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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 24, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 24, 2013

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  1. Now that Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers are no longer partners.

    Does Christopher Nolan and Syncopy follow suit and continue working with Legendary, where they have had a lot of success?

    Does this allow Snyder/Goyer to produce a Dark Knight in line with their Superman?

    Do you trust them to lead The DC Movieverse to the heights of Marvel/Disney?

    • I’m sure there will be tons of people who favor this but I think the SnyGoy (see what I did there) combo produces some average movies. But that’s just my opinion. :)

    • Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas WILL PRODUCE The Superman/Batman flick:

      - The new film brings back Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder as producers. This time, CHRISTOPHER NOLAN and EMMA THOMAS are serving as EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, along with Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan. -

      Official Warner Brothers Release

      Trust? Read what Emma Thomas has to say and hopefully your paranoia will subside:

      “Whilst our ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy is complete, we have every confidence that Zack’s fresh interpretation will take the character in a new and exciting direction. His vision for Superman opened the door to a whole new universe and we can’t wait to see what Zack does with these characters.”

      Emma Thomas

      • Well, it will not be Legendary film, that co financed the Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Man Of Steel.

        No, it is not paranoia. So do stop trying to be insulting from behind a computer somewhere in the middle of East Jablip. It is becoming both tiresome and annoying.

        Since Legendary signed a 5 Year contract with NBC/Universal on July 10th, that is why I am asking.

        Not to mention, that Interstellar is being produced and distributed domestically by Paramount and Internationally by Warner Brother.

        • I’ll stop being insulting when you stop being so misinformed.

          • I am not being misinformed, I asked

            Since Legendary Pictures is no longer in associating with Warner Brothers.

            Will Christopher Nolan and SYNCOPY follow suit, as such they have worked together on Mostly all of Nolan’s Film.

            • Yes. Snyncopy is Chistopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas. And they are producing.

              And they obviously approve of what Snyder and Goyer accomplished with MAN OF STEEL.

              • Since LEGENDARY Films will not be involved with any DC Moives, what I am asking, does that influence Nolan.

                Not to mention, Legendary Films involvement with Zack Snyder on his movies,
                Sucker Punch
                Man of Steel.

                For Warner Brothers to lose that partnership for at least 5 years, as such Legendary also help to financed most of the movies.

                It will be hard for them to replace that synergy.

                • They’re just money men Jeff.

                  They don’t provide scripts, actors, sets, equipment…

                  …they just help pay for all of it.

                  The only thing that will change as a result is the logo that appears before the movie begins.

                  • @Dr Mindbender

                    Yeah, that is what I mean, when you lose a partner such as Legendary when it comes to financing. It hurts your bottom line.

                    Now Warner Brothers is going to partner with Dune Capital for financing as well as with Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. A Little different when working with banks and financial companies based on how they do business and with the banking industry as such, it can be good one year and down the next year which influences budgets for movies if that were the case on how Warner Brothers gets co financing. If a Bank is under restrition of FDIC Investigation, their ability to fund is limited and as such they have to look at a larger investor and BOD, where is their bed and butter? Homes, Loans, Financing, or films?

                    At least with Legendary, they knew they have 100% commitment.

                    • I think it’s a lot simpler than it’s being made:

                      WB wasn’t happy with their percentages gained from their Legendary contract. They parted ways with Legendary and drew up a contract with Dune that has percentages that WB is happier with.

                      And that’s that.

                • I think Legendary went from the Penthouse in Warner Brothers to Fort Knox when it comes to capital.

                  Comcast/Universal/NBC Has more money to throw at Movies, than Time Warner. Comparatively speaking.

                  164 Billion in total assets as compared to Time Warner 68 Billion dollars.

                  Which means Legendary can do and venture forth across more platforms.

                  This is why I think Syncopy is in a hard position, do they stay with Warner Brothers or go to Universal and can develop more and have less monetary restrictions.

                  • According to Wikipedia… which is wikipedia LOL

                    Viacom US$ 22.801 billion

                    Time Warner Inc US$ 68.304 billion

                    Where did you get your numbers?

                    • Viacom?

                      Try Comcast/Universal/NBC

                      Viacom sold NBC Universal to Comcast 3 years ago.


                    • Seriously?

                      You went to Wikipedia?

                    • Shush up Nancy! UIP confused me, lookaat the page and youll see my confusion lol. I did not know that Viacom sold them. Tough titties for them.

    • “Do you trust them to lead The DC Movieverse to the heights of Marvel/Disney?”

      I’d rather not have movies like Marvel produces. I like quality. And those aren’t. They (IMO) are on the lines of Transformers. Fun to watch, but that’s it.

      • Exactly. Marvel’s style is to translate cartoons into “live action” cartoons.

        DC’s aim is to translate complex characters and issues into live action drama and depth.

        Quality over quantity.

        • Quality is in the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, their last two (TDKR and MOS) weren’t quality.

          • I’ll agree with you on TDKR, I think that movie just tried a little too hard.

            MoS though, we all disagree on this one. I find it to be a movie that improves rather drastically with multiple views.

            Hard to judge a movie on those terms. If it ‘gets better’ with more viewings what does that say about the first viewing?

            • + 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 and 1

            • Means, the distraction in the movie theater was a bit much, people talking, laughing, cheering and the few rude people texting.

              Why I like going to moves early in the morning, that way the crowd is smaller, and less likely to involved with anything else, but the movie.


            • Thought the same, thought it was good the first viewing but the second viewing, I ended up loving it. One reason I can think of is the choppiness in the script, watching a second time, I guess you get over those little flaws.

      • @LC

        When I say heights, I mean financial wise.

        • Financially speaking:

          Quantity > Quality.

          Winner = Marvel

    • @ The Dark Cow

      Hilarious name, btw.

      I do think Nolan. and Syncopy will continue to work with Legendary, and find sucess. Legendary has some cool projects coming up, and more behind them. Teaming with Universal was a great move.

      I love the Batman character but was not a fan of the trilogy, so part of me is glad they’re going away from the Nolan version of Batman, but a bigger part of me is not entirely comfortable with who is guiding the creative process of the new Batman. I’m also concerned about backlash from Batman being rebooted so soon after the trilogy.

      To be honest, I’m glad WB/DC is doing something. Do I trust Goyer and Snyder to lead or run the DCCU? No I do not.
      MoS was good, but not great, IMO, and I would like somebody else ultimately in charge of the DCCU, a Kevin Feige type, a mastermind so to speak, with a plan. Right now it just seems to me that they might just be reacting in some ways to Marvel’s moves, which I do not like. I don’t like the fact that Marvel might be in their head a bit.

