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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 18, 2012

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  1. Well, I have my IMAX ticket for 11:10 AM, Friday. TDKR, here I come!

    • I have my TDKR ticket ready for 12:01AM also over in Chicago. I just need to make sure a pack a 5 hour energy so I can stay awake.

      • Bloody movie premieres on the 27th here. l have to cut myself off of every website to avoid spoilers

        • Where do you live man?
          Here in South-Africa the movie’s premiering on the 27th as well, but they do have special screenings this Sunday.
          Chances are your country might have them as well…

          • Not here in Pakistan, i have to go hide till 20 August for the movie.

    • DO tell how it goes man!! i didnt get the tickets yet :(

    • 11 AM friday for me took the day off work lol

    • Just got mine today for the 3:15pm IMAX showing on Saturday. Was surprised I was able to get 4 tickets.

    • I’ll be gettin mine on friday around 2:00PM.

    • Going on Sunday. Not too worried about tickets. Pretyy confident it won’t be sold out on Sunday.

      • just make sure you get them soon as the place opens up. . please trust me on that

  2. I know you guys in the US have had this come and go, but the first season of Friday Night Lights just finished last night here in the UK. What a great show. Acting, direction, music, cast chemistry. Really enjoyed the show, think it’s great.

    Season 2 starts next week. Can’t wait.

    • Season two as very blah. I could never buy into Sorenson as a quarterback. That big of a school and in the heart of Texas would’ve had a 5* talent as a back up.

      • clear eyes. full hearts. can’t lose!

    • Season 2 is the worst of all the seasons…but stick with it. Season 3 and beyond make it a great show.

  3. The thought’s been in my head in recent days that it’s a shame studios like Fox and Sony can’t co-produce features with Disney/Marvel and allow for a cross-studio collaboration of characters. I realize each studio wants the bulk of profits but wouldn’t it be something to see them work together to give fans great moments like Spider-Man helping The Avengers or Wolverine meeting The Hulk? I’m sure this isn’t an original idea, but after the success Disney/Marvel has enjoyed with The Avengers, it seems like they’d be able to lower production costs while at the same time making bigger movies. On a smaller scale, it might allow for a team-up of The Punisher and Daredevil or any of the Marvel Knights/Marvel Max characters.

    • The ASM producers seem to be willing to do crossovers with the MCU in the future and Kevin Fringe at Marvel Studios seems to be hoping for eventually being able to use all these characters, but I’m not sure if Sony and Disney can play nice together, without a lot of money changing hands, de la the Paramount buy out.

  4. I finally got to see “The Amazing Spider-Man”, and I must admit that I enjoyed it, overall. Garfield and Stone played their respective parts wonderfully, and their burgeoning relationship was played out beautifully. I enjoyed Denis Leary as Captain Stacy and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Connors…but NOT nearly as much as the Lizard. The Spidey-Lizard fights, in fact, were the least interesting parts of the film. Also, there were one or two hokey parts of the plot played out throughout the film, but the acting got me through those with minimum fuss. I loved the Raimi films (the first two; the third was far too goofy), but this reboot seems like a worthy attempt…weird though the timing might have been.

    I know this was a bit vague, but I’m not on the spoiler thread… ;)

    • l completely agree with everything you said. apart from the Raimi films part. Tobey Maguire never was spiderman.

      • I thought for the film series in which he played Peter Parker/Spider-Man, he did fine, but I DID find him a better Peter than Spidey.

    • Archaeon,

      I just saw TASM yesterday and agree with your post. I thought Garfield was excellent as Peter and that the chemistry between Stone and him was done nicely. I also enjoyed seeing C. Thomas Howell in a bit part as well (and his role in a recent episode of Longmire was a pleasant surprise). One of my favorites of his is The Hitcher with Rutger Hauer.

      • $2…

        I like to see C.T.H. whenever I can. He just comes across as personable, so I enjoy rooting for him…usually (obviously, there have been those rare times when he’s been the obnoxious character, so good luck in those cases…).

    • Agreed. ASM was casted far better than Rami’s franchise and the Gerfield/Stone Peter/Gwen relationship was the high point of the film. I think this mistake was having Webb as the director because he just can’t do the action bits well, and while editing can have a slip ups in an indy movie, every flaw will be picked at by the buzzards of the internet on a large scale project like this. (Including me! Any time they did an over the shoulder shot, the editing was terrible)

  5. Just read a report that Rotten Tomatoes had to suspend its comment section on The Dark Knight Rises, as critics giving it negative reviews were being called all kinds of names and even getting death threats. Seriously people, this is just a movie. If you can’t handle someone else’s negative review about it, calling the person names and issuing death threats says a whole lot more about you than it does them. Get a grip!

    • I agree with you completely. Although sometimes I think critics will give negative reviews to movies just to get some kind of attention.

