… we don’t NEED origin tales for all these characters.
              They can now easily jump into a Batman movie/universe where those characters already exist. Throw in a few lines of dialogue that explain who’s who and what happened to them and you’re set!
              The games did this perfectly IMO.

              • Indeed. Nolan has thrust the character into such a stratospheric level of public awareness, any future films or television (where I personally think Batman’s immediate future lies, live action) can simply avoid an origin that simply doesn’t need to be told again for a very long time.
                The thing Tim Burton got absolutely 100% right was the opening to his film

                “Don’t kill me, man!”

                “I’m not going to kill you. I want you to do me a favor. I want you to tell all your friends about me”

                “What are you?”

                “I’m Batman”

                Perfect introduction and that is all a new film will need.

            • I agree. But id like to see Batgirl for a couple of films before she becomes Oracle.

              • well yeah, we all want to see The Killing Joke done in some form. It deserves to be made.

              • Seeing Batgirl/Oracle would be a huge step forward but we don’t need more origin stories and reboots. If it was told from a perspective that these characters are already established, it could tell a story on a much larger scale. A movie that was of the same level as Hush, where the entire history of characters have a part–as an example. A Bat-universe film could be just as interesting as the JLA, in my opinion.

        • Could not agree more. The Batman games are absolutely fantastic.
          I’d definitely watch an animated series in the vein of Arkham Asylum/Arkham City…
          I also hope when they reboot Batman (live-action movie) it’ll be like those games as well.

          • I hope so too. Those games proved that you don’t have to go as far as Burton with the weirdness, nor do you have to go as far as Nolan with the realism, they straddled that line and the only way for a new film to succeed is for it to do the same thing.

            • @ DrSamBeckett

              Theres one thing though they should consider changing for the reboot. Batman’s costume. Not so much the look, but what the costume would be made out of. Not sure id go as far as the same material as Cavill’s Superman costume but somthing simliar to that. Something for the next actor playing Batman be able to move around better as Batman should be agile like in the comics. Why not see him without a bulletproof costume on film & see him get shot,stabbed etc. In TDKR, thats the first time we’ve we really seen Batman get hurt. Other than that he’s got bruised,cuts & mauled by dogs. Nothin big really imo. My friends & some co-workers share that idea. Plus we’d like to see Superman’s costume get ripped up alittle after a fight,depending on the foe.

    • batman the animated series has done that tone already, so has batman beyond and the comic book. nothing new brother. nolan only did what many fans wanted for so many years and bring the graphic novel to life, not exactly rocket science.

    • @ VADER

      For a live-action version of Batman:TAS, id want it to be handled by Bruce Timm,Paul Dini & Co. I don’t see alot of the characters working in Nolan’s vision of things.

      • Definately Bruce Timm as batman.

  5. i find that – the warriors- was also a little bit surreal. but,i mean it in a positive way,because it´s my favourite gang-movie behind – the wanderers- and – the outsiders-, and – rumble fish- was also a great movie. i would like to see a reboot.

  6. i´ve read after a very long time some batman-comics(from 80s till now,from different drawers and writers like miller,mark millar and mignola). i find that the most bat-comics are dark and gritty and not so lighthearted like dc´s superman or j.league or the marvel universe(yes -the punisher is always hardcore). what i want to say is that nolans stories are very near to the comics that i´ve read from batman.

  7. So when batman does get rebooted what should the next car be like or would we like to see a return of one that we’ve already seen

    • I’ve written in other threads that I’d love to see a mix between Nolan’s realism and Burton’s gothic architecture and design. The Tumbler and Bat might have been plausible vehicles but part of the beauty of the Batwing and Burton’s Batmobile was the sense of the fantastic that they delivered. They spoke to the drive and commitment Bruce had invested in designing and manufacturing the gear before he ever debuted as Batman.

  8. What I meant as a Nolan style series meaning the use of the tumbler the bat-pod and the bat. As for the villians they were just suggestions, as for the characters they would resemble the actors from the movie. In the end it was just an idea that I thought I’d share with everyone.

    • No, no, the Tumbler is gone. Hopefully we will never see it again.

      • I loved the vehicles in Nolan’s Batman movies, but I too hope that we can go back to the more classic (sleeker & sexier) vehicles next time round, whether it be in the movies or tv – hopefully both.

        • Yeah something closer to Burton’s and The Animated Series. Nolan’s were serviceable and worked in his universe, I surprisingly enjoyed the Bat but never accepted the Tumbler.

          • @ DrSamBeckett

            Exactly. I only accepted the Tumbler, hated the Bat. Give me Burton’s Batwing anyday.

            • I liked the Bat for its functionality (a long barreled pistol probably wouldn’t have downed it) but I agree with you, Burton’s Batwing was iconic. A beautiful piece of design.

              • I thought the Bat could of been brought down just as easy if someone had a good shot or Bane simply tossed somthing heavy into it’s rotor? if that’s what its called. By how low & close Batman was flying it, im surprised no-one managed to hit it once before it flew higher. I agree about the long barreled pistol part in Burton’s film, it would be heck of a shot. I have to watch the film again but i remember Batman was flying low & getting closer in that film aswell. Anyways, they’re just movies right?

