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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 29, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 29, 2013

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  1. First time being first.

    So did anyone see Wolverine this weekend? How was it?

    • Very good.

      Best Marvel film this summer (and possibly better than MOS; can’t decide which is better).

      Of course, I’m biased. Am a fan of the Claremont/Miller stories, which Wolverine is based on.

      • It’s strange because although I was a big X-Men comic book fan (esp during the Claremont issues), I just can’t get into the theater for the latest round of their movies.

        I actually like First Class (unfortunately saw it on DVD) but XO: Wolverine was underwhelming to me (saw in theaters) so maybe the Box Office post for SR is right, the bad taste from XO may have affected The Wolverine.

        • @BigNerd,

          Yeah, don’t let the stench of XO: Wolverine deter you from seeing Wolverine. IMHO, Fox/Hugh finally redeemed themselves with this movie.

          Also a fan of First Class, so with Wolverine being a lot better than the first movie, things may be looking up for Fox.

      • Cars are merely transportation for me so I’m not really into the exotic or rare (esp because they sound small to me, and I’m “big-boned”).

        I’ll take new, hopefully with good Bluetooth integration for my smartphone(s) and lots of space for my family.

          • Well, no BT with a Hugo.

            I don’t even think my right leg will fit into that thing.

            Time to call 1-800-Cars-For-Kids.

    • @ BigNerd

      It’s worth checking out. My biasm towards it is full of spoilers so I really can’t go into too much detail.

      I think my excitement for the mid-credit scene and Days of Future Past might play slightly into how I feel over-all for the film as well.

      I give it just south of 4 stars. 3.75. IMHO, if you could make this kind of thing rated-R we could be looking at near 5. But it is what it is.

      • Yup, the studio/producers should have gone for an R rating.

        Some of my problems with the film would have been alleviated with a rating change.

        • But would an R have limited ticket sales?

          I know my 11-yo nephew wants to watch it, but I doubt I’d take him if it was R-rated.

          • Yes, it probably would limit ticket sales, which is why it was released as PG-13 (I’m guessing the actual rating).

            Once you see the film, I think you’ll see why I think they should’ve gone for an R rating.

            • I’m assuming the R recommendation is for “better” violence?

              Or did the film need Hugh Jackman to go Full Monty? /sarc

              • LOL, no to the Full Monty!

                Without going into spoiler territory, yes, it would make for “better” violence. I mean, he’s called the Wolverine for a reason, right?

              • Not just the violence and sex, but an over-all R rating would benefit when you have a movie with adult themes that have to be toned down. It stands out like a sore thumb at parts.

      • I feel the same way as @Dr Mindbender. @BigNerd you should check the movie out its a vast improvement over origins. The things I didn’t like about it are full of spoilers so I can’t really talk about it. I feel like they could have wrapped it up better.

        And yeah an R rating would have made the violence a LOT better. I felt like it was waaaay toned down. But you gotta keep it pg-13 to make more money and not alienate certain demographics I guess…

    • I watched it and really enjoyed the wolverine. The mid-credits scene was awesome, I can’t wait to see the unrated version on Blu-ray.

    • @ Big Nerd

      I very much enjoyed The Wolverine. Good action, interesting story. I’m not sure yet where it falls on the list of superhero movies this year yet until I see Thor 2.

  2. Has anyone seen a movie more polarizing in the past 3 years, than Fruitvale Station?

    What are your opinions on what happened?

    • I think it was a terrible action nothing more nothing less. That being said there is hundreds of murders each year and i find it wrong that specific ones get amped up for no reason. I cannot go into if this was a racist act, nobody can because only the man who fired the gun can. White people have shot white people, black people have shot black people and so on. They are all terrible

      • Of all of the race baiting the entire situation produced. That was never the thing that bothered me. I tend not to let race play into my line of thinking.

        Only thing that got me, is how a trained Police Officer did not notice the almost two pound weight difference in weapons.

        • Yeah its hard to believe, but its niave to say it wasnt possible. Especially in the spur of the moment, you could argue there was no reason to even tase him. None the less the movie itself was a powerful ending with a build up that felt like they were drawing for the information to tell. My reaction to the end was first and formost thats terrible. then logically thinking that both the cops and oscar and his friends were completely wrong in there actions. They acted exactly like they shouldnt by standing up, bringing out their phones and trying to explain things all at once by arguing. Cops in rough neighboorhoods are agressive it wouldnt of turned out that way of they sat there an didnt say a word. But still thr cop made the biggest mistake

  3. I’m gonna drop this one out there: City of God

    It’s the true story of a photographer who grew up 15 mi south of Rio de Janeiro.

    Intense stuff about how child gangs run entire sections of slum towns.

    The photographer just took pictures of his graphic life and made it art, which ended up being his way out.

    In all seriousness, pretty close to perfect.

    • Fantastic film

    • Most Impressive. I heard many good things about City of God.

      • My brother brought it home after the DVD had spent like 3 years at a friends house, so I just watched it again recently. If you are into polarizing Mr. Moostafelise (Moo-Stah-fah-lees), I give this one the highest of recommendations.

        Be forewarned: It’s BRUTAL.

        • @ Dr Mindbender.

          Nah, Polarizing films are not my thing. I look at good film, regardless of the subject matter.

    • Often it is like most beautiful cities. The underlying tone of what is around the city makes it out into the public and it gives a not so rosy picture of the city.

    • Really good movie.

  4. What does everyone think of Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj new video TWERK IT it which features several VENOM CGI morphs of Busta’s head. I like the patois!

  5. So is Pacific Rim considered a dud domestically? The worldwide numbers look good but compared to the other “blockbusters”, it’s what Patrick would call a “bomb”.

    I’m wondering if RIPD should have been called DOAD. My new box office colloquialism:

    “Man, only $12mil opening weekend… that movie got RIPD!”

    • ^HA!

    • I doubt it will do gangbusters here in the US, so it will probably be considered a bomb/dud (domestically).

      I don’t understand why a film like Transformers does well here, but Pacific Rim fails. I mean, is Shia LeBouf that big of a draw? Maybe it’s the Megan Fox factor?

      Be that as it may, I enjoyed Pacific Rim immensely for what it is: a Saturday morning cartoon/anime built for a 12 year old boy. It was fun, and not to be taken seriously.