      Do I think they will lead the DCCU to the heights of Disney/Marvel? No, I definitely do not, but I don’t think they have to either.

      I think that’s part of WB/DC’s problem, trying to catch or beat Marvel. Why not just focus on your own properties, develop them to the best that you can and let Marvel worry about Marvel?
      DC has some of the greatest superhero characters in the world, they should focus on them. If they do their job right, get their focus off of Marvel, get Marvel out of their head, the rest will take care of itself.

      Under the right leadership, DC could be as big as Marvel, I have no doubt.

      • @ Stark

        I agree. It never works when you share command, it’s never a good idea. I agree they need their own Kevin Feige. Someone who’s gonna know the characters & knows how to work them in. Because depending how big they plan to expand their universe beyond the major DC heavy hitters, then what? The more characters they bring in, the more complex it will be for them imo for the universe they’re setting up.

    • I don’t really read too much into Marvel vs. DC, I’m just glad there are spandex movies all over the place (esp a non-Bale Batman coming up).

      While I do wish DC movies were a bit more “family friendly” (I guess maybe Green Lantern falls into that bucket), I don’t really mind “realistic” or “grounded” or whatever they think they are.

      Maybe I have to wait for a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie to get some action/comedy out of DC.

      • @ BigNerd

        Imo. Green Lantern failed because of bad script,poor plot, some lines the characters had were just bad aswell as the film being rushed. The tone was alright, everything else needed work on.

  2. I am super excited for Thor 2 to come out. Not only is it one of my favorite Marvel characters, but the trailers for it are going to be awesome! We’ll probably have Cap 2, Spider-Man 2, and DOFP trailers all attached to it. AWESOME.

    • why would it have DOFP and Spidey 2 trailers attached to it? different companies.. I’m sure they’ll attached the Cap2 trailer to it!
      I agree tho, Thor 2 and Guardians of the galaxy are my most anticipated Marvel movies :))

      • 1) They are big blockbusters coming out the following summer and first trailers come out November/December time frame

        2) They are comic book movies and a large portion of the audience are interested in comic book movies

        3) It’s all Marvel. I get it’s Fox/Sony but they are Marvel characters regardless.

    • As excited as you are for Thor 2, are you not all perplexed that we seem to be getting a steady stream of info for movies that come out next year and in 2 years then we are getting for Thor 2, which opens in less than 5 months?

      I really think the whole Loki showing up at Comic Con may have been a distraction for the fact that they have been scrambling for the last month to re-assemble a movie that they removed the composer and the director from.

      I figured if the Alan Taylor rumors were complete bunk he probably would have shown up at Comic Con to declare them as such.

      Pretty conspicuous by his absence, methinks…

      • they didn’t replace the director and he was in fact at comic con

      • The movie doesn’t come out for another 5 months. I don’t know why everyone is wanting constant info/promotion on Thor 2. When IM3 was five months away from release, the first trailer was the only thing out. It isn’t until 2-3 months prior that you get any promotion on it.

        • The first full trailer for IM 3 came when the movie was 7 months away.
          When the movie was 4 months away, we started getting all kinds of promotional stuff.

          What I’m saying is, Thor 2 doesn’t seem to be following the same trend as the rest of the Marvel universe when it comes to promoting and trailers, and I think a lot of that is tied to whatever went down in late May, early June.

          Keep in mind, the extent of the re-shoots took the entire cast by surprise, according to their tweets.

  3. Batman and Superman. Awful idea?

    • It’s the world’s finest idea.

      Speaking of, I’m amazed at how many comments an SR post on Batman or Superman gets.

      I really don’t get some of the actor choices people are suggesting for Batman… Paul Walker? Cumberbatch? Gah.

      • I don’t get Luke Evans. To me, he looks more like a villain and not much like a Batman.

        Zachary Quinto would be excellent if he could buff up.

        • Amen to Quinto. Sylar as Batman would be epic. And this is Hollywood. They get paid to beef up.

      • Reportedly, Tyler Hoechlin – the dude from Teen Wolf – is being considered for the new Bruce Wayne/Batman.

        The villains are rumored to be Lex Luthor AND The Joker.

        Lex Luthor for sure.

        • Tyler Hoechlin is too short (6’0″).

          Bats has to be the same height or taller than Supes (IMO).

          My choice is still Joe Manganiello.

          • 6 feet tall, eh?

            This is really going to be interesting. Time is limited since filming on the flick begins in early 2014.

            The search for the NEW BATMAN will NOT be boring. lol

            Looking forward to the fun.

          • Oh, and not just the search for Bruce Wayne, but also, the role for Lex Luthor (and ‘possibly’ the Joker).

          • I also heard this morning that Tyler Hoechlin was in the mix for Bats along with Lex Luthor being in some kind of mix in the movie. The Joker one is new to me though. That would be awesome but who do you think can outdo Ledger because his performance imo was the highlight of the Batman trilogy IMHO

            • Imo, Tom Hiddleston would be a good candidate for the next Joker. I just hope they add Harley Quinn by his side.

          • The suit will probably add a few inches

        • Where did you hear about the villains being Lex and Joker?
          All the things I’ve read seems to suggest that the film will likely be Superman vs Batman (focus of the film on Superman)
          Rather than batman and superman (working together)

          Also just a thought but I seriously doubt that Joker will be include in this film (I’d place a rather large bet on it, if I was a betting man) its one thing to sell people a new batman that is better than bale 3 years after TDKR but a new Joker then to introduce him in a Superman sequel rather than a Batman film (thats a much riskier decision than the folks at WB/DC seem to be prepared to make IMO)
          An appearance by Lex is certainly possible though either way

    • @ RC

      Batman and Superman is a great idea!

      Batman vs Superman I’m not do sure about.

      • Superman: Gotham Nights

  4. Morning/evening ranters. I have to admit the beware of the Batman cartoon is starting to grow on’s actually pretty decent. I still prefer Batman The Animation series, but this latest Batman is OK.

    • BTAS is legendary, the only other series that almost comes close would be “The Batman”.

      “Beware the Batman” is intriguing, but it’s so different from regular Batman that you almost have to ignore what you consider to be the basics of the characters.

      • You don’t like “Brave and the Bold”? :)

        I only watch it because it’s on Netflix and my kids love it. The animation isn’t that good and the stories are hokey but I like seeing the other characters they throw in there. One 2-parter was interesting where there was an alternate earth, Bats alternate was Owlman a villain, and the Joker (Red Hood) was the hero. Batman even went to different worlds and collected various versions of him to find the villains (one looked like Azbat).

        • I love the design of Brave and the Bold, the whole Silver Age concept is very awesome.

          For what it is, I consider it to be near perfect.

