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sr open discussion Open Discussion   July 17, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 17, 2013

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  1. Let the OD begin!

  2. Good morning ranters! Sad day for me as we are putting our boxer Yoda down. That being said, what are the best movie characters that can be also used to name dogs. My family had a run of Star Wars names: Yoda, Vader, Chewie, Kenobi…

      • Really is like losing a family member, chin up mate.
        My sister got to name our last dog, Simba. Yeah, I know, not my choice either. I named the one before that. A big ol’ ridgeback… Called Clyde. ‘Right turn Clyde…’

    • My current dogs names’ are Zeus and Aura. Had a dog named Kenny (South Park) and Astro (Jetsons). They were both boxers. One killed the other. Wasn’t fun.

      • Well we have two Rottweilers, Fred and Barney.
        Three cats, Coco, Finney and…Mork.

        Do I really, really have to name the 1,214 cows??????

        • I would actually prefer it if you named all of the cows, Jeff.

          • I despise you right now.

            This is going to take me some time.

    • I think Cujo would probably be one of the worst names for a dog.

      My black shar-pei was named King Kong… always got a laugh when anyone asked.

      • @Big Nerd.

        Not if the dog is a Bichon Frise…Come on, think about a BF Named Cujo.

    • Growing up me and my brother always named out pets after Sly Stallone characters lol.. So Rambo & Rocky.. Then add roman numerals as new pets came along over time.

    • @ Kyle

      Sorry to hear that, I’ve been there, it’s very tough.

      • My dogs name is loki

        • I dated a girl once that named their deaf American Bulldog “Lowkey”. Pronounced Loki obviously. But the name was because since he was deaf, he never barked. He was a very low key dog. Silent but deadly.

    • Mine is “Miyagi”

    • Mine would claim I died… At least I would hope so…

      The real question, why would they want to finish the job… Women are crazy…………. :)

      • I’m single, I’d allow myself to be used for the repopulation efforts. Lol

        • +1

        • Death by snuu snuu

    • I think any woman who understood the gravity of the situation would immediately protect her man.

      I think even in Y, Yorick was seen as more of a commodity than anything else.

      • @Big Nerd,

        Yep, but some still wanted him and even Ampersand dead.

        • True, but I believe the “some” were not his “better half”.

          I think any woman who has a relationship with one of the last 10 men on the planet, would do whatever it takes to protect that man. It’s basically protecting the future of the human race (procreation and such assuming that this plague affected fertility banks).

          • Well in the books, it killed everything with a Y Chromosome so, who knows.

            I finished reading the last book last week, so it been fresh in my mind.

    • Protect me.

    • What if you have no better half at this point in time? 😮
      Would you just be destroyed, or there a chance at survival by hiding at a place where no women ever dares to go: the men’s bathroom
      Oh the shame!

      • I think you’d have a better chance at the hardware store.

        • There are plenty of women at the hardware store…. and they tend to be the scary ones…. 😐

    • @ Jeff

      Mine would protect me, the best she could, I have no doubt. That being said, I would probably die.

      • My ol’ lady’s half my size but still scares me witless sometimes. I’m lucky though, she’s into the same stuff as me, urban fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi (had to add that in case she reads thus ).
        Don’t hit me there, luv…. ouch!!

        • Sorry, typo. I meant THIS not THUS. I’m an idiot!!

          • @Trent Bardy?

            An Idiot? for Typo?

            WELCOME TO THE CLUB! :)

    • I’m dead. She’ll claim my recliner.

      My question is…is our boy alive? If it came down to protecting him, I’m definitely dead.

      • Agreed.

  3. iron man 3 still the best comic book movie this year

    • In BO terms, yes.

    • MOS for me.

      Waiting on: Wolverine, Kick Ass 2, and Thor 2.

      • Agreed. MoS was for me as well. Didn’t care for Kick Ass so much. Ill watch the sequel eventually but since I didn’t like the first much, I doubt this will change my mind. It’s a preference thing, not that the movie sucked.

        Thor 2 I have such high hopes for.

