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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   July 21, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 21, 2014

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  1. This weekend I watched “August: Osage County” on Saturday at home and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” on Sunday at the cinema. Such a treat, both great movies!

    August: Osage County is a powerful drama with powerful acting. I really can’t think of a better actress than Meryl Streep. She is the best alive and most likely the greatest ever. If you like intimate movies, you should check this one out.

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was exactly what I had been anticipating all year. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. It’s hands down the best movie of the year. Flawless execution on so many fronts. Regarding the acting, some people were surprised by it but I saw it coming:

    – Andy Serkis as Caesar: he was already amazing as Gollum and I totally agree the Academy should create a new category to award this guy. I am very happy he is acting as consultant in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and especially James Spader’s Ultron could really be memorable with his help. James Spader is so good in the series The Blacklist that I have big expectations for his portrayal of Ultron.
    – Toby Kebbell as Koba: apart from RocknRolla (I won’t mention Prince of Persia or Wrath of the Titans as an example of his capabilities…), I already knew his talent from last year’s British TV miniseries “The Escape Artist”, where he is scary as hell (it is just three chapters, so check it out). In his two more commented moments in the movie (not to spoil them, I’ll just say Guards and Ash) I could truly see him, and not the ape, doing just that. To me, he is right now the only hope for the Fantastic Four reboot. He could be a great Victor Von Doom and you know the saying: “these movies are only as good as the villain”.

    So with that, this is my 2014 movies tally so far:

    – What I’ve checked out this year (ranked): #1 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, #2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier, #3 X-Men: Days of Future Past, #4 Edge of Tomorrow, #5 The Lego Movie, #6 22 Jump Street, #7 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, #8 Amazing Spiderman 2.
    – What I feel I should catch up with on DVD: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Fault in Our Starts, Snowpiercer, Godzilla, 300: Rise of an Empire, Raid 2.
    – What I should actively avoid (i.e. stinkers): Hercules, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Maleficent, Noah, Need for Speed, Robocop, Transcendence, I Frankestein, Divergent, Pompeii.
    – What I am looking forward to and will surely watch at the theatres when they are released: Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (I hope this one beats Transformers at the box office… such an unworthy champion otherwise).
    – What I am not really that excited about… or at least not yet: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sin City: A Dame to Die For, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

    Separately, I can’t wait for the announcements at Comic Con, especially for the extended MCU phase 3 and the DCCU line up. I am also following closely the late developments at Sony (I don’t rule out a deal with Marvel Studios in the making) and Fox’s bid for Time Warner (this could have huge repercussions for the CBMs under its roof). I feel things are about to get even more interesting in the CBMs world.

    • @Nightcrawler:

      From your list:

      300: Eh… was only okay.
      Raid 2: A larger scope than Raid, I preferred the “single building” aspect of Raid.
      Malificent: Was actually okay
      I, Frakenstein: Bad.
      Noah: Worst EVER!
      Transformers 4: Still going to watch it… it’s Bay and robots! :)
      Hercules: It’s the Rock… but prolly gonna BluRay it.

      • I saw Transformers 2 weeks ago and it honestly was not horrible. Some things people were saying that did not make sense, actually did make sense. They just needed to pay more attention. Only 1 or 2 characters to me were horrible at acting, and I did not like how human like the faces of some of the Transformers looked. In the end it was a typical, action packed Transformers movie.

        NightCrawler, where was How to Train Your Dragon 2 on that list? Because that movie was very good! Maybe even better than the first :)

        • HtTYD2 keeps coming up as one of the best this year so I guess I’ll check it out. Do I need to see the first one before the second one?

          • Yeah, I think you will enjoy the 2nd more if you see the first one. A few things will also make more sense. And of course, you will get to see how the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless started. If you watch them, I would love to know what you thought!

