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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 22, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 22, 2013

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  1. Good morning fellow ranters……

    A couple of thoughts about the events of this weekend.

    I am super stoked about Avengers: Age of Ultron. I have been hoping Ultron would show up, and this sequel sounds amazing. I can’t wait!! I mean does it get any better than that? If it turns out to be a rogue JARVIS, that would be quite cool, IMO.

    I am also stoked about the Batman/Superman movie. I’m concerned about who they choose to play Batman, (and the writing), but I’m really hoping that they get him right this time. I’m looking forward to seeing them on the screen together, this will be great if it’s done right.

    What I don’t understand, is why the Batman/Superman movie is coming out in 2015. That year is already crowded with some mega blockbusters like Avengers:Age of Ultron, and Star Wars Ep. 7, Pirates 5, Avatar 2,  James Bond 24, etc. 

    Why release such a critical franchise movie in a year like that with at least four other established heavyweights? Why not just take your time and release it the following year, in 2016? Less competition, and less spotlight sharing. I don’t understand the rush.


    Incidentally, isn’t this an excellent time to be a CBM fan? I mean Marvel, Fox, Sony, and now even DC are just continuing to try to one up each other, while we just get to sit back and enjoy it all. Putting all that ridiculous Marvel vs. DC fanboy stupidity aside, we are finding ourselves in the mist of the golden age of CBM’s. I plan on sitting back and enjoying every single moment of it.:)

    • @Stark.

      To answer your question, why release Batman/Superman movie around those heavyweights?

      Quite Simple, to see if you have what it takes to draw away from them.

      You do not get to be the big dog if you just bark from the side and not get into the fight.

      • Good points Jeff, as always, and I totally understand what you’re saying.

        I wasn’t looking at it as a fight, but rather just from a bussiness strategy standpoint. We’ve waited a long time to get theses two together on one screen, I’d kind of rather it be the tent pole movie of the summer instead if just another one in the long list of tent poles that is becoming 2015.

        WB/DC biggest competition isn’t Marvel, it’s WB/DC, IMO. They just need to focus on getting this right, not rush it, and make a good quality movie. If it’s great, the movie will speak for itself. It’s already going to be scrutinized from top to bottom by the toughest group of genre fans out there, us, CBM fans. So, why but it up against solid proven winners? That’s what I was saying.

        • @Stark

          Do not get me wrong, but I understand what you are saying as well. This how I think it should play out.

          WB/DC Puts out movies in the middle of the movie season and they have competition before and after it.

          Marvel plays it safe and puts out their big movies in May, The Avengers and Ironman 3 respective to 2012 and 2013. To me that is somewhat of a cowards way of putting your movie out, at the start of the movie season, where you might have one or two movies to go up against for at least 6 weeks.

          I would put The Avengers 2 and Superman/Batman out at the same time, in May or Early June to let them duke it out. See which studio can produced the most popular and lucrative movie. That way, you can say Marvel won, DC Won, or you can say you know what…It is equal and a push. So it will quite down fanboys of both concerning each fan base.

          The Avengers came out first week of May and had a head of steam that made it into a juggernaut, had they released it in June around the full swing of movies, it would have not had the same Box office.

          Had Man of Steel come out in first week of May, it would have made a Billion or more because it would have run unopposed.

          I put this correlation between The Avengers and Man of Steel with their debuts.

          The Avengers was a Boxer, able to dictate and control its fate. Cold, calculating and in the end the winner.

          Man of Steel was a fighter, who won the first few rounds, took a beating in the middle rounds and fought to an eventual draw.

          So, Put Superman/Batman in the middle of the fight, see if those two can put up a knockout.

          • I totally hear you on all of it, and that’s a great boxing analogy, but I guess my questions is, what does the winner get?

            Undisputed king of CBM’s? While I do understand that there are huge ego’s involved here, and a ton of pride, isn’t the bottom line to make as much money as humanly possible? I can’t see how anybody wins if Batman/Supreman goes head to head against the Avengers2. The fanboy war would explode worse than ever, and it is quite bad right now, (some of the threads over the weekend were unreal), and the champ would only last until the next round of sequels.

            Although most find the fanboy wars annoying and silly, the reality is, the studios love it. It’s like the NFL, they’only play for six months of the year, but are talked about all year long, and are loving it. Studios and websites love the fanboy bickering.

            I don’t think a head to head, winner take all battle is good for bussiness, and besides, most people would end up seeing both anyway. I also don’t think WB/DC is in a strong enough position right now, even with Bats and Supes to risk such a fight. Just my opinion.

            • @Stark

              You see, when a Boxing Match is a draw, that means each fighter won their equal share of rounds. Most often the best fights in a draw because each gave it their best.

              Marvel/DC Each give its their best, WE THE FANS ARE THE WINNERS.

              If one trounces the other, then we have one set of fanboys saying “Well X Movie beat Y Movie last summer!” then I have to start hunting people down and giving out purple nurples.

              • I hear you Jeff, that’s just an awful lot of risk for WB to take. They’re sending out they’re two biggest heavyweights, one of which is kind of rebooting, and the other is barely off the ground, against an established super franchise in the Avengers. If that fails, what do they have behind them? It seems kind of hail maryish to me.

                Supes and Bats are the core of the JL, if the team up loses, who’s going want to see JL?

                No matter who wins, I don’t think the fanboy wars will ever end. Just think of it as the Star Trek Episode ‘A Taste of Armageddon’ without the disintegration booths. :)

                  • True, let just hope hey don’t suffer the same fate as The Nature Boy.

                    Whoooooooooooo!! :)

          • +1 WELL SAID JEFF

    • Remember the Meme with Man of Steel and the Avengers looking up at the Man of Steel and it says.

      “Daddy’s Home.” heralding the return of Superman?

      If you did it today, the Avengers would be sitting on a pile of cash looking down on the hovering Man of Steel and say,

      “Daddy, you can have the home, we will live in the bank.”

    • Well, to add.

      Think about this. It goes back to Man of Steel, good movie, but WB and DC both had higher gross expectations for Man of Steel, they thought it was going to be in The Avengers territory and be around the billion dollar mark in less than a month, but it did not.

      I stated before Man of Steel debut, that it would have a hard time competing with World War Z and Monsters University coming out he following week, and those movies would take some of the thunder. Some people laughed at that, but it did happen.

      So now WB/DC said to themselves “Time to prove we have and can put the better product out, we are going to take the big boys on and we will win.” 2015 will be a Winner Take all-Knock Down drag out fight-Put up or shut up. between DC/Marvel. WB/DC Took their greatest hero, made a good movie, not a great movie and took their best shot at The Avengers, and came up short.

      2015 The Avengers The Age of Ultron now has some fuel to put out the better movie. WB/DC Better have a director who can fight The Avengers the right way, not their way.

      • @ Jeff

        With all do respect, I think the only people who expected MoS to be in Avengers category in terms of box office was over-zealous fans.

        To think that the start of a franchise can do the same numbers as a well established franchise “because it’s Superman” is silly.

        According to their official release, WB is happy about the results or they wouldn’t be making a sequel putting the exact same people in charge.

