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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 27, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 27, 2012

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  1. I was debating if I was going to see The Watch this weekend but wasn’t sure so I figured I would wait for some reviews.
    It’s currently at 14% on Rotten Tomatos. WOW!! Even Sandler’s That’s my Boy is 24%. I guess my fears of all the funny bits being in the trailer may be true…

    • The part where they were all standing around shooting the alien in the trailer had me cracking up!

      • I thought the trailer was funny also. In fact when I went to see TDKR the crowd was loving the trailer. But….
        Every trailer and TV Spot has shown the same footage. I’m not saying I want to see the whole movie in the trailers but when every one shows the same stuff it’s usually a sign that it may be all you’re going to get. Especially with comedies.

    • I saw The Watch at the Sony Studios last week, I thought it was hilarious!!! Was surprised to see such a bad score on Rotton Tomatoes. If u like the typical Vaghn/Stiller/Hill movies you will like this. I thought it was just as funny as 21 Jump Street.

    • I saw The Watch at the Sony Studios last week, I thought it was hilarious!!! Was surprised to see such a bad score on Rotton Tomatoes. If u like the typical Vaghn/Stiller/Hill movies you will definetly like this. I thought it was just as funny as 21 Jump Street.

  2. Just started watching theme IT crowd… hilarious show

    • I *loved* the first season of The IT Crowd, but then it got really raunchy and I didn’t like it nearly as much.


    • Found that show on Netflix and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it to anyone streaming Netflix. I was happy to see Moss was going to be in “The Watch”, I just hope he gets a fair amount of screen time and doesn’t become a background character to Stiller, Vaughn, and Hill.

      • He gets a good amount of screen time but for me attest Jonah hill had most of the good lines

  3. The not themr

  4. expect a 55 to 62 percent drop for the darknight rises and putting to rest anymore notions that this movie will sustain its audience. i said from onset this overrated movie looked more like a bosnian conflict more then it looked like a comic book movie. it wont go way of avengers or titanic or avatar for sure. more like last years harry potter’s numbers did last year domestically.

    • Daring of you to say, as you will likely incur the wrath of all the diehard fanboys out there. I agree that it will likely fall short of The Avengers gross, as it seems it doesn’t have nearly as much good “buzz” about it. Wouldn’t it be something if a little thing called The Hobbit leaves The Avengers in its wake? Time will tell…

  5. Just came back from my second viewing of TDKR (I gave the movie a 9.5 after my initial viewing).
    Gotta say, I’m a little disappointed and very embarrassed :(
    The film was still fantastic, but the emotional punch from the first viewing was definitely not as strong during this one. The “plot holes” also shined through more this time (I noticed most of them during the first viewing, but didn’t care – this time, it kinda stuck out a bit more) and the way the villains were… handled at the end wasn’t that great either.

    Basically, I don’t think this movie will be as great upon repeat viewings IMO and for that reason I’m gonna demote my personal rating to 9 out of 10.
    Still, it’s a pretty amazing film IMO and for anyone who hasn’t seen it, stand up right now, get your money and run to your nearest theater. No, you can feed the cat when you get back! Run as fast as you can, now!!

    • For me I think the plot holes can be easily explained. that being said I feel a time restriction mite have been put on the film cause I see much more opportunity for growth in story. maybe an extra hour directors cut Will be released

      • And I agree the problem with movies that have twist is on second viewings u know them. along with all the emotion. unlike. the dark knight scene were Rachel dies that still makes me say wow

  6. I read an article that the Snowcrash movie project got a writer/director of Joe Cornish.

    Snowcrash has to be one of my favorite books of all time. I am just very concerned that Will Smith will be cast as Hiro, Natalie Portman as Y.T. and “The Rock” as Raven.

    • Never heard of it I mite have to check it out. Cornish is a good writer.

  7. Last night, I saw the original Superman (1978) for the first time. I had previously seen bits and pieces here and there, but this was my first time seeing the entire thing, start to finish.

    Now, maybe it’s because I’m a child of the 90s/00s, but I didn’t really like it. Obviously, there’s the whole outdated special effects, but I’m not going to address that, because I’m sure it was revolutionary and incredible for 1978.

    I also found the movie to be VERY cheesy and predictable. Again, this movie was the first superhero movie, so I guess it was great for it’s time, and now that there are so many more superhero movies influenced by it, so it seems repeated watching it now. But I don’t know, I still found it to be cheesy.

    Am I just being pretentious here? I just didn’t really see the appeal, but if I saw it in 1978, maybe I would have felt differently. When the movie was released, was it considered to be good?

    • Well, I was a kid when this film came out and it was considered a phenomenal film and it still is considered a good film. It’s got a 95% fresh rating at RT, and that is pretty good for a 30+ yr old movie. There had never been anything like this before and, IMO, it’s still better than a lot of the CBM out today. Which would you rather watch? Superman or Ghost Rider? I’ll take Superman any day.

      • Oh, I’d take Superman any day of the week. Outdated and cheesy >>> modern and bad.

    • Ezra, I agree with you completely. It seemed very cheesy and kind of just plain. Then agian I didn’t see it when it came out or grow up with it, so I watched it with no emotional connection at all (except that he is Superman.)However I’m sure it was pretty amazing for it’s time, it just can’t stand up to some of the superhero movies we have now IMHO.

    • @ ezra

      I wasn’t born yet when Superman The Movie came out & was pretty young with sequels came out. Of-course i grew up enjoying them. Of-course i wasn’t thinking about special fx, etc. back then. I just enjoyed seeing Superman as he was the first superhero ive seen & came to admire. Burton’s 89 Batman i only saw on vhs because i was still too young to see it in theaters. But watched it numberous of times as i did Superman. To be i barely knew who Robin was/excisted till i got action figure of him & saw reruns of the 60′s Batman show. Wondered why he wasn’t in the film but didn’t care. My nephews are just now getting into Superheroe films & they enjoy Christopher Reeve’s Superman films aswell as the old Batman films & Nolan’s Batman films. It’s just a matter of opinion. Especially when it comes to generations of fans of the characters.

  8. You know, Im sick and tired of people saying TDKR did not live up to the hype, had plot holes, wasnt done right, but in the same review they admit that it is emotionally engaging, raw, powerful, cinematic history blah blah blah. JUST ADMIT IT WAS AWESOME. It has raised the bar once again, regardless of wat u say.

    • Don, just accept and appreciate that people have different opinions about things. If you think something is “awesome”, and others do not, their opinion is neither wrong, nor a personal attack on you. Let it be.

  9. yea, ur right

  10. Wish during ur TDKR pod cast you’ve have mentioned the IMAx presentation of the movie. Saw it in “true” IMAx an it was epic

  11. I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics (most of it, anyway), and the James Bond bit with the Queen was absolutely brilliant!! Just too bad that they couldn’t incorporate The Doctor in there somehow!!

  12. I listened to an interesting radio program yesterday discussing superhero archetypes….. includes an interview with Larry Tye: Author of “Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero.”

    Here’s the link if you are interested:

  13. I just listened to the TDKR podcast, good points all around.

    here’s a question…

    whose performance was better?

    Scarlett Johanssen as Black Widow, or Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle?

    • Oh, Hathaway, by far.

      IMO, ScarJo was little more than eye candy. Yes, her character was fleshed out much more from IM 2, but her performance was kinda meh, IMO.

      Hathaway on the other hand was phenomenal, IMO. Easily stole the show.

      • In all fairness both were eye candy. Scarlett improved on the character, Anne created a new version of catwoman. Both did well… but I think maybe your right, Catwoman was great. I had low expectations and she ahem… raised them.