            • style > pseudo realism.

        • @ The Avenger

          Agreed. Loved the Batjet in Batman:TAS as it was sleeker than the Batwing itself. Even the Batmobile in the series looked great, especially the fact what it was capable of as seen in episodes.

        • I think the difference between Burton’s Batmobile and Nolan’s use of The Tumbler is one was purpose built, while the other was used as is for the purpose but wasn’t designed with that use in mind.

          It was kind of the case with the Bat Cave as well, when Wayne Manor burnt down it was a golden opportunity to build something that was purpose built. He no longer had a Batmobile after The Dark Knight (although he could have used one of the camouflaged versions that were available) he could have taken the opportunity to actually purpose design and build one.

  9. I just saw TDKR over the weekend, and I must admit, I was not very impressed. The story just felt convoluted and lackluster, and the movie felt too long. If the bomb was going to go off anyway, then why the months-long delay? It was reminiscent of the old Batman TV show, where the villain captures Batman and puts him in some long, drawn-out deathtrap, thus allowing him the opportunity to escape. Honestly, I thought it was the worst of the trilogy, although I recognize I might be in the minority.

    • I didn’t think it was the worst, that is still TDK to me, and BB still reigns supreme.

    • I’m right with you. I walked out of both BB and TDK being amazed and ready for the next film. With TDKR, I walked out happy that this series was over.

      • @ Kyle

        I walked out happy after BB & TDK but later on TDK wasn’t as good to me the more i watched it later on. After watching TDKR im left with same feeling as TDK but in different ways. I thought it wrapped up the trilogy but at the sametime id didn’t really like the ending. It was ok but not great. I was happy that Hathway impressed me when i had my doubts about her being Catwoman but still Phieffer has my vote. Sadly despite Hardy being a great actor & all, i was alittle disappointed with how Bane was in the film. I was really hoping Nolan would make up for Schumacher’s screw up on the character but it was it dashed alittle. I was waiting for his face-off vs. Batman & found it too short. Not to mention i couldn’t make out every word Bane said throughout the film. Im happy the series is over aswell.

  10. @ Dr.SamBeckett

    I thought TDKR was pretty tied to TDK,but i agree BB imo was better. It was one the few trilogies i enjoyed.

    • But as a trilogy, I don’t think it works aesthetically or thematically. Watching them back to back will be the real test.

      • I had the chance to do that via an IMAX Dark Knight Trilogy. I’d love to have had a better sense of alertness but after 9 hours in the theater–beginning at 6 p.m.–it was just a long day. I think it expanded upon many elements, sometimes very small, from the first two films and would be hard to follow for someone who hasn’t seen BB or TDK. Batman Begins remains my personal favorite and was the main reason I attended the IMAX event in the first place. The sword fight on ice was just beautiful and remains one of the best moments in the trilogy, as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Ian McKellan has confrimed that The Hobbit will be three films. I was annoyed that it was two films, they can say they’re using apprendicies as much as they like but it all comes down to money. One film could have told the story perfectly. The book is 300 pages long with big print!

  12. Am I the only one who is really happy that the Open Discussions are back?

    • When were they gone?

  13. Just watched TDKR again in IMAX and really enjoyed it. I’ll probably return to watch it once more then wait till it releases on Blu-ray :D

    I just recently started replaying Arkham Asylum. If they could pull off a live action film based on it keeping the look and feel of the game it would be awesome.

  14. I wonder when we’ll see a trailer for Spielberg’s Lincoln. I know it got a release date recently but I find it odd that there hasn’t been a poster or an official image yet. It’s one of the few major releases coming out in November/December that has no marketing out yet.

  15. Two guys were escaping from an asylum, escaping over rooftops when they came across a gap too wide to jump. One guy said “I’ll shine my flashlight across and you walk across on the beam.” The other guy responded, “Do you think I’m crazy? You’ll turn it off when I get halfway across!”

    The Killing Joke, joker tells the joke to batman, they both crack up! Bats realizes he is more like the joker than he thought. The sirens are in the distance in the rain.

    It’s not word for word but what a great moment in Batman comics lore.

  16. Colorado movie theater gunman charged with multiple counts.

    He had Help or Support, for just one person with ADD/ADHD to move that fast …from the EXIT door to the car, get dress and come back…Which I know there are CAMERAS in a PARKING LOT…I want to see those VIDEO. (IF) he did came back, Like who was holding the door open for him….did he had duck tape or a stopper on the exit door?
    Some people with A.D.D are SOOOOOOOOOOO smart that it scares me.

  17. Was reading the trivia on IMDb for The Shawshank Redemption, can’t believe Rob Reiner wanted to direct the film and put Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise in as Red and Andy! He offered Frank Darabont $2.5 mil for the rights, glad he turned him down and directed it himself.

    Interesting that both Tom Hanks and Kevin Costner were both offered the role of Andy, but I can’t see anyone but Tim Robbins doing that role now.