      • @ Ultimate…

        You’re right, but it’s cool to see this new take on Bats. I’m thoroughly enjoying the show.

  5. So who’s watched Flashpoint Paradox? It was pretty good. Hoped that Martha Wayne would have had more of a presence (she made KOV for me). Overall I enjoyed it and really dug the art direction. It was better than Unbound. Can’t wait for Justice League: War.

    • This is out already?

  6. Today, last night, marks the last night of working 3rd shift. I am officially a day walker. I’ve been wanting to say that for years now LOL!

    • WOO HOO

      Lucky you..Seems I seldom get to work days….

  7. This is my First ever Comment on SR after coming here daily for like Six/Seven months and I thought it will be good to post comments on open discussion to meet the new friends who have high knowledge of Movies.

    • Welcome! Don’t feed the trolls and you’ll be fine. :)

    • Welcome SumitSJC! :)

    • High knowledge of movies? You are correct. Ask me anything movie related….as long as it’s a movie from 1984…with Bill Murray….and a giant marshmallow man…and Dan Aykroyd….and a supernatural BJ (but the film has a PG rating)…and Ernie Hudson should be involved….and another universe within a refrigerator…and it has ghosts and some sort of equipment to bust those ghosts.

      Welcome SumitSJC. My name is the Professor, and I like Ghostbusters.

      • I know “Ghostbusters” from the inside out as well, glad to know I’m not the only die hard fan :D

        • I’m such a fan that I worked out a script idea for GB3 that has old people fighting ghosts…I mean lots of old people…like a retirement home of elderly ghost hunters. It was my FU to Bill Murray.

  8. Who thinks Lee Byung Hun would’ve made a better new sulu than John Cho?

    • he’s too hot to stay hidden at the helm ;)

      • Oh my….

        • Helllooo

      • ummm……?

        • @Stark

          Cat got your tongue?

          • @ Darth Dark Cow

            First time for everything I guess……. ;)

  9. I am somewhat worried that the Batman/Superman movie might be bad. I realize it is only in the very early stages of development, but still. What if they pick a bad actor to play Batman? I keep hearing the name Scott Adkins thrown around. I googled his filmography and all he’s done is direct-to-video stuff. I realize he’s a martial artist, but he is not Batman material. Hire him as fighting instructor for the Batman sequences. Anson Mount or Richard Armitage is my vote. Has anyone seen him in Spooks? Anyway, what if they chose a terrible scriptwriter or a terrible storyline? The only Zack Snyder movie I really enjoyed was MoS, and look how polarizing the reception’s been on that. If the movie tanks I believe it will be all his fault, or the script/story writers. This movie is a risky proposition indeed.

    • Adkins is too short. Mount and Armitage are too old.

      If this is going to be at least 2 more movies (MoS -> B/S -> JL), you need a mid-30s guy.

      I’m of the opinion that you can’t really mess up a Supes/Bats movie that badly. Even Superman Returns did okay at the box office.

    • I am VERY worried the movie is going to be bad. Not just the risks in terms of picking a new Batman but also not developing Superman enough so that he can stand on his own as a hero. Man of Steel introduced the destruction of Metropolis which is supposed to be addressed. Then there is the relationship with Lois Lane as well as how he deals with killing General Zod. Plus are we ever going to find out what was in that empty pod? Then you add to that exploring Superman’s relationship with Batman and their eventual conflict and people will want to learn more about THIS Batman. I think this is a disaster waiting to happen.

      • @Patrick Beyard:

        *** Spoiler for empty pod ***

        The prequel comic indicates it’s Kara, Supergirl.

        Any Batman other than a Bale Batman is good for me.

        • “Any Batman other than a Bale Batman is good for me.”

          I predict you will rue the day you made that statement!

          • Considering that I preferred Clooney and Kilmer over Bale, I doubt it.

            Unless they get someone like Keaton, then maybe.

            • Val Kilmer, IMO, wasn’t that bad. I really liked him. The writing itself, however, makes him seem like a terrible Batman.

              • No matter who is cast as Batman they will be compared to other Bat(men). I strongly believe that a MAJOR reason the Man of Steel did not score a fresh of Rotten Tomatoes is because people unfairly kept comparing him to Christopher Reeve. The movies were two completely different takes on Superman. Likewise following the most successful and popular Batman ever, no matter who puts on the bat suit, they will be compared to Bale and a significant portion of the population will reject the new one. If it contributes to people staying home and the movie bombs, then you can kiss the Justice League goodbye. The next movie will be the solo Batman reboot.

                • Again, I highly doubt a Superman/Batman movie will “bomb”.

                  Even though not RottenTomatoes-certified, MoS did well at the box office (as did Superman Returns).

                  So I’m not worried about a “significant portion of the population”. What I’m worried about is how they put up with Bale’s horrible Bat-lisp. :)

                • It’s Batman. It isn’t going to bomb, regardless of Christian Bale’s presence.

                  Let me put it this way: you act like Nolan did all he could with Batman and he didn’t. It’s time to expand upon that without him.

                  Yes, there can be a better Batman. Yes, there can be a better Joker. Are they going to be accepted immediately? No, but Heath Ledger was the only live action Joker we had in the last 19 years. Times had changed and Nicholson’s version had aged enough.

                  Somewhere down the road, a lot of people are going to be fond of a new Batman and Joker whether you want to accept that or not. That’s how it works.

                  People were going nuts when Bale was still Batman, but now they’ve calmed down and realize the difference between “epic” and “good”. Bale was a great Bruce Wayne, but his Batman was just silly IMO (even Kevin Conroy admits Bale is a great actor, but someone should’ve stopped him when it came time to perform as Batman).

                  Bale gets more criticism because he was facing comparison with 3 other versions of Batman, the last being only 8 years before his debut. Heath Ledger only had Nicholson to compare to, and that is an 18 year difference. It’s a drastic absence of the character so they would go nuts no matter how much like Victor Zsasz he was written.

                  If you don’t have faith at all, you’re wasting your breath about Bale. He said he’s done. End of discussion

                  • @ BigNerd
                    @ Ultimate ACW: 007 Reloaded

                    Here is what the odds makers have listed as the expected highest grossing movies for 2015

                    Avatar 2 ($2.50), The Avengers: Age of Ultron ($3.50), Star Wars: Episode VII ($6), Man of Steel/Batman ($7), Finding Dory ($9), Bond 24 ($13), Independence Day 2 ($15), Pirates of the Caribbean 5 ($21), The Fantastic Four ($34).

                    They already have Man of Steel listed as 4th. It may make a profit but fans expect it to compete with the Avengers. If the movie “Finding Dory” beats the Superman/Batman film then it is a “bomb” whether it is profitable or not and going against a Pixar film I would not be surprised if that happened.

