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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 25, 2014

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  1. Did anyone else see the new pic of Affleck in the suit? It’s just a side shot of his face but he looks perfect. Hopefully he pulls this off well. I’m remaining optimistic.

    • Yes, I have seen that picture too. I love the new batsuit and I was never bothered with Affleck’s casting, so I am on board with that take.

      • I love the suit too. It’s very comic book-ish without looking unrealistic. All I want from BvS at comic con (even though they say they aren’t doing anything) is a pic of all 3 heroes together. I’ll be satisfied with that.

        • I like it because it makes Batman look even rougher. I can totally see him slapping Superman LOL

          I am pretty sure we will get a pic of the three together. They have already released pics of Batman and Superman so Wonder Woman must be about to show up.

          • I just don’t know if she’s had enough time to get into more athletic shape like she said she was. There’s always a little photoshopping that can be done I suppose. I’m sure she’ll look fine, but I’m not sure if she’ll be able to pull of tough warrior. I watched some of Asfur to check out something other than the F&F franchise, but it doesn’t really give her the chance to show any warrior like qualities. Hopefully she does well.

            • While I said that I didn’t have any issue with Affleck’s casting, Gal Gadot left me a bit colder. And not because she doesn’t have boobs (unlike many people I don’t care about that), but because when I look at someone portraying Wonder Woman, I at least wanna have the feeling that if she would punch me it would hurt me. The Gal Gadot I have seen so far could punch me all day long and she wouldn’t move me an inch…

              Has anyone seen Haywire? Now that’s a female that can easily kick your ass. Gina Carano is bad ass and pretty. She was my pick for Wonder Woman.

    • There’s a new pic? Off to the interwebs….. Thank you captain.

  2. On Avengers 2 posters, check out the comments section of this article:

    This guy has put together the 4 posters released so far and it is pretty clear how it is coming together: Cap is on the right of Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch is on the right of Cap and Black Widow is above Scarlet Witch.

    What we are still missing is: Hulk on the right of Black Widow, Hawkeye on the right of Scarlet Witch below Hulk, Thor on the left of Black Widow above Cap and Quicksilver on the left of Thor above Iron Man.

    That poses the question: where is Vision? and if Vision is gonna show up in the poster and it is 10 panels instead of 8, who is gonna be on the 10th? War Machine? I doubt it is Fury this time around.

    • I think it’s going to be 10 panels since they’re releasing two per day of the Con and they released the first two on preview night. I’d wager it’s War Machine as well, too.

      • I also think it’s gonna be 10 panels (Vision gotta be in there). The other option for the 10th character is Ultron himself.

        • The Vision is in the panel that contains Thor. He’s hovering about the fight in the background. You can’t see his face thuogh.

          • Mystery solved. 8 panels with Vision in Quicksilver’s. Two more (Hulk an Thor) to complete it.

            • I stand corrected. I thought that was Thor, but when I blew up the picture it’s clearly quicksilver.

    • here is this

  3. I am still waiting for that review on episode 4 season 2 Walking Dead game :D

  4. Anyone following this?

    Fox is VERY serious about acquiring Time Warner. I wonder what’s gonna happen with the superheroes under its roof if/when the merger takes place. If the relationship between Fox and Marvel is already weird enough, imagine if you add the DC superheroes to the mix…

    • No one studio should hold the rights to all these characters. That would be like someone wearing all the rings of each of the Lantern Corps.

      • If it happens, I hope the X-Men and Fantastic Four are sold back to Disney, so the new Fox/Time Warner focuses on DC and Disney focuses on Marvel. Otherwise you would have Marvel comics not wanting to promote characters in other studio and that other studio not wanting to promote characters in other comics. That friction would be terrible.

        As I always say, let’s hope people remember what came first and cherish that. Movies came from the comics so let’s not reverse that order and let the movies kill the comics.

        • I don’t understand why people want all the Marvel properties under Disney. I like the bit more diversity in tone and target demographics from the various Marvel properties. The X-Men have always seemed like a separate universe from the Avengers universe. Even the street level Marvel stuff seemed separate from the rest of the Marvel universe.

          I really do not see something like X-Men: DoFP coming out of Disney. I guess the only reason people want to see them is for the crossover events and sharing of villains. I’ll admit that is an issue, but I’d rather have the diverse tones and target demographics from the separate franchises. I’m curious as to how the Netflix shows will turn out to be.

          • I also like diversity and I am ok with the current division (although I would like Spiderman to revert back to Marvel because the tone is akin and a crossover would totally make sense), but the question here is what happens if Fox takes over Time Warner. Would you leave the X-Men with the DC characters or back with rest of the Marvel characters? In that scenario you are already having a forced consolidation so you have to choose where and honestly it doesnt make any sense to have the Marvel characters split because as I said it would hurt them.