        • +1

          It was kind of obvious Man of Steel wouldn’t have made a billion, even if it is Superman. The fans were being over-optimistic, though there’s nothing wrong with that. The Avengers had an audience in place, not because of the name but because of the movie themselves. The Man of Steel didn’t have that luxury, it’s just starting off.

          • @Cowpie Jeff

            Man of Steel has become the most successful origin CBM of all time. They broke records. The Avengers was the sequel of not one but 4 movies. One of those movies already had a sequel before it, so you can count 5 movies. 4 of those 5 movies were also piggy backed by end of credit scenes.

            I believe if you were to give MoS the same handicaps as the rest of those films had… we’d be looking at Avatar numbers.

            Food for thought.

            • Maybe, Maybe not. But I know, from what WB was expecting, Man of Steel fell short.

              I think if they Keep Snyder, it will be more of the same. If they keep him in charge of the DC Universe, it will be more of the same.

    • Fox, Sony, Marvel and now Warner Bros are now stepping up their game, aw yee. I’m kinda happy they’re releasing it in 2015, I’m really excited to see the how the competition plays out. I’m also a bit worried about the writing and actor, so I’m hoping Goyer is at the peak of his game and they get an actor than can nail the role near perfectly. They’ll need a great actor, especially after the stellar performance from Christian Bale.

    • I think I’m a bit comicbookmovied out. None of the announcements excited me one bit. I only took notice of them and moved on. I’ll most likely watch these movies when they come out, but the news about them are becoming less and less interesting. It’s just too many of them.

      I can’t wait for infos about Star Wars, though.

      • p.s.: oh, the exclusivity of Comic Con footage doesn’t help getting me excited either. If there are things to show I wanna see them and not just read eye witness accounts. If anything this kind of behavior by the studios puts me off.

    • im happy he is not in avengers 2. dont think an origins for the team up movie is needed especially since he is getting his movie a couple months later, thats where his origin will be

    • Yeah, it’s the same five people complaining in every thread.

      Most people realize the movie universe is different and have accepted it for what it is. They just don’t realize how lucky they are that they’re getting an appearance from Ultron (and the rest of them) on the big screen.

      And if they really don’t like it, they can refuse to pay money to see it… but we all know that’s not going to happen ;)

      • You know what’s funny? If this were Fox doing the exact same thing, the company would be getting flamed six ways to Sunday.

        People b*!tch and moan about Fox messing up the characters on every single thread. I’ve accepted that Fox doesn’t really care, so that’s why I no longer take part in those discussions, but I’m sorry, I hold Marvel Studios in a higher regard. Throughout Phase 1 they’ve proven to have respect and admiration for the source material and the fans, and even though there were “changes”, the majority of the stories were faithful to the various incarnations of the source material.

        After the Mandarin (which I’ll admit, it was funny, but it was still a big f-you to the audience), and now Ultron, I’m starting to doubt all that respect and admiration ever so slightly…

        • That’s because Fox never made a movie anywhere near as good as IM1 or the Avengers or even IM3. I’d much rather enjoy Marvel’s version of their characters over Fox’s because MARVEL MAKES BETTER MOVIES. That’s the only reason, canon be damned.

          Besides that, not one single movie Marvel has made so far has completely honored the canon. This should be expected by now. Maybe people should accept them for what they are?

          • Actually, all the Phase 1 movies honored the comics. Each movie drew from various story arcs and was influenced heavily by the source material. Like I said, things were changed, but for example, in the case of Iron Man 1, they drew from the classics, the origin-retelling from Extremis, and on top of that, there was some Ultimates mixed in there too – and of course, some original moments, and it worked. Fans were happy, movie goers were happy.

            Avengers was the most celebratory to the source material in fact. From Loki being the master villain, controlling the Hulk (classic Avengers #1), to all those little geeky moments that looked as if they were straight out of a comic book. It was, imo, the definitive comic book movie that was faithful to the comics (616 and Ultimates) and still managed to feel fresh and new.

            …It is because of that that I’m so disappointed at this news. They’re deviating too much from the source material (something which any other studio/filmmaker would get bashed for if they did the same)

            As for “accepting them for what they are”, I accept that Marvel’s movies are awesome! BUT, they are on a slippery slope. Taking off your rose colored glasses might reveal that any studio can make mistakes – even Marvel.

            • Influenced heavily, but not completely. Which was my point.

              I just don’t think it’s a mistake, so I guess that’s where we differ. I’m fine with it, some aren’t… but I think most will be.

              • Agree to disagree? I’m cool with that.

                Look, I’m hopeful. Hell, I’m SO excited for what Marvel’s got coming up. I’ll be first in line to see Avengers 2 even if Ultron turns out to be the love child of The Mandarin and Whiplash lol.

                I just worry, is all. This franchise has been so great and the reason I criticize them so harshly is because of all the love and high expectations I have for these movies. I just want them to continue making great films for not only movie lovers, but comic book lovers as well.

                • I think Phase 2 will be even better, but I’m an optimist when it comes to Marvel because they’ve proven themselves to me.

                  Especially GOTG (my favorite current comic), but I’m sure they’ll change a bunch of stuff in it. I look forward to what they come up with KNOWING that it’ll be different.

                  I have no faith in Fox, but I do in Sony since I enjoyed many (but not all) of the things I saw in TASM. It’s a case of what have you done for me lately, and no one has done more than Marvel… or even come close really.

                • wow, u guys are awesome, this is what i discussed with my friend a few hours ago.
                  basically it’s fine if Marvel choose to alter some things, but yeah, they are on a slippery slope, Marvel make great movies, lets just hope they won’t fail. i respect Marvel more when Feige said they want to take more creative risks.

                • Agree 100% avengers fox gets flamed for everyrhing tho x-1, x-2 and xmen FC prove how capibale their studio is to make a great film

                  • You might be using the term “great” a little loosely, there.

                    They get flamed for a reason. That reason is that their films are and always have been subpar. Maybe they’ll turn it around in the next years or maybe they won’t, but history suggests the latter.

                    • There ratings have exceeded every marvel films to date, besides the avengers. So in that case marvel films are not great on your standards

                    • Well this unpaid, amateur reviewer thinks otherwise… and always has.

            • They even added wings to Captain America’s costumes which were simply painted on his helmet for his WW2 era costume & you could notice the wings were carved into his head mask & painted aswell in The Avengers. I guess WB/DC is goin full blown New 52 which im against because all their best moments, stories are within the old comics of DC Comics at their best. That’s just my opinion as one of the greatest story arcs was Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday was done in with his “red undies” which a lot of people hate & not the New 52 costume by example.

        • +1

      • It’s more the fact that theyre using a character thats a big part of the ant man story without actually using ant man. I agree an origin story in the avengers wouldnt work but a couple of scenes, or even a reference to pym could. Just a thought

        • And suddenly everyone’s favorite character is Ant-Man (not saying you are, just “everyone”).

          Ant-Man sucks. The only reason that character is still around is because they tied the origin of Ultron to him. That was a failing character that had to be revamped several times in order to even stick around the Avengers. I mean, 3 different people have been “Ant-Man”, that should tell you something right there.

          • I believe 4 different people have been Captain America. And three different people have been Iron Man. Your point is? ;)
            Just because you don’t see the point of the character, doesn’t mean he “sucks” – maybe to you, but not to others necessarily.