                    I don’t know where you think that I think Nolan did “all he could do” with Batman. I am basically saying go with the winning strategy and franchise that put them in the game so to speak. While I would love for Nolan to be involved it is not necessary.

                    “Somewhere down the road, a lot of people are going to be fond of a new Batman and Joker whether you want to accept that or not. That’s how it works.”

                    So no one is complaining about essentially yet ANOTHER Batman film? How are they going to be fond of it? My guess is they are getting tired of them especially the constant recasts and reboots for what seems like no reason.

                    If they are stupid, the studio will probably recast the role but that does not mean I am not right. They have a long history of blunders especially when it comes to superhero films. And thus far it is shaping up to be another one. What I don’t understand is this blind loyalty and faith in a studio that misfired on Catwoman, Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, Watchmen, Superman Returns, Steel, Supergirl, two Batman films and another two Superman films. Of the eight movies they got right four of them were directed or very much influenced by Christopher Nolan. Hmm…what should that tell us?

                    Add to that a director (Zack Snyder) who has three out of six movies that were “certified rotten” and those were his LAST three films. Even the three that were considered “fresh” two of them barely made it. That compared to Nolan who has NEVER directed a “rotten” movie.

                    That is what you put your faith in…good luck!

                    • @Patrick:

                      Aren’t you being a bit hyperbolic here? So what if the oddmakers put BvS as 4th. If the first 3 on that list make over $1b and BvS makes $900m, is that really a “bomb”?

                      Since when did “making a profit or not” become separate from a “bomb”? My definition of a “bomb” is if it doesn’t make a profit, not sure what yours is. What should be separated from the “bomb” definition is what RT ranks the film at. If RT calls it rotten but it still makes a profit, who cares? There are tons of rotten movies on RT that are not only very profitable, but are actually good movies (well, in my opinion).

                      I get it, you love Nolan. I don’t hold him in as high of an opinion as you do. People love Burton, I don’t. I just care about the characters and story, so it can be directed by McG as long as the movie is decent.

                      I’m putting my faith in Batman and Superman in a live action movie together. That’s money in the bank, no luck needed.

                  • I cant stand when people use conroy as the benchmark for a great batman. What did he do that was so great? The reason his voice was so great was because the writers and animated team made the character so great. Conroy just sits in a booth and says some line. He doesnt have to wear the suit, carry himself from scene to scene, shed a tear or make the perfect face for the moment. Conroy isnt the difinitive batman his voice is. Comparing someones voice to conroy is unfair because he isnt working out, wearing a 100 pound suit outside sweating like a pig and trying to deliver these lines that everyone will see you doing. Stop comparing batman on screen to its live action counterparts its unfair to keaton and bale that people feel their character isnt the real batman. 90% of the credit for conroys batman is the creators of the material. Of Conroy never did batman and someoene else did they would get placed on the same pedistal

                    • I am in COMPLETE agreement with you! I saw Conroy’s criticism of Christian Bale and I was thinking to myself…doesn’t this man have a pretty obvious bias. What did people think he was going to say…that Bale does the voice perfectly? Yet like a lot of other ridiculous propaganda fan boys just eat it up and think he is some kind of Batman god…because Conroy told them he was.

                    • @ BigNerd

                      I am sure that you want the movie to be GOOD not just a box office success…at least I hope so. I am not nearly the only one skeptical of this film. Here is an article for you to read which can better outline what this film is facing in terms of being a good film…and I will leave it at that!


                    • If you would actually listen as to why I said that, I didn’t say Bale was a terrible actor. Conroy doesn’t think so either, in fact he called him “a d**n good actor”.

                      You’re right. Conroy doesn’t run around in a heavy suit delivering his lines. But you make it sound like voice acting is easy, and you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s tougher than running around in a suit because you’re in a box with a mic and a script with people listening in on every infliction of your delivery. A voice is key in order to define someone’s character. Conroy learned from Michael Keaton that you don’t need to growl in order to be intimidating, demanding, and mysterious.

                      If Bale didn’t growl as much, like “Batman Begins”, no one would’ve said anything. But he did growl more and criticism needs to happen in order to improve the acting ability.

                      Stop being one sided on everything, you always have to act like Bale’s agent whenever someone doesn’t like him.

                    • @Patrick:

                      That article is more of a “Why I think we should get another Superman movie without Batman”.

                      It’s not really about how bad it will be because it’s a new Batman, it’s that he won’t get a proper Superman film because he really didn’t think Man of Steel was enough.

                      He even ends it with this:

                      “And the worst part of it all? I’m probably still going to go see it. In theaters. Because I could be completely wrong, and this could be the best movie ever, because BATMAN AND SUPERMAN ARE BOTH GOING TO BE IN IT.”

                      Which is exactly why it won’t bomb. That article actually helped my opinion, thanks.

                    • @ Patrick

                      Excellent article you posted the link to there. That pretty much says it all. Thanks for posting!!

                      @ Big Nerd

                      Why didn’t you quote this from the article?

                      “Stop Trying To Be “The Avengers”! (Or Maybe Be More Like “The Avengers.” Just Do SOMETHING Differently.)

                      That won’t happen if DC keeps throwing films at us solely to get to the next movie. It reeks of desperation. Desperation and poor script writing.”

                      or this?

                      “After delivering a mediocre-at-best Superman film, the studio is skipping a chance to establish Superman as an actual character, ignoring the obvious set-up for Lex Luthor’s appearance in favor of a a blatantly obvious attempt to set up franchise crossover films. They’re going to crowd the film with characters instead of developing the ones we’ve already met, likely telling another origin story in the process. And it’s still going to be directed by Zack Snyder. (Ugh.) All so they can finally have an excuse to get to the Justice League movie. ”

                      Patrick didn’t help you make your point with this article you nerd, he buried you with it!!

                      This movie is in fact a terrible idea and will bomb badly, and WHEN it does, I will be laughing hysterically.

                      Enjoy your Alien vs Predator re-make bomb DC fan, because it’s over for DC after this one!!

                    • @ Trey

                      Reason why a lot of people love Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman is because for starters Batman:TAS is the best Batman adaption from the comics to date. Better than any live-action films, including animated films like Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm which shows inspirations from both Batman: Year One & Year 2. People enjoyed Subzero more than Batman & Robin. Conroy knew the character well & been more committed with the character over the years than any live-action actor has. When he helped volunteered with a group after 9/11 attacks one of the firefighters asked him to do his Batman voice when they noticed who he was. And he said his famous line from the show ” I AM VENGENCE, I AM THE KNIGHT, I AM BATMAN!”. Imo, Batman:TAS is more faithful to the comics & character than any of the films been.

