Open Discussion – July 20, 2012

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tdkr open discussion Open Discussion   July 20, 2012

Today is the day a LOT of people have been waiting for: The final film in the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy: The Dark Knight Rises! But will it live up to the sky-high bat-expectations?

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 20, 2012

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  1. So… The Dark Knight Rises, anyone? Or should we wait for the spoilers discussion?

    • Please wait for the spoilers discussion…
      I will avoid all Batman posts but hopefully this OD will be a safe zone…

      • Jokes, jokes. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dare spoil this movie for other people. I know that if I were spoiled before I saw it, I would be furious, and I’m sure others would if it happened to them.

    • @ezra – We already have a spoilers discussion in place.



      • Ok, thanks

  2. Horrible shooting at a theater in Colorado

    • Heard about it this morning very sad to hear.

    • I moved to Parker CO not to long ago, I’m starting to think it was a bad idea. Must be the thin altitude. Now my son doesn’t want to see Batman Saterday. Anyway we,er all shocked and sick to our stomucks here in CO. Parker is the city right next to Aurora. My hearts and prayers go out to the victims families. This incident will not stop me from seeing TDKR!
      I don’t associate the movie with this idiotic act of violence. I think my son is just worried about someone committing a copycat act of volience, he’s six years old and has been waiting all summer long for this movie, hopefully he will change his mind on Saterday.

      • Sorry, I mean thoughts and prayers.

  3. BEST OPEN DISCUSSION ICON EVER *lol* you guys know us THAT well do you?

  4. Well, if TDKR does one thing, it’s going to open up a massive debate on Cinematic Violence and its effect on Society. What’s with you people in Colorado anyway?

    • They make some pretty violent movies in South Korea, but their population isn’t insane.

    • They make some pretty violent movies in South Korea, but their population aren’t crazy.

      • @acslaterson

        Yah, they only kill each other over fake weapons in RPG games over there…

        • Well some do forget to eat and die from marathon gaming sessions, I think their government has programs in place to battle gaming addiction.

          • @acslaterson

            Well, I’m actually talking about the several cases where someone actually went over to someone’s house and attacked or even killed that person over a dispute over a weapon or rune or something in the game they are playing… It’s pretty sad that some people are THAT idiotic…

    • @skylordric

      Which wouldn’t even make any sense. It’s not like one of the people watching it, saw the movie, then was like “now I have to shoot people!”

      Come on now, everyone is responsible for their own actions. Even if they get inspiration to do some horrible act from a movie or video game, like those idiot Project X or GTA wannabe morons, that must mean they are so stupid and so easy to influence, that ANYTHING would have set them over that edge. Regardless, it’s their own stupidity and lack of a sense of right and wrong that got them where they are. I hate when people try to deflect blame from the individual to everything around them…

    • @Skylordic – I don’t think this is open up that type of debate. Savages by Oliver Stone is a MUCH more violent film. If any film was going to open the debate you are referring to it would be that film.


  5. Screw the A hole in CO that destroyed TDKR’s legacy forever. Now this movie will be forever tainted by an evil act of cowardice instead of being known for being the legendary awesome movie that it is.

    • @Richard

      So, 14 people are dead, and you’re concerned about how this has hurt TDKR???


    • That is seriously what you got from the shooting, worrying about “the legendary status” of a movie?! Seriously?!

    • @Richard – I’m going to agree with Ken and AC. You’ve got your priorities WAY out of whack. What a movie does and how it will be perceived for years to come doesn’t even appear on my “Give-o-Crap Meter” when it comes to being compared to the loss of human lives.

      Get some perspective man.


    • These 12 lives (BCC updated that only 12 have actually been killed so far) and 50 injured aside, I also don’t think one shooting will “taint” the movie itself. People are still going to see the movie despite one stupid group of killers ruining the experience for one theater.

      I feel bad for these people in Colorado though. First a couple of kids open fire at a school in Columbine, now a theater in Aurora. Just odd… That’s one unlucky state as far as shootings are concerned.

