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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 22, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 22, 2013

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  1. about the Age of Ultron
    My initial reaction to the announcement was ‘awesome’, then I heard about the no Hank Pym and Jarvis gone rogue stuff and that changed
    now worried that Avengers 2 will end up to focused on RDJ/Iron Man (similar to how the first film relied heavily on RDJs Iron Man persona)

    I had a similar reaction to the Batman/Superman (woo! Then wait another Batman already, really dc?)

    Neither seems to particularly risky
    Marvel is sticking to the RDJ stuff even though its a ‘team up’
    DC not willing to go outside of the superman/batman bubble (combining the characters seems just safe, they knew fans would love the idea and it doesn’t require any thing really new from them)

    Both films should be good though

    • @JLAvenger88

      “Neither seems to particularly risky”

      You don’t go all in with a 2/7. You do with 2 Aces though.

  2. i havent read all the comments yet, but i was wondering which of the SR staff had to be the one walking up to the hot cosplay chicks and ask “can i take your picture for our web-site.”

  3. I was very excited to hear the announcement of a Superman/Batman movie but I have a feeling it will be a new Batman face(rebooted) but with the same Nolan Batman take(more realistic) considering Snyder is still doing the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nolan was brought in as a consultant for the movie since he worked with Snyder on MOS.
    The Avengers 2 annoucement was expected but was not expecting Voltron. I am excited to see this and can’t wait but not having Hank in it is disappointing but I get it.

    • Nolan and his wife will act as executive producers on the new movie, so he will be involved, but in a much smaller capacity I imagine.

  4. I just returned from vacation, where I had no Internet access. I was suffering from SR withdrawals and missed you guys! Then I get online this morning and find out all this great Marvel and DC news! Like Stark said in the first post, it’s a great time to be alive with all the comic book films.

    I saw The Great Gatsby, and while it did have its differences from the novel, I really enjoyed it. The only issue I had was the modern music used in the film. I respect the music; it just kept pulling me out of the Twenties into current time. The film definitely was a unique take on the book.

    *** Turbo spoiler ***

    I told the kids before we went into the theater that if Turbo loses his power and starts crawling to the finish line, I would walk out the theater. When it happened, the kids kept giggling and looking at me, so I kept my word and walked out. :) The kids thought the film was okay; I felt it was “eh” and could have used more characterization. The movie also sparked a good discussion with the kids about going for your dreams.

  5. With The Avengers: Age of Ultron being announce doesn’t that make you think Vin Diesel is going to play Vision? Any thoughts on that role? He said the announce is set to come later on I think unless it’s been already confirmed

  6. So, working the overnight shift.

    Here this over the radio.

    Be Advise all units. Air Unit in Route. Air Unit. Be advised we are looking for a light blue and silver 2011 Smart car..Driving at a high rate of speed East on 476. PA Plates GYN-XXXX

    Officers response “Dispatch. Did you say a Smart Car?”

    So we spot it, got the light on it and following it…radioed a PC and told him the location….

    Never saw a car maneuver between two semis and survive.

    • Where I come from Smart Car drivers think it’s okay to park sideways between two cars (The rear bumper facing the curb) as if to say “I’m so small I can fit in here. Aren’t I as Smart-arse!?” It really pisses me off. That and the fact that when they park like that they stick out more that a large van/truck would.

      • Not when the two larger cars flanking it, go bumpers to doors.

    • Any chance of seeing that video?

  7. Watched Only God Forgives last night. Weird. Good but weird. Anyone else see it?

    • Mmmm…. I saw it….
      Jesus, it was a very strange movie….,
      I saw it in Bangkok with my 2 thai friends and after 10 minutes, they weren’t impressed and left the theater and didn’t return.
      They said afterwards that the movie was too weird for them a little bit disrespectful.
      The scene was brutal….Kristen Scott Thomas was delightfully weird, sexy (with her blonde hair) & strange….
      The question is…. does the carpet match the drapes!!!

  8. Comic Con would have been the perfect place to announce Ghostbusters 3. Way to drop the ball Dan Aykroyd….I guess it’s another year of “writing a script.” They should get Axl Rose to score that movie too.

    • LOL @PP

      You will never let it down.

      • @LC – No. I won’t. I just wish that I had the money so I could buy the rights from Dan Aykroyd and company. Then, I’d contact Eric Kripke, Ben Edlund, Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant to fine tune my script idea. And I’d hire Eli Craig to direct.

        Then, I’ll move onto my next project. Getting the Tick on the big screen!