      BTW, who’s Patrick?

      • @chetc:

        Transformers is an established brand with a built-in fanbase (ever been to a BotCon?). Even M. Night couldn’t mess it up.

        Patrick is a regular poster here who thinks the Batman/Superman movie will “bomb” because it will only have a 75% approval rating and thus make “only” $700 million. He has since retconned that to “disappointment” which I still don’t think fits. :)

        • @BigNerd,

          Yeah, you’re right. I guess it doesn’t bode well for big budget films like Pacific Rim being made anymore. It should make back it’s production cost, and maybe, maybe a small profit (I don’t think the film has opened in Japan or China yet).

          Finally, yes, I vaguely remember some of his postings (ie. Patrick). Let’s just say I don’t agree with his box office takes.

  6. The trailer for 47 Ronin that played during the previews of the wolverine was awesome. Elysium is another movie I’m looking forward to, I’m definitely watching it in IMAX.

    • I really hope Elysium turns out good, it looks interesting enough :)
      I agree, that 47 ronin trailer was so awesome! I can’t wait!

  7. In regards to Man Of Steel II, I wrote a general plot for the film, wondering if there’s some feedback out there. Quite long, but I’m curious of what people think:

    1st Act: Batman is shown to be a long standing (perhaps 4/5 years) vigilante, still operating with his trademark brand of stealth. Also, Bruce Wayne is introduced, and it is revealed that he is fearful of Supes, but he sees his value. Batman’s concerns are as such. But, as Lex voices his opinions, obviously of his complete distrust of Supes, so he hatches a plan to tarnish the reputation of Batman, linking it back to Superman, to change Batman’s opinion. This s done when Lex bribes Perry White into forcing a report into Batman’s methods, which Clark and Lois investigate. In his plan, Lex has also killed some thugs (who I would make appear to be allied with Scarecrow, but not outright confirmed, e.g. give them Scarecrow-esque masks) and linked it to Batman. Clark, in a renewed sense of stopping every threat ASAP, in response to *SPOILER* his murder of Zod, makes a deliberate effort to seek out and stop Batman. [Use this to introduce the villian, develop Clark's fear of threats, and set up Batman by making him do some crime fighting as a set-up]

    2nd Act: Superman holds discussions with Lois, as she fears that Batman has been set up, noting that he never kills, and that Superman himself has plenty of enemies. But Supes asserts that he can take no risks, and endeavors to find Batman. In the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Bats and Supes fight, in which Batman’s solid expertise and common fighting of bigger enemies but Superman is ultimately superior, and, using his super breath, he stops Batman from forcing Supes into surrender. Batman is held by Superman in the Fortress of Solitude. Meanwhile, we have been slowly learning that Lex has more plans. He had used numerous unknown sources (he’s a powerful man) to track the big fight. When he sees that Batman is defeated (as he should be, he doesn’t have Kryptonite) he uses some inside men to open all the cells of Arkham Asylum, leading the inmates to take over Gotham, who overwhelm all of the GCPD, now lax due to Batman’s presence. Gotham is under mob-rule, and Batman cannot save them.

    3rd Act: The big action. Supes is made aware of the Gotham situation and, despite Batman’s constant assertions that he knows how to beat the inmates better than anyone, Supes goes alone. As he leaves, we see a quick shot where Batman pulls a small earpiece and requests an equipment drop (introduce Oracle here). Meanwhile, Supes is flying all over, containing the many threats to Gotham. But perhaps the biggest threat is Croc, who has been fed a secret muscle building compound (obviously building to a Bane intro for Batman’s own films) making him actually able to go toe-to-toe with Supes. Exhausted as he stops Croc, Scarecrow is seen, spraying Supes with fear gas from the shadows, before athletically disappearing. Due to his Alien nature, Supes is not overly affected by the gas, but it does cause him to have haunting flashbacks of *SPOILER* Pa Kent and Zod’s deaths. This distraction and the exhaustion is made worse, as Lex appears, decked out in Power Suit, loaded with small amounts of Kryptonite which he can use as blasts. Hitting Superman with one, he is severely damaged. Enter the Batwing overhead. This is where we really see Batman work, as he uses his acrobatics to destroy the many blasters, whilst Supes stops incoming threats and gets off the odd pot-shot at Lex as Batman works (who is in slightly advanced armour, loosely based off of Azrael Batman’s). Naturally, the two win, and emergency cleanup is ordered, causing a large border to be set at the land entrance of the area the inmates ran (imagine the area as running on a coast, but they sheilded the area accessible by land(This also gives an Arkham City-esque potential set up)). As things return to normal, Bats and Supes sort of make up, but Batman reiterates his concerns, and leaves, assuring that he has plenty more work back in Gotham. Supes will say something snarky like “call me again if you need anything” to which Batman replies something like “you know I won’t” (I’m not a writer, but you get the idea of the dialogue there)

    After Credits: Superman is interrogating Lex about the odd substance he used in his power suit, which Lex does reveal. Knowing of the threat posed by Kryptonite, Supes demands to know where Lex got it from. Lex reveals that know he’s failed, his supplier will be coming, in a fearful tone, leaving Superman desperate to know. At which point, Lex whispers “Brainiac” and we zoom out to an in-space shot of his ship…(BOOM! JL or MOS3 set up)

    • This might be a little more story than can fit into 2+ hours.

      One thing about Kryptonite, I know how they said it wasn’t in the Man of Steel, but wasn’t it?

      In the form of “Kryptonian Atmosphere” that weakened Supes?

      As for the Bat/Supes movie, I actually think it should be based in Gotham (since Bats is only interested in fighting crime “locally”). I do wonder what villains can be introduced without diluting the Bats/Supes dynamic. What makes a good CBM movie is a compelling hero and a compelling bad, but with two compelling heroes, is there room for any of the top tier rogues like Lex?

      I’m thinking it should be minor villains in the B/S movie and then for the next Supes stand alone, do Lex — and the Bats stand alone could feature the Joker.

      • @ BigNerd

        Yes. I mentioned this to a friend of mine the other day. they didn’t have the shiny green rock but they did allude to the fact that his planet has negative effects on his powers. Add what is basically radiation poisoning from kryptonite and you’ve got something that can do serious damage. I’m kinda thinking they’ll do Lex in this one. The rumor is they may do the Joker and while I don’t totally support that, I think Burn Gorman would make an excellent Joker.

