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about vic1 Open Discussion   July 18, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   July 18, 2011

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  1. So what did you guys think of the dark knight rises teaser trailer? Personally I can’t believe they have one even before they’re finished filming. But over all I’d have to say that it’s better than the dark knight teaser.

  2. I liked it. Although I have to admit I like the just leaked Avengers teaser better.

    • It was a good teaser, but not great. i also agree the leaked avengers trailer is better

      • any hints to where i can find the avengers trailer? and isnt DKR teaser set to officailly come out today.

        • just google Avengers leaked trailer and you will get tons of results. AND CAN’T WAIT!

  3. capts modern suit looks so weird, i like his ww2 outfit (form the movie) alot more (for its realistic look), the modern day one is way to bright and plastic-like.

    cant wait to watch the actual thing though (only cams with loud idiots screaming are out thus far).

    anyone looking forward to conan, i just started reading the dark horse comics for him and the movie seems to be following it nicely.

  4. Any anime fans out there? Who would love to see a live action Gundam Series? I would love to see one but I’d want to pick the studio and director that does. The Dragon Ball movie was terrible. They’d have to stay very close to the source material because there really is great stories in some of those series. I’d want to see 08th M.S. Team, Gundam Wing, or Gundam.

    • I’d love to see a live action Gundam film, on either Gundam Wing or Mobile Suit (the tournament one). And a Dragon Ball Z film with Justin Chatwan would be good, just get a better director and writer.

    • They should do Gundam Wing just soo they can make a live-action Endless Watlz film.

    • Yea, im all for it. They made a life size model of the original Gundam in China. The question is which Gundam series do you use?


  5. Anyone see the leaked version of the Avengers trailer that shows after Captain America? Looks good, but Thor is in his Ultimates getup IE no cape or metal sleeves, which is a missed opportunity imo.

    • To be honest, I think they made the right decision. In fact, when I saw the trailer, I thought, “geez, Thor looks badass, it’s probably because he’s not wearing the armor and the cape. He doesn’t need it among the mortals, I guess.”

      It is a considerably less cheesy look for Thor and a more “modern” look that will likely endear him to the public/audience even more.

      • 100% agree with you. Funny how Marvel is trying and doing a great job, at finding that happy balance of staying true to the stories, appearances, feel. And then, trying to draw in all the general audiences that haven’t read the comics and not make it too crazy looking.

      • But Thor isn’t supposed to look “modern” he’s a norse freakin god.
        The whole point of The Avengers is that you have all these guys from wildly different backgrounds and it’s reflected in their look. One guy’s in a high tech suit of armor, the other’s in a cape and winged helmet (which they also should have kept). Thor’s costume from his movie already looked good enough on screen and was distinctive enough that there was no need to change it, now he’ll just blend in to the rest of the people wearing basic black.

        • “he’s a norse freakin god.”

          Which also is an alien.

          “now he’ll just blend in to the rest of the people wearing basic black.”

          yes because they all have an alien hammer, long blonde hair and well you get it. I mean in the first Xmen did you have a hard time telling Wolverine from Storm?


  6. I cant believe you (kofi) actually reviewed a teaser bootleg trailer that was CAM quality at best. In fact, I can’t believe you even reviewed a teaser trailer? Wheres all your other teaser trailer reviews? I didn’t know there was such a job title as “professional movie teaser trailer critic”…

    • I think you’re in the wrong thread there Tim.

      • Yes, and the wrong state of mind.

    • While I agree that a teaser trailer review is a bit over the top, Entertainment Weekly has done the exact same thing (link below). The movie is still over a year away and it’s already being hyped up so I think this is one of those rare situations where the review is warrented.

      EW’s own review of TDKR teaser trailer:

      • @Longbottom, I am in the wrong state of mind because I actually ENJOYED the teaser for what it is, a teaser.

        …Gimme a break…

        @INK apologies for the wrong thread, but I thought Open Discussion you could talk about whatever..??

        • I think you need to take it down several notches in your assesment of Kofi reviewing a teaser trailer. It was harmless fun and most people enjoyed it, no need to go off the deep end.

  7. Okay, I’m going to hope that the teaser trailer I just saw (basically, the Avengers “A” slowly appearing, highlighted by dramatic music as Samuel L. Jackson narrates) is NOT the cool and exciting trailer everyone here is talking about, because it was neither cool NOR exciting. It was just…there. It CERTAINLY was not better than the TDKR teaser before HP7:Pt2…not by a long shot.

    Maybe when I see “Captain America” this weekend, I’ll get to see the teaser the people above were talking about…

    • @Archaeon… It’ll be after the credits. I’m holding out to see it in Theaters… All of these Cap clips and the trailers. This will be a hard week for self restraint.

    • @Archaeon… The trailer you mention is not the trailer I saw. And it is actually part of Cap’s film, not a “before the movie” trailer.

  8. the teaser is already down

  9. jus saw this leaked avenger trailer… i’m a really big batman fan but this avengers trailer is sooooo awesome, can not wait to see it in better detail after captain america

  10. Teaser is back up here
    look quick!

  11. Thanks INK. I will assume (sorry hard to see) that was the Hulk with the cab?

  12. gah hit enter to soon. Or was there no Hulk sightings in the clip?

  13. @Aknot, I haven’t seen it but from what I “read” about it on twitter and stuff eh is not in there. Don’t want to have some unfinished CGI in the trailer and have it look bad… *AHEM** Green Lantern *AHEM***

    • Thanks Kyle.

  14. I watched “The Man From Nowhere” this weekend, probably had the coolest knife fighting scene since “The Hunted”! Read up on South Korea and gun control to realize why they didn’t have more guns in the movie.

    • HEY I am watching that had to stop so it is paused in Netflix. :D


    “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer is up!!!