  9. The lack of Star Wars at comic con may have been a peice of tactical genius by Disney due to the fact that so much news is released that, although exciting it is all a bit much. They could set the Internet on fire at D23 (I think that is the name of the event they have) if the announce the full EP:VII title, some new casting plus a panel with Ford, Hamill and Fisher and hopefully they will announce a Boba Fett film for 2016.

  10. Sorry if this has been asked before but I don’t view the OD thread that often and I was wondering why we aren’t seeing any Dexter recaps this season?
    I see recaps for Under The Dome but not for the final season of a very popular show like Dexter, what’s up with that??? ;)

    • @Kevin7 – Basically, it’s writer’s choice. I asked about another show once. They review what they can in a timely fashion.

      MY OPINION: A lot of times, good long-running shows get skipped to make room for new coverage. So, they’ll only cover important episodes like the season premiere or finale and maybe a couple big episodes in between.

  11. So…I watched the “Buffy” 5th season opener “Buffy vs. Dracula” last night and was amused to see Rudolph Martin playing Dracula. It was a hammy performance (it seemed more so because of the writing than his acting), and the episode was not particularly good or well thought out…but fun in that “well, it’s fun to watch since there is nothing else on” kind of way.

    The reason I found it so interesting that Martin starred as the Count is because he portrayed the Prince(ly version), otherwise known as Vlad Tsepes…Vlad the Impaler…in the more historically inclined film “Dracula: Dark Prince”. As far as I can recall, Gary Oldman is the only other actor to have played both the real and literary Dracula (actually played both, as opposed to mere flashback clips or exposition). Of course, Oldman did so as part of one whole narrative instead of simply in two separate roles…

  12. Paul,

    We love the article on our Robot, but there are some inaccuracies and over-credits. If you could get in touch, Matt Winston would love to set the record straight on a few things.

    You can email me back directly and I can put you in touch.


  13. So is there or isn’t there a flash movie coming in 2016?? And if not, where did these rumors come from??

    • There is i believe according to thr youtube videos i watched from comic con. With justice league in 2017

    • I heard that there was on Hollywood Babble On. But who knows. They said Man of Steel 2/World’s Finest in 2015, Flash in 2016, JLA in 2017. Who knows though. Last year, it was JLA in 2015. I take all these announcements/rumors with a grain of salt until I see a poster and a trailer.

      • Well I didn’t see a screen rant article saying anything about it so I wasn’t sure!

    • The only confirmed piece of information that WB/DC made was World’s Finest in 2015. Beyond that, nothing is confirmed. There are plenty of rumors to geek on though.

  14. Anyone watched True Blood? Things are getting interesting that’s for sure. Especially around Bill. Too bad the show lost one of it’s great characters though.

  15. So what should the Batman/Superman movie be titled (seems like everyone is calling it something different)?

    I think it has to have Batman and Superman in the title so something like:

    “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest”

    Batman is only first due to alphabetical billing (I swear!).

    And the end of the movie (or credits) should be Clark and Bruce having a conversation in their civilian identities:

    Clark: Hard to get used to the name “SUPER”-man.
    Bruce: Don’t let it get to your head.
    Clark: Are you jealous?
    Bruce: Of course not… I’m Batman.
    Woman walking up to them: I’ve been looking for you two.
    Clark and Bruce (together): And who are you?
    Woman: Diana, Diana Prince.

    • @HugeGeek

      In regards to titles with WB/DC’s trend as of late, not one film has a number or “:” in it so I don’t think it will do so. I think it being simply titled “World’s Finest” is classy enough. I didn’t like the title of “Batman Begins”. I thought they could’ve used something like “Year One” or “The Dark Knight Begins”. I prefer innuendos. Or nicknames.

      • @LC:

        I would prefer “World’s Finest” too, but for those not familiar with the comic or the nickname for their team-up, they may not connect the dots.

        I would just stick with “Batman/Superman” or “Batman and Superman”.

  16. I was wondering,with most of all the “big” summer movies out, that were dazzling the eyes,what was exciting the ears? What was your favorite movie soundtracks that stood out in your minds among all of these movies? My personal favorites,so far,have been Man of Steel by Hans Zimmer and the music from Pacific Rim,with its use of some rock guitar mixed with the more traditional music,that made for an upbeat tone to go along with the great giant robots/giant monster battles.So what are some of your guys favorites this year?,and btw,my ALL TIME FAVORITE soundtrack by far is still all of the music from Star Wars by the master John Williams

    • I don’t pay attention to score but I do pay a large attention so SFX. MoS and ST:ID blew me away. Especially with the use of Dolby Atmos. So sexy!

