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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 26, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 26, 2013

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  1. Seeing Wolverine tonight. Cautiously optimistic about this movie. The wifey loves Orgins (WHY!?!?) so we get date night.

    Topic for today: if you could plan the new phase 1 of Fox Marvel Movies what would you pick? Mine would be:

    Fantastic Four
    Team Up against Doom- insert corny title here

    • My wife likes it too. My guess is Ryan Reynolds and shirtless Hugh Jackman.

      I’d like a villain centered movie…Doctor Doom. I liked First Class because it centered around Magneto.

      And of course, Deadpool.

      • You know, a Doctor Doom solo movie would be pretty darn sweet. You sir, get a +1. :)

        • Yes! 4 more of those and I get a free pat on the back ;)

        • Any Dr. Doom reference gets a +1 from me aswell.

          I saw Wolverine last night. I’ll keep the spoilers out, and just say that the movie has an ultra-suave feel to it, and it is a very entertaining experience. In my experience, the movie kept you guessing for the first 2/3, but fell into very predictable territory in the last 1/3. A few generic lines and roles, but not to a distracting extent in the least.

          SR gives it a 3.5/5. It’s weird, ’cause I think it’s slightly better than that, but still just short of 4 – so I’ll be a pain and give it a 3.75

          I would also like to say that I am now VERY excited for Days of Future Past. The whole time-travel thing has the potential to “fix” a lot of the problems of the X franchise. Namely: X-3.

    • I don’t know about a Phase 1 seeing as I don’t really know how or why you’d want to team up the X-Men and FF. I remember SR did a story about the possibility and at the time it seemed like a cool idea, but the more I think about it, the more it seems weird that those characters would be on the same screen without The Avengers (which, in the comics, has almost always acted as a link between those teams).

      But anyways, I just want Fox to get ‘Deadpool’ out there (the script still has me cracking up when I think about it), and I want them to do well with X-Force and the FF reboot, so I’d only want to help plan and oversee those flicks and make sure they come out good, but a team up? I dunno anymore…

    • Already in my seat waiting for The Wolverine, heard there will be an unrated version on Blu-ray.

  2. What’s with all the racism on SR lately? Someone blurted out an ignorant comment on the Bloodsport reboot thread yesterday for no reason. Not to mention the race war on the Fantastic Four thread. Sheesh…makes me not want to comment on articles

    • I’ve sorta noticed there’s been a growing number of commenters on the site just in general. That just means there’s a higher chance of running into trolls, weirdos, and knuckleheads, I guess.

      • Yup, it’s a problem. The more popular the site gets, the more it will attract “undesirables.” That’s part of the reason we don’t use something like Disqus for comments, which makes it easier to comment on the site and more likely we’d get what I like to call drive-by commenting.


        • I appreciate that, Vic.

          I think it’s a combination of what boogoo said and the avenger said below. It just seems way worse lately, it has to be linked to certain judicial events

        • @ Vic

          Over all you have a great site here. Are there going to people like that? Sure, they are on every site, they can’t be stopped. You keep doing what you’re doing, I think you have a great thing going here just as it is. :)

        • @ Vic

          Have you thought about adding a chat room to the site if possible?

        • then i take back the inner comments of “i wish i could reply via email.” but i get what you are saying.

      • Screen Rant needs a forum. Not only will the scranters get to ****talk about their favorite or upcoming movies, but the links and news we find on the net could contribute to articles for the main site.

    • I’m glad I work 1st shift now and don’t have the free time anymore to be on here LOL. Its been discouraging me for a while now. Its worse when its advocated by the site.

    • Just an observation: ever since a certain someone was found not guilty for a certain act, it seems racism has been oozing out of the cracks. A hot topic in the news, for sure.
      Hopefully we can avoid those discussions here though. IMO, if people want to talk about race, they can do it somewhere else (I’m sure YouTube would welcome some more ~in depth views of race and religion~ ;)).
      With certain things (like the Idris Elba for James Bond topic for example), it’s okay to discuss it because race is a relevant aspect of that discussion, but those random, ignorant comments you mentioned don’t have anything to do with anything imo.