                    • @nobody:

                      Neither of your quotes are convincing me that the author thinks the Batman/Superman movie is going to bomb. He’s just trying to say that he wished DC/WB would take a different path than putting out movies with their most famous characters. He wants them to make a more polished Superman movie.

                      The reason I quoted the last sentence is because any good writer will conclude their article with their final thought, and despite his feelings that Batman/Superman may not be the movie he wants, it’s still a movie that everyone will want to watch.

                      And to Patrick, of course I want a good movie. Was Man of Steel a good movie, to me it was. Was it great, probably not (RT didn’t think so with 56% although the audience rating is 77%). But that’s my point, it doesn’t have to be great, but it will not bomb (probably even if it’s not good either).

                  • @ Ultimate ACW

                    I agree with your post.

                    • @ BigNerd

                      “Which is exactly why it won’t bomb. That article actually helped my opinion, thanks.”

                      Many of these movies depend on repeat viewing as well as HOW it is viewed (2D matinee or IMAX 3D) which influences the box office numbers. I went to see Man of Steel 4 times, once on IMAX and never at a matinee or reduced price showing. If the Superman Batman film turns out to be bad (and a lot of reviews confirm it) sure I will go see it too but maybe at a reduced price matinee only one time. That is a difference of over $40 Man of Steel got from me versus the $6.50 a Superman Batman film would get and multiply that by 1 million people and you will get a sense of how the movie can bomb EVEN if the guy in the article sees it.

                    • @Patrick:

                      I don’t think the overall box office numbers reflects your personal viewing habits.

                      I am going to assume the bulk of that money is for one time views and the smaller portion is repeat viewers.

                      And regardless of reviews, people will want to form their own opinion and may feel that they still want to see it in IMAX or 3D because that’s how they like to watch movies. Man of Steel is a good example, it did not get great reviews (as everyone keeps pointing out Rotten Tomatoes), my own local paper said it was only average, yet people still saw it because it was a Superman movie. This brings me back to that article, as the guy said, he’s STILL going to see it because it has Superman AND Batman in the same movie. And I’m sure more people will see it because they want to see how this Batman compares to Nolan/Bale Bats.

                      You sound like a comic book fan. Are you going to tell me that if word of mouth reviews says it’s only okay (or even bad), you’re not going to see it for yourself… in IMAX 3D? C’mon, it’s Superman AND a NEW Batman! The local reviews on the last Bond film were bad but I still watched it (and it was bad).

                      This is why Hollywood is in love with making iconic comic book character movies, the fan base is so large it’s “bomb”-proof (I guess the Lone Ranger’s fan base isn’t very big).

                      I think your definition of a “bomb” is that you won’t like it because it doesn’t have Bale as Bats. Like ACW said, with or without Bale, it’s still BATMAN.

  10. Anyone have any thoughts on what Marvel character Vin Disel may be playing in the near future? I was anticipating him coming on stage with the Guardians of the Galaxy cast but he kind of just fell to the wayside at Con.

    • most likely either thanos, vision, or ultron

      • I could see Vision…Thanos and Ultron I wouldn’t want him touching…

    • I’m thinking Thanos. I think he’s too big of a name to voice Groot or Rocket. I’d also be okay with Vision but I just think that’s too many characters for Avengers 2.

    • I am going out on a limb and saying that he will be Black Bolt. And will appear briefly in GoTG.

  11. Does anybody watch suits? it has a very Batman and Robin type of chemistry with the two lead actors and they use allot of DC references.

  12. So, I just started watching Breaking Bad. It’s not the kind of show i usually watch (Sci-Fi mostly, with some sherlock and sitcoms thrown in). But my boss lent me the first season.

    It started out a little slow but I only have one episode left of the season 1 and its getting a little more intense and better.

    Im also about halfway through season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. I dont really understand all the hype and praise behind it. Dont get me wrong, its a good show. But compared to the 15-20 other great sci-fi shows its average. Dont see why it has more praise then those other shows.

    Theres my little update on the stuff i am watching, havent done an update in a while and figured its about time.

    • Breaking Bad gets better over time and the intensity just amplifies as the seasons go on. Trust me, it’ll be worth the time to watch!

    • I wasn’t very impressed with BSG either; I found it pretty boring at times. Compared to other sci-fi on SyFy (like Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis or Eureka), BSG didn’t hold up to me.

  13. guys the trailer of Avatar the last Airbender: Legend of Korra is up

  14. Thinking about the direction dc can go with its films(if I was boss)

    Chapter 1: Origin
    Man of Steel 2013
    > Man of Steel 2+Batman Intro 2014
    > Aquaman/WonderWoman 2015
    > Batman(reboot)/ The Flash 2016
    > Justice League 2017

    Chapter 2: Cosmos

    > Batman 2/ Green Lantern(reboot) 2018
    > Aquaman 2/ WonderWoman 2 2019
    > Superman 3 2020
    > Justice League 2 2020

    Chapter 3: New World
    > Shazam/ Teen Titans/ Green Lantern 2 2021
    > Batman 3/ Superman 4 2022
    > Swamp Thing/ Zatanna/ Wonder Woman 3 2023
    > Aquaman 3/ Flash 2 2024
    > Justice League 3 2025

    Chapter 4: Beyond
    Dr. Fate 2025
    Flash 3: Flashpoint/ Batman Beyond 2030

    • Blue Beetle/Suicide Squad 2026

    • I would do 5-10 years of the main 7 JL members, then reboot again with younger actors.

      The question is, who is that 7th? I guess if you’re sticking with The New 52, it’s Cyborg over Martian Manhunter.

      Treat the franchise like James Bond.

      You could do one-offs of the other DC characters (based on popularity).

      • I’m really hoping they start doing simple one-offs after the shared universe. It’d be so much easier.

      • The 7th member has always been irrelevant except for the story at hand.
        Hal Jordan himself barely makes sense since hes off world so much.
        But id use him to introduce cosmic things like starro, darkseid, or the reach

  15. Did anyone catch Bill O’Reilly’s discussion Monday night about race and the disintegration of the African-American family? One interesting point he made was how Hollywood glorifies the gangster culture and feeds it to American kids and how it makes an impression upon them.

    You can watch the video here:

    As a teacher, I have seen how Hollywood does affect tweens/teens negatively. For example, when we discussed our heroes, one student said his hero was Al Pacino as Scarface and how he hoped one day to run a drug empire. He was serious. I’ve also had twelve year olds tell me how hilarious The Hangover or Bridesmaids is. One student said her father took her to see The Hangover (!), another student said his parents didn’t care what he watched. (Sadly, many students say this.) Why do parents do this?