    • Why would Batman fight a being he knew killed one of the last of his race? In all seriouness, not even Batman would risk his life know that he is fighting a superpowered being with no problem with killing to save lives, or causing immense destruction and death to defeat an opponent.

      Batman can say, “What you could not take him to the middle of the desert or to the north pole and duke it out there?”

      • @ Dark Cow

        I agree that Batman wouldn’t go into a fight unprepared. Batman would absolutely see Superman as dangerous, not because he’s a bad guy, but because he doesn’t think before he acts. He flies off the handle, tackles Zod into a building, and levels part of metropolis. I would love to see Barman throw all that in his face. “How many people were inside that gas station you speared Zod through in Smallville?”

      • @ Jeff

        In all seriousness, when does Superman cause “immense destruction and death” to defeat Zod in MoS?

        The one time where he causes some serious destruction is when Zod threatens mum… an awesome story-telling agent if you ask me to see an inexperienced Superman “lose it.”

        Other than that, the one other offensive that he takes that may have cost some theoretical lives is when Supes and Zod clash after Zod’s “There is only one way this ends” declaration.

        I’ve seen the movie 5 times now, I have a different opinion when it comes to “Superman costing lives to save lives.” I’m okay with the recklessness he displays at times in the film because that was the whole point.

        • I think some scenes of going through buildings, that the World Machine did not damage.

          I am saying, what would BATMAN say? Which he would argue the point.

    • I really couldn’t follow a lot of your points. It seems like English may not be your first language in which case that makes sense. There are also a lot of plot details here that I really don’t think would happen, Perry being bribed for one. There was no exposition for Lex making his power suit, something he didn’t develop right away in the comics. It doesn’t really seem like feasible story.

  8. No Batman/Superman conversations yet? I’m surprised.

  9. So, you are changing Perry White’s ethics to accept Bribes?

    Why would Superman think Batman was setup, as he does not know how Batman truly thinks and operates.

    After the total destruction in Metropolis, do you think other cities want Superman anywhere near them?

    After said destruction. I doubt any government would give Superman arrest powers, especially the United States. Technically, Superman murdered Zod and therefore committed a crime in the eyes of many Courts in the World, so the trust would not be there. If Superman were to hold a Human Citizen for interrogation, what do you think he would do if they do not give him info he wanted or need? Is he going to deny Luthor due process of the law, is he going to deny Luthor the right to remain silent?

    • I’m hoping the movie is along the lines of billonaire Lex reaching out to billonaire Bruce about the “Superman problem.”


      With Clark at her side, Lois is un-phased by the “mysterious Batman of Gotham” and decides it’s time to investigate.

      Something like that.

      I don’t get why people complain that another movie is needed to set this one up. In my opinion if this is finally the shared universe then other heros need to show up immediately following the reveal of Superman. Bruce Wayne/Batman and Luthor make the most sense, considering what happened in Man of Steel.

      What better way to further develop Cavil’s Superman then to put him into situations with Lex, Bruce(before he knows), Batman, Bruce (after he knows).

      • +1

    • ** Man of Steel “spoilers” **

      I’ve never really thought too hard about it until now… but did the filmmakers really have to have Supes kill Zod? Couldn’t he have just used a rear naked choke in that same position?

      While justified, I can see TDC’s point on how this will affect public opinion about Superman and how that has to be taken in consideration for future films.

      • The way Zack describes it:

        If this is a true origin movie, then his aversion to killing has to be explained.

        I really like the take on the boyscott that he wasn’t always the boyscott, he has to become the boyscott. Humanizes him that much more and it still works, for me.

        Some people just can’t get on board with that idea, apparently.

      • >…but did the filmmakers really have to have Supes kill Zod?

        No, they didn’t. But they wrote it that way. Zack/Goyer were for it. Nolan wasn’t initially, but eventually relented.

        The writers put Superman into an impossible situation. Choke hold may not have worked in time, since Zod could still burn the family with this heat vision. Take the fight some where else? OK, but that doesn’t mean Zod would follow (he did say that he would make everyone on Earth suffer).

        Without a doubt, this is a different Superman. I can totally understand why people would look at him with wonder and fear after his “coming out party”. And, it makes sense for Batman to show up in the next film to put him in his place.

        • I think it was necessary for the progression of the character

          • Me too. Not just progression of the character, but it fits with the film. There is only one way for Zod to answer for his crimes while he is under a yellow sun. No matter what Superman tried, Zod wouldn’t knock it off. Either he continues to try to sub-due him, which leads to more loss of life, or he ends it all the only way he can.

            Just like Zod says : “There is only one way this ends Kal.”

            • My take on it if you HAD to have him kill Zod:

              1. It would have been more impactful if Zod had killed that family first. That should be the event that snaps Kal-El, actually seeing innocents die because he did nothing (like his father).

              2. I understand how people saying that breaking his neck was the only choice. But c’mon, it’s not like Zod was holding on to anything that Supes couldn’t have jumped/flew both of them through the roof to prevent him from what he was going to do.

              So with those two things in mind, I think the ending would have been better served with Kal witnessing Zod kill innocents with his heat vision, then him grabbing him and flying him out to space near the sun where more innocents would not be in harm’s way, and having a final toe to toe:

              Zod: “You will never win because you are not willing to sacrifice the lives of others to save your world.”
              Kal: “There has to be another way.”
              Zod: “There is only one way this ends Kal.”

              [Back to choke hold pose]
              Zod: “You can’t do it, you’re not strong enough.”
              Kal: “No, but you gave me no other choice.”

              Then he let Zod’s body go as it drifts into the Sun’s gravitational field. And when Lois asks him what happened to Zod, Clark says (in an Austrian accent):

              “I let him go.”

              I personally don’t like the idea of a Superman that kills. I understand Marvel heroes do it, but this is Superman, the Big Blue Boyscout. It just doesn’t feel like “progression” to me.

              • > But c’mon, it’s not like Zod was holding on to anything that
                > Supes couldn’t have jumped/flew both of them through the roof
                > to prevent him from what he was going to do.

                That would only prolong the battle/suffering. Again, the writers put Superman into an impossible situation. Sure, they could go out into space, fight it out there. But, what’s to prevent Zod from figuring out the tactic, and head back to Earth and cause more destruction?