            And just to add to that comment I just made:
            Maybe the reason why “MARVEL MAKES BETTER MOVIES” is BECAUSE they’re so heavily influenced by the stories and characters crafted by award winning storytellers and artists. Maybe Marvel’s Phase 1 was so successful because they had a great foundation to work off of and take inspiration from (whereas Fox just looked at their foundation and went “nah!” and decided to build their universe on a pile of sand).

            • No, they made better movies because they took the source material and modified it to better suit the big screen. They improved the original for the movies, which was why they were so successful.

              A panel for panel retelling of the comics never would’ve worked in the movies, and they found a way to still make people interested and even enjoy the differences. this is just more of the same, just a bit of a shock to the “purists”.

              Comics have been doing alternate universes and redoing origins for decades. This is just more of the same, but in movie form.

              • I don’t need, or want, a panel for panel retelling of the comic books, I just want them to get the basics right.

                I understand the difference between graphic novels and film. I just don’t agree with Whedon saying Ultron’s origin can’t be properly translated from the comics, because imo that’s just BS. I’ve seen/read dozens of great ways it could be told on this site alone, from people with far less writing talent than Joss Whedon. It can be done with Hank Pym, and it can be done very, very well.

                …But anyways, I’ve said my piece. I won’t go on about it. We’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

                • No, I get it. I think once you get over the shock of Ultron not being tied to Pym, you’ll get over it (as long as the movie’s good).

                  And don’t forget, we’re only talking about Ultron’s origin here, there’s still an Ant-Man solo film coming out. So, it’s not like they completely removed the character from the story or changed him completely. It’ll just be different.

                  • Oh, I think I know myself well enough to be able to say it’s not the shock of the announcement that has me pissed, but plainly, the fact of the matter ;)

                    • So, even if Avengers 2 kicks a$$, all will NOT be forgiven?

                    • @FILTHpig
                      It depends dude.
                      I can’t judge a movie before I’ve actually seen it, but if it’s anything like what they did with The Mandarin then yah, I’ll have some mixed feelings towards the flick.

                      Still, it depends. MOS for instance, had very obvious flaws but I still thought that movie was great. A true epic.

                    • It’s all about how they handle it. All I can say for now though, is going on what’s been revealed, I don’t approve of the direction they’re taking with the villain.
                      But that opinion can change as more info becomes available.

                  • In terms of what it does to his over-all story and motivations, I really don’t think it matters who exactly created the evil robot.

                    • I agree with you Doc.

                      And Avenger, I actually like IM3 better than MoS… I know, I know.

                      Both movies were better than any Fox movie, we can at least agree on that, I think.

                    • @FILTHpig
                      Yes, yes we can. ALTHOUGH… ;) I did enjoy First Class very-very much.

                    • I thought I enjoyed XM:FC the first time I saw it… then I eventually watched it two more times and lost that fuzzy feeling.

                      X2 is still the best Fox CB movie to me, although that’s not saying much.

                      Hopefully they impress me with the FF reboot, since I’ve all but given up on their X-movies.

          • Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

            I would not say either one of them sucks. I can say, in all honesty I have no need to see either one because I do not read, follow or know them.

            I will say, I like the Atom, but if he were to be made into a movie, I would be like, “Why?”

          • Most people have never even heard of Iron Man before IM1 came out in the late 2000s. Now he’s “an A-lister” all of a sudden.

            As a matter of fact, when one looks at his character sheet in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG from the ’80s, one can see his popularity well below that of Spider-man, the Hulk, even Cloak and Dagger. And that’s simply because he wasn’t that popular a character, despite his rich comic book history. And this is among comic book fans as well.

            Another example would be Blade. Who can honestly picture Blade without Snipes’ ugly mug? And who can honestly say that they knew that Blade stemmed his powers partly from Morbius the vampire, and that he wasn’t born a Daywalker?

            But I digress. What is the point I’m trying to make? It’s this: if the character is under-appreciated (or “sucks”, as you put it) or is a relative unknown, it does not mean he/she should not get the spotlight, nor does it mean that a movie based on one such character would suck.

            Another PERFECT example is the Crow. A mediocre comic turned movie of epic proportions with a still-active fanbase.

            While I personally don’t find Ant-Man too interesting myself, I do genuinely want to see his movie, and yes, I do want to see him tie into the Ultron origin story.

            More to come soon.

            • I don’t think the Ant-Man movie (or any Marvel movie for that matter) will suck. I just think, back in the 60′s the character sucked, which is why they modified his story to make him more interesting. I don’t think he’s all that great a character, but I thought the same about others and the movies proved me wrong. I look forward to more of the same here.

              • Back in the sixties most of those characters sucked.

                But measuring the standards of two particular decades is like comparing lizards and sparrows in their ability to teach agriculture.

                But hey, at least we can all agree that we will see all these upcoming movies, whether Pym built Ultron in ‘em or not.

                • Right, but I meant they modified him IN THE 60′s… he was a failing character that was about to get dropped, so they spiced him up a bit. And then again… and yet again after that. Also, changed him in The Ultimates. And finally, once more in the movie-verse.

                  So, I guess I’m just not that surprised or upset over it because of his history. I’m sure they’ll do the character justice in his solo movie, it just won’t be exactly the same as we all remember him… and I’m all for that.

                  • If I’m not mistaken, Tony Stark’s armor was also changed early on in the sixties, and both Happy and Pepper were spontaneously added to his roster, and his feelings for Pepper shoehorned.

                    Ant-man was far from being the only character changed even that early on. Or from being “spiced up” either.

                    • I never said he was the only one, I meant he was doing the worst out of the Avengers characters. History says the character wasn’t doing well. Stan Lee said himself that sales for Ant-Man books were in the crapper. They changed him up for that reason alone. They had to do something with him, and they did.

                    • If you collected in the 80′s you vaguely knew who everyone was if you bought the Handbook to the Marvel Universe, other then that a lot of what you said was/is true. Most of the Avengers characters that Marvel are using in their films did not sell very well into the 90′s and even got cancelled and then sent off to be reboot or whatever by Image. That is why they still had the movie rights to most of them, they were not viable enough to sell off when the company was having financial problems.

                      This new found popularity has comic fans feeling like it is some kind of vindication or confirmation of the importance of something they feel is important, but it is just a fad in pop culture at the moment and odds are it will fade. The base components of the comic book scene will always be there, but all of this hype and high profile exposure is not going to be able to sustain itself.

                      Another factor at play here is that the comics themselves do not even seem that important anymore and the fans have become spoiled (in my personal opinion). Comic Con is a shining example of the excessive, commercial corporate driven cash grab the whole thing is right now. 25-30 years ago being a comic book fan meant collecting and reading comics. There were a handful of animated projects and TV shows and going into the 90′s an increase in video game adaptions. But other then that the only thing fans had to worry about and debate over were the actual printed books. And while people were just as passionate about it as fans are now, it was a bit simpler.

                    • Yep, they’re spoiled rotten @Slayer… to the point of not being able to enjoy some pretty good films.

                      Although, I suspect most do enjoy these films, but feel the need to validate their opposing stance simply BECAUSE it’s on the internet.