      • Idk if this is what you were looking for but ever since I heard talk of Idris Elba as Bond I got super psyched! I think he would bring some great things to the role.

        • It would be nice to see an African American Bond. Thing is though, every actor who becomes Bond is pretty much an unknown until they make their debut as 007.

          Elba has been making a name for himself lately so I’m not sure if they’ll take a big name.

            • Hehe,

            • …CAAW!

        • I also think Idris Elba as Bond would be awesome. He’s my second favorite choice for the role.

    • My comment amounts have dropped lately because there is more flame war baiting that when I first found the site.

      The Avenger made a good comment recently about no longer taking part in Marvel vs DC battles. My feelings are the same on that subject and similar ones like you mentioned.

      • @ Aaron

        I agree completely about the flame wars, they are out of hand at times. I do try my best to not engage in the battles that go on, (Marvel vs. DC, etc). It’s pointless and never ending. There’s so much more to talk about than that.

    • Racism.

      Only exist because ignorant people allow it to exist.

  3. Saw Oblivion yesterday. I don’t understand why Tom Cruise gets so much hate, it wasn’t that bad. A little too long and certain parts slow things down too much, but overall, an enjoyable sci-fi movie.

    In my opinion still better than Ironman 3.

    • I always say this about Tom Cruise. You either hate him or like him. But they guy can sell a movie like no other.

    • I didn’t hate it.. I actually thought it was pretty good, better than Kosinki’s last outing. Just thought it borrows heavily from superior sci-fi flicks.

  4. I’ve been noticing how Marvel is taking more and more liberties from the comics. I know they won’t follow the source material to the letter, but I don’t understand why they have to change so much stuff… It will all still probably be good but I can’t help but think marvels got another “Mandarin” in the works… We’ll see

    • You can’t please everyone. But it seems like the large portion of the audience doesn’t care.

      They followed it with Avengers and then got flack for Cap’s costume from fan boys. Then they changed up the Mandarin, and got flack from fan boys. Now with Ultron, flack from fan boys.

      I still bet that Avengers 2 will make 1.5 billion. My opinion on this is that fan boys get over it. The MCU is not comics just like Whedon said.

      • @Kyle yeah, the fan boys will always complain, but it would be nice to see cbm’s done relatively close to the comics, I know it won’t be perfect but let’s face it… Most of us will be dead by the time they reboot the mcu, so the fanboys wanna see it done right in their lifetime

    • I look at it this way: I don’t read anything other than Spider-Man from Marvel and I don’t like The Avengers or IM3. I look at them as films because I wouldn’t know fan service if they gave it to me unless it involved Hulk.

      So, I’m hoping (and I really do mean hoping) that by the time Winter Soldier is released, it will change my mind about them because Thor is just going to push me further away.

    • @DJB: I feel the same way. I’m not expecting a panel-by-panel retelling, but I don’t get all the changes either. It seems unnecessary. Certain things from the comics can’t translate well into film and I get that, but most of it can, and up until IM3, Marvel did pretty well in keeping true to those things.

      For example, I would have welcomed the change if The Mandarin was as he was sold in all the interviews and trailers (a bloodthirsty, intelligent terrorist leader who takes iconography and perverts it to further his own goals). Something like that would have been cool. It would have been original, intimidating and in some ways still faithful to the comics. But then the twist happened. It was funny, but what purpose did it really serve? What was the point of doing that? To me it seemed they only did because they wanted to shock the audience (and that, imo, isn’t a good reason to do something like that).

      I’ll wait and see like everyone else (and I’ll be first to buy tickets for the movie obviously ;)), but I share your slight skepticism and worry.

  5. Box office prediction time:

    1. The Wolverine (although I’m not planning on watching it)
    2. The Conjuring (not sure on this… horrors don’t have much repeat business)
    Despicable Me 2 (resisting minions is futile)
    Turbo (family movies still do well)
    Grown Ups 2 (only “adult” comedy out there?)

    And just to make OD explode, I pick Joe Manganiello as my choice for the next Batman. #Batmanganiello

    • Zachary Quinto for Batman!