                Too many variables. The only way to ensure that Superman doesn’t kill Zod, or to reduce the number of people killed in general, is to write it that way. I remember reading on one of the websites discussing the movie, that originally, Zod was supposed to end up in the Phantom Zone along with the rest of his cronies.

                A lot of people feel the same way you do with respect to Superman, the killing of Zod, and being the boyscout/messianic figure that he’s supposed to be. It’s why people are divided about the film.

                • @chetc:

                  The funny thing was I didn’t really think about it that much because I was used to villains dying in the other CBMs. I just thought the way circumstances leading up to and how he was killed was a bit dumb.

                  Now looking back, it would have been better if Supes just did a Mr. Miyagi and honked Zod’s nose. :sigh:

                • I bet the boyscout/messianic figure will come from him killing, it won’t happen again

                • Act 1: Superman goes to Gotham to look into a vigilante, but gets his rear-end handed to him by Batman to his surprise.

                  Act 2: Superman shows up in Bruce’s Batcave and handily beats him despite all his gadgets, showing Clark’s ability to learn and adapt and ends up in a truce with Bats.

                  Act 3: Big Bad shows up (TBA), Bats and Supes fight together (they even pull the old switcheroo… wink to Dark Cow) and win but at great loss (who lives and who dies sets up source material for following movies).

                  Epilogue: Profit (that’s for Patrick :) )

                  See… hard to mess up… Batman beats Superman, BatFans rejoice, Superman then beats Batman, SuperFans cheer… Bat+Supes beat the bad guy, everyone applauds. Done.

              • Umm.

                If Superman let Zod go into the Sun, it was established that Superman gets his energy from the yellow sun, would that not fully power up Zod?

        • @ chetc

          It’s a different first story for Superman. Same origin for the most part. All the important, recognizable aspects there. This wasn’t a story about Superman; it was a story about a man who becomes Superman and why. This next movie will probably/hopefully portray or more familiar Superman: The Big Blue Boyscout. I’m sure Batman will basically voice all of the things we’re saying about Zod’s death. “you could have done it another way. You didn’t have to kill him. You didn’t have to fight in the city. You didn’t have to let people thousands of innocents die but you did because you’re not the Superman you should be.” None of these characters are going to be fully formed and to expect that is setting yourself up for disappointment. Read Superman Earth One. He blasts tons of evil militia guys with heat vision and lets the oppressed people kill them all with guns and bombs. take the story for what it is: a story that shows us why he will become the Superman we’re familiar with.

          • @Oneiros,

            I hear ya. Let me be clear: I had no problems with Superman killing Zod. I had no problems with the film in general, save for some minor issues. I understand that it’s a Superman Begins scenario, and is a different take on the character. I was more or less responding to BigNerd’s comment on whether the filmmakers should have let Superman kill Zod.

            Killing Zod is a point of contention for a lot of people. I’ve read many different blogs, and everyone is pretty much divided on the issue. Most of my friends hated the killing. Mark Waid, writer of Superman Birthright, hated it. It all comes down to what everyone’s interpretation of Superman is, and whether you’re open to change.

            • @ chetc

              Well, if memory serves, Superman kills Zod in Superman II as well. Lois kills the girl. They both get thrown into the pits of the Fortress of Solitude. It is more a matter of opinion and whether you’re open to change but really, how much has actually changed? But yeah I’m fine with it as well. Especially since he seemed so traumatized by it afterwards. If he had gotten up, put his hands on his waist and been like, “All in a day’s work” I would have been pissed.

              • @Oneiros,

                > Well, if memory serves, Superman kills Zod in Superman II as
                > well. Lois kills the girl. They both get thrown into the pits
                > of the Fortress of Solitude.

                Ah yes, but are they “really” dead?

                All we saw was that they “fell” some where. Where did they go? It was never shown. Some people assumed that they got put into suspended animation, and not killed at all. Also, if you look at some behind the scenes video of Superman 2, they show some deleted scenes where Zod, Ursa and Non are alive, and being taken away to prison.

  10. guys what is your anticipated summer 2015 avengers 2, star wars 7 or batman/superman?

    • Yes.

      • +1

    • LOL all of the above.

      If you’re a fan, you’ll watch them all. No need to pick.

    • Star Wars episode VII

      • Superman/batman but ill be at them all opening night

    • In order of what I will want to see most:

      1. B/S
      2. SW7
      3. A2

      In order of what I think I will like most:

      1. SW7
      2. B/S
      3. A2

      • hahaha B/S… sounds like BS haha

    • what? like which one will make the most money? I’m confused…

    • Why isn’t Ghostbusters 3 a choice? Oh, right…they’re still working on the script…for 20 years.

      Star Wars – for me, I’m excited about this for two reasons. The fanboy in me and because this time, I’ll be going as a father with my daughter and I’ll see her reactions to it.

      Super Batman – I’m just excited for me…screw the family.

      Avengers 2 – I’m actually more excited to see the Guardians movie right now…but I’m sure that’ll change over time.

      • If what Aykroyd says is true, we might get it either late 2015 or early 2016. I have hope for it knowing it’s the same guy who wrote MIB3, a really good ending (hopefully an ending) to the MIB series.

        However, at the same time, I can see where Bill Murray is coming from. It’s going to be extremely hard to sell that same type of humor 30 years from the last movie, no matter how genius it is. I think Murray is well aware of the mixed reception for “Ghostbusters II” (even though I love it) and is just concerned about any chances at boosting the franchise’s reputation this late in the game.

        • I think it would work if they pass the torch and still pay homage to original team. I thought the GB video game a few years showed the potential the series could have. At the end of the game I think it is Venkman that says they’re looking into different franchises (the game is set in the early 90s). So fast forward to a future where the Ghostbusters brand has expanded into different markets (Chicago, Los Angles, etc.) and begin the movie there with whichever originals are willing to cameo.

          I don’t think Murray understands the brand recognition that comes with the logo. A new movie means new merchandise…apparel, video games, comics, cartoons, apps for iPhones, and more. As an owner of the character rights means more money in your pocket which translates into more time on the golf course.

          However, Aykroyd has “Axl Rosed” this entire situation with his constant “updates” on a film that has been in development hell. But, if it did come out in 2015…that would be my most anticipated.