        • I feel exactly the same way @LC3001
          I’m waiting on The Wolverine and Thor 2, but Man Of Steel was pretty fricken epic.

          • I haven’t been so excited for a blu ray release since I don’t even know when…

    • @ COREY_1993

      I’m still waiting on Wolverine and Thor 2 before I decide.

    • I would agree. Thought Man of Steel was a big let down!

    • …and it’s been a while since I saw an editorial on SR that wasn’t specifically related to comic book movies/projects 😉

    • “All the more often I’m seeing people either calling a movie “brilliant” or “garbage”, and I’m seeing the words “average” and “okay/good” less and less.”

      The wife yells at me all the time for using such strong words and not being very descriptive with my feelings. IE: I HATE that or I LOVE that. She would rather me say words like “dislike” or “feel negatively towards”. I agree. Hate and love are such strong words and don’t convey other then extremes.

      • I feel this year so far is rather average

        • @ Trey

          I have to agree.

        • I have to agree. I don’t know if it was a lot of hype and build up that set the bar too high, but I haven’t left the theater impressed yet this year. I think the most enjoyable movie I’ve seen so far has been “Now You See Me” which was a pleasant surprise, but I didn’t go in with high expectations either like I did for IM3, ST2, or MOS. That’s not to say those were bad, just didn’t live up to expectations, for me at least.

        • Agreed.

          Thank you Vic and thank you ScreenRant!

          • Too true. It’s always nice too see people writing passionately about their fav characters and stories and such, but the guys over at CBM. com take it all a bit too far some times. Good points well sirs.

            • Good points well made sirs, missed a whole word out there. what’s wrong with me today???

          • You’re welcome. :-)

    • Completely agree with the article. It’s almost a crime for a film to be considering average nowadays, it’s weird, it goes way too overboard. There are several films that I indeed love, which I still thought were generic or simply good. I loved Man of Steel, but do I think it’s the best movie? No, i’d simply say it’s solid and a good film. With Emmerich’s Godzilla, I definitely loved it, while it’s probably mediocre or below, I find people make it out to be one of the worst films of all time.

      • considered*

  4. Morning fellow ranters. For the life of me I’m still trying to figure out the identity of the villian for Avengers 2 and I may have found the potential antagonist.

    Previously I stated Graviton,but now that’s changed. Here are some items has to why I think this individual will be the villian.

    1 joss whedon mentioned in an article that the villian will be involved in science. Well reading about this person ,he was heavily involved in scientific genetics.

    2 he has a history with quicksilver and the scarlet witch who we know will have major roles in the sequel.

    So with those two hints, I now believe that the villian in the Avengers sequel is —The High Evolutionary. Look him up on wiki and read his history. Completely forgot about him.

    • If they are going to use the bro & sister act to intro the whole terregen myst etc angle (or at least make brief mentions of it) then high evolutionary would be very fitting.

      • Sounds good to me, Fox be dammed!

    • In the Avengers annual Evolutionary War, it was one of the few times Hulk returned to the fold. He along with Cap, Falcon, Jocasta, Yellow Jacket, Beast and Hercules fought the High Evolutionary. It was a great annual and an even greater crossover storyline.

  5. Random tangent here but recently saw Pacific Rim (Really enjoyed it) and it got me thinking about the quickly mentioned crossover between Del Toro’s Rock’em sock’em & the upcoming rebooted version of Godzilla. As a fan of general cheesiness and lover of monster movies I think that would just be a good ole fashioned slam fest and while I doubt it will exist, I can dream. Thoughts?

  6. So I’m thinking about the possible settings for Bond 24:

    1.) Arctic, my personal choice. As I have said before, there is something about Daniel Craig that really makes him “fit in” with a snowy environment (end scene from “Quantum of Solace”, “The Golden Compass”, etc.)

    2.) America. One of the locations that is lesser known to the series and would give more time to see more CIA and MI6 conflicts. Jeffrey Wright has good chemistry as Felix Leiter with Craig’s Bond and I’d love to see more of that. There is a short story involving Bond going to New York so it is very possible.