    So who’s to blame? Hollywood? Parents? Both? If Hollywood didn’t create trash (And who’s to determine what is and isn’t trash?), would we have a problem? If parents regulated what films their children saw, would we have a problem?

    • I don’t think 12 year olds have a good scope of reality….

      • either do a good portion of adults.

    • I think the responsibility ultimately comes back on the parent(s). You wouldn’t just stop making guns or alcohol because younger children don’t understand the responsibility and/or consequences. The same goes for Hollywood. They’re free to produce whatever they want and it’s up to the parents to ensure that they have a grasp on their childrens growth. Letting their kids watch “whatever they want” is just lazy parenting and their children will inevitably be effected by watching these movies because they are not mature enough to understand them for what they are. If parents are too lazy to restrict or monitor what they’re children are watching then they’re certainly too lazy to explain to them that these movies are fiction and should not be immitated.

    • I believe parents are to blame. They are the ones that let their children watch whatever’s on TV. I am 17, I realize that The Bourne Ultimatum is just a movie. My parents are the kind of parents that detest shows like Family Guy and South Park, and I myself find them quite dumb and pretty racist. Yes, the Hangover was hilarious, but I also realize it is just a movie and I feel no connection with the characters. Hollywood is not to blame, the MPAA ratings are there for a reason, why someone would take a 12-year-old to The Hangover is beyond me. The parents don’t care what they watch, so the children begin to look up to people like Scarface (overrated to begin with). I love gangster movies like Goodfellas, but do I have desire to become a gangster. No, I don’t. Same goes for video games. I had a second-grader tell me on the bus in grade school how he loves GTA to run over the ladies in bikinis (I assumed this to mean prostitutes.) The sad part is: it was his dad’s game. Parents are naive and stupid (in general) when it comes to their kids and entertainment, Hollywood doesn’t intend for kids to watch the Hangover, but sadly, most do.

    • First off Bill O’ Riley is both the smartest dummy I ever heard.

      It is the Parents responsibility to monitor what they children watch, read, hear, play. We are responsible for them from the day they are born, till the day the Government says they can vote and go to war.

      Hollywood does glorify the gangster lifestyle, they also glorify what is good in people. Would I let Auggie watch New Jack City? The Answer is no, would I let him watch The Blind Side, yes. Both show the downside of African American History and violence, but one shows the qualities inherent when a complete stranger can give that one element missing in their life and allows them to move pass despair and isolation.

      Any Man can become a Father and any Woman can become a Mother. What matters is when your children know who their mom and dad are A lot of African American children come from something far worse than broken homes, they come from the latchkey generation. Kids wake up and go to school on their own, parents are off working or going about their business. Kids come home and there is no one there to greet them, to see how their day went.

      One of the most important things in a household is the dining room table. Where there is dinner, Mom, dad and the Kids. No TV, NO cell phones, no getting up after eating and hoping on the computer, cell phone or video games. Get up, clear the table and help with the dishes.

      Growing up, two parents who were surgeons, busy schedules. They both found the time to get us up in the morning and make us breakfast and be home to greet us. As we got older, we knew to come home, help with the younger ones, help with home work, give them a snack and follow the rules on how to make dinner. Everything was prepared, all we had to do was put it on the stove and set the table.

      Parents today, some of them just do not put the time and effort in. I see kids come home from school and go right to the streets and play, then I see the same kids come home eating McDonalds because mom and dad left 20 dollars on the kitchen counter with a note “Find your own dinner.”

      So kids, sit down in front of the TV and go right to the Music Videos and Jersey Shore. If HBO, Showtime, Cinemax/ MTV. VHI, and every other form of media is there to influence the kid, then the kid will follow suit, because ultimately the TV is what is raising them.

      • Well said!

      • Kahless is desperately trying to figure out how to disagree with you, but he can’t. :-D

        • @Kahless.

          Wise move there.


    • It comes down to the parents. I for some reason was allowed to watch whatever I wanted as a child. It did make things a bit difficult to discuss my favorite movies in school. While I was watching Terminator, T2, Predator, Robocop… my friends best experience with action was Indiana Jones. As a result I was/am not much of an IJ fan as I thought it was kind of lame put next to T2.

      Any way back to topic. My parents repeatedly explained to me that television and movies were not real and that death and killing in real life are never “cool”. As well I was in a 4H rifle club to learn about gun safety. Despite being able to watch whatever I wanted I never aspired to be violent or a drug lord. Every child is different and it does come down to the parents to make sure their children know the difference between entertainment and real life.

      • @ Aaron I watched those same kind of films when I was younger. My mother was more harder on me than my dad was about what I watched,even PG-13 films when I was 13. I remember watching Terminator 2 & afraid the world was gonna burn up & I wonder if I would be on the playground like those kids & asked my dad if that would happened,lol. He made sure I stopped watching films like that for awhile.

        Looking back at Robocop 2, I can see how people critize that film, especially over a kid who was part of a druglord’s gang. He may of killed people with guns but atleast he wasn’t shown taken the drugs he was selling to people. I think to myself,well what do toy stores sell till this day? Toy guns,plastic knifes,etc. I even owned Robocop & Terminator 2 figures as a kid.

        I agree that parents need to teach their kids the difference between fantasy/entertainment & real life. Because we don’t want a kid jumping off something he climb & think he can fly like Superman. Not to mention people taking their love of films one step too far by killing others like people dressed as Ghostface called & killed people when Scream came out or the theater shooting during TDKR when the guy was inspired by the Joker.

    • @$2 – Great discussion topic :)

      So who’s to blame? Hollywood? Parents? Both?


      If Hollywood didn’t create trash (And who’s to determine what is and isn’t trash?), would we have a problem?”

      You can’t blame Hollywood because film is a form of art and expression. That aspect is important to our society’s culture.

      If parents regulated what films their children saw, would we have a problem?

      The easy blame is on the parents, but parents can’t shelter their children from everything. We all had that friend that introduced something that our parents would consider unsavory, right? Social relationships are a basic element of society…so unless you lock your children in your home with no other human interaction or connection to technology, they’re going to meet someone and eventually discover an R-rated film on the internet or in another parent’s DVD collection.

      So…social relationships and culture are what I consider the problem, and that is why I blame society.

      • It’s not about sheltering children. It’s about talking to them. I would watch a Rated R or PG-13 with kids in my family. But at home. Where I could reasonably listen to their perspective and help them in distinguishing what is real and what is entertainment if they indeed need it. Parenting (or lack thereof) IS the issue. There will always be bad seeds, however parents nowadays (for the most part) get too wrapped up in their own business after a child reaches a certain age and that is where they eff up.

