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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   July 16, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   July 16, 2014

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  1. Hello everyone! I was away for the week, but now I am back! Not that any of you missed me 😛

  2. I recently saw the RT score for Armageddon and it was abismmal. I was shocked because I really liked it as a kid and still today. Is it really disliked by the average watcher or is this the Michael Bay effect?

    • Honestly, from what I have seen and read, a lot of people do not like Michael Bay. I think it is hatred that blinds them. Armageddon was a great movie.

      This is my opinion, obviously. Need to say that before the Michael Bay haters threaten me and call me stupid.

      • @ Kara

        Did you enjoy Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor film?

        • I’m not Kara… but I did.

          I’m trying to think of a Bay action film I didn’t like.

    • Armageddon is one of my favorites.

      The thing about Bay films is the action is so impossible but that’s also what I like about it.

      It’s not like Deep Impact (which is supposed to be more “realistic”) was superior.

      Funny how before, Bay’s name meant is was going to be a good action film, now people like to hate on him… I don’t get it.

    • Armageddon.

      Not one for me. Got nothing to do with Bay, it’s really only his Transformers franchise that I actively dislike.

      Armageddon though, urgh. Affleck, sorry no, Bruce might as well be on a mobile as he’s just phoning it in and the less we say about Liv the better (“That’s my FATHER” please…..pff)

      The effects are fine, it’s shot well I just can’t get on with it and it was the tipping point, I have struggled with Micheal since.

      Love Bad Boys, can’t stand Bad Boys 2, it’s got none of the charm of the first one.

      love The Rock, not seen Pearl Harbour don’t particular want too and the less said about the juvenile pieces of trash that is Transformers the better.

      I grew out of p1ss jokes and comedy slap stick along time ago….. the wife though loves them so what do I know lol

      • Haha wife always knows best, huh? lol

      • …Cuz even when I Dream a Youuuu, the Sweetest Dream would never do,
        I’d still miss you baby,
        and I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing!

      • Armageddon is one of the films that was a big major blockbuster hit that was very popular, but now looking back and rewatching, wasn’t so good. It hasn’t aged well at all. The comedy bits are great, but beyond that, it’s meh.

    • Yeah, Armageddon just isn’t a movie for me.
      I hadn’t seen it in a long while so I gave it another shot not to long ago when it was on Cinemax and I think I liked it less than I did before.

      Why watch something again that I didn’t like the first time?
      Because numerous times I’ve seen something and either liked it or didn’t and then watched it again and changed my opinion.

      A lot of times with Cohen Brother’s movies I didn’t like them that much at first but after watching them a second time I loved them.
      Prometheus was something I loved in the theater but after watching it again I didn’t like it at all.
      An even better example is Inception. I saw it twice in the theater (very rare for me these days) so when it hit Blu-ray I bought it and immediately watched it again but suddenly had a lot problems with it.

      As for Michael Bay. Ill defend him at times but lately he’s making it pretty hard.
      He’s one of the best “action” directors working today, if not ever. It’s everything in between that I have trouble with.
      I haven’t seen Transformers 4. After part 3 I gave up but from what I read I was smart in saving my money.

      Sorry for a long winded response for a simple topic. I was sick last week and finally have my energy back. 😉

  3. So I watched Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon again to prep myself for Transformers 4 and I got a feeling of deja vu… funny how similar to Avengers it was (gasp!). I still don’t understand how Sam or his girlfriend, whether it be Mikaela or Carly, can run around and survive (especially when the girl is wearing heels), but that’s Michael Bay for you. I still like the military wing suits scenes and the falling building scenes… like Bay or not, he makes good eye candy (although those scenes don’t even involve Autobots).

    If TF4 is anything like TF3, that would be worth my ticket price.

    24 finale last Monday… kind of a letdown and it wasn’t done as I was led to believe. Basically 12 episodes were the first 12 hours and then the last episode near the end, they fast forwarded 12 hours… to cover 24 hours, instead of skipping hours in between. It was okay, typical impossible Bauer scenarios but hopefully they do another season.

  4. TF4 made a lot of noise, especially in the latter half that was shot in Beijing. Mark Wahlberg was good to watch, but he can only take you so far.

    • I finally saw TF4 this past weekend, it was SO long! That was one of the only downsides, besides bad acting (Tessa’s boyfriend?). The action was typical, but that is what I enjoy about the Transformers movies! Just wish it was shorter. (Oh, and I also wish there were more Dinobots!)

      • Yea Tf4 wasn’t too bad to me. It reminded me what I like about Bay’s Transformers.

  5. Andy Serkis Oscar nomination? And what would this mean for future films?

    • Won’t happen, at least in an actor / supporting actor category….. he might get a VFX nomination but would that go to Weta Digital as well/instead.