    3.) Russia. This also slightly goes along with Arctic, but not as much snow per say. The Heineken commercial promoting Skyfall caught my interest.

    4.) Scotland. Or at least a mention of it. Kincade lived in Skyfall so I’m wondering where exactly he’s been relocated to.

    5.) Bermuda Triangle, just to mix things up.

    6.) China or Japan, I think the Shanghai setting was a beautiful piece of art.

    Any thoughts?

    • It would be interesting to see Bond strut his stuff in visually interesting American locales: Bijou, Pacific Northwest, New York, or Chicago/ The Midwest?

    • 1 Artic Setting is exotic, but it plays havoc on the eye sight when watching the movie. It is somewhat hard to focus in on the action at times.

      2 Agreed. Jeffrey Wright is an outstanding actor and a damn good Felix Leiter.

      3 Russians, Putin would not like being shown in a negative fashion.

      4 Not bad, but was done in the last one, mix it up.

      5 Hmm, seems to Bronsan and Moore Bond movies.

      6 China, last movie, Japan, it is really compact, I like the scope of Bond Films, open world and fast pace, perhaps start in Japan and go to Australia.

      • I never thought about Austrailia, that would work well.

        So I guess the majority of us as of noe want America. I’m not exactly sure where exactly. New York, D.C., there’s a lot to choose from. Midwest seems unlikely, but anything is possible.

        Heck, even Canada might not be too bad. Niagra Falls is beautiful.

    • I’ll vote for Japan each and every time it’s an option to be voted for, just so you know…

      • It really is a beautiful place

    • That doesn’t sound funny at all. Maybe if the manager is played by Will Ferrell and you are played by Adam Sandler. And your wife is Tina Fey.

      Happy Madison Productions has this premise in the pipeline now.

      • :::extends hoof::::

        Do you feel the choking sensation????

        • Oh you heard, they replaced Will with Rob Schneider and Tina with David Spade.

  7. I just watched justice league: the flashpoint paradox and it was amazingly awesome, best dc animated feature to date.

    I also watched hansel/gretel witch hunters and the purge if anybody wants to talk about those.

    • Did you illegally download JL:TFP? My copy doesn’t arrive for another 2 weeks via Amazon… I am excited for it though. I watched TNF before work tonight just to get some edge off.

      Hansel and Gretel was so terrible. I turned it off half way through. Too many heads exploding. Scanners would be disappointed.

      The Purge, again, isn’t that not out yet?

      • I’m wearing a wire. Did you illegally download those films? I mean, I’m not wearing a wire. Disregard anything that I’ve said about wearing a wire. Did you illegally download those films?

        Abracadabra. ABRACADABRA, B!

  8. Anyone check out the 100th pod-cast comic con preview?

    I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see what FOX reals out.
    SAY WHAT? I know, can’t believe I said that…
    I’ve come to terms with Fox X-men is better than no X-men at all, but that still doesn’t mean I”m going to call something that’s ‘meh’ great.

    X-Force is something to be excited about, hopefully.

    Fantastic Four being done properly is something to be even MORE excited about. Y’know what they’re going to do with FF right?

    Gonna go all Nolan on it. *snicker*

    WB/DC… who knows?

    Marvel should be pretty fun. Tons of new stuff to get excited for: GotG, Doc Strange, Ant-Man, and the BIG REVEAL. The guys on the pod cast speculated that Vin Diesel could show up at Hall H pumping the Infinity Gauntlet. :O

    …please God no. Not Thanos. Have him be associated with A-N-Y-O-N-E else. Like Vision. Like how Marvel met with him and Edgar Wright a year ago, and they set it up then. I’m assuming since Ant-Man was teased last year they will up the ante for it this year…

    I would eventually get over it if Vin is associated with the Titan, as I suppose that kind of voice is perfect now that Micheal Clark Duncan is no longer with us. :(

    • Dr. M

      I must agree, Michel Clarke Duncan would have been great as the mad titian, but Vin Diesel as Thanos is a tough pill to swallow. I mean his voice, I can see that, but Thanos is such a key figure in the Marvel universe to give to a guy like Diesel. I just don’t like it.

