Open Discussion – July 2, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 2, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 2, 2012

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  1. I hope everyone has a great day today! As for myself, I’m very excited for tonight. I won tickets from a local radio to see Spider-Man tonight, a day before it comes out. I’m very excited for this movie & if the early reviews mean anything, it should be a great experience!

    • Well good for you :] Have fun

  2. The year has been all about The Avengers V Batman – Avengers Rocked…now the ‘Dark Horse’ of the Summer is almost here & going by the look & early reviews , The Amazing Spider-Man looks fantastic – Batman doesn’t fill me with excitment I’ve never classed Batman as a Super hero…as he isn’t super. Cat Woman looks silly too.

    • The year really has had very little to do with TA vs. TDKR…except MAYBE on sites such as this (and even then, most people are wisely realizing that the two films are quite different and not worth comparing). In the movie-watching universe at large, people have been excited for or anticipating MANY other films (or dreading them, in some cases…).

      For my part, TA was fun and exciting…and is now over. TDKR holds my rapt attention for the moment (with TASM grabbing at the periphery this week).

      • “For my part, TA was fun and exciting…and is now over. TDKR holds my rapt attention for the moment (with TASM grabbing at the periphery this week).”

        My feelings exactly. Except for the Avengers being over. I am EXCITED for the Sept. Blu-ray release as well. :)

        • Well, yes…of course, I’m looking forward to the Blu-ray release too. :)

        • For me, The Avengers will never be over (even after the BD release). It’s like Star Wars to me now… every time I watch it, I can’t help but smile. So while the big build up and theatrical release might be over, the excitement and enjoyment of watching the movie will never be over… hopefully.
          I’m just hoping that Spidey will impress and that TDKR will meet my high expectations.

          Again, 2012 is a TERRIFIC year for comic book fans…

          • I completely agree. I have always been looking for something to be my “Star Wars”. I think the Marvel movie universe is my Star Wars now which is why I get so psyched for all of the movies. It’s just another chapter in the connected universe.

        • Yeah, I can’t wait for TA to hit Blu-ray.
          Mainly because when I’m super excited for a movie I’ll gloss over some details because I’m in total awe of what’s going on. It happens all the time so when I don’t have the chance to see something twice in the theater the home video release becomes more important for me.
          And let’s not forget TA was fricking awesome. So it’s a must add to my collection.
          Speaking of my collection, I’ve held off buying BB and TDK because I know at some point a box set will be coming of the whole trilogy. Granted it will suck if TDKR well,,, sucks but come on that’s not going to happen. At least I hope not πŸ˜‰ Imagine that? My god the inter-web will shut down.

  3. Has anyone else been watching Tron: Uprising?

    • Yeah I have actually well I watched te first two. Have to catch up on the remainder. Not quite sure how many I missed. But I liked what I saw. Good show with good animation. And solid voice acting as well.

  4. Moving pictures are the mirror society holds up to narcissistically regard itself. Sometimes, the view is as distorted as a mirror in a side show funhouse. Nevertheless, art is constantly imitating life and life keeps looking for clues about itself in art.
    Just something to think about, next time you watch an old movie, considering how much more seriously people took these entertainments once upon a time. Nothing more than Leni Riefenstahl’s judicious camera angles made Hitler seem godlike, making Triumph of the Will a triumph of propoganda at a time when the emotions of the masses seemed so much easier to manipulate.
    Are we really any less gullible today? Hmmm.

    • Ummm…. What?

    • “a time when the emotions of the masses seemed so much easier to manipulate.”

      Don’t stay up on current events much do ya.

    • Ice-cream is a delicious treat.

  5. Anybody watching Longmire on A&E? It’s ridiculously good and was just renewed for a second season, which makes me a happy viewer.

    Cassidy Freeman, from Smallville, as a reoccurring role on the show and for once plays a character that’s not a tragic character like Tess was. I still feel bad for how her character died and none of the “good guys” seemed to notice.

    • It has been an enjoyable show with a great cast. Ms. Freeman and Katee Sackhoff have both been surprising in their respective roles. I also agree with you about the way Tess was sent off.

    • I am really enjoying the show and am glad to hear it’s picked up for a second season. Great characters all-around (especially Taylor’s performance), storylines, and cinematography.

      Have you read any of the Longmire novels? I placed the first one on hold at the local library and can’t wait to start it.

      • I’ve begun reading The Cold Dish and am enjoying it so far.

      • No, I haven’t. I didn’t know it was a book. I’ll look for at our library too.

          • Thanks!