            If Fox bid fails, I am happy leaving X-Men where they are, but if the merger takes place, I want them out before they destroy the comics.

            • The comics will still be there, so I’m not sure what you mean “destroy the comics”. Fox doesn’t make the comics, Marvel still does, so Fox Making a deal woth time Warner wouldn’t give grant them any right to peoduce or “destroy the comics”. Fox would still only be able to make movies on theor properties.

              • Everything you said is correct on paper, but dont be naive, the comics are another marketing tool and it would have effects. Example: have you seen any non Disney character in the latest Marvel NOW poster? The answer is no. Movies are having an impact on the positioning of characters in the comics. The division is not as clean as you imply

  5. So September seems to be THE month for TV

    We’ve got Agents of Shield, Gotham, Flash, Arrow, Constantine, Person of Interest etc.

    Which new show / series premier are you looking forward too (me POI, love that show)

    • I am most intriged by Constantine. In my mind it has huge potential and it is apart from the rest.

      • I’m with you Nightcrawler. Altho i never read the comics i feel that Constatine is a very cool, dark, and interesting supernatural movie. I can only image how they will organize the seasons.

        • It’s just that it is not the first season for both AoS and Arrow, so more or less you know what to expect.

          Then you have Gotham, exploring the Batman world, which is something that has been done many times before.

          Finally you have the Flash, which is new and a first season, but he is a cop and that will surely bring some familiar things attached to it.

          Constantine feels more distinct. If they do it right, I think it might be able to stand tall among the other. Penny Dreadful has been one of the sensations this year and it was based on all sort of weird supernatural elements. Bring it on!

    • Arrow is one of my favorite shows now, but Gotham’s trailer and tone really interests me.

  6. I’m a fan of the Transformers movies and I especially loved “Age of Extinction”. Also, I tend to enjoy to talking about the movie with both those who enjoy the film and dislike it.

    Anyway, one who follows movie sales can’t help but notice that the fourth installment is doing poorly domestically in comparison to its predecessors.

    Question for lovers/haters/neutrals: Are the VAST number of poor critical reviews responsible for the decline, or do you think that the series is simply experiencing franchise fatigue (or some other reason or combination of reasons)???

    Personally, given the deliberate international flavor of the film, I’m inclind to think that Bay (or Speilberg) might have saw “the writing on the wall” and knew the domestic market wouldn’t do much to carry the film. In fact, one might get the impression from analyzing the movie that America was “sold out” in this film considering that all the bad guys were Americans and the Chinese employees seemed clueless as to the true intentions of the business they were working for.

    Any thoughts?

    • I haven’t seen it but from what I understand it was made for an international audience from day 1. In that international audience I guess the emphasis was placed on China, and it’s worked looking at ticket sales.

      As for your question about diminishing interest in the franchise in the US, I would agree with that. Personally I really really really really really disliked the second film, so I haven’t bothered with the third or fourth. I actually enjoyed the TF1 back in 2007! I bought it on dvd when it was released! Revenge of the Fallen was a big let down for me and I remember saying in the theater “I am not falling for this again.”

      I tried to make that sound as level-headed as possible.. Hopefully that helps you understand the mentality. I guess in your spectrum I’m somewhere between neutral and hater.

      • If I’m honest about it, “Revenge of the Fallen” was a convoluted mess with a lot of childish inuindo. Don’t get me wrong, I gleaned enough out of it to enjoy the movie, but I definitely never argue that T2 was a good movie. I can see how you, and others similar to yourself, wouldn’t put yourself through that again.

        From my experience, T4 has a more cohesive storyline than 2 or 3, but it doesn’t recapture the “virgin experience” of the first movie–so I’m not going to recommend that you necessarily give it a chance.

        Thanks for the feedback!

        • I also think part of the reason for diminishing boxoffice numbers is the sheer number of event movies we get these days. I could be wrong, but it seems like we used to get two or three really big movies a summer, now it seems like we get one every week. You can also add the emergence of the home theater market to the equation. Those things have to have hurt the repeat viewing business. Think about it, are you going to go see movie A again or go see movie B that’s new in the theaters and wait to see movie A when it comes out on Blue Ray.