      I’ve trusted Marvel’s casting choices all along, even when I was skeptical, but Diesel just does nothing for me.

      What I want to know is, who’s voicing Rocket Racoon. I’m hoping the answer come at comic-con.

      FF, if done right, would be very cool, and I guess Fox X-Men is better than no X-Men.

      • My younger brothers LOVE telling this story any chance they get:

        At the climax of FF:ROTSS, where Galactus turns out to be a cosmic cloud…

        I literally threw down my drink and popcorn got up and stormed out, before any credits rolled.

        Here’s why:

        As I cringed through that movie, (which did have it’s moments) I kept telling myself-
        “Don’t worry. It’s Silver Surfer, there has to be Galactus. Just let me see Galactus on the big screen and I will go home happy.”

        Well, yeah… I got pretty mad. My brothers thought my anger was one of the funniest thing ever.

        • I was disappointed myself, then I had flashbacks of it during the Green Lantern.

          • LOL me too.

            • @ Dr. M

              **Stark pulls Dr. M aside from the rest of the Open Disscussion crowd, and looks him squarely in the eye**

              Dr M. I own you an apology for the way I ripped you in half a couple weeks back in the OD. I apologized to Screen Rant, to Paul Young, to the rest of the ranters, but not to you. I was out of line and wrong to do that and say the things I said to you and about you, and I apologize for my actions and behavior. That is not who I am or what I’m about, and again, I was wrong. I do respect a lot of what you say, and find much of it interesting and we do in fact agree on a lot of the same things judging by what you write in your comments. So again, I apologize.

              **shakes hand, returns to Open Disscussion crowd**

              • Well said that man, kudos. As someone whose guilty of going ott, ( see Mel Gibson; expendables )sometimes you just gotta admit your in the wrong. Or at least was overly aggressive. Takes a big man to admit blame and apologise. It’s nice to be nice.

              • 😀

              • Well.

                That was nice.

                • Jeff, I’m sorry I said I wanted to Highlander your mom. I don’t think there can be only one Ghostbusters fan.

                  • Oh thats not right.

                    • 😀 awkward 😀

              • You are a weakling!! A Klingon would never yield!!

                Well, to bad Klingons don’t really exist.

                If I were not you, I would kill you where you stand!!!

                Well, I’m sitting, not standing…so there!


              • I heard that!

        • Was Godzilla for me.

          How much I loathed that movie.

    • No offense to the SR team… but I can’t do podcasts. Sorry, but I need face time. When RT came out with their show, I watched every episode til I realized how bad it sucked. I mean… youtube is free. Just throw up a camera so I can hear/see what’s going on.

      • Normally they podcast from different areas, so you’d be watching four cameras…five if Vic shows up. This week they were all in the same room for the comic-con preview SLASH 100th episode.

        I enjoy the podcast, it is a great companion to the site. I understand what you are saying though. I don’t enjoy some of the live show podcasts because you can’t see what the performers are doing. I went to Doug Loves Movies last week and realized how much comedy I was missing by not being able to see the panel. However, Doug and Hollywood Babble On are live podcasts that I will always listen to. Plus, I’d rather listen to a podcast than the same songs repeated on the radio.

    • Black Swan.


      … and I really like Mean Girls …

      • I’d have to say Midnight in Paris. Watched it recently and I loved it. Despite it being a Woody Allen film, I wasn’t very interested since it looked like a sappy romance movie with some comedy, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

        Same goes for Silver Linings Playbook. Terrific film!

        • Forrest Gump, guilty pleasure and Grease, there I’ve said it. Please don’t tell my pals, I bruise really easily.
          ‘You should see him Jenny, he’s so smart…’ gets me everytime.

          • Why would Forrest Bump be anybody’s guilty pleasure it us just a flat out great movie one of my favorite films of all time

            • *Gump* stupid autocorrect

            • I was gonna post that!