      • Quinto doesn’t have the physique in my opinion.

        And now it’s hard for me not to see him and think “Live long and prosper”.

        • Well, to be fair, he hasn’t had a physically demanding role. So he could buff up. Batman himself isn’t very “huge” per say, it’s more ripped lean muscle and not Superman sized like in BTAS or “The Dark Knight Returns”.

          • I actually prefer Bats and Supes to be similar in build/stature.

            It adds to their whole dichotomy.

            Plus, it allows them to pull the old “switcheroo” on their enemies… hehe (Dark Cow knows what I’m talkin’ bout).

            • Oh, so you essentially want a Superman playing a Batman. Gotcha. I’m not big on Superman so I don’t really look at it that way.

              • This is what I mean about adding to the dichotomy.

                Clark is built the way he is because of his Kryptonian ancestry, he’s strong and muscular (and I’m assuming this) because of the effects of Earth’s gravity and sun. But how did he get so buff? Has anyone seen Clark go to a gym or work out?

                As for Bruce, he has to work hard for his build. He has to constantly train, lift weights, do yoga (heh) to maintain his physique (maybe he takes PEDs :) ).

                Realistically, Clark should just have a normal build but has superhuman strength… and Bruce should be ripped to the peak of human conditioning. Batman should be more muscular than Superman, but I understand why Supes can’t be some skinny or fat guy with superhuman strength.

                • Gotcha, that makes perfect sense :)

            • @BigNerd.

              Yes,yes I do.

        • Actors have a lot of time on their hands… a gym isn’t out of the question for any of them.

      • +1

      • John Krasinski for Batman!

    • Joe Manganiello is 6’5″ that would look a bit awkward if/when he stands next to 6’1″ Henry Cavill’s Superman.

      • That’s why I thought Henry Cavill was short to play Superman (I believe Joe also tried out for Supes).

        Maybe they can put lifts in his shoes. :)

        • Hugh Jackman is taller than James Marsden in the X-Men films, not many people complained except for Marsden having special boots to make appear taller when he was next to Wolverine in shots.


      Kidding. I couldn’t care less. :)

      • I like magneillo for batman and quinto can bulk up. He was pretty cut in heroes and bale wasn’t huge ya know. Quinto is a fantastic actor. I also like Tyler hoachlin he a good enough actor.

        While on the topic. Some friends and I were talking about potential titles we liked cuz we hope it’s not a versus movie title (even though it probably will be)
        But some we were throwing around was
        Worlds finest (obviously)
        Man of steel: enter the batman
        Man of steel: beware the batman
        Man of steel: gothams knight
        What do you guys think?

        • I like “Enter the Batman”

        • I know there is a ton of backlash over calling it “Batman vs. Superman” or “Batman/Superman”, but I think it’s a more identifiable name, there is no question what the movie is about.

          If anything, it should be “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest” but in some other post, someone said WB/DC doesn’t use colons in their CBM titles. :)

          And while people consider this a Man of Steel sequel and thus should focus on Superman, I feel differently. It’s its own movie and should feature both equally. You can still have a Man of Steel 2 (or Big Blue Boyscout) movie in the future.

          • how about Man of Steel Meets The Worlds Greatest Detective, or Superman Meets Batman. do away with vs. and :’s

        • @ the might avenger

          How about no name, and just the Batman/Superman logo shown in “I am Legend”? Who says it needs a title at all?

          • (Theater, opening day)

            “Hi, how can I help you today?”

            “I need an adult for the 7:10…THAT ONE, OVER THERE!”

            • @ Ultimate ACW….


              People are still going to call it whatever they want, Batman vs Superman, Batman & Superman, etc, but I think that logo pretty much says it all. It’s just cool and speaks for itself.

        • Man of Steel: Knight Fall.
          Man of Steel: Checkmate.
          Man of Steel: Dark Horizon.
          Man of Steel: Knight Watch.
          Man of Steel: Inner Sanctum.
          Man of Steel: Dawn of the Batman.
          Man of Steel: Detective Unbound.
          Man of Steel: Annihilation.
          Man of Steel: Fractured Alliance.

          • You can’t use colons!

