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tdkr open discussion Open Discussion   July 23, 2012

So no doubt you’ve seen the final film in the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy: The Dark Knight Rises! But remember, this is NOT the place to talk about it – if you want to discuss it freely, head on over to our Dark Knight Rises Discussion.

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 23, 2012

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  1. Am i the only one who’s horribly underwhelmed with the MOS trailer?
    “you’ll believe a man can be a hitchhiking emo fisherman hobo”

    • I was incredibly underwhelmed. Did not impress me at all. I was reading all of the positive comments on the article yesterday and thought I was in the minority.

      • It’s just the first teaser to put something out there with TDKR while the special effects are finished. I imagine during the Super Bowl we will see a full trailer with more action.

        As for hitchhiking, why not? He’s a super powered person trying to connect to with people who can’t do the things he can do. If he is trying to connect with people, then live like them. I don’t think it is too far fetched.

        But yea, I’d just fly…

        • Saw a bootleg version of the Man of Steel Comic Con footage. I can tell you this film will be visually impressive, but are of Snyder’s films are. I just hope it has a story to it.

    • The only thing that impressed me was the flying at the end, which we all knew was going to look great because of Snyder. It did seem odd to me that Superman was hitch-hiking; sure, he probably wants to seem more human (incognito) but he can move soo fast no human would really see him.

      • RIGHT!?!? Who hitchhikes if they can fly or even move as fast as he can. It’s only a teaser and I bet a bunch of that footage doesn’t even make the final cut but I think they did a bad job of hyping up the film.

      • I agree with Kahless, very underwhelming except for the flying at the end.

        • The Avengers teaser was not super great until the article trailer hit the net everyone was hyped

          • The Avengers trailer highlighted action and shiney objects. MoS teaser (and comic-con trailer) is putting the story before superpowers and explosions. Something Richard Donner believed heavily in when creating the 1978 Superman.

      • u already said it Superman wants to feel more Human.

      • Even the flying seemed a bit odd because he had his arms at his side. I know he does this occasionally but when going supersonic, arms in front feels more aerodynamic (at least to me)

    • I liked the look of it but agree it was a bit underwhelming apart from the brief glimpse of him flying.

      I know it’s a teaser but thought they could have put a few seconds of action, or even something happening, in it.

      Anyway I will still pay to see this at the cinema. I’m sure we’ll get a new proper trailer towards the end of the year that will make us sit up and take notice of it.

      • The trailer WAS underwhelming when I saw it before TDKR, but I took 2 positives from it: Henry Cavill looked good as Clark/Superman and the visuals looked good. As a big Superman fan, I will definitely be seeing this at the theater (in 2D, thank you).

    • I have to say MOS doesn’t look too good I saw the trailer when I went to see TDKR and I swear a lot of people were laughing in the theaters because it was so lame

      • I’m not a huge Superman fan, but the trailer didn’t really give anything away, except for a glimpse of him flying, so how can anyone judge it on a little kid with his hands on his hips, a fishing boat throwing pots out, and a clothes line? But true, why is he hitchhiking. And, he should blow those damn clothes dry. His parents should turn him into a living multipurpose appliance. At least, I would.

  2. I’m also going to be in the minority with this comment. I was not impressed by TDKR. No spoilers here but did not enjoy the movie and was not surprised at any moments of it. Was not the Nolan movie I expected.

    • I thought it was good but not as good as Batman Begins. And it looks like it made about $162 million over the weekend; a great total but I’m sure there are people who will not like that it didn’t get the record.

      • Respectable sum. Good for WB and the Batman franchise. That being said, I’m happy that they will reboot it and give us a new take.

  3. Glad 2 hear that they’re releasing the shazam TV series on DVD September 18.I grew up watching that show and yes it’s pretty corny,but it brings back great childhood memories growing up.definitely Saturday mornings were the best back then which we’ll never see the lights of again. Thanks W/B.