        • I have young kids. When we watch something “children” scary, I make sure my daughter knows the difference between fantasy and reality. Whether it is me acting extra scared so she comforts me and says “it’s not real Daddy” or afterwards we have a little talk about what’s fake, I talk with her (the baby really doesn’t need explanations right now).

          It’s easy to have these discussions with them at this point in their lives, but I know that as they get older, they’ll have to deal with the burden of right and wrong on their own. Many different mediums out there will help skew their judgement (books, the internet, movies, TV, music, video games, comics).

          What I may think is perverse film that glorifies violence, another person may think is the artistic equivalent of Van Gogh, Poe, or Shakespeare (which were all quite violent and perverse in their own ways). My mom was quite lenient when it came to my viewing habits. I saw Gremlins in the theater at 5 or 6 years old. I saw Nightmare on Elm Street with my older cousins who owned a VCR at 8 years old. But, I remember in high school that the Faces of Death films were all the rage. I never watched one, but a lot of my friends did. Actually, I think half of our high school watch them…if not more. Normal kids with normal parents wanted to watch a movie about real people and animals dying.

          Or after 9/11, the internet had videos of terrorists executing people (whether these were fake or not isn’t the point), and my roommates wanted to watch them. I thought WHY??. These were my friends in our mid-twenties living in our own apartment, not some teenager adolescent BS watching Faces of Death. These friends had both parents growing up…I had my mom and step-dad and a biological father in prison. So these kids with both parents who were raised in a proper household decide at some age that it’s cool to watch videos featuring the reality of death…whereas the kid whose Dad wasn’t around, step-dad worked 2 full-time jobs, and mom who didn’t pay attention to what he was watching…never thought those type of videos were cool. That doesn’t make any sense…does it?

          You can’t blame the parents. Yes, I agree that parenting is overwhelmingly needed and that discussions with your kids has to be done. But at some point, society and our relationships will kick in…and that’s when the burden is put on the person to make the right choice…whatever that may be.

          I know I’m off topic (I went violence in general instead of race relations)…but I haven’t watched Juice or Dead Presidents with my kids yet ;) . I could have went with a story about a bunch of Nebraska teenagers watching Boyz N the Hood and listening to gansta rap….but that’s a time in my life I prefer not to revisit. In regards to race relations with the next generation, I noticed my daughter’s children’s shows seem much more ethnically diverse than they were when I was growing up. That’s a step in the right direction.

      • @Professor

        Bravo, well said.

    • @ $2

      I did & enjoyed it.

  16. So this mobile site is trashed. Too many ads. It barely operates.

    • The ScreenRant Android app flickers when you scroll through an article, very annoying.

      • It’s working great on my iPhone, iPod, and iPad, no problems.

    • If there is a problem with the site please drop us a line using our contact form. I just happened to be checking Open Discussion today – otherwise I never would have seen your comment. I just checked the site in mobile and I didn’t even see any ads at all…


    • @cheerio – Disable the mobile site. That’s what I do. I’d rather zoom in on tiny text from the desktop version than use the mobile app.

    • @cheerio – Mobile on your phone or mobile on a tablet?


      • @Paul

        Mobile on the phone. Its probably due to the small screen. Galaxy S2.

        • @LC – Still seems odd. I only get one add at the bottom on my Android phone. I’m using Dolphin Browser though. Maybe that’s it?


          • Maybe. I’m a believer in user error. I blame my phone/me.

        • Galaxy S2. Samesies!

          It made me miss my Windows phone. One more year, then I can upgrade.

  17. Also, can someone provide written statement by WB/DC that they are actually playing “catch up” to Marvel. Or that their intentions is to beat Marvel financially. Because honestly, all I see is us fanboys mouthing that around as if this is their actual intent. WB as a company is pretty successful. Why do we keep fueling the need to.say that they have declared war against Disney and are out to beat them at their own game?

    • At Leather Cheerio, ask and ye shall receive. I do not go to movie or comicbook sites alone for news about Warner Brothers/DC vs Marvel/Disney. I go to outside sources.

      The article is has depth.

      • *The article has depth.

        • I highly question the intentions and benefactors of that site you posted, ESPECIALLY that particular author… who has in the past been called out relentlessly as someone who has been “bought and paid for.”

          Something I’ve come to realize in the last few months:

          Disney subversively owns the (frick)ing internet.

          That entire article can be re-written featuring Iron Man as Marvel’s crutch, and that idea can be spun negatively as well.

          And as LeatherO said, that isn’t an official statement by WB, just speculation by one guy…

          I recently got three servers banned from a site that poses as an independent just for posting pro-DC things to counter the insane amount of trolling.

          • @Dr Mindbender,

            I misunderstood Leathercheerio statement.

            I been reading over Time Warner Investor notes. Nothing in them.

            (Investor Notes can be read by anyone since Time Warner is a publicly traded company.)

      • Still not written from WB. That article is no better than the SR article that was recently written with a hidden message in the first line so cleverly crossed out. Just fueling fanboy rage. I’m over it.

        • Gotcha.

          So, I am going to assume August 7th should be the time to hear something.

          No one here can have exact knowledge of what goes on behind Time Warner news.

          However, most speculation is based on success vs gain or lack thereof.

    • I don’t think they are. They aren’t at war, they aren’t competing. Iron Man 3 was in the cheap seats by the time MoS was out. It is not their intention to beat Marvel, that’s a pretty fantastic feat. Fanboys on both sides should leave each other alone and realize Marvel and DC are two totally different things.

      • Lets not forgot WB just had one of the most successfull profitable trilogies of all time in the dark knight and the most successful series of all time in harry potter. Not to mention they still have the gold mine that is the hobbit. WB doesnt need to play catchup they are in a great state financiallylts not forfot WB

    • @ L. Cherrio

      I agree, I don’t see a direct statement from WB/DC stating this, but some of there moves, at least IMO, do seem at least somewhat reactionary and knee-jerk to Marvel’s moves.

      As I stated above, I don’t know why, when they would do just fine focusing on making their own great properties well.

      I do believe for the most part that it is fanboy fueled and it is also supported by websites, like this one even, to get as many “hits” as possible (war profiteering if you will). But I do not believe that there is a giant slant toward Marvel and against DC across the web or anywhere else for that matter.

      Marvel’s movies are more popular simply because they are more “family friendly” and funnier. Some people like that and some don’t.

      • ^ I’d say yes and no to that.

        I agree with why Marvel is so popular.

        I have to contest the “I see no slanting” statements.

        I can do so right now.