    • @ Nightcrawler

      Pretty much agree with all those DVD/stinkers lists you have there with one possible exception
      Need for Speed – I recently saw this via download as I like you thought it was likely to be a stinker and didn’t exactly want to go out of my way to see it
      It was much better than I had expected, I even put it on just before bed intending to fall asleep during its runtime but found myself staying up through to the end (IMO its better than the new 300 film – certainly in term of cast) – a solid B movie
      – I would suggest checking it out either when the DVD is cheap or on tv

      • I agree! It was better than I thought and I do not think it deserved such a low rating in my opinion. I am sure people think otherwise, but I do not care what they think lol

    • Need for Speed, RoboCop and Transcendence aren’t stinkers. They aren’t Citizen Kane, but they are very far from being bad.

      • I have heard very bad things from many people about Robocop. No offense to you of course, but while I might reconsider the other two, Robocop stays where it is.

        • Yeah, I heard bad things too. Mostly from people who expected something different or people who automatically bash everything PG-13, or people who hate remakes in general.

          If you don’t get to hung up on the name and thus the original movie, it’s a good sci-fi drama (with very little action). I’d say give it a shot.

        • Robocop was kinda horrible. And with so many solid actors it could have been decent.
          Worst movie I’ve seen in a while.

          • Stab me in the back, why don’t you… 😀

    • @nightcrawler
      Ah man, Dawn was so good. Easily a “sequel classic.”
      I still haven’t seen EoT. I’ve been putting it off because a lot of movies came out like one after another.
      My list (of favorites/not best) would probably go:
      1) Dawn of Apes
      2) Cap: WS
      3) 300: Rise
      4) Raid 2
      5) Godzilla

      DoFP, Lone Survivor, Transformers 4 are in my top 10 and I still need to see Grand Budapest, The Wind Rises and How to Train 2.

  2. Why I Love Marvel.

    There are few things I love unequivocally without footnote or an explanation containing a long-winded statement. Most importantly in my list of loves is my daughter. She is air. She is sunshine. She is a beautiful creature who, at 7, is learning about the wonders this world offers. She is starting to notice the difference between men and women, sometimes more comically than others like when she peeks at my mom in restaurant bathrooms through the small cracks in the stalls, and she is starting to understand that while not all people are created with the same skin tone, all people are created equally. Importantly, the difference in gender and race for her is so slim to her. She asks questions about both issues, but they are generally pragmatic and with a genuine concern about the manufacturing about difference. Her questioning resembles that of a person who is inquiring about how a watch is made. There is no general feeling toward a particular watch or another, she just genuinely wonders what makes the parts move and why they move in the way they do. When Karlee was roughly three years old I started sending her gifts. During this time, I was trying to foster reading in her daily life, and believe it or not, reading every princess book a multitude of times can get a bit tedious. There are only so many ways to recreate the illusion that the way to become truly successful is to be an impoverished woman who meets a prince. So, I did what I always do, and I became selfish. I thought, “what would I enjoy reading?” My bookshelf contained law books, as much as I have tried to convince her that a revocable trust is important she just won’t seem to listen, everything by Kurt Vonnegut because he’s amazing and that’s why, a myriad of other non-fiction and fiction books, and most importantly for the purposes of this post, graphic novels and comics. While my collection is modest, I have always found them enjoyable and thought it would be more interesting to read with Karlee about the ongoings of The Avengers rather than the Princess Jasmine. I knew I needed a creative way to get her “on board” with the comics. So I ordered a number of comics from eBay with her name listed on the package. When she received the package she was delighted and thrilled to the point where the package could have actually contained a book on Trusts and Estates and my little blond beauty still probably would have been immersed. She opened the packages, we read the comics, and now I have a little child who is ready to woo every nerdy boy at her school because she knows the origins of Ironman, Hulk, and Thor. When purchasing the comics I did my best to find female leads to show Karlee that women could be superheroes too, and that nothing stopped a woman from being as strong or stronger, see my mom, as any man. It was difficult, but I did find a few. Most notably She-Hulk and Batwoman. I write this not to tell the story of how I stayed engaged while teaching Karlee to read, but rather to applaud Marvel comics. Over the last few days, Marvel has announced two big changes to their comics futures. First, Mjölnir, the might hammer wielded by the God of Thunder, will be wielded by Thor, but rather than the muscly male version, this version of Thor will be a woman. She will not be replacing Thor, but she will be the new Thor. The inscription on the mighty craft tool states, “whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Marvel has made a thunderous statement. That sex does not determine worthiness and whoever shall be worthy, man or woman, can possess whatever power they wish to achieve. Second, Marvel announced last night a new Captain America. Over the years there have been many different iterations Captain Americas. Every iteration had one thing in common – the Captain was white. Now, many of the heroes in comic books are white because of the target audience at the time of their emergence. Most comics origins go back decades during times when people of color were oppressed. It may be hard to believe with the peaceful, harmonious, colorblind nature of the world today, but people were really freaking racists. The comic book authors knew this and they crafted heroes as white males. Last night, there was a large step forward in eradicating the pasts errors when the new Captain America was announced. The red, white, and blue uniform will now be donned by Sam Wilson aka The Falcon. For those unfamiliar, Sam Wilson is a pseudo-partner to Captain America in many comic book adaptations, and more importantly, he is black. Stephen Colbert joked about the announcement in his usual satirical nature stating that there was no misprint and the role of Captain America would not become Captain African-American. While the joke was funny and pure, it is epically poignant. Sam Wilson will not be Captain African-American, he will be Captain America in big, bold letters. There are many ways to right the wrongs of the past, and, in my opinion, this is a great day to show that America is not necessarily becoming more tolerant, because tolerance is the wrong answer to the issue. Rather, Americans simply couldn’t care less about the color of their superhero so long as they are still saving the day. I applaud Marvel for these two giant moves in the right direction toward equality for all. It may seem small and petty, but for me, as a parent, it is another avenue to show Karlee that men and women and people of all colors and creeds are created as the Declaration of Independence intended – equal.