            Man of Steel vs Man of Lisp
            Man of Steel vs Knight of Dark

            • @BigNerd

              How rude of you! You just gave me a Colonoscopy without my permission!

              I feel so violated right now!


            • @ B. Nerd


              Man of Steel Vs. Man of Lisp?!?!

              I thought Bale was done? ;)

  6. I wonder why screenrant has not reported on tyler hoechlin as possibly being the bat? Other news sources are.

    • That was a rumor probably started by Tyler Hoechlin. If he were cast as Batman I think it would be time to write off the movie. Actually, no matter who they cast it won’t help actually.

      • ahhh patrick, the prognosticator of Doom!

        • …but am I wrong?

    • I’ve read online that the name being thrown by “sources within the planning of the movie” have Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling, Jensen Ackles, and Tyler Hoechlin as being the front runners but that with JGL possibly being attached to a Marvel movie he could be out of the running.

      • That is a pretty terrible list! They are all REALLY young. That would suggest that an inexperienced Batman would presumably get the better of a god-like being. If this is true, then this movie just cannot be good…it just can’t!

        • I think I would have to see where this is all going to really pass judgment but based on the list of possible replacements it appears to be late 20’s to mid-30’s. They are definitely not going to bring Bale back just based on Snyder’s vision. I was actually pulling for JGL to get the Batman role but it seems like he is going to be picked up by Marvel so he might be out of the running. Gosling doesn’t appear to be interested. Jensen Ackles is more of a Barry Allen type/The Flash. I just have a feeling that it will come down to Hoechlin since he was the only one that was called in for test screening next to HC

          • To me I see a no win scenario. Consider that approximately:

            5% of the audience will be confused because they will be expecting it is a continuation of The Dark Knight Trilogy;

            5% of the audience will not accept the new Batman or at the very least fairly or unfairly compare the new Batman to previous versions;

            5% will be upset because they wanted the Man of Steel explored more like his relationship with Lois Lane which will likely be sacrificed;

            5% will be upset because the film focuses on the conflict between Superman and Batman and they really don’t want to see that; and another

            5% will not like the film because they don’t like Zach Snyders approach of focusing on style over substance.

            If I am even close to that number then that puts the film already at a deficit. I have read at least six very well written articles that are REALLY skeptical or flat out think the Batman Superman film is a bad idea the way it is going. So I am not ready to throw in the towel on Bale just yet. Especially if Hoechlin is the top candidate. The reaction to him so far has been…”WHO?”

            • @Patrick:

              Such a downer… hehe. 25% is a deficit, didn’t they still watch the movie?

              I’ll bet you 100 ScreenRant dollars that BatmanVsSuperman will do better box office than you think.

              • 25% may still watch the movie, but the reason movies like the Avengers, Dark Knight, and even Superman do so well is because of repeat viewings and word of mouth. If 25% don’t like it – a 75% – audience score on Rotten Tomatoes – then that will hurt the film. Well, well … look at that…Man of Steel is at 77% and is struggling to get to $700 million worldwide…hmmmm

                I think a Batman/Superman film will do less than $300 million domestic and around $700 million worldwide.

                They need to set up a wagering site to keep track of these!

                • @Patrick:

                  I think ANY film would love to “struggle” to hit $700mil.

                  Tell Lone Ranger and RIPD that a 75% RT rating and $300mil domestic will hurt them.

                  So just for posterity’s sake, you think $300mil domestic and $700mil worldwide is a “bomb”?

                  Methinks your economy of scale may be miscalibrated.

                  • By those indication it would seem like Pacific Rim was a massive bomb being that it didn’t make much domestically but is making a lot more internationally

                    • I don’t think Pacific Rim is considered a tentpole franchise like the Dark Knight or Harry Potter. For Pacific Rim $700 million worldwide would be mind blowing. With films like Man of Steel and Harry Potter in addition to the production budget, they put massive amounts of money in marketing which I don’t think they did as much for Pacific Rim.