    • i watched that too. couldnt stand isis though. i watched an episode on youtube a few months ago, and it’s pretty dated. don’t think i’ll be getting that. what i’d like to see re-released, with some GOOD english dubbing/acting, is Gatchaman/G-force/Battle of the Planets. that was the shiz back in the day. i watched some episodes on-line, and for a show thats 40 years old, it still looks good. the english acting is HORRIBLE though.

  4. I watched Batman Begins again & realized something which bothered me just like the movie Signs. Water kills aliens in the movie Signs. Yet the aliens are taking humans which are 80% water, not the least of which theres always moisture in the air.

    In Batman Begins they get that device which evaporates water. Well why wasn’t it evaporating the people too ? lol…

    • Obviously Wayne Enterprises designed it to not evaporate people.

      • I wished they would have explained more about Bane’s mask. I mean, I know b/c I looked it up when I knew he would be the villain, but they didn’t seem to give us much about it in the movie.

      • water is water, wether it’s in people or not, i don’t think you could have that machine differentiate between water in a pipe or in a body. I had never thought of that plot hole before.

        • @jaffro

          That was the first thing I thought of after I saw BB, but whatever, it’s a movie, movie science is different from real science, just have to accept that, lol.

    • In Signs, it could have been the amount/density/quantity of water that harmed the aliens, not just the mere presence of it in something…

    • @Greg

      While I’ll give BB a pass, I thought about that exact thing after watching it, Signs I cannot give that benefit of the doubt. That movie was just pure dumb… Yes, these aliens can travel through space, but they cannot open doors and they go to a planet that the majority of its surface has a substance that kills them… Riiiiiigggghhhhttt….

  5. MOS…it’s a teaser trailer. Relax. So what if he works on a fishing boat. I didn’t hear anyone complain about Bruce Wayne living with and being a criminal.

    • And what should a teaser do? Get people excited about a movie. I believe it didn’t acheive that goal for some.

      • It gave me a nerdgasm… as well as others in the theater when I saw TDKR. People saw him him fly up into the sky and started cheering.

        • I too loved it. I thought it was a great teaser that sets up a deeper story than what people mightv’e expected…

    • I liked it, but he had facial hair, which he obviously cuts at some point with a razor, so I guess his hair is not as impervious as the rest of him…

      • I was literary JUST thinking about that.
        I hope they don’t screw that part up by just having him shave with an ordinary razor…

        • Krypton crystal razor?

          It does bring up the question of who cuts his hair though.

          • He uses a kryptonite powered Flowbee (or as Wayne’s World called it, a Suck-Kut)

  6. Maybe I missed it, but there’s no article about the box office numbers this week. I was curious what the numbers for TDKR this weekend.

    • WB haven’t released them yet out of respect for the victims of CO. Should be released today.

    • they decided not to release them out of respect for the shooting victims

      • oh ok I didn’t realize. Thanks! They’re up now though

    • SR just posted their post office thread.

  7. Every news website now has a “get to know the victims of the CO shootings” article… Seriously, I don’t want to be depressed, why would I read those??? I think their motivations are half to show the world who these people are, and half for the ratings and advertising dollars from visitors. But me personally, I know if I read those, I’ll just get angrier and angrier… So, I’m gonna skip those… *sigh*

    I’m hoping for someone to just shoot this bastard in his next appearance in court, and they give the shooter a pass…

  8. On another note, anyone else happy to see that Chris Nolan finally put the detective side of Batman back into the mix with TDKR? I was so giddy to see Batman on his Bat-Computer in his cave doing detective work, lol. That was awesome!! :-D

    The middle of the movie, not so awesome, kind of meandered along, but I know they needed to develop the story, but still, could have been cut down a little bit. And yah, everyone had a speech in this one, but none of them were as retarded as the one toward the end of TDK… lol. Overall, I would say I liked this one a whole lot more than TDK, but not yet sure about Batman Begins, that one still kind of holds a special place in my heart, lol. It might not have been so grand in scale compared to the sequels, but it was still such a cool new origins story for Batman, I really enjoyed watching that one…