    • Nice sentiment but two comments:

      – Paragrahps would have helped with the reading :)

      – Technically this is not the first woman to wield Mjölnir (Jane Foster, Storm and even Wonder Woman from DC have done it) and this is also not the first black Captain America (Isaiah Bradley)

      Marvel has always (and not just now because of these two announcements) been an advocate of diversity and civil rights. The X-Men have always been an example of precisely this. Any discrimination because of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc could be interpreted as being mutant and that was their message from the very beginning long time ago.

      I think that it was Andrew Dyce who said during the podcast of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes that good sci-fi is a way to talk about the things you cannot talk about and that if you do it right the message is there but not too obvious. The X-Men comics are that and that’s why imo they are the best comics ever. They have depth and they touch serious issues like no other comic does. Just like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes just did.

      • your response should just have been “tldr”

        • But I did read it.

          And btw, he is a Marvel fan, but I just thought I could fill some gaps.

          • Paragraphs would have helped. Great point about the X-men. Love their origins and inspiration for the Magneto and Prof. X being Malcolm X and MLK Jr respectively.

            I was aware the other women held Mjölnir, but I didn’t think it was for an extended period of time. Is that wrong?

            Admittedly, I didn’t know about Isaiah Bradley until after I wrote the piece a few days ago.

            • Correct, it was never for an extended period of time. Jane Foster was just in a “what if” story. Storm was just in an X-Men story. Wonder Woman was just in the crossover DC vs Marvel (she lost versus Storm btw).

              I agreed with what you tried to say, but my point was that Marvel, and in particular the X-Men, were already advocates of diversity long time ago.

              Already in the 70’s you could see in the X-men line up Storm from Kenia, Colossus from Russia, Nightcrawler from Germany, Wolverine from Canada but with Japanese backstory,… they were the first to be global and not just American. As I said, X-Men is the best comic book imo.

        • haha. I had no idea what tldr meant. Urban Dictionary provides a hilarious definition: “Said whenever a nerd makes a post that is too long to bother reading.”