          • I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes sense.
            That might especially explain the domestic decline in particular. I’m not sure the overseas audiences have that level of access to home theater that we do, so you might have just explained simultaneously (in part, at least) why the movie is soaring overseas.
            That said, from what I’m picking up on through experience, Transformers fans seem to have this affinity for going back to see the movies, 2, 3, or even more times. I’m too embarrassed to say how many times I’ve seen it myself.
            Thanks! Scott

            • Yeah, I was looking at the yearly box office numbers when it occurred to me. We’re half way through the summer and not one film has cracked $300 million domestically. Usually there are two or three movies a summer that reach that milestone. The top two movies domestically (Capt America 2 & The Lego Movie) were both released in the spring. I could be wrong, but I think there are just too many movies being release. You just aren’t seeing movies sustain long box office runs anymore. There’s a major release almost weekly. The days of the Tent Pole movie might be over.

    • The second film got bad reviews, but still made killing at the box offoce. I didn’t waste my time or money on this one because I’m tired of these films. A friend of mine tried to get me to see it, but eent and saw Days of Future Past again instead. All of them are the same. I like the first and third, but I don’t think I can stomach another one. Unless you bring in Unicron, then I will check that out.

      • I am down to eent Days of Future Past any time.

  7. I’ve been on an indie-flick-kick as of late. It’s been great. After a few movies I expanded to overlooked dramas and comedies from the past few years.

    It started when @$2 and some other people were discussing Safety not Guaranteed here on the OD a few weeks back. I think that was the film that started it. I watched it that weekend after you guys talked about it and I loved it! Thanks for the recommendation guys!

    After that I watched:
    The Station Agent (2003)
    Win Win (2011)
    I Heart Huckabees (2004)
    Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
    The Descendants (2011)
    Fish Tank (2009)
    and finally last night I watched All is Lost (2013)

    @Stark thanks for the recommendation on that last one! It was fantastic! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that’s literally a one man show like that. Redford was incredible. I loved the beauty of the sunsets on the water contrasted with the brutal storms and weather he had to endure the rest of the time. I should’ve watched it sooner.

    For anybody else on here if you’re looking for some good movies with great seemingly improvisational dialogue I recommend Win Win, The Descendants, and Fish Tank out of my list. I must say that Michael Fassbender gave a pretty awesome performance in Fish Tank.

    Huckabees was just weird haha.. There were some great scenes in there though.

    • Check out “Gentlemen Broncos” starring Sam Rockwell. It’s a quirky little gem. (IMO)

  8. My small spoiler free Guardians of the Galaxy review:

    Thanks to a friend who was able to secure free tickets to an advance screening of Guardians of the Galaxy I was allowed to watch the movie yesterday. It’s amazing! It actually managed to push The Avengers to the second place of my Marvel movie ranking. It’s plain and simple first class entertainment. A movie that takes the best elements of Star Wars and Abrams’ Star Trek, combines them with a portion of Firefly (it even payed homage to that show) with a seasoning of Indiana Jones. Great characters, great humor, great action, serious drama in all the right places and a great soundtrack.

    Of course Rocket and Groot steal the show a bit and received the biggest laughs and even scene applause, but Quill, Gamora and Drax are almost as good. There were so many fantastic scenes between the different characters that none of them was shortchanged.

    There was no slack either, the 2 hours felt like 45 minutes. Okay, one could argue that the story once more is about a MacGuffin that everyone is after, and that it’s yet again about a manical leader who wants to destroy things, but that’s the usual Marvel fare. Important is how the hunt for these cliched mainstays of the MCU were handled, and that was downright amazing. At the end of the movie there was big applause, and rightly so!

    When the movie officially opens I’ll watch it at least once more in the theater. I can’t wait for the Screenrant Podcast!


    • Lucky you!

      You are not the first one that says that it is the best Marvel movie ever, so it must be pretty good. I am gonna remain sceptical though. I don’t wanna hype it too much and raise my expectations to a point impossible to match. I just wanna go in with as few preconceptions as possible.

      Can’t wait!

  9. I find it sad that the level of hate about Batman V Superman is like a wildfire on the internet. When Every picture that has been released so far has looked amazing. I wish people could just judge what they see instead of a pre-conceived notion that is not factual.

    To live at a time where we can actually see our childhood heroes live on the big screen should be something to get excited about. There is so much negativity in the world already. Is it too much to ask to refrain and judge on what we have seen instead of what you are afraid will happen? In today’s culture it probably is.

    We will all KNOW in 2016 but I’m optimistic and yes I love the new cowl shot of Ben… Just AWESOME!

    • +1

      You can agree or disagree with some particular calls, but I don’t understand why that translates into such bitter discussions. There is no reason for hate, which is really too big of a word for petty things.

      There has arguably been a couple of curve balls coming from this movie but I remain optimistic.