                      Nothin’ like arguing anonymously on the internet with no filters, am I right? ;)

  2. for me marvel took comic con this year. Ultron, GotG, Thor and Cap and sounded amazing and i cannot wait to see what everyone did. even shield sounds amazing. its like marvel can do no wrong.

    DC still need to prove themselves. i am more nervous than excited for this new superman and batman movie. they still have not done the real batman. they failed the comics batman so if they dont give us the detective then its gonna fail.

    and i am annoyed with articles every where saying there is a flash and JL movie but there is not. there is only one movie coming and this is it, superman/batman.

    • A little originality never hurt no one. Batman deserves both the comic and Nolan version. It’s had both, the comics with West, and, of course, Nolan’s movies.

      I gaurantee you The Avengers 2 will not change. It’ll be all fun and games until the world is in danger of it’s possible (NOT) end, then it’s more fun and games for the heroes.

      MARVEL already did wrong: Elektra, Daredevil, Fantastic Four 1 and 2, Xmen 4, Iron Man 1 (I haven’t bothered to see 3 yet), and their biggest failure The Avengers. Yes, the 2012 movie that looked and sounded cool but came out terrible.

      If I were you, I’d be worried for MARVEL. DC, on the other hand, is doing better in terms of action and storytelling. Critics must love MARVEL and hate DC for some reason. Well, everyone has their opinions, and this was mine.

      • hahahahahaha… wow, ok then guy.

        • Yeah, just agree to disagree here.

      • Half the movies you stated aren’t even Marvel. Elektra, Daredevil, the X-Men movies, and the Fantastic Four aren’t Marvel, but Fox. All of those movies ARE pretty bad, but make sure you know what your talking about before you state your opinions. And also, don’t state your opinions as facts. I love both Marvel and DC movies. It doesn’t have anything to do with what critics like and what they don’t, critics hate every good movie, anyway.

  3. Overall, I’m disappointed with the announcements from Comic Con.

    Marvel: The Ultron reveal was cool. However I was expecting to hear more about other characters/films that were coming out.

    DC: I’m not too excited about the Superman/Batman movie. I am probably in the minority but…WOW. ANOTHER Batman or Superman movie from WB. CHANGE IT UP!

    FOX: No announcements on expanding the universe what so ever.

    • Marvel has done a GREAT job. They are already juggling a lot of characters if you think about it. I am not sold on Guardians of the Galaxy, I think that it will be a misfire. But Marvel has done so well and built up such good will they can afford it. Iron Man 2 was really really bad but people looked beyond it.

      DC is going to be an epic disaster. They should have just incorporated the previous version of the Dark Knight movies with Man of Steel and it would have catapulted them light years ahead of Marvel. We are going to watch the “World’s Finest” basically under-perform and the DC universe fizzle out.

      Fox, I tend to give them a temporary pass. The Fantastic Four is REALLY hard to adapt to the screen. I think they need to take their time with it. X Men is still just trying to recover from X Men Last Stand so I don’t think that Fox is in a position to take any risks while they are trying to reestablish the brand.

      • I will bet you 5 internet dollars that GOTG will NOT be a misfire, and in fact will be the most fun Marvel movie yet. I also think it will do well at the box office, and possible deserve a sequel.

        • You know what I should slightly correct myself. It might be a good movie, I just don’t think it will appeal to a lot of people. Critically it may not be a misfire, but I don’t expect it to do above $150 million domestic and less than $300 million global.

          So if you think different I will take that bet!

          • Oh, i think it’ll do much better than that! Bet is on.

            *shakes hand*

            What’s the conversion rate on internet dollars again? ;)

            • it’s the same rate as the conversion of Schrutte-bucks to leprechaun-dollars.

    • We already know that X-Force is going to big screens. Obviously nothing is ready so they can’t talk about it.

  4. I’m super excited for GotG and Cap 2. It looks like those two are going to big hits next year. Moderately excited for Thor 2 (the first trailer didn’t really do it for me, and the only cool thing that came from CC was Hiddleston’s Loki), and after Whedon announced the Hank Pym thing, I have mixed reactions about Avengers 2 (and I was already kinda of the fence about having Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the mix).

    It’s hard to choose what I’m most excited for, but the Man of Steel sequel is definitely up there. Of all the announcements, that one got the biggest reaction from me (although I guess if I got to see some of that footage at Hall H, I might be saying differently ;))

      • Yup, I watched it, thanks! :)
        I can’t imagine what it must have been like to actually be there.

  5. From what I’ve read, it sounds like GOTG is going to meet or possibly even exceed my wildest expectations. I’m so stoked on this movie, seems like they completely nailed the tone and the characters so far.

  6. Comic con had some awesome announcements Avengers age of ultron GOTG. The superman/batman reveal finally getting to see sups and bats on the big screen is gonna be sick. There was just so much going on at comic con makes me wish I could’ve attended this year.

  7. Superman/Batman……………….
    That’s all I wanted to say. I’ll be back when they confirm the Batman casting. :)

  8. I surprisd there was no mention of the Thor Panel with the intro Hiddleston’s Loki. Was really good.

    • Conspicuous by his absence:

      Alan Taylor.

  9. When do all the comic-con movie trailers come to youtube ? I am really excited to see them online

  10. Out of boredom, I did some impressions of characters from the Batman Arkham game. If anyone is interested in seeing them, I will gladly post a link to the video. Only did 4, but I’ll cover a lot more in the next set.

    • I watched it. Good job man. Sounding great!

  11. Sam Worthington should play the next Batman.

    • I’m a huge fan of Sam Worthinton’s acting!

      (And by acting I mean that one solitary look of confusion mixed with slight numbness he has in every single movie ;))

      • One of my favorite actors, but not sure I want him playing Batman or Bruce Wayne.

      • Oh s*** thats funny lol. Ive slowly came onboard with john hamm

        • phew, I’m glad someone got the joke. We really need a sarcasm font on this site! ;)

          Isn’t Jon Hamm a little old though? …and chubby?

          • He is 1 year older than karl urban… and he is a big dude that cam be very fit if he worked out for a role. I also kinda like the idea of guy pearce giving it a shot. In the conventional sense he may not fit thr part but he has the chops

    • I actually think he would make a better daredevil than Batman.

  12. Worlds Finest. Yes sir. $5 Bale comes back.

    • Hi L. Cheerio

      I’ll see that $5 and raise you $25 that he doesn’t!

      • And I see your $25 and raise you $50 that he shouldn’t.

        • This is how I put Bale coming back as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

          Same way Sean Connery was approached to play Drago in Dragonheart.

          “You want me to voice a dragon. Are you daft?”

          “Wait, how much? That much? Well for that much I will voice the dragon and blow fire out of my butt!”

          If they back up a fleet of Brink Trucks to Bales house and ask him to do Batman, yeah…HES DOING BATMAN!

          • +1 Cowpie. The money they would spend on Bale, whatever it happens to be, will guarantee 300M at the BO.

          • The possibility that he might do it is not ruled out.

            I just hold the opinion that he shouldn’t.

        • I agree that he shouldn’t. But from the press release, they made it sound like they are continuing the character and not rebooting it. Bale said right script/right team. This is it. 50M offer?

          I still want Zach Quinto.

          • Um, what press release did you read? ;)
            ‘Cause the one WB issues clearly stated “the new Batman has yet to be cast”.. “new”, as in, well… new.