  6. Anyone know other places aside from Screen Rant where you can discuss movies with friendly people? :]

    • To be completely honest IMO this is the best site.
      For years I looked for a site that wasn’t bombarded bye trolls and filled with comments that are offensive until I came here.
      There are a few sites that I’ll comment on every once in a while but I’ll never go back and continue a conversation because within a hour the comment section is a mess.
      That’s why IMO the best site to comment and discuss movies and tv is here, without a doubt…

      • Thanks, Kevin7! That’s what we’ve worked on continuously to differentiate ourselves from other sites. πŸ˜€


        • My kudos as well, Vic. I frequent a few movie sites, but this one is, by far, the best, in both content of articles and ease in commenting. Your attention in addressing the occasional concern is also both expeditious and fair, and thus, appreciated.

          • Well said, Jeff. I totally agree.

          • now if we could only get an *edit* feature (and the ability to look up your posting history!) πŸ˜€

            • Mongoose,

              Edit feature coming very soon – and post history (along with logins, profile pages, etc.) is in the plan. :)


              • /bows low before the great and all powerful Vic!

                • So who would be the lion, scarecrow, tin man, and Dorothy? πŸ˜›

      • Yeah I know. :/

      • @Kevin7: I completely agree.

        I’ve tried loads of other movie sites, but SR is just simply the best, most fair and trustworthy source for movie info out there.
        And as for discussion/commenting (the best part of SR IMO), again, I completely agree. All other sites that I’ve tried are filled with rude jerks and trolls. SR still has some of those unfortunately, but at least the team here makes an effort to (effectively) minimize all that.

        Thank you Vic and the rest of the SR staff, for making an awesome website!

  7. Would people be more excited for a live action Edgar wright directed ant-man or a pixar animated brad Byrd directed ant-man?

    • I would want the Edgar Wright directed one, I like his style of direction better. Nothing against Brad Byrd but if he is directing another Pixar super hero movie, why not make it The Incredibles 2.

      • Everyone wants the incredibles 2, but would you trade the possibility for something new and hopefully great for a sure bet. Take Pixar out of it. A Disney animated brad Byrd ant-man.

        • Yes i would make that trade.

          • Would it mesh with the other Avengers films though?

      • After seeing Mission Impossible: GP I would take Brad byrd directing a live-action Ant-man.

    • In my opinion, I think a Pixar animated movie for Ant-Man would be pointless. The only reason I would want to see Ant-Man would be to have him included in The Avengers. Can’t include him if he’s animated.

      • It’s hypothetical, but Ant-man included in Avengers is a big consideration. Even so, I’d go with the BB/Pixar version. IF they were going to do that, it would be because they had some amazing vision and story. I’d take that over most of the so-so Marvel movies that serve as prep and hype for Avengers (which I really liked), even if it removed him from Avengers.

        That said, I’m looking forward to Ant-man’s inclusion in the Marvel Universe. Hope it’s good.

        • Hank Pym Ant-Man = good

          Scott Lang Ant-man = very bad (at least for The Avengers and MSU)

    • Live action Ant-Man movie. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if another director took a shot at it, but I’m not against Wright either.
      Like Kyle said, I REALLY, REALLY want to see Hank Pym alongside Stark and Banner in the next Avengers flick, so if he’s animated, I think that’ll kinda be a problem πŸ˜‰

    • It’s a great idea but a terrible trailer, the music doesn’t work, it comes across as very American which is anti Bond IMO. I’m going to have a crack at making one this week with Idris Elba in the title role, or Tom Hardy.

      But Nolan is the best choice for making a new Bond and I think he will when Daniel Craig finally stops.

  8. I’ll be watching TAS tonight at the midnight premier in IMAX 3-D. The theater will be handing out a limited supply of exclusive amazing spiderman posters and T-shirts. πŸ˜€

  9. I saw ASM last night and I must say I reaaly enjoyed it. Much more than any of the previous ones. Andrew Garfield was amazing along with Emma stone. Not to mention there chemistry was fantastic. My only real complaint was it dragged a bit in the middle, and the cgi was a bit inconsistent. It’s a really good film. Everyone should check it out!

  10. I just got in from watching The Amazing Spider-Man, had tickets to the screening in 3D. It was amazing, sure it had some similarities to the Sam raimi films, but don’t they all go back to the comics? Anyway I personally liked it much more than the Avengers. Even the romance scenes weren’t over done. Marc Webb did an excellent job, and the cast gave an amazing performance! I give it a 5 out of 5!

  11. Well didnt think I would be saying this but SM vs TAS….. SM wins. Cant put my finger on the exact thing but just overall it didnt do it for me.

    It was no where as entertaining as The Avengers. A few things didnt make sense and some loose ends were never even explained (guy in the Limo for one).

    Maybe rushed is the feeling it gave me.