  3. Are any of the SR guys going to ComicCon? All I have to say is you better take videos and pictures to post for those of us who will not be going! 😛

    • Kara,

      Yup, a bunch of us will be in San Diego covering the heck out of the Con. :)

  4. On the horror front, a movie I have been looking forward to for years, Horns finally got a trailer and release date this week. This is a movie I almost thought would never see a theatrical release and would be direct to video like another Daniel Radcliffe film I was looking forward to, Kill Your Darlings. Which is something I still have to check out as a big Radcliffe and Ginsberg fan. I didn’t even know it had released on Blu Ray back in March until I did a random search for it one day at work. I’ve been abstaining from reading any reviews as I don’t want it to spoil it for me. Back to Horns though, if you haven’t checked out the book it is written by Stephen King’s son under the pen name Joe Hill. It’s one of my favorite non series books I have read over the last few years and it’s defiantly worth checking out. There is one scene in the book about half way through that is a flashback and involves Ig (Daniel Radcliffe’s character) and his girlfriend at a diner that really almost brought me to tears. I read the book once I heard the movie was announced as DRad starring so Ig has always sort of looked like him in my mind. Max Minghella has been cast as Lee, one of the major characters in the book, and he looks nothing as described in the book. I am not familiar with his work but I have high hopes he can bring the character to life. I was wondering if anyone knew if the US release will be a wide release or a limited one?

    After doing some research into it, the Guillermo del Toro helmed Crimson Peak is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated films of 2015. The film has drawn many comparisons to The Shining, which is an encouraging thought to say the last. Also the cast really suits me, including, Mia Wasikowski (Alice in Wonderland), Tom Hiddleston (Thor), and another collaboration with Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy fame. Del Toro has said it is to be a return to his Spanish roots, and the rural England setting gives it an isolated, desolate vibe that I believe will really add the the films tone and mood. After the wave of next years summer blockbusters, this movie is something that could end up being of my favorite of the year, or ever. Highly anticipating a trailer.

    Also, this is my first full post on SR, Hello!

    • I just downloaded Horns the other day.
      I haven’t read it yet and wasn’t even aware it is going to be a movie.
      I had a few other books ahead of it on my list but now knowing the movie is coming I’ll move it to the top.

      • The movie has been done for a whole I think, I know they showed it at festivals and stuff. The US release date is Halloween this year, hoping for a wide theatrical release. Get it done before then, worth the read!

  5. Saw transformers 4, it was awesome. it reminds me of how bad man of steel was.

    I hadn’t wanted to walk out of a movie I paid for in a long, long time, but I d*mn near walked out of that one. “Man of Steel” is ridiculously awful. At best (if I weren’t a Superman fan), it’d be “Transformers 4″, another busily boring, loud, emotionally bankrupt piece of nauseating, over-indulgent, digital miasma. But if you are a Superman fan, this film is downright offensive and insulting.

    I’m all for a re-boot every few decades, but “Superman” simply HAS to be about Clark Kent and Lois Lane. If you don’t like those characters and invest in their relationship, then all that’s left is an invincible man doing invincible things. How boring.

    And just because director Zack Snyder has sh*t flying toward, past, under, over, and through the camera for two and a half (god-forsaken) hours, doesn’t mean the movie’s exciting. The action is hollow, full of sound and fury, signifying bullsh*t. There’s nothing to hang your hat on this movie, emotionally or viscerally. The non-linear treatment of the exposition is poorly paced and lazy, robbing the material of all grace or sincerity. There’s a pitiful attempt to make Clark Kent/Superman an ‘outsider’, afraid to let his true identity known, but it’s a faint afterthought that barely registers. Character development is as deep as dew drop here, and whenever the movie tries to cash in on iconic moments, they land with a thud or a laugh because they aren’t earned. And then there’s the last forty minutes of non-stop whiz-bang CGI action, the equivalent of having Zack Snyder personally j*ck off in your face.