              • “fresh interpretation” kinda alludes to the fact that it’ll be a new Batman though. As well as the press release saying “new Batman”. As well as Nolan and Goyer and Thomas and the cast having repeatedly said their take on the character is over. As well as the fact that Goyer flat out said they’re rebooting the character a week or so ago.

                No offense meant, but I really don’t see how anyone can still think they’re bringing back Bale/Nolan’s Batman.

                • @Avenger — Money talks and Hollywood is filled with a bunch of liars. “Fresh interpretation” to me was regarding his finished Superman movie.

                  AGain, I don’t want Bale back. I barely enjoyed Nolans Batman films. I only saw TDKR’s in theaters. But one thing I do know is money and marketing.

                  • I don’t think money talks when we’re talking about Nolan and Bale. I could be wrong but they’re moving on to other projects and continuing their career to see what else they’re capable of doing. Plus Bale is extremely busy, he’s got around 5 or 6 movies coming up.

                    If people are talking about simply continuing the story line, I don’t really see the point if they’re going to have to carry the baggage of continuity and not even get the actor who portrayed the character in those movies.

                    • Agree with ColdSc.

                      And although Nolan and Bale did a great job imo, Batman is Batman. It’ll cross a billion with or without Bale if ya ask me.

                    • @Avenger

                      Tell that to Schumacher.


                      Time will tell. I am just glad that we no longer have to speculate the future of WB/DC. It took long enough just to get this confirmation.

        • $100

          Bale won’t be back.

          • How about $2? ;)
            Sorry, WW. I couldn’t resist.

            • @ $2

              No problem. Neither could I. Lol

      • @antonio — your poker face is flawless.

    • Oh, my God. Don’t start this again! He isn’t coming back!!

    • New Batman symbol = new Batman.

      • @Dr Chris Angel — Bat symbol slightly changed from Burton’s to Schumacher’s. Still kept the same continuity. Different actors though I will admit.

        • Actually the Bat symbol on the suit in Batman Begins is different from the subsequent sequels.

          • @The Archer

            I wanted to say that as well but I didn’t have the confirmation aka tools to prove it.

        • @cheerio – did it keep the same continuity though? I mean, really? Harvey Dent looked like Lando Calrissian in Burton’s Bat films and Dent looked a lot like Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard in Schumacher’s version. And don’t get me started on the changes in Gotham City, the Mansion, the Batcave, the Batsuit, and all of the Bat vehicles. The only thing that remained the same between those two franchises was Michael Gough as Alfred.

          • @PP

            Ha! I love your references! I’d have to in depth watch all 4 of them again to see if the first 2, compared to the next 2, have any references of each other. I was too young to really PAY attention. But as far as I know, yes they are in fact a quadrilogy and are sold that way as well.

  13. Okay, regarding the next actor to take up the Batman cowl…

    A friend of mine and I once had a discussion regarding Alex Proyas, and he told me of a movie of his, Dark City. We were also regarding the possible Batman future films, and how they should go the Crow route and risk.

    I then suggested Rufus Sewell as the new Dark Knight. Yes, he’s roughly over 45 now, but damn it all to hell if that face of his doesn’t make for an excellent Bruce Wayne.

    Now this is just my two cents (well, my friend agreed, so it’s more like our four cents) on the matter, so you can all either agree or not.

    • My vote would’ve gone instantly to Thomas Gobson if he were younger. To me, everything about him screams Bruce Wayne IMO.

      • An interesting choice, to say the least. It would certainly give the actor a more serious image than old Greg.

        • Watch “Criminal Minds”. He’s an excellent dramatic actor, and Gibson actually sounds a lot like Kevin Conroy.

      • *Gibson

  14. I have never read a comic book, but I am a huge fan of superhero movies. Can someone explain how the whole Batman/Superman dynamic works? I mean, can’t Superman just beat the crap out of everyone single-handedly without any help? What’s the point of Batman being there? Don’t tell me there’s Kryptonite involved. It’s the biggest cop-out in history, imo. And if Batman and Supes fight, Batman would get whupped, no sweat. I guess I just don’t get it, Superman is not the kind of superhero to need any help, he can do everything!

    • Batman is smarter and more strategic than Superman. Much more in balance with who he is and what he does.

      Superman is also smart, but Bruce Wayne has the mind of Sherlock Holmes. He always knows more than others could possibly imagine. Superman is more of the brawn and less of the brains, but together they are truly unstoppable.

    • Batman can beat so many people because he IS the world’s greatest detective. Something all Batman movies really have not conveyed yet.

      He will find a way to exploit every weakness and have a contingency plan if that doesn’t work out.

      Yes, he is a fantastic martial artist and has unlimited resources, but first and foremost he is highly intelligent and a detective.

      ……and yes he uses kryptonite, there isn’t much else a human can use against Superman.

    • @1015: I know you’re probably not interested, but really man, give comics a try. They’re just a different medium of story telling.

      If you’re interested in Batman and Superman, I;’d recommend ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, ‘Batman: Hush’ and ‘Kingdom Come’. They’re great stories and a great way to step into the world of capes and cowls… on the page that is.

      • “Batman: Year One”
        “The Killing Joke”
        “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth”
        “Batman: Knightfall”

        And those The Avenger mentioned are good places to familiarize yourself. With Batman, at least

        • And all of those written in the ’80s and beyond.

        • The reason I mentioned those three specifically, is because they feature both Batman and Superman.

          The ones you mentioned are awesome as well (especially for a Batman fan). The Killing Joke is one of my favorite graphic novels, although I gotta say, I haven’t read A Serious House on Serious Earth yet…

    • @ 1015

      The way it works in DC comics, is Batman is always a step-ahead of Superman, meaning he always has an answer to anything that Superman does.

      When DC refers to Batman as “the World’s Greatest Detective” they don’t just mean he’s good at solving crimes: they are saying that Batman can figure out ANYTHING.

      The ability to “figure out anything” includes figuring out how to gain the upper-hand in a confrontation with Superman.

    • @ 1015

      Another thing about Batman that differs him from Superman. He doesn’t hesitate to kill if there’s no other options even when it’s against his code. If possible, he’d take those responsible alive. Superman had his dark moments where he tries to avoid that kind of decision, mostly it was it his own kind or another alien menace. If the the foe he’s up against is capable of reason, he’d tried to end with no-one getting hurt or worse. Even in Superman:TAS thru JLU shown his dark side if he does wrong, theres, no redemption of who he is anymore.

    • @1015 – You need to familiarize yourself with the Batman of the comics, because he hasn’t been accurately portrayed in the movies. He is a lot smarter, technical, and strategic.

      • @ Prof

        I agree.

        • @wally – Wait, I forgot about Val Kilmer Batman solving the Mr. E riddles…with the help of Alfred. That’s pretty close intelligence wise. ;)

          • @ Prof

            True. Aswell as Keaton’s Batman driving by to have a good look at what the Penguin was up to. He also remembered a story about the Red Triangle gang while Penguin was young as crime was commited & they disappeared before being questioned by police. So he read up on Penguin as he did Joker aka Jack Napier. We also see Bruce repairing the Batmobile.

    • @Dr Mindbender.

      I bow to your ability to get banned from multiple servers.