                  • Well relatively…obviously Warner Brothers is trying to find tent pole franchises to replace Harry Potter and the Dark Knight series. Of all of the Harry Potter and Batman movies only Batman Begins failed to get to $700 million global. But the two sequels more than made up for it with the three films combined averaging more than $700 million each. This is the REASON they are pairing Batman with Superman as an insurance policy that it gets past that mark.

                    So if it does not…yeah… it is a bomb (or from now on I will use the term “disappointment” if it makes you happy!)

        • By your standards, what is really young? JGL and Gosling are 32 and Ackles is 35.

          • I think Batman should be at or close to 40. It would mean that he has had time to become an “elder statesmen” and eventual leader of the Justice League but not to old where he could not actively participate in combat.

            • I agree but all indication is pointing to someone who “looks” younger. Even though I would like someone like Bale to continue the role he isn’t interested or at least for now. If they give him more money then who knows but at least at this point he stated that he isn’t interested in the role.

      • @ Jareddec

        How could they be considering JGL I wonder? That wouldd lead to a lot confusion if they pick him but didn’t follow TDK trilogy conclusion IMO. I don’t see how they could choose him.

        • @Stark:

          I don’t think using JGL is that confusing.

          My take on the end of TDKR was that JGL would be the new Batman, so you can actually connect the movies.

          Personally, I don’t like it because Bats should be Bruce Wayne/Batman, not Robin/Batman… but I can see why some would think it’s a good idea.

          • @ BigNerd

            I can see JGL as Dick Grayson as Robin in the new reboot, but I won’t be seeing him as Batman.

        • I think JGL was being considered but with his rumored involvement with Marvel I don’t know. I personally would like JGL as Batman if Bale isn’t coming back which by all indication seems to be the case. Joe Manganiello is too tall so I would rule him out. Karl Urban I doubt will be available due to his TV show. Zachary Quinto just doesn’t look like Batman to me and would be overshadowed by Superman unless his bulked up. A lot of the casting choices also depends on what version of Batman they are trying to do. The Nolan Batman or a whole new version.

  7. Good morning, Scranters! My daughter asked me to post this mental challenge to everyone:

    Name your favorite movie that doesn’t have the letter E in its title.

    My pick: Star Wars

    • Fight club.

    • Toy Story!

    • iron man

    • Thor

    • Lock Out

      • You mean “Die Hard in Space”?

        • @ big nerd


          No, I mean “Escape from New York” in space!! :)

    • Commando

      • Jurassic Park

    • No fair, you already picked my favorite! ;)

      • I was going to pick Fight Club, but I lost that race.

        • I’d go with ‘Gladiator’ then.

    • Pulp Fiction


    • Ghostbustrs. ;)

      • I see what you did there.

    • Lost Boys.

    • Fargo

    • Batman “1989″

    • Raging Bull, or I’ll go you a pretentious one further: 8 1/2 – no letters at all! Hey, it was either that or Plant Of The Aps…

    • City of God

    • Akira

    • die…super…alie…aven…ok, batman beg…dang! um…

      • :)

  8. Picking the next Batman is tricky, because we don’t know anything about the Batman in the MoS universe.

    Is he older and been around for awhile?
    Is he just getting started?
    Where is he in his days as Batman?

    Knowing the age and stage in life the new Batman will be would really help in choosing an actor.

    Personally, I say they go with an pre-existing Bats, (although no mention of him was made or seen in MoS, other than the satellite), and go with an older guy. He could also teach the younger Superman the ropes so to speak.
    A beefed up Karl Urban to me makes the most sense IMO.

    • This Batman is also going to be in Justice League, likely beyond that. So I would say, older than Cavill (30) but not anywhere beyond 40.

    • I prefer Supes and Bats to be around the same age.

      He should be post-Year One but pre-Robin (so you can save that for a later Batman movie).

      • @ BigNerd

        Imo. he needs a new costume that allows to him to be quicker & more agile unlike the rubber suits that slow the actor down.

    • I’m wondering how they’ll work the “Superman vs. Batman” angle in their “realistic” setting. Are the first two acts just going to be Superman beating the crap out of Batman while Lex is secretly plotting a new terraform project, then they work together to defeat Lex who acquires some kind of technology (or suit) from the aftermath of Man of Steel? Any thoughts on what kind of plot outline they’re going to go for?