    I can’t really judge Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, or Russel Crowe’s performances because they don’t have much to work with (even though Crowe refuses to leave the movie, popping up more times than a whack-a-mole and dying at least twice). Michael Shannon s*cks as General Zod, though. Someone should have told him that truly evil characters don’t need to scream and shout, but that’s decidedly the tone of “Man of Steel” — it’s not just a t*rd, but a screaming t*rd.

    There aren’t even any minor victories here: the production and conceptual designs s*cked, the score s*cked, the color palette is predictably dull and subdued, the camera shakes through the whole d*mned movie (giving me a headache), the editing is atrocious… I am truly hard pressed to find one good thing to say about this flick. I hate it with the fire of a thousand red suns, and it sickens my heart to know that anyone might be introduced to Superman this way.

    • I thought you were going to talk about Transformers 4 and not Man of Steel, which is water under the bridge.

      If you are looking for “friends”, I guess your bait might work. I am gonna sit this one out and I am gonna leave it to Dr Mindbender (where is he?) or Archeon (so we have a laugh).

      Enjoy what’s coming at you :)

      • Nightcrawler…

        By now, MtID is a sad joke and not worth any more of a response than the one you gave to him and this one I’m giving ABOUT him.

        Pathetic troll.

        • Does someone really still read his comments? I thought it was clear weeks ago that he’s just a troll, trying to perpetuate the ridiculous fanboy war between Marvel and DC.

        • I guess I should have realised of that. It is truly too much in one go to bother and take it seriously. I certainly couldn’t.

          • 😉

          • you’re right. i couldn’t take man of steel seriously either.

      • Oh, and as for your movie rankings above…pretty fair, I’d say. You have seen quite a few more films this summer than I have. :p

        Personally, I have enjoyed the films I’ve seen so far, but I rank them a bit differently:

        1. DotPotA
        2. EoT
        3. “Godzilla”
        4. HtTYD2 (maybe tied w/ “Lego”)
        5. X:DoFP

        CA:TWS is in my top ten, but X-Men is my favorite Marvel film (CA2 being my second, and TIH being my third).

        I haven’t seen TF4, nor a number of the others movies you’ve seen, so I cannot fairly judge/discuss them…

        • @Archaeon:

          Took me a few seconds to figure out ‘DotPotA’… hehe.

          That’s like saying THTBotFA.

        • Well, your top 5 and my top 5 have pretty much the same movies but in different order. We coincide in 4 out of 5: DotPotA, EoT, Lego and X:DoFP. I haven’t seen Godzilla or HtTYD2, so I don’t know where I would put them.

          Your Marvel movies raking (#1 X:DoFP, #2 CA:TWS, #3 TIH) does not surprise me as it is very consistent with your all time CBMs ranking, which I remember because of the difference with Stark (#1 Man of Steel, #2 Nolan trilogy, #3 V for Vendetta, #4 Watchmen, #5 X:DoFP). You clearly prefer darker and more grounded movies, so would it be fair to say that the more colourful they are the less likely you are to like them? Is that why you are not that excited about Guardians of the Galaxy?

          • Nightcrawler…

            Your assessment of my like tendencies is a fair and understandable one. However, I do quite often enjoy less serious films (or, in certain cases, parts of films). For superhero/CBM films, I DO prefer a more serious telling (because I like to lose myself in the possibility of those characters and events “really” happening. For films like “Scooby Doo” or “Richie Rich” and the like, I actually enjoy and prefer the more “out there”, silly, fun tellings, because they fit my aesthetic for such characters.