          • Bill cares about the franchise.

            Yeah, who wouldn’t want a Ghostbusters 3? The first 2 are brilliant comedic films. It’s been 30 years since they’ve even touched a new idea though, the video game was really good but it’s more of an homage to the first 2 movies with a small subplot involving a literally HUGE demon villain.

            If they get the right people, it could be a success. But even the “right people” are a mystery. If Will Ferrell becomes a part of this, I have little faith. If Michael Cera becomes a part of this, I’m EXREMELY 50/50 (considering he has worked with Harold Raimis on “Year One”).

            So GB3 is going to come down to who they get as the new team. Having the majority of the old team there is a bonus, but they aren’t going to be the focus.

            • I know he cares, but should he? A new movie won’t ruin the original…I’ll still own it. And if it works out, he could have a lot of money…and isn’t that what most people want? If he is worried about his legacy, he should just think about Michael Jackson. The dude diddled children, turned himself freakish looking with all the plastic surgery, and then he died and all was forgiven. When Bill Murray dies, his fans and the world will forgive him for Garfield and if he was involved in a failed Ghostbusters 3. But if Ghostbusters 3 revived the franchise and opened Murray’s comedy up to an entire new generation…his legacy would be immortal.

              I agree about the casting. I don’t want them to go with the group casting (i.e. Judd Aptow’s usuals, Will Ferrell’s buddies, Sandler’s followers, David Wain’s normal cast).

              I want different funny people like:
              Anthony Jeselnik, Kristen Schaal, Dan Fogler, Patrick Warburton, Chris D’Elia, Eric André, Reggie Watts, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Tom Lennon, Josh Gad, and after seeing Pacific Rim…Charlie Day (for reminding me of Rick Moranis).

              But, we will probably end up with Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Seth Rogen, and Michael Cera as Rick Moranis


              Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider as Rick Moranis.

              • I like the idea of Patrick Warburton.

                My dream team would be:

                Seth Macfarlane (since he wouldn’t be writing, the man has a tremendous presence to him and could work well as a new Ghostbuster. A new Ray Stantz, confident leader)

                Matthew Gray Gubler (the new Egon, brains of the operation, etc. Has the perfect essence of dry humor)

                Zac Efron (HEAR ME OUT BEFORE SOMEONE TRIES TO MURDER ME. I imagine him as Oscar Venkman, you know the child from GB2. He would be the unsure member who tries to follow in his dad’s footsteps, but ultimately screws things up A LOT. Instead of trying to replace Bill Murray, why not add something new? And Efron can act, the Disney schtick is gone. Just a thought)

                Bill Hader/Jay Pharaoh/Patrick Warburton (any of them could fit into another team member)

                • Not too bad. I actually attempted a story using everyone in my cast list (except Charlie Day) a while back. I was having fun with writing it one day…basically all I wanted to do was write in a scene where a group of elderly people were fighting ghosts. As it turns out, I’m not a script writer and for that reason, I’m the only one who read it.

                • And as for Efron…as long as he can do comedy, I’m game.

                  My idea was for Jeselnik to play Oscar. Because if Andrew Garfield can be in high school, than Anthony Jeselnik can be 25.

                • PREDATOR DRONE STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Oscar was not Pete’s son.

                  • He might as well take the name though, since things didn’t work out between Dana and his real father.

                    • Yes.

                      But you still get a Predator Drone Stike due to your ZAC EFRON!

                      That alone cannot be forgiven.

                      I like you, but I am still sending in a Predator Drone.


                      You would do the same upon me.

                    • That could be the case…but it is unlikely that he’d take the name. As a step-child raised by my step-dad since I was 3, I kept my biological father’s last name. But I rewarded my step-dad by calling him dad.

                      But, I let it slide because I knew what you were saying. I let the Efron thing slide too…because that is how desperately I want a third movie.

    • Star Wars!

      As mentioned before, I’m a bit comicbookmovied out at the moment. I don’t really care too much about any of the upcoming Marvel/DC movies. I will watch them, of course, but I can’t get excited about them at this point, nor do I anticipate them.

    • POPEYE

      No, I’m kidding, it’s actually both of those. And depending on how the marketing for the film and how good Cap 2 is, maybe even Avengers 2.

    • @ Matt

      1. Avengers 2
      2. Star Wars 7
      3. Batman vs. Superman

      This list is subject to change without notice based on trailer viewing! :)

    • I pretty much plan on living in the cinema that summer, way too many movies to see :)

  11. avengers 2

  12. I’d just like to say that I’m disappointed Avengers 2 is titled “Age of Ultron” and not “The coming of Thanos” or “Behold: A Mad Titan” or “Something that acknowledges we teased him at the end of Avengers leading fans to believe he would be the focus of the next installment.”

    • @ Minbender

      It’s right to save the big baddie for the last installment. He’ll be in Guardians and probably have a small role in Avengers 2 (maybe another tease) but he’s too big to rush straight into.

      • Yeah I know. I’m definitely a Thanos “fanboy” if you will, and I know there is much to cover if you are going to give him a proper intro.

        A year ago, I was really hoping that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was actually ‘Marvel Origins: Thanos’ in disguise, as a way to set him up before Avengers 2, just going off the fact that they had just teased him in Avengers.

        It turns out, it’s all just major teasing. Kinda frustrating, but I get it.

        • Yeah I’m pretty bummed that Guardians is basically gonna be a stand alone and we probably won’t see their involvement until A3. I feel like Marvel could’ve played that better. I also wish it had been more about Thanos. He’s a great villain.

  13. I think star wars 7 is going to be a huge disappointment. (gasp! Say wha?????) Here’s the deal, I think Disney should have never paid for the rights to Star Wars. I mean, what are they going to do? The Emperor is dead, Darth is dead, The Empire is fallen. Unless we go with Patton Oswalt’s genius idea there is no logical place to take the plotline. This is all just a ploy for Disney to make more money and screw over a beloved franchise… I mean look what they did to LucasArts, I was really anticipating 1313! All of the old actors are coming back, and although some are feeling nostalgic about this… they are OLD!! They were asked to go on a diet! That means they are out of shape and out of their prime. I also am not a fan of JJ Abrams at all (save for Star Trek). Does anyone else feel my general apprehension about this?