    • First of all…PEOPLE DIED. That is MUCH more significant than ANY film.

      However, if you are (frighteningly) going to dwell on the way the film might be remembered as a result of this wanton murder spree, at least realize that it, in fact, highlights the insanity of our world that much more and, thus, actually illustrates why people so often and so fervently hope for someone like Batman to come and save them from the evils (real AND imagined) in the world…


    • First off, The fact that so many people died is much more important and far more tragic than the legacey of a movie ever could be. I figgured that was implied. I apologize if I offended anyone, which was never my intent. I am sad though that this movie will forever be linked to this dispicable act of cowardice. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

      • I get what you’re saying though. Just like the Dark Knight will forever be linked to Heath Ledger’s death.

  6. Usually a topic like this wouldn’t be addressed here but the fact that it happened in a place that most of us love and visit to find a escape from the real world I feel i should say something.
    My heart breaks for the family’s and loved ones of those lost in Colorado today. I can’t imagine living with the hurt and pain they now and will forever feel.
    My thoughts are with them all…

    • Well said Kevin… I normally don’t get too involved emotionally with these types of events. It happens. But it just feels like pure evil how it went down. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone’s family that have been affected by this horrible act.

      • Yes, to both Kevin7 and kyle…

      • Agreed. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured and the families of those lost in this tragic incident.

    • Very well said man…

  7. Am I the only person who is really disappointed that they didn’t just shoot and kill this guy??? Now he has a chance to find some loophole in the justice system, or to fool 12 jurors into thinking that he’s innocent. All at our expense… I don’t get how people like this guy deserves a fair trial. He didn’t give a fair trial to the people he shot… Why couldn’t people like Punisher or Dexter be real???

    • @KenJ my brother and I were just discussing it. Will he really get to suffer if he would’ve just been shot? I do agree we need someone like The Punisher.

    • That…..person….shot a 6 year old and a 3 month old baby! I’m totally with you on this Ken. This piece of….this person, deserves to be put out of OUR misery.

      • If it wouldn’t put me at such a conflict with law enforcement, I would gladly take up a role like Punisher and deal out what is deserved… But unfortunately, something like that can only really happen in fiction. A real person doing that would eventually have to deal with police, so it’ll be either get arrested and tried for multiple murders or injure or kill police officers to get away. Which to me is an unacceptable choice to make (hurting cops). So basically someone who does this, if he’s a good person, would ultimately, sooner or later, just get arrested and treated like a common criminal…

        • Ken J

          Lol, id take up the role as Lock-Up as more of a good guy you know?

          • Team-up of a Marvel and a DC character to rid the streets of crime. I like it… If only this was possible…

            • @ Ken J

              No kidding. One of co-workers like Punisher more than Batman. Said Batman could be more bada$$ again if they wanted him to be. Even though they didn’t use the Crime Syndicate on Justice League series in favor of the Justice Lords. Still thought Justice Lords was a good story, not that it was just Batman willing to kill but all of members of the Justice League & the alternate world they came from. Loved the dialogue between the two Batmans.

  8. I don’t get how people are caring more about the box office gross then the shooting

    • Where are you hearing that? Most movie sites I have been on this morning are discussion the attack. Sure, come Monday they’ll all be talking about how it did over the weekend, but for now they are all concentrating on what just happened.

  9. That guy is one jack@ss.

    What was the motivation behind this, the usual angry at the world/depressed/psychotic person that decides to take out his frustration on society?

    Gun control……b!tches need stricter gun control laws, smh.

    • @Merciful

      Yah, because criminals and murderers follow laws… smh

  10. So, on an unrelated note, was I the ONLY person wHo saw the Man of Steel trailer last night??

    • Nah I just saw it online, will see it again when I go Imax anyway.

      But it is definitely a traditional teaser.

  11. Saw the movie. Loved it. This is it guys, this is our year right’s over now. I just wanna say i love all of you EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU GUYS! hahah Even when we/you fight and i get 400 emails about something that i’ve stopped reading about. I just love all you crazy little F-words.

    What a journey, eh??