            Of course, I also have my own preference quirks in regard to the movies and types of movies I like (just as most people do)…For example, sticking with Marvel films just to keep a relatively consistent valuation scale, I preferred CA:TWS very much to any of the IM movies (though I thoroughly enjoyed the first of those three). I also preferred it to the first CA film, which I thought had an excellent first half but mediocre second half. The Norton Hulk was BY FAR my favorite of the character’s three big screen appearances…and the Ruffalo version, my least liked. While I found “The Avengers” to be frothy fun, it was not worth a second look for me…I simply was not particularly impressed by it…though I WAS entertained. X:DoFP told a MUCH better team story, in my opinion. I preferred the second Punisher movie to either of the other two. I am not anticipating GotG nearly as much as many others…the trailers and other revelations about it just have NOT captured my fancy…but I will probably see it at some point simply because I enjoy CBMs and science fiction…

            Just a “bit” of clarification that, hopefully, sated any curiosity you may have had…since you asked. 😉

            • Got it!

              I also liked CA:TWS better than the previous Cap movie or all the Iron Man ones and I also found both CA:TWS and X:DoFP to have a much better story than Avengers, which was quite straight forward and predictable.

              The merit I give to Avengers is the assembling. In my opinion it was a very tough task to bring together all the seeds and elements of the previous movies in an effortless manner. So many things could have gone wrong… I found the exercise quite balanced and satisfying. For me it was an achievement on that front. Besides, after that introduction and CA:TWS, Avengers: Age of Ultron is in a good position to deliver something more complex. Fingers crossed.

              Anyway, I watch/rewatch them all, so in my case is more about the mood I am in.

        • @ Archeon

          I have a personalised rec for you. If you havent seen them already, watch Day Watch and Night Watch. These movies are Russian and not many people talk about them, but they are a hidden gem that I think you would enjoy very much.

          Let me know.

        • Archeon

          I have a personalised rec for you. If you havent seen them already, watch Day Watch and Night Watch. These movies are Russian and not many people talk about them, but they are a hidden gem that I think you would enjoy very much.

          Let me know.

          • Nightcrawler…

            Thank you for the recommendations…I actually own and have seen both films and read the books upon which they are based. The series is great in both forms. I completely agree with you that they are gems…

            • Good to know I was right!

              I also have the DVDs, but I didn’t know they were based on books. In my case I got the recommendation several years ago from the guy/shop where I buy movies (I also do Amazon like everybody else, but I do still like the nostalgia of going and picking).

    • So you are saying that those of us who liked or, dare I say, loved the movie, aren’t real fans of Superman? OMG! I can’t believe I didn’t know that!
      Thanks for the enlightenment; now I can finally roll my eyes.

  6. When they say no profanity, I do not think that means you can put an asterisk in the middle of the word and it wont count.

    • Yeah, I saw his name, read the line, and skipped down to Nightcrawler’s quite appropriate response. :)

      • Oops…that was for LostWinchester…sheesh.

  7. I already wrote this in the comments of the “Guardians of the Galaxy Early Reactions” news item, but I’m so pumped that I have to mention it again:

    I’m so happy! A friend of mine was able to secure free tickets for an advanced screening of Guardians of the Galaxy this Thursday and I’m invited! They will show a live broadcast from the world premiere in London before the movie. So excited!

    • A friend of mine got to go to an advance screening last week. His family owns a movie theater so that’s prbly why he got to see it early.

      He said it was VERY good. He stopped short “I don’t want to overhype it” He kept saying when I wanted him to go into detail. But he was very impressed. I think this might be one of the best years for CBMs ever! Cap2, X-Men DOFP, now Guardians!! This has been a great year!

      • I really hope that it will be as good as they say. I’ll let you guys know.

        • I wish I got tickets for the premiere too… I envy you big time!

          • I’ll only believe it myself when I sit in the theater and the movie starts rolling. Usually I’m not that lucky so I hope everything will work according to plan. Please no car breakdown, no traffic jam, no misplaced tickets or a broken projector or any such things! 😀

  8. Superman films in order (best first, worst last)

    Superman 3
    Superman 2
    Superman 4
    Superman Returns
    A giant stinking turd floating about in the toilet bowl
    a mega stinking dog turd smeared all over my face and into my mouth
    Man of Steel

    • You’re a joy to be around aren’t you.