        • Silver Linings Playbook was fantastic. Bit slow to start out but really got me to care about the characters and loved the end with the dance.

      • When you have 5 (As Gracie was not born yet) daughters, Mean Girls was required viewing, I had to sit though that movie 3 times, with various daughters. So, yeah…I liked it myself.

          • @Professor

            Oh please, you mean you going to tell us you did not like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins?

        • Mean Girls is FETCH!

      • Black Swan, I cannot say enough about that film. When Katee wanted to see it, I was reluctant, but since we have, Her/His Choice alternate for movies.

        I was very disturbed by Black Swan and all in all, I thought it is one of the better movies.

        Chicago, also another movie that I liked. The acting was out of this world.

        • Chicago was gross. Just gross.

    • Great question too BTW…

      … Kama MOOstafa.

      • I actually wanted to watch Pitch Perfect but the wife didn’t, which is weird because she likes Glee and The Sing Off.

        Rented the DVD and “forced” her to watch it, which she enjoyed.

        The last movie I can remember watching that I really wasn’t interested in (esp in a theater) was Silver Linings Playbook. A little strange, but I liked it.

        The other, which falls into the banned genre, was After Earth. I really didn’t feel like wasting our Costco tickets on it but something in the trailers got her attention so I was “forced” to sit through it. Still think it was a waste.

      • @Dr Mindbender, been awhile since I posted questions like that.


        And I may use that name in the future with your permission…I like it!

        • I don’t plan to put copyright claims on anything I post, consider it all a gift. 😉

        • Jeff

          Those types of questions have been missed, it’s just not quite the same without you around.

          • @Stark

            With Gracie, my mind has been on her, bonding and what have you, now that I am back at work, I have more time to come up with these questions.

            Katee goes back to work next week, so I am going to be awake most of the morning since I work at night.

            • @ jeff

              Baby Gracie must be the priority.

              Hey, with your new secret lair complete, when is this “bovine invasion” I heard about coming? :)

              • Speaking of… wouldn’t a better sequel for Sharknado be Boviccane?

                • Big Nerd.


                • A Boviccane you say?

                  Looks like I picked a bad time to blow up all of my suits!!

            • Welcome back to my lifestyle. Work at night and stay up all day.

      • Yeah, it really was. I do feel udderly ridiculous now though.
        ( see what I did there? ) ‘ Oh jenny, he’s so smart..’

        • ::face palm::

    • I gave Glee a couple of tries, not gonna lie.

      • Shame about that fella who past away. Not nice, not nice at all.
        Thoughts to friends and family.

      • 1 less reason to try again now…


        Its never too soon.

    • Anything Jane Austen… yeah, it’s true.

    • Rock of Ages. Not only do I not like musicals, I find them downright ridiculous. But that one interested me, because it hit my taste in music right on the head and I really enjoyed it, despite all the auto-tune.

      • Across the Universe.

        Any Beatles fans here?

        • YES!

          Great Film.

          As for Beatles fan. My Iphone would have to say yes.

          • …I’m not prepared to put that film in the category you’re describing though…

            That movie is pretty damn cool the way the plot plays into the songs they are singing PERFECTLY.

            That’s something Rock of Ages failed to do.

      • I want to give that a try. I’m still deep down a Tom Cruise fan.

    • Safe Haven, and I was pleasantly surprised.

      • Oh, and how could I forget, I saw Les Miserables, which actually wasn’t bad.

        Who knew Jor-El could sing?

        • ^^ Put’in Babe’ies in’to Pods ^^


        • Forgot about Les Miserables. I saw that in theaters… pretty sure I was the only guy there… also the only person that wasn’t crying… anyways, yeah, that was a good movie as well.
          Not something I’d care to watch again though.

          • @The Avenger.

            That would be Brokeback Mountain for me.

            Katee, she pretty much wanted to see it.

            I am not homophobic so it did not bother me, but man some of the other men in there, were either squirming or squealing.

            • Men squealing?