      Means nothing for future films….. until Mo-Cap is widely used that it can have it’s own category it’ll either be ignored by the Academy (like voice acting) or it’ll be a VFX nomination.

      Unless he’s got a performance nomination which I’ve missed then I’m talking complete balls

  6. I gotta say, so far the movies I enjoyed most this year, not necessarily what I think are critically the best but the film’s that most entertained me, are:

    1) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, hands down. An amazing film thru n thru. Probably the year’s best.
    2) Captain America: Winter Soldier
    3) Transformers 4
    4) Godzilla
    5) XMEN:Days of Future Past
    Can’t wait for Guardians, A Dame to Kill For and Interstellar!

    • I agree with all of those except Dawn of the Planet of the Apes…because I have not seen them yet!

      Also, I am very excited for Guardians of the Galaxy, Maze Runner, Mockingjay, and Hobbit 3!

      • Right on, Maze Runner looks dope and I just saw Catching Fire so I’m looking forward to Mockingjay.
        And I’ve been waiting until Five Armies comes out to watch Unexpected Journey and Desolation of Smaug. When it comes to Middle-Earth, I have to marathon it.

      • I’m very excited about The Maze Runner. Did you read the series? Good stuff! I hope the movie doesn’t stray far from the novel.

  7. Anybody see Under the Skin?

    I watched it Monday night and thought it was pretty good (6/10 IMO) but it’s not an easy movie to watch.

    There’s some fantastic visuals and Scarlett Johansson is pretty good but it’s nowhere as good-great as I’ve seen in some reviews.

    The 1:45 minute runtime feels more like 2:45 minutes at times but the ending makes it worth it IMO.

    • I’m going to Redbox it this weekend. Did you like it? I’m not a big Scarlett Johansson fan, but I like the subject matter. Is it worth $1.31?

    • @ krevin 7
      Totally agree with you.IT liked it but not that much.Glazers other films are a lot better imo.

    • Yeah it’s worth a $1.31. 😉

      I paid $6.00 but that’s where my cap would be.

      I give it a 6/10 which in my book is decent and worth checking out but not at all special.

  8. Greetings all…..

    Happy Hump Day!!! :)

    Well, what a week of news for Marvel. I must admit, I’m not thrilled about a female Thor, (sorry ladies, no offense), but as long as the movie Thor stays male, I’m good with it. I personally don’t think it’s a permanent move, despite what Marvel says. What Marvel plans to announce tonight is anybody’s guess. I don’t know why they have to mess around with what are already, IMO, great characters.

    The cover of Entertainment Weekly is sweet. Ultron looks great! The new stills look really cool as well. This movie seems to be shaping up to be even bigger than th original Avengers. I’m good with Ultron’s new origin, it fits well in the MCU and will, IMO, make for a great story and movie.

    Guardians of The Galaxy is getting close now and the media blitz is all over the place; I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  9. I just watched Captain America’s Chris Evans in the movie SNOWPIERCER. It is a Korean/American co-production that kinda was released under the radar a few months ago,and I thought it was a damn good action/sci-fi movie. The role that Chris Evans plays as the main character,is definitely a change of pace from the stand up,clean cut superheros that he usually plays,he is more of an anti-hero type in this one. The supporting cast were really good in it,as well especially John Hurt,Octavia Spencer and Ed O’Neil.

    • I’m sorry,the actor I was referring to was *ED HARRIS* not Ed O’Neil.

  10. I FINALLY got to watch DotPotA…definitely and easily the best film of the year for me. The acting, characters, story, thematic elements, cinematography, ALL were d@mn-near perfect. A solid 4.5+/5 for me (and actually closer to 4.9).

    My top 5, so far:

    1. DotPotA
    2. EoT
    3. HtTYD2
    4. “Godzilla”
    5. X:DoFP

    Great summer…can’t wait for “Mockingjay” Part 1, “Five Armies”, and “Interstellar”, later this year…

  11. Godzilla Was a Great Movie but 2 things made me disLike it. You dont tease Brian Cranston as your main guy and kill him off less than half way through the movie. That was dumb KickAss cant carry a role on his own. And Why the film focused so much on the Human story line baffles me. We go to watch Godzilla for GODZILLA. We do not care for the people in the movie there just space fillers to lead up to The Monster V. Monster Show Down.

    • Godzilla(2014) was also one of my top favorite movies of the year,so far. Godzilla pulled off the tension and drama of showing what this event would be like if something like this could happened in real life. Godzilla was not just a fun monster movie,it also had elements of a classic disaster movie from the 70’s,movies were the human stories inter-mingled with the world changing events happened all around them(in this case the world being a battle ground for giant monsters);and in this,I think Godzilla balanced the two out perfectly.If you go back and watch the original Godzilla movie from 1954(Gojira),which Godzilla(2014) is a reboot/re-imagining of,and you would see that they did not show the monster in it’s full glory until near the end of the film.