    • By the way, it appears the overall rating for The Dark Knight Rises, as of today, is at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, so there a number of less than glowing reviews about it. A reviewer’s good or bad rating, however, has never affected my personal opinion of a film…

      • At one point yesterday morning, it was at 84%, so I take that as somewhat encouraging…

    • I agree, some of these “fans” take it way too far (with the personal insults and death threats).
      I mean really, are those people so insecure about their own thoughts/opinions that they have to insult and attack people who don’t agree with them?! – That’s freakin messed up.
      If a person doesn’t like a review, then they are allowed to comment on why they think so, but when things start to get personal and people start insulting each other, then it’s time to take a step back IMO.

      I’m surprised that TDKR is getting so many bad reviews, but even if that’s the case, reviews are subjective: It’s only the opinion of one person. I’m sure all of us here will love the movie regardless of what these people/reviewers say (whether it be true or just them trying to get attention and readers – I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m guessing it’s the latter).

      At least ScreenRant’s reviews are generally fair and unbiased…

      • Agree with you, Avenger. From what I read, one critic was actually banned from Rotten Tomatoes, as he submitted a negative review without even seeing the film, just to get more traffic at his own website. As of today, however, the movie has gotten at least ten other negative reviews, so it is apparent that some people are just not liking it, which is okay. To each his own. I am sure that, just like any movie, there will be things we all both like and dislike about it…

        • Some thrive on being negative towards any franchise that’s enjoyed remarkable success. From a personal standpoint, I don’t need it to be better than TDK. I just want it to be a solid, worthy finale.

    • I’m not surprised. Ever since Thor I’ve noticed that a positive review will have a few comments, while a negative review will have over a hundred. To be fair, a lot of them will be fans calling for civility and order.

      It’s ridiculous. Most of it is crude name calling.

    • Are you really surprised? Just look at people still defending Paterno. You should have to pass an IQ test and a psychological exam to have access to commenting on the Internet.

      • Let’s not bring Paterno into this. To date, it is only speculation what he actually knew or didn’t know, but all the good he has done for that university is well documented. Of course, though, you must think me ignorant now for defending the man. Funny you are so focused on him, that you mention him during a discussion on a movie website…

        • People worshipping other people is the epitome of idiocy in my opinion, especially when their is an overwhelming amount of evidence. It’s in the news and I was drawing an example. If you are a fan and you threaten the life of someone who criticizes a movie you are not sane and should be institutionalized.

          • Don’t mistake “regard” and/or “respect” for “worship”. There is no “overwhelming amount of evidence” against him, either, as during the criminal investigation and prosecution of Sandusky, when Paterno, along with many others, were interviewed, he was not found culpable for any criminal infrations. Now, because an independent investigation of the university, in which Paterno was not interviewed, claimed that he was involved in a cover-up, without indicating exactly what he knew or didn’t know about the extent of Sandusky’s actions, many think he is “guilty” of the cover-up, but, of course, he is no longer here to defend himself. Bad decisions? Probably. An evil man? No. Very generous to the university and students during his life? Without question, as he donated millions. In the end, though, he is with his maker and will have to answer to Him for all the good or bad done in his life, as will we all. Now, that’s all I have to say on the matter. Back to the movies…

            • “Regarding” or “respecting” a FILMMAKER enough to make threats against another human being for criticizing said filmmaker is what I would call “worshipping”.

              • On that, we agree. It’s amazing how some people get so emotionally invested in something that they threaten violence in response to criticism of it.

                • Crazy world man, haha.

                  • Yes, it is. Pride is definitely our biggest downfall. They say our greatest virtue, conversely, is humility, which so many of us lack.

  6. I had no idea that Hank from Breaking Bad was the “You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face around here…” guy from Total Recall. Just like until two nights ago, I didn’t realise the little kid from Batmen Begins was Joffery from Game of Thrones. Small world that acting world.

    Those are my utterly pointless random thoughts for the week. Now to focus. I hear there is a small, independant movie about a man with a costume fetish out this week. Sounds interesting.

    • *Batman Begins… sigh. Edit button please.

      Oh, and it might be just me, but after posting a comment I seem to get redirected to other articles on this site. After my first comment, I got moved to a picture of Downey Jnr in IM3.

      • I agree that an edit button would be nice.

        • Agrede

          • Agreed* DARN IT!

    • Oh my gosh, I just saw a couple random episodes of some past TV shows and I also saw “Hank” in them.

      It’s interesting they are nameless actors until they appear in a show you follow avidly.

    • He was also the boot camp commander in Starship Troopers.

  7. Just rewatched District 9 after picking up the Blu-ray. I’m thinking Sharlto Copley could be a pretty awesome Hank Pym/Ant-man…No??

    • ya hed be cool. Always gotta think that for casting they have to think about the overall dynamic an actor would bring to the marvel movie universe. Its not casting in a vacuum so to speak. They have to consider how that person would behave/basic chemistry with the other established cast. Esp if hes pym the scientist cant just have anybody interacting with stark and banner, wouldnt be surpised if it ends up being somebody thats worked previously on some films with some of the majors in avengers.

