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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 25, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 25, 2012

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  1. My favorite of the comic book adaptations was the Avengers; TDKR; Spiderman…I am REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to the Hobbit next and the news of a third film is just icing on the cake. I cannot get enough of the Tolkien universe on film !!

    • I actually don’t want a third movie. I feel the second one will be watered down then.

      • There is more than enough material from the appendices and Tolkien’s notes as well as his son’s work to make a third movie. Most of the material they will be using is not known to the most people. It’s all their but it is not the familiar like the Hobbit or LOTR

  2. It’s a shame what’s happening to ‘Gangster Squad’ :(

    I was really looking forward to the film. Seeing Ryan Gawdsling as well

  3. I absolutely loved TDKR but one of my chief complaints was that part way through the movie Bruce Wayne seemed to disappear for a long period of time. Did it seem that way to you guys too or was that just me?

    • I felt the same way

    • That was pretty close to a spoiler man… just watch out, some people haven’t seen the film yet.
      I don’t know what part of the film you’re talking specifically, but “time” was definitely one of the biggest issues with TDKR IMO. The stock exchange scene (went from day to pitch-black night in a few minutes), Wayne getting from another country back into Gotham in record time, Bane not really aging in 20 years, etc. were all things that should have been handled better…

      But still, it was a terrific film (I can’t wait to see it again this Friday)

      • the stock exchange scene started at dusk
        He is Batman. He does that. But The Bat grabbed him
        Bane clearly aged from the young skinny boy in the pit to the scarred aged tank he was in the later film.

        • I don’t know how time goes by in America, but in the rest of the world, it doesn’t go from bright day-light (even if it was at dusk, it was still clearly light out outside) to pitch-black night in a matter of minutes.

          Normally, I would agree. But seeing as Batman is broke now, I don’t know how he’d have been able to get back to Gotham so quickly. Someone else has mentioned the possibility of Wayne getting the Bat to pick him up somehow, but I really don’t know how he would have done that, and even if he did (for argument’s sake), how did he get that big, loud thing into the locked-up Gotham without anybody noticing?

          Then I must have been high or something lol… when I saw the movie, Hardy looked his normal age (adult age) when they dragged him off and uncovered his face in the pit scene. Since Talia was about 10 years old in that scene, and she’s about 35 in the “present”, that means about 25 years have passed. Bane should, be a middle-aged man according to my calculations. Still, maybe I just saw it wrong (really don’t think so though), so when I watch the movie again this Friday, I’ll be sure to look closer.

          • It was Fall/autumn at the start of TDKR. The days are shorter and the transition between daytime to night is quicker in Fall/Autumn. Added by the fact the sun was setting when Bane let the stock exchange, and dusk when they went under the tunnel, the transition is entirely possible.

            Again, he is Batman. Not everything needs to be shown on screen. But i like to think he is resourceful enuff to get back into the country and his city. More importantly, the Bat was not in the cave where he left it but instead atop a building, insinuating he used it to get home.

            Bane looked plus 40 years old and in his 20s in the “Lazarus Pit’ IMO

            • Guess we’ll have to disagree about the stock exchange thing. Personally, I’ve never seen a transition between day and night to go by so quickly…

              I’ve theorized Wayne getting back to Gotham over and over again in my mind, and while there are certainly possibilities, nothing seems all that plausible IMO. Like I said, even if he could get the Bat to where he was, and fly it back, he’d probably have had to refuel at some point (the pit looked as if it was in South-America) and that costs money. He’d also have to get it into Gotham without anybody noticing. In the movie we saw that it certainly isn’t a stealthy vehicle lol, so again, I just can’t see how he’d be able to do that.

              That’s my point… Bane looked about +-25 in the pit which means he’d be middle-aged (late 40’s – to mid 50’s) in the present. That just seems really unlikely taking into account how Bane looked in the “present”… IMO he certainly didn’t look that old in the movie.

              • I hadn’t noticed that quick change during the stock exchange ordeal. That did seem a little quick even if it was dusk, but that is easily forgivable in my book.

      • Sorry, I try to be spoiler free, because I wouldn’t want people to spoil it for me if I hadn’t seen it.

  4. I went to go see TDKR the second time with friends. When it was over they said they couldn’t understand why I loved it and why I wanted to see it again. I didn’t even bother explaining it to them. They aren’t into good films as much as I am and have 30 second attention spans. It was pretty depressing though. It would be nice to go with people that enjoy a movie with a good story and characters.

    After this, there is no movie I am looking forward to this year, except Django Unchained. I couldn’t care less about the Hobbit.

    • Everyone appreciates a good movie. It is their OPINION if it is good or not. I personally didn’t think it was that great. 3 out of 5 at best. Does that mean I don’t like good movies?

      • I didn’t mean to make a generalization. I was only talking about the people I went with to see the movie. They moaned and groaned about everything in the movie. They are not really into movies, in general, as much as I am. Sure you can have your opinion.

    • “They aren’t into good films…and have 30 second attention spans.”
      I hope your friends don’t read that… 😉

  5. The irony in your post is quite humorous.

    • This was for Jon L

      • Ya I know. I just don’t think the Hobbit with be an interesting story. When I saw the LOTR trilogy, I just found the story to be boring and dragged out.

      • I will most likely still see it though. Most of the movies I thought would be horrible have turned out great and vice versa. I thought Avengers was going to be horribly convoluted with all the big characters in it. I should of had more faith in Joss.

    • LMAO

  6. Recent interviews with the directors of Cap 2 have me cautiously optimistic of the movie. They are looking for a darker tone due to Winter Soldier. Not that I need a darker tone but it doesn’t need to be over the top funny like Community.