              I’m glad I didn’t get to hear that.

              • +5

            • Not even my best friend who is gay wanted to see that movie. He said it was too gay for him.

          • @ the Avenger

            I WAS the only guy there. I dozed off once or twice, but I was impressed by the singing over all. I agree, once was enough for me.

        • Oh yeah… I also saw Les Mis in a theater… fell asleep in the beginning but ended up being an okay movie.

          I liked Crowe’s acting/singing even though critics said it ruined the film.

          While this decade may know him as Jor-el (or Javert), I will always remember him as Maximus.

          • He was the cop from LA Confidential at one point for me…

            Then Maximus…

            But ever since South Park, to me he will always be:

            Singing songs, and making films, and FIGHTIN’ ROUND THE WORLD!! XD

          • For me… it will and forever be SID 6.7, then Maximus.

        • Les Mis is something that doesn’t need to be re made over and over, and then acted out on stage over and over again. Such a sour taste in my mouth it has left.

      • I actually thought that that was an okay film could’ve without the Ghost story line though

    • There’s a lot of films, but I only have the strength to say Perks of Being a Wallflower, I liked it so much I bought it on bluray. As well as Silver Linings Playbook.

    • Mean Girls, Oz The Great and the Powerful, The Notebook, Midnight in Paris, and Moonrise Kingdom. I’ve been wanting to watch Pitch Perfect and Perks of Being a Walliflower for a while now

    • The last year I would have to say “Rock of Ages”, “Pitch Perfect” and “For a Good Time Call”.

      Of all time I need to give it to “Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School” I just find it to be one of the most adorable movies ever.

    • Pretty Woman, Legally Blonde, Home in Alabama.

      I was going to say The Princess Bride but that movie was just too great to say not manly or too feminine.

      • Sweet Home Alabama? Geeez, Klingon.

        • Was that suppose to be a suggestion, petaQ??!!

          LC, say no! Trust me, PLEASE say no!!!


          Yep, Sweet Home Alabama. Hey, I’m old; remembering stuff is too much of a chore. :-)

    • I can’t remember watching a decent chick flick in the last year…and if I did, I must not have enjoyed it. The wife does watch Once Upon a Time and I watch it with her. I wouldn’t watch it on my own, but it’s not terrible.

      But over the years, I’ve watched plenty of chick flicks, my favorite is Clueless. Even wrote my Capstone paper in college about it’s connection to Jane Austen’s Emma.

    • The latest version of Jane Eyre . The missus chose it and I ended up loving it. It was like a horror film!

    • The latest version of Jane Eyre . The missus chose it and I ended up loving it. It was like a horror film!

    • The past year, Ive watched a few. This Is 40 was the most recent. Before that, Bridesmaids. This Is 40 was good. Bridesmaids sucked. I was more annoyed then anything. Over a lifetime though, I’ve probably seen them all. Mean Girls was mentioned, and I love that movie. Just about all musicals I can’t stand. Hairspray was cool though.

      Forrest Gump is either one of the greatest, or the greatest movie of all time. It is my all time favorite movie. Not a chick flick.

  9. Not for nothing.

    But anyone seen Leathercheerio? I know Phoenix got hit with a bad Monsoon, so I was just checking to see if hes been around, he always have a comment on open discussion.

    Just saying.

    • I apologize for not clarifying Jeff and fellow Scranters. LC3000 and Anything of the sort is also I. Turd Ferguson was another for 1 post a month or so back haha. Just pay attention to my gravatar. I’m probably the only dude sporting Queens BLVD fictional poster. Also, my android browsers can’t handle this site… The ads keep crashing the browser so I can’t post while at home unless I use the PC. Which I hate. i sit at one all night at work. I appreciate the love and concern though Jeff and look forward to tons of my replies tonight. And no one discussed Mondays topics with me so I might ask those questions again.

      • I know from the time I last saw you post, and the monsoon, I had a little concern.

        No less than what was shown towards me when I was gone for a couple of weeks.

        Just was a weird coincidence and bad timing.