  12. Also to the user from back in like December that said his friend had seen the script for Dark Knight Rises and told us the end which has now actually ended up being true…as promised, here i am saying I am sorry for doubting you..However you’re still a little bit of a sociopath, my man.

  13. First I like 2 give my deepest condolences 2 the families of the victims of the Colorado theater shootings.4give me fellow ranters but I want 2 say,may God rain total d****nation on the fool who inflicted this senseless violence on movie goers who simply wanted 2 be entertained 4 their hard earned money. Now that that’s off my chest ,I’m loving the box office battle between TDKR and the AVENGERS 4 movie supremacy. Marvel /DC it’s called competition. Keeps you on your toes.

  14. So I hear WB is considering cancelling all screening of TDKR until further notice.
    Any idea if this rumor is true?

    What happened is a truly, truly tragic thing, but I don’t think we should allow this psychopathic b@$tard to win.
    Delaying the release of the film won’t help anybody IMO.

    • @ The Avenger

      I heard it is true WB is considering it as they already cancelled it in Paris. I haven’t heard or read anymore about it yet though. Last i heard for sure some theaters across the nation are stepping up precautions incase theres copycats. I agree delaying the film won’t do much of anything elsewhere. But if they do it, so be it. I remember goin to Collateral Damage when it was pulled because of 9/11 attacks & for good reason.

  15. Does anyone know when the Man Of Steel teaser will be available online? Thanks for all who can help.

    • Man of Steel should be online before the weekend is over (that’s my guess).


    • The trailer was pretty weak, IMO. The trailer for Skyfall was much better.

  16. Whats your opinion so far on MOS Vic?

  17. For anyone looking for a good comic read, and seeing as a Black Panther film isn’t likely until Marvel’s phase 3, the 1978 issues “Black Panther #9 & 10″ are a great storyline about T’Challa’s elite guard, the Black Muskateers and they fail to stop JAKARRA. A once weakling turned into a living vibranium man. The Panther races against time to stop Jakarra from reaching the vibranium mound, as he approaches, the ground shakes. exciting.

    • Also edited, written and drawn by the great Jack Kirby.

  18. with phase 2 of the avengers coming what movie will take place right after the avengers will it be GOTG or THOR: THE DARK WORLD. and so on. Cause phase 1 was CATFA,then IM, the TIH, then IM2, and thor. The reason i am wondering about phase 2 is i heard GOTG was to follow the avengers but then i heard THOR THE DARK WORLD was. If u think about they both could be with thor and loki heading back to asgard and thanos appearing at the end. Would like some intake on this please

    • Phase 1 (2008-2012) Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers

      Phase 2 (2013-2015) Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Antman, The Avengers 2

      Phase 3 (2016-2018, possibly) another Hulk movie, Thor 3, Cap 3, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, The Avengers 3

    • With all due respect, the timeline for The Avengers isn’t that simple. Cap obviously takes place first, but the ending takes place last (right before the events of The Avengers). Next up is Iron Man 1 followed by Iron Man 2… here’s where things get tricky: the biggest part of Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk and the entirety of THOR takes place within one week (“Fury’s Big Week”). The events of The Avengers then takes place approximately one year after that week.
      Here’s a good, very detailed, timeline for Marvel’s Phase One if you’re interested:

      Point is, I’m guessing Phase Two won’t be any different. The timeline will cross over and events will/could happen at the same time (it’s a great way to explain why Cap can’t help Iron Man or why Thor can’t help Cap in their respective sequels).
      All the sequels will most likely take place right where The Avengers left off: Thor takes Loki back to Asgard, Stark faces his problems and Cap tries to find his place in the world.
      GotG is another matter entirely… we don’t know anything about the film other than the team it consists of. For all we know, it takes place way before The Avengers and acts as the origin story of Thanos, or it could be something else entirely…

      • Ack! I meant the timeline for Phase One isn’t that simple. Sorry.

        • i read some where GOTG was to follow the end of the avengers dont remember where i read it at but it does make sense, guess the only way we will know is by watching them right