  14. I had a dream last night that for its opening weekend, Smurfs 2 earned zero dollars. A producer for the film held a press conference, where he begged for America to see the film. He said he would log onto SR and listen to our opinions to make better films. Maybe dreams can come true???

    I ate a banana before bed. Maybe that was the cause.

    • Dude!! Could the same thing happen for Grown Ups 2??! We would need a time machine for that to happen tho..

    • I’d hate to tell you what I dream about. If I was you, I’d stop eating bananas though. Just to be on the safe side.

    • I love your dream hah!

  15. Hey quick question: I’ve kinda gotten behind in my movie-going and there are a lot of movies I want to see but I don’t know how to prioritize them.

    Just in your own opinion which is better out of Despicable Me 2, MU, and Turbo.

    And which is more worth my time out of Red 2, Now you See Me, The Conjuring, or Pacific Rim in Imax (I’ve already seen it but not in Imax).

    • Despicable Me 2 was amazing! Haven’t seen Red 2 yet (want to) but it’s supposed to be good. Now You See Me is another promising one I haven’t seen, and The Conjuring is (from what friends have told me, I have a weak stomach when it comes to horror) the scariest movie ever.

      • That’s generally what I’ve heard. Everybody loves Despicable Me 2. I was more curious about Turbo to be honest but the reviews weren’t stellar and it kinda bombed. I’ll prbly skip it now and see Despicable instead.

        Even though reviews for Red 2 aren’t great I’ll prbly see it as well.

    • Of the animated ones, Despicable Me 2, enjoyment wise and box office wise… it’s a winner.

      Haven’t seen any of the other 4 (blame my kids), but I like heist movies so Now You See Me would be good. Just saw RED again last week so even though I hear it’s bad, would like to see RED 2.

      • … oops… didn’t finish.

        But will probably see Pacific Rim before RED 2. Not interested in The Conjuring, just not a horror buff like I used to be (maybe all those Saw movies turned me off).

        • Yeah I feel the same way about Red 2 haha.. I’ll just see it anyway. But hey if you haven’t seen Pacific Rim yet I highly recommend it! That’s the most fun I’ve had in a movie theater for a very long time.

          Not much of a horror buff either but the conjuring sounds really good! I’ll prbly see it last out of all the stuff I listed.

    • Now You See Me is a rental. Don’t bother watching that one in the theater. The trailer made it look much more exciting than it actually is and Eisenberg, Harrelson & Co. aren’t really the main characters. They are barely in the movie. Instead we follow Ruffalo’s detective character and his Interpol partner for the most part. A very forgettable movie.

      • ive found all animated movies this year to be average, but despicable me has been the best. Id say the conjuring is the only must see, while pacific rim may be the best use of the big screen

    • Despicable Me 2 is really good. Probably the best animated film we’re getting this year, IMO. Red 2 is an okay movie. I think it just isn’t as good as Red but still worth checking it out all the same. Now you See Me is more of a rental. The trailer showed all the good parts and it’s a movie that just didn’t peak my interest. The Conjuring is a must see if you’re a fan of horror. I didn’t think it would live up to all this hype but it was actually a very well done film that brought back memories of the old horror film days of The Shinning, The Poltergeist, IT and so on. Pacific Rim is a movie that must be seen in IMAX although I wouldn’t mind checking it out on Blu-ray with my home entertainment system. My friend told me that he took his kid to see Turbo but that the kid wasn’t all that into it which isn’t a good thing. I’ve heard MU was also pretty good

  16. Why’d they even make a Smufs 2? I understand the reasoning behind Smurfs 1, but I thought it was terrible all around for most people?

    • Do you have kids? That’s why. Guess who gets to go to Smurfs 2. This guy :(

      • From the previews, I don’t think I want my kids watching Smurfs 2 (yes… they did watch Smurf 1 but I had someone else take them… whew!).

        Seems like they added some crass humor that really isn’t kid friendly, I don’t recall exactly but something about a Smurf showing his butt.

        • We took my daughter to the first at a nearby Drive In…which closed last summer. So, if I do go, it’s the old fashion theater with no outside summer distractions. :(

          Maybe I should watch the trailer. I know she has seen the signs at the theater for the last six months and gets overly excited.

      • @ Professor

        I’ll be there with you. My girlfriend and I will be taking my youngest nieces to see it. The first one was ok.

    • @1015

      To give the reason for a Smurfs 3.

      • Jeff – Well, they have to round out the trilogy.

  17. Stole this from the How Did This Get Made Facebook page:

    “Happy National Lasagna Day! Movies that mention lasagna! Go!”

    Mine is Clerks

    • Garfield?

    • Airplane

    • Goodfellas

  18. footage from Amazing spider man 2 LEAKED!!!!

    • no waaaaay… you serious? you got a link to prove it? It’s not just that 40 seconds of electro is it?

        • very excited for this

        • Very cool. I’m excited for Spidey 2!

        • I am checking this out right when I get out of work!! :/ Thanks in advance!!

        • For some reason, I cannot bring myself to like Sally Fields as Aunt May.

          Other than that, it looks really good. A lot of scenes really reminiscent of SM2, but still good.

        • Very cool!

          Thanks Kid!

  19. What does everyone think of the Tyler Hoechlin possibly being Batman rumors? I’ve never seen Teen Wolf but I watched some clips and I think he’s got the growl-in-your-face thing down but I don’t know about his acting abilities. I’d be open to seeing what they do with him.

    • I think you would want a Batman a little bit more establish…Tyler Hoechin is 26 years old.

      Kind of hard to take him seriously as a Batman if you know he would get carded in a TV Show…

      • @ The Dark Cow

        Established as an actor? Yeah, maybe. But I can’t think of any actor I think would be good for the role and be able to stick with it. Al the actors who would make a good Batman are all 40+ and that just won’t be good for the franchise. People keep making the argument, “well RDJ is 47 and he’s still Iron Man.” Well he’s in a big CGI suit. It doesn’t count. In Batman: Year One, he’s 25 when he comes back to Gotham after training around the world for 15 years. I think having a younger, less established actor could work because they could mold him into the Batman they want.

        • Oneiros?

          Bruce Wayne is already established, as such he has to be older. Because he would need to hide “Billions” of dollars from Wayne Enterprises when he builds Watch Tower. Without Bruce Wayne, Justice League does not have the financial muscle to become the Justice League.