      • What the?

    • You put Superman 3 before Superman and Superman 2? Ok, I agree with Archaeon; troll alert!

      • You think THATS trolling? I’ve hear people claim that MAN OF STEEL is better than Superman and Superman 2. Figure that one out.

  9. So I tried watching I, Frankenstein this weekend…
    Key word in that sentence is tried.

    I rented late Saturday and fell asleep. Ok, that’s fine. I was tired.
    I started it again early yesterday morning, fell back to sleep.
    Tried again last night and you guessed it, I fell asleep. 😉

    So I give up. I got through maybe 45 minutes total and unless I catch it again when it hits cable I won’t be going back.
    Unless I can’t sleep one night. 😉

    • “So I tried watching I, Frankenstein this weekend…
      Key word in that sentence is tried.”

      I strongly recommend that anyone thinking of watching that film should just forget it. That film is disgrace to the legacy of Frankenstein. “Frankenstein of Steel”.

      • Couldn’t agree more, I was pretty bummed I paid for it on amazon. Even worse though, amazon customers had it rated four outa five stars. Humanity is lost.

  10. Anyone think Jason David Frank should have his own Green Ranger solo series as he suggested to Stan Lee?

    Can’t wait for True Blood’s last season to be over. I think it’s been the worst season yet, wasting time on flashbacks among other things. I really hope the 2nd half of the season steps it up more.

    • Yeah, I’m counting down until the last episode of True Blood arrives but for all the wrong reasons.
      I said this is the premier review here but I approached the last season of this like I did Dexter. The last few seasons have been bad but after spending so much time with it I want to see it through to the end.
      The flashbacks with Bill have sucked the life out of every episode that they appear although I actually enjoyed the flashbacks with Eric and Pam.

      Bill should have met his “true death” 2 or 3 seasons ago. I couldn’t help but laugh during last nights episode when they were having the party but every time they showed Bill he was just sulking around and being “broody”. 😉

  11. Is there a reson my comment isn’t showing?

    Btw @kevina and wally — I feel the same. I even wrote the same thing, but my comment isn’t showing.

  12. Hey guys. Hope everyone’s day’s going fine.

    @ NightCrawler – you should’ve watched Snowpiercer in the cinemas. Was amazing. (I read on the other OD why you didn’t/couldn’t though).


    You know, nowadays, people just love complaining about movies. Even if it was a great movie, there has to be something that someone didn’t like.
    Those are generally the fans, and that doesn’t really bother me. But when I read a review where the reviewer just basically tells you what a crap movie they’ve watched, and that they (movie makers) shouldn’t make any movies anymore, then I begin to question whether they even know what it means to be a critic. I long for the times where a review wasn’t filled with so much venom.
    Remember the late great Robert Ebert? Somehow I never read a negative thing in his reviews. Yes he criticized the movies when they were bad, but he never just moaned and complained that it’s the worst thing ever, and the actor should consider changing profession etc. etc.
    Which brings me to my point, which is that I love SR and it’s overall team for being such professionals. They fall in the same category as the late Ebert, and I love reading reviews with logical arguments.
    For example: Rob Keyes didn’t like Man of Steel (which Kofi loved and reviewed), but would he have bashed and trashed Zack Snyder because of it? Admittedly I don’t know, but having read enough of his reviews and having heard him on the SRUnderground podcast, I tend to believe that he wouldn’t.

    Feels good to let this out. 😉

    This week I saw the following movies:

    – “Flight” (rewatch) with Denzel Washington. (Amazing acting by Denzel — again. Loved the movie.)
    – “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (YEAH, I saw it 3 times now, and still love it.)
    – Warrior (rewatch) with Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy and Frank Gerillo (?). Still love the movies.