      • I hope its not a versus film although that seems to be the title. Reason being, is because what gives either one of these guys given their current and past already established film runs a reason to butt heads? They are both heroes. Not one has gone rouge or corrupt.

        • Agreed. I suspect they’ll have some type of confrontation regardless of the title (Just to give them a stronger reason to work together in the end) but to title it a “vs” film seems to undermine the story up front. Plus, if this is technically supposed to be a sequel, do they integrate the Man of Steel title anywhere or just try to reference it as much as they can in the marketing? Time will tell I guess…

          • What ruined The Avengers for me was their stupid childish squabbling that went on. If that’s the immaturity they want to bring to the DC universe then I can be counted out.

            • I agree, there was too much levity and smart ass remarks.

              However, you do not need to be 100% serious. Who wants a room full of serious Justice League.

              A Knock knock Joke from Superman to Batman would go like this.

              Superman “Knock, knock.”

              Batman “Come in.”

              Superman “Batman, you are suppose to say “Who’s there?” You just going to let some stranger walk in and all. What if hes a mugger or worse?”

              Batman “Your point?”

        • I thought I read an article on SR that said the destruction of Metropolis was the reason Bats goes after Sups.

    • I think a Batman who has been active for a few months/a year at the time MOS happened would be cool to see.

      People keep mentioning that Karl Urban is actually older than Christian Bale, but the point is, he doesn’t look older. Urban looks like a guy in his early/mid thirties (which is the age I’d imagine Batman in the DCCU to be at), plus, in TDK universe, Bruce Wayne is in his late forties, so despite Bale’s actual age, if they were to use that universe (which luckily, they won’t) we’d be looking at a Batman who’s coming closer to being 50 years old…

      • Thomas Gibson doesn’t look that old either, but people always reject my ideas :(

    • Based on reports around the web from “sources close to the movie” it seems to be late 20′s to mid 30′s. It seems to me that the “Bale” age is too old for this role. I would say think Ryan Gosling, Jensen Ackles, and Tyler Hoechlin type of age

      • Ackles would be an awesome Green Lantern or Flash, don’t you think? He’s my first choice for Barry Allen.
        I’ve seen two episodes of Teen Wolf, and I remember the episode of Castle where he made a guest appearance, and the guy was just awful. I really, really hope he doesn’t come anywhere near these kinds of roles.

        But yah, the 28-36 age range seems like a good fit. Batman should be a little older, and a lot more experienced than Superman. That would make for a cool dynamic on screen i think.

    • @ Stark

      Imo, they should 3 years into his prime, Mid 30′s perhaps?

      • What did I say for my last comment is awaiting moderation?

    • they could go with someone early-mid 30′s, as is kal/clark,(it would be cool if in the films, when he has THE suit on, and people ask if he likes the name Superman, and he replies with “call me Kal”) maybe he’s only been batman for 1 or 2 years. the rumors are just getting out of gotham, P. White sends a crack reporter to look into it (Lois) Clark tags along…booyah!

  9. Just finished watching Firefly. Got to say that show has a whole lot of heart.

    If the execs didn’t decide to cancel after showing three episodes out of order, who knows what it could’ve been.

    Each episode almost felt like its own movie. Was it perfect? No. But given a chance, it could’ve reached the stars.

    • Have you seen the movie, ‘Serenity’ as well?

      • +1 for beating me haha

        • :D

    • watch Serenity dude, it gives more closure after such an abrupt ending.

      • I watched Serenity also, should’ve mentioned it I guess. I was just commenting more on the TV show itself. I think this ‘Verse lends more to the TV style of storytelling.

        I enjoyed Serenity very much, and it did indeed bring closure, which as a fan of TV you sometimes aren’t able to get.

        A movie can tell only a few stories at a time. A TV show can explore the ‘verse, so to say.

        IMO, Firefly is smart scifi. It was ahead of its time in terms of storytelling, and the execs failed to see that, or didn’t care. I think maybe they learned their lesson with Fringe.