          By Establishing Wayne Enterprises in Man of Steel, you are pretty much certain Bruce Wayne is the same age or around in Man of Steel. The Symbol on the satellite was the newer version of the Wayne Logo. So we know where it is set.

          • @ Dark Cow

            That’s true and having a 40 year old actor would totally work for this movie but that actor would not be able to play an active, valuable member of the team by the time JL3 comes out. I agree that a younger actor isn’t ideal for this movie but,when making a franchise, the studio is gonna want this person to still be able to be physical for many movies to come. Some of the Avengers actors have signed 6 picture contracts. Do you think that if they had cast a 40 year old guy for Captain America that he’d still be believable by Avengers 3? The actor may be young but They can tell the audience he’s 33 and you just believe that. Christian Bale still portrayed young adult Bruce Wayne. They just combed his hair different. It can work. I’m not saying it’s ideal but it can work.

      • Too young. I want an experienced, battle-hardened Batman and not one that is scratching on yet another origin story.

        • @ TheLostWinchester

          I want that too but I don’t think it’ll work for a franchise. If we get Karl Urban or Ryan Gosling or any of the other names that have been thrown out there by fans, we’re gonna have a 65 year old Batman by the time we get to JL3. I know that Batman has been done old before in tons of comics (I’m an avid reader of all of them) but that’s not what will work for this movie. I’d prefer someone who is early to late 30′s but I don’t think it’ll happen. I think they want someone with similar experience to Cavill and someone they won’t have to pay a ton of money lol.

          • I think its a ploy for attention i doubt he will be cast. I like jake gyllenhaal, he is only 34s the only must see, while pacific rim may be the best use of the big screen

          • I’ve been reading a lot on the casting choices for this movie. By all indication they are planning on moving rather quickly with the casting. Bale appears to be out and they are moving towards someone who is “unknown” for this role. Tyler Hoechin appears to have been brought in for screen testing with Cavill according to numerous sites. Gosling appears to be out to focus more on his directing(although a lot of sites are saying this was more of a fan petition than actual interest for the role). Another name that is popping up is Charlie Hunnam. It seems like they are keeping true to that “unknown” role for Batman. An interesting choice was brought up by one site in which they bring up a possibility for Guy Pearce as he is a favorite of executive producer Christopher Nolan. Armie Hammer is more likely out due to the horrible showing of that Loner Ranger movie and Michael Fassbender would cost too much

            • i actually think Guy Pearce would be a fantastic choice, he really can dissapear in a role and get really big (see lockout)

      • I’m still going with #Batmanganiello.

        Can’t we get an AMERICAN actor this time around? Superman is an alien so Cavill being British is sort of appropriate. :)

        • @BigNerd.

          Go sit in the corner young man.

          That was bad,very bad. :)

        • I do like Manganiello for Batman but he’s 40. Gyllenhaal is too baby faced. He doesn’t look hardened and his voice is too high. I don’t see any villain being intimidated by him.

          • @Onerios:

            Wiki (the undisputed fountain of ALL knowledge) says he’s 36. And he growls way better than Bale.

            Plus I’m trying to pull in all those vampire/werewolf fans. :)

            • fair enough. I like Joe. I think he’d be awesome. I’d much prefer him to Hoechlin. I still think they may try and use someone younger and less expensive. Not that Joe would be crazy expensive but a star of a crappy angsty werewolf tv show vs. a star of a hit HBO vampire/werewolf tv show is a price difference not to be scoffed at.

              • You bring up a good point about salary differences.

                But… if I were a mid-tier actor and WB/DC asked me to be the next Batman, would I really put that at risk by demanding tons of money?

                Here’s a question:

                What < 30 year old actor out there is tall (at least 6'2") and strapped?

              • I can 100 % I would be a better Bruce Wayne than Hoechlin.

    • I say at least get someone as old or within the 30′s range of age.

      Zachary Quinto or Sam Witwer are good picks. Joe Manganiello isn’t a bad pick either.

      • John Krasinski – 33 years old. 6’3″. And currently unemployed.

        • @ Prof Procrastination

          For good reason

          • Fair enough. How about Niall Matter. 32 years old, 6′. And currently unemployed as well.

            If they’re looking for 2015 release, they need someone available pretty soon, right?

    • Right, I’m sure people will disagree, but hear me out. My choice for the new Batman is: Tom Hardy. Admittedly I do have some bias, as I consider him one of the best modern actors around (find “Bronson” and “Stuart: A Life Backwards” if you don’t believe me) but, again, hear me out. He, without doubt, has action in the bag, his fighting is certainly strong enough, and talented enough, to make fight scenes under the cowl look convincing. As Bane, he was heavy and brutal, but I know he can make that heavy-hitting style much more controlled. He also has a good penchant for accents (his American accent in Warrior was very convincing) so he could easily pull off a non-growling Bat-voice. As Bruce, it is harder to make a case, and I found it difficult for a while, but I took Inception as my que for a Hardy-style Wayne. He’s cool calm, witty. Again though, the Wayne case is harder, as, other than Inception and This Means War, which is just a bad advertisement for everyone involved, he hasn’t played people outside of action roles. But Tom is a chameleon actor. He could be strong in almost everything.I have full faith he can replicate that collected wit (although I doubt much Bruce Wayne will be needed in MOS2) as well as heavy action. Also, to people who will say “oh but he was Bane, he can’t be Batman” well need I remind you, Chris Evans was both Human Torch and Cap’ America, with barely any physical difference. Whereas Bane was almost completely covered facially, so would look nothing like his own Bruce Wayne. I doubt many will change from their choice, but here’s my case as well as I can put it. Thoughts?

      • Sorry, that should say “cool, calm and witty”

      • Too short.

      • no

      • Chris Evans isn’t the only one who pulled that off…Ryan Reynolds attempted to be Deadpool and Green Lantern, Nicolas Cage was Big Daddy and Ghost Rider, Jon Favreau played smaller roles as Foggy Nelson and Happy Hogan, Terence Stamp as Zod and unfortunately he was cast as Stick, Ray Stevenson was exceptional as Volstagg and the Punisher, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and the voice of the Silver Surfer, and of course Halle Berry as Storm and Catwoman. Even though actors can play multiple characters in multiple movies, I still say NO! They should cast someone who fits the character and Tom Hardy does not (IMHO) fit the Bruce Wayne/Batman character.