  9. I felt that the MOS teaser did a great job of displaying the salt of the earth, kansas farm boy vibe that smallville scenes and pre- act like a bumbling geek to make me and my unmasked alter ego seem less likely to be 2new same guy- clark should have.
    And yeah, I find it hard to beleave he’d ever need to hitch hike, but with two dads tellinf him he HAS to do something with these godlike powers he decides to just say f*** it and take up fishing. Bruce said f*** wealth and fortune for several years and look how that turned out

  10. Guys… It’s a teaser! Geeze!

  11. “What a lovely lovely open discussion avatar”

    • Just so you’ll know, I both understand and appreciate this reference. Let’s see if anybody else does.

      • lol thank you Nick.

  12. Does anybody have an idea of when the IM3 teaser will be released?
    I really want to see The Mandarin ;)

    • I would think November. The last two years Marvel has released their May releases then (Thor and Avengers).

      • Correction, it looks like Avengers was Oct 11th. Well, I’d still go wtih fall. :)

    • @The Avenger

      Man, I can never get enough of Iron Man, bring on IM3!!! Can’t wait to see the teaser/trailer either…


    They live off Martha Wayne’s pearls.

    • Wait what? Please elaberate


        When reading off the remains of the Wayne Estate, its stated that the pearls are still missing even though Bruce retrived them from the thief.

        • Response to Spoilers contains Spoilers FYI

          He “stole” them from his dead self and gave them to Selena. She was wearing them why then were at the cafe at the end.

  14. I still haven’t seen TDKR yet but plan too later this evening.It was a hectic weekend for me that prevented me from seeing it.Im doing everything i can from going to the spoilers discussions.From word of mouth so far 3 out 5 people seem to have loved it while the other two people say meh.I still doubt i will enjoy it better then TDK.And even though Batman Begins was good some parts had me dozing off in the cinema and even when i watch it now.TDK was entertaining from beginning to end i dont know where the hate comes from for that flick,but to each his own.

  15. It’s been 2 days since seeing TDKR and I have to say I’m still riding off buzz from the film.
    I understand and respect the opinions of those who may not of liked the film but I loved it and think it’s a great end to a astounding trilogy.
    Other than the original Star Wars trilogy I’m hard pressed to think of one better or equal to Nolans Batman. Most of the time the 3rd film will be awful (Godfather & Spidey) or there will be a 4th film that just shouldn’t have been made (Indy). And let’s not forget the trilogy’s that even had the 2nd film drop the ball (Matrix).
    Call me bias or a Nolan fanboy, that’s fine, I don’t mind. I’ll wear that stigma with pride. I can’t wait to see TDKR again (tomorrow) and will be among the 1st to order the series when it hits Blu-ray so I can watch it as a whole over and over. :)

    • Lord of the Rings?

      • The trailer for The Hobbit was awesome, what did everyone else think about the trailer ?

        • Thorin and Kili STILL look like humans.

          • Klingons.

            Die a horrible death, petaQ!!

            Well, Kahless, if I die, guess who dies with me?


      • Of course Lord of the Rings…
        That’s what happens when I comment on my iPod. I thought I mentioned that also but if I type a long post I can’t see everything before I hit send.
        Silly Kevin, silly ;)

    • Kevin7…

      I completely agree. :D

  16. what if Batman was saved by the nuclear blast by THE MAN OF STEEL HIMSELF? what if, depending on whether or not DC/Snyder succeed in bringing Superman back to prominence, Superman was the reason behind Batmans survival of tht blast? Like, say, at the last minute Superman flys in and grabs Batman, or grabs the entire BAT with Batman inside it sending the nuclear bomb on its continued trajectory, and
    taking Batman to, oh….. I dont know…… the Fortress of Solitude or to Metropolis, where they first introduce themselves to one another?