      • *proper bow @ Moostafa*

        • I know I’m better off…

          …but what about all the young, impressionable minds out there that may not be as “weathered” as you or I?

          My god man! The children!

          • @ the avenger

            The difference, you still had access to the site. Your sign in had been banned, but you could still access the site.

            For me, the site BANNED THE SERVERS. Means I can’t access the site at all from any of the banned locations.

    • @ Dr. M

      In some cases, it’s best just to stay out of it. It’s a battle that has no end. Being the voice of reason is good, but not when it comes to CBM fans I guess.

      Getting three servers banned is an impressive feat however. :)

  15. Man, I just want Snyder and Goyer to get Superman/Batman right. Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Justice League hinges on it.

  16. Did they announce the titles of the untitled marvel films to be released in 2016 and 2017? I would think those would be big news items on this site if they were. I guess if they didnt they must be waiting for that Disney Convention?

  17. Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    Banner: “Tony, I really like your new robot.”
    Stark: “Thanks Doc, I designed him to be very polite, and british.”
    Banner: “Why does he look like Paul Bettany?”
    Stark: “Oh, I used Bettany’s voice for my Jarvis A.I., didn’t you notice? He’s under contract, I’m using his voice and likeness.”
    Banner: “I thought it was a coincidence.”
    Stark: “No… I have a VISION here people!”

    Quicksilver: “Here’s that boston clam chowder you said i couldn’t get in one hour! Ha!”
    Stark: “Great, I’m starving.”

    • Stark: Ugh, this robot won’t move. Can someone pass me that diesel bottle over there?

      • quicksilver: “its already in your pocket. Yeah… im that good.”

  18. So this past weekend, Katee took Auggie to go see Turbo. I decided to go to my local comic book shop and get me some comics.

    They had in the store, two Soul of Chogkin Ships, Yamato and Andromeda so I picked the Andromeda up.

    So, my question. With Godzilla in the works, would a full blown True to Japanese American version of Star Blazers work?

    Thoughts and opinions?

    • The Yamato carries with it a certain cultural symbolism for the Japanese that’d be incredibly difficult to reproduce, so if you mean an American cast with an American ship, did you have a particular one in mind?

      The 2010 Space Battleship Yamato movie came about as close as anyone’s going to get to a live-action version of the show (modernised just enough to borrow new BSG’s flight suits and general production design as well).

      • @The Big Dentist.

        I see no problem with an Americanized Version using the Yamato. As such, Space Battleship Yamato crew did not look Japanese. As long as they stay true to the source, I cannot see why it could not happen.

        If they trust a proper Godzilla to be produced.

  19. What new things do you guys think comic book movies can offer to the film industry and films in general? I mean we do have thrillers with comic book characters (the Dark Knight), full out comic book movies (The Avengers) and the mix of the two (The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men First Class). What new things are there left to add to the comic book movies other than dropping new characters in the mix?

    • I just want good fan service at times.

      Sort of frustrates me when I see a video game storyline that is miles better than the films that are handling the characters to begin with. The plot of “Batman: Arkham Asylum” would make a great film, so would “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions” if done right.

      “Man of Steel” gives me hope that we might actually break this bland trend of making something incredibly awesome…incredibly dull, or just anti-climactic.

      • The Arkham Asylum storyline was brilliant, wasn’t a fan of Shattered Dimensions’ story all that much, than again I didn’t really finish it. I’m just hoping for comic book movies to continue adding something new. The Avengers showed the audience the first ever team up, now move on and do something different with the sequel. The Dark Knight showed a movies based on a comic book character can very well be a straight up thriller with themes and ideas running through it.

    • Perhaps a decent deconstruction of the whole genre.

      Something that, at least, I saw in “Kick-Ass”, “Super”, “All Superheroes Must Die”, etc.

      Granted, the last two movies are generally not viewed favorably, but I like the story elements and the particularities that they had to offer.

      • +1

        Kick Ass offered something new that I haven’t seen, reason why I enjoyed it.

      • The Kick-Ass movie tried to have its superhero deconstruction cake and eat it, and not altogether successfully in my opinion. I enjoyed it for what it was, but the comic was completely different in tone, and did a far better job of creating a kind of “this happened, deal with it” blank narrative for the viewer to question the nature of, or try to impose their own set of values onto. More often than not in vain.

        Elements such as Big Daddy being an unhappy fantasist rather than an ex-cop – who’d basically kidnapped his own daughter away from her very-much-alive mother – would clearly have sat uneasily alongside the Adam West impersonation, or tropes such as Kick-Ass getting the girl at the end, and Hitgirl’s inexplicable slo-mo wirework and mid-air gun reloading. I had similar problems with the Watchmen movie.

    • @Coldsc

      Breaking down the style to the current successful CBM’s, you are correct. I want to add though, to what @ACW said, is that only one of these studios are taking the biggest risk. That studio being WB/DC. They are taking CB heroes and exploring in depth into the painful reality of what it means to be a hero. The “dark and gritty” as critics love to say. We all know that with that style, it doesn’t appeal to everyone and definitely isn’t kid appropriate.

      Disney/Marvel is/has (so far) taken the easy lighthearted approach. The world is ending and everything is destroyed but its okay, lets eat greek.

      Fox/Marvel has both styles. They’ve deviled into both and I applaud them for that. They’ve also lost a lot because they haven’t found the correct formula.

      WB/DC is taking everything to the grind. With a few jokes here and there when needed (and well placed might I add) but also showing what it really means to be a hero and a symbol of hope.

      Disney/Marvel will always outsell the other 2. And I am completely okay with that. They will have my ticket sales as well. Its safe and no matter what, its family friendly for the most part.


      The financial risk of making live action films with the stories that are so dark and deep like the ones you mentioned aren’t worth it. It will have huge budget and barely enough money to keep itself up. Even if they made one, I think the reputation that it would give the franchise is enough to kill it. There is that fine line that CBM’s have to follow, and WB/DC rides it perfectly now.

      Point being, look at Deadpool. No matter the fan base and desire, its not worth it. I’d be super stoked to see an animated series/films of Deadpool. Marvel animation can learn from WB Premier.

  20. 2015 winner superman/batman vs avengers vs star wars vs avatar 2?

    • vs Warcraft.

      • I heard the warcraft teaser was cool

    • @ luke – The $tudio$

  21. Here is my choice for the next Batman.

    If done by Snyder, all practicality is out the window.


    Can you see Tom Welling as the New Batman/Bruce Wayne?

    Yeah, he does fit the Part.

    Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds, who to say Batman/Bruce Wayne cannot be ethnic.

    John Barrowman. And I swear if anyone shows their ignorance based on the fact he is gay…You have serious issues.

    • I still like Joe Manganiello.

      I prefer the “bigger” style Batman.

      • Going to look odd next to Henry Cavill’s Superman.

        Like it though.

        • “I don’t want to fight you, Bruce.”


        • If memory serves me right, there are some comics/situations where Bruce and Clark switched places, I actually think they should be similar to each other in build.

            • Also in the latest Lego movie with Superman/Batman. :)

              • ::face palm::

                • Don’t hate on the Lego movies, Heifer-Man!

    • How about Karl Urban?

      I guess it would depend if they’re going with a young Bruce Wayne, or if Batman is already established for a whole in the new DCCU started in MoS.

