Open Discussion – July 19, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 19, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 19, 2013

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  1. Good morning Scranters. Happy Friday!

    • Happy Friday indeed!!

      ::::::::::Sharknado Soiler warning::::::::

      I missed the original airing of Sharknado, but caught the re-airing of it last might while I was running. It was hilarious.

      My favorite part was at the end when the man with the chain saw is swallowed whole, with said chain saw, and then cuts his why out of the shark, the very same shark that swallowed his son’s would be girlfriend earlier. What are the odds?

      That is hilarious.! :)

      • @Stark

        Same for me missed it on its first showing watched it last night, hilarious indeed. I heard there’s a sequel in the works.

      • Did you happen to catch “Sand Sharks” on SyFy yesterday too?

        You’re not even safe *out* of the water. :)

        • @ B. Nerd

          Nope, I missed it.

          Darn! :(

      • What is this Sharknado people keep talking about?

  2. Yeah Friday…Another day with the Smelly Diaper Dropper..seriously what is this girl eating!

    • Thanks Darth Bovine,

      My youngest must have read your post and thought it was a challenge.

    • My guess is milk…or formula.

  3. So I hear Hans Zimmer is scoring TASM2!
    Batman, Superman and now Spider-Man? The three most popular comic book characters of all time?! I wonder which character he’ll take on next…

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind watching Hulk smash stuff to those heavy “BWWWWWAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” tones ;)

    • Say whaaat?

      • what

        • Can’t wait for the soundtrack, really glad he’s doing it. I wasn’t really a fan of the first.

    • Whoa! Is this official? If so, that’s awesome!

    • I dont remember none of the must from the DK Trilogy or Man of Steel!

    • As long as they make another South Park episode like Insheeption and include the “BWWWWWAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” tones.

  4. So, after all of that Electro stuff over the last few days, I have really high hopes for TASM 2. My only problem so far is that they replaced Woodley for M.J. after cutting her scenes. She was hot enough that I could get over the fact that Gwen will die, I hope they make a good casting choice (AGAIN!) and this time, stick with it.

    • When did they announce she was being replaced?

      • I think that was just a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed.

  5. Box Office Prediction Time:

    1. The Conjuring (horrors seem to do well first week)
    2/3. Turbo or Despicable Me 2 (animation/kids domination)
    4/5/6. Pacific Rim, RED 2 or RIPD

    I don’t think Grown-Ups 2 will do well in its second week but you never know.

    • Grown Up 2 was quite good. Had a great time. I hope it continues to do well in 2nd week.

    • My Box Office Prediction:

      1. The Conjuring (based on what I’ve seen from last night as it was packed)
      2. Despicable Me 2 (Very good animation movie which kids will most likely see for a second/third time)
      3/4. Red 2/RIPD
      5/6/7. Turbo, Pacific Rim, or Grown Ups 2(These are all really a tossup as I think Turbo will draw less based on DM2, Grown Up 2 should see a significant drop but you never know, and I just don’t know if enough people will go out to see PR, at least here in the US)

    • On the Box Office Battle on the podcast, I put Turbo at #1. 1st week kids movie and it’s in 3D. Then, the Conjuring at 2.

      Then, it’s a toss-up
      I think I had
      Red 2 at 3
      Despicable Me 2 at 4
      and R.I.P.D. at 5

      I’m starting to think that I should have used Pacific Rim instead of R.I.P.D. Especially since SR hasn’t put up a review for it yet.

      • No RIPD review in my local paper either… doesn’t bode well.

        Only God Forgives is out today too, but only in limited release. Even that got a review in my local paper.

    • I don’t have any money this week on the BO so I don’t even have a clue. But I wish RED 2 and RIPD good luck.

  6. Thought I’d share this since the wolverine releases next week enjoy :)

    • I watched that a few days ago. Pretty sweet, although the handles aren’t as good as they could be if ya ask me. They could have made it a bit more curvy to fit the hand better.

      The actual blades are sick though…. why haven’t people made more of these??!!! :D

      • Copyright lawsuit.

        Person Injury lawsuit.

        Stupid person with a tendency to pull it out on cops to show how cool it is?

        • Doesn’t stop people from making samurai swords/katanas in the style of Kill Bill’s, or countless other movie/tv/cartoon/comic book weapons ;)

          • I call it…Cleaning out the Gene Pool.

      • They sell a set at this store I frequent in my area. The store is calling “The Cutting Edge”. Ive bought several items from them for movie replicas. Most recently has been Predator masks. But I have a few other cool stuff like Riddick’s blades, Blade’s sword, Mjolnir, William Wallace’s sword. I bought most off the internet but this store has cool stuff also.