      • Tom Hardy.


        Which I noticed in Dark Knight Rises.

        • Y’know… Tom Hardy would actually work…

  20. I’ll just do a fresh message and say that my top two picks for the new Bruce Wayne/Batman are Luke Evans and Matt Bomer.

    At a distant third, I’m intrigued by the idea of Wes Bentley. So yeah, those are my top three, then.

    • Maybe Luke Evans. i don’t think Bomer could pull off the rugged thing. Same with Bentley. They’re handsome guys so I can see the appeal but I feel like they lack the intimidation factor. You can put lots of guys in that costume and they’ll look good on a movie poster but we need someone who can be scary. Batman uses peoples’ fears against them. He intimidates people into giving him what he wants. Those guys aren’t intimidating. There needs to be a contrast between Batman and Superman.

  21. Now thinking about it, what do you think about having someone like a Guy Pearce being Bats?

    • If this was 10 years ago, I’d be down for it. I get the vibe that they’re wanting an actor that’s around the same age as Cavill, though.

  22. To Screenrant,
    There was a post a year or so back about “Showtime” adapting a new tv series based on a European graphic novel called THE DAMNED??? Since then there hasn’t been any news and I’ve been really looking forward to anything on it since there isn’t much on tv to watch these days.. Is there anyway Screenrant can do some digging????

  23. I think 3D plays a big part in all these big budget movies bombing. The novelty of 3D has finally worn off and people become aware of all the downside. They aren’t willing to pay a premium for it anymore and since the 3D version is the only option to watch in most cities, because cinemas don’t even provide a (cheaper) 2D version anymore, people rather wait for the home release.

    I’m not going watch Man of Steel and Pacific Rim in the theater, for example. Too expensive and no 2D showings. I’m going to wait until they come out on Blu-ray.

    • Wow. No 2-D showings at all? That’s messed up. I dislike 3-D. Makes me appreciate that I live in a city with 20+ movie theaters.

    • There’s 2-D options for every movie in Joliet, not offering 2-D showings seems kinda money-grubbing and rude.

  24. I think star wars 7 is going to be a huge disappointment. (gasp! Say wha?????) Here’s the deal, I think Disney should have never paid for the rights to Star Wars. I mean, what are they going to do? The Emperor is dead, Darth is dead, The Empire is fallen. Unless we go with Patton Oswalt’s genius idea there is no logical place to take the plotline. This is all just a ploy for Disney to make more money and screw over a beloved franchise… I mean look what they did to LucasArts, I was really anticipating 1313! All of the old actors are coming back, and although some are feeling nostalgic about this… they are OLD!! They were asked to go on a diet! That means they are out of shape and out of their prime. I also am not a fan of JJ Abrams at all (save for Star Trek). Does anyone else feel my general apprehension about all this?

  25. would anyone like to see the yellow oval back on Batman’s costume? Or am I the only one.

    • For me, the yellow oval was part of the old, outdated campiness of the Golden Age Batman, and as such, I do not think it is necessary. The Golden Age of noble heroes and damsels in distress does not fit in with this modern society of antiheroes and powerful female characters.

      • I thought the yellow oval was part of the silver age aswell. I never thought of it being campy. It had style as Batman didn’t start out with wearing a yellow oval and had over-sized ears in his first appearance. I don’t mind him being without it for awhile but wouldn’t to bring it back as his costume changes & if they could modernize Superman’s costume, they can with Batman with the yellow oval back. Aquaman, Flash’s don’t look like they hardly changed at all.

    • I’m not a fan. I prefer the larger, black symbol, even if it’s black-on-black like in the films.

      • I hated TDK & TDKR Batman costumes. The emblem was too small & barely could notice it & just badly design to be a hockey player. Batman Begins costume was the cowl that made Bale look like a bobble head.

  26. Don’t know if this post is too late to have anyone see it BUT..

    Regarding some information brought to light through many online articles today: Has anyone heard the news going around about the Comic Con footage of Thor: The Dark World? I don’t think ScreenRant did a recap on it, but its become a pretty big deal today. I’m not going to spoil what is spreading, but for those who have read up on it.. What are your thoughts on it??

  27. It is a little disappointing that Pacific Rim is not doing better in the U.S. box office,but it looks like it will eventually get to a $100 million,and it has pretty good international box office,and its still has yet to open in Japan and China,plus the blu-ray sales should give Pacific Rim a small profit when all is said and done,it is my hope that one day PR will get a sequel and that movie will be a lot better well received than the first one,but with that being said Pacific Rim is still the best movie of this summer,IMO,and I say this even after seeing The Wolverine over the weekend which I give a 7/10 btw.

  28. I derive a little bit of pleasure when some random person in the Screen Rant comments acts like we all know who he is…

    “You know I’m the Wolverine expert around here!”
    “huh? Who are you again?”

    • Depends on who you’re talking to. I’ve pretty much found out who knows what by now, but we all generally know something about a topic.

    • I’m the Professor AKA B List Pornstar Extra AKA Spawnacus and I’m the resident expert…on everything…from the 80s with the words Ghost and buster in the title.

  29. Skyfall was on the tv last night and i really enjoyed it the 2nd time round more than the first time….
    Daniel Craig is a great Bond, he will probably do 2 more movies and then retire…..

    So, the question is…. Who would be your choice(s) to take over as 007 from Craig?

    The Suave James Bond’s (like Roger Moore)

    Gerard Butler….. yeah, he’s a terrible actor, but he’s good looking, hunky and has that Scottish accent that makes the birds swoon….

    Henry Cavill…. would be a good choice, but he’s Superman now, so probably not

    The bruiser James Bond

    Tom Hardy, much better actor than Butler… just as hunky…. he would be my 2nd choice..

    Christian Bale…. if Christopher Nolan decides he wants to do a Bond movie, maybe Bale would up for it. He ain’t as good looking as Butler, Hardy or Cavill, but he probably the best actor out of all of them

    My 1st choice is…..

    M I C H A E L F A S S B E N D E R
    great actor, youngish, good looking, charming. if puts a bit of muscle on, he would be perfect!!!

    What do ya think?