      • I thought you were just out trying to figure out a way to circumvent Jeff’s cow-security. 😛

        • Don’t be too proud of your technological inventions you have garnered. The ability to destroy my security is insignificant next to the power of the dark side of the pasture.

          • You can’t frighten me with your Boviness ways, Darth! Your faith in that sad pasture hasn’t given you insight into better feeding times, or clarivoyance enough to…..IRK!

            Darth, put a plug in that cow’s butt!


    • That storm was nuts though… Best part of AZ.

        • The micro bursts that we have are something else. 3 houses down, a 75 ft or so tree was ripped straight out from its roots. A couple damaged roofs. All fun stuff.

          • Mother Nature, she can throw something at us that would make us stop and go WTF!

  10. Does anyone think Turbo is going to do MU/DM2-like numbers?

    It’s animated and Indy 500… a large audience pool for that? :)

    Not sure if A Snail’s Life + Cars is going to work.

    My kids want to see it, but I’m thinking it’s a DVD/Netflix movie.

    • I had to sit through that preview a total of 3 times before it was FINALLY removed from Man of Steel.

      Some animated stuff looks interesting, neat, new, compelling…

      … and then there is this stuff. An animated slug seems kinda lazy to me. I dunno, not my cup of tea that one I don’t think.

      • I saw the Turbo trailer twice in theaters and both times it got huge laughs from the audience. I guess it could be fun, but nothing really stood out aside from the voice talent (Sam Jackson no less ;)).
        Definitely a DVD rental for me.

    • I am going to see it, because.

      Auggie wants to see it.

      I am a gear head.

      I have no control when Auggie wants to see something.

    • My girl wants to see it. My thoughts, it’s the closest thing well ever get to a Flash movie

      • LOL.


      • -7

  11. Anyone think The Conjuring it going to live up to all the hype? Also is RIPD going to be a hit or is it going to miss? Red 2 comes out Friday too so that will be interesting as I kind of liked the first one but with sequels we never know as most of them turn out to be pretty bad.

    • RIPD will not work, looks like Men in Black 4 with less likable cast members. I hate Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington saved Safe House. I loved the first RED and hope it’s as good as the first, if not better. Looks good. The Conjuring w`as apparently rated R simply because it’s too scary, so hopefully it will work.

      • I think I am going to check out Red 2 and hope it’s as good as the first one. I am also going to see The Conjuring. Based on reviews and some blogs online it’s supposed to be very good. It also gives me hope for Wan taking over Fast7. I liked his work on Insidious even though there was some flaws but apparently, based on reviews, all of that was corrected with The Conjuring movie

      • I think DM2 might be #1. I don’t know though as the crowd might be slimming down but after that it’s really a tossup. Are the action crowd going to prefer to watch Pacific Rim, RIPD, or Red 2? Are the action crowd going to go horror this week and watch The Conjuring? I think most people will wait until the weekend and wait for the word on these films but my guess is that it’s going to be between Red 2, DM2, and The Conjuring

    • I think RIPD will do mediocre at the box office I don’t think it will flat out flop but I also don’t see it being a hit either

    • I think RIPD is a miss. RED 2 will probably do better box office than RIPD but you never know.

    • The Conjuring will get the Horror crowd and my money this weekend. The action crowd will go see Red2 and the horror/action/what’s left will go see RIPD. Like others, not a flop but not a hit, I suspect it will do well on DVD. It will be a toss up as to what gets #1, may be DM2 again.

    • RED 2 will do well. I hope RIPD does good but… Jeff Bridges is doing radio promotions for it… that’s usually a bad sign.

  12. As you’ve gotten older and your life has changed, has it changed which movies you will see in the theaters and which you will see at home regardless of the buzz?

    Obviously, anyone who has kids are forced to watch family films in theaters, but how about the ones you would watch with friends or significant others?

    For us, comedies usually get skipped at the theater. While it’s great to hear other people laugh, we find that sometimes jokes get missed because we can’t hear the dialogue since some people don’t know how to stop laughing.