    • Dude, not to be a jerk, but your screen name and the statement about every picture being amazing, points to the fact that you might not be the most impartial judge of the movie either. I fall squarely in the middle on this one. I’ve been impressed with some aspect of what I’ve seen and heard about the movie and not impressed with others. In my view there have been just as many people rushing to proclaim everything about this movie the greatest thing ever as there are those rushing to call it trash. Personally I find both side annoying. There is no way around preconceptions. You being optimistic the movie will be means you’ll usually look for the best in everything released about the movie. Those that think it will be trash will always look at it negatively. The best you can do is ignore them and move on.

      • You’re not a jerk just racist against Kryptonians. I’ve had the screen name for years… And I stand by the pictures, for me they have all looked amazing. Could Gal drop the ball? Sure. Could Social Network be laughable as Lex? Its possible. But we don’t know yet because we haven’t seen it is what I’m saying. The only thing we have actually seen is the pictures and that’s why I mentioned them.

        My premise is basically don’t complain about the food until you have tried it.

        • Hey! Some of my best friends are Kryptonians. I’ve even had a couple in my house for dinner. Apparently, I’m stuck in devil’s advocate mode today, because while I agree with you about complaining about the food before you’ve tried it. I’d counter that you shouldn’t rave about it either. The best we can do is keep an open mind and hope for the best.

          • I wouldn’t say I’m raving though. I think most people that have seen the new Superman photo, Batmobile, and 2 Batman pics so far have been impressed. But you are right you can’t stop the hate from people that want to hate. I just don’t like people who make judgments without the facts. If you don’t like the pics so far than that’s fine because you can see the evidence for yourself but no one has seen footage or script so to make judgments on that is just foolish. But hey the internet is full of fools.

  10. I was just reading some of the stuff from the Hannibal panel at Comic-Con and I’m now even more excited for season three.
    It sounds like at some point in the season they will start covering parts of Red Dragon, specifically the villain from the book and I can’t wait to see Bryan Fuller’s wicked twist of the source material.

    I know and understand why most people are looking forward to and hoping they get the rights to Silence of the Lambs and I am to but Red Dragon is my favorite book of the series and scared the crap out of me.

  11. No one is talking about this. Why not? It’s not on screen rant or game rant. This is perfect fodder for readers or y’all’s websites.


    • I love Firefly, but I hate online role playing games and this plain looks awful, to be honest. Not even the actual actors lending their voices can change that. Just another garbage game counting on a popular license to fool a few people.

      • *looks plain awful

  12. TOMORROW!!!

    Peter Jackson, do not disappoint me (us)!!!!!!

  13. Anyone hear about “The Burka Avenger”?
    It’s Pakistan’s first animated series. About a teacher at an all girls school by day, who fights the Taliban at night.
    Pretty dope.

  14. If you’re in the Burbank area, go to the Burbank 16 theatre and reserve a spot to watch the newest Mad Max movie for free!
    It’s a prescreening on Wednesday! I cannot wait!

  15. Good day all!!

    Happy Friday!!! :)

    Wow, the reviews for Guardians of the Galaxy are very good. I cannot wait for ths movie! This really may be Marvel’s next really big franchise. Those new Avengers posters from Comic-Con are really sweet, very well done.

    So, Joaquin Phoenix as Dr. Strange eh? Well, I can see that. He wouldn’t be my first choice, but I think he could get the job done. If Marvel thinks he’s th right choice, that’s good enough for me, I’m in.

    Thank you to all of you that told me True Dective was worth it. I’ve started watching it and it is very good so far. Matthew M’s performance is lights out. I’ve always liked his work.

    • I loved GotG so much! I really wish it does well in theaters, I NEED to have a sequel, or twenty…

    • His performance in True Detective is mesmerizing, truly stellar. I really like what he has done with his career in the last two years. His roles in Magic Mike, the Wolf of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club, in addition to True Detective of course, are a big step forward. No more crappy romantic comedies for this great actor.

      • Yea he’s the new RDJr. Mconaughey either has a new manager or agent because he’s been doing something right.

      • “Know what I like about high school girls?”

        • “I get older, they stay the same age.” ;)

          @Nightcrawler. Don’t forget “Mud”, great movie. Also, I’m pretty partial to “Sahara” and “Reign of Fire”. I really like those flicks.

  16. Bruce Willis leaks dvdscr of The Expendables 3!

  17. I know im in the minority of people who enjoyed Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. I just wanna know why it’s popular on here. My reasons are the way Batman is drawn out, Mutant Leader imo is lazy villain, never liked the idea of female Robin as Batman’s partner, among other things.

  18. So far the news from San Diego are rather underwhelming. Just a lot of stuff about upcoming TV seasons that I don’t want to know before I watch them and some lame bits and pieces of already known movies. No eyepopping or surprising reveals yet, and only a couple of days to go.

    Just to be clear: I’m criticizing this year’s Comic Con itself, not Screenrant’s very good reporting on it. ;)