        • Hopefully they learned their lesson with Arrested! Fox has made a habit of killing ingenious shows before their time. But I’m glad you finally got to enjoy the ‘Verse’ at least all 14 episodes (and a movie) of it :)

  10. Was there anyone at comic con Fox panel? If so was there any news about that new Predator update if it was for another movie or game??? Haven’t heard anything since that last post on rumor patrol???

    • Unfortunately, it just turned out to be a 3D Blu-ray release of the original Predator movie. So no new movie or game. :(

  11. Anyone been watching this Ray Donovan show? Any thoughts? Anyone think this could be Showtimes version of The Sopranos?

    • I read your comment as the credits for episode 1 were finishing. I honestly think this show has the best pilot episode I’ve seen for a while. Every character has a role to play and Liev Schreiber is brilliant but Jon Voight is spectacular.

  12. So,watching Robocop 2.

    Watch the scene in the Brewery.

    I thought I saw The New Enterprise Engine room before.

      • @Wally


        Its my master plan.

      • Robocop 2 was an darn decent Robot, even if a little murderous.

    • ::offers cough drop::

      That was quite entertaining.

      Actually saw a reaction from Gracie, her eyes went wide open. :)

      • (vacuums cough drop)

        Glad you enjoyed it! I scared myself listening to the recording on the last part.

        Hard enough when you’re arguing with yourself! :)

  13. When I looked at the list of all the summer would be so called “blockbusters”, The Wolverine had my interest, but after the disaster of Origins, my expectations were as low as could be. It just about scraped into my top 10 films I want to see this summer. I never thought that it would be my favorite big budget movie of the summer.
    Better than Iron Man 3, Star Trek, Pacific Rim, Man of steel?
    But, it is…..
    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Action was cool, smooth., Exciting. Great editing and Jackman was excellent……

  14. I love all the Marvel projects we’re reading about all the time – Just missing one character who seems to be getting over looked in all of this….

    The Hulk !!!

  15. Anyone know how to make custom cover art for DVDs cases?

    • I do! I’m a graphic designer

        • (@ WallyWest)

      • @ Ultimate ACW

        Are you able to take the image of say A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 The Dream Child VHS cover & make a nice DVD cover that looks exactly the same for example?

        • Oh, I know I can buy machines to do it myself but not sure where to get one at & im not the tech guy type,lol.

        • Possibly, with enough time. Are we talking just the face of box or the entire image that wraps around the case, summary and all that jazz?

              • I will get right on it, Wally. Will let you know when I’m done

                • Thanks bud.








  17. Just saw Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox. All I have to say is, Marvel may be winning in live action but DC is kicking some animated butt. Another great animated movie.

    • @Kahless?

      Do they have a “Special” short Bird of Prey for you?


      • That reminds me; it’s dinner time! I think a nice heart of bovine would go good with some blood wine right now!


    • So why are not the people who do the Animation not doing the live action films?

      Think about this. Man of Steel has been out for 6 Weeks.
      Despicable me 2 has been out for 3 weeks.

      Domestically…Which one is winning?

      That was the problem with Man of Steel, they did not make it for Children, that was determined, not to be a child friendly movie….

      • @ The Dark Cow

        I agree that Man Of Steel would be aimed more for adults than children by the tone of it. Whenever I went to it, I didn’t see much children in the theater. I think WB/DC are worried about makin their films too light hearted like Batman & Robin was again. It’s clear Marvel Studios found a balance between realism/fantasy which everyone could enjoy. That’s why their films do well in the long run.

        I would like to see Bruce Timm & Paul Dini oversee the DC universe since they know the characters well & write great stories.

      • Beats the heck out of me. Their animated films are fantastic; I have no clue why they are not getting the same people to produce live-action films.

        And I have no clue what’s wrong with Disney/Marvel. They have gotten a few animated films right but mostly they are no where near in the same galaxy as DC. Isn’t animation Disney’s thing?

  18. Anyone watching True Blood? Another good character dies. I guess Season 7 will happen from what I heard which is good because imo, this season has been better than season 5. Waiting a year between seasons sucks though. Especially when the show has 12 or 10 episodes per season.