    • @Don

      How about not posting spoilers to a movie assuming that everyone has seen it, especially when there is a spoiler discussion thread for this exact thing?? Come on, the gray matter inside your head is for more than keeping your head’s shape…

  17. We seem to be missing our Breaking Bad review this week :/

  18. Best line from tdkr
    “Victory has defeated you batman”
    I creamed my pants man

  19. Best line from tdkr
    “Victory has defeated you batman”
    I creamed my pants man

    • No, the best line was…The End. :-P

      Don’t get your pantyhose in a bunch; I was just kidding. :-D

      I actually loved the line, “When Gotham is in ashes, you have my permission to die”.

      • @Kahless

        I actually liked it more when Batman said it to Bane… Finally he seemed willing to kill someone, lol.

    • ” Theatricality and deception can be powerful agents to the uninitiated.”

  20. One of my favorite comics is the on-going Peter David X-Factor, with the detective agency. I know it will probably never happen, but does anyone know that if an X-Factor movie would ever be made, who would own the rights? Would Marvel still have it or Fox b/c of the X-Men.

  21. The Dark Knight Rises made $2 mil less in a weekend than what Batman Returns made in it’s entire run.

  22. To sum up my feelings about TDKR, it was depressing and not an ounce of fun. Well OK I had one slight chuckle and that was it. I know a lot of you will say it’s not supposed to be funny, yes I get that, but some kind of levity would have relieved the movie from how depressing it was. And although it kept my attention for 2hrs 45 min (barely) there really weren’t any exciting moments to me. To sum it up this version of Nolan’s Batman isn’t for me and TDKR left me flat. (Although, I did like TDK but mainly because Heath Ledger’s performance carried the movie and the plot involved Batman solving the crime.)

    However, I’m happy for those who enjoyed the movie.

    I’m looking forward to The Hobbit now.

    • @iakobos

      I am one of the people who really criticized TDK, especially the crappy ending, so I’m not at all a Nolanite, but I really liked TDKR, well, I really liked the beginning and end of TDKR, the middle was a bit sloppy and drawn out in my opinion. I kind of feel the same way about the middle of TDKR as I did about the ending of TDK. So far BB was the most cohesive of the three and had the best pacing…

      But I know you already said it, but yes, I will say that TDKR is not really supposed to be funny. It’s a serious movie, but I don’t think it was depressing at all. TDK tried very hard to be depressing at the end, which I thought was corny and stupid, this one was just the big final hoorah, the resolution. I don’t see anything depressing about that…

  23. – my tribute to the trilogy

  24. So….has it sunk in with anyone else that we have to wait another year to see more Marvel and DC characters in movies? I feel like my eight-year-old self after Christmas is over and I’ve played with all my new toys for days and come to the realization that I need to wait another year for Santa. Scientists say that Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year (Jan. 23 for 2012)…but to those scientists with their scientific research and labs and test tubes, clipboards, and stuff…I say today is the most depressing day of this fanboy’s year. Who’s with me?!?

    • Or maybe the heat is just frying my brain…because I still have the Hobbit to look forward too.

      • The Hobbit is worth waiting for but I’m with you on the withdrawal front. I love me some comic book movies! (grammar nazi’s need not respond) :-)

        • When I was walking down the hall to see TDKR, the last 4 theaters were TDKR, the Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, and the Katy Perry movie. Not sure why I mentioned Katy Perry, I just don’t think her film got the same amount of recognition as those others. Anywho, I didn’t realize the Avengers was still in theaters and to see it right there beside TDKR and across from TASM made me smile. What a great superhero summer :D

          • If there’s even one comic book movie lover who couldn’t find at least one, if not all 3, movies to love this year, then I’d say there is absolutely no hope for that person. We are truly living in the GOLDEN AGE of comic book movies.

            This is truly a fantastic time to be a comic book movie lover. I’m looking forward to next year’s crop. In the meantime bring on The Hobbit.

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