    • Check out the sword from masters of the universe, AWESOME!!

    • That is pretty sweet.

  7. guys does the enchantres have a cammeo in thor 2?

  8. Hey check out the first official photo of Omar Sy as bishop in the up coming X-Men!!!!

    • Daniel Cud,ore is exciting my X-Gene as Colossus in this pic!

    • Nice!

  9. Ok Fellow Ranters. Here is today wacky question.

    Here are the Rules. You woke up in the world of Hanna-Barbera.

    First Rule. You have to pick one Character. If Character is taken by a fellow ranter, you have to pick another.

    Second Rule.
    Do not ask me what I was eating to dream of a world, where I actually walked among Hanna Barbera Characters.

    So, I am going to Start and I am taking…Top Cat.


    • I’ll take Johnny Bravo, followed closely by Brainy Smurf. :)

      • Sneak…ONE CHARACTER.

        Damn billionaires always trying to buy something!

    • I’ll be the guy that created elmo

    • @Stark
      Awww! I wanted Johnny Bravo :(
      Because of my initials being JB, kids used to call me Johnny Bravo back in preschool.
      … *sigh* Okay then, I’ll be Scooby Doo (driving in a van with a bunch of stoners – one of which eats dog food – can only result in hilarity ;))

    • Shaggy Rogers

      • Ill take jerry

    • Obvious but I do a good “Hey Boo-Boo, let’s go get some pic-a-nic baskets!” impression.

    • hukleberry hound here

    • Tara from The Herculoids.

      • Wait clarify, would we wake as this character or would be hanging out with them? If the former than I would be Zandor, if the latter I would choose Tara.

        • To late.

          You picked Tara!

    • Please…Space Ghost (but the kids and Monkey stay at home)

      • Yep, you got Space Ghost.

        or should I say..Spppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeee Ghost?

    • George Jetson

    • Like to think I’m DePatie-Freleng’s Pink Panther riding in a chauffeur-driven panthermobile, but “Heavens to Murgatroyd and exit stage left”…I’m probably more Hanna-Barbera’s Snagglepuss…

      Thought you might have gone for Doggie Daddy, Jeff, what with Augie and all (“My son, my son…”). :-)

      • The Big Dentist.

        Thought did cross my mind, but I been a Top Cat fan my whole life.

    • Captainnnnnn….Caaaavemannnnnn!

      • Three girls driving him around, now that’s quality!

    • I am taking Magilla Gorilla. Because he is the shiz.

  10. Hey check out the first official photo of Omar Sy as bishop in the up coming X-Men!!!!

    • I didn’t know Bishop was drafted into the was drafted into the NFL!


      Seriously though, they all look like NFL players, especially him.

      • @AW — That was my exact thoughts as well.

  11. has anyone else noticed that scarjo has top billing on cap2 on the imdb page? i wonder if that’s how it will be released?

    • that is strange

  12. Why are certain comic book adaptations like R.I.P.D doing so poorly at the box office? It seems like only a few titles are able to become blockbusters.

    • It doesn’t have anything to do with the adaption. The trailer for R.I.P.D came out almost immediately after the home video release of M.I.B 3, if I remember correctly. To be honest, they look like the exact same movie. I know he’s dead and everything, but that must be just a minor subplot. I, personally, hate Ryan Reynolds, and Jeff Bridges cannot save that movie. That is why I will not be seeing it. For an older example, the box office and critical dud The Losers is based of a comic book, and it looks exactly like the A-Team, which came out two months after. The basic plot is exactly the same. RED is based off a comic book, and that was financially successful enough to fund a sequel. (I personally found it highly enjoyable.) There were also no similar movies out at the time. I think it is all because of bad timing (or in the case of RIPD, bad casting, imo.) If Hollywood made wiser decisions with these lesser-known adaptions, they can take off.

      • They only seem to work if they are incredibly stylistic and filmed in a way never seen before (Sin City or 300), or appeal to a very young audience (Kick Ass), or are not too expensive to make (V for Vendetta or the Crow). When those factors are not in play, unless the name on the marquee is a member marvel or DC I can almost guarantee failure or it doing just so-so(R.I.P.D, Barb Wire, From Hell, Jonah Hex, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Whiteout, Spawn and Watchmen).

        • I applaud the studios for taking the risk into financially backing these films because there is no guarantee in return. Sequels are where the money is made. They are almost guaranteed if the success of the first film was good. Iron Man is a great way to look at this. Budget of 140M and a return of 320M(D)(585M WW). If movies like Green Lantern did that, even their WW of 220M would’ve looked a lot better.

  13. the walking dead season 4 trailer is now up. This is just wow

    • Damn.