      I loved Barrowman in Arrow, but I can’t see him as Mr. Wayne, Mr Waine.

      See what I did there? :)

      • @ Stark

        Bad enough I work at night…looking for crime and rescuing people…Really…I mean REALLY!

    • I’m down for Tom Welling. He would play a great Bruce Wayne. I’d give him the chance under the cowl.

  22. Can’t wait for ScreenRant’s podcast, really want to see their reactions to all the news revealed at comic con.

  23. star wars will be the winner of summer 2015.

    • Nah, not going to anoint Star Wars Episode 7 as the winner. JJ Abrams is a self confessed fan. He may direct it like he sees it, which might not be to the liking of everyone.

    • I would love to see what you whip up when not bored.



      • Thanks! Appreciate feedback a lot.

        My voice is naturally deep so Conroy isn’t hard to do for me at least. Hamill, on the other hand, I have to do before anyone else. That’s not my best Joker impression because I did 2 hours worth of other characters, which put a strain on my voice by the time that take was finished.

        I’ll be doing more soon, planning on making the next set longer with more variety.

    • Great job, ACW! That was very cool!

      • Thank you so much! I love receiving feedback/criticism, keeps my motivation running to do more of this stuff :D

    • @ Ultimate ACW……

      Very cool, well done!!

      • Thanks Stark, means a lot!

  24. Seeing Luke’s comment reminded me that I wanted to ask:
    Knowing what everyone knows now (after SDCC), what 2015 films are you most excited for?

    For me,
    1. Star Wars Episode VII
    2. Man Of Steel 2/World’s Finest
    3. Avengers: Age Of Ultron
    4. Ant-Man
    5. Bond 24
    6. Assassin’s Creed
    7. Mission: Impossible 5
    8. Avatar 2 (just ’cause of the visuals)
    9. Terminator 5
    10. Reserved for whatever Pixar has coming up

    • Man of Steel 2 hands down. I’m not much of a fan of Fantastic Four but seeing as how Josh Trank is directing, I’m a bit curious. I’m a little interested in Avengers 2, mostly because of Joss Whedon, he’s one of my favorite directors and writers. And of course any Pixar film.

      • + Kung Fu Panda 3

      • How could I forget about Jurassic Park, wow.

        1. Man of Steel 2
        2. Jurassic Park 4
        3. Fantastic Four Reboot
        4. Avengers 2
        5. Kung Fu Panda

    • I will look forward to Batman/Superman most, but I think Star Wars 7 will hit me the hardest.

    • 1.) Star Wars Episode VII
      2.) Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
      3.) Man of Steel 2 / Worlds Finest
      4.) Bond 24
      5.) Ant-Man
      6.) Pirates of the Caribbean 5
      7.) Assassin’s Creed
      8.) Terminator 5
      9.) Independence Day 2
      10.) Jurassic Park IV
      11.) Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
      12.) Avatar 2

      • I reserve the right to move the Hunger Games higher in list if Catching Fire really impresses me I loved all three books a lot and enjoyed the first film but I just feel like I should have enjoyed it a lot more than I did but so far everything I’m seeing from Catching Fire looks good and for Avatar 2 I really wasn’t a huge fan of the first but I didn’t hate it so I will give it a shot plus the visuals should look imptesive

    • For me:

      1. Avengers 2
      2. Star Wars ep. 7
      3. Ant-Man
      4. Bats/Supes
      5. Bond 24

    • Man of steel 2
      Star wars
      Avatar 2
      Avengers 2
      Assasins creed

    • For 2015:

      1. MoS 2/World’s Finest
      2. Jurassic Park 4
      3. Star Wars 7 (i don’t believe much in the success of the project but i am hyped about it and possibility of success, i want to believe)
      4. Avengers 2

      Everything else i could easily watch home without any problem of waiting. Maybe some trailers could change that.

    • Mine are for 2015

      1. Avengers 2
      2. Avatar 2
      3. Batman vs. Superman
      4. Hunger Games: Mocking Jay: Part 2
      5. Star Wars: Episode 7

    • 2015 has a lot of movies that deserve a theatrical watch. I found 11 using google. Here is my list.

      1. World’s Finest
      2. Avatar 2
      3. Jurassic Park 4
      4. Prometheus 2
      5. Star Wars Ep 7
      6. Fantastic 4
      7. The Avengers
      8. Terminator 5
      9. Independence Day 2
      10. Pirates 5
      11. Ant Man

  25. The “Who should play Batman?” posts always get a billion comments but I have a question for regulars who read the Batman comics, either the old ones, the more recent ones or the New 52 stuff:

    Do you really think Bale made a good Batman?

    I ask because I think the people who like Bale are really Bale fans, not just Batman fans. I am of the opinion that not only was Bale not a very good Batman, but he was actually one of the worst. And his portrayal of Wayne was even more horrible.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Bale in his many other movies, but he just didn’t feel like Batman to me. Since OD is usually less “fanboyish”, I was hoping to get some level-headed feedback about this here.

    • The short version: I think he was an amazing Bruce Wayne, but not a very good Batman. He’s the best so far though, but it could be done better imo.
      Karl Urban would make a great Batman (seriously, he’s perfect for the role), but then, I’m skeptical how he’d portray Bruce Wayne.

      • I agree with avengers’ assessment of bale
        And would be very interested to see Karl Urban as batman, reckon his Bruce would be ok at best
        But I would prefer an actor who is better at batman than Bruce Wayne (would be hard to find someone who nails both aspects)

      • @The Avenger

        I am a Better Bruce Wayne then Christian Bale is.

    • I liked Bale because I find he nailed the intensity of the Batman, even if his voice was a little over the top (I enjoyed it though). He felt intimidating. I think one scene in TDKR where he showed it was when one of the cops shot Batman’s grappler gun (or whatever it was) with a stun gun then comes Batman reaction. I would not mess with him after that aha. I also enjoyed his Bruce Wayne portrayal.

      • @ColdSc:

        You liked Bale’s portrayal, but my question was did he accurately reflect Batman from the comics?

        I think Bale’s portrayal of Wayne was the worst part. No charm, no self-confidence, no playboy attitude. I’m not expecting RDJ’s Stark, but maybe more Clooney or Kilmer, even Bale’s American Psycho Patrick Bateman would have been a better Wayne.

    • batman is too amorphous to answer that question. He made a GREAT Batman and Bruce Wayne but made it his own. Just like Micheal Keaton was a great Batman and Bruce Wayne in his own unique way. This is why I disagree with people who claim Bale did not capture the “real” Batman because there is no such thing.

      • I don’t think I agree with Batman being “amorphous”.

        There are basic traits that he has:

        1. World’s Great Detective meaning he is very smart.
        2. Always prepared (Bale was easily fooled by both Talia and Selina).
        3. Physically intimidating.
        4. Almost unsurpassed in fighting skill.

        Heck, one could argue that RDJ’s version of Sherlock was a better Batman in 3 out of 4 of those categories.

        As for Wayne, he just has to be a philanthropic playboy rich dude. Bale seemed too attached to the women he romanced, he pulled that role off better in American Psycho (IMO).

        But just my opinion based on how I read the comics.

    • Big Nerd….