  17. Man of Steel and Pacific Rim were also my favorite movies that I’ve seen so far this summer,btw.

    • :)

  18. Anyone know when the next podcast will be out? I am pretty excited to see what they have to say post comic con.


    In one easy step.

    Buy this.

    • Let’s be honest, the person buying this is 90% likely not to be married, or in a relationship that is not online…..

      • No lets be totally honest.

        Anyone who has the finances to buy this has money to burn and no doubt has women.

        Now, I showed Katee this, she said, COOL!

        I like it, but I am quite happy with my NCC-1701-A

    • If I had my finances in perfect order right now… I could see that being purchased. Wife would ask why, and I would say, why not? We have the money and everything else we want… and I want this. She would accept it.

    • I am single with no children, although I have a serious girlfriend, and would have no problem buying that. Even if we were married, she would be cool with it. She understand my geekness quite well, and excepts my huge toy collection already, in addition to other expensive “toys” I’ve purchased over the years.

      To be honest though, I’d rather have a Battlestar (classic design), or an Eagle 1, maybe even the USS Cygnus, same scale and quality, before the Vengence.

    • Yep, you’re right Jeff. My wife would look at the price tag, check the lawyer fee, and realize that a divorce is the more economical solution.

  20. On Sky News UK the other day – After the news about Superman & Batman being in the same movie – they interviewed a really snooty film critic – who claimed that Hollywood had ran out of money and ideas hence Superheroe movies were a deperate attempt to rake in cash and repeating plots etc !
    Totally shocking !
    Superhero movies – especially Marvel – have been delivering superb entertaining action packed fun filled movies that deliver ! Great effects too !
    I love it all – and as a kid growing up in the 70′s – could never have imagined that so many childhood heroes – would be now..swinging , flying , smashing their way through the big budget blockbusters of the year ! Every year !!
    Keep ‘em coming !

    • Remember one of the excuses George Lucas used into not being ready to create Ep 1-3? He said it was because we didn’t possess the technology that it would take to bring his visions to the big screen. And he was right.

      We live in a very CGI visualistic world of film. And I for one am completely happy with that. I was blown away with what Raimi did with Spider-Man. Or what Singer did with X-Men and Superman. (Not the story but the visuals). What JJ Abrams is doing with Star Trek is amazing. I could only dream of this kind of visuals. Now I am visually living my dreams.

      It’s a good time to be a CBM fan.

      • @LC

        There is where the problem is. CGI has it benefits…Avatar, The Avengers, Man of Steel. It works, sometimes to well.

        I like Physical sets, because they tend to lend realism to a movie.

        Take for Instance, Dark Knight Rises, the final scene, you have Batman and the Police vs Bane and his army and you saw what it looks like when they interact.

        Now look at the clone army from Star Wars and you see some actually actors, but for the most part you see CGI as far as the eye can see, and sometimes that ruins it.

        • @Jeff

          In regards to TDKR’s fight scene… how or why would that need to be done in CGI? There wasn’t anything fantastical about that scene. Now… if we were to see “The Bat” strung up on fishing line because its 1/16th scale, we’d have issues.

          CGI used when necessary is what I am talking about. Not sticking Vaseline on the film to conceal a lift of a hover car.

          • @LC

            No, I mean that is what I like..The fact you saw real people getting fake butt kicking, not some CGI Mumbo Jumbo!

            Im old school, I like to see people slug it out in a fake way, than see fake people fighting it in a really fake way.


  21. I watched Maniac on blu ray the other night…..

    What a f*****g strange screwed up movie that was!! Elijah Wood was just ridiculously creepy. That dude gave me the creeps anyway…..

    It was really gruesome, weird, strange, creepy, unsettling and has one of most beautiful women I have ever seen in it.
    Nora Arnezeder. Wow. Stunning.

  22. So I was having a discussion with a friend of mind yesterday about the new upcoming Man of Steel 2, which is said that Batman is suppose to appear in. And my friend told me something that caught my attention, he said, “What if this is all a setup, Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, and everyone else, of keeping it a secret that Bale “is” or “will” be returning to the Batman role? What if they’re just keeping it a secret like they did in Fast and Furious 6, with Jason Statham, and surprising him at the end with the fans going wild about it, when he said it himself before, that he wasn’t going to be in Fast 6?
    Does anyone think this may happen, or is it a possibility, theory, or something that this might happen?