  7. Do any of you guys have any news on the Spielberg Lincoln movie?

    • Like why a trailer is not out yet, and why there is basically no marketing for the movie yet (even though it appears to be a real Oscar contender).

  8. I’m kinda sad to see all the comic book films have been released for 2012. I’m looking forward to next years set of comic book films to release. Until then there are still some great non comic book films yet to release though with Skyfall coming up and the hobbit in Dec. I’ll be watching TDKR again this week imo the movie is awesome and will be watching it a couple more times in theaters.

    Here is a question for all you ranters, now that TDKR has released what films are you eagerly awaiting ?

    • I was just thinking if there were any movies at all left for me…django unchained, skyfall and gangster squad(if it doesnt get pushed back) look like the only other movies ill see in the theater this yr….the campaign looks funny for netflix, hobbit will be netflix, total recall too…idk what else its pretty depressing having batman done ive waited yrs for that movie and looking at rumors for it is how i found screenrant lol

    • 1. The Hobbit
      2. Skyfall
      3. Bourne Legacy
      4. I forget 😉

      Is it just me, or is everybody forgetting that Dredd is also a CBM?
      I’m not really looking forward to it, but I do feel sorry for the movie. Nobody seems to care lol.

      • Dredd looks pretty cool. Something I might check out on DVD.

    • 4 more films that will have my butt in the theater this year:

      The Hobbit (goes without saying)
      Skyfall (again, goes without saying)
      Bourne Legacy
      The Expendables 2

      Of the 4, the one I am most looking forward to is The Hobbit.

    • Total Recall looks cool

      Dredd looks cool but maybe a little too overly gory for my tastes

      The Bourne Legacy looks AWESOME!!

      Saints and Soliders: Airborne Creed is the sequel to one of my favorite war movies (Saints and Soliders) so I’m excited for that one

      I can’t think of anything else coming out this year that I’m very interested in

  9. Sci-fi shows which only lasted one season:

    Alien Nation
    Space: Above and Beyond
    Battlestar Galactica (original, although it did come back briefly as Galactica 1980)
    Logan’s Run
    The Time Tunnel
    Flash Gordon (1936, 13 episodes)
    Buck Rogers (1939, 12 episodes)
    Earth 2
    Bionic Woman (original lasted for 3)
    Crusade (Babylon 5 spin off)

    Can’t think of anymore.

    • I loved Crusade. I thought it had a LOT of potential but alas, it never got the chance.

      • It never actually made it to the small screen over here in Australia, first I heard of it was a work colleague mentioned it but couldn’t quite remember the name of the show. I just looked at him blankly, never heard of it, but yes, does sound interesting and a shame it didn’t get a chance.

        But that’s the way of a lot of SF show’s, no one gives them a chance to develop. Damned executive’s!!

  10. I just watched Act of Valor last night, and I don’t think it’s as bad as every seems to think it is. People complain of steel acting. Newsflash: it’s a military movie. It’s not like there’re tons of social drama going on. Soldiers act serious when they’re on duty, so I don’t think the steel acting is a problem. The action was pretty good, and I really liked the first-person camera views. I felt like the story could’ve used more coherence, and the villains could’ve been explored more, but overall I really liked the movie. I’d give it 7.5/10.

    • I thought Act of Valor was incredible. Sure the acting was sub-par but it was awe -inspiring and humbling to see what our armed forces go through.

  11. Well summer’s just about over with all of the super hero flicks having been shown, so it looks like the action gene is ready 2 take center stage with the new Bourne legacy movie And expendables 2 coming next month. Action movies still seem kind of past tense nowadays, but hopefully they’ll pick up more. I would like 2 see someone reboot a classic and a favorite movie of mine black Sunday with Liam neeson in the lead role. And speaking of reebots what ever happened 2 this supposed creature from the black lagoon remake?

  12. So with all things Christopher Nolan and TDKR lately over the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching his films again and sounding like a Nolan fan boy I’m hard pressed to find anything close to bad in the bunch. Insomnia is usually the last on peoples lists when ranking his films but IMO it’s great and criminally under rated.
    Following – technically a short but still great and the 1st sign that Nolan was making a name for himself.
    Memento – A decade later and hasn’t lost a bit of it’s luster. Ground Breaking.
    Insomnia – Like I said earlier great and under rated.
    Batman Begins – The best Superhero Orgin Story ever made.
    The Prestige – Probably my favorite outside of the Batman Trilogy. And the rare time I can stand H. Jackman when he’s not playing Wolverine. 😉
    The Dark Knight – Once again a monumental achievement for Superhero films.
    Inception – Are you kidding me? A arthouse premise made into a blockbuster. Brilliant!!
    The Dark Knight Rises – Not perfect by any means but a finale to the Bruce Wayne/Batman saga that places the trilogy itself among the top 3 of all time.
    Rant over :)
    I wear my fanboy status with pride. :)

    • Other than thinking that TDKR was actually better than TDK (and that is saying something, considering my love for TDK), I thoroughly agree.

  13. I finally got to watch “John Carter” last night and I really enjoyed it. Too bad it bombed at the box office because I would really like to see a sequel. I admit I have not read the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, so I don’t know how faithful the film was to the books. However, I thought there was great action, a good story and great special effects. 3.5/5 for me, although I am not sure why I don’t think it’s a 4 star movie.

    Let the flaming begin.

  14. Hi!

  15. I am looking forward to picking up the novelization of TDKR today or tomorrow. There is, apparently, even a mention of where Joker might be.

    More Dark Knight goodness (yaaay!)… Then, this weekend, I hope to see TDKR for the third time. It was excellent the first time and even better the second time.