        The biggest news (whether you are excited for it or not) out of Comic Con is Batman will be in the Superman sequel. Got a new Bat/Shield graphic and everything…

        … but at said site …

        … at said MOST POPULAR SITE …

        The main banner is the new Avengers title. There isn’t one banner page that follows for Superman/Batman.

        (at least, there wasn’t as of Sunday, I haven’t gone to a non-blocked location since then to check)

        So what kind of site:
        - features one thing prominently –
        -shrugs off the other thing -,
        and blocks servers associated with logical support for the other thing?

        • @Dr.Mindbender

          You ever try to change your IP Address on your computer or router or both?

          I cannot see how one site can block a server if said server has more than one person on it?

          • @ Jeff, the Dark Overlord Moostafa

            Exactly why I’m bragging about it bro ;)

            2 different public servers – (3 including mine, but it’s not public)

            B A N N E D

            Server Error 403

            Forbidden: Access is denied.
            You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

            (or maybe I should shut up about this aye?)

            *looks over shoulder*

            • Well that sucks.

        • @ Dr. M

          I hear you, but that’s just one site. Sites are probably going to put up what they think is going to draw the most attention. Granted, the Batman/Superman news was huge, and is bigger than the new title of the Avengers sequel; but on a whole, perhaps the Avengers news somehow drew more hits? Isn’t it just possible more people just like Marvel better?

          I’m speculating of course, but maybe Marvel’s popularity is drawing more hits to sites than DC news is. I can’t see why though. That Superman/Batman news is one of the biggest movie news stories in recent memory.

          I’m just asking, but are you thinking that that site and sites like it are on the Disney “payroll” so to speak, in large part because of Disney is so massive?
          Or perhaps they do not want to tick off the mouse house?

          • @ Mr. Stark

            I didn’t mean to give off the impression that one is more popular than the other, I just find it odd for what is supposed to be an independent site to not include the big news in a banner.

            Disney is something to behold in terms of size and power.

            I don’t mean to sound like a raving lunatic so I will do my best here, this is something that I consider a strong possibility:

            If you have the power and reach to plant some ideas and help sway opinions when it comes to a rival taking dollars away from you, why would you not exercise that?

            I took the time to read more negative reviews on RT then I care to admit. Some of them pointed out some real flaws and did seem genuine.

            A good amount of the genuine negative reviews seemed very turned off by the “change” so to speak. Nothing wrong with that.

            But then, there are these very extreme negative reviews… in which I found a trend to where the sub-text was basically this:

            “This doesn’t look, sound, or feel like a Marvel movie… therefore it sucks.”

            Now the extreme reviews could be one of or a combination of several things:

            -a guiding hand by the mouse
            -big marvel fans letting there biasm pour out in their review
            -just jerks who realize that being negative and extreme gets you lots of ad space

            *sigh* I’m done ranting about it. It just discourages me that I think for some very disingenuous reasons MoS sits at a 57%, and that cost it some box office dollars. I somewhere in the 70s would have been a fair result, with the culture-shock costing it the most points.

            And to finally address something from a few weeks ago – as to why Disney wouldn’t pay critics to say Lone Ranger was good? Simple:

            When your cheating at poker, you can’t have an ace in your hand every single turn.

            When it comes to the mouse, they now how to play cards.

            • @ Dr. M.

              That didn’t come across as lunacy, it seems rational. I do understand what you’re saying, I guess I never paid that close of attention to it. I will keep an eye on that from now on.

              Have you noticed it with other CBM’s made by Fox or Sony, even though they are Marvel properties?

              It’s an interesting observation, I’m curious to see what happens the next time a WB/DC movie comes out.

          • I’m not ignoring you Tony, my long ass reply is awaiting mod

            Oh well. I’ll sum up:

            I think a certain level of dishonesty is responsible for the 57% on RT. Whether orchestrated or not, that RT score screams something shady, to the point where a spokesperson for the site stepped forward and said something…

  18. I am excited about the possibilities of TWD season 4. The trailer was great but I also worry that they will go back to the usual formula of seasons 2 & 3. I think Scott Gimple has what it takes to bring it back to season 1 status but we shall see. I think episode 1 shall tell us a lot of where this is all heading

  19. Okay so I’ve been reading around some chat boards and have noticed that a lot of people are confused about how if Havock is suppose to be Cyclops little brother how is he like 16-17 in 1962. Well I thought I would mention that in the film continuity they have not said that Havock is Cyclops younger brother. Now I’m going to toss out a theory that in the films that they plan to make Havock Scott’s father instead of younger brother so what do y’all think?

    • That would force then to write out Corsair as a character in the future. Not sure how they will handle that.

      • *them

  20. Does anyone else think jake gyllenhaal would make a good batman? He has always wanted to play a superhero and is at the prime age of 34. I have no doubt he can beef up and has always been somewhat of a chameleon as an actor. He was great in end of watch. Thoughts?

    • I’ll say it before any other fanboy reacts… he’s too short. Batman is 8 feet tall.

      They’ve never heard of “movie magic.” I like that casting idea…especially when thinking that even Bubble Boy could become Batman.

      • @ Prof. I was under the impression that Batman was around 7’0 tall, so I read. And that outta all the live actors to have played Batman, Adam West comes closest to his height. Id have to check again.

        • He’s actually only 6’2 or 6’3

          • Oh…in that case. John Krasinski. 6′ 3″ and 33 years old.

            • Matt Miller.

              • The writer for the Bleacher Report?

          • @ Ultimate ACW

            I been looking at a few site for Batman’s height & I guess they all said his height is 6’3. For some reason I thought he was atleast little taller, but oh well.

  21. Has ScreenRant ever thought about adding a forum/messsage board?

    • Yes, but we won’t be adding one. Just one more thing to have to manage, de-spam, etc.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I understand your reasons for not doing so.

        It’s just so hard with your current commenting system to track conversations, especially on anything Batman/Superman related because you have to go through billions(!) of pages trying to find the comment you are replying to.

        Other than editing, if there was a way to reply or go to a comment directly from the email link, that would be awesome.

  22. Anyone been watching Dexter? Anyone else rethinking how it’s all going to end now?

    • @Jared:

      Yeah, I miss the SR Dexter recaps/reviews.

      I’m hoping Dexter finds “morality” so that he doesn’t have to kill anymore, but that’s wishful thinking.

      Maybe Hannah will save him from himself.

      • After Sundays episode it kind of makes me wonder if Deb is going to play a role in his downfall because now she “knows” about how her dad died. Then again it may be the doctor who has a role too. Maybe she played a role in their dads death. There are soo many scenarios it could go now aside from my prediction of Dexter being caught. Also it seems like this new killer could be a good opponent for Dexter

  23. Man of Steel pre order just came out today for all interested parties.