    Another is thought-provoking dramas/mysteries/thrillers. When we watch those at home, more often than not, I have to pause and/or skip back because my wife isn’t understanding what it going on or she missed something that was said.

    Romances are usually skipped too because she doesn’t want to get caught crying in public (or maybe I don’t want to get caught?).

    The last is horrors but she never watches those, in a theater or at home. I loved them when I was younger and single, but I can’t even remember the last one I watched (do zombie flicks count?).

    • For me, its always been the same attitude… only taken down drastically because of lack of sitters for the toddler.

      I only watch in theaters movies that deserve a theatrical experience à la big blockbusters. Comedies and thrillers are always good for date night.

      Dramas will never be watched in a theater for me. Horror movies are a must for in the theater… BUT THE WIFE WON’T GO! She won’t even watch them at home. So annoying lol. I get to have a man date every once in a while for horror flicks.

      My son is still too young to go a theater. I’m going to wait til he is at least 4 or 5. Everyone has their own preference for the age. That is mine.

  13. I only watch big event movies at the theater, or movies that interest me so much that I absolutely can’t wait for them (Drive for example). I used to watch comedies in the theater as well when I was a teenager, but these days they are reserved for the home screen. That isn’t really because of age, though, but because the ticket prices are so ridiculously high now that I won’t shell out blockbuster money for movies that were made on the cheap (which comedies usually are).

    That’s the only change, really. I prefer(ed) watching horror and most other movies at home, alone (horror) or among friends (everything else). I absolutely don’t do RomComs, unless they come along with a twist that makes them bearable (Shaun of the Dead anyone?)

    • @LostWinchester:

      I’m with you about ticket prices.

      But with Costco tickets at $8 a pop, it’s not that expensive to watch movies (we don’t do IMAX or 3D) in my area. Even so, I am picky about where I’m spending my $8 if it’s not a movie for my kids.

      What movie have you made an effort to watch in a theater recently, and wish you hadn’t? For me — GI Joe: Retaliation and Fast 6.

      • I must say so far only After Earth was a bit of a letdown. I actually liked it, but it wasn’t really worth the money.

      • After Earth, GI Joe, and of course The Lone Ranger. I think AE and GI Joe I could have waited for the DVD with the Lone Ranger being one I should have never seen LOL

      • Ticket prices in AZ for matinée is still under $10… I don’t find that expensive at all. $20 for a date night? Ill take it!

    • Ill pay Sam Jackson nothing to go jump off a cliff.

  14. Okay watch a movie called

    Angel heart it stars mickey rourke and robert deniro this movie starts out as a crime mystery drama about a hired private detective and turns into a horror twist movie about devil worshipping and voodoo this is 80s movie that was made to feel like a 70s movie and will scare the s*** out of you. Mickey rourke is great in this movie for those whohave seen this movie please dont spoil it

    • Killed Lisa Bonet’s career too.

    • See if this works.

  15. Sherlock comes back in October… in Britain. Is it really that hard to send PBS a copy?

    • BBC America???

      • For whatever reason, BBC America does not seem to broadcast Sherlock, and is aired on PBS for American viewing, whatever I just think it is a rip off having to wait months when it can just be shipped, I am assuming it’s pretty easy.

  16. Just realized that Nick Fury, The Punisher, and Selvig have already been on the big screen together. Back in 1999. With that said, what so you scranters think about LL Cool J playing Luke Cage?

    • I’d rather have Michael Jai White play him.

  17. Just finished watching the Trek: TNG episode The Offspring. Not many shows or movies bring me to tears but this was one episode that got me misty. An artificial lifeform (Data) created his own offspring (Lal); an anal retentive Starfleet Admiral comes on board the ship to take the new android away. After talking to the Admiral, Lal experienced fear for the first time, which caused a cascade failure within her cybernetic brain. Data worked as fast as he could to stay ahead of the damage but it wasn’t meant to be. An artificial lifeform showed more humanity than a middle-aged human Admiral. One of the few episodes with great emotion.