    – The Strain. I don’t really know why people hate it, because I love it. But it depends on taste I guess.
    – True Blood. I HATE the series, but I guess if you’ve followed it from the beginning, than you’d like to be there till the end (just like Dexter, which I loved, but which continued to go downhill after season 4). So even though it’s filled with horrible acting and a plot that seems to go on and on and on in a continuous loop throughout all the seasons (Sookie always has a love life problem — I mean ALWAYS. It’s like, had there been an 8th season, then even if this season had ended with her being with someone, and seeming happy, the next season would’ve shown you, “No, no. She’s not happy.”)
    – Masters of Sex. I’ll say this again: if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing soooo much. (If not for the plot, then atleast watch it for Michael Sheen, because the guy’s just awesome! Have always been a fan of his, and love the acclaim he’s getting).

    Looking forward to:

    – Guardians of the Galaxy (I was one of the lucky ones to see the first 17min, and I loved it. After reading the interviews of the cast and crew, I’m so happy for everyone involved in it. Maybe Bautista isn’t the greatest actor, but he deserves the success.)
    – Hercules. (I’m a huge The Rock fan, so I will watch it. Admittedly, the trailers were lame, but if I can spend money for Transformers 4, then I can sure as hell spend some for this. And also, the Rock has acted horribly only once, IMO. That was in DOOM. All the others were between okay, good and great.)
    – Interstellar (everytime I think about the movie, I get goosebumps. And that’s just by thinking about it. — I saw the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Prestige and Inception in the cinema, and I don’t plan on missing this one either).
    -Dracula Untold. First off, I’m a sucker for mythology and fantasy. So yeah, I would’ve seen it, regardless of if it seemed interesting or not. Secondly, I love Luke Evans’ work so far. And this does look interesting. I love the trailer, especially when he yells “You think you are alive because you can fight?! You are alive because off what I did to safe you!”. That delivery was spot on, filled with rage and hurt.) Also, Tywin Lannister is in it (however small a role it may be) — and the lost Stark. (Rickon.)
    – EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS. If there’s a movie I’m more excited to see than all the movies I’ve listed (with the possible exception of Interstellar) then this would be it. I really don’t know, nor do I actually care, why people disliked the trailer, but I’ve watched it atleast 15 times, and I still get goosebumps. Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton — what do you want more? Also, the trailer has a Man of Steel vibe to it, i.e., the score.

    BTW, I adopted a dog yesterday, and I named him ………. Toothless. (Hope that isn’t a copyright infringement lol).

    (Wrote this when paul published the tread, but my network was down, so…)

  13. @ Kevin7

    I don’t if it seemed like it to you but it when Sarah Newlin ran into Eric slowly in the hallway, it looked like the scene of Sarah Connor running into the Terminator coming outta the elevator from T2. Loved how Eric grabbed her by the neck & killed those guys. That’s what I want to see more of the show. Action like that.

    • That’s exactly what I thought and was actually hoping for a cheesy line to reference “Come with me if you want to live” from T2 except the opposite but as always True Blood disappoints.

  14. So in the past years they have made movies of the Pink Panther, the Inspector Gadget, the Flinstones, the Smurfs, Scooby Doo, Garfield, GI-Joe, TMNT and Transformers; so since they can’t help pulling pages from the old cartoons, when are we getting Thundercats, Masters of the Universe (rebooted) and, above all, Dragon Ball Z (properly)???

    Now that comic book movies are on fire, it would make a lot sense to have a look at the mangas too and nothing like Dragon Ball to bring it on. Now there is enough technology available to make a good live action movie out of it. If Fox can make Avatar, they surely can make something better than Dragon Ball: Evolution (what a disappointment… it left me speechless). Any chance of that happening? Anyone digs a Dragon Ball Z movie?

    • I’ve never seen Dragon Ball Z but I’d love to see a M.A.S.K movie. Masks with awesome powers, transforming vehicles, terrorists and other bad guys to fight, cool dudes and cool chicks for a diverse cast. It’s basically Fast & Furious 5/6 mixed with Transformers sci-fi action. What’s not to like? The perfect ingredients for a big blockbuster. The kid with his robot might be a problem, though. 😉