      I like Bale as an actor, from as far back as American Psycho, but IMO, he was a terrible BW/Bats. He ruined the whole trilogy for me. He was not very convincing as the worlds greatest detective, and he just didnt come across as that.

      When I read Batman comics, I’m seeing a Bruce Wayne with a near genius intellect, that builds cool gadgets, and has keen intuition. IMO, bale failed on every one of those levels.

      Dark and brooding is a little scary, I guess, but high intelligence in the hands of a vigilante is far scarier, and to me what makes Batman cool and intimidated. IMO, Bale couldn’t deliver any of that.

      • @Stark:

        You seem to be one of the few who agree with me (or I agree with).

        Even just basic knowledge of the Batman mythos tells you the same things so I really find it hard that people think Bale “nailed it”.

        If Bale got the wrong direction, then I blame the director. But from what I understand of Bale’s acting methods, he really gets into the character so I don’t get how he got “lispy Batman and uncharismatic Wayne” from whatever comic issues he read. You can even watch any of the more recent Batman animated films/shows to get a better idea of how Batman should be portrayed (IMO).

      • @Stark read your comment again, i think its obvious your gripe is clearly a gripe towards the incarnation of batman not bale himself. Bale was never given the opperunity to build gadgets nor was he given many detective moments. Bale nailed the dark broodin broken batman
        That he was written as. His bruce wayne to me was also fantastic he was a normal dude playing a front and he nailed it imo

        • @ Trey

          In Batman Begins he did manage to make some little throwing stars made in the shape of little bats, if I remember correctly. I guess those are gadgets. lol!

          You could be right, but that wasn’t Batman to me. I want him to make his own stuff, not have it supplied to him by Lucius Fox. I want a smart, super intelligent Batman. I just don’t see Bale pulling off somebody super smart like Wayne is.

          Bale I feel was also bad because anybody that would have known Bruce Wayne would have been able to identify who Batman was simple based on his speech impediment. Yes, Bale used the gravely deeper voice as Bats, but it was just a gravely deeper voice with the same speech impediment. It was distinctive, and should easily given him away.

          I like and enjoy Bale’s work as an actor in other roles, he’s just not a good Bruce Wayne/Batman IMO, which is why I’m so looking forward to a new Batman in this new movie.

          • @ Stark

            You know what I want that you & many others will probly disagree on? A faster, more agile Batman. That requires a different kind of coustume though, not a rubber one as in previous films.

            • @ Wally West

              I agree with that!!

              • @ Stark

                Thanks. But hold on. If you noticed he Batman image above where it says “Zack Snyder reveals Batman easter egg in Man Of Steel” I can see that kind of costume being made similar to Chris Evan’s Captain America’s from The Avengers. Allowing the actor being more faster & agile than being in a rubber suit allows. Plus it would make Batman more mortalize compared to the rest of the leaguers promptinh him as if he needs to prove himself even though they rest of the group know he’s a valuable member. Know what I mean? It also be nice to see Batman get shot in the arm once or get bad injury in one of his legs where he has subdue his enemies by using his head still as he did in Batman:TAS.

          • @ Stark I kind of agree with you, but Batman is multifaceted. Nolan did hand wave “The World’s Greatest Detective” aspect but he made up for it in spades with his “Caped Crusader” interpretation. We got a Bruce Wayne that could never turn Batman “off”. He was so dedicated to battling crime and corruption that at one point he was willing to hand over the mantle to Harvey Dent because he thought it would make a difference. That’s what Bale and Nolan did right IMO.

    • From what i get people dont like the way bale was writen or told to act. Bale is an incredible actor and imo the only batman so far who has added depth to the caped crusader. He was told to use the gruff voice and he nailed what he was suppose to do. Id understand if you believe that his interpretation wasnt your cup of tea but as far as overall acting performance he nailed it imo

      • @Trey:

        I guess we just disagree. Gruff and lispy are two different things, the latter being so laughable it’s parodied quite a bit.

        Can you tell me what depth Bale added? I can name many other Bale portayals that would have suited Bats better, I actually prefer Bale’s Reign of Fire or Terminator Salvation characterizations.

        The other problem, Bale doesn’t have the Batman build to me, but that is subjective.

        • I would gladly explain what depth I felt Bale added, but first I would like to commend you and give you major props for taking the time to hear me out and giving sound reasons for your view.

          This could be a big compliment to the way he was written but I feel Bale’s Bruce/Batman is the only batman to add any emotion or multiple dimensions to the character. Keaton, West, Kilmer and Clooney were the most basic one dimensional forms as human beings. Sure Keaton succeeded over the other 3 because he played a loveable Bruce to go along with his below average Batman. Throughout the Trilogy Bale’s character progressed through a range of emotions including cockiness, regret, sadness and desperation. Which I felt Bale hit those highs and lows of his character like a pro. Yeah the voice was silly at first but I began to enjoy it over time and understand the use for it.

          I am not arguing that Nolan hit the essence of the character on the head cause he didn’t, I am arguing that Bale played the character exactly how it needed to be played and nailed it. Batman has so many different incarnations and this just so happens to be the grounded approach that I really enjoyed and could relate to. Bale’s Bruce was a man putting up a front, a normal man who has the same range of emotions that everyone human has, not some fantasy character. While his Batman incarnation was broken and beaten and humanized much more than his comic book counterpart.

          For the character given and the writing he had to work with Christian Bale is the Best Batman for that specific one and he killed it for 3 films in a row. Now would he be the best for an Arkham Asylum Style film? absolutely not you need someone who is a bit less real and a little more mysterious and more of a straight adaptation.

          The other complaint I here often is how Bale’s Batman has the worst fighting style, and I would argue he is the only Batman with a fighting style. It’s definitely not martial arts to the level of the comic book character, but the Keysi fighting style is at least a style, I can’t remember if Keaton’s Batman even through a punch he was so heavy on gadget and hip tosses.

          That is all, sorry I started ranting a bit.

          • @Trey:

            I see where you are coming from now, but I still think that Bale’s “normal human” portrayal of Batman is not only uncharacteristic but counter to who Batman is.

            In order to be the Dark Knight, personal feelings and human emotions have to be set aside. That’s what Bruce trained for all those years. Sure, every normal man wants to have a relationship with a woman, but for Bats, he knows that is impossible for him in order to do what he does (think about Peter breaking up with MJ). He is “not normal” so that everyone else can be… so that no boy has to experience what he did (which explains his father complex and why inevitably a Robin would exist). That’s why he has those shallow relationships as Bruce the playboy, because he can’t afford to be attached (which is why I felt his feelings for Rachel, Talia and Selina which hurt him were so out of place).

            That’s why I think it’s cool that in Batman Beyond, Bruce is alone and his only companion is a dog. That is the curse of being Batman, forever alone to ensure justice prevails.

            How’s that for a rant?

            • Is a very good rant indeed, i will now step down and accept the fact we disagree and both have reasons to do so

      • @ Trey

        I chuckled when Bale’s Batman growled at Bane in TDKR during their first fight.

  26. Anyone else playing the Last of Us? It amazes me how they could do a quality game like this based off of infection scenario while the Walking Dead game was generic garbage. Whoever does the licensing for the Walking Dead should be fired, they should have gotten together with Naughty Dog and used their game engine.