    • I agree yes, but I also think he would make a great GROOT from Guardians of the Galaxy.

  8. Since we all know Batman will be rebooted soon. Who do you guys think should take the helm as director?

    • Joel Schumacher, Maybe?

      Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

      • My ex-girlfriend in high school didn’t think so. :(

    • Well after Nolan, we do need something not as serious. But on the other hand, I would love to see Tim Burton return to the Bat-world for a third go round. Maybe an older Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne has to hand the bat-mantle over to Dick Grayson?

  9. @Vic, when I post a comment, it doesn’t take me back to the original page, it redirects me to some random picture or article.
    For instance: I just posted a comment about the possible Ant-Man release date, and after I clicked Submit Comment, I got redirected to a four year old picture of an animated Batman movie.
    Is this a new, intentional feature, or a bug of some kind?

      • I’ve been redirected to a different page with every comment. Peculiar glitch but nothing too major.

      • Phew… so at least it isn’t just happening to me.
        So far I’ve been redirected to the 4 year old Batman picture, a 4 year old picture of RDJ wearing an Iron Man glove, the ‘Contact ScreenRant’ page and a ‘Latest Movie News’ page.

        • Aw, man…. we changed something on the site, but I certainly didn’t see THAT as a side-effect. :-(


          • Test

        • Sweet,

          Problem has been fixed. Thanks SO much for mentioning it! Had to go back and fix about a dozen posts – if I hadn’t known it would have been a TON of work to fix later on.


  10. Just came back from a preview screening of TDKR, and… (No spoilers, I promise) – once you see it I think you’ll understand why there are negative reviews on RT. But ultimately it’s still a fantastic movie, and giving the story the freedom to end means it goes out with a bang. For all its imperfections the sum of everything is still great and I think as long as you’re not expecting another TDK, there isn’t a reason to be very let down with it.

    I’d make the case that the movie should perhaps be even longer, in fact, but maybe close on 3 hours is already pushing it :)

    By the way, viewing Batman Begins really would help anyone who’s not as familiar with the series. It draws a lot from it.

    • That is what I’m expecting… I’m not expecting to be blown away. I’m not even that excited for it. I’m seeing it because it’s a CBM and the more money it gets, the movies that will come out. Standards are pretty low. :)

      • My feelings exactly.

      • Actually I think if you are a Batman fan, you *will* be blown away. What really got me was that when I watched it I could clearly see what some reviewers were complaining about. I think some of them let it bother them too much, but the complaints are still valid. But despite all the clear flaws, and despite it not being as tightly written, plotted and filmed as TDK, I think any fan will not be able to help coming out the cinema and thinking it was awesome, at least on the first viewing.

  11. Not really surprised by the negative reviews for TDKR, wouldn’t be surprised if it went as low as 70 % on RT & lol at those Nolanites going bonkers on RT: really now?

    • IKR? The Dark Knight was an amazing film so DKR has some big shoes to fill, which will be difficult if not impossible. Plus your average Batfan is only familiar with the grunting wall of meat Bane that Batman the animated series and Batman and Robin introduced, so this Bane as a genius sadistic terrorist is a bit of a culture shock for them.

      • I don’t think it’ll be a ‘culture shock’. Anyone who’s only a Batfan as far as the cartoons go probably won’t be purists, and the movie Bane is a much bigger step up from cartoon Bane or (obviously) Batman and Robin’s Bane.

        Comparisons with TDK are expected, and valid…but I think it doesn’t discount that it’s still a great film, warts and all. I’d be frankly surprised if it went as low as 70% on RT.

  12. When are you guys posting your review for TDKR?

    • Sam,

      On Friday morning.


      • yikes… what’s it gonna say?

        • We don’t know yet. :)


  13. I’ve been thinking of some good movies that Marvel should do post 2014 and maybe even post Avenger 2. One problem I keep seeing with it is a problem that I have with the Marvel Universe anyways, so much stuff happens in New York! They need to strategically place some movies to keep us away from NYC and while Thor and GoG are doing so now, and Black Panther is rumored, I think we should make a trip across the big pond at some point and do a Captain Britain. I think it could be a fun change of pace and could even feature Captain America cameos to keep it all connected to the MCU

  14. I just got out of my screening of the dark knight rises (not in imax) so i figured id give some thoughts without spoilers of course. I give this movie a 9.5/10 the way the story was written and it unfolds is phenomenal. The pacing is flued throughout and the action sequences are epic to say the least. All the actors were impressive but the one that suprised with me was Anne Hathaway, She was incredible as Selina Kyle, changing from her real life persona with ease. Honorable mention to JGL and Bale. As for tom Hardy at the beginning i didnt really like his voice. (even though i understood every word) Throughout the movie it grew on me and it lead to a spectacle of a performance. Even if he didn’t Heath Ledger